CHURUMURI POLL: Who should be President next?

Sure, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam‘s term won’t come to an end for another two years. Sure, it’s too early to predict which way the political straws in the wind will blow two years from now. Sure, it’s speculative. Still, it is an interesting question to ponder: who after the people’s prez?

Should Kalam get a second term? If not Kalam who? Amartya Sen? Gopalkrishna Gandhi? N.R. Narayana Murthy? And, hey, what does it tell the world that 56 after the Republic was formed, we still haven’t had a woman President? If so, is there any woman of stature who can fill the post? And given the Kalam experience, is Rashtrapati Bhavan as good as closed for career politicians?

11 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Who should be President next?”

  1. December Stud Says:

    A good question to ponder – Oh, and I hope to see more such entries in ‘churumuri’.

    Sure, nothing wrong with kalam’s secodn term. I will say YES.

    And, absolutely a thumping YES for NRN. If he can build a symbol of innovation and discipline from scratch, he is the right man to lead the country.

    Amartya Sen – As some one rightly pointed out, an economist, that too an economist from Bengal is definitely scary !!!

    I don’t support Gopalkrishna Gandhi either.

    I am not sure Kalam experience necessarily signals the end of politicians in Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Don’t underestimate dEvEgowdru so much !!!

    Women…hmmmm…Arundathi Roy is no doubt very eloquent and beautiful, but unfit to be anywhere near Rashtrapathi Bhavan. Medha Patkar is good for the hunger strikes. And, we sure don’t need Shabana Azmi either (though, I ahve to admit that I am a big fan of her acting).

    So, no I can’t think of any women yet…..well, for that matter USA is 230 years old and still doesn’t have a woman president (and that is REAL president).

    We should also consider the C Rangarajan’s and Soli Sorabjee’s. Flash from the past…how about PC Alexander ? Won’t he be good ?

  2. Girish Hampali Says:

    Namma shivaji nagarada hudugru.. Nafeesaaaaaaaa Fajallu Presedent adare henge anthave?
    She is a good bet as she can speak with dented voice, dance with dented body.
    Chikkamagalur folks want Motamma to be the next president.

    Among available lot, Sushma swaraj can make it but I foresee problems as she speaks too much!

    I suggest, we have someone with warm blood (less than 50 years) to occupy the post.

  3. Mayazhi Lampard Says:

    How about President Arundathi Roy??? think about it guys. She will surely rock and there is no doubt about it. You may hate her but you will have to admit that she will be worth it

  4. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    What A.P.J. kalam’s presidency has done is that the focus on zeroing on the politicians for the job has for ever shifted With a few minuses of his presidency like for example in Bihar case where Kalam badly tripped to assert himself, he has shown refreshing originality by freely mixing with the people and removing the trappings of splendid kingly isolation of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan associated with the colonial past and made it truely democratic ina ttitude. He has also brought fresh ideas touching on education and cultivating scientific temper etc. No doubt his interaction with the children must be source of inspiration to many. However, I have not seen any assertive referece to various ills that beset the country and he has been doubly cautious about it and seem to give an impression that he does not want to rock the boat. May be it is the constitutional imperative that restrains him from giving free expression to his ideas but what we require is iconclasts to bring some sense to the value system that is nosediving all round. Obviously, no politician will risk this because he would be waiting for second or third term in office. There are many professionals and captains of industry who can fill th slot. Yes, why not NRN?

  5. M. Basavaraj Says:

    With the present incumbent of Rashtrapati Bhavan APJ Abdul Kalam having two more years to go, it is too early to think ‘who after him?’ Apart from amounting to counting the chicken before the eggs are hatched this exercise indirectly blocks Kalam’s candidature for the second term which is akin to the anti-incumbency wave in our General Elections! When he is proving himself to be the right man in the right post by delivering the goods and rising to the occasions I for one strongly propose him for the second term. Under the present circumstances therefore the search for a person other than Kalam amounts to troubling the trouble before the trouble troubles us.

  6. Mohan Says:

    I want Amartya Sen to be the President *because* he is a Bengali economist with leftist leanings. But more than that, whenever I have read or heard him, he has come across as a brilliant mind alive to the major issues facing the country today. I think he will provide a very different perspective on many issues, different from what we usually get to hear in the media. Right now we have only two views – one of the “intelligent”, suited-booted, educated middle-class appearing on CNBC/NDTV/ToI etc cheerleading capitalism/globalisation mouthing the usual cliches about infrastructure/FDI and so on. On the other side, we have the rustic, uneducated voices like Deve Gowda’s and Lalu Yadav’s and the much-hated commies – obviously opposed to “development” and “progress” because of their vested interests. I think someone like Prof. Sen who is highly educated, extremely intelligent, articulate, capable of independent thinking rather than just going by conventional wisdom is just what we need in a President. As for NRN, all he is going to do is add more shrillness to the first set of views. Besides, anyone who thinks that we should stop debating about issues and just take decisions and move on doesn’t deserve to be the President of a country as diverse as India – that reeks of dictatorial tendencies to me. Compare that to Prof. Sen who wrote an entire book called “Argumentative Indian” celebrating our long tradition of debate and argument.

  7. jeevarathna Says:

    Does it make any difference? Even Kalam signed on the dotted line from Russia to impose presidents rule in Bihar! Why have this colonial hangover and have an expensive clerk at Rashtrapati Bhavan? We should change our constitution and adopt a different and practical system of governance. On the lighter side why not make Sonia as President, this would make Sonia sign on the dotted line instead and MANmohan will become a free MAN!

  8. PH Bharadia Says:

    It has become very hot and debatable issue now,Who is next President of India?Well, always in light of any good,honest,clean and incorruptible to be found on Indian poiltical arena,what is wrong with some person from sceince,technology,education fields or social services back ground.

    Atleast no any puppets should be elected by our corrupt and misdemneanour(who are just fighting with chairs and other furnitures in our SANSAD)members of parliament.

    It is now high time that the election of our honourable President should be done by general public not these elected childlish members of SANSAD.

  9. Pushpa Mehta Says:


    I think N.R. Narayana Murthy and Dr. Amartya sen are the stong containder for the same.

    Pushpa mehta

  10. Gopal KS Says:

    NRN is fully qualified to be the next President as just like Kalam he is a professional with values

  11. Doode Says:

    Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a good choice. Atleast, He can retire from cricket gracefully!!

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