If you are buying a flat in Bangalore, watch out

GIREESH GOPINATH writes from Bangalore: Be very cautious before you book a flat with “Sri Lorven Builders” in Bangalore. The promoters are two brothers, Narasimman Reddy and Mallaya Reddy from Hyderabad. (Mallaya Raddy, the main owner, is said to be a government employee).

They were in operation in Andhra Pradesh for a few years under a different name. But once they were blacklisted, they have shifted to Bangalore and changed the brandname to “Sri Lorven”. But they continue to use the same tricks that has fetched them crores.

Their modus operandi is to offer a flat at a price lower than the market rate. Very decent and educated guys are placed near the reception area of their office to woo and win over customers.

Usually builders start selling the flat from the initial stage itself. But the Brothers Reddy start the marketing only when they finish 70 per cent of the construction. So, the first payment is 70% of the flat cost.

In another 20 or so days, they start threatening you: “Registrations in Bangalore are going to close soon. Please register your flat immediately”. But at the time of registration, they say: “Without getting 90% of the total cost we cannot register. Pay 90%, we will finish registration today and hand over the flat next month.”

Since only a portion of the construction remains to be completed, you think registration is more important and comply. Thus, they collect 90% of total flat cost and finish the registration in your name.

Once you pay 90% you are in their trap. They collect the same amount from almost all the customers, and then escape from the site. You cannot find the builders, the engineers, or even a worker again.

They also change all the mobile SIM cards and you will get “Please check the number” message if you call them. Using the same strategy, they begin work on four to five projects simultaneously.

All this time, frustration will be building up inside you. You have been paying EMIs for the last few months. Plus, you have been paying your current rent.

After five to eight months, one fine day Mallaya Reddy sends his brother, Narasimman, to the building site. This guy, to put it mildly, is not one of Bangalore’s more reputable characters.

He changes tack: “The market price of this flat, when compared to last year, has increased by Rs 2 lakh. Pay me that amount to get the remaining work done.”

You cannot argue anything with him because he is not the kind of person you would want to get into a conversation with. (He is always accompanied by more heavies and he claims that he has good political background. He slapped a couple of my fellow residents who are decent software engineers and who tried to protest.)

Some people who are frustrated in this transaction compromise, and pay the extra Rs 2 lakh thinking that it is better to pay the extra money instead of losing the Rs 20 lakhs which they have already paid.

Then the Reddy brothers will show some progress to those guys who paid the extra amount, just to emotionally force the other guys to pay. Once they collect it from everybody, they change the strategy again.

They say, “We never promised you electric fittings (switches, boards), lifts, flat doors, windows, bathroom pipes etc.”

(Initially you see the plan brochure and think that they are obvious from any builder, but there is a disclaimer written behind the brochure: “This brochure is purely conceptual and not a legal offering. The developers reserve the right to add/alter/delete any of the specification mentioned here”.)

This chain goes on and on…. and you will not get the flat even after 18 months of your initial payment.

One fine day after making some more money the brothers leave the place without providing even the basic amenities. We approached the bank from where we got the loan but to no use.

Finally we paid money from our pocket and got the balance work done. If you want any more clarifications regarding this, you can meet any resident at the following addresses in Bangalore:

1) Sri Lorven Castle, 5th Main, 7th Cross, Near Hasenda club, Maruti Nagar, Mallesh palya (Behind BEML gate).

2) Sri Lorven House, Kagadasapura, Vignana Nagar, behind SCT college.

3) Sri Lorven Paradise, Krisnanna Palya, Byappana halli, Old Madras Road.

4) Sri Lorven Villa, 4th cross, Wind Tunnel Road, Airport.

Sri Lorven Builders are also building more apartments near Whitefield, Banashankari, BTM, JP Nagar and Indira Nagar

Be very cautious. If you book a flat with them, that’s the end of your money and happiness. Please forward this to your friends and save them from this trap.

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239 Responses to “If you are buying a flat in Bangalore, watch out”

  1. Vijay Says:

    I am amazed that people like this are allowed to take advantage of hard working people. The police must be in cahoots with these guys as well. There was a similar story from Pune that was posted last week.

    I am also surprised that the banks dont do anything about this. Ideally banks should stop funding the Lorven (I presume it stands for Lord Venkateshwara). The banks are probably fuelling this. The more loans they give out the better. They have nothing to lose. The people who buy this are the “mild” software types.

  2. surya Says:

    hi ,

    my name is surya . i took a flat in sri loven homes , but i hadn’t faced any problem like this. do u people have full furnished proof about the information what u gave . please just check before u proceed .

  3. Bill Says:

    Hi, Even i booked a flat just recently but i didnt face any such problems, infact the flat was completely ready to occupy and all amenieties were made available, except lift which completed 90%

  4. shanti Tilak Says:

    This can be true. When we tried to book one flat in Bangalore thru Gopalan Enterprises, we got a mail from One Mrs.Shoba mentiong that the builders while marketing promises many things and when they handover the possession do not keep up their word and do not give many of the amenities which they promise.

    Why the bank finance these people without seeing the previous projects completed by them and interviewing the residents of those projects.

  5. owner Says:

    This is the feedback from Customer of Lorven Homes, Bangalore. You can check with this guy suryaksvas@yahoo.com.


    I feel this is the time for me reveal some facts on my experience with Lorven Builders, Bangalore.

    Every day iam getting calls / mails from my friends / relations to enquire about the
    Builders. Here with iam considering few points from the mail circulated on Lorven builders, Banglore and share my experience, so that you will know the facts.

    1) They came to Bangalore by changing the brand name to “Sri lorven” and started the same tricks here.

    Before buying the flat, I have enquired with my friends in hyderabad about the Lorvern builders. I have got positive feedback and got confirmed that they have ventures in hyd with Brand name Sri Lorven Estates.

    I get verified because first time they started business in blore when i book the flat.

    2) They offer flat at a very lesser price when compared to market price

    The rate appears to be cheap but I can say they are reasonable. The rates purely depend on the extra amenities providing in the apartment. If no swimming pool, party hall,
    and GIM then it is obvious that the rates are lower than the rates compared with flats providing with these amenities.

    Also the rates in Bangalore are governed by the site location like BDA, CMC or BMRD areas.
    The rate high particularly in the locations of Cauvery water supply is available.
    Initially they have started flats in CMC areas where there is no Cauvery supply is there.

    3) Considering the Registration point.

    Definitely I have got some benefit out it by registering few days earlier.
    Builder told me that land rates are getting revised soon and we will go for Registration. They never forced me for the registration.
    After i register my flat, the land rates are increased -> registration charges raised.

    4) Once you pay 90% you are in his trap. He collects it from almost all the
    Residents, and then he escapes from the site. You cannot find builder
    ,engineer or even a worker again. He immediately changes all the mobile SIM
    cards and you will get “Please check the number” message if you call
    him.Using the same strategy he starts four to five more projects

    * This is not true as he never changed his mob. Iam communicating with same
    mob number from last 1 year. They have group call facility and you call
    the main owner if you have any issues.

    5) The decent guy mentioned in the mail still reachable on the same mob. (9448496960/5)

    6) this guy changes the strategy. He says “The market price of this flat, when
    compared to last year increased by 2 lakhs. (it is obvious that market price
    will increse in one year and that is the damn reason why we purchse a flat)
    Pay me that amount to get the remaining work done”. You cannot argue
    anything because he is a gunda who can speak only foul road side language.
    He treats customers just like dogs.(He is always accompanied by more gundas
    and he claims that he has good political background. Even he slapped 2 or 3
    of my fellow residents who are decent software engineers and who tried to
    protest him.) Some people who are frustrated in this transaction compromise
    and pay that 2 lakh amount thinking that it is better to pay 2 lakhs instead
    of loosing 20 lakhs which they already paid.Then he will show some progress
    to those guys who paid the extra amount, just to emotionally force the other
    guys to pay.Once he collects it from everybody, then he changes the strategy

    * As for as this point concerned, I have not paid any extra amount.
    The extra amount which I have paid is only for the additional things/ modifications
    I have asked. He has committed to do puja for free of cast and have not charge me for that.

    There was communication GAP here. I thought all the other things also he do for free of cost, but later come to know that other builders are also charging for the extra work My cousin paid 50000 Rs for exra work being done in his flat – Tata Sher wood.

    I have settled the amount what we have agreed upon + Service charge.
    After the registration, i have paid the aggreed amount only even though the flat rate raised by 20%.
    Iam not sure about other Lorven constructions but definitely not from our apartment.

    He says “I never promised you Electric fittings (Switches,Boards), lift,flat
    doors,windows,bathroom pipes etc” (Initially you see the plan brochure and
    think that they are obvious from any builder, but there is a disclaimer
    written behind the brochure :”This brochure is purely conceptual and not a
    legal offering.the developers reserves the right to add/alter/delete any of
    the specification mentioned here”. He say that he removed all the above
    componentes from the plan)

    * I have paid for extra electrical fittings but not for entire electrical work.

    * They have provided all the other facilities as promised like

    Power back-up

    Finally I can say, they will definitely finish the work on the promised date.
    If you have a clear agreement with the target date to complete then it would not be an issue.

    There is no point in saying that builder will escape because he staying the PENT house
    of our apartment and his family also living with him. His children got school admission in bang lore.

    Surya Srinivas

  6. Malla Reddy Says:

    Reply to the hidden brainless fellow’s allegations.

    An hidden Idiot has been sending false messages, misleading the public with an ulterior motive to tarnish our company’s image in the market. And Our company has initiated criminal action against that person and the cops are investing the matter to find him.

    He has made all false allegations of about 70%, 90% etc., and alleges that the Builder runs away from the project and has further alleged that the Builder has changed brand name – Factually we are successfully carrying on the construction activities in the name and style of Srilorven Estates at Hyderabad and has earned huge reputation there and has been continuing at Hyderabad even as on date, in the same name and has got several ongoing projects there.

    We have moved to Bangalore during 2003-04 and completed a big project known as “SRILORVEN HOMES” at Kaggadasapura and has got lots of satisfied customers in the said project – interestingly the Builder is residing in the pent house of the same Building goes to show that some vested interest are trying to tarnish the image of our company by circulating false information to the public.

    We have completed only one project i.e., the aforesaid SRILORVEN HOMES till now and a small project on the Airport Road is nearing completion and has quite recently has commenced a small project at Krishnaiahnapalya – and all the customers, flat owners in the completed project has expressed their absolute satisfaction about the quality of flats and service rendered by the Builder – the phone numbers of all the flat owners are given below – the public can confirm with them about the quality of flats, attitude of the Builder – and the satisfaction of our Real Customers who have dealt with us and purchased flats from us would show that there is no water in the allegations made by the hidden idiot, who has been doing the same only to tarnish our image and reputation in the market – it could be a handwork of our rivals, who could not see our progress within a short span of time. Be that as it may, general public are hereby requested not to believe the said false allegations and requested to know the real picture by personally visiting our completed project and talking to all the flat owners in our project – the phone numbers of all the flat owners are mentioned herein below – talk to them and know about our quality of workmanship and service rendered by us.

    It is known that all the flat purchasers would avail housing loan for purchasing flat and it is also well known that the Banker would not release entire loan without completion of the project, moreover the existing satisfied customers’ expression would speak about our quality and further the dwelling of the Builder Malla Reddy in the same project would speak about the falsehood of running away after collection money – 90% work etc.,. – the phone numbers of the Builder has remained the same from the beginning shows about the falsehood of change in phone number. We have also initiated criminal action against the person, who has created the fiction to tarnish our image and reputation.

    Further, if anybody proves that we have taken Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs) from the flat owners or if the real flat owners comes forward with such contention, we categorically undertakes to pay a sum of Rs.20,00,000/- to each such flat owners.

    The said message further alleges that the flat owners were slapped, had that been true – the flat owners are not foolish to sit quite without filing any criminal case against the builder. However the said clandestine person has made all false allegations to tarnish our firms image. There is flat owners’ association – had the allegation been true atleast the said association would have initiated action for the same. The perpetrator of the allegation has remained underground and has been making and circulating the information stealthily only with an ulterior motive of tarnishing our image and reputation.

    K.Malla Reddy,
    Managing Partner,
    Sri Lorven Estates
    Flat # 404, Sri Lorven Homes
    2nd A Main, 21 st Cross, Vignan Nagar,
    New Tippasandra (post)
    Bangalore – 75
    Email: srilorvenestates@hotmail.com
    Phone: 9448496965/0

    Phone Numbers of flat owners –
    Flat No Owner Contact
    G1 Sajith 9845945866
    G2 Raghavendran 9448461167
    G3 Harjeeth Singh Rekhi 9945226615
    G4 Arif
    G5 Bhaskar 9886431317
    G6 V.P.Sunil Kumar 9845964583
    G7 Promad Kumar 9243462775
    G8 Nethravathi 26342278
    101 Srinivas 9341064676
    102 Pradeep 9886625106
    103 Manas 9347304511
    104 Surya 9886147435
    105 Biju Balan 9886744245
    106 Arun Hari 9880303343
    107 Anantha Iyar 9845754024
    108 Srinivas 9845789071
    201 – 208 Land Owners
    301 Raghu Nanadan 9880574909
    302 Vishal Dhar 9845187613
    303 Rajesh 9342263423
    304 Uma Maheswari 9845418460
    305 Jayram 9448351918
    306 Babish 9448351918
    307 Madhav 9886319954
    308 Land owner

  7. Raghunandan Ratnaparkhi Says:

    Dear all,

    The menioned information about SRI LORVEN Builders is not true.I have purchased a flat in their 1’st scheme in Bangalore, which is SRI LORVEN HOMES. I was one of the first few customers who booked at SRI LORVEN. I had quite a good experience with builder. He has done all the things which was told. So also I got many modifications done in my flat which was supported by builder.

    So also he supported us during registration time & got it done on time,else we would have ended up paying few thousands more.

    There are lot many things which has been made up by someone & has been put up just to malign builders image. But I don’t find any depth in these allegations.Infact when I saw these allegations, I was quite surprised, but my reaction was cool as I knew that this information is fake.

    About rates, It was as per market rates in CMC Area. So also builder never charged anything extra than the quoted price. I just paid few thousand more for extra modifications i got done at my flat.

    About his treatment to his customers, it was quite cool. I always had good experience with builder.

    changing names, mobile SIM are just fake stories made up….I still have same nos of builders, their supervisors & engineers.

    He is staying in pent house of our apratment only & can be contacted any time.

    I hope all you guys will look into customer feedback & will not belive in such spam mails.One should verify both the sides of coin before making any opnion on such spams.

    If you need any further information,You can write me on my mail id or can call me on my Mobile. Its given in Mr.Malla Reddy’s Reply to this mail.

    Thanks & Regards
    Raghunandan Ratnaparkhi
    FLAT # 301

  8. Chintu Vaidya Says:


    I have also bought a flat from these people 5 months back. I have good experience only. They have provided all ametities whatever they promised. I can also contact to them with the same number whatever they have provided me first time and always got good response only. They have not charged me for any facilities whatever they have promised to provide at the time of booking.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chintu Vaidya
    Flat #301

  9. Mohamed Fiasudeen Says:


    I’ve purchased a flat nop. 107 from Sri Lorven at Sri Lorven Castle. I had no problem with the builder. In fact, I paid 100% payment in one shot & they completed the said tasks. I’m happy with the builder.

    – Fias

  10. Well wisher Says:

    I am extremly dissatisfied with the way they have handed over the flat.They are looting money from innocent buyers. I bought a house and I do not encourage anyone to buy these flats that are build recklessly.

    The kind of pain and loss it has caused me is immense please dont land in the same trouble and what ever allegation are made on these builder are to some extent very true which I have experienced.

    1.During the process you end up paying thousands of rupees as bribe dont know to whose pocket it goes.
    2.once handed over you will see hundred of problems with houses which is newly built cracks,lekages,seepages,broken latches unpainted etc and workers as well the builder are absconding when u call the number does not exist or either the cell is switches off ass holes!
    3.There prices are higher and houses are not worth it.Trust me.These builders should be hanged in public.

  11. Well wisher Says:

    there is another seller of houses C.G Prakash resident of kaggadasapura.This fellow lends the builders to (srinivas reddy and shekar reddy)the land inturn builders owe him few falts as part of joint development agreement.

    Please dont buy from this guys either or lorven builders. I bought from this person and the houses have plenty of problems. I have not been able to rent it out because of obvious resons.
    1.Painting of walls not done properly.
    2.cracks and seepages are usual sights in these newly constucted flats.
    3.parapet finishing is not done properly.
    4.floor and bathroom tiles are not properly cemented as result come out when you step on it.
    5.you will see broken tiles here and there, cheap electrical and bathroom fittings for the huge amount you pay them.
    6.cheap window latches the moment you want to latch and pull ..it is broken.
    7.Main door looks like a 20 year old home.
    8.open ended pipes, cemented patches here and there…so and so on on on

    Some banks like ICICI have stopped lending loans to these builder after they realsied all this.The whole appartment form outside looks like a class builder building ..you step into it ..you bet ..you will see the truth.

    These apartment when handed over to you .. you have to spend lakhs of rupees to get them in good shape on painting, plumbing, fittings etc etc.

    No doubt the flats of these apartments looks like one concrete pile as a whole.

    Last word these biulders C.G.Praksh and Shekar reddy definelty are not in bussines with good intentions

  12. malla reddy Says:

    we have already clearly explained the false mail and given the facts and we have given all of our customers names phone numbers and they have also given their feedback even though you are maligning our company image by keeping on publishing false mail by that you are directly causing us huge loss IN THESE CURCAMSTANCES we are reqesting you to please consider the matter immediately and know the facts OTHER WISE we are forced to proceed legal actionagainst you IF YOU have not stopped the publishing the false mail with in SEVEN DAYS

  13. ದೀರೇಂದ್ರ ಗೋಪಾಲ್ Says:

    Hyderabad haalu maadi yeega yillige bandhidheerenree ..
    Apartment gaLu katti namma City HaaLu maadthidheera
    Janasanhkya jaasthi aagthidhe …Vathavarna bigdaysthidhe

  14. vamshi Says:

    How can one write a false-imaginatory story like that? I am amazed with his writing skills.dont you? The author of the story has plenty of options to consider
    1. script or story writing for movies
    2. journalism on rumors and gossips
    He can even consider starting his own construction business with those above mentioned tricks.

    Coming back to the issue…..

    All I can say is it’s a FALTOO story, which might have come from a personal grudge.And if u notice carefully, the article is clearly oriented towards character assassination of the people who runs the company.
    Ok guys I am done. I will leave the rest to your logical thinking.

  15. domkar Says:

    I bought flat in Sri Lorven Castle in Oct 2005, and we know them from last 1 yrs, and we dont find any person like Mallaya Reddy or Narasimha Reddy in Sri Lorven Builders. The Mail which circulated over net is no link with Sri Lorven Builder, Whatever it explained in that mails is FALSE. They have completed their work very nicely, and they never asked for the extra money, they have provided all the aminities which they promised. The quality of work done is excellent, The Owner of Sri Lorven Castle Builder name is Shekar Reddy and there is no link with Mallaya reddy or narsimha reddy.

  16. S Sharma Says:

    but, yes there several builders for example M/s Salvia Developers Pvt ltd., whose project is located in AECS layout (Off Hosur Road, entry opp to Dr Agarwal Hospital, after the bugur signal) who is taken the customers for a ride since 2005. This builder named Somasekhar is from again from Andhra preadesh, Ananthapur who came to bangalore around 3 yrs ago and started as a builder. He started the project before 2.5 years and agreement was made with the customers to handover the flats after 10 months from the date of agreement. The apartment has 42-45 flats. The construction is still not complete. Out of 42-45 flats, after getting frustrated from the builder, 3 families moved in to their incomplete flats. I am seeing atleast few customers of Sri Lorven replying that they are happy. But with Salvia Developers, there is not even a single customer happy and there is no abusive word leftover to say on this builder. The customers so much frustrated. When the flat owners go to speak to him, he tries to deal with each customer separately. To few of the customers who cannot dare to go to Court/consumer court after paying hefty money for their dream flat, the builder of Salvia Developer has threatened saying ‘get lost, I am not giving the flat, go and do whatever you can do’. Most of the customers are still paying the emi since 2 years..for their incomplete flat..

    Be cautious of this developer (M/s SALVIA DEVELOPERS PVT LTD.) . If you do, at your own risk..

  17. Dhirendraagopala Says:

    Swamigale ..I have lived in hyderabad for about 5 years .I know a great deal about these andhra developers .Please be aware .
    Even if someone is handed out apartments ..it will be of very poor construction .
    Let me tell you about the way business works ..
    1. First it was granite business ..all andhra black money got into it and spoiled
    2.Then there was Prawn/Shrimp farming adhu haaLu maadidhru
    3.Then there was Road construction ..they went as far as Gujrath and Rajasthan rotating their black money
    4. Then came y2K and they collected huge sums of money to send everyone to US .Now on every street in US you can find ‘AMERICA VIA AMEERPET’ ..Police constables, Bank managers,Clerks,Teachers all in the guise of software professionals are in US . There are lots of them who got duped by lakhs .
    5.now they want to encash the buidling industry in bangalore after spoiling hyderabad market .They just want to spoil everything by shortcut methods of making money and making black money/dowry money WHITE.

  18. anonymous Says:

    Sanatha Developers – DO NOT BUY


    The quality of work is bad & flat has been handed over without completion of work. he is very rude too

  19. anonymous Says:

    The name of the builder is Basavaraj – Sanatha Developers

  20. satish kumar Says:

    Hi ,
    Is it that after the registration is over .. there lies no responsibility with the builder to ahve the work completed…?

    if so does any measure can be taken from the bank, OR any legal stuff?

  21. omega Says:

    I am also one of the victim of Salvia Developers…..
    Be careful.. he is going to start another project at Electonic city…I don’t want others to do the same mistake which I have done.
    The Builder is Mr. Somasekar,
    with the brand SALVIA DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD.
    Office is at BTM Layout.
    In case of any doubt, come down and see quality of the construction.

  22. Prakashr Says:

    Omega and others . dont buy Flat anywhere in Bangalore
    Modhale namge neer yilla

  23. Naveen Says:

    Whoever wants to transact with AP developers – Gob Bless them . these guys build a Pent home, live there for 2 years then they will sell them and move on. I really pity those living in 15 / 20 Apt blocks. Imagine few years down the line , if the elevator goes down , 20 people together will have no money to Maintain it.

    As a protest, I have stopped eating out in AP restaurents. Yes, I agree that these guys are Poor in quality and hopelessly blind towards environment. Our people are also to be blamed , they buy an APt – they dont check where the water is sourced from , what happens to the Sewage waste. It is Good that Mysore has a foum where they were vocal about the sewage. Every APt should have their own Sewage Treatment Plant. I certain to be attending the meeting with Mysore autirities to impress upon the need for these APT builders to obtain a permission only after providing Sewage tretment plant.

    Kaggadasapura is a story by itself – people there and who ever constructed Apt should be thrown into shark infested waters! Really – these guys send out the Sewage onto the Lake.

  24. somashekar Says:


    I am planning to purchase a flat in Bannergatta Raod and i have visited “VAIBHAV Tranquil” Apartment owned by Me Nagesh Reddy he also running one more apartment at HSR layout, please let me know if any of you know this person?


  25. Arushi Says:

    Yet another builder where residents fight for rights and quality of service


  26. nandkishore Says:

    If all said about the Lorven builders are true, everybody should stop buying flats from them. And it is the duty of the unsatisfied customers to spread such valuable information so that no other customer would fall in their trap. All Efforts should be made to make such builders suffer. I request all the unsatisfied customers to come forward and voice their concern.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I am just sharing my experience with Oceanus Dwelling Developers. I booked my flat with them in one of their projects (Oceanus Ebony) in September 2004. At that time their marketing guy (Mr Polson – in my opinion he is a typical marketing guy who will make you book an apartment making false verbal promises and once you have booked, he will even fail to recognize you), said that the BDA approvals are due by end of October and the apartments would be ready by December 2005. I booked the apartment and they started moving the deadlines month by month. Eventually, the apartments got completed by January 2007 only. Thru out this period whenever I talked to them about the delay, they would very rudely tell me that I can take my money back (at the booking rate of Sep 2004) if I want. The rates had gone up by more than 30% by the time the construction actually started and there was no point in taking my money back. So I was just stuck with them. Anyhow the apartments got ready by 2007 January only. The construction quality was just about OK with the finishing not at all professional or up to the mark. There were quite a few things that were wrong in my flat. I gave them a list of the things that need to be corrected more than two months back. No action has been taken by them yet and whenever I call them, they say it will be done very soon.

    In middle of all this, they took Rs 12500 extra for registration citing it as bribe money. If you are paying 12500 as bribe money, you expect your work done relatively easily and timely. There is one Mr Venugopal with Oceanus, who made us stand in a queue from 9:30 in the morning till 5:30 in the evening for registration. Moreover, we did all the work at the registration office and this guy just kept standing in a corner. Other builders had their people come for registration and they got their registrations done in a couple of hours max.

    Then during possession, they asked for a check of 2000 for swimming pool. The swimming pool is not ready yet and so I told them that give me the possession certificate now so that I can shift and then when the swimming pool is ready, I will give the 2000 check. This Mr Venugopal became very rude during the conversation and went on to the extent of saying that he does not trust me.

    I am still struggling with Oceanus dwellings to get my apartment ready for shifting and I am not sure how long I will have to fight with them. There are quite a few people (whom I had met on the registration day) who have booked with Oceanus and every one had more or less the same story to share. They also were very disappointed and felt cheated. They also gave the feedback that if you raise any concern with Oceanus, they will very rudely ask you to take your money back. People are stuck as they will return the money only at the booking rate and the rates have increased so much since booking.

  28. buyer for kristal group Says:

    I am planning to buy an apartment from Blore based Kristal Group in Trivandrum Kerala.
    Has anyone had previous experience with Kristal? Can you shed some light on the builders past record?

  29. Karthi Says:

    Hi all ,

    Do you know how is this ” Innovative Cosmo” builders in Airport road ?

    I’m planning to book a flat in this month..

    Please advise me ..


  30. JR Says:

    Hi Karthi,

    Am also looking at buying an apt in Airport Road . You can reach me at johnyrufus@gmail.com

    – JR

  31. Surya Says:

    Any idea of SLS Builders and their project SLS Serenity? They are also from Hyderabad and this is their first project here.

    Reply to surya.saurabh@gmail.com

  32. parveen Says:

    how good is dsr builders…
    any idea abt dsr elegance in koramangala

  33. Manjunath Says:

    Hi brothers,
    I am planning to buy a flat from “Srinidhi Constructions” at Koramangala-7th block. Any feedback on these developers?

  34. Oberoy Says:

    Hi all ,

    Do you know how is this ” sapthagiridevelopers.com” builders in Bangalore ?

    I’m planning to book a flat in this month..

    Please advise me ..


  35. MAC!! Says:

    Hi All,
    I am not a builder nor going to buy a house shortly. I went through this blog and the comments also. For and against. I really don’t know if only a handful are facing a problem coz I find many happy customers.
    But,All I want to point out is the way Mr Reddy has responed ::

    “Reply to the hidden brainless fellow’s allegations.
    An hidden Idiot has been sending false messages”

    I mean com’on Mr Reddy, you are a builder and I believe you should not be much worried about someone writing something about your projects in some blog.Its powerful,agreed but cannot be categorized as hot news. If you feel that your profits have declined, then you should go for aggressive advertising through media. I feel this would suit you rather than calling some unknown person a HIDDEN IDIOT or similar giving SEVEN DAY ultimatum and playing blogging blogging…

    Regards MAC!!

  36. Raj Says:

    Hi guys

    If any one please tell me how is Mahveer apartment which run reedy structure Pvt Ltd

  37. Jith Says:

    I have purchased a flat with Kristal Group in Bangalore near ITP, Whitefield, They charged me 33Lakhs for it total, but the area is largely undeveloped, there is no tarred road to that place, It is caleld Kristal Citrine, I only hope that there will be some activity by the time i start staying there, But my question to the knowledgable readers is,Is it really worth it ?, (i.e.33Lakhs) Could i have got a better dwelling for the same place anywhere else closer to the city.

  38. prashanth Says:


    We are also planning to book apartment at Sowparnika Skanda near by to Kristal Citrine it is again of 34 Lakhs. We saw so many places where roads are not tarred and still rate is too high.
    eg. On bannerghatta road in BTM 6th stage also roads aer not tarred and that area is not developed so far but rate is going as 2250/sqft.
    So I personally believe the deal what we have got is fine.

  39. Jith Says:

    Thank you prashanth, it gives me some relief.

  40. sdf Says:


  41. an Says:

    Hi prashanth,
    Any idea how this Sowparnika builders are? It seems they are coming with another apartment in AECS layout (Sowparnika Thulasi) for 1950 per sqfeet.
    They also offered Sowparnika Skanda for 1800 per sqfeet (all included except Registration). if you have any information, please share.


  42. Mr guest Says:

    Hi All,

    Can any one tell me about frontline builders….

    They are selling flats in cheaper rates…

    So pls guide me should i buy flat or not??

  43. prashanth Says:

    Hi an,

    Yes we saw the sire for Sowparnika Thulasi but what I felt is location of plot is not that good from ligtht and ventilition point. Once any project comes to left side of the property there won’t be sufficient light.

    Builder is good and have seen other projects and as of now we have not faced any issue.


  44. suresh Says:

    Dear All,

    I’m from a middle class family just joined a good company 1 1/2 years ago. Now my earning is 25k pm. My dream is to buy a flat in bangalore. can anybody suggest me a place where i can buy a flat by 550sq.ft to 650sq.ft in between 12L to 14L inclusive of all.


  45. Gita Says:

    Hi Suresh,

    You can probably try in Real Wealth builders in Anjanapura layout. As far as I know they have 2 BHK in 600 sqft.


  46. Hi Says:

    I will request all of you not to buy flat from Radiance Realty, run by Manohar Rao Karkal. If somebody wants to buy visit there all the 5 stopped projects in Sanjaynagar, yelhanka, AECS layout.

  47. Que1 Says:

    Please tell me your experience about magnum builders, bangalore.
    I looking for a flat with them.
    After reading all these, I am scary abour real estate.

  48. Ravikiran Says:

    I am almost decided to book a flat with kristal Dolomite on Kanakpura road?

    Any feedback on kristal or this project?

    so far reading this thread, i got +ve feeling towards kristal.

    Any quick suggestion appreciated.

  49. Sudha Says:

    I am planning to buy a house from Kristal Group – Kristal Jasper project? Does anyone know more about this builder? Is it worth buying an independent house for 60L at Sarjapur Road?

  50. d Says:

    pls dont buy from sowparnika projects.they are cheaters.They give poor quality materials for the apartment,the marble gets yellowish after some time,they havent polished the marble when they gave us the flat.also they add some weird charges including bribes else they threaten they will not register the flat.they deviate from the original approved building plan vertically and horizontally.they have not yet given the documents to the apartment owners asscoiation.

  51. Nair Says:

    My parents just moved into an apartment built by Lorven in Vignan Nagar a week back and there has been no such trouble….who is this idiot who is spreading such rumours?

  52. Sudha Says:

    I am planning to buy a house from Kristal Group – Kristal Jasper project? Does anyone know more about this builder? Is it worth buying an independent house for 60L at Sarjapur Road? Never got a response from any one. Can anyone help me? Please!!!

  53. B.R.Durai Says:

    I am planning to purchase a flat at Malleshpalya.How is the area?(especially during rainy season).How about the reputation of MS builders? or is there any other reputed builder constructing flats in that area?How about the infrastucture in that area like good approach roads,market,bus stand,tailway station? Can any one throw information on the above subject?

  54. Santhosh Says:

    To everyone who is passionate about buying a house in Bangalore, Please be very careful when you deal with SGR Builders. They are very nice to speak to, they can talk you into booking a flat which you might not be able to afford. But Beware, do not trust any word they say, they do not keep their word. I have been cheated twise on the same property, GR Lavender In Bannerghatta Road, once by Orange Properties who promised things which were not really part of the flats. Then the GR guys very nicely spoke to me when i wanted to cancel, and then cheated me again when i realy wanted to cancel because i was pushed into a flat which i could not afford. They had promised that i would not have to pay any charges upon cancellation until i sign the agreement, but did not keep their word and are charging me 25% of the 2 Lakhs i have paid as Booking amount. Before booking, they say ‘ i do not need your money, we will return it fully when u want to cancel’. When we want to cancel, they say 25% charges is Company Policy.

    Please be careful if you are dealing with SGR Builders, they do not keep their promise, so we do not know at what point of time, what promise they are going to break.

    I am still fighting for the full Refund, wont stop until i recover it fully, i am just a normal person who cant afford to give away 50,000 for some rich man’s greed.

    Good Luck all….

  55. arulkumar Says:

    hello friends,

    i want to purchase a individual house or flat in around mallespalya, kadagas pura, akash nagar, ramesh nagar. in this area genunie builders is there . please tell me. i have read all above builders allegations.

    what are all the step to be taken before we going to purchase a flat or house. both of us working as engineer in governement organisation.

    good minded people to help me please

  56. Mridul Says:

    please call me at 9986228586,
    Iam the real owner of property and wants to dispose of one.

  57. sam Says:

    We are planning to book a flat an apartment on JUdicial layout from Keppel land purvankara..any idea how r they and how is the place.

  58. Ram Says:

    Hi, i am planning to book a flat with M/s Gopalan enterprises in Telecom lay out can any body have any experience with this builder pl inform me

  59. ANIL Says:





  60. Aggreived Says:

    Do not buy any property from DSR Constructions: These folks are plain cheats and unprofessional operators who do not give even the basics to a customer. Do not expect them to deliver the property in time, do not expect them to deliver smooth walls even and what least you can expect…do not expect to be given an car parking agreement which they honour. These guys have alloted car parking to two apartment owners ridiculing all laws…..

    They cheat on the carpet area also promising in writing to deliver > 80% and then finally when u measure it the area would come to 70-72% for bare bones apartment complex (no swimming pool etc). These crooks should be taken to courts for that……see their properties as DSR Cresent, DSR Elite, DSR Windsor to get a first hand experience.

  61. vijay Says:

    kindly comment on DSR pride, HSR layout, we are planning to buy

  62. Aggreived Says:

    Dear Vijay: Buy this property at your own risk with a constant headache. I had brought the flat in 2005 and till date they havent professionally given me a peaceful day. My car parking alloted to me has also been alloted to another apartment owner…so you can guage what legal agreements mean to these folks……Am planning my next flat and i swear am not going to deal with these B grade developers who do not stand by their words or even legal agreements.

  63. Scared Says:

    Hi ,
    Can some one tell me abt the DSR developers I am planning to buy a house at DSR Emerald, near bellandur outer ring road.
    Has any one any bad experiences with them if so why?
    Also let me know if there was some good experiences ..

  64. Aggreived Says:

    Scared,my comments on DSR constructions are very clear. Would you want to:
    a) Trust your hard earned money to a developer who does not even honor legal stamp papered agreements?
    b) Deal with unprofessional folks who would give false promises and then a shabby apartment? FYI my flat just after 2 years has numerous cracks and ants come out of that. This is not on external walls where due to temperature fluctuations you can assume it would crack but on internal walls.
    c) These guys would make you run for each and every step…weather it is for possesion of the flat, transfer of electricity, allotment of car parking… do you want to just be running around to a third grade builder or invest your time in more meaningful activities?

    d) Even after they give you a flat they ensure that their relatives etc also stay in the complex and they do all sorts of issues for the residents…do you want to take this nonsense on a continous basis.

    I have burnt my hands with these crooks and swear never to deal with these unprofessional asses again..rather i would deal with top notch builders who atleast have everything in black and white.

  65. GenuineOptimist Says:

    Pavani Homes: Has anyone dealt with pavani homes? They are building ten or so projects around whitefield in Bangalore. They also claim to have built flats in Nellore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc..

    I am considering booking a flat of theirs. Any feedback welcome.

  66. shashi Says:

    can take a flat in sls builders

  67. preetham4040 Says:

    hi Shashi,

    any idea about the price in SLS.?


  68. Jaideep Says:

    If you are considering, Orange Properties Bangalore, check this out!


  69. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    I think you guys who are buying flats from private builders shoudl take sufficient precautions.

    1. Buying a flat/apartment is a new thing for us as we are used to applying to BDA and get a site allottted and it was guranteed.

    2. There should be some rules and all the flats/ apartments/ private villas should have some approval authority like BDA.

    3. That authority should make the list of approved apartments/villas public.

    4. Many private plots are being sold near Devanahalli airport but the government has approved only TWO projects so far. So says a government release.

    5. Rules should change. Apartment builders should be able to sell the apartments only afte 100 % completion.

  70. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Best, instead of buying flats from builders, why dont you people form a society, identify lands, and buy land and give the construction to some contractors. That way it will be safe: quality as well as your money.

    Many people in Delhi/Bombay do this way.

  71. anitha Says:


    I am really proud to, i tell abt M\s.Sowparnika projects, i have purchased an apt at sowparnika skanda , its construction is really good, the rooms are spacious. All the papers are legally correct. No deviations. So i am really satisfied in taking the apt with sowparnika projects. Builder is trust worth.

  72. ajith verma Says:

    iam pretty much happy to say lorven constructions management had handed over my flat with 90% when i registerd my flat , and within 1 month flat was completely ready for occupation.

    iam not so sure why only 2 to 3 people are behind this buliders ,and if they are not satisfied and if so called bulders slapped some of the occupants why this people left over as dumbshed ,this people are quite educated and work in good companies they know how to approach police and can also knock the doors of law.

    what i think about this people is they are foolish ,

  73. Ravi Says:

    I request everybody not to go for MS builder, the owner is MS Babu, he is a real cheater, and the other man in the same gruup is Ramesh , they never keep thir commitments in all the aspects and the quality of the apartment is very poor, and they never hand over the apratment to the association, example is one of their apartments in GM palaya, they have not finished the basic facilities what they committed and collected the money even after one year , lifts , water, and other common facilities are not yet made.
    If you go and ask them they use to threaten,

  74. UMA Says:

    i am planning to buy a flat in AECS Layout, any body tell me the Rs/sq ft….and which builder is good …

  75. raghav123 Says:

    Hey guys,
    I have bought a flat in Salvia Residency in aecs layout , close to electronics city and it is a beautiful spacious flat. The surroundings are too cool and non polluted. The flat is built according to vasthu. The people here are very friendly and nice. Too good a flat for a good price and quality construction.
    Nice home to relax peacefully after day’s hectic schedule.


  76. kranthi Says:

    I am planning to buy apartment from MS builder at chika banaswadi. My sister is planning to buy one from DS buildiers (VM meadows)
    Can someone please suggest on these?

  77. enidhi Says:

    I think i will rather buy a caravan (like the one used by SRK in Swadesh)…

    Isn’t that a better option? Take your home along with you…

  78. BM Says:

    Kristal Jasper: What is the opinion on Kristal Jasper 3BHK resale villa? What is the nominal rate now for a vailla near Sarjapur Road?
    Thay clkaim that a resale villa and a ‘going to be constructed’ villa costs the same – is that right ?

  79. Pari Says:

    Is there any common association for all apartment owners to safeguard, guide and regulate the flat owners in bangalore?

  80. bari olu Says:

    flat athava site en togondru kashta ee blore nalli. site togond mane katlilla andre 2 yrs alli yaavdo obba political heavy weight hodkondbidtaane. Aamele varshaangatle court adu idu anta ali illandre rowdygala hedarkege ondast laksha kottu site vaapis padiyodu. Yen grahachaara bantappa.

  81. Rama Says:


    Dont do that. You buy from DS builders and advice your sis to buy from MS builders

  82. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    @ Rama

    olle advice :)

  83. Mahesh Says:

    I am planning to buy a falt in Bangalore ( near Ramamoorthy Nagar)Does anyone know about the builder JS Estates.

  84. Manjunath Singh M Says:

    We r in to Builders and developers and we have our project before electronic city and only few are available fully furnished and ready to occupy. For more details call 41214900 & 9845471700

    Manjunath Singh M
    (Managing Partner)
    SSM Ventures
    JP Nagar 2nd phase
    Bangalore – 78

  85. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    @Manjunath Singh

    I dont need furniture, just flat is enough

    What do you charge for a spacious flat? and will you also tell me the exact location?

  86. Karihaida Says:

    @Manjunath Singh,
    you are trying to sell apartments at this time.. wow. You must be one hell of a salesman.
    Dunno who can be dumb enough to go buy an apartment at this time.

  87. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    what are you saying?
    dont obstruct buyer’s enthusiasm at this point.
    great time to buy.

  88. Karihaida Says:

    @Dr. Sree Reddy,
    did you see what happened to realty stocks today? Unitech is down to 26.. The stock market is singalling what will happen on the ground in coming months.
    People who have no urgent need can wait for the prices on the ground to crash. The builders are going to liquidate and thats when the opportunity will arise.
    PS: You sound like a real estate investor who wants to “encourage” people to buy flats ;)

  89. Anand Says:

    Anyone who wants to buy an apartment from Kristal Group, just come and visit Kristal Citrine in Hoodi Whitefield. They are just pathetic liers. No amenities , not even a compound wall. During rains water enters everywhere in the apartment.

  90. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    I was just making fun of Manjunath’s post which said flats with furniture.
    And i wrote that I dont need furniture only flat (pun intended).
    i am not flat buying types. :)

  91. Prospective Buyer Says:

    Hi All,

    Please read this ” http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/kristal-group–builders-amp-developers-c91735.html ” before deciding to buy a flat from Kristal group…

    I was planning to buy a flat until i read what the residents had to say at one of the sites “Kristal Citrine”

    Prospective Buyer

  92. ProspectiveBuys Says:

    There is another small time builder called RMP Builders, who do similar job, who also does construction in the same area, they have prathvi appts and also some more … be very careful while dealing with them. they never provide possation, you will have to be thier slave for rest of your life. moreover they are from UP, Bihar. big cheats…..

  93. jessy Says:

    Has anyone bought a house or booked a house in VM Meadows, banaswadi?

  94. Angshuman Says:

    Any clue about these two:

    1. Balaji developers: Supposedly Hyd based, building their first project in bangalore near whitefield police station

    2. Manar Developers: Seems to have quite a few projects already in bangalore

  95. Cherie Says:

    I would like to know some basic things while purchasing a flat under construction:
    1) Can I take possession certificate once the flat is rady for registration?
    2) Registration is not mandatory to take possession , and how long we can wait for registration after possession?
    3) What is the pros and cons of taking possession certificae without registration.

    Experienced persons, please help.

  96. Sandeep Says:


    I am looking at buying a 3 BHK apartment in Bannerghatta Road and I am considerin GR Lavendar and SJR Luxuria. Anyone has a good deal for them. I can make immediate decision.


  97. Girish Says:

    Hi Friends,

    Please don’t invest in Alpine Housing Development Corp.Ltd.I took a flat in Alpine Eco which is located in marathally ring road in 2008 and now i came to know that there is some court case running…..court may cancel all the registrations.so be carefull before you buy a flat from Alpine.Alpine Cheated me.


  98. Suresh Says:

    Why dont you form owners group to fight againts these builders? I have created a group for my purva apartment at CommonFloor.com. It has been very helpful for me to arrange the meetings and as said united we stand and divided we fall.

  99. namrata Says:

    Hi, has anyone booked an apartment in Canopy classic. They have not started the project yet and looks like they don’t plan to.

    We have to get back our money from builder, which looks very difficult now. Please get in touch with me if you have booked an apartment in canopy classic and facing problem in getting back money or if you canceled it and got back money.


  100. Harish Says:

    100 Rs.sq.ft na 3000 per sq.ft maaddore ee real estate baddi makkalu.

    Yellindana bandhu nam bangalore middleclass lifene barbaad maadidrallappo..

    Ella Apartment Builders, mainly real estate brokers, negad beela..

    People don’t buy any flats for next 1 year, until real estate guys reduce the unrealistic price and beg at your feet to buy.

    You know in cochin due to recession 1200 sft 2 bhk flats at sold at Rs.7.50 lacs. Why not for 10-12 lacs in Bangalore? Unite Bangaloreans: reject unrealistic price enmass until the builders learn a lesson.

  101. RRRR Says:

    We had booked a holiday to Far East (HOLIDAY TO SINGAPORE, BANGKOK, KL) by paying full advance 4 months back with Orange holidays in Bangalore. When we wanted to go now on the trip (HOLIDAY TO SINGAPORE, BANGKOK, KL), they kept saying we will get confirmation since last 10 days. We applied for leave and got ready. Orange holidays said 3 days before schedule date of departure that they cant get confirmations on air ticket. Finally we demanded a full refund for which Orange holidays agreed. They have given us a cheque yesterday for the full amount of Rs 50,000 which has bounced. You can’t get anyone on the phone, they are always evasive. They only come out with full page advertisements to lure innocent people. This is to advise all fellow Indians and travelers not to trust these cheats. ORANGE HOLIDAYS AND THE WHOLE GROUP ORANGE PROPERTIES ORANGE RESORTS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE BIG CHEATS. BEWARE!
    23RD JANUARY 2009.

  102. bangaloree Says:

    Never buy flat any where it will make u poorer only rent

  103. Priya Says:

    Hi any updates about SGR developers. I am considering GR Lavendar
    (off Banerghatta Road, Near Ramaiah City) .

    Goog luck

  104. raja Says:

    I came to know about the new DLF project @ 2000 prices for 2bhk..Attracted by it i enquired with them,
    1)Most of the apartments carry a additional 50 psqft for orientation & another 50 psqft for greenery..
    2)Then I spoke to one of my colleague who has booked a apartment there @ a earlier price of 2775..Now they want to him sign a new agreement and have a new apartment..As the current design is totally different from the previous design ,he was not interested in going ahead and asked for money back,but he was told that his money will not be paid back and was told that the builder has the right to change the design anytime he wants..
    Previously there were only G+4 floors now its G+18 floors. So the number of apartments in the same area has increased manifold..and thats why the prices have been reduced..you can very well search the net/dlf site for the earlier site plan.
    As such you can never be sure if the current design is the one they will go with..If tommorow they change the plan and you want to come out of it ,you cant..you can very well check with them what they are doing with people who have already booked and are not happy with the changed plan,are they returning their money ..If they yes i can give references of my friends for whom they havent done so..
    My friend is now worried whether they have actually got the land in dlf name..He was collected 4L on october 2008 saying bda cleareance will come in 3 months,but now they are saying it will take another 6 months..My friend is planning to take it legally with dlf to get his money back.
    The manager in dlf has said it seems as per the agreement they have full rights to change the plan @ any date and even if the project is scrapped for any unforseen circumstances ,the customer has no say on it..(check wat happened with sjr big builder)
    Also they say, it will take min 2.5 to 3 years to complete,god knows when..you might be aware how much Prestige Shantiniketan(big builder) is delayed and the residents are not even paid the compensation for delay even though its mentioned in the agreement..

    So beware before proceeding…


  105. Naw Says:

    Hi All,

    I have been staying in Salvia Residency for more than a year.

    Its location is one of the best in terms of proximity to Electronic City & Sarjapura Road / Marathalli. The apartments are spacious and airy. The surroundings are clean and peaceful. In all a good place for a peace of mind away from noisy traffic of Bangalore and yet close to Koramangla, HSR, BTM etc.

    Also the builder is friendly & cooperative. If you want to have a look at the model flat, please visit and see for yourself. Thanks.

  106. vin Says:

    How is SLS Serenity at Marthahalli? Are the papers, sanctions etc OK? I heard there is some issue about NOC? Please share if anyone has any info.

  107. Nagesh Says:

    Sri Lorven, they are indeed a fraud and Rowdies. All those other people who wrote in their favour are their chamchas, who get a drink everyday.
    Forget Malla Reddy who is writing in his favour under different names.

    When buying a property in Bangalore Do Not buy from Reddy’s, check anywhere in Bangalore since years, they all have cheated and made money. Where do they get the money to build those huge houses – by cheating.
    They will not hesitate to sell a plat to 10 people, or hike up their price after getting initial major amounts.

    What has been written is less, a bunch of thugs stay away.
    You have 5 Reddy’s in the current BJP govt. having done Dacoity, Looting, Rape, Cheating. Wait until this govt. goes away to pursue proper action.

    Reddy’s will not hesitate to sell a plot to 10 people or chnge the price after taking money and before registration. Go to the courts most cheating cases are about Reddy’s , brothers cheating each other, son against father or mother or vice versa.

    Do Not buy from these people Reddy’s, they have no conscience and ARE ROWDIES, how much ever they study, the filth always comes out. We eally suffered until we solved from one os thes cheap low life characters from the gutters who call themselves builders, out to Cheat, Cheat and Cheat.

  108. Owner Says:


    I would like to give my feedback on builder Reddy Structures (Mahaveer), JP Nagar.

    Please don’t buy any property from this builder for the following reasons.

    1. Not at all professional guys to deal with, will be very polite till you book the flat and maake all kind of commitments but once done they will work in their own way.
    2. Construction quality is very poor and the finishing and touch up work is below average. Cracks will start appearing in the flats within 1 year.
    3. There will be lot of hidden charges and some times they won’t provide the basci facility even after paying the money for it. (eg sewage connection, cauvery water ).

    I personally didn’t had goood exp. after I bought the flat so suggest not to but from them.


  109. Viji Says:

    I am planning to buy a flat in Banaswadi area, wanted to know what is the current rates, and is it worth investing now, will there be any appreciation an year later……, and comments and suggestion will be apreciated.

  110. Vijay Says:

    How about prestige iam planning to buy an apt. with them,any body have any bad experience with them?

  111. VK Says:

    Hi, I am planning to buy a flat around Bagmane Techpark CV Raman nagar, my budget is 25lakhs, I am looking around 5-10kms radius of the techpark, Can anyone suggest me, I am open to buy resale flat also,.

    My preference will be
    1. Indiranagar
    2. Thippasandra
    3. KR Puram
    4. Ramamurthy nagar
    5. CV Raman Nagar
    6. Jeevan bhima Nagar

    Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

  112. ahmed Says:


  113. uk Says:

    I am planning to buy an apartment near JP Nagar, Banashankari or nearby areas.
    Hope to get some sugestions from well wishers. My budget is around 20 to 25lks.


  114. Anonymous Says:

    Was considering buying a flat off bannerghatta road either by SGR(lavender) or SJR(Luxuria). Any feedbacks or suggestions on how good they are? Any warnings or bad experiences?

  115. Kiran Namboothiri Says:

    Kristal Builders dropping projects?Especially in Ernakulam?

  116. mysorehuduga Says:

    This is turning out to be a realtors office

  117. Kiran Namboothiri Says:

    What about Kristal Trivandrum project?

  118. aeror Says:

    I am planning to buy an apartment near kr puram,hoodi
    Hope to get some suggestions from well wishers. My budget is around 15 to 18lks.(BUA 900)
    i am currently considering SAI BRINDAVAN (Hema Construction)
    will appreciate any feedback

  119. PHILIP Says:


    I am planning to buy a ready to occupy 3 bhk flat in bangalore. I have budget around 30lks. With cavery water supply.


  120. dolomite customer Says:

    The Kristal promised promised Kristal Dolomite end of Dec 2008 and which is now scheduled for delivery Dec 2009!! After their 2nd revision, there is still no progress on their site .
    I have invested in Dolomite.
    My relative in trivandrum had invested in Techpark view.This site work is also not moving evn after the third revision date of handing over.

    I need the management to take a note of this and corrects its course at the earliest.
    Why are the Kristal MD and chairman not coming up?????????

  121. Zijil Says:

    Who can a customer contact on regarding Kristal Techpark view?

  122. darwin Says:

    what about purvahighlands project , when are they going to handover the flat now they ve stoped the work completely

  123. Sam Says:

    Any idea how SLS is doing their projects? I recently booked a flat in SLS Symphony in Opera block. Symphony has three blocks, Gloria, Opera, Sonata…near Hebbal.

  124. VSS Says:

    Hi All

    Anybody have dealt with ELEGANT PROPERTIES, St>marks Road, BLR. Is they are reliable, how is the quality,they have project in north bangalore.

    Let me know your view

  125. S Ravi Kumar Says:

    Hi All,

    As i am planning to buy flat in Oceanus Greendale project in Banaswadi. It will be really helpful if you can provide feedback on the same.
    Please provide information on the area Hoysala nagar as well.

    Thanks in Advance.

  126. ashwini Says:

    SLS Symphony is good

  127. Somenath C Says:

    Any idea about DSR Elegance? We are planning to talk to them. Please share your feedbacks!

    DSR Elegance is at Koramangla First Block (Near Wipro park).

  128. Pintoo Says:

    Can anyone please gimme an idea of Magnum builders ,Bangalore. I’m planning to buy an apartment from them. Any help on this will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  129. S.Banerjee Says:


    I am planning to buy a flat from Sowparnika Builders.
    Can anyone tell me if they are trustworthy??
    Please reply at the earliest

  130. kaushal Says:

    I am planning to book a flat in Sowparnika Ananda in Sarjapura road after Wipro corporate office.Could you please share your experience with this builder.Please reply soon

  131. Sheela + Snehansu Chatterjee Says:


    Any one booked a flat at Sowparnika Ananda ? Those who have how is the experience so far ? Are they adhering to the rules?
    Are their materials and stuff good ?
    I am planning to book one.

  132. krishna Says:

    Hi i am also planing to book one flat in swoparnika anand please let me know you views?

    whether we can stay in that area?

    and whats the situation about water and all?

  133. Rohit Says:

    whats the rates at SLS symphony, i am interested in buying an apartment.

  134. Kumar Says:

    I am looking for buying a ind House / Flat in Kagadaspura area But When I visited the place I found lot and lot of apartments. So what problems I could face in this area like water in this area.

  135. shrikant Says:

    Does any one know about IDEB Tivoli project near Sai Baba ashram in whitefield? It seems to be pretty delayed.

  136. Rahul Says:

    Does any one have idea about BALAJI BUILDERS in WhiteField marketed by Skandesh Marketing.

  137. 2009Customer Says:

    Hi All,
    Is Kristal builders in crises.
    Also heard that they spend lots of money on music programmes, temples etc.As a result they are struggling to meet customer handing over dtaes?

  138. Manoj Says:


    Is ACAS group is trust worthy? any idea about Garudadri Elite (Kudlu, near HSR Layout)????

  139. Sirisha Prabhakar Says:

    Hi All,
    I am willing to buy a 2 BHK flat in or around AECS layout.
    Wanted to know what will be per sqft value,the other charges,water and power supply and the total built up area.If we rent how much can we expect?
    We came cross “Ushodaya Aura” near kundanhalli gate in AECS layout, does any one have any idea about this apartment,Please advise.

  140. varghe Says:


    Any one booked a flat at Sowparnika projects. How is sowparnika builders. Do they stick to what they say at the initial stage. Please advice want to book in Ananda project.

  141. mestri Says:

    Let me know any good feedback about Reddy structures private Ltd, Mahaveer group flats

  142. rama raju Says:

    Any idea how SLS is doing their projects? I recently booked a flat in SLS Symphony in Opera block. Symphony has three blocks, Gloria, Opera, Sonata…near Hebbal

  143. Srinath Says:

    Does anyone have recent info about the IDEB Tivoli project? It is delayed beyond reasonableness and seems to be following the story of Lorven.

  144. Shridhar Says:

    I am interested in buying 2BHK of 1350 sq ft. in G R Lavender. Preferably garden facing and between 2nd and 7th floor for an immediate settlement. My budget would not exceed Rs 35 lacs (all inclusive). If somebody is interested, contact me with flat description at shridhar8@yahoo.com

  145. Vinoth Says:

    Hi all,
    I would like to buy a flat in bangalore. I can go up to 15lakhs, inclusive of all changes. Can anyone suggest me where can I get a genuine one.

  146. Hari Says:

    Any idea whether we can buy Sowparnika projects and Confident Atik. Any comments or reviews about those projects, please share.

  147. KG Says:

    Never buy from Kristal Group. You will lose your hard earned money. You will be waiting eternely for your flat. If you have paid 30 lakhs for a flat what you get at the end of day would be a piece of shit which won;t cost even 5 lakhs. Be extemely careful with this builder.

  148. Tom Says:

    Hi All,

    Any ideas about DSR Infrastructure group. I am planning to speak with them regarding the DSR Elegance project in Koramangala.

    Please advise on the project, the construction quality and points to be taken care of. Any feedback would be welcome.

  149. Shiju Thomas. Says:

    Any idea about SV regency in Mysore, Vijayanagar?
    Any good or bad experience? or any suggestions….
    Want to book a flat….

  150. Raj Says:

    You need to be very careful dealing with GR Lavender. They promised to deliver the flat in June 09 and never came back even today they are not able to confirm delivery. Quality wait and watch.. ask for change / quality 30% supervision charges is added.

  151. Susmi Says:

    Any one has any idea on Mahaghar properties in marathahalli, munnekolela.? How good are the builders? R they trust worthy? How good are there constructions?

  152. Rajesh Says:

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a flat in Bangalore with a budget of 20-25lakhs, any suggestions of the current builders..

  153. Himagiri Meadows Says:

    I am living in Himagiri Meadows for last few years. We have simillar experience . The builder PC Reddy has collected money for life time maintenac from owners. He stopped maintaini and refused to return the money collected.
    There were few houses illegaly constructed that was demiloshed by BBMP recently. He collected huge amount from buyers promising generator back up. He insalled a refurbished low capacity generator. He has given so many promises but nothing fullfilled.

    So beware of this builder; He is a genuine cheat

  154. Unitech Says:

    Unitech have a flat at Yelahanka called Prestige.
    The guys have completed leaky apartments and say since it is in the middle of 6-7 floors we cannot fix it; with great pride and prestige.

    Can we take it to court with judge like Dinakraran?
    Obviously No.
    Consumer forums gives relief to very handful cases. If they had concern then they would have setup a forum with every land grabber. All gimmicks.

  155. agarwal Says:

    Does anybody has any feedback on SLS developers? Specifically in terms of quality of construction and completion dates.

  156. Nair Says:

    Do not buy from Kristal.
    I am an unfortunate buyer who paid my hard earned money. They promised to deliver the project in 2008 June, now it is 2010 Jan, but still only 60% is completed. This project is in Cochin. It might take another one year if every thing goes well, for completing the project. Read the docs, before you sign any thing….and be ready to loose ur time and money…I am continuing 3 years of struggle still with this builder. It is not professionally managed. It is managed by Frieds and Relatives of Mr. Namboothiri who are not the competent people in this field. It is getting run like a Chinese restaurant with all relatives working for same cause…What a mistake…If u are ready to loose and wait for another 5 years..buy the flat from them.

  157. vg Says:

    can anyone tell about windsor four seasons located behind meenakshi temple, bannerghatta rd.

  158. Slaha Says:

    Please dont buy Kristal’s villa/aprtment.We have been trapped.Neither are they buying it back nor completing the villa. been more than 2 yrs now and work is moving in snail’s pace.

  159. MA Says:

    They started the construction in end 2006 and were to give the flats before dec 2008. Still not ready…..

  160. Ajit Says:


    Is there anyone who bought flat from Akash Homes (Heritage ) located at AECS layout brooksfield ? Also can someone please tell me the rate/sqft in and around AECS layout.

  161. Ajay Says:

    anyone knows about Sri Sai durga Residency apartments near Kadugodi..
    (whitefield) I am planning to buy one flat…

  162. venugopal Says:

    we looking to buy flat from Innovative constructions in bangblore at cox town. do anyone have any experience with this builder . How are their dealings . Do they keep their time shedules. PL FURNISH DETAILS

  163. nar Says:

    does any one know why property rate in C V Raman nagar is falling?

  164. sam Says:

    does any one know about Aditya Vintage which is in Hosur Road? How the builder is, how the construction quality is?

  165. newbuyer Says:

    Hi, I am looking for info on GR Lavendar. I have been visiting this place near puttenahalli for the last 3 weeks and i was quite convinced. I heard from someone that there is some dispute with this property. I read a post in this forum from Mr Santhosh that he was cheated when he wanted to take back his money. may i know why you wanted to back off from the project..did u sense any thing wrong in this project.

    Please do reply since i am planning to invest here

  166. HM Resident Says:

    Himagiri Meadows. The construction quality is pathetic. The engineers are low paid employees with no civil background. After taking payment we’re left on streets begging for move in dates. Hope I can put this is words how bad these guys are?

  167. sunil Says:

    Kristal builders are lagging their project because they donot have any dedicated senior manger in charge of their sites especially in kerala.
    MD and chairman are out of sation for a very long time.Also Mr Potti has given up his post after 3 years of service in kerala.but still the project is not completed.Ms MD your aim is customer satisfaction.Please use their money worthfully.Track the acttivitiesin kerala.Are they meeting the current schedules?Please plan the future days works before the actual day arrives.Plan tomorrow’s work 2 days before…Have a good , responsible and trusty Manager

  168. gv Says:


    I am interested in the Heritage VII property from Akash Homes in AECS Layout. Does anybody know about the project and it’s builder? Also, what is the rate/sq.ft in AECS layout, Bangalore?

  169. ADARSH_VICTIM Says:


    If you are planning to buy any flat in Adarsh Retreat Tower-3, Tower-4 onward, be careful, they will not complete and deliver before 2015. Yes …They are the worst builder in Bangalore.

    They did booking for Tower-2 in 2004/2005 – took 5 years and still the project is not delivered. The keep extending the deadlines every month.

    Very incapable builder to handle large project.

    They only focus on Viila’s customer …no respect and time for Apartment owners.

    If you dont believe on this, advise you to speak to any existing owner there and verify.


    Tower-3 foundation was done six months back after that no progress at all

  170. sim Says:

    Pls give me suggestions about shriram builders, have booked a flat in shriram Surabhi, any opinion pls???

  171. Neeraj Says:

    Skandesh Marketing – headed by somebody of name Venkatraman is a big cheat. Only two words if you see him marketing a project – STEER CLEAR. His very presence should be an indication that there is something massively amiss with the project, for builders who are extremely incompetent, extremely unprofessional and extremely untrustworthy would hire him. I am a buyer of the the Balaji pristine apartment (Whitefield road, near the Whitefield police station) and I am talking from my own experience.

  172. Kristalvictim Says:

    Please never ever go with Kristal builder, you will loose your hard earned money. They are in very big financial crisis nothing is happening in any or there project. I book a villa in kristal aquamarine (hosur road, bangalore) in 2008 and the never ending construction is still continuing (moving like snail). No proper management, design or quality. if you spend 40lakhs u will get <10 lakhs worth flat/villa like structure (u dont even call it as flat/villa).

  173. atul Says:

    I am scared with the post. I am a poor man and do not want to meet this misery. I can not bear that. EMI & existing rent is already a heavy load but if such thing is happened with any man then I am sure God will intervene. Thanks for the helpful post. God bless you and give you the strength to overcome with the losses.

  174. harried_soul Says:

    I have bought an apartment in GR Lavender. Definitely there has been a delay in the delivery…they promised me March 2010 but its already June and there is still no sign of delivery.
    There is a notification from BDA on the site for developing a layout, the builders say its because BDA want money, but then we only can wait and watch what happens.
    Construction is going on, at slow speed.
    One word of caution is that you should be extra careful with these guys, never believe everything they say. Their promises are easily forgotten by them and once you are caught they take you for a ride. But almost every builder does that…so no reason to expect these guys to be any different. They are extremely money minded and will lie through their teeth to get as much money from you as possible…they even lie in the name of god. Good Luck.

  175. sim Says:

    how is shriram builders, how is there quality?????????

  176. Praskash Says:

    Before buying any property with VS Developers, have a thorough check. These are cheaters and they start every project with new names. The responsible person for this is RamMohan who stays in bangalore at JP nagar. For more details, check the link below:


  177. 703 Says:

    Mr Potti has taken up his post again in Kristal Trivandrum.May God help him to complete the project this time and earn customer appreciation.

  178. Balaji Pristine customer Says:

    Balaji Pristine from the Balaji developers (Managed by the trio Yogandhar,Amrinder and Krishna Reddy) was promised on Dec 09 but as of today (June 10) it is nowhere near completion. The luxury amentites like pool clubhouse gym etc had no approval (which they never told us) and are going to be scrapped now. So the builder has pocketed all the premium he charged by promising those. Materials are as poor as ever. Doors are made of 4th grade wood which has developed cracks while installation only. In flooring, many broken tiles are laid. Showed 4 way door frames in model flat but only providing 3 way. Materials sourced from very cheap providers. And they charge 25k for allowing you to register, which costs hardly 10k if you do it on your own. This way they made nearly 20 lac (considering 132 flats). Even they can’t provide covered carpark for all. They have started 3-4 apartments in the whitefield-kadugodi area. BEWARE!

  179. waiting_no_end Says:

    Bought a flat in gr lavender bg road, booked in oct 2007, waiting for possession from nov 09 (promised) endlessly….

  180. Atithi Samanta Says:

    Plz let me know the reputation of Daya MK Builder & Developer & Nandi Housing.

  181. anniyan Says:

    all these builders will be punished by anniyan. anniyan will make narashima reddy mall reddy in to modda reddys

  182. Shaishi Says:

    Hi All,

    any one got any idea abt the property called aadhi Meru near marathahalli, (behind bageecha) and what’s the current price going on per sq ft at that place?

  183. Sekhar Says:

    Can someone suggest pros & cons of apartment combined with commercial space.
    ground 3 floors is commercial and top 2 floors are residential flats. is it advisable.
    any special approvals are required?

  184. Nishan Says:


    Any idea about the Sowparnika builders. I have booked a flat in ‘Sai Krishna’ in Sarjapur road. Please share your opinion about the builder.


  185. Alisha Says:

    Do any one of you have information about the Rajani Aashish builders & developers bangalore…

    If you know anything about them,please share with us..

  186. Anti_Skandesh Says:


    This to the people who are going buy properties marketed by Skandesh Marketting Services. Skandesh is marketting now Aakruti amity near Electronic city. Skandesh is headed by Mr. Venkatraman. Do not buy any properties through Skandesh because of following points.
    1. Advertised amneties are never approved.
    2. Skandesh washes his hands when builder delays the project
    3. While taking money from buyers, skandesh follows rules and agreement. And while delivering venkat passes responsibilty to others.
    4. Skandesh never takes responsibilty once agreement is made and you paid money.
    5. Skandesh is only interested in making money for themeslf and builders.

    If any one wants to know further details of Skandesh, please contact residents of Balaji Pristine @ whitefield.

  187. suman Says:

    Does any one know about the villa project brickfield shelters from arthaproperty


    Developer AMR group , a Babu Reddy initiative…Has any one heard about this developer ?

  188. Bangalore Vs Singapore – A small comparison of flat prices… | MK Thoughts Says:

    [...] To top it all, there are even cases of cheating as noted by…http://churumuri.wordpress.com/2006/05/25/if-you-are-buying-a-flat-in-bangalore-watch-out/ [...]

  189. Experienced Customers Says:

    Never-ever buy any properties from Balaji developers and Skandesh Marketing, these are the BIG cheaters, they are coming up with new project in Hopefarm, never-ever buy even if prices are cheap.

    Quiality of product, work, service is worst …

    Experienced Customers.

  190. Mohan Says:


    What is the opinion on DS MAX’s Serenity in Silk board. Can anyone who has bought a flat there share.
    Also can anyone give opinion on GR Lavender also.


  191. Ritesh Says:

    I’m planning to buy a flat with “Ushodaya Developers” in whitefield. Can somebody tell me , how the builders are..? They have completed a project in Kundalahalli by name “Ushodaya Aura”. The residents can kindly help me.

  192. Mallika Says:

    howz Kristal group? Are they back on track now? I am planning to get an apartment in Kristal dolomite…any suggestions

  193. vg Says:

    hi guys,
    iam planning to buy a flat in Vintage Elite A Block BTM 4th stage built by Vintage shetlers. please guide me about the locational disadvantages and the quality od consturction

  194. buyer Says:

    I am planning to buy apartment in “Ushodaya Raga” from Ushodaya builders. The builder is insisting me to take loan from Kadugodi SBI branch as he has got approval from that branch. And is very reluctant to go to any other branch for loan processing. Please tell me about the reputation of this builder.

  195. td Says:


  196. sevanth Says:

    i want to buy a flat in the range of 20 lakhs from mahaveer group. they had more than 45 projects with 30 completed. can anybody enlighten me about them.

  197. Raj Says:

    Even I am also planning to buy a flat in “Ushodaya Raaga”..need some info on the developers..their reputation and the quality of work. Any help would be appreciated. I just see another post related to the same project which I am interested in ,”Ushodaya Raaga” …can that person “buyer” give me some idea abt the same from his own experience.
    Thanks in advance

  198. Srikanth Says:

    I had visited Ushodaya Aura , was not at all satisfied with the quality and meet some residents.Their feedback was nt positive…After it will definitely not try for Raaga.

  199. kumar Says:

    dear friends, i am planning to book a flat in vaishnavi
    rathnam, a project of vaishnavi group. This is located at Jalahalli
    cross, north west bangalore. Any feedback about the builder and the

  200. Asad Says:

    I am planning to buy a flat in Kristal Dolomite can you let know the reviews.

  201. lavakusa Says:

    Any body has idea about the saroj developers in kundalahalli gate. Also I want to know whether there is some water problem in that area.

  202. Kiran Says:

    Pls let me know the flats by Gopalan Homes, Bangalore.

  203. suresh Says:

    All those who are looking for flats @ bangalore pls be careful in dealing with DS Max properties as the assurances they give while selling will not be kept.They usually are only mktg agents for certaain unknown developers who cannot sell the properties on their own.Once the properyies are bought they will just ditch yu and the developer will take yu for a ride by not abiding to the amenities that are supposed to be provided.Also pls check all the interior works like walls, plumbing,tiles etc they are usually of low quality.Do not fall for the talks of their sales rep who are trained to con people just to get their flats sold.All those ads yu see from newspaers are only eyewashes.I bought one from them a yr back and still regretting it.Make sure all documents like Khata,OC,and all amenities mentioned arein place otherwise yu will have sleepless nights.BEWARE OF PROPERTIES SOLD THRU DS MAX

  204. anand Says:

    Be careful of Pavani Builders, they do not finish their projects on time and do a shabby job . They make you run around for every paper work. Every flat has so much unfinished work ,and they expect the buyer to run behind them even after full payment is made. They are just small time builder from Nellore operating in blore. Their website sucks too

    it is better to pay a little more and go for a reputed builder and check the quality of construction before buying .

  205. buyer Says:

    Please any one tell me about GR Pinaccle at J P Nagar 1 st phase any probs?

  206. Nisha Says:

    Please share your comments about Kristal Dolomite..It is not constructed completely..but they are telling that it will get completed by June 2011..

  207. Atithi Samanta Says:

    Dear Nisha,

    Don`t even think of buying a flat in Kristal Dolomite at Kanakpura. The project is pending since 2006 & It will not be ready…
    Last year ( April 10) I have visited their site as I was looking to buy a flat @ Kristal Dolomite. They said it will be compleated by Sept 10. I believe still it` in the same condition of last yr. If u book a flat with them u have to waite for another 5 yrs. to get ur flat. because constructions is stopped. More or less every Bangalorian is aware of Kristal group, so don`t fall in their sales persons promiss.

    Best of luck…

  208. kumar Says:

    dear nisha
    Last year i had a look at the kristal dolomite i.e. near Kanakpura road. i found the location and price very reasonable and now that area is promoted as next jaynagar.

    The concern is the work is going very slow and while browsing i came across few adverse remark regarding this one. You need to check and get clear about this. Is it due to any legal issue, i am not sure.
    Other issue there is 100 ft road just front of the flat. This road connects to Anjanpura BDA layout. I feel once layout is fully developed, this road will be very crowded. Just look at this angle

  209. Prateek Says:

    I was looking for apartment in whitefield area(East bangalore) . Finally, I am negotiating with the builder called saranya developers near Forum value mall. If anyone of you are also looking in that area, then we can all combine together and ask for better price.
    I am reachable @9740992166


  210. Arijit Says:

    Can any1 tell the about GR Lavender current status and quality work they doing.
    I visited their site, seeing many family started staying also. They giving procession date as March-2012 for phase -3 & asking R3000 per Square ft.

    could i go ahead?

  211. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    according my friend,
    ETA GARDENS on Magadi rd is a value property in this market, probably around 3900- 4000/sq ft which is one of the low priced complexes in this market.
    They made them wait for two years to handover but now its ready looks good.
    Right next to majestic railway stations, and namma metro,
    construction looks good,
    has so many more amenities, they have two or three pools ( one exclusive indoor pool for ladies and children) big tennis and basket all court etc
    (this is my opinion, you make an independent decision)

  212. Balaji Says:

    Never-ever buy any properties from Balaji developers and Skandesh Marketing, these are the BIG cheaters, they are coming up with new project in Hopefarm, never-ever buy even if prices are cheap.

    Quiality of product, work, service is worst …

    Materials sourced from very cheap providers. And they charge 25k for allowing you to register, which costs hardly 10k if you do it on your own. This way they made nearly 20 lac (considering 132 flats). Even they can’t provide covered carpark for all. They have started 3-4 apartments in the whitefield-kadugodi area. BEWARE!

    Balaji Pristine Association

  213. Sagar Says:


    I am planning to buy an apartment from AR Group.Can anyone suggest me on the quality of the service and the construction of the apartment from this builder?

    Thanks in advance.

  214. Rafeeq Says:

    Useful Info

  215. Ajith Says:

    I am planning to buy a flat in Asset Serene, Sarjapur. Any review available?

  216. Vijay Says:

    Hi all,

    Am planning to buy appartment in saranya sarovar project. Has anyone faced any problems with this project. Please share your experience .

  217. Arvind Says:

    Is there any feedback about the BM Serenity project ? or the builder PNR group?

  218. sathish Says:


    Can anyone give me more information about G R Lavendar, J P Nagar. I visited the property and i was quite impressed. I heard from somebody who has posted that there is some land dispute. Can anyone guide us so that i can go for a deal.

    Thanks in advance.

  219. sara Says:


    We were also considering of purchasing a flat from GR lavender, BG Road. Please provide some inputs/suggestions


  220. vijay Says:

    I am planning to buy a flat in VBHC, Near Chandapur, Electronic city, Bangalore.

    Is anybody tell me about this project is genuine?


  221. Naveen Says:

    Pavani Homes sucks.. in one word.. the builder raghav rao will ask you to pay even if u pay the whole amount .. dey will also take help of rowdy ppl and force u to pay.. there construction is not gud..n they are big time cheaters..Paper work not only takes time but they are not correct too…

  222. Varun Says:

    Anyone has any reviews about Asset builders? I am planning to buy a flat in Asset Serene near Dommasandra circle (near Sarjapur). They have some projects in Kerala and in Bnagalore they have built some Villas in Whitefield. Has anyone had any experience with them before?

  223. saadhana Says:

    Hi all, can anyone give me suggestions about asset handlers bangalore?

  224. aryan Says:

    How about balaji Elegence in whitefield? Does anyone booked any flat in Balaji Elegance?

  225. Sankaranarayanan Says:

    I am planning to buy a flat in Sri Kandha Deepam in Nagarbahvi circle .Pl let me know about Saravana Group and ths

  226. ruchi Says:

    i am planning to buy a flat in swaparnika anada in surjapur road. please Let me know how is the builder. they are reliable or not

  227. Raj Anand Says:

    I am also booking a flat in Ushodaya Swaraa… Any comments on the builder?

  228. Zain Says:

    Kindly let us know, before buying the land what all things needs to be clarify. Kindly advise us.

  229. raj Says:

    Any one knows how good construction is for Vijaysree Golden Orchids

  230. Rakesh Says:


    I am planning to book flat at Sowparnika projects, they have launced the project called Chandrakanta at sarjapur road. Please let me know you experience with Sowparnika.


  231. raj Says:

    You need to be very sure and clever to deal with G R Lavendar. You will never know till the end what you will get. Be prepared for surprizes. They take their own time to address any requests/issues or queries. You can get any answer again a surprise. You need to have enough time to build your own independent house; then you could get one good one here too. They might not cheat you, but you should be lucky to get what you deserve. All the best

  232. kiran Says:


    I am planning to book a apartment at T C palya near ramurthunagar, the name of the apartment is sreepadam and the builder is SEVEN HILL DEVELOPERS.
    I would like to know more about these builders, please let me know u r comments.

    With Best Regards,
    Kiran T.C

  233. raj Says:

    SLS DEVELOPERS / BUILDERS ARE VERY VERY Cheap builders / developers……lots of false promises…..poor quality of work….better not to buy with them

  234. Varun Says:

    Hi guys,
    Am planning to buy a flat 3BHK, in white field from balaji developers, could you please suggest ..whether the builder is good..and what are the things ..that i need to check before buying..specially about this builder..


  235. kumar Says:

    Just want to aware everyone.
    I had a very bad experience with a contractor ,his name is Prabhudev Halemane residing at Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore.
    He called himself as Architect and belong to Orange Architect. Please be aware of this guy and do not give any contract.

  236. Jagan Says:

    How is Sowparnika builders? Anybody buy any flat from them? Can you pls. share the experience.

  237. rakesh Says:

    SLS builders are not trust worthy very poor quality of work number one cheats

  238. Prabhu Says:

    Some Facts:
    New Apartment – 60×40 sqft BDA site, 6 apartments 1000 sqft each, price per apartment 60lakhs
    10+ yrs old Apartment – 60×40 sqft BDA site, 6 apartments 1000 sqft each, price per apartment 36lakhs

    The above two apartments were just 300mts apart in south bangalore.My friend (unlike me, he missed,
    the 2002 realestate bus) did the right thing, bought 36 lakhs apartment, spent 4 lakhs on
    complete rennovation…

    I think 2002 was the right time for buying new apartments…i think 2011 is the right time for
    buying re sale apartments … more over you don’t have to face the builder related issues as
    mentioned here.

    Most apartment now for resale were bought by oweners pre boom period…have seen a huge
    appreciation…are easy to negotiate …

  239. Abhinav Says:

    I want to buy a 2BHK apt between Marathalli to Bellandur/Sarjapur junction. Pls suggest some good builder name and project with good quality work, committment & timely delivery.


    How is this Kethana builder? they have a new project behind Cisco wherein they are quoting 3500/sq ft and 2 BHK is costing 55lakhs and above…they claim this to be a super luxury project…Any idea about this builder?

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