Mysore’s three richest families—after Wodeyar

By his own admission in his election affidavit, Srikantadatta Narasimaharaja Wodeyar is worth around Rs 2,500 crore, give or take a few hundred crores. Therefore everybody else in Mysore would qualify as small change.

Still, which are the top three business families in terms of wealth?

3) The Shenoys of Mangalore Ganesh Beedis

2) The N. Ranga Rao family of R.Guru, et al, who make agarbathis and electronic components

1) The Habib family that makes and markets ‘Jeeva’ oil

Churumuri‘s Deep Throat reports that the turnover of the top two families could be anywhere in the range of Rs 235-250 crore per annum.

10 Responses to “Mysore’s three richest families—after Wodeyar”

  1. Yashica Says:

    Two of these three families have inherited their fortunes. Aren’t any first-generation Mysore entrepreneurs making money? K.B. Ganapathy of Star of Mysore? P.V. Giri of Siddhartha Hotel/Olive Garden? Vivekananda of Kings Kourt/Kings Sanctuary? And is everybody making money legally in pristine Mysore? Politicians? Cops?

  2. Suma Says:

    As per my knowledge Rangrao & family has not inherited this fortune. Rangarao worked very hard carrying agarbathis on bicycle, vasu group what now is the effort of present generation only earlier Aravinda Parimala works was leading this agarbathi market which is also from Mysore

  3. jeevarathna Says:

    Why have you left out Mr. Narayan Murthy. He is a Mysorean, studied at NIE and Infosys has a great compass at Mysore. In addition He and his wife have contributed to preserving Mysore’s heritage and also improving NIE compass. Which other Mysorean despite not being a resident of Mysore has done so much for Mysore? The three illustrious Mysoreans mentioned above certainly score over Murthy couple in hogging sound bytes and photo opportunities (courtesy KBG). In terms of real tangible assets Murthy couple will give Wodeyar a run for his money !

  4. prakash Says:

    In CHURUMURI…People derive pleasure in bashing NRN in form of Murthy’s Angadi .
    You are asking wrong people in wrong forum about gloryfying someones contribution in a City like Mysore .

  5. Prashanth Krishnamurthy Says:

    Perhaps Prakasha, who thinks it is his divine right to comment on other people’s IQ without realising that he comes across as an idiot each time he opens his mouth thus, may not have had the IQ to realise that the list comprises of Mysoreans living in Mysore, who have built their fortunes in Mysore?

  6. jeevarathna Says:

    A mysorean is a Mysorean -resident or non-resident.

    Just because Mr.Wodeyar spends more time now in Bangalore then Mysore does it make him any less a Mysorean ! Any way he did not make his fortunes in Mysore ! He is fighting with back to the wall to retain his fortunes . In that way Javagal may be Mysorean but his fortunes are always made outside Mysore – right now commenting at W.I.

  7. ramesh Says:

    Find out richest Policeman,inspector,and revenue officials in Mysore

  8. evildeath Says:

    There are many realestate barons in mysore who people don’t knw.The are worth more than the ABOVE METIONED NAMES

  9. Rakesh Says:

    There are more people in mysore who have created fortunes who come from edible oil industry like the sunpure brand and RG brand along with habib family who are into edible oil industry.

  10. A,Rahim,S Says:

    there are many more rishes in mysore but they dnt live in mysore they live in foreign but they belongs to mysore

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