A small Tribune story helped TOI pick up VK, VT

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from New Delhi: A brief business news item in The Tribune newspaper of Chandigarh was reportedly the starting point for The Times of India group to look seriously at acquiring Vijaya Karnataka and its sister dailies, a deal which was sealed, signed and settled on Wednesday.

Well placed sources, aware of how the deal was done, say Bennett, Coleman & Co., the company that owns TOI, was not in the running initially for the Vijaya Karnataka group, although its owner Vijay Sankeshwar had mounted a multi-pronged hunt for investors, buyers and partners in Bombay.

"Sankeshwar was talking to everybody who would lend him an ear. He was talking to a South African group which has been talking to virtually every publishing house in India for FDI. He was talking to the Hindustan Times. And he was also talking to ICICI Ventures for possible investment," says a source.

The negotiations with ICICI apparently went the farthest and Sankeshwar even made a trip to Calcutta earlier this year to finalise the deal, but for some reason, the deal fell through at the very last minute.

This development was picked up and reported by The Tribune, Chandigarh. Seeing which, the cash-rich TOI spotted an opportunity to further tighten the screws on the competition in Bangalore and jumped into the scene to stymie Hindustan Times' planned entry.

Result: a 100 per cent acquisition of the group.

Although the actual financials of the deal have not been made public, BCCL sources say TOI paid Rs 221.34 crore for the three papers: Vijaya Karnataka, Vijay Times and Usha Kirana, a clear Rs 50 crore above the Rs 170 crore figure that Churumuri had first reported.

A sum of Rs 10 crore was paid by TOI as signing amount on May 23, and the first tranche of Rs 90 crore, was paid yesterday.

Edelweiss, the consulting company which brokered the deal between the Jains, Samir and Vineet, and the Sankeshwars, Vijay and Anand, will receive Rs 7 crore in commission.

BCCL sources claim Chinnen Das, the Times Group's brand manager in the South handpicked by the Jains to run Vijayanand Printers Limited (VPL), the holding company of the three papers, was not in the loop of the negotations, even when the due diligence was being done.

In fact, Chinnen Das, also a BCCL director, was reportedly reluctant to assume additional charge as CEO of VPL when it was first broached to him, but eventually relented.

(Das is believed to have received his first serious briefing of how VPL works from an old VPL source known to him last evening.)

As per the agreement hammered out between the two groups, Vijay Sankeshwar will continue to remain chairman of the company, at least for the first few months, till all the changes in ownership as mandated by the Registrar of Newspapers in India (RNI) are complete.

His son, Anand Sankeshwar, will remain a permanent director on the board of VPL.

An advisory board comprising the two Sankeshwars, L. Ramanand Bhat, Vishweshwar Bhat and K.N. Umesh has been constituted to serve as an interface during the initial few months till the Times Group comes to grips with the VPL establishment.

Current indications are that the Jains are inclined to retain Vishweshwar Bhat as editor of Vijaya Karnataka, but a new editor for Vijay Times, in place of Ramanand Bhat, is almost certain to be announced in the next couple of days.

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  1. Girish Hampali Says:

    After getting the due 220 crores, what is the ‘purushartha’ that anand sankeshwar has by being the director of the VPL board?
    Let us give our brickbats to VRL group for negotiating the good +50 crores in a deal. I wish they will concentrate more on VRL and make merry in that business.

    So, the focus shifts to second rung of people (editors, reporters, proof readers) in VK, VT as how they will cope with new management.
    Are there any news on higher attrition at the VK,VT offices.

    The fact that, they want to retain vishy bhat as editor is a good credential for him. but should he continue? Doesn’t he has the capacity to find a new owner and build a new paper from scratch. Cant any venture capitalist help him?

  2. Anil Kumar Says:

    Good news is that Kannadigas are still in the Board viz., Vijay n Anand Sankeshwars, Ramanand n Vishveshwar Bhats, & Umesh. But was it so difficult to find a Kannada CEO for a Kannada Newspaper? I can understand if a software company in Karnataka can have an american as its CEO, but not for a Kannada Newspaper, in particular, Samasta Kannadigara Hemme!

  3. Arvind Says:

    Let us look at the positive side of the story. With TOI’s managerial skills, VK might turn out to be a better product. Whims and fancies of Sankeshwar kind was coming in the way of the Newspaper’s progress all these days. Given a free hand Vishveshwara Bhat can do wonders. And I am sure, the humble readers would get a better product.

    As heard through some rumour mills, HR Ranganath of Kannada Prabha might be roped in to revitalise Usha Kirana. If TOI is serious about having a second kannada newspaper in its stable, Ranga can definitely make Usha Kirana, the No.2 daily kannada newspaper.

    If not Ranga, Ravi Hegde (Executive Editor – News) from the same stable too is a creative journo who can be banked upon for Usha Kirana.

    It looks like, all the major Kannada newspapers are looking for fresh editors. With Daithota at the exit gates of Samyukta Karnataka, and RP Jagadeesh at the verge of retirement from Prajavani, and Usha Kirana is sure to get a new editor in place of Venkata Narayana, 3 vacant positions are required to be filled. I do not know whether Udayavani too is looking for a change of editorship. In that case, a lady journo might stand good chance to occupy that seat.

    In a nutshell, Kannada newspapers are going to get a face lift soon. Thanks to Sankeshwars for this sale!

  4. Umapathi Says:

    Nobody is talking about Vikranta Karnataka, a weekly magazine to be launched by NRI Kannada Writer Ravi Krishna Reddy.

    Nagesh Hegde is tipped to be the new editor of the weekly news cum features magazine.

    It is also rumoured that Usha Kirana’s news editor Jayarama Adiga is going to be the Managing Editor of this weekly.

    Let there be a solace for the Kannada weekly readers. Both Taranga and Sudha have become stale while Tabloids like Hi (Crime) Bangalore is only surviving and Lankesh (Putrake and Putrike) are settled to be show pieces of the news stalls.

    As far as Kannada journalism goes, VK has been a lucky abbreviation. The other VK succeeded and hope this VK too would survive.

    Long live Karnataka (whether Vikranta or Vijaya)!

  5. prakashtumkur Says:

    Wow! A very neat report. With good details thrown in. This is what journalism is all about.

  6. Umapathi Says:

    In response to Girish Hampali,

    There are certain offers to Vishy Bhat, as per the rumours going around VK circles.

    Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Rajya Sabha MP, planning to launch a Kannada Daily Newspaper (may be one in English too) with Vishy Bhat as Editor.

    Sudha Murthy’s much awaited Kannada Newspaper is also looking for an Editor, and in all the likelyhood, Vishy Bhat might get an offer.

    Some Singapore group too is negotiating with Vishy Bhat on new News Paper Adventures.

    But Girish, can you tell me, whats wrong in Vishy Bhat continuing with VK (under TOI)? Its another newspaper house, and there is nothing unethical to acquire another newspaper chain. And Editors can always continue. The management of Software Companies do change hands often. I dont think heads would always roll out at those junctures.

    Venture Capitalists for a Kannada Newspapers is a long dream.

  7. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    Nimma Post Odhee Bahal Kushi aythu.
    With so many people interested in starting a kannada daily and magazine..
    bega aa dhina barbardha..I would call it a ‘SUDHINA’.
    Its good for our language and for people .
    people have more Choice and vareity .

    KP mathu Churumuri BaLaga … dayavittu neevu Kannada Blog Shurumaadi pa

  8. Sunita Says:

    My favourite editor-writer Vishy Bhat is in the centre of news. But he should continue in VK for Kannadigas sake. He should strive hard to keep VK for Kannadigas.

  9. Sunita Says:

    In response to last article about VK, I said VK is VB and VB is VK. I am happy that you all agreed to the same.

  10. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    Sunitakka .. VB Nimma nentrenree avaru.

  11. Sunita Says:

    Hi Dheeranna,

    VB nanna nentaroo alla, bhantaroo all. naanu moolata kannada patrikegala abhimaani.. mattu VK abhimaani. ..ashtu tilka magaa!!

  12. Anil Kumar Says:


    Me too a Vishy fan, like you!!

  13. Ananth Says:

    Humble Request – The members of VB Fan Club are free send their fan mail to VB directly pls.

  14. TKS Bhat Says:

    Everybody is praising Vishweshwar Bhat for Vijayakarnataka success. I cannot agree this. Ishwar Diatota is the one journalist who stabilised Vijayakarnataka in its critical days. VK success story could well be attributed to agresssive marketing and price war. Vishy Bhat did very little. Actually he has damaged Vk’s secular credentials. Vishweshwar Bhat is highly overrated journalist. First he should come out of Ravi Belegeres shadow. Bhat’s writing is not original.

  15. Andy Says:

    KP – Let me share a fact with you..it is NOT true that TOI reacted after reading the Pioneer piece. There was some other trigger point for TOI’s response – dont know if ts relevant discussing that on this platform – Pioneer piece was SIMPLY NOT the trgigger

    This is FYI

  16. gopal Says:

    Is this blog is for praising Vishweshwar Bhat ?
    TOI group will certainly show the door for a communal and castiest editor.
    And, it is Ishwara Daitotha, who was responssible for sucess of VK and not VB. Truth prevail one day. How many days you people fool the readers ?

  17. Nrayan, Shimoga Says:

    V Baht and LR Bhat kannadigas ?
    one speaks Havyaka (Uttara Kannada) and another speaks Tulu (dakshina Kannadiga). Naija Kannadiga yaaru, malenadu mthu mysorinavaru.

  18. Anil Kumar Says:


    Why are u biased. But for Vish, VK never would have been No.1 Kannada newspaper. Despite all the marketing strategies, VK hadly garnered 2 Lakh circulation, while PV was ruling the roost at just double the figure. It is only Vish who made the paper touch close to 7.5 Lakh circulation. Infact it was Sankeshwar’s misadventures like leaving BJP, starting Kannada Nadu and later joining JD(S), which spoiled the credentials. Despite that, VK sustained 6.5 Lakh circulation only due to the edito-managerial capabilities of Vish Bhat.

    If you consider Vish is overrated and un-original, show me one Kannada Journo who can match him. Vish has the right kind of mix of qualifications, contacts, managerial skills, experience of (closely working with Shamarao, TJS and YNK). Whether you like it or not, his writings are powerful. He is bold enough to take risks. He is still young and energetic. There is no point in cribbing on this.

    As far as the secular credentials go, it is just the congress card which people like you are mesmerised. It is pseudo-secularism which prevails in this country, just to secure some power by hook or crook. Even the so called secular media is encashing with gullible readers and viewers.

    The latest rumour is Vish would continue in VK, despite 3-4 plum offers.

  19. Sunita Says:

    I beg to differ with TKS Bhat.

    Daitota’s pressence hardly mattered for VK. He was there for one year and he didnot make any impact to talk about.

    But VK took a new and fresh look and dimension only after Vishy’s entry. Let us admit it openly. He is, no doubt, responsible for its success. His taem has also played a pivotal role. marketing strategy also its share.

    It is not fair to say that Vishy’s writing is not original. He is a creative writer like Belagere.

    Vishy is not over rated journo. He deserves what he is rated today. Nothing more nothing less. He is the only Kannada “writing” editor. What else do you need? Getting along with Sankeshwars and hundred odd journalists everyday is not a small job which he has been doing it for the last four years.

  20. TKS Bhat Says:

    Sunita, how can you say Diatota’s presence hardly mattered for VK. Daitota is the one guy who built the team and laid solid foundation for VK. He travelled all over karnataka and signle handedly shaped the news paper. Started suppliments with new concepts. Children’s suppliment (now it is stopped) was a unique concept as far as Kannada Journalism is concerned. He started most of the brach offices (editorial), started most of the editions. The amount of physical strian itself is a great thing. I know he worked for VK 24×7 in his one year tenure. Please go through the hestory. After Ditota, Mahadevappa took over and by that time price war started in kannada journlism. Under Mahadevappa VK was not as vibrant as earlier still VK circulation soared! Vishy Bhat’s entry to the VK was very ideal by accident. He enjoyed the fruits for Ditota’s hard work. Coming to the originality portion, if you can read kannada you can make out. Who is creative and who is not! For more information about originality of Bhat’s writing check this link

  21. Sunita Says:

    Hi TKSB,

    I am not undermining anybody’s contribution to VK including Daitota. But it hardly mattered, I repeat, it hardly mattered.

    But you are undermining Vishy’s contribution, that’s not fair. You say that VK’s success is accidental. No one will buy this arguement.

    Regarding the link, I know it. Belagere has already given fitting reply.

  22. dr ramesh Says:

    hope vk,vt ,uk will not go the TOI way. TOI IS BEST A ‘A’ RATED NEWS PAPER. look at those photographs of semi clad models appearing in front page articles. if a model has breakfast with his boy friend – its a major event , my god
    kannadigas in the board should ensure VK RETAINS ITS QUALITY AND PRO KANNADA VALUES.

  23. TKS Bhat Says:

    Dear Sunita, you cannot say it hardly mattered. Vijaya Karnataka built on a strong foundation. Daitota had established a very professional set up. Establishing a new newspaper is a big thing. Daitota took that painful part. Before Vishy Bhat’s arrival, if we go by statistics, VK circulation was around 2,00,000. At that time it was number two. Making a very new newspaper number two with in a span of one and half year is bigger thing than what Vishy Bhat did afterwards. I am not undermine Vishy Bhat’s contribution also. Bhat did the job of interior decoration. While doing that he excessively used saffron color and that damaged the secular credential of VK. Under Daitota there was not even a “punishment’ transfer. Instead he resigned himself. Under Bhat it was a routine. If you are close to kannada journalists you can cross check.
    I am not saying VK success is accidental. Price was the major factor, not exactly the content. Sankeshwara repeatedly said it. Just because VK price hike (One and half rupees to two and half) VK lost more than two lacs copies. If content is the reason this would not have happened. Distribution and aggressive marketing also played very major role. Because Vish Bhat scored winning runs he cannot be adjudged man of the match, though winning runs are important. And regarding Belegere’s “fitting reply’ please check the blog once again.

  24. Santosh Says:

    Dear Anilkumar,
    If VB has plum offer he must accept this to disapprove TKS Bhats. If he can repeat “VK wonders’ in other newspaper, with different marketing and distribution set up that can prove his abilities. I do not think he can repeat that. He will be another Santosh Kumara Gulwadi.

  25. TKS Bhat Says:

    Dear Anil kumar,
    As far as writing is concerned any average kannada journo can match Vishweshwar Bhat. And Vish Bhat’s experiance is not more than a sub editor. It is a fact. That is why he celebrated his trip with president. Many journos travelled with PM and President but none of them celebrated like Vish Bhat. It was childish! Yes, i accept one thing. His managerial skill (or manipulating skill) is unmatched. I cannot show you another Kannada jurno.

  26. Sunita Says:

    Dear TKSB,

    You are free to have your own opinion. I do not have any say.

    But as a reader, I can tell that he is unmatched and thorough professional. That is evident in VK. His so-called manegerial skill doesnot appear in VK. So I do not subscribe your views.

    Top it all, VK should continue as a Kannadigas newspaper. And if VB is in the saddle he would prove it. I trust his capacity.

  27. TKS Bhat Says:

    What do you mean by kannadiga newspaper? Please explain it to me. And please give your valued opinion on VK’s communal partisanism!

  28. Anil Kumar Says:


    I can understand your sentiments. You are at liberty to have opinions, but they cant biased. While glorifying, eulogising, pshychofancying Daitota, you are trying to damage Bhat. It is totally unfair.

    If Daitota were to be so creative, why Samyukta Karnataka’s circulation has not even gone up by few hundreds. Why did Udayavani was an unimportant newspaper at Bangalore till Dr R Poornima took over from him.

    VK’s initial success was an accident. The price war, bringing out 5-6 editions, reaching people through transport network and by sheer dumping, the figures touched 2 lakhs. Untill then none cared for the contents. And thanks to Prajavani which slept over during this period.

    Its during Vish Bhat’s time, the real content war between PV and VK picked up. And you must realise that winning a war at the last minute is not a joke. And once again your comments of Communalism and Saffronism is sheer political. Only people of Siddaramiah, Devegowda, CM Ibrahim kind can afford to make such statements.

    Anyways I am not interested in this Bhatt fighting – TKS Bhat mud slinging against V Bhat, at the same time glorifying uneventful I Bhat (Daitota) and some one in between dragging R Bhat (of VT).

  29. Sowmya Says:

    Whats happening here?

    Why mud slinging at Vish Bhat at this juncture? If Bhat were to be fixed for any of those ‘crimes’, why TKSB kind of people (the fan club office bearers of Daitota) were sitting quite all these days?

    It appears that people with vengence, hidden agenda and sheer personal enemity are taking this Blog for a ride.

    I feel sorry for Vish Bhat, for having done so much for the Kannada readers, he has to hear all these rubbish things.

    But there is no looking back for Vish Bhat whether at VK or any other new venture, he would be successful.

  30. Umapathi Says:

    I think TKSB is frustrated.

    Talking about experience there is a great joke running around journo circles. For some people 25 years experience is 25 X 1 year experience (which means it is only 1 year’s experience carried over for 25 years), for some other’s it is 1 X 25 years of experience (which means 25 years worth of experience assimilated within an year). Show me one journo in Kannada who can match Vish Bhat, Mr TKSB.

    It is easy to say “any average kannada journo can match Vishweshwar Bhat”, let the bloggers can look at the list and assess.

    Vish Bhat’s experiance is not more than a sub editor – Mr TKSB, I dunno whether u r a journo or not but I am a practicing journo. And I know how much better Vish Bhat is than a sub editor.

    Yes, it is a fact he did write a travelogue on his journey with Kalam. I am sure you haven’t read it. If you had read it (or any other Vish Bhat’s articles), you wouldn’t have made nasty comments. Tell me how many Kannada journos have travelled with PMs and Presidents. Hardly few. And who ever travelled, they just travelled. The only few lines they scribbled was ‘his excellency today signed a bilateral agreeement. The royal banquet was with dignitaries…. ‘ kind of trash. And of course our PMs and Presidents too were hardly doing anything in those foregin jaunts. But it was Kalam, my dear TKSB, who made the difference. But for Vishy Bhat none of those glorified journos of your liking, could have captured the essence of President’s visit. I suggest you read the book once again, and pass on your comments.

  31. Arvind Says:


    Why did you get this ‘Daitota-fixation’? I think you are the Chairman of Daitota fan’s club (and I am sure you are the lone member of that club).

    Daitota may be a good man, but to produce a newspaper in this competitive world, goodness alone is not sufficient. And Daitota proved himself repeatedly at Udayvani, VK and SK. I have never read any aritlces written by Daitota (does he write at all?) which can impress readers.

    With regard to Vish Bhat, you can not say “Vish Bhat’s experiance is not more than a sub editor”. If this were to be true, a shrewd businessman would have shown the doors for Vish Bhat (like he did for your own friend Daitota and Mahadevappa).

    Whether you like it or not, Vish would continue as the editor of VK for some more years. May be under the new management, he and his paper would shine better.

  32. XYZ Says:

    What has unfortunately not been said is the unprofessionalism of Sankeshwar’s. Till the day the sale was announced on the front page of VT and buried inside ToI and ET, none of the senior management even bothered to respond to apprehensions of employees…All they heard was external rumours…Sankeshwar’s did not have the courtsey to tell employees of what was happening…Even now they are in limbo… it remains to be seen if the new ToI team will retain all of the exisiting employees or bring in their own kind of (witness Bangalore Times) kind of journos….

    Sankeshwars enno duudu madekondru…Adre iro kelasagarrara gathi annepa antha aru yechnu madithila….

  33. Mr. Patel Says:

    I know both Vish Bhat & Daitota very well. Worked very closely with them. Both Bhat & Daitota are good in their own right. No need to compare or undermine their achievements. Daitota really did a lot in the beginning. He worked very hard, to which I am an eye witness.

    Vish Bhat is a good human being and open to all new things. He is not a clerk like many other Kannada editors. Rest are editors just because their designation is editor.

  34. Arvind Says:

    Thank you Mr. Patel.

    You said it right. Even I feel this blog-forum is not an assessment board for (Ishwar) Bhat and (Vishva+Ishwar=Vishveshwar) Bhat. Both have sincerely worked for the development of Vijay Karnataka, and we should acknowledge them here.

    Mr.xyz has raised an important issue here, i.e., Sankeshwar’s unprofessionalism. Sankeshwar never considered newspaper business differently. For him transport business (unlike newspaper business) was much important, and lorry drivers (unlike journos) were more loyal and front desk managers (unlike editors) were sincere. Above all transport business was bringing more money. Someone must have brainwashed him to start a newspaper, which he jumped unknowingly. Its people like Ishwar Bhat (Daitota), Mahadevappa, Vish Bhat worked hard to make VK a leading kannada daily. Gullible readers and sincere editors considered the newspaper as their pride possession. For Sankeshwars it was another lorry which must be dispensed within a specific period to get a better second hand price. He did it wisely. Its the poor readers like u and me and editorial staff who were taken for a royal ride. We all have to pay for our innoscense. V R (al)L fools!!

  35. Sunita Says:

    Dear Friends,

    I read somewhere, Khadri shamanna (he was then working for Samyukta Karnataka)was the only Kannada editor invited by the then President Fakruddheen Ali Ahmed for Iran tour. Matthihalli Nagaraj Rao was his collegue had written that Khadri Shamanna had filed only one copy from Iran. Later he told is collegue in the office to take agency copy,translate it and put his name.

    But Vishy filed more than hundred stories and later he brought it in a book form. Vishy gave a vivid picture of President’s tour in full detail. It is a different experiance for Kannadigas reading about our President abroad on a official visit.

    When I met Garudanagiri Nagaraj, veteran Kannada journalist, in one function he told me that Vishy’s foreign dispatches are great treat of journalism and he praised all showers to him.

    At a function in Surana College Garudanagiri Nagaraj, while addressing the gathering said Vishweshwar Bhat and Daitota are the two eyes of Kannada Journalism. Both Vishy and Daitota were present in the function.

    But the difference is age. Vishy is much much younger.

    Such being the fact, it is not fair to criticise Vishy. Despite all odds he has been striving hard to give fine paper.

  36. TKS Bhat Says:

    Dear friends,
    I am not into mud slinging business. Personally I respect Vish Bhat, but not as an editor. As an editor Vish bhat committed some heinous crimes. Comparing Ravi Belegere with Einstein is one such crime. Reprinting Ravi Belegere’s rhetoric’s on Jayanth Kaikini in Vijaya Karnataka is another. I can give you a list of such things. Personal level liking and disliking took the driver seat as far as selections of the stories are concerned. A good editor should not have done that.

    As far as only “writing editor’ award is concerned I would like add one thing. Bhat got it written few books (or some portion of it. Example: Debashish Mohanthi’s translation) from some body else (by VK sub editors) and claimed as his own. This is also a heinous crime! Please ask few sub editors in VK. That is all I wanted to say. Personally I do not have any ill feelings towards Bhat. As an editor, that too of a number one newspaper, Bhat should not have done this. That is all I wanted to say. Thank you.

  37. December Stud Says:

    Mr TKS Bhat, comment however much you like…..You are entitled to your opinions.

    At the end of the day, you cannot just blast Vish Bhat left and right and expect us to all believe whatever you say. Your “stories” about Vish Bhat make up for a good movie, you should own the screenplay.

    For one, Vish Bhat’s “nUreMTu mAtu” is a good enough proof to say what a good writer he is.

    Sir, unwanted mud slinging is not good for anyone. There is nothing wrong in accepting that Vish Bhat is good.

    And, before you go off tangentially, I know both Daitota and Vish Bhat personally….so don’t come up with new theories as to why I like Vish Bhat more !!!

  38. Sunita Says:

    Hi TKSB,

    You have some hate feelings against Vishy. Why?

    I read Vishy’s column on Einstein. He has not compared him with Belagere. Read the article carefully.

    Belagere is writing a column in VK. Sometimes it’s duplication of his column in Hai Bangalore. If he writes against Kaikini in his column, how can you blame Vishy. No editor edits the column.

    Regarding Debashis Chatterjee’s (Not Mohanty, TKSB) book, your allegation is sheer rubbish. On the day of releasing the book – Naayakanaaguvude hege- Vishy exhiited his manuscript.

    TKSB, please be objective.

  39. Sunita Says:

    Good news is that Vishy is continuing in VK. Both incumbant and outgoing managements have agreed to continue him as the editor of VK with more responsibility. Thanks to Hai bangalore story.

    This is enough for Vishy’s strength as the editor.

    Let us wish him all the best.

  40. Arvind Says:

    I was just wondering where did Sunita disappear.

    Nice to see a deluge of postings from you!

    In a nutshell, the discussion is now getting focussed. At the heart of heart all of us feel, Sankeshwar should not have ditched. Whatever happened is happened, if Vishy continues as per predictions of Hi Bangalore, its good. But for him, any other editor would succumb to pressures and turn VK into another TOI. May be with huge resources, Vishy can make VK more interesting. Thats what we all `Wish’ from `Vish’.

    All those rumours of Vishy getting his columns written through others are rubbish. As a creative writer, Vishy does need any ‘ghosts’ to write on his behalf. Infact I envy his capability to write so much (next only to Ravi Belagere).

    One more point Sunita, you can take back your words on Khadri Shamanna. May be there must have been a personal rivalry between Mattihalli Nagarajarao (I do not know who he is) at Samyukta Karnataka. Khadri Shamanna was one of those legends, who could write at any point of time, anywhere, on any subject. But for his liking and leaning towards Ramakrishna Hegde and Janata Dal, he was the best editor Karnataka has ever seen. Infact, he would have been the editor (almost chosen) of Prajavani before TSR. Due to his leftist leanings with CGK Reddy etal, he was moved out of PV at the first instance. Again Fakruddin Ali Ahmed himself must have done nothing during his foreign tour, and as such there could have been nothing to write about!

    One need not take Garudanagiri Nagaraj so seriously. He is known for off-the-cuff remarks which are mostly half-truths. His comments and compliments must be taken with a pinch of salt (and pepper too). Having worked with him for sometime, its my personal feeling (and people can have different opinions). As a human being, he is helpful to the core.

    I am not able to recollect the Einstein story fully, but there is some kind of comparison between Einstein and Belagere in Vishy’s article. I tend to agree with TKSB (for a change!) on this issue. With regard to Jayant Kaikini’s episode, it must have been a planned coup. Jayant is also known for loose tongue. As one of his close friends confide, he is like a ‘diaper less diarhea baby’! But still Vishy must have avoided publication of that story.

  41. Chandan Says:

    Mr TKS Bhat,
    I have gone through ur various aruments. Let me put it bluntly, all are half baked and malicious. I have worked under all three editors right from Daitota, Mahadevappa to Vish bhat.

    With all due respect to Mr. Daitota, I want to throw light on Late Su. Ramakanth, who was the real hero. He was the one who recruited all good journos, who later became the pillars of Vk. Mahadevappa was a good hearted person, nothing else.

    But it was Mr. Vish Bhat took Vk to the zenith and Mr. Sankeshwar was one who played spoil game with ill fated misadventure called Kannadanadu party!! Despite this misadventure, VK remained number 1, coz of its content and Vish Bhat is solely responsible for it.

    As far as secular credentials are concerned, kannadiga's are already given the judgement by making VK NO-1.

  42. Anil Kumar Says:

    One small input to Arvind –

    Mattihalli Nagaraja Rao was Resident Editor of SK at Hubli. He has travelled across 16 countries (on invitation from embassies) way back in 1960s. He may be the only Kannada journalist travelled across countries. As a matter of fact, he has written a blurb for Vishy Bhat’s travelouge with the President of India. He is from a family of journalists for four generations, and most of them worked for ‘The Hindu’. A surprise to me that you being a journo, unaware of this colourful personality i.e., Mattihalli!

  43. shama Says:

    I happen to read the mails on VK- Ishwar Daitota and Vishveshwara Bhat. Opps…. I was working in VK when the paper was launched. Sankeshwar as we know all had no knowledge of newspaper but he knew the power of media. When Daitota was planning to move to electornic media, he got an offer from Sankeshwar. It was a fabulous offer and also challenging. He worked so hard not only to sell the paper but to educate Sankeshwar on various issues.
    Daitota, as Sunita says did not work for one year, But for 1.8 months. He did not allow sankeshwar to reduce the price. He fought against getting into price war. When Ramananda Bhat began playing dirty games, when Susheelamma and Mahadevappa became greedy, Daitota asserted his rights and duties. He did not allowe journos to become slaves to a transport manager. That’s the mistake he did. He tendered resignation as protest against on slaught against journos’ rights.
    Bytheway, when he quit the circulation was nearly 2 lakh and THE PRICE WAS AS THAT OF PV. The day he quit, Sankeshwar panicked and reduced the price. Vish Bhat was a plant by Belagre. Belgare used to get newsprint from Sankeshwar. How many times Sankeshwar sacked V Bhat! Still shamelssly he clinged, thanks to Belagere. Why Belagere never writes against Sankeshwar? It is because of ABVP, VHP and BJP pressure. So VBhat remained. Ask Sankeshwar, he will tell truth.
    It is Kanchitota who used to write for V Bhat. It is a shame that he took credit for all the things his predecessors did.
    Daitota is too professional a man. Today, SK has survived jsut because of Daitota. He recenlty launched Manlore edition. When was SK last launched its edition? Anybody remember? He is too gentleman to fight petty peopel. For your information, I have read six books of his on journalis. His recent book on Legislature was released by the CM and VC of Mysore.
    Daitota is the one who launched 6 editions in just 15 months. Afterwards, Vishy Bhat, how many editions could be launch. All he did was cling to Belagere and survive. OF COURSE, THE CREDIT OF MAKING HIS BOSS SELL PAPER GOES TO VISHY BHAT.

  44. Umapathi Says:

    I am really amazed. This must have been the largest ‘post’ with so many comments. But interestingly large number of journos are participating in ‘disguises’ and bringing out hitherto unknown facts about journalists. Otherwise forgotten doyens like Mattihalli would not have been remembered. I expect that this kind of `vishy’ washing would continue for some time. I wish Vishy reads all these and offer his comments too.

    As far as Kaikini is concerned, he is a head strong man who can not stick to a place. He has not only irritated Belagere, but most of journos, columnists and writers with his acidic tongue. For all such devilish activities, he has to pay, and I do not think there is anything wrong VK publishing Belagere’s commentary on Kaikini.

    For people who know Khadri Shamanna, it is unbelievable that he restricted to file only one story during his foreign jaunt. Infact it is Khadri who had a passion to write mile-long editorials starting from the first page and getting continued to the editorial page. If Mattihalli to be belived, then it clearly shows Shamanna had no job at Iran. Anyways Fakruddin Ali Ahmed hadly did any work in India, let alone doing some work (like Kalam) during foreign tours.

    Garudanagiri’s comparitive chart on Ishwar and Vishva+Ishwar Bhats, can not be taken seriously. The fact that butts of both Bhats were seated against Garudanagiri at that point of time proves beyond doubt, the statements are just pleasing remarks!

  45. Smita Says:


    I am sorry. Garudanagiri is a straight forward person. Infact Vish Bhat (as vibha) had reviewed Garudanagiri’s book on journalism for Kannada Prabha way back in 1996 and concluded that such books need not be written in future. Despite that, Garudanagiri continued to be his well wisher and acknowledged Vishy Bhat’s contribution for Kannada journalism. Infact he organised a function through the Karnataka Press Academy (during his presidentship) in honour of Vishy Bhat after his return from Cardiff.

    In a nut shell, one should not be unfair to Garudanagiri, while praising Vishy Bhat!

  46. nagvaraj Rao Says:

    Abusoluitely true. Vishy bhat and his works are uncomparable.you can only compare Bhat with some of his goast writers.

  47. Sowmya Says:

    One small rejoinder to Garudanagiri bashers!

    Vishveshwara Bhat (as vibha) reviewed Garudanagiri’s book on journalism in 1997 for Kannadaprabha and concluded that the author should not write such books in future! Despite the fact Garudanagiri honoured Vish Bhat on his return from cardiff, during his tenure as the Chairman of the Karnataka Press Academy. Further Garudanagiri has always given due credit to Vish Bhat on every available occasion.

  48. Kannada Kuvara Says:

    Once upon a time Vishveshwara Bhat used to write reviews under the pen name ‘vibha’ for Kannada Prabha’s Sunday Edition. Once he reviewed Garudanagiri’s kannada book on journalism (in 1997) which said that the author should not write such books in future! Despite this mud slinging fact Garudanagiri never carried things to his heart. He was gracious enough to host an official honour to Vish Bhat on his return from cardiff, during his tenure as the Chairman of the Karnataka Press Academy. Further Garudanagiri always complimented Vish Bhat at every available opportunity

  49. Arvind Says:

    This is in response to Shama and Nagvarajrao’s postings.

    If Kanchitota were to ghost write on behalf of Vish Bhat all these days, how Vish Bhat continues to write after Kanchitota’s departure from VK? Who else is ghost writing for him, how the punch and the style is still unaffected. So it is a baseless allegation.

    With due credit, Susheelamma too fought for the rights of not only journalists, even writers. Mahadevappa was a gentleman, and to quote Chandan, thats the only contribution.

    SK started Davanagere Edition, during VN Subba Rao’s time, its less than two years ago. Can any editor take credit for starting multiple editions. As long as the management feel like (with enough resources), editions can be launched at any time. SK had financial crunch all the time, and as the account books are out of red, due to better management (?) of real estates, its starting further editions. If Daitota still has the midas touch, SK should have been close to PV by this time. One can check wih ABC for the current circulation figures of SK.

    If Shama has a record of how many times Sankeshwar sacked, he can give more details. When I checked with VK editorial section, it appeared to them as a big joke! Another baseless and mudslinging allegation. Further how come Sankeshwar buckling to pressures of BJP, VHP and other sangh parivar people, when himself has revolted against with a new party and later getting into JD (S). This is heights of imagination.

    If someone says Vish Bhat was responsible for the sell out of the paper, I think it is just hallucinations of a morbid mind.

  50. Anil Kumar Says:

    I am responding to Shama.

    Since much of it is already written, I have only couple of questions to Shama on the ‘Daitota’ issue.

    Let us give the benefit of doubt to Daitota for a moment. Practicing journalism and writing books are different kettles of fish. Getting a book released by CM and VC would not make one’s paper sell in the market. As a matter of fact, Vaikuntaraju’s books are being released by VCs, but his paper hardly sold. The crux of the issue is who can take the credit for the astrounding success of VK. And the facts and figures are laid out. Daitota’s contributions are very clear, bringing the circulation figures from 0 to 2,00,000 whereas Vish Bhat’s acceleration is from 2,00,000 to 6,50,000 (it touched even 7,50,000). And all these figures were not with price war alone. But for the misadventures of Sankeshwar with Kannada Nadu and JD(S), VK would surely touched one million copies. The credit must go to none other than Vishveshwar Bhat, there can’t be any dispute on this issue.

    If Daitota were to be as competent and as dynamic as Vish Bhat, he would have turned Udayavani into a successful paper at Bangalore. It remained a poor 4th or 5th paper during Daitota’s days. There is no significant progress with Samyukta Karnataka after Daitota’s entry. This is the strength, weakness and limitations of Daitota, let us accept the fact. There is no point in glorifying on imaginary issues.

    Again and again people talk about ghost writing, which is really irritating. Why should a creative writer like Vish Bhat require a ghost writer, it is sheer nonsense to through such allegations.

    Why should not anyone acknowledge Belagere’s contributions to Kannada journalism, before totally ignoring him. If Vish Bhat has a friendship of Belagere, what’s wrong in it? His columns are widely read, and VK readers are greatly benefitted. At this juncture, Vish Bhat doesn’t need Belagere’s support to continue in VK, and if Vish Bhat desires, he has atleast four more opportunities including that of PV.

    Let us all discuss issues here objectively, without malice for one and all!

  51. Umapathi Says:

    Thanks Smitha and Kannada Kuvara for educating me on Garudanagiri.

    Shama, your statement “SK has survived jsut because of Daitota” is nothing but a joke. Neither in contents, nor in printing, nor in reach, nor in any measurable quantities, SK does not even compare to the least circulated Kannada Daily newspaper. With Daitota or no Daitota, SK’s fate is sealed. First thing, Daitota can not do any gimmicks, and no gimmicks can sell more copies of SK than it is today. Go and ask Daitota, he would confide with you the plans for his exit. You may once again blog “He tendered resignation as protest against on slaught against journos’ rights”.

    I agree with your say “He is too gentleman to fight petty peopel”. There is no doubt that he is a gentleman.

    On your sweeping statement “It is Kanchitota who used to write for V Bhat. It is a shame that he took credit for all the things his predecessors did”. If Kanchitota were to be a powerful writer like Bhat (or more than Bhat?), why and where did he disappear? If he is not with Bhat, who else is ghost writing for Bhat. By the way I have talked to Bhat, heard his speech, I am amazed with his powerful vocabulary. Does any one ‘ghost’ speak for Bhat? Shama can elucidate me.

    “OF COURSE, THE CREDIT OF MAKING HIS BOSS SELL PAPER GOES TO VISHY BHAT” – any justification for this allegation against Bhat? Or is it your imagination. Let us hear from you, how and why Vish Bhat managed to do this. Wht did he gain in this? Let us get educated, Shama.

  52. Sunita Says:

    I am really amazed by the kind of falsehood being hurled at Vishy.

    Why do you compare Vishy with Daitota? I cant understand. It is not fair to compare one with other just because Daitota was its founder editor. Daitota was a decent journo no doubt about it. But he did not make much impact on the paper.

    As a reader and keen student of newspaper I never felt that VK would one day becomes No.1 paper under Daitota’s editorship.He never stirred our emotions. He would have done it, had he continued with it is a matter of ifs and buts. He laid a foundation but he failed to give a character to the paper.

    That’s why let us stop making comparisons.

    I do not know much about Mahadevappa. Neither did he write nor appear in the public.

    But VK shot into limelight only during Vishy’s time. Let us admit it.

    He is a fine leader with charismatic personality coupled with excellent sense of journalism. If anybody says he takes shelter under ghost writer, I will laugh at them. One day the same person can hurl the same allegation against Belagere.

    Regarding Shama’s observation :Before Vishy’s entry into VK, Belagere and Sankeshwar at loggerheads. Only Vishy brought them together. Read old issues of Hai Bangalore. Such being the case how can you say that Vishy was planted by Belagere.

    Here I would like to draw your attention at Pratap Simha. He is a very good writer. He has a huge following. He writes exceptionally well. Vishy groomed him as a columnist. Pratap’s contribution to VK is no small.

  53. Umapathi Says:

    I agree with you Sunita on the last paragraph. Pratap is one of the prolific writer under VK, groomed by Vishy Bhat. The only other journo at VK (for that matter any other Kannada newspaper) who can take up the mantles, it is Pratap. I see a great future for him. With the right kind of training under Vishy Bhat, Pratap can do wonders.

    You said it right, that there is no comparison between Daitota and Vishy Bhat. Thats the limit of Daitota, and he can achieve only so much. Beyond that its too much to expect. He has performed well, and lets compliment him for that.

  54. Anil Kumar Says:


    Did you see the latest Hi Bangalore issue?

    Ravi suggesting that time is ripe for a new newspaper promoted by journalists. And further says anyone who is prepared to loose Rs.5 lakhs per day for some years or who is prepared to Rs.35 crores, can bring out a paper by the kannadigas, for the kannadigas and to the kannadigas.

    Is he trying to moot a new venture of his own? Any insider information?

    Knowing Ravi, it is highly unlikely that he might invest such huge kind of money, it is my guess. What do you say??

  55. Smita Says:

    Hi friends, Good Morning to all of you!

    Atlast someone has recognised Pratap Simha. As a matter of fact, keeping TKS Bhat’s allegations in mind, it is Pratap who is ghost writing for Vish Bhat and not Kanchitota. But such things are occasional and not always.

    Though Pratap is a powerful writer, he is highly biassed towards Sangh Parivar. At times it is difficult to enjoy his writings. As Sunita and Umapathi have rightly pointed out, he is definitely the future for VK.

  56. Santosh Says:

    Vishy writes well, eventhough he lacks vision and insight. His language is pure and good! Allegation is, for some writing he depends on ghost writer. I heard that all his translations are written by VK sub editors or by his friends. “Ajata Shatru (50 percent friends)’, Bharata Darshana (60 percent friends). Lalu book (30 percent VK sub editors). Nayakanaguvudu hege? (70 percent VK subeditors). I know this because I am close to his friends. The percentage part is approximate.

    Still I feel he is a competent editor. But as an editor he should do things like this. That will affect the morale of the staff.

  57. Sunita Says:

    Dear Smitha,

    Vishy needs ghosts every week to write about them and not ghost writers. Sachin Tendulkar might have taken the help of a runner and it does not mean that the runner has scored so many centuries for Sachin. This argument doesnot hold any water.

    Vishy has groomed many of his own staffers as a columnists like Lokesh Kayarga, Thyagaraj, AR Manikant, R. Bhadthi. Show me one Kannada newspaper, where you can find so many inhouse columnists. General feeling is that columnists are outsiders. But Vishy has proved it wrong.

    Pratap Simha is also a staffer. Many people think that he is an outside columnist. Once somebody said to me he is from Uttar Pradesh.I also carried the same impression till recently.

    Vishy is the one editor who is encouraging so many staff members. I like Lokesh Kayarga and Thyaragaj’s columns. I immensely liked Madhav Aithal’s column on Globalisation.Also mention Ganesh Kasargod’s Chadurida Chitragalu and one Vinayak Nadigere’s serial on Lata Mangeshkar. It was highly informative.

    These writers take on anybody or any issue and tackle very well. I think they have been given absolute freedom.

    For example, take todays Thayagarj’s column. He criticised Kanakapura MP,Tejaswini. Can you expect such writings in any one our Kannada newspaper. Two weeks ago he criticised Deve Gowda and Yadiyoorappa bitterly.

    Manikant has been given one full page – simply city page which is a smash hit.

    Bhadthi is writing on only issue – Water. It is a unique column. I think Bhadthi is a desk man.

    Who will give such a wide canvass like VK, No.1 newspaper.

    Editors are known for curbing their own collegues but Vishy is exceptional. This is a very important point.

    As a reader, I have noticed all these things. Somebody should throw more light on it.

    No editor would encourage his own collegues like this. This is no small thing!!

  58. Sunita Says:

    To Santosh,

    If he lacks vision and insight, he would not have made VK No.1. Come on.

  59. Smita Says:

    One small correction on Vinayak Nadigere’s serial on Lata Mangeshkar

    It is Vasant Nadiger and not Vinayak Nadigere.

    I never disputed on the fact that Vishy encourages writers. Not only insiders, he was able to pull outside columnists too. For example Shatavadhani Ganesh, CR Simha, Haldodderi Sudhindra would not have written columns, but for the requests of Vishy Bhat. Even Dundiraj or Hiremagalur Kannan wrote because of Vishy Bhat. (There is a big quee of well known writers before Vishy Bhat to seek columns, as insiders say). Vishy Bhat always searches for new faces, new writings, new subjects, he is an explorer and an experimentalists.

    The ghost writing was a passing remark. Many a times you can find lots of similarities between Belagere, Bhat and Pratap’s writings. This may be a question of who influenced whom kind.

    As far as Manikant is concerned he was trained at Hi Bangalore and he got a wide canvas after joining VK. He is a wonderful writer. Bhadti, Kayarga, Thyagaraj, Prakash, Pradeep Kumar and earlier Sudhindra Kanchitota, Vinayaka Bhat Taddalase are all good writers, who were encouraged by none other than Bhat. Ofcourse Pratap stands out amongst them, there is no doubt.

    If you consider criticism as the criteria, Kannada Prabha scores better than VK, far far ahead. content wise, it is the close competitior (sometimes outsmart VK) to VK.

    Ganesh Kasaragodu’s Chedurida Chitragalu was a bore, a tear jerker in filmy language. He exaggerates things and overrates himslef and many a times its a bundle of lies.

    Thats all for now.


  60. Mohan Says:

    I am with TKS Bhat on the subject of Vishweshwar Bhat. I have been reading Vijaya Karnataka for a couple of years now, but frankly, it is only after reading some comments on Churumuri that I found out that V Bhat is regarded so highly. Till then, my opinion of him was that of a joker who thinks very highly of himself. His front page coverage of his trip along with President Abdul Kalam (another joker) was cringeworthy. It was as if our man was all excited to be on a foriegn trip and couldn’t wait to proclaim it to the world. Childish is indeed the only way to describe it.

  61. Smita Says:

    Mr Mohan,

    If you can call Abdul Kalam a joker, I think it is high time get yourself checked up with a psychiatrist. For the first time since Independence the country has a President who can understand Science. For the first time in the history of India, we have found a President who is so simple yet intelligent. After Rajendra Prasad and Dr S Radhakrishnan only Kalam has brought laurels to this country on a Presidential Chair. If you can call Abdul Kalam a joker, I think the whole country is full of jokers.

    Again on the issue of calling Vish Bhat a joker, u must have been highly biassed. May be you are trying to settle some scores with Vish Bhat, like your friend TKS Bhat. You are at liberty to do so, but this is not the forum to do such things. And I am sure it is a futile exercise, since no sane person would buy your stories.

    I once again strongly protest the usage of the word ‘joker’ on the President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Watch your words before posting please.

  62. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    I went through all the interesting comments. Many of them are really informative, if one is believe things mentioned above then “it’s happening time for Kannada & Kannada journalism”.

    bits and pieces here..

    – VB and Belegere(RB) are gaLasya kanThasya. at least now it looks like cheddi dosti. So there is mutual wah wah always. VB praises RB and he neatly reciprocates the same! This you might have experienced already.

    – Personal experience : Some details of the Jayant episode mentioned above. Original article by Jayant appeared in the inaugural issue of the “Garva” kannada weekly started by Sudhindra Kanchitota, Chakravarti Soolibele and their friends. Not sure whether article irked RB so much or was it “Garva” launch but RB came out with very caustic piece on Jayant in the next issue of Hi. Note here, original article did not name any one but was on “glorifying crime” in journalism (print and electronic) in general and kannada tabloids in particular. I like RBs writing minus crime. That article was too much to digest, it was really a pathetic reply in very undiginfied way. Not sure if RB realised it later? Heights was in that complete article he harped on Jayant without mentioning source of the article? or the context? RB, journalism ethics please !

    Later I wrote LTTE to VK condemning article by RB but NOT RB, even then letter did not find space. As usual anything written against VBs dear friend RB never finds space in VK. Reciprocation policy!

    – On the side note : I heard that Garva started by Sudhindra Kanchitota and friends is doing very well. It seems they faced some hiccups in the beginning in finding good agents ‘thanks to RB, through the spanner policy’. (there was rumour that RB warned agents “either Hi or Garva, you choose”. It is not good on your part Ravi.). I have read few recent issues, it seems to be good. If they market it very well it can be good Kannada weekly.

    More on Pratap, VB & RB later…

  63. Mohan Says:

    Smita, I guess you haven’t seen some of the press interactions of our beloved President. There was this one early on in his tenure when he made the reporters repeat after him, like a bunch of school kids, “Whatever happens happens for the good”. He would speak out the first part, “Whatever happens” and then would say, “yes, come on, tell me, tell me” and the journos had to say, “happens for the good”. I don’t know if that qualifies someone as a joker for you, but I definitely had a hearty laugh watching that and I haven’t seen anything from him since then (apart from some fanciful ideas and phrases like “2020” etc) to make me change my opinion of him.

    As for V Bhat, I see no reason why I should be biased. Couple of years ago, I didn’t even know who he was and whatever little I know about him now is through his writings. So, no, I have no personal scores to settle. I just call it like I see it.

  64. Sunita Says:

    Dear Mohan,

    This is highly unbecoming of you. I join Smitha in condemning your statement. What’s this non sense? If he thinks that Dr.Kalam and Vishy are jokers, I painfully force to ask you who are you..buffoon ? This is atrocious!

    Let us all condemn Mohan’s statement.

  65. Mohan Says:

    I don’t know how many of you are aware that honourable President “Dr” APJ Abdul Kalam is also an advisor to a Ph.D. student by name Father George in Anna University. An article few years back had listed the topics the student and professor discussed for a PhD in Systems Engineering:

    1. Information Security in the Internet Concerning the Defence Field
    2. Making the Most Modern Electronic Techniques Available Today to Villagers
    3. How to Prevent Ageing
    4. How to Transfer Data from Brain to Brain
    5. Curing Mentally Retarded Children

    That is five jokes right there, absolute gem each one of them :-) I believe they chose No. 5. I wish they had gone for 4, but our great president rejected it saying, “what use is it for India?” (Mind you, not because it is not feasible, not because it is not related to the area of research the poor student was supposed to be researching, not because they had no clue about the subject, but because it was of no use for India – ah such concern for the country :-)

  66. Santosh Says:

    I support Mohan. Dr APJ’s history in the DRDO is good enough proof!

  67. Raju Ramana Says:

    Let us take a break!

    VK staffers singing a new song after Chinnen Dastook over as CEO.

    yenna Dasana maadiko tande!

    They are reading – Das Capital.

    They follow DOSS system

  68. Raju Ramana Says:

    Santosha, Mohana neev yen tinteeri?

  69. Smita Says:


    I appreciate your selective amnesia or dymnesia or whatever it is. I suggest (and sincerely request) you to read Vision-2020 document prepared by Dr YS Rajan and Dr Abdul Kalam. If you can find time you can read ‘Wings of Fire’ and ‘Ignited Minds’ written by Kalam. After reading all those stuff, and still you consider Kalam as a joker (I am sure you would not), please do let me know. Kalam is an unusual person, a simple, humble, down to earth and hardworking. He has a great passion for the country’s progress and a clear vision for the future. We are all fortunate to have a person of his calibre as the President of India (though President’s Office can hardly implement anything, he is the one President who is forcing certain progressive issues and getting them carried out meticulously). Apart from that he has been fond of working with children, as a matter of fact he is great source of inspiration. What matters to me most is the genuine concern of Kalam on the Country’s Scientific and Technological Progress. I do not whether you have visited the website of Rashtrapathi Bhavan, or read Vish Bhat’s reports filed during sojourn. If you have read those contents, your impression about Kalam would have definitely chaged, for the better. Neither Kalam nor most of us (you can brand us as Kalam’s fans) would loose anything by calling Kalam a ‘joker’. I recollect a GP Rajaratnam’s poem from ‘Ratnana Padagalu’. If you can understand the essence of it, I would be too happy

    artha maaDkonD angal inge
    annOr maatu gange
    arthvaagdidroo baayi buDaadu
    chandran makak ugudange

    I am sorry if I have been harsh, but hearing a sensible person (I guess so) calling Kalam a joker really irritates me. Let us be objective, and I really wish to know the source of the Anna University episode you have quoted. Let there be full details please.

  70. Raju Ramana Says:

    Now I have to talk in the language of Dheerendra Gopal.

    You gays do not know how to carry forward the discussion. Now you are discussing about Dr.Kalam just because V.Bhat has written about him.

    Nim taleli yenide? adakke heliddu neev yen tinteeraa anta?

    If V.Bhat writes against Marimuttu, you guys support Marimuttu. Stupid fellows.

    Ye Mohanaa, Santosaa!nimage maana, marvaade aitenro?

    These guys talk non sense against Dr.Kalam. Before criticising Dr.Kalam and V.Bhatplease check your ass for cleanliness

  71. Raju Ramana Says:

    Enough is enough.

    Let us be proud that we have an editor like V.Bhat. He is doing a wonderful job in VK. Whole Karnataka knows about it. VK is a neat paper.

    If V.Bhat does wrong, we shall criticise him.

    I do not find any fault with him now. V.Bhat is one of the great editors of our time. He is not a non Kannadiga. He is kannadiga. Let us support him.

    Ye Santosaa, Mohanaa yelliddeero, banro.

  72. churumuri » Blog Archive » ‘The Times’ begins tomorrow for VK, UK, VT Says:

    […] Three new vice-presidents are expected to be announced by Das in the coming few days to head the marketing, circulation and administration side of TOI's latest acquisition albeit with different nomenclatures as is the Times norm. […]

  73. Mohan Says:


    Thanks for the lengthy and decent response (unlike some others :-). A detailed post from my side will probably have to wait for some other time, but let me just provide the link to Anna University thing. http://ia.rediff.com/news/2002/jul/08spec.htm . I think that in itself justifies the “joker” tag – if suggesting “Curing Mentally Retarded Children” as a research topic for a degree in Systems Engineering is not a joke, what else is it?

  74. Umapathi Says:

    Good discussions

    Let us see from tomorrow, what Chinnen Das is upto.

  75. Kannada Kuvara Says:

    Mr. Santosh,

    I strongly object to your statement “Dr APJ’s history in the DRDO is good enough proof”! Telle me what proof you have got? I am sure you may not even know what the acronym DRDO means!! Before making such sweeping statements let some ‘sense’ prevail. I am sure you are not drunk nor drugged while posting such comments. Do you know who is protecting this country? Neither (you?) software engineers, nor (we) journalists. Its people of defence forces with the help of premier organisations like DRDO built by people like Kalam. Have you heard of Agni, Prithvi, Akash or Nag? Do you know what Tejas, Dhruva mean? Are you aware that excellent communication technologies developed as a spin off of defence R&D Organisations, are helping you to communicate (even trash) through internet, mobile telephony and landlines. The TVs you watch are not brought to you by journos or software techies. To talk about Kalam, atleast you must who Kalam is. The people like you who can not understand engineering, technology or for that matter any subjects of worth, only make statements without any proofs!

    Let us debate, and come on and throw your points!!

  76. Smitha Says:

    Mohan and Santosh,

    What nonsesne you people are repeating on Kalam? If you people are so fond of mud slinging, better go and dance at the slushy mud pond!

  77. Anil Kumar Says:

    What is happening here?

    From Vishy Bhat to Kalam, people have formed ‘hate clubs’!

    Its a shame!!

  78. Arvind Says:

    Atlast the news is out!

    Both Vishy Bhat and Venkat Narayan are in place, no change for the present, good to hear. Let us not too much bothered about VT, as TOI might keep it or dump it or submerge once for all.

    VK’s position is undisturbed. Vishy will have a free hand with lots of resources, and VK is bound to gain a lot. Even if it doesn’t, the figures are comfortable, much ahead of PV. With new strategies on advertisements, VK shall churn out lots of revenue. Both Chinnen and Vishy can take credit.

    It is interesting and debatable to know what would happen to Usha Kirana. Off late UK has improved a lot in its contents. Suppliments are doing well, sometimes better than VK’s. The old guards of UK are a dedicated lot, and have a limitation on imaginations too. So the fate of UK is sealed, nothing beyond 40-50,000 copies.

    What strategies can improve UK is a challenging question. I look forward, the journo bloggers here can help me out. Whether Chinnen looks at this particular blog or not, we might suggest some strategies here.

    The first strategy, a purely personal one, bloggers may dump it or debate it. Why not make UK, a Kannadised TOI? With glamour, crispness, gossip, juicy news, upmarket friendly and trendy newspaper can attract youngsters. UK can give an altogether different cup of tea for its readers. With the resources available at TOI, it is not difficult to occupy a special slot. The only problem here is, who can bear the brunt? An young, energetic, filled with ideas, dynamic, well read editor can do wonders here. Its going to be more challenging. Can fellow journos/bloggers suggest some names? Is Sunita reading this blog? Or Smita can throw some light?

    The second strategy is anti-thesis of TOI or a mirror replica of The Hindu. What I mean here is make UK a scholarly newspaper. Well researched, unbiased, newspaper is a requirement at present. Literature must get importance, research and analysis should backup every story. The market is wide here. Academicians, Scholars, Retired Executives, … would definitely like this kind of a newspaper. Again my request here is bloggers can open heartedly discuss this issue. Would some of you suggest editor for such a venture?

    Let us leave Kalam aside for sometime. There are better issues to discuss here than him!

  79. Smitha Says:

    I have some suggestions on Arvind’s querries.

    The best choice for UK in a Kannadised TOI is Pratap Simha. He has all the stuff to run a newspaper for young and yuppy. If he comes out of the Sangh Parivar Shell, it is better for the readers and the newspaper. Is Pratap listening?

    UK in Hindu form – well read people and serious people like Jogi (H Gireesh Rao of Kannada Prabha) can take up the challenge. He got the patience, interest (in every subject on the earth) and stuff. From literature to cinema to science to politics (though less) to current affairs ………. he can write interestingly.

  80. Umapathi Says:

    Arvind is trying to take over Chinnen Dass’s role!!

    Usha Kirana needs a revamp with fresh looks and ideas. Though Pratap is a potential guy, he lacks wider vision by sticking only to desk. Compared to him Jogi is a versatile person, excepting for political analysis. From the older lot Nagesh Hegde too lacks experience in political affairs, though he is too good to be a features editor. I still bet on Ranga at this juncture. If the offer is very lucrative (Rs.70,000++ per month), Ranga might take a chance.

    ‘Hindu’ising Usha Kirana may not be a right business proposition. At the same time, replica of TOI too is dangerous for the readers.

  81. Sowmya Says:

    Looks to me that every blogger has something to say about Usha Kirana. Why are we all keeping mum on Vijay Karnataka? Are we thinking Vishy Bhat and TOI would strike similar chords (or play same cards?). May be, yes.

    Why not we suggest here, what we look from the ‘new’ VK? I am sure Vishy Bhat has an open mind (and an open heart too)!

    1. We are not interested in too many pages, but the pages must be neat with better quality (both in contents and paper). I am keeping Bangalore Vijaya in mind comparing it to Metro (of PV) and to an extent Namma Bengalooru (of UV).

    2. Honestly VK must change its editorial writer. It is lousy, drab and less incisive. Why not Vishy Bhat takes some pain to write editorials, there is no rule that editors should not write editorials. Remember Khadri Shamanna. Or take the example of Sudha, editorials of each issue is written by different su-editors/reporters depending on the subject.

    3. ‘Reader Writes’ like ‘indu nanna paaLi’ suddenly disappeared from the scene. It used to be very interesting. The philosophical musings of ‘battada tene’ should find its place again.

    4. ‘Cine Vijaya’ is horrible (sorry for my caustic remark). If someone picks up Kannada Prabha and compares, then more acidic remarks would flow. Why VK can not find good graphic artists, layout designers and good paper? Even the contents are not juicy.

    5. I do not remember which newspaper it is. There must be an english paper which has a space for its readers to point out the mistakes that have crept in the paper. A discussion and rejoinder forum would definitely enhance the credibility of the newspaper.

    6. VK must get into the hands of some designers, so that the worthy contents getting better visibility with an attractive layout.

    Any feedback, Sunita?


  82. Anil Kumar Says:

    Oh great! This particular news must be creating history with maximum number of bloggers. I am really glad that serious bloggers are participating in discussions.

    If not TOI staffers, atleast VK and UK staffers must read these blogs and take note of the suggestions made by journos here. There is still enough space to expand and improve for both VK and UK.

    At this juncture, given a free hand, Vishy Bhat must revamp his paper and weed out all those ‘waste bodies’ doing nothing for the paper.

    UK – Change of guard is essential. Fresh blood with fresh thinking can place this paper in a new slot.

  83. Santosh Says:

    I support Smitha. Jogi can be a good choice for any newspaper. He writes very well. His knowledge and insight are far greater than Vishy Bhat. Unlike Vishy Jogi’s writings is very original. Sensible. Unbiased. His prose is very good. He can work hard. He is never childish. Jogi coupeled with Udaya Marakini can change the character of the paper. So here is the answer for who is better than Vishy. It is Jogi.

  84. Sunita Says:


    Sorry for being late.

    You are all missing one vital point. Jogi, Pratap and Marakkini are all good writers. Full stop. Manikant is also a good writer. For that matter, Yenkanna, Seenaa may also write very well.

    It does not mean that they become good editors. Editors need not write even. If he writes, its well and good.

    Editor is a totally a different ball game. It’s not so easy.

    So let us treat Jogi,Pratap and Marakkini as writers and not as editors.

    I bet Nagesh Hegde cannot be a editor. He is a good feature editor. That’s all. Full stop.

  85. Sunita Says:

    What I wanted to tell you is that good writers not necessarily be good editors. So keep our good writers what they are and let us not disturb them.

  86. Chandan Says:

    Hello Santhosh and Smitha,
    For god’s sake please dont compare Mr Vish Bhat with people like Jogi, Marakini, Ranga…. U are all doing a great injustice by comparing these par below persons with Vish Bhat. If Ranga, Jogi are really capable of running a news paper like VK, how come Kannada Prabha is lagging behind lesser papers like Udayavani, Samyukta Karnataka leave alone catching up with VK and PV?

    And As far as changing the character of the news paper is concerned, let Jogi, Ranga and Marakini to first change the very news papers they work. I would really appreciate if these guys make their news papers into winning horses first. We all know the quality of Udayavani and “eccentric” Kannada Prabha thats circulation is below one lakh. All these guys look great only on blogs like this…

    One more thing, Mahesh Devashetty is a better writer than these so called Marakini and Jogi. He has the guts to criticise the bigwigs of Sandalwood where as Jogi and Marakini never utter a single word at even the movies of Thriller Manju!! Before having high opinions abt Jogi and Marakini, please read some of the reviews of Prakash K. Jha, Rajiv Masand and Raja Sen, u will come to know, how reviews should be written. Not like Jogi and Marakini, who always does the pep talk abt sub-standard Kannda movies!!

    Thank u

  87. Raju Ramana Says:

    Hi Chandan

    Maatu andre idu kano.. you are right. Jogi, marakkini gundu haakoke laayakku. They are drums.. See Jogi, he is an agent of Parvatamma. innu review bagge maatu beda kanammaa.

  88. Raju Ramana Says:

    To Chandan,

    I like Mahesh Devashetty’s reviews. They are very good and punching. I think he is very young and promising.

  89. Sunita Says:

    Chandan and Raju,

    Who has given so much freedom to Devashetty?

    Vishy !!

  90. Chandan Says:

    I am not disputing! Yes, Vish is the strength of every VK writer.

  91. Santosh Says:

    Alas! You guys comparing Jogi and Marakini with Mahesh! Better you read Jogi and Marakini’s writing once again. Their reviw’s are very good. Both of them are powerful writers. In their writing Pun at it’s prestine best. Mahesh is nowhere in the picture. He is mile’s behind. Language, originality, understanding, insight and in all departments.

    And jogi is not acting like an agent to Parvatamma. It is baseless. Parvatamma’s columns are one of my favorites! He writes so well. Even Janaki column to Hi is very well written. Unlike Vish Bhat his writing is very degnified. His collection of stories is aslo good.

    I comment on Sunita’s observation also. Yes, I agree. Editors job is a different ball game. It something like captaining a side. Dravid is good cricketer. He is also a good captain. Like that Jogi is a good writer. He can be a good editor too. It is rediculous to say do not make Jogi editor to save his writing.

    As far as consumption of alcohol is concerned. It is very personal. If at all that counts, Vishy Bhat and Belegere are no better.


  92. Santosh Says:

    Improving a circulation of the news paper has got different dimensions. Editor or a writer just cannot imprvoe circulation of a newspaper. It is possible for a weekly not for a daily newspaper. Please understand the matrix of the daily newspaper set up. You cannot trash Ranga just because he has not improved numbers. To improve numbers content, reach, marketing, will all matters.

  93. Smitha Says:

    Dear Mr Chandan,

    You can have your heighest opinion on Vishy Bhat, no dispute on that. Even I too like Vishy Bhat as a good writer, a good editor above all a good human being. At the same time highly discounting Jogi is not in good taste.

    I only said “Usha Kirana in Hindu form – well read people and serious people like Jogi (H Gireesh Rao of Kannada Prabha) can take up the challenge. He got the patience, interest (in every subject on the earth) and stuff. From literature to cinema to science to politics (though less) to current affairs ………. he can write interestingly. Is there anything wrong in it? Show me another person who has the similar calibre. You talk about Mahesh Devashetty, who is just a film critic and a film journo. I haven’t seen any other stuff written by Shetty. The bottomline here is who can be a better editor? The one who can understand more subjects and write lucidly on every subject. I never, repeat never compared Vishy Bhat with Jogi. I was suggesting Jogi to be a better editor for Usha Kirana, in a new format.

    My area of interaction is limited to Kannada Newspapers and I restict and reserve my comments to Kannada Journalism. Let us debate objectively. Let us not mix our passions and allegiance with an individual, while downgrading others.

    I suggest Chandan to cool down first before reacting wildly with malice towards one and all (excepting Bhat)!

  94. Smitha Says:

    You said it right Santosh,

    Chandan’s comments are unpalpable. How can he compare Devashetty with Jogi and Marakini. And Ranga is a good editor, very sharp, witty, incisive. If someone reads his interviews of politicians, then they would come to know about his capabilities. Chandan must read other newspapers too (other than VK and Bhat’s columns) before commenting on others. I see no reason, other than personal vengence of Chandan against Jogi and Marakini. As a matter of fact, both of them had invitations from VK to join and both declined the offers. It is not just the money, it is just not sheer numbers, it is a just a decent place to work with that one aspires, especially a journo. Kannada Prabha is such a place, and both Jogi and Marakini as well as Ranga are sweating out to provide the finest content. Even today content wise, VK’s suppliments are very poor compared to KP, UV and PV. I do not know for which newspaper this Chandan works, he must weigh his words before talking through his hat.

  95. Chandan Says:

    Hi Smita and Santosh,
    Excellent back scratching!! Carry on baby!!

  96. Smitha Says:

    Let us wait and watch for a week or so, then decisions can be arrived at.

    It is heartening to note that many sensible bloggers are expressing their genuine concern on TOI gobbling VK – the samasta kannadigara hemme!

    Chandan you too immature!! I dont require anyone to scratch or pat my back!

  97. Arvind Says:


    If Chandan reacts immaturishly, you dont need to follow him. There are more sensibele fellows (like me) to follow!! Dont’ bother I was just kidding, not acting childish (like my friend Chandan)!!

    I am really surprised on two issues:

    1. Why Chandan is so much against Jogi? May be Chandan is Jogi’s colleague or Jogi must not have cared Chandan while carrying out official duties like Book Reviews, Selection of Stories/Poems/Columns. It looks to me that Chandan is using this opportunity to settle his personal scores.

    2. Chandan’s fascination or fixation to Vishy Bhat is like ‘more loyal than a king’ kind. Is he seeking something from Vishy Bhat? Or is he a Chela of Vishy Bhat (if so Vishy Bhat must be careful about such people)? Or he is Mahesh Devashetti in disguise Or a frustrated and unsettled journo?

    Whatever it be, let us incisively argue the points of Chandan. Is Jogi a versatile Journo or not is the basic question.

    I do not know how much of Jogi’s work, Chandan has read, but still I suggest him to read the recent books of Jogi.
    1. Ravi Kaanaddu
    2. Janaki Column (in the pen name of Janaki)

    Each of the essays are a class of its own. I did read them piece by piece, during my trip abroad. One can have a thoroughly enjoyable experience reading them. Let it be Art, Culture, Movies, Social Issues, Current Affairs …. he has his own style and narration for every minute details. Its amazing that a busy journo like Jogi can find time to write such beautiful pieces.

    Chandan, better you read them once, and you would start enjoying them. Not only that, you would start liking Jogi.

  98. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    “The best choice for UK in a Kannadised TOI is Pratap Simha.” – smitha

    I think you do not read Pratap’s columns regularly otherwise you wouldn’t have thought like this..Pratap heading TOI clone in Kannada? that is next to impossible.

    By nature he is against such kind of crap journalism(Can we call TOI model as ethical journalism?). His articles reveal it many times…so better think of some other name..

  99. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:


    conitnuing your list..

    7. VK should stop borrowing sub standard stuffs from other papers and online postings. Come up with orginal articles..

    8. “Krishi Vijaya” with “hanigudisona” etc used to be very informative but now days lots of adds are finding place in that supplement too..in between some useless articles thrown in..

    9. Whenever they publish mail id of any columnist or writer or journalist publish some id where in you can communicate or that ‘fellow’ checks id atleast once in 15 days (amavasyegomme, huNNimegomme). What is use of publishing a mail id when reader can not get a response even after sending 10 mails? Is publishing some junk mail id latest fashion? Looking at VK it looks like that….

    10. VK sports coverage is worst ! Many times it’s not even readable. I had sent mails couple of times to VB to learn at least from the VT. But they never made an attempt. Except cricket..they do not cover majoe sports events. Have you seen wide coverage of Hockey championship? or Azlan shah tourney or some other national sports tournament in VK? Answer is NO. Look at VT they have couple of best sports journalists ..at least they can take their help. When it comes to sports coverage PV much much better..

    11. What about finance and market analysis? “sherugannadi” chota article is many times off the mark. If some one reads sheru and invests then he is doomed! Don’t we have some good market analysts in Kannada who can contribute an article per week? If they publish share prices that’s not end of the market or finance. Any guy with some interest in finance or share market would definitely ask more for the price he pays ….

    list will continue…

  100. Raju Ramana Says:

    Dear Tadavalaga..

    Why do you come up with crazy names? Enjoy Pratap as columnist. Thats all.

  101. Raju Ramana Says:


    You can make a list like this for every paper. That is not the issue.

    All said and done VK is No.1. That’s the certificate given by readers. Not VK itself. Let us agree the facts. Scope of improvement needs for every paper.

    Innoo eshtu hottu neevu towdu kuttutteeri?

  102. Dr.Prabhakar Says:

    namagantoo VK bittu bere paper hidilikkaagollaa as long as V.Bhat is in the saddle. I am not his blind follower. But he is a decent, dignified, matured and sensible editor. He is our pride. We have to support him at this juncture. We, doctors fraternity, like his paper and columns. He is immensely popular. We had invited him for Medical graduates felicitation. He delivered one of the finest speeches and even senior doctors showered encomiums. The way he is bringing out the paper is marvellous. We must support good people they are vanishing tribe. Hope you people support my views.

  103. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Rajappa dayavittu koopa mandooka agabedappa ! dayavittu..”vk no.1 ..vk no.1 ” anta baDa baDisodu biTTu swalpa ache bandu noDu. Jagattu vishalvagide.

    Why can’t VK be no.1 paper in India? or at least in South India? Compare it with Malayala Manorama or enaadu? What is missing?

    gottayta mari? :-)

  104. Arvind Says:

    Pratap never allows anyone to enjoy. He is a satirist with staunch Saffron fixation. Either Communists or Sangh Parivar followers never allow anyone to be peaceful, thats the fact.

    At the same time, this Pratap has an artistic writing capability, who can articulate any arguement in his favour. His words are powerful, his style is wonderful, his message is crystal clear. If he cultivates a wider choice of subjects with the correct perspective, he can outsmart Vishy Bhat sooner. His uncompromising arrogance is the one which is coming in the way. As Raja Ramanna allalla Raju Ramana says, we must just read (not enjoy) Pratap. And I add we can really enjoy reading Jogi!

  105. Raju Ramana Says:


    Malayala Manorama, Eenaadu bidu.. karnatakadalli kannada paper odtaa iralilla mari.. VK mane mane ge hoytu.

    Indu printaada PV 2 dina bittu Bidar ge hogtaa ittu gottaa mari.

    VK No.1 endu kareyalikke nimagyaake sankata? Moreover it is a fact.

  106. Raju Ramana Says:


    Malayala Manorama, Eenaadu bidu.. karnatakadalli kannada paper odtaa iralilla mari.. VK barodakke modalu, yella kannada patrikegala circulation 4 laksha ittu Tammanna. VK mane mane ge hoytu. aamele shuruvaaytu boom.

    Indu printaada PV 2 dina bittu Bidar ge hogtaa ittu gottaa mari.

    VK No.1 endu kareyalikke nimagyaake sankata? Moreover it is a fact.

  107. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:


    “hogaLi enna honna shoolakke erisidarayya” anta..aNNa basavaNNa helyana..yavaagare tappi odirenu? ;-)

    hingaagi sikkapatte VBnna indra chandra anta hogaludu biDu..try to take feedback in sportive manner.

    ‘drashtiyante srusti’. kuruDu anuyaayigaLigelli drusti irtada?

  108. Anil Kumar Says:

    Tadavalaga Tammanna and Raju Ramanna…

    aDDabidde sOmigaLE…
    neevu enge ELteerO angE kELaaNa..

    Eno osi kusiyaadaagaa
    angE osi direxannu koDOvaa antaa
    points aakudre, neevyaaka
    aDDa batteeri
    barkoLLOvnu barkaLLi
    kELiskaLaavnu kELiskantaane
    sivaa antaa sumkiraaNa
    naavoo neevoo

    idellaa angEyaa

  109. Raju Ramana Says:

    Musuri olle comedian anta hero maadokaaguttaa?

    Pratap is a columnist. Enjoy him as columnist.

  110. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    bo appaNe anil mahaprabhugaLe..

    even I am regular reader from the day it started..before that I have read SK(shamarayara karnataka!) for 20 years! All my points are not off the cuff remarks but crystalled over long period and with bit personal exp. So if some Rajappa comes and makes totally uncalled for comment..then it is my duty to teach him “patha ondu.. avanu basava, ivaLu kamala”. That’s it!

  111. Santosh Says:

    Why you guys rate Pratap so high. It is shocking. He is an ordinery writer with righits idealogy. Give me one example for his “excellent writing’. Making him editor of a newspaper is a joke. You most of the bloggers here not reading good stuff. Must be reading only VK. Pratap fills his column with middle class stuff.

  112. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    I do not agree Santosh.

    Give me one example to prove that he is not good columnist. Should bloggers suggest Mr.Santosh for editor’s post? may be..if your highness prove excellent writing skills..I can cast my vote in favour of you.

    BTW, do we infer that only leftist ideology makes excellent editors?

    As mentioned I read Kannada/English and Hindi papers(occasionally samskrit & marathi mags) VK is one among them not ONLY.

    Waiting for some more shocking things from you!

  113. Anil Kumar Says:


    I can conclude either you haven’t read Pratap or you do not (can not?) understand what he writes.

    Pratap is a maverick writer. His competence and capabilities are beyond anybody’s expections. Infact Vishy Bhat has curtailed him to an extent, otherwise this fellow would grow beyond control. Being a continuous reader of his articles, over the years, I can confidently say that this guy has a great future. If someone can expolit his full potentials, Kannada can have a wonderful newspaper. But …

    … He should graduate from the present ‘chaddi’ status to full pants status. He must come out of the shadows of Sangh Parivar. Earlier he realises this fact, better for him, better for VK and better for all of us Kannada readers.

    Anyone calling him a ‘musuri’, or a person filling middle class stuff are exhibiting their own ignorance to the core.

  114. Arvind Says:

    I am just enjoying the bloggers’ comments on Pratap. Good to know what Pratap is and what he is not!

    Widespread variety is the one quality where Jogi scores better than all other contemporary journos, in particular, journos of Pratap kind. If you people can get hold of the current week’s Hi Bangalore, I suggest reading Janaki Column ‘KADa beLadiMgaLalli kADatAva nenapa!’ Wow… what a poetic retreat .. one can just float in a dream land. Read the concluding remarks .. there is a conversation between Writer Satyakama and Poetess Veena Bannanje. The entire dream world of Full Moon Day at a remote place is nicely related to the recently published book. People talk ill about Jogi’s Film reviews. My dear Critics of Critics, read the book reviews of Jogi, each one is a marvellous piece.

    Jogi is a man who mixes the right cocktail of fun and pun. He can make u understand what is fiction and what is not friction. He is the one writer who avoids limelight. He talks less, writes more and reads much more. Since you guys dont see him on Page 3 book release functions or at seminars and symposia nor does he throw his weight through unions or he keeps company of politicians and politico-academicians. Since he measures and weighs friendship, he has been a victim of jealousy.

    Let us keep him ‘aloof’ for some more time.

  115. Gayatri Says:

    I still feel that Gowri Lankesh is great journo better than Ravi Belagere and Ranga

  116. Gayatri Says:

    Neevu avala column – kanda haage- odalvaa? sakaththaagirutte!

  117. Budabudake Says:

    naavyaaru khanDitaa Odalla, ee janmEpi Odalla. manDe samaa irOvru Oduvantahudalla adu.

    adsari, neevyaaru taayi, gowrammana Oragitteenaa??

  118. Umapathi Says:

    You are right, Gayatri!

    If you really want to enjoy reading against Vishy Bhat and Pratap Simha, the best column is kanDa haage of Gowri Lankesh.

    By the way she also writes something called darbesi kategalu or bevarsi kategalu, which are highly acredited literary pieces, do you read them Gayatri?

    By the way, other than writing to blogs, what other things do you write, Gayatri? Let us enjoy reading them along with ‘kanDa haage’!

  119. Anil Kumar Says:

    Can you please elucidate (or educate) us more on Gowri Lankesh’s capabilites. Honestly I have never read anything written by her so far. And also can you please list out the qualities of Gowri vis-a-vis Belagere and Ranga. If you can compare her with Bhat, Venkatanarayana, Dr Poornim and Daitota, I would be very greatful to you!

  120. Smitha Says:

    Why should there be any comparison?

    I dont understand this crazy idea. You bloggers started comparing Pratap and Jogi for sometime. Later on it is Gowri Vs Belagere or Ranga. Each one of them are good (or bad) in their field of specialisation. Each of the newspapers they write or edit has some credibility, fan following and readers. If we dont like a person (for reasons best known only to us), let us not read their articles or edits. Simply demeaning people here doesnot serve any purpose.

    I am missing Sunita at this point, where did she disappear?

  121. Arvind Says:

    This Gayatri must be one of those anti-Pratap club member. She must be trying to trigger a debate on Pratap once again.

    I share similar thoughts like Smitha. Why do we need comparison? Mangoes cant be compared with Apples. Whiskey cant be compared with Rum. Dose cant be compared with Poori. Mysore Pak cant be compared with Jilebi. Each one has its own taste, shape, colour, life limitation, energy boosting qualities.

    Where are my friends TKS Bhat, Dheerendra Gopa, Girish Hampali and Chandan, Santosh and ofcourse my favourite Sunita?

  122. Gayatri Says:

    you guys are fans of V.Bhat, Belagere, Pratap..Thats why youare criticising Gowri Lankesh..isn’t it?

    She is very dynamic. She worked for TOI, Sunday and other leading english newspaper. She has a forward thinking. She likes naxalite philosophy and agressively moots that philosophy, better than Belagere.

    Kanda Haage is superb. I have all the collection.

  123. Raju Ramana Says:

    yavvaa nee avara mane kelasadavalaa? Ninnajji

  124. Sumanth Narain Says:

    yaavalo kalasipalyadavalu bandalappo!

  125. Sunita Says:


    We respect your views. I share Arvind’s opinion.

    Gayatri, we seriously discussing something. Please do not interrupt. Please.

  126. Budabudake Says:

    bO kusiyaaytu nan taayi…

    uTTidare ninnantha eNmagaLaagi uTTabEku
    kaTkonDre ninnantha maDadeena kaTkObEku
    pyaapru suru achkonDre ninnanthavLannu
    marketing myaanEjraagi maDeekoLbEku

    adEn pirooti taayi, ninge aa gowrakkana kanDre
    nangoo aShTEyaa talekeT nanmakkaLan kanDrE
    pirooti jaasti,
    gowrakkan myaage eesondu abhimaana kanDu
    ninmyaake nange love battaa aite kaNammi
    osi pada ELabyaaku annistaite

    elliddi illee tanaka
    ellindaa bandyavvaa
    nina kanDu naanyaake

    kempaadavO ellaa kempaadavO
    asuriddaa blog ellaa
    chendaagiddaa araTe ellaa
    nettaaroo suridange kempaadavO

  127. Gayatri Says:

    I protest such statements. What I am telling you is that Gowri Lankesh is a great editor. That is evident from her writing. She is not only an editor but also an activist. Show me one editor who is an activist. Rest of the editors are busy in activities. She is not only active but a radioactive. Mind it.

    She can take on anybody. She has the guts. Her writing is thought provoking. The circulation of her paper is increasing week by week.

    What extra proof you require?

  128. Budabudake Says:

    siDukbyaaDaa kaNE

    nanna muddina kaayturee
    siDukbyaaDaa kaNE

    goobakkana sorry gowrakkana visyaa
    tandre mukha dappa maaDkOteeyallammi
    Eno uDugaaTakke naalku maatu andivni
    teppaagidre ksame kELaaNaa..

    innoo ravaShTu gowarakkana saadhne
    bagge tiLi ELavvaa
    naksalaiTu-giksalaiTu buTTu
    innoo Enaanaa dEsOddhaarada kelsaa
    maaDtidre tiLsavvaa taayi
    sangti kELi oTTege aalu kuDudangaagtaiti …

  129. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    Please post original songs beside your lyrics .
    Bombat guru
    Nimma postings na Odhi maja banthu

    KP, if you keep posting one Post daly on VK or VB or VS..sure Churumuri
    will touch million in no time .

  130. Budabudake Says:

    saavirada sharaNeMbe gaayatri taaye!
    sharaNoo sharaNeMbe neenobLu maaye!

  131. Smitha Says:

    This Budabudake has serious sense of humour, ofcourse even Dheerendra Gopal used to entertain us with witty remarks!

    Dheerendra’s predictions might come true. Bloggers have taken special interest on VK. Through this opportunity many journos (in disguise) must be settling their scores with their fellows. Notwithstanding that fact, the blog comments are lively. We must thank KP for posting the story and the comments. I wish this kind of discussions would continue for some more time. Let more and more journos participate in this, and Churmuri staffers can garnish the discussions now and then.

    As it appears the situation at VK n UK are more or less settled. The storm before the event was highly speculative. Let us wait and watch and pass comments with the earliest available opportunity.

  132. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    Thanks Smitha ,

    Yanaara maathadkolli aadre Personal comments bedipa
    Abhipriya / Binnaabhipraya iruthve.

  133. Smitha Says:

    You said it right Dheerendra. Chandan might term this compliment as ‘back scratching’.

    A comment on the other story about VK says that Vishy Bhat would hold additional charge of EME of VT too. This is good news, though taxing for Vishy. Since VK is more or less stabilised, the Cardiff experience of Vishy might come in hand for developing VT.

    Vishy must get hold of some more good hands to VK like Jogi. Ranga can still be tried for Usha Kirana. Upadhya’s departure from VT at this juncture is a great loss, he could have managed the show better. I feel there is great opportunity awaiting now for both VT and UK to grow further.

  134. Arvind Says:

    This Gayathri and Budabudake are spoiling the show and diverting the attention of bloggers. It doesn’t matter to us here whether Gowri Lankesh is better or her paper’s circulation is picking up.

    The forum here is to discuss on VK, with the changed scenario. Vishy Bhat, Pratap Simha for VK and whether Jogi and Ranga kind of journos can contribute for the development of VK or UK. So let us concentrate only on those issues.

    There are some positive points with Pratap.

    1. His choice of words in an article and the caption is really impressive.

    2. The intro to the story is catch as well as the concluding remarks.

    3. The choice of subjects is widespread.

    4. Once you start, you can not keep down the paper, without completing the article at one go.

    Right now, his area of work is restricted. He can pick up political stories and start writing lead stories. He must take a cue from his colleague Prakash who has been writing front page exposes/analysis on political issues.

    Is Pratap listening?

  135. Gayatri Says:

    Good morning

    Do you read Gowri Lankesh’s -Kanda haage. Its her editorial cum personal column. You will certainly like her writing.

    She is a dare-devil journalist. He has a innovative way of narrating the story. Her story telling technique is superb. Even Belagere cant write like her.

    At this juncture, we need to discuss about her contribution to Kannada journalism.

    She is the one editor with guts. She has a tremendous sense of humour. Don’t you think so?

  136. Gayatri Says:


    You are expanding the limits of Pratap. Do you think that he is a Brihaspathi? He is a idea borrower. He has Middle class mentality, no originality. Unlike Gowri Lankesh.

    Let us discuss about Gowri.

    Sunita, Smita, Arvind, Anil, Budabudike are listening?

  137. Gayatri Says:

    Arvind do not spoil Pratap. He is a pakka chaddi. Anti poor, anti muslim. Pratap should learn from Gowri Lankesh.

  138. Gayatri Says:

    Let all bloggers discuss about Gowri today. Please do not comment if you have not read her writings..ok?

  139. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    Gayathri…Yeega Gouri Olle barahagarthi …Ok Award Kodona
    yenu yeega . Yilli Blog na sheershike gu neevu mathadthayirodhikku yenu sambandha yilla

    nimge Gowri bagge bari beku andre ..KPge kalsi avaru Post maadthare

  140. Gayatri Says:

    Dheerendra Gopalaa, neenu Musuri aagabeda.. Take it seriously. Do you think that only V.Bhat, Belagere are editors?

  141. Gayatri Says:

    Belagere is not a journalist. He is a good writer. But his writings are inferior to Gowri.

  142. Gayatri Says:

    Gowri Lankesh believes in the true spirits os journalism. She is hundred times better than her brother Indrajit Lankesh. If you want compare Gowri with anybody he is Lankesh. What do you say guys?

  143. Gayatri Says:

    This is not fair. You guys think that only V.Bhat, Belagere, Jogi, Pratap are journalists. Thats why you are discussing about them for the last ten days. Are they Arun Shouries? Pothen Josephs?

    Avarenu Khadri Shamanna raa?

    Belagere is Kaamannaa bidi.

  144. Jadugar Says:


    naav namma jeevanadalli Gowri barediddu (avalige barilikke baruttaa?) odilla. namma jeevanavella vyartha aagoytu. Naavu namage dina shaapa haakikolluttiddeve.

    No doubt she a great, great, great and grand great journalist.

    Avalige patrikaa Tika allalla patrika tilaka prashasti kodonaa?

  145. Jadugar Says:

    taayi gayatramma yelli hodye

  146. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Yes Gayatri. I seriously support your views.

    How can they discuss others leaving Gowri behind. We have to discuss about Gowri’s writings. She is a good writier. She is a one of the best progressive and rational minds of Karnataka

  147. Budabudake Says:

    Why compare Gowri with lesser mortals?

    She is better than TSR, Khadri Shamanna, YNK, Lankesh, Chidanand Rajaghatta, SG Mysore Math, SV Jayasheela Rao, MJ Akbar, Arun Shourie, Arun Poorie, KS Sachidananda Murthy, Swapan Das Gupta, Bharka Dutt, Maya Sharma, Pranoy Roy, Rupert Murdoch, …………….

    And only comparison for her is none other than BiLidaaLe Eesha, her media advisor!!

  148. Arvind Says:

    This is not a place to discuss Gowri, ask KP to start a new posting. Let us discuss only VK and related issues here.

    Gayathri, please. You too can join the discussion, do not divert the subjects. Your comments on Pratap or Vishy Bhat or Belagere are welcome and would be taken in the right spirits.

  149. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    awowwwww Gayathrawwa
    Musuri andhre namma kalection lalappa thane..avnu yisya angirlu
    neenenu Adda dhaarilli huttidha …Mathe avreno maathadthayidhre…yaaro Gowri antha thandikdhalla
    bekadre KPge ondhu mail kalsu Gowri bagge open maadthare
    alli yen bekardu Kuyyiiii

    Olle sahawasa

  150. Arvind Says:

    Let us dump the Gowri as well as her clone Gayathri aside!!

    My plain question to Gayathri, specific to Pratap, are as follows:

    1. In what way he is anti-poor, as a matter of fact he has a poor upbringing.

    2. Pro-Hindu doesnot mean, anti-muslim or pakka-chaddi. Do not talk like a politician who gets votes for making such statements.

    3. What are the specific things, he needs to learn from Gowri Lankesh?

    4. What made you to say that I am spoiling Pratap?

    My suggestion to you is answer the above questions point blank. I do not want glorifying your icons, whoever it is!

    His column is read through a newspaper which has 6.5 Lakh + certified circulation and 68 Lakh readers. Whereas Gowri’s columns are circulated and read on a 1/100th scale! The reach of Pratap may be 1000th that of Gowri!!

  151. Girish Hampali Says:

    man! this is awesome. Its true that we have anonymous people from media in this discussion. Comparision between gowri, pratap simha in kannada journalism is as simple as comparing who is the better batsman among Division A players in a national news paper.

    Pratap is a columnist. Gowri is an editor. They serve different community. Pratap wants to establish his views to established readers
    Gowri writes to establish readers. they are too different to compare among.

    Out of 68 Lakh readers of VK, do we have any idea as how many will turn the inner pages to read the pratapaaaaaaaaa?
    Gowri might sell it to lesser people but has a fixed reader base as it happens to any tabloid.

    I agree Gowri may not be a great writer but she has her due respect in the readers.

    Pratapa simha is mere fuel for a new generation volvo bus, but gowri is riding a second had, accident prone, little insured (name of her father) Tata-sumo.

  152. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Can some one post latest ABC circulation numbers for VK and Lankesh Putrike? Then I will post my comments.

    I agree all the people who buy VK may not turn the inner pages..but at the same time all the people are not just fools to pay 3 rupees for VK to use it for “makkaLa sheee athava shoo shoo baLilikke”. So at least 1 in 10 will definitely read good columns. Pratap’s is one among them for sure..

    People who do not like Pratap may not like this fact but I can’t help..

    Whether any one has read Gowri’s and Belegere’s articles/references on Pratap? That makes it ample clear that ….Gowri mattu Belegere ge manada mooleyalli Pratap hesaru keLidare swalpa naDuka ide. ;-) It’s natural when some young guy(half the age) comes like suntargaaLi and takes away established readers from Putrike and Hi-Bye…we can expect such comments..

    Either you can love him or hate him but you can not ignore him -Thats Pratap !

  153. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Gowarakka mattu avaLa tadroopi Gangakka(kshamisi..gayathri..),

    Can you please take trouble to answer Aravind’s questions? Atleast to uphold Gowrakka devi maan/maryade as great writer, hard core activist, a great warrior for the cause of secularism, die-hard human rights activist and above all great human being (lovely sister to Indrajit)..please post reply. :-)

    Waiting for some ‘satya sandesha’ by Gayathri..

  154. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Gowri Lankesh is writes better than Belagere, V.Bhat.

    Reference to Jogi.. He is great reviewer. He writes very good book reviews. He is such a reviewer, he can write without reading the books! Sometimes just by seeing cover page he can write a beatiful reviews.

    Wah wah wah… nimma buddhigishtu!!

  155. Girish Hampali Says:

    Tammanna.. avare.. comments ella ok, sarcastic yake?
    Pratapana pratapada bagge nimma abhimana and abhipraya are well, but why are you into the act of comparing him with tabloid owner.
    Compare apples with apples. the agenda for Ravi/Gowri and pratap are too different buddy. Do you mean to say that these seniors are jealous of a junior guy like pratap and trying to curb his fame? if so, some other seniors did the same to gowri and ravi too.
    Hogli bidi, nimage Gowrakkana answer beku. wait maadi!

  156. Jadugar Says:

    I agree S.Babu with regard to your reference to Jogi. He is one reviewer who can write without reading books

    He can write any number of reviews in a week. Depending on the how much space available.

    He is a great reviewer!!

    S.Babu.. Gowri Lankesh is neither an editor nor a writer. She is a Lankesh Putrike!!! That’s all.

  157. Raju Ramana Says:

    Pratap, pratap.. He is an ordinary, middle class mentality writer. Why do you give so much importance to him? Who reads and who cares his writing?

    Namgenoooo bere kelsa ilvaa?

  158. Sunita Says:

    Someone is hijacking the discussion.
    Let them keep good opinion about Gowri. No dispute.
    We are disussing about Vishy and VK.
    Good news is that Vishy is continuing. We can expect some magic from him now with new management.
    Chinnen Das, give Vishy more freedom and he will fullfill your mission.

  159. Gaddar the great! Says:

    Yeh Gayatri, Pratap nannu chaddi annodadre neenu mattu ninna gowri lankesh chaddi hakolva? Do check and tell me!!

  160. Arvind Says:

    People can have their own opinions based on their individual likes and dislikes. But while discarding someone one a public forum, without any basis is very ridiculous.

    Jadugar and Sangamesh have been airing their views on Jogi, without reading Jogi. Tell me one book review by him, which has not been read by him and still reviewed by him. Making a sweeping statement is very easy. Either you are jealous about his competence or you are prejudiced or you all have some hidden agendas. I suggest you people to read his column in the current issue of Hi Bangalore and come back to post your views. Anybody can talk through his/her hat here, without any substantial justification.

    Pratap is one guy every Belagere and Gowri supporters Love to Hate. Having read both Lankesh and Hi Bangalore, I know the kind of venom both of them have spit on Pratap. And it is on one and only fact that Pratap wrote against Naxalism. If this is the hidden agenda of Lankesh and Hi Editors, God only can save this country. Girish must be a great fan of Belagere and hence whatever he feels is the only right thing for Girish. And ofcourse Gayathri etc are all staunch Gowri supporters.

    Let us still discuss on VK and Vishy Bhat and not on lesser mortals like Gowri etal

  161. Anil Kumar Says:


    Your presence is very much required here, otherwise bloggers are hijacking the Posting to some mundance issues like whether Gowri writes better or she’s the best editor or not kind of nonsense.

    As you pointed out, Vishy Bhat is continuing with VK is a good news. Let us think for sometime, how best VK is getting benefitted with TOI support.

    1. VK has to increase its pages to accomodate the Times National Network stories, and we might get a better national perspective with a wider coverage.

    2. I do not think Vishy would allow Bangalore Times kind of stuff in VK. At the same time, he might assign more responsibilities to Manikant to make Bangalore Vijaya readable.

    3. He needs to look for someone to take care of the Finance Suppliment, it is drab right now. I do not know who can write better on financial matters in Kannada. Some advises on personal finance is a great boon for small investors.

    4. Cine Vijaya must be revamped. I dunno who is rating Mahesh Devashetty so much, the suppliment is a trash. With all his limitations and idiosynchrosies, Ganesh Kasaragodu (of tear jerker chedurida chitragalu fame) was editing it better. Taddalase too was a good hand. Vishy needs to give some thoughts on this.

    Let us leave Gowri, Belagere, Jogi, Pratap for sometime, and seriously discuss on VK here.

  162. chandan Says:

    Gayatri Akka, pratapanannu chaddi annodadre neenu mattu ninna gowri lankesh chaddi hakolva? Do check and tell me!!

  163. Budubudike Says:


    neenE Ogi osi check maaDu magaa, avru reel buDabaudu …!!

  164. nagaraj Rao Says:

    Anil kumar,
    Vishy bhat don’t like writters and journalists. Only clerkssurvive under Bhat.So,howcan Ganesh Kasaragodcomeback to cine vijaya ?

  165. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:


    Yes, Ravi and Gowri have that hidden agenda. BTW, in the recent days HI-Bye treads different path every week..so in my opinion it is simple equation:

    1. Hi & RB : For RB it is simple case of “vyaapaar buddhi”. enu baredare jana odtare that he will keep writing. Remember him writing glorifying Saketh Rajan and other encounters, next week when naxals killed police he changed stance, to compensate for those naxals sympathy or leftists things occassionally he harps on the ‘buddhijeevis’ & ‘suddijeevis’ writes one or two good words about sangha parivara, when it comes to selling he writes about religious conversion..as usual violence is always there..matash, full details, complete story, keechaka, etc are always there..

    So in end he knows what matter sells his paper..so he tries to balance by all sections by catering to their tastes..ideology or any such thing..it’s just crap. I agree he indulges many times in “atma rati”

    2. Putrike and Gowri : I am not sure how many people apart from buddijeevis read this paper regularly. I used to read it when lankesh was alive..then also occassionally to know whats happening..then there famous kurukshetra between anna tangi..next what idde ideyalla….sampadakiya kelasa elladarallu mundu.. I am yet to read some thing sensible from her.
    bahusha..avaru bareyodu buddhijeevigaLigaagi ansutte..nammantaha alpamatiyaru VK, PV yantaha patrikegaLalle samadhan kaaNabeku. buddhijeevigaLige andu naanyava narakakke hoguva paapa maaDali ? :-)

    3. VK and Pratap : VK as many have said it hazaar times is no.1 (though I feel they need to improve a lot.) and Pratap has already got huge number of readers. He does not have to worry about selling the paper ….so there is no vyaapari buddhi. So he does not have to do fine balancing act of satisfying all the sections(right/left/center/majority/minority etc) for the sake of selling paper.

    He has got every freedom to write what he feels..so naturally there is vatavaraNa for quality articles. More over he never indulges in atma rati like Ravi or just ghoshaNegaLu/morcha/jatre/yatre/pratibhatane like Gowri. He knows writing and he does just that!

    Now readers can know who is apple or who is perala athava nimbe, sibe, athava huLi huNise haNNu..yavudu hybrid mattu yavudu javari(asali) it for all to see..

  166. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Pratapa vishaya bandaga idanna bareyadidre hege?

    One week Pratap wrote about teachers and education institutes degradation with special reference to Kuvempu Univ and he even dared to name couple of Profs who were/are sympathetic to Naxals. Lo..immediately there was letter from Jnanapeetha prashasti vijeta saahiti URA expressing disgust at the tone and he claimed that Profs named article were innocent(ayyo paap!) and have nothing to do with ..some thing some thing …& some thing !

    This letter was published in the Sunday paper along with Pratap’s reply to that letter. Pratap stood by whatever he wrote and claimed he has complete proof for the things mentioned in the article. He even challenged URA for public debate at any place and time convinient to URA. Jnanapeeta vijeta saahitigaLinda enadaroo uttara bante? uhhhh..innuvaregoo namagantoo odalikke sikkilla.

    Even Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh wrote letter to editor section urging URA to accept the challenge! but you know …buddhijeevi gaLa tantra(or kutantra?) they just kept to save their face ! It was moral victory to Pratap :-)

  167. Girish Hampali Says:

    it is already 163 comments to this post (while writing this comment) Shall we close it. KP:Do you hear us. Stop this nonsense.

  168. chandan Says:

    Hampali Sir,
    Wht made u to be so annoyed? If it is nonsense, then why were u shitting on this blog?

  169. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Why do you want to close it? Is there any upper limit for postings? If so please enlighten us.

    If you had read Varsha Bhosle’s articles on rediff couple of years ago, you wouldn’t have kept counting : “one, two, three….oh 163..now KP has to to put the lid !”

    I remember her column was highly read and debated among rediff columns and dear girish, number of comments was many times more then 163.

    So why do you want to curtail a debate, is it that if more people post, belegere and your other gods will be bared in the public? ;-)

    Except few ..I do not see any junk posts here to call it non-sense. What could be the reason to request for closing this thread? Just wondering..!!

  170. Arvind Says:


    you said it right. Pratap derives strength from such incidents.

    While talking about Pratap, we can not miss mentioning Vishy Bhat. But for his constant encouragement and support, Pratap would have been sidelined. No newspaper can afford to take risks publishing articles of such nature, and letters challenging URA. While talking about URA, I can recollect two occasions, one of Sumateendra Nadig and other of P Lankesh. Lankesh once openly carried a story with title ‘URA lier’. Sumatheendra Nadig wrote a cover page article for Saptahika Prabha (of Kannada Prabha) tearing URA’s shor story ‘mouni’ into pieces, and identified the source story ‘mourner’ para by para.

    After that the only fellow who has taken URA to task is Pratap. Hats off to his guts.

  171. Budubudake Says:

    I do not find any reason to close down the responses. Blogs are meant to be like this, more the responses, merrier the Blog.

    Whoever feels, it is nonsense, can either stop blogging here or even stop reading the responses.

  172. Arvind Says:

    Hi Thammanna,

    Few rejoinders on your wonderful analysis.

    Hi & RB:- RB knows what sells. He can sensationalise anything and everything under the Sun. At the same time he got the capability (and guts) to take anyone on him. The real mettle with him is story telling. He can grip you with a nice story built around truths, half-truths and blatant lies. He can take the readers for a royal ride. With all these qualities (good or bad) he can make or break someone’s career. He can glorify or tarnish someone’s image. At the end of the day, he is a devilishly hardworking and divinely sincere person. There is no match for RB. As the popular film song goes ‘Sooryana kaantige sooryane saakshi, holike berilla ….’.

    2. Putrike and Gowri : This is one tabloid which has least impact on any one of us, for that matter on Kannada Journalism. Gowri, may be a good english journo, is wasting her time and energy, finding it difficult to write something in Kannada. She has been living in past glories. She still feels the governments fall at her will or her editorial. She feels she can change the whole world. Unfortunately she has a set of wrong advisors. A compliment here and there from people like URA makes her feel great. She is just a mediocre english jouro, trying hard to push her tabloid in Kannada.

    3. VK and Pratap : Pratap is a great asset to VK, but at the same time he is not the sole asset for VK. Under Vishy there are couple or more Prataps, nurtured at VK. But Pratap stands out from the crowd due to his dare devilish attacks through his columns. As someone puts it, he cant be just ignored whenever and wherever there is a mention of VK. He has a great future. There is enough reason for Hi and Lankesh to be annoyed with Pratap. They are finding him to be potential threat for their future earnings.

    4. KP and Jogi : There were some unfair comments against Jogi in this Blog. The first loose comment was on his film reviews. Let us dispassionately discuss on this issue. Some Chandan gave a list of film reviewers of English and made sweeping statements against Jogi. Jogi is the first person, who started poetic film reviews. Till his arrival, people hardly read reviews. Even today, even if I dont watch a movie, I would certainly enjoy reading his reviews. There were some baseless comments on Book reviews of his. Jogi is one of the voracious readers, and has a great liking for books. He cant be doing reviews without reading books. People who are used to conventional book reviews, might find Jogi’s reviews odd, because of his unconventional style. His knowledge on both english and kannada literature is superb. The one potential editor, who can be exploited for a finest magazine or a newspaper, is Jogi.

  173. Arvind Says:

    More on Jogi …..

    The secret of Jogi’s success is in his keen sense of observation. I never know a film journalist (basically he is not, and it is one of his interests) having such broader perspective. You can simply talk to him on a subject of your own interest and still get a valued opinion. But one must be careful to get an entry to his closer circle. Like his mentor and guru YNK, he is reserved at times. He appears to be speaking less (ofcourse yes, compared to many chatterbox journos with no stuff) but dragging him into a conversation is worth the effort.

    He basically loves reading poetry, I do not know whether he wrote poems any time. At the same time he reads prose, meticulously, line by line (disputing off-the-cuff remarks of his criticisers that he reviews without reading books) and above all remembers and recollects in his umpteen number of articles and columns, with or without a byline. Considered to be the right successor to YNK on playing with words with real good pun.

    Success has never gone to his head any time. He consciously waits to put his arguements across. He may not respect a senior just because he is senior at the same time his respect rests with even the junior most sub with talents. This kind of affection is shown to the newest of new writers and contributors.

    What matters most is his time sense. He can be compared with Ravi Belagere on devilish hardworking. With less sleep, he can write n write n write at a stretch. One more important thing here is his layout picturisation. He can choose an interesting title within the specified number of characters. He can mix the text and pictures and graphics in an eye catching proportions. With any kind of limited resources, he can shoot out an excellent product.

    Tell me friends, how many journos (known and unknown) can match Jogi? Do not discount him, just because you do not know him, or you have wrongly assessed him, or you have prejudiced views, or simply you have some hidden agendas to tarnish him.

    Dispassionately analysing the facts, dont you people consider to be the right editorial choice for any newspaper or a magazine?

    I look forward for a critical, incisive and honest opinion.

  174. Raju Ramana Says:


    Jogi vimarsheyalli baree udhaafe irutte. Vastunishta vimarshe irolla.

  175. Dr.Prabhakar Says:


    I agree with you.

  176. Jadugar Says:

    Jogi is working for KP but writing for Hai Bangalore in the name of Janaki. This is unethical.

  177. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Why no body is discussing about Gayatridevi, Asst Editor of VK For the top post? She is a leader writer. She is very well experienced.

  178. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    I would like to suggest one more name..Vinayaka Nadigere. How is he?

  179. Raju Ramana Says:

    Shall I get you the attendance book of VK? You go on dropping names..ok Mangesha allalla …Sangameshaa..

  180. Raju Ramana Says:

    Girish Hampali,

    Are you a Belagere fan? You get irritated when someone makes remarks against your friend RB. He mentioned your name couple of times in his columns.

    Guru, Belagere ninage ondu dina muhurtha idtaane nodtaa iru.

  181. Raju Ramana Says:

    You guys done great injustice to Gowri lankesh. There was no discussion about her. Gayatri raised some relevant questions. But none of us come up with opinion on her.Pity!! Gowri Lankesh is an editor in the wilderness. She is alone. Like the reader of her paper. He is also alone. Like the circulation of her paper.

  182. Arvind Says:

    Dr Prabhakar and Raju Ramana….

    You can show me one incidence of Jogi writing ‘udaafe’ in his reviews. If you dont like him, fine. Do not assassinate his characters.


    If both the Editors of KP and Hi come to an informal agreement, there is nothing wrong or nothing unethical with the Janaki column. If he were not writing anything to KP, your comments would have been valid. Kannada readers are greatly benefitted through this.

  183. Budabudake Says:

    Sangamesh and Raju Ramana …

    I checked the attendance book of VK. There is nobody working in the name of “Vinayaka Nadigere” at VK!!

  184. Arvind Says:

    I have a request for all my journo friends who have been shadow boxing in pseudo names (that includes me too!)

    Why not we objectively discuss about our fellow journalists? Why are we trying malign someone whom we know very well or hardly know them? Let us sincerely assess each of them, so that message reaches the right places, including those individuals on whom we are discussing.

    These blogs are wonderful fora to keep a discussion live for days together. Let us discuss on few issues that are bothering Kannada journalism, and in particular after the take over of VK group by TOI. At the same time we can talk about who are all the bright stars who can bring in a great change to Kannada Print Journalism.

    I request Sunita, Smitha, Anil, Budabudake, Chandan, Girish Hampali, TKS Bhat, Umapathi, to join once again with more vigour and enthusiasm. Let us keep this going for sometime.

  185. Sunita Says:

    Dear Arvind,

    Good morning. I appreciate your stand.

    But I am disappointed to know that you guys are all journos in psuedo names.

  186. Sunita Says:

    Dear Friends,

    Have you read today’s Vishy’s column on Sankeshwar’s. I feel it’s a fine tribute to them.

    It’s very good gesture from Vishy.

  187. Budabudake Says:

    Hey Suni-ta,

    Dont tell me that you are not a journo, and dont try to convince me that you are blogging with your real name. I guess you too a journo, and definitely with a pseudoname!!

    But I am equally disappointed about Vishy’s column glorifying Sankeshwar’s achievements. Vishy must have talked about the Paper sale too!!

  188. Umapathi Says:

    I welcome Arvind and Sunita,

    We have been talking about Pratap and Jogi for a long. At this juncture my regret is that no one is talking about SK Shamasundara. For the benefit of people who have not heard of his name (it is quite possible due to his photo-shy and publicity-shy nature) the following points are beamed here.

    1. Well known as Sham or Shami (as Belagere calls him), Shamasundara is one of the finest magazine editors of Kannada.

    2. SK Shamasundara started his career at SK (Samyukta Karnataka or Shamarayara Kirukula/Kantaka). He was editing Kasturi for sometime, and later asked to take over Karmaveera. But Sham did argue with Shamarao on the unachievable targets, and he was shown the door. Prior to that he was editing ‘Rati Vignaana Darpana’ after the demise of Ranganath (another SK’s eccentric product). Those were the days when Ma.Shridhara Murthy (ex Prajavani) and Panduranga Shastri etal trying to moot the best sex education magazine. Sham did succeed in his venture, and came into the folds of Shamarao.

    3. The real ingenuity of Sham was made known to the Kannada readers during his tenure as incharge of Kannada Prabha’s Saptahika Prabha. Though he wrote less, his contribution as a true editor was tremendous. Even today KP’s Saptahika Prabha is one of the finest Sunday Suppliments in Kannada. It is just because Sham laid down the correct foundation stone. He nurtured both Jogi and Marakini. He encouraged Ravi Hegde to write feature articles. With his contacts within and out of Press Club brought a new set of writers for Kannada Prabha’s Magazine Section. As a good Harate Priya, he made every one around him very comfortable.

    4. The next innings of Sham is with Thatskannada.com. He brought a new lease of life for the Kannada Internet Journalism. If today, some NRIs like Srivatsa Joshi or Harihareshwara or Triveni Srinivasa Rao are appearing in Print Journalism, it is only because of Sham’s encouragement to write in thatskannada.com. Ofcourse Vishy Bhat started reprinting all those columns of thatskannada in VK, which gave greater publicity. At the same time Sham started airing Bhat and Vishy’s columns as well as Janaki’s columns in thatskannada, which gave them a wider international canvas. Sham too did write a couple of novels under pseudonames, and has been extensively writing features for thatskannada. A constant source of spirit for every Kannada journo worth the salt, Sham’s contributions are tremendous. His venture of starting an internet magazine Kenda Sampige, was futile, due to lack of resources. But he remained a warrior flighting lone battles in the internet world. If Kannada has found a place in the Internet, it is because of people like Sham have sweat a lot.

    5. On any day Sham could be one of the finest feature editors for any magazine or for that matter a broadsheet newspaper.

    Let us discuss on such unsung heroes more in the future postings here.

  189. Girish Hampali Says:

    the intent to close this discussion was to stop mud-slinging on anyone and everyone in the psuedonames. Are we getting somewhere with such discussions?
    There are other fruitful posts that KP has put and people are not spending time on those issues.
    The discussion is revolving around in full concentric circles and not revealing any facts. RB, putrike, jogi, kp getting bhakti and bashing from remote corners.

    If you want to make your point, why do you need to disguise?

    I am bit skeptical about your journalism skills.

    Budabudike: I think you should stop discussion in disguise.
    Chandan: I am annoyed at people throwing shit on anyone and everyone.
    Raju Ramanna: thanks for your concern but I have my ammunition ready

  190. Sunita Says:

    No …Budabudike,

    I am Sunita. Please DO NOT suspect me.

    I am not a journo. But I know journalists by their writings. I am very much interested the affairs of news, newsmen and newspapers.

    I am a software engineer. I did my diploma in journalism. My uncle was a journo in Prajavani. He was an unsung hero. He spent 32 years in PV desk and unceremoniously retired as a sub-editor. Of course he joined the paper as a sub-editor!!

  191. Sunita Says:

    I think thecrux of Vishy’s column is to pay triutes to Sankeshwars. Not to criticise or explain the story behind the sell out. But he should write the truth at least in his autobiography, if wants to write one.

  192. Sunita Says:

    To Arvind,

    Regarding Sham: It’s a news to me. I occasionally visit thatskannada.com. Thanks for educating me.

  193. Girish Hampali Says:

    Why should bhat pay tribute to sankeshwars? May be you can call that he remembered the journey so far…
    Or is he telling indirectly to his new boss as what should be the step that he should take. can his new boss read kannada. I dont think so.

    But I wonder why this post has become an advertisement of what is cooking in different newspapers and bashers and bhakts owing their views. its a pity that most of them are in disguise with psuedo names.

    Folks, I am not a journo, but make sure that I read most of the kannada/engilish tabloids (atleast 7, 1 per day) and 3 kannada news papers. Had a lot of respect for journos, but your bashing/bhakti on your fellow editors/friends is making me feel otherwise.

    I have always tried comparing worksmanship of journos with other professionals. I had chance to meet few of successful writers and know about the self respect they carry and respect they have for other writers. The point of view I had on journo’s seems to be wrong after looking at these discussions.

    Clarification to Raju Ramanna:
    I am a friend/critic of Ravi and not his fan/ac/cooler/boiler etc. thanks for your concern on me about his attack, if so: I can defend myself and I know that people like you will help me to bail out!!!

    Clarification to Budabudike:
    This post is getting clogged and getting unfair comments which are of less use. If you want clog it more. please do so. I wanted this group of bloggers to spend time on other posts which are more interesting and stop the mud-slinging.
    See how discussion can happen here in next few days
    Blogger 1: did you see this news in newspaper X?
    Blogger 2: why do you advertise paper X
    Blogger 3: Can we talk about more important newspaper Y instead of X
    Blogger 4: person is more important than paper. shall we talk of the person ABC
    Blogger 5: ABC was selling ground nuts at kalasipalya
    Blooger 6: is selling ground nuts wrong?
    Blogger 7: Ground nuts are not good for health. they might create hazardous diseases
    Blogger 8: Disease! this news paper ‘W’ is a disease to society
    Blogger 9: I know who you are. you got fired from paper ‘W’ and hence you are making such claims
    and it goes on… on.. on forever.

    I suggest we give views and move on.

    Neeru ninthare kolache agutte, solle barutte mattu chicken gunya aagutte.

  194. Budabudake Says:


    I am really impressed about you. I always considered you to be a practicing journo. You have better knowledge about journalism and journalists than many of us, practicing journalists.

    Keep the tempo going, we only miss you in the working field. Anyways you are always available here in the blog.

    Like you, even I was surprised to know that Sham has such great credentials. He never talked about his past glories, when I met him at thatskannada.com. Even I do drop in thatskannada.com occasionally.

    I expect one of these days, we might dash (sorry criss-cross) each other at Indiainfo. Hey I am just kidding.

  195. Budabudake Says:

    Why are you annoyed, Mr.Girish?

    This is not a stagnant water, there are lively discussions, why do you want to come in the way?

    The Posting is on VK, and most of us are discussing about and around VK. While passing remarks on KP, Hi, Jogi, Sham appear here and there, there is nothing wrong in it. Ofcourse some Bhaktas (like you on Belagere, someone else on Pratap or Jogi) glorify their heroes and some throw mud at times. It is all accepted in a democratic set up. KP is not forcing any one of us to stay or quit. People who are not interested can quit at any point of time.

    At the end of the day, useful discussions have taken place. Useful suggestions are thrown. Like Sunita, even I never knew what Sham is or the real competance of Jogi until I read the postings of Arvind. You will have to excuse some mischief makers who try to spoil the show. It is their prerogative.

  196. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:


    “sthavarakkaLivunTu jangamakkaLivillaa” anta aNNa basavaNNa savira varsha modle heLyana..so yavudu..ninta neeragabaradu..ade reeti blog thread kooDa :-)

    hosa hosa vichara, hoLahu, anisike, abhipraya nirantara haridu baruttirabeku blog lokakke..illade hodare chiken gunya agutte. so never go aganist what aNNa basavaNNa has said..keep posting to this thread. ;-)

  197. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    You are right Budabudake,

    I find no reason for Girish to feel so unhappy and think of horrors like chicken gunya, AIDS, cancer etc. May be as you mentioned some body did [ was it me and Aravind? :-) ] blashphemius act of dissecting his friend, philosopher, guide and GOD Mr.Belegere. So it is natural to get offended and agitated.

    May be we should only talked all the nice things about Belegere suppressing all the weaknesses(strengths?), manipulative qualities. Though Belegere may not like to only mukha stuti but definitely Girish doesn’t wish to hear any bad about his G. Thats it. period.

  198. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    patrakartaru kooDa manushyare [ journos are human beings ].
    We have to understand this first. They are not some gandharva, kinnara, kimpurusha ityadi ityadi from some yaksha loka or deva loka. So we should not be surprised or shocked to hear human qualities in journos. They too will have professional rivalry, some one feel jealous if other guy gets akademi award, if other guys get nice cover story, or may feel like exposing if some guy is straight away lifting article from some other source without naming the same. This is all part of the job. They too like to do kaleLeyuvadu, anukampa paDuvadu, saha udyogi bagge swabhimana, vimarshe, kaTu vimarshe..etc etc..

    Note journos are not mahatma gandhis or satya harischandras and expecting them to be so is also too much. I hope many people do read suddi mane kathe by suddisha(VB), that gives inside view of suddi mane. I consider this blog thread is also giving kind of suddi mane kathe. It is interesting to read. So please read and enjoy… do not get shocked or surprised dear bloggers.

    PS: Since everyone is filing affidvit, let me also come ‘clean’ :-)
    I am software guy who loves journalism. I occassionaly contribute articles to papers, weeklies, magazones etc. Plus whenever I feel, draw couple cartoons and dispatch the same to papers. So by profession an engineer but with lots of interests. Do read many mags / tabloids but not “peeta patrikegaLu”.

  199. Sunita Says:

    Dear Tadavalaga,

    Great! At least you mentioned about Suddimane kathe by Seddeesha (Vishy)It is a unique column n Kannada Journalism. It is one column dedicted for the profession.

    It is unique in many ways
    1. The concept of the column is superb
    2. Highly readable
    3. Variety of subjects
    4. Inside view of newspaper office
    5. Accentricity and nature of journos
    6. Foreign perspective etc etc.

    Non of the newspapers in India has similar column, if any I certainly do not know.

    Somebody should tell him to bring it in a book form. It would be extraordinary book for students of Journalism.

  200. Sunita Says:

    Hi Tadavalaga,

    As you rightly pointed out, thisflow of discussion in this blog would serve as some source for Vishy to his Suddimane Kathe. But he should read it. Is he listening? Someone in VK or someone in this blog should bring it to his notice.

  201. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    I feel compared to noorentu maatu, suddi mane kathe much much better column to read. Because noorentumaatu many times gets lost in praising or glorifying some person/incident/event etc but not suddimane. I think it’s more near to truth may not be 100% !

    I agree it really makes interesting reading. Similar RB used write about his SK and Karmaveera days once in while in Hi. They were also really interesting.

    What about YNK’s articles? and Press Club harategaLu ?

  202. Santosh Says:

    I read Vishy’s column. As far as writing style and narration is concerned t is a well-written piece. Vishy is always good in that, like Belegere. I congratulate Bhat for that. But as a story this is not comprehensive. This is incomplete. These are my humble observations on his column.

    1. This is one sided. Vishy glorified Sankeshwar’s achivements.
    2. This article sounded like an obituary on Sankeshwar and his son Anand.
    3. As a publisher Sankeshwar lacked commitment. Becoming a publisher of a number one daily is a huge responsibility. He was dumb for this. He treated paper like his transport company. As a businessman he was ruthless. Vyapaaram Droha chintanam! There are quite a few victims. Bhat is silent on this. Not a word.
    4. Bhat not ready to throw light on selling factor. Most of the people know “how VK become number one’. At this juncture it is not the story material. Material is what made him to sell the newspaper. Nayi manushyanige kacchidare suddi alla. Manushya nayige kachchidare suddi!
    5. Other side of this story is really a big story. Bhat missed it. Deliberately missed it! By doing this he misled 68 lacs kannadiga readers. This is my concern. Bhat failed as a journo this time too.

    Thank you

  203. Santosh Says:

    Rightly said. as an outsider you have the better judgement. I appreciate your comments.

  204. Sunita Says:

    Hi Santosh,

    I felt like you in the beginning. But please understand, he is the editor. He cannot write it in his paper. How can you do that in his own paper? He can only write in his autobiography or in some other newspaper after his retirement or after his stint in VK. Hope you agree

  205. Sunita Says:

    But Vishy cleverly concluded the column!

  206. Santosh Says:

    I agree. If that is his limitation then he must not have written on Sankeshwar. He could have avoided. Now he misled kannadigas.

  207. Arvind Says:

    In defence of Vishy …

    ‘noorentu maatu’ is a free flow of thoughts of an editor. What to write and what not to write is his own prerogative. It must be 5 years since Bhat took over and this column is as old as this. To keep it interesting for nearly 250 weeks is a herculean task. Vishy is successful in this regard.

    There is nothing wrong bidding farewell to his former boss. He has been able to capture the story behind the foundation of VK and its unique success within the column frame.

    Everyone of us knows and feels, selling of VK to TOI was not in good taste. In his heart of hearts even Vishy must be feeling the same. But as a responsible editor and a columnist/writer it would be embarassing for him to expose the deeds of his own boss. Nonetheless, he could have given a reasoning behind the sale. Anyway past is past.

    Keeping that regret open, we may expect ‘noorentu maatu’ would be more incisive, witty, thought provoking, educative … in the days to come.

  208. Sunita Says:

    Hi Arvind,

    I share opinion. It is not in defense of Vishy. I strongly feel that they are facts. Vishy cannot attack his past boss who sold the paper and nor criticise the present one, who purchased it. Moreover he looked at the issue in a different perspective. That is very intelligent handling.

  209. Sunita Says:

    Dear Friends or VK journos,

    Does Vishy knows about what is happening around in this blog? VK journos should enlighten us. I am very curiousto know how would he reacts.

  210. Sanju Says:

    Hi all,

    Do you know that after the price war Vijay Karnataka has lost it’s circulation substantially? It claimed a circulation of over 7.5 lakh copies and now it’s circulation is about 5.5 lakh copies! A fall of about 2 lakh copies. If Vishy is responsible for the growth of VKs circulation than it must be he who is responsible for it’s decline also. Right?

    Vishy in his noorentu-sullu this week, wrote a glorious obit to Sankeshwars. This is nothing unusual of Vishweshwar Bhat as he is also known as Hogalu Bhat! Why the hell Sankeshwars sold-off their newspapers, if their newspaper business a sucess? Every insider in the newspaper industry know that sankeshwars started bleeding heavily and could not sustain the losses. Has anyone got the answer for this tragic end of sankeshwars?

    Vishy in his usual noorentu sullu described the circulation growth of Vijay Karnataka from 2 lakh copies to 5.5 lakh copies as a historic growth in the Indian newspaper industry. Mr. Bhat has hid the fact that the Dinakaran has registered a circulation growth of about 15 lakh copies in just about an year. Is it not a historic growth compared to the growth of Vijay Karnataka? Let Mr.Vishy stand corrected on his facts.

    Do you know, it is only Prajavani and Samyukta Karanataka which are trying to increase their circulation figures? Udayavani and Kannada Prabha are intelligent enough to cap their upper and lower circulation limits.

    In fact, if someone has seen the the latest ABC report, they would know that all Kannada newspapers have lost their numbers whereas Kannada Prabha has grown by several thousand copies! How can you under estimate the edito-managerial capacities of Mr.Ranga? Also, you can’t ignore the edito-managerial capacities of Mr. Ravi Hegde who changed the face of Kannada Prabha and built a team of whole lot of young journalists. If someone interacts with Kannada Prabha will know the truth.

    I found Umapathi’s comments are very worthy. How can one forget the edito-managerial capacities of Shami? Shami single-handedly made thatskannada.com a great kannada brand.

    Vishy publishes his photos and news everyday in his No.1 newspaper and got himself overrated. But, there are more then a dozen journos who can match Vishy in both editorial and managerial capacities. However, I do agree that Vishy is one of the best editorial brains in Kannada press…. Undoubtedly.

    Can this blog come-out with a list of 12 people who can be the great editors for the Kannada press?

  211. Sanju Says:

    Someone has said in this blog that Vishy is the only writing editor. It’s not true.

  212. Umapathi Says:

    Hi Sanju,

    Though I may not agree with you on all the points, I would like to list 12 people who can be the great editors for the Kannada press:

    1. HR Ranganath
    2. Ravi Hegde
    3. Pratap Simha
    4. Prasanna Kumar
    5. P Tyagaraj
    6. SK Shamasundara
    7. Jogi
    8. P Rajendra
    9. Padmaraja Dandavati
    10. Jayant Kaikini
    11. Gangadhara Modaliar
    12. BM Haneef

  213. Budabudake Says:

    I still bet on the old horses like

    1. Venkata Narayana
    2. Dr R Poornima
    3. Nagesha Hegde
    4. MK Bhaskara Rao
    5. BV Seetaram
    6. Jayarama Adiga
    7. Jogi
    9. GS Sadashiva
    10. SK Shamasundara
    11. Padmaraja Dandavati
    12. Vasantha Nadiger

  214. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Umapathi and Budabudake,

    Its better if you could write a line or two about each of the names mentioned by you. I do not much about couple of names in both lists.

  215. Ajitha Says:

    I dont Know why all are clubing Vishy Bhat and VK. He is nothing and he is just an employee there. He will be paid some money for that he is working. If soe body gives more money he will definetly shift. This is all for food nothing else. Here one thing we have to remember is when Vijay Sankeshwar through him out from the the VK with the help of his great GURU Ravi Belegere he joined again, not with his talent. Who ever may be the editot vKremains. Today one tomorrow another. Being a Editor one should have his own firm decisions but Vb sold himself to the Vijaya Sankeshwara just to survive. i will give one example once there was a story against Sai Baba in Vijaya Karnataka, after todays on the same page Vk published story by praising sama Baba. They are totaly mis leading the people. Being a editor why cant he take a strict decision. A news paper should serve the society people are soo innocent that the believe what ever published in the newspaper. So that responsibility always on the editor. I think for a good professional newspaper Vishweshwara Bhat is not at all able editor. He doent know what is profession. A editor should heave experience in all the desks of newspaper organization but what VB had only subediting. Without knowledge of reporting how can he become able editor. He is good write but not good jornalist and able editor.

  216. Sunita Says:

    This is funny really,

    It looks like the list of Indian Cricket team! Crazy.

    It’s all hypothetical. Who is bothered about such names? I think it looks like ridiculous. Let us not debate on the frivilous issues.

  217. Raju Ramana Says:

    I agree with Sunita.

    Why do you discuss on matter which is little or no relevance.

    My serious objection is why do you missed out Bilidaale Eesha, Ra(Raw) Somanath and Manjunath Adde

  218. Raju Ramana Says:

    To Raju,

    Yaa yaa.. Bilidaale Eesha is a great journo. Better than our most of our reporter.

    I like jokes but decent jokes. Not Bilidaale Eesha. He is not only a joke but a joker.

  219. Santosh Says:

    Ranganath and Jogi have potentials. And both are better than Vishy Bhat. Jogi and Ranga never written a story like “Sankeshwar Vijaya’. They explained both sides of the story.

    I am not telling Vishy to write againist Sankeshwar. Bhat should have discussed this thing in his column, pro or anti. If he has limitations as an editor he should have avoided the subject. Giving one sided version is bad. Bhat did it quite a few time.

    Moreover selling a thing is not a crime. He has done nothing wrong by selling it. He treated VK as a business and he sold it. He must have made money also. You cannot say Times is anti-Kannadiga. Even they are making business out of it. They are good businessmen like Sankeshwar and their business model is different.


  220. Smitha Says:

    Hi Friends …

    Thanks that the blog is continuing despite 217 comments (at the time of this posting).

    I agree with Sunitha, that we do not need to list out journos, like cricket team members. Having worked with/interacted with most of the journos who have been listed, I can confidently say both Umapathi and Budubudake have prepared an exhaustive list, let us compliment both of them for this wonderful work. I suggest both of them must find a place either in Rajyotsava Prashasti Committee or Press Academy, so that they choose the right journos for the awards.

    I have a request for all my journo colleagues here, not to drag Tabloid journos into this scene. Let us restrict ourselves with broadsheet journos. With this statement, I am not demeaning the tabloid journos on any count. They too are equally respectable. My concern here is the list becomes endless, and discussions would go haywire.

    My friend Sunita’s suggestion is very good, that Vishy must know about this blog, and someone here (who is working for VK) can just drop a news to Vishy. He would be too glad to know about this, and might give credit to all of us in his next Suddimane Kathe. Since I am a freelancer do not work for any particular newspaper, my contacts at the editor’s level is very limited.

    It is very hypothetical to say that Ranga and Jogi would have handled the situation better than Vishy at this juncture. I still rate Vishy better on managerial count. Ranga lacks desk experience as much as Vishy lacking reporting experience. Ranga is more aggressive, as he has nothing to loose, at Kannadaprabha. Whereas Vishy has been haunted both from inside and outside continuously. While Vishy talks sweet, Ranga’s words are harsh. But both can manage a difficult situation very easily. The advantage of Ranga is, he has Ravi, Jogi, Uday, Shiva as his staunch supporters. While Vishy has to be content with Tyagaraj, Pratap, Badti, Apara, Kayarga. Which means Vishy needs struggle little more than Ranga.

    I do not know who, someone rightly suggested Ranga could be a successor to Vishy at VK or he can turn around UK. I completely agree with this idea. If Vishy can moot this to Chinnen, Ranga (if compensated adequately) might be roped in for UK. Does Vishy bring in his close competitor to TOI fold? Or would he stop any such moves? Only Vishy’s kitchen cabinet can answer this. Ravi Belagere’s recommendations would have great weightage on this issue.

    For the time being both VK and UK appeared to be unaffected. Let us wait and watch for some more time. My journo friends here might throw more light (not mud!!) in the posts to come!!

  221. Srivathsa Joshi Says:

    “ಸಂಪಾದಕರ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಸೊಂಪಾದ ಚರ್ಚೆ”!!

    (“saMpaadakara bagge soMpaada charche”!!!)

    Discussions going on here are quite interesting and insightful. Who’ll head/lead VK/UK/VT and PV/SK/UV/KP/”New”spaper (if one is launched) etc. apart, this debate has thrown some “significant” amount of light into contemporary kannada journalism and its “inside stories”.

    I have sent this URL to Shami, VBhat, Ranga, Jogi, RB (these five I know in person) but I’m sure they all have already started watching this page! Like a few others here, I too am just a software professional and have a little bit interest/inquisitiveness in journalism (not restricted to kannada) as my ‘huchchuhavyaasa’ :-)

    Please continue the healthy discussion. At the end, let’s get some good output and let kannada journalism thrive!

  222. Sanju Says:

    Sankeshwar A Flop Story:

    1. He said : He will take the circulation of VK to 10 lakh.
    But he flopped.

    2. He said : He will start America edition of VK
    But he flopped.

    3. He said : He will start Gulf edition of VK
    But he flopped.

    4. He said : He will start VK and VT Chennai edition
    But he flopped.

    5. He said : He will sell VK at 50 paise per copy.
    But he flopped.

    6. He said : He said he will make other newspaper to bleed.
    But he flopped.

    7. He said : He will close down Samyukta Karnataka and Kannada Prabha
    But he flopped.

    8. He said : He will make VK No.1 even in Coastal Karnataka.
    But he flopped.

    9. He said : He will make Usha Kirana No.2 newspaper in Karnataka.
    But he flopped.

    10. He said : He will come to power in Ktk. with his Kannada Nadu Party.
    But he flopped.

    10. He said : He will start a 3rd Kannada Newspaper in 2006.
    But he sold all his newspapers and fled.

    What a flop he is !

  223. Budabudake Says:

    Thanks Joshi, for having worked on behalf of us.

    And all of us sincerely wish here that the bigwigs of Kannada journalism would take a note of this healthy discussion (we hope to continue this as healthy discussion).

    Sanju, leave Sankeshwar in peace. It is easier to list out “flops”, despite many odds against him, he was able to achieve something credible i.e., making VK a grand success. The unceremonious sell out of VK must be hurting you (and millions of people like you) and it is understandable.

    Taking cue from Joshi and assuming all the pancha pandavas of Kannada journalism are watching this blog, why not we start listing out, what we expect from a Kannada newspaper?

    For example, many of us might be feeling reader’s do not adequate forum/space in the newspapers, especially VK.

    We also feel in-depth anaysis on important events/news is also missing. If at all there is any analysis, it is only on political developments. For example PM Manmohan Singh is launching 10-lane express highway between Bangalore-Hosur tomorrow. Would any paper talk about the need for such huge projects, the fallout of such rapid developments, the usefulness, and in the backdrop of NICE does this too get into hands of land grabbers.

    I do not want to make a big list (may be ran out of ideas at this moment), but would like this list gets longer with fellow journos contributing to this.

  224. Raju Ramana Says:


    I think we have discussed so many aspects of Kannada Journalism. Yet new things are coming out. I thank V.Bhat for kindle the discussion.

    My count is that Vish Bhat is undoubtedly emerged as a best editor. He proved his mettle even in this blog. Most of them fairly passed a very good comment on him. It shows readers acceptence as the editor.

    We go on criticising anyone without stop. But there is no point in doing so.

    Ranga is doing ok. But he has to walk a hundred kms to overtake V.Bhat. V.Bhat is an ideal editor, good manager, excellent writer and top it all good human being. Those who work with him are highly appreciative of his humane qualities. He is perfect editor. He may not be a crusading editor. In the given situation it is difficult also.

    As an editor, he is giving full justice to the post.

    In the days to come he has to play very important role.

    Kannadigas accepted him as a very good editor. He exhibited his calibre and proved his worth at a critical times.

    I appreciate his kind of journalism.

  225. Jadugar Says:

    Hi Raju,

    You are right. I subscribe your views on Vishy (Sorry Sunita, calling him Vishy) Why should we criticise him? He is doing a fantastic job. He has a clean image. He is clean and smart. At least we can boldly say that look here is an Kannada editor who is young, creative, smart, maverick, good writer and superb manager. He carries all these qualities. It is need of the hour to support him.

    What do you say Tammanna, Arvind, Chandan. Sanju?

    Of course, I know the reactions of Sunita.

  226. Jadugar Says:

    Strange is nobody discussing about Dr.Poornima of Udayavani and Venkatanarayana of Usha Kiran. I am surprised. Why this partiality?

    Can anyone throw light on Venkatanarayana?

  227. Sunita Says:

    Dear Jadugar,

    Do you think that I am the president of Vishy Fan Club? No. I am an humble reader. But I read all of his columns. In a way I am the fan of Kannada newspapers.

    When I drew the attention of my boss towards thisblog, he got all the print out. He is an avid Vishy reader. He showered all praise on Vishy.

    Yes, I agree with jadugar. Nobody is discussing about Dr.Poornima and Venkatanarayana. Perhaps their role has not come under scrutiny because they must have contributed little. I haven’t read their any write ups except Dr.Poornima’s -Mannina Kannu. She exhausted after 10 weeks. Mind it its very diffcult to come up with new and exciting topic every week.

    That’s why Venkatanarayana is not writing at all. He is very intelligent!

  228. Jadugar Says:

    Venkatanarayana? Please tell me who is he? Is he an editor? For which newspaper? Please enlighten me. My dear bloggers please do help me.

  229. Raju Ramana Says:

    Hi Jadugar,

    I think, I am not sure, Venkatanarayana is a journalist and pretends to be an editor of Usha Kiran, a loss making proposition for Sankeshwar. He thought that its a Visha Kiran and closed it down.

  230. Raju Ramana Says:

    Hi Jadugar,

    I think, I am not sure, Venkatanarayana is a journalist and pretends to be an editor of Usha Kiran, a loss making proposition for Sankeshwar. He thought that its a Visha Kiran and sold it to TOI

  231. Gayatri Says:

    You guys are highly partial about Gowri Lankesh. You are not ready to discuss about her seriously. You are jealous of her popularity. This week column – Kanda haage – is excellent. She is 100 times better than Ravi Belagere, Pratap and Vishweswar Bhat. The way sheis bringing out her paper is mind boggling. She is a women. See her courage. Great lady. Iron lady of Kannada Journalism.

    Tammanna, Budabudike, Chandan, Sanju, Sunita, Kannada Kuvara, Hampalli, Arvind, Raju.. where are you? Come on guys.

  232. sanju Says:

    Thanks Umapathi, for responding to my post. You said you don’t agree with some of my points. If you can specify, i can definitely come out with facts and figures.

  233. Raju Ramana Says:

    yappo, bantalappo Kalasipalya… Please save me.

    Baredu kodteeni Gayatramma, Gowri Lankeshu great journalist. nammannu buttu budu taayi.

  234. Gayatri Says:

    Hi Raju Ramana,

    This is very bad. Do not call me kalasipalya.. Who are you..KR Market?
    Gowri Lankesh is a great journalist. You are not ready to agree. At least say yes for a minute.

    You do not know her capacity. When Saket Rajan was killed she protested. Yelli hogidru kannadada patrakartaru?

    She is an activist turned radio-active.

  235. sanju Says:

    After reading this entire section, I felt like telling some insider facts to anyone who is seriously interested in knowing the real circulation business:

    Someone in this blog has said: ” But for Vishy – the one-and-only-editor, VK never would have achieved a circulation of 5.5 lakh copies.

    Reality : But for Vijay Sankeshwar, Vishy would not have entitled for such a huge circulation figure! It’s a fact.

    In the business of newspaper, it is not the editor who decides the circulation targets nor he achieves it. It is the newspaper owner who calculates the number of copies he requires to attain a specific revenue target. This circulation V/s revenue calculation is different for different languages based on the per copy revenue potential for that particular language. In India per copy revenue is highest for English and Hindi. In four southern languages Telugu has highest and Kannada has lowest per copy revenue.

    Before the entry of VK, owners of four Kannada newspapers had targeted a circulation range of just 1-2 lakh copies for the amount of revenue they were getting. This was their target circulation and with this low circulation they were maximising their profits. They were not trying to increase the numbers beyond this range. It was the entry of VK, which altered this range. The unprofessional advisers of Sankeshwar targeted a circulation of 10 lakh copies of VK. People in the newspaper business laughed at him for his huge loss-making-circulation target. By the time, Sankeshwar realised the cost v/s revenue calculation for kannada newspaper industry it was too late. Then, he revised his circulation target to just about 50% of what he initially intended.

    In this whole game, Vishy the one-and-only-editor is just another staff of VK like the circulation manager who works to achieve the target his boss has set! Nothing more. Nothing less. Circulation manager was good at his work and Vishy was good at his job. That’s all. Even if Vishy were not to be there and Daitota or Ranga were to be the editors of VK, sankeswar still would have got his target achieved.

    Please note: with Daitoda as the editor, Viajya sankeshwar managed to get about 2 lakh copies (as said in this blog. I don’t know) without any pricewar. With pricewar and Vishy – combination Sankeshwar managed to get another 2.5 lakh copies. In the newspaper business it is always important to get the first 2 lakh copies and the stable foundation for the product. Based on this, next 2.5 lakh copies can be achieved with marketing investments coupled with the product improvement. This logic was proved with Bhavana and Nootana two periodicals which the same sankeshwar started. Nootana failed to get the initial momentum. Whereas Bhavana failed to get the strong foundation inspite of it’s very good content. Had they got the initial stability like VK, sankeshwar would have given a run for Sudha and Mayoora!

    Hence, in my opinion, the credit of achieving 5.5 lakh copies of VK should go to Vijay Sankeshwar and not to Vishy.

    And let me categorically say this… if Vishy were to be the editor of Samyukta Karnataka or Kannada Prabha the circulation of these two newspapers would not have gone beyond their present numbers. You know why? Simply because the owner of Kannada Prabha does not want a high circulation and politically stinking and cash crunch Samyukta Karnataka management simply can’t afford to have a circulation of 5.5 lakh copies. It is the luck of Vishy that he got an owner like sankeshwar who wanted a higher circulation.

    I told all these not to under estimate the editorial capacities of Vishy. My point is that he is not the one-and-only-editor. But surely I agree that VISHY IS ONE OF THE great contemporory editors.

    Sorry Vishy fans!

  236. sanju Says:

    To Sunita & Tadavalaga Tammanna,

    Hey, I just wanted this blog to list out the potential editors other than Vishy. You know why? Today Kannada press definitely has a few talented young journalists, who are unknown to us. (Ele Mareya Kaayigalu.) When Vishy became the editor everyone was skeptical about his editorship. In fact, then there was a joke in the media circle – Only two people who directly got promoted from sub-editor to editor without becoming senior sub-editor are 1. Ravi Belagere and 2. Vishy. But, Vishy proved to be an excellent editor beyond anybody’s imagination. In this context, I thought the bloggers here may come out with names which might be in the newspaper’s imprint someday. Then this churumuri bloggers can boast of having identified the future editors. You say this is crazy. Uh?

  237. Budabudake Says:


    TSR was the first editor who zoomed from sub-editor to Editor at PV. Belagere never edited broadsheet newspaper any time (he edited only Karmaveera weekly)

  238. Kanndada Kuvara Says:


    I think you are in a great hurry to throw stones at Vishy. I find no substance in most of your allegations.

    You say that an editor should heave experience in all the desks of newspaper organization but what VB had only subediting. Without knowledge of reporting how can he become able editor.

    – This is not true. The finest of the Editors Kannada newspapers have seen till now, never had reporting experience. For example TSR, Khadri Shamanna, YNK, MB Singh, Venkatanarayana, Surendra Dani, Dr R Poornima …. always worked at the desk. Similarly the ‘reporting’ journos did not proved to be good editors like SV Jayasheela Rao, K Satyanarayana, K Shreedharachar, VN Subbarao, Garudanagiri Nagaraja …. In this aspect Ranga stands out.

    when Vijay Sankeshwar through him out from the the VK with the help of his great GURU Ravi Belegere he joined again, not with his talent.

    – I really do not vouch for this story. It is a fictious one. Sankeshwar is not under obligation of either Belagere or Bhat. If he had decided to throw Bhat out, he could have done it. It is only because Bhat had enough editorial talent, Sankeshwar never attempted to throw Bhat out.

    .. Being a Editor one should have his own firm decisions but Vb sold himself to the Vijaya Sankeshwara just to survive.

    – Vishy is always firm on principles. Decision on editorial contents are collective. There was nothing for Vishy to sell to Sankeshwar. Your complaint on Sai Baba story is not very clear. But I guess what was published in a column (on which editor generally doesn’t have much control) must have been anti-thesis of the one published in a news item/feature. It is acceptable, and I do not find any irritatnts here.

    .. They are totaly mis leading the people. Being a editor why cant he take a strict decision.

    – It is a baseless allegation. Looks like you are not a journo and hence u r not understanding intricacies of journalism.

  239. Budabudake Says:

    In defence of Venkatanarayana …

    Venkatanarayana would have almost become the editor of Samyukta Karnataka, but for the idiosynchrosies of K Shamarao. He rose from proofreader to that position after three decades of dedicated service. He was picked up to edit Kannadaprabha, after YNK’s demise, and was successful there too. It was no surprise when he was chosen for Ushakirana. He carried out/and still carrying out a good job there.

    Basically a nice human being, good manger, less interefering, who know the work at teh grassroot level of a newspaper. He too accompanied one of the Prime Ministers of India on a foreign jaunt.

  240. Budabudake Says:


    People write less about peole who are not (and not inclined to be) in limelight. Dr R Poornima is not being discussed here because

    (a) she is less controversial and
    (b) she has less fan following (like many other desk journos and publicity shy editors)

    To keep the records straight the following points are worth mentioning here.

    (a) Dr RP was one of the bright starts at PV. Combination of Dr RP and Nagesh Hegde at Sudha during MB Singh days and later, zoomed the circulation of Sudha.

    (b) Her unceremonial transfer to Mangalore made her to quit PV.

    (c) As Taranga’s Bangalore Office in-charge she was responsible for uplinking writers and artists of this part of the world to Manipal. She brought out wonderful cover stories those days.

    (d) Later after taking over the editorship of Udayavani, the paper shed out its confined image of ‘karavaliya sundara dainika’. Udayavani’s presence at Bangalore was felt only after her entry.

    (e) ‘maNNina kaNNU’ was a good column, which Dr RP shouldn’t have stopped ubruptly. But the editorial compulsions are different. She took more interest in getting other writers contributing for the paper. Unlike other contemporary editors of Kannada Newspapers at present, she has vivid interest in Music (being the daughter of famous Veena Rajarao) and literature.

  241. Umapathi Says:

    This is in response to Gayathri, on the issue of (or being silent of) Gowri Lankesh…..

    (a) The discussion here is on off shoot on TOI picking up VK, and not on other newspapers and definitely not on Tabloids and its journalists. Hence Gowri is not being discussed seriously here.

    (b) Lankesh and Lankesh Patrike have almost lost their bases. The decline started after the death of Lankesh and further degenerated after the split.

    (c) Lankesh has been totally sold out and surrendered to Naxals. Hence it is not appropriate to discuss that Paper and its editor at this place.

    (d) Finally, she is not a good writer in Kannada (I do not much about her English writing as well) let alone a good editor.

  242. Sunita Says:

    Hi Sanju,

    Thanks for your analysis.

    The circulation of VK touched 80 thousand, NOT 2 LAKHS, when Daitota was the editor. It was highly exaggerated figure. Check up with VK circulation staff. Sankeshwar mentioned this in one of the programmes.

    Had the circulation touched 2 lakhs, it would have been listed in ABC. But VK lost first ABC. Even it didnot get an entry. So, 2 lakh-Daitota tag is baseless and far from truth. This was revealed by none other than Sankeshwar.

    While launching Usha Kiran, he profusely praised Vishy. Sankeshwar hardly praises anyone, remember it. He said VK got its wings only after Vishy entry. He said Vishy was responsible for the growth and success of VK.

    Later while launching VK epaper, he reiterated the same point. Sankeshwar on many occasions openly said VK’s editorial success was written by Vishy.

    If Sankeshwar showers praise that means it is true and he means it.

  243. Raju Ramana Says:


    Being a software engineer, your interest in Journalism is quite interesting. Keep it up

  244. Raju Ramana Says:


    I would like to add. Kannada Prabha is not listed in ABC. So they quote fictitious circulation figure. On all counts, its circulation is not more than 50 thousand.

    They donot get advertisements, and they get only eye-soring tender ads. So they get empty pages. Hence they play up the stories.

    Where VK is crammed with advertisements. They have tocontent with whatever the space they get. This is important. This is true in the case of Usha Kiran too.

    That’s why you feel that KP and UK are content rich.

  245. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Hi Friends,

    Good Morning. Sorry I had been to Mysore. This morning I read all the entries. It’s quite interesting.

    Vishweshwar Bhat has proved his worth in this blog too. I am happy that Pratap and Jogi too were found a space.

    I feel we need to discuss about PV and its editor.

    Tammanna, Umapathi, Arvind, Budabudike, Sunita, Sanju, Smitha.. where are you? Pitch in.

  246. Sangamesh Babu Says:


    Gayatrakkanannu bittu bidu.. badukikollali..

    sadya Gowri lankesh photo kalisi nammannellaa hedarisalillavallaa.

  247. Budabudake Says:

    Raju Ramana,

    >>> I would like to add. Kannada Prabha is not listed in ABC. So they quote fictitious circulation figure. On all counts, its circulation is not more than 50 thousand.

    – Whether Kannada Prabha is listed in ABC or not, must be a concern of advertisers, and NOT repeat NOT the concern of readers like you and me. Its circulation is always capped by the proprietors, as they know pretty well that beyond certain numbers, its not economical to print more copies. Whether it is 50,000 or 1,00,000 need not be a point of great discussion here.

    >>> They donot get advertisements, and they get only eye-soring tender ads. So they get empty pages. Hence they play up the stories.
    >>> Where VK is crammed with advertisements. They have tocontent with whatever the space they get. This is important. This is true in the case of Usha Kiran too.

    >>> That’s why you feel that KP and UK are content rich.

    – As a reader I wish there should not be any advertisements, whether eye-catching or eye-soaring. I need contents sir, for the money I pay. If Aish sells Nakshatra diamonds or Priyanka Chopra markets Spice telecom or Tendulkar boosts Boost …. it doesn’t matter to me. I wish the last page of the newspaper fully reserved for sports, not advertisements. Reminding you on the 8-column Alto advertisement on the first page of yesterday’s VK, just above the Headlines! This is ridiculous sir.

  248. sanjaya Says:

    debate fine, i will reply later.

  249. Gayathri Says:


    I strongly protest. Who is Umapathi to hold me? I am not living at the mercy of anyone, including Umapathi.

    What is wrong with Gowri Lankesh’s face? She is beautiful and radiant. Only this blog is not have any option to send photographs. Otherwise I would have done it long back. I know you are all scared of her, none of your favourite editors match her talents.

    You are a coward, backing out from discussion on Gowri Lankesh.

  250. Kannada Kuvara Says:


    You say “if Sankeshwar showers praise that means it is true and he means it”.

    Do you think Sankeshwar is Satya Harishchandra?

  251. Anil Kumar Says:

    Hi Sanju….

    Whether Sankeshwar managed to get 2 Lakh circulation under Daitota is still doubtful. Even if we assume, he did manage, getting another 3.5 Lakh (and not 2.5 Lakh as you mention) to 5.5 Lakh circulation is not a joke. It is tougher than laying a foundation of 2 Lakh circulation. If getting additional 2.5 Lakh buying readers was so easy, every newspaper in Karnataka would have tried starting from PV, SK, UV etc.

    Ofcourse your talk on the marketing strategy was very interesting. I consider it is an engineer’s analysis on product and its selling. ‘Nutana’ and ‘Bhavana’ met with disasters due to the wrong choice of the Editor-in-Chief. The much hyped Santosh Kumar Gulvadi had exhausted all his creative ideas at the time of joining group. Atleast Bhavana was good with content, thanks to Jayant Kaikini. Sha.Mam. Krishnarao was good at producing Smarana Sanchikes than a weekly magazine. But Jayant, with his egoes at the peak, can never be successful as a leader. Sankeshwar did right things and closed the shops.

    Your argument on ‘had they got the initial stability like VK, sankeshwar would have given a run for Sudha and Mayoora’ hold no water since the demand for Weekly and Monthly magazines in Kannada started declining long back!

  252. Ramitha Says:

    I welcome the decision taken by TOI to make Das as CEO. Vijaya Karnataka group need one dynamic personality to head. Somebody in the comments expressed the viewt hat Vishweshvara Bhat is the able personality. Here i want raise one serious question it should be answered. Whether Journalism is Janivarism? Just find out howmany nonbrahmins were taken in the period of VB. They are dominating in Vijaya Karnataka. And as lecturer of Journalism I want to tell one thing A good writer cannot become a good journalist. One can write stories, poems and with beautiful phrases one can express his feelings. But it is not journalism. A journalist should understand others feeling and he should find out which can become news. A newspaper should be unbiased. Caste color, creed wont count only talent counts here. So newspaper owners should know this. I hope with das Vijaya Karnataka will prospere in future. A news paper cannot run by a one man. It is grourp effort. One maynot read news paper for one columnist. News is important here. I hope in future vijaya karnataka will be unbiased and not dominated by one caste.

  253. sanjaya Says:

    hello, good mornig.
    Debate about V.K. in churumuri going on healty and constructive. (axept some rough text). More people react about role of two editors, Ishwara Ditota and V.Bhat. I think both are extraordinary talented persons. Victory in V.K., Ditotas role is magnificent. After Ditota, Mr.Bhats entry is a major turnig point. Under his captaincy V.K. curculation reached 1,00000 to 6,00000 plus!
    Mr. Bhat has extraordinary leadership ability. He has 2 gold medols in MA and Msc. He studied journalisam education in U.K. He is most educated editor of kannada journalisam. Orgonisation and public relation skills are big wepon of Mr. Bhat. Around 4 years his succesfully walke with Mr. Sankeshwar is a good proof of his all rounder performance.
    young and energetic editorial staff is a basic assets of V.K. V.K. has some best hands like- Vasantha nadiger, k.s.jagannath, p.thyagaraj, prabhakar, aravinda navada, lokesh kayarga, radhakrishna bhadti, pratap simha, ramesh naik, a.r.manikanth, mahesh devashetti, alaka, vinod naik, chennangihalli, veerabhadrappa, sudhanva dheraje, suresh puduvettu, venkatalxmi…

    top 10 waste bodies of V.K.
    1.Gayatridevi, 2.P.kalpana, 3.manjunath hiremath. 4.m.s.anand. 5.mahantesh bahadule. 6. reporter manjunath. 7. premraj. 8. jayakumar. 9.ganesh hegade, 10.madhava ital.

    3 wonders and blunders of V.K.
    1. personal assistant p.kalpana promoted as a sub editor! 2. dtp operator manjunath hiremath promoted as a sub editor! 3. Raghu (apara) promoted sub editor to chief sub editor!

    Kalpana join in v.k as P.A. of then editor Ditota.That time start “war” between Editor Ditota and Assistant Editor p.sushila. She use to kalpana as a wepon against Ditota. Kalpana complation against Ditota about molestation! Coincidently that time rise “cool war’ between Ditota and management, and he resigned. Then kalpana get sub editor post as a gift from p.sushila! Kalpana dont know ABCD of journalisam. She full depend on news editor, Nadiger. In 8 hours duty she spend around 5 hours infront of news editor!

    Manjunath hiremath is a dtp operator. He also dont know ABCD of journalisam. But last year he promoted as sub editor! News editor Nadiger and Radhakrishna badti misguide to editor about hiremath. But why they were push him? This is a “chidambara rahasya’.

    Raghu is a creative and tallented. He is a best page designer. But he is not a good journalist. Last year, in a surprissing move he get promotion as a chief sub editor. Still now, he dont know even diference between Rajyasabha abd Lokasabha, MLA and MLC!

    2 Miracle of V.K.
    Two staff of v.k. engege with “private work’ in office since last 2-3 years!
    One of them, Sudhakar Reddy. He is a dtp operator. But in duty hours, he full busy in real estate business, with office phone and website!

    Onother one, repoter manjunath. He is “unholly link’ with corporate pro’s. Hole day he dont write even a single word for v.k. But, he full engege in translation and press release preferation for corporate sector.
    Sice last 2-3 years they were doing this kind of side business in office. But, editor Mr. Bhat dont aware about this!
    What a miracle!!

  254. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Please do not discuss office politics Sanjaya..
    Later it will go to the doorsteps.

    Who is bothered about Kalpana, Nadiger, Hiremath, Manjunath and Apara. They are all lesser mortals. Let them be there, where they are.

    Let us discuss the finer points of news room dear

  255. Sunita Says:

    Dear Kannada Kuvara,

    Sankeshwar may not be Satya Harishchandra. But his views on his editor Vishy is more authentic and reliable. Publisher’s views on editor carry weight. Don’t you think so?

    Mind, Sankeshwar is a straight forward person. He calls spade a spade!!
    He shall not be under the pressure of Vishy, isn’t it?

  256. Sumanth Narain Says:

    What’s this non sense? Office politics beda beda…

    Dear friends people are reading this blog seriously. Maintain decorum yaar. Do not settle scores with your enimies.

    You journalists are like this..

  257. Dr.Prabhakar Says:

    To Sanjaya,

    This is not office canteen.. No politics please.

  258. Dr.Prabhakar Says:

    Do not think that your editor doesnot know about it. Persons at the top see every thing. But they pretend to be unaware of many things!

  259. Budabudake Says:


    You must be a VK Staff, there is no doubt about it. Do not discuss petty politics in this blog. But I am amazed at your wonderful english. With few more people on the rolls of VK, soon it would be No.0. Instead of posting these kinds of nonsense, you atleast start reading VT that is available freely in your office. Let your english improve to save us from this kind of attack in future.

  260. Kannada Kuvara Says:

    Dear Suni,

    I agree with you that Vishy is solely (and collectively) responsible for the VK’s grand success. But he doesn’t require a certificate from Sankeshwar, readers like you and me have already accredited Vishy. Why I say this point is, I have my own doubts about Sankeshwar’s straight forwardness. Like any other politicians and businessmen, his views are never straight and hardly keep any principle.

  261. sanju Says:

    Hello Raju Ramana, It’s my reply to your post somewhere above.

    Check your facts before saying that Kannada Prabha is not listed in ABC. It was only during the 1 Rupee price war that Kannada Prabha opted out of ABC on it’s own. Otherwise, it has consistently maintained its position what it wanted. You should remember one thing… Kannada Prabha never uses dumping method to increase its circulation. In fact, it does not supply more than some specified copies to its distributors even if the distributors demand. Check with any editors about this fact. Venkatanarayana must be in a better position to tell you the story of circulation rigidity of Kannada Prabha.

    For your kind information KP circulation is just over 1lakh copies and it is the only Kannada newspaper showing an up-trend whereas all other newspapers are showing the downtrend. In NRS survey, KP’s three supplements have registered a highest readership in supplement category, on all India basis both in language and English press put together. That shows the market loyalty KP and its sub-brands enjoy. If KP owners do not want to increase the circulation, why the hell should the editors be blamed? As a newspaper I can tell KP is super. No other kannada daily gives you as many Breaking Stories as KP does. If you have not noticed this, then I am sure you are not a mainstream Kannada journalist. As for as it’s eye soaring tender advts. and it’s cinema advts. are concerned, that’s exactly must be the circulation v/s revenue strategy of KP. What’s wrong?

  262. Kannada Kuvara Says:


    You have opened up the kitchen politics here. Your language as well as the narration is hilarious. No doubt you are a bundle of contradictions.

    For example I just quote from your own statements, the views on Mr.Vasanth Nadiger, News Editor of VK.

    (a) young and energetic editorial staff is a basic assets of V.K. V.K. has some best hands like- Vasantha nadiger ….. (Paragraph 3, Line 1)

    (b) wonders and blunders of V.K. …. 1. personal assistant p.kalpana promoted as a sub editor! … Kalpana dont know ABCD of journalisam. She full depend on news editor, Nadiger. In 8 hours duty she spend around 5 hours infront of news editor! (Paragraph 5 and Paragraph 6)

    (c) Manjunath hiremath ….. also dont know ABCD of journalisam. But last year he promoted as sub editor! News editor Nadiger and Radhakrishna badti misguide to editor about hiremath. But why they were push him? This is a “chidambara rahasya’. (Paragraph 7)

    My dear friend Sanjaya, are you a friend of Mr.Vasanth Nadiger or a foe of Mr.Vasanth Nadiger? What are you trying to achieve through this kind of postings?

  263. sanju Says:

    Dear Anil Kumar,

    If you say that the demand for Weekly and Monthly magazines in Kannada started declining long back!

    I find it a huge market potential to explore now as the market is at its lower level for the entry of a new investment! Right?

    This is what the marketing people are taught in their business schools.

  264. Gayatri Says:


    Thats why I am telling you people to talk on Gowri Lankesh, the dare devil editor of Kannada Journalism, next only to Barkha Dutt in all India level. She is the only person who tore Vishweshwara Bhatta and Pratapa Simha in her paper. Even now both of them get scared to talk about Gowri Lankesh.

    Bloggers discuss about her.

  265. Budabudake Says:

    Sanjaya …

    I strongly oppose your certain statements. You consider some of the best VK hands as waste bodies, which is far from truth.

    1. Gayatri Devi – a silent worker, leader writer, who has been awarded by the Media Academy of Karnataka last year. She has worked for sometime at Samyukta Karnataka and has couple of decades’ experience in Prajavani. She has been an active social worker. If you follow the editorials of VK regularly, then you would understand Gayatri Devi’s competence.

    2. P Kalpana – she is an intelligent and self-respecting girl. Under Susheela’s guidance she contributed quite a bit for the VK’s Magazines during the initial days. The Daitota episode is purely ‘personal’ and one must appreciate her courage to fight against the mighty editor, who was mischievous. If she is not shining now, it is just because of lack of opportunities or jealous people are coming on her way.

    3. Madhava Aital – is one among the best feature writer. His knowledge on Science and Technology is very good. And he was responsible for getting articles from well known writers.

    4. Apara Raghu – is one of the finest hands available to VK today. His visualisation and pagination are excellent. His work on the cover pages of books has been appreciated by many. He is an asset to any organisation.

  266. Budabudake Says:

    Sanjaya …

    I strongly oppose your certain statements. You consider some of the best VK hands as waste bodies, which is far from truth.

    1. Gayatri Devi – a silent worker, leader writer, who has been awarded by the Media Academy of Karnataka last year. She has worked for sometime at Samyukta Karnataka and has couple of decades’ experience in Prajavani. She has been an active social worker. If you follow the editorials of VK regularly, then you would understand Gayatri Devi’s competence.

    2. P Kalpana – she is an intelligent and self-respecting girl. Under Susheela’s guidance she contributed quite a bit for the VK’s Magazines during the initial days. The Daitota episode is purely ‘personal’ and one must appreciate her courage to fight against the mighty editor, who was mischievous. If she is not shining now, it is just because of lack of opportunities or jealous people are coming on her way.

    3. Madhava Aital – is one among the best feature writer. His knowledge on Science and Technology is very good. And he was responsible for getting articles from well known writers.

    4. Apara Raghu – is one of the finest hands available to VK today. His visualisation and pagination are excellent. His work on the cover pages of books has been appreciated by many. He is an asset to any organisation.

    Please correct your impressions atleast on four people listed above. I have less interaction with the rest of the ‘waste bodies’.

  267. Gayathri Says:

    That is why I am telling you people. VK is full of waste bodies only. The real dare devil editor is Gowri Lankesh only. Even today Pratap Simha and Vishveshwara Bhat are really scared of talking about Gowri Madam. Madam has written nicely about both of them in her papers many times. All are true only. That is why I am telling you people to read Lankesh, and Gowri Madam’s column ‘kanda haage’. It is better than ‘noorentu maatu’ and ‘bettale jagattu’.

  268. Budabudake Says:

    akkaa gaayatrakkaaa…

    yaakakkaa nammanna inge golaadsideeyaaa..

    naavenu teppu maadeevi…

    dayvituu nammannu butbudakkaa…

    nim gowrakkana prastaapa budo angidre…

    aa nam devstaanakke ogi, nin esru elkondu ravashtu rammu, whishkey kudeeteevi taayi…

    butbudavvaa… butbudavvaa… dayavittu butbudavvaa…

  269. Sleeveless Sarasa (Radio Mirchi) Says:

    Hello friends,

    Why are you all perturbed? If Gayatri desires, let us discuss about Gowri Lankesh. What’s wrong with that?

  270. Anil Kumar Says:

    On popular public demand, let us discuss on Gowri Lankesh

    I know Gowri Lankesh as a student of Vijaya High School. She was very very active girl those days. I remember her acting in one of the plays directed by Prema Karanth (I dont know whether it was Ispeetu Raja) at Ravindra Kalakshetra.

    Later when she was studying for her Mass Communications PG at Central College, the classes of her were conducted in the premises of University Engineering College at KR Circle. I think she was one of the pet students of Prof BH (?) Shreedhar. Chidanand Rajghatta was her classmate those days. Both were actively participating in all the cultural and literal activities. I remember both passed out with distinction.

    If I remember right, she moved on to Sunday (those days it was one of the darling newsmagazines, MJ Akbar was editing, Arun Shourie was contributing, remember the famous cover story, ‘Mrs Gandhi can give me keys and sleep’ of Gundu Rao, the informal interview of the then CM of Karnataka given to Arun Shourie) Weekly Magazine of Ananda Bazar Patrika. She was Bangalore correspondent for sometime and I think she moved to Bombay or Delhi (I do not remember). She used to write good copies those days. And english journos of national weeklies used to get more prominence, and she was one of those dare devilish women journos, entering press club. She ventured other newspapers/magazines and finally landed at ETV, the career was not successful on TV.

    She got prominence once again after the demise of P Lankesh. She took the mantle, was able to run the magazine decently, with the help of her brother Indrajit, despite stiff competition from Hi Bangalore. As the Naxal movement picked up, she started totally sidelining the journalistic ethics and the paper turned out to be a handbill of naxal movement in Karnataka. She split with her brother and started Lankesh, and it is nothing but showpiece on the newsstands. Some so called intellectuals of URA kind still support her (a kind of repaying regards to P Lankesh), and she has been living in the past glories. Unfortunately her pen (in Kannada) is not powerful. As a matter of fact, though not a trained journo, her brother Indrajit can write better. Sometimes his articles are interesting too. Whereas Gowri’s paper is nothing but trash, highly biased and poorly edited. Less said the better on the style and language of the stories in her paper.

  271. Anil Kumar Says:

    nUreMTu suLLu blog (http://www.noorentusullu.blogspot.com) has picked up this page and mentions as follows:

    Friday, June 23, 2006
    Water Cooler Talk At Churumuri

    If you are interested to read something interesting about Kannada journalism and journos, do drop in here and read the comments section. The talk there is not always illuminative. At times it is even vulgur. But at all times it is quite interesting. We learnt a good bit of information from there.
    (Our thanks to Subhash for sending us the link.)

    Disclosure: Our blog makes a “You Blink, You’ll Miss It” appearance there.

  272. Budabudake Says:

    One more good hand at VK, who has been conveniently forgotten by Sanjaya as well as others.

    HR Shreesha – Post graduate in Communications from Bangalore University (student of the first batch) started his career at Samyukta Karnataka. Later on moved to Kannada Prabha. He was at one of the hard stations like Gulbarga for long time. His reporting is very crisp and statistics are fabulous. He has varigrated interest, not got stuck with politics. He writes mainly on developments and in particular about power sector. His association with cultural organisations is very intimate. He makes a good copy on literary giants. A respectable journo with own standings. A person who can be relied, Shreesha is a person with very good heart, always helpful to others. Personally a very clean person.

  273. Krishna Says:

    The discussion has been very good. There is no doubt that VB has been a unique success story in Kannada journalism. But I lost all respect for him during the last general elections, when he allowed the paper to be completely subordinated to Sankeshwar’s political whims. Allotting one whole page to B B Shivappa’s supposedly 5 year letter against Ananthkumar in an effort to effect caste polarization, or running a series on Jagadish shettar in the run-up to the polling (Sankeshwar eventually lost his deposit against Shettar), etc.. come to mind.

  274. Raju Ramana Says:

    To Krishna,

    You don;t know the inner things. Sankeshwar would have destroyed the paper during the elections. Only because of VB, it survived later. Please check your facts right.

    Dering the last election, when Sankeshwar tried to turn the paper, VB protested and eventually walked out of VK. Sankeshwar not sacked him. Many people think so. Had he sacked him, he would have removed his name from the imprint. But VB’s name was appearing even during in his absence.

    The reality is that VB resigned protesting against Sankeshwar’s attempt to convert VK as his election bulletien.

    So why do lose respect for VB? In fact you have to show more respect.

  275. Manjunath VKM Says:

    Why do you discuss about Gowri Lankesh? She was a journo but not now. She is a roll-call. She doesnot know the ethics of journalism. Her paper is sub standard. Let us dump her into the dustbin.

  276. Gayatri Says:

    Hi Manju,
    I protest your statment.

    Have you ever read the column – Kanda haage- by Gowri Lankesh? It is an excellent column. Even the writers like UR Ananthamurthy, Sa.Shi.Marulaliah, Haraharapriya, Byramangala Sanne Gowda liked her column. She is great columnist of national repute. Her column appears in Tehelkaa.

    I rate her column highly superb. Better than Belagere and V.Bhat. Many readers agree that Belagere copy her style. So as V.Bhat.

  277. Manjunath VKM Says:

    Wa wa waaa..

    Gowri Lankesh column should be re-named as KUNDI HAAGE (so ugly), not kanda haage.

    Gayatramma ninage sahasra pranaamagalu

  278. Sumanth Narain Says:

    Exactly correct! It is KunDi Haage !!

    Anda haage Gowri Lankesh ganDaa athavaa heNNaa? Please clarify. Then I will tell you one secret.

  279. Dr.Prabhakar Says:


    Let us leave Gowri Lankesh where she is. She is a very leser mortal. Nobody interested in her. Who reads her paper? It is a shit paper.

    Anybody pick up PV?

  280. Raju Ramana Says:

    Doctor saab,

    Who is interested i discussing about PV? Better still be shall we discuss about its canteen where you get best masala dosa for 40 paise, idli vada for 20 paise, curds for 20 paise, bonda for 10 paise and full meal for 60 paise.

    You have to listen to PV staff about their canteen, they take to gastronomical heights. One of the main reasons for PV staffers to continue in the paper is not professional atmosphere thriving in the office but the canteen.

    It’s best canteen paper!

  281. Sunita Says:

    Raju, what do you mean? Is it so? come on.

    PV is a good paper. How can you say that its a caneen paper?

    PV lost battle for VK. PV lacks agressive leadership. PV needs a editor of Vishy calibre. He would have given a run to VK.

    It is a hypothetical. Let Vishy continue in VK for time being. He has to come out of his present acid test. He should prove his worth in the new management.

  282. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Guru, sakattaagide… kunDi haage- column ge naamakaraNa.

    Innu munde aa ankaNavannu Gowri Lankesh avala kunDi haage ennabahudu.

    Waaa waaa re.. kyaa baat hai re….

    sakat haat magaa!

  283. Sunita Says:


    I request you with folded hands not to insult anybody in this forum. Let us discuss objectively. Let us respect each other’s views but not throw mud or stone.

    Gowri lankesh is not the subject of discussion here. If anyone makes comment on her, let us ignore it. But please do not make any cheap or vulgar comments on her. She is a journo of her own repute. We have to respect her.

  284. Budabudake Says:

    Sunita you said it right.

    Let us leave (or dump) Gowri Lankesh out of this muddle. She has no relevance here, for the discussions. For that matter PV and its canteen is also not a matter of concern.

    Let us post only REPEAT only on VK.

  285. Gayathri Says:

    Sangamesh, Raju, Manjunath …

    You are all sick people. Unnecessarily you are maligning my madam. You people can not understand her column because of low IQ. Anyway readers of Lankesh never read blogs, so no matter if you speak ill of my madam. Can any of your favourite editors write good english, no. Thats why they are jealous, you are also jealous of madam. If you can not discuss on subject or essence of her articles, editorials, accept your incompetence. Dont call madam by names. It only shows your level. Improve your knowledge by reading madam’s articles and editorials. Read also Tehelka.

  286. Budabudake Says:

    As per the news item published in today’s Usha Kirana, VRL group is investing Rs. 300 Crores in Wind Mill power projects for northern Karnataka. This is a good move, as the tie-up is with the Suzlon, world renowned non-conventional energy resources company.

  287. Shrinidhi Hande ಶ್ರೀನಿಧಿ ಹ೦ದೆ Says:

    ನನ್ನ ಪ್ರಾರ್ಥನೆ ಇಷ್ಟೇ,

    ವಿಜಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಗುಣಮಟ್ಟ ಹಾಳಾಗದಿದ್ದರೆ ಸಾಕು. ಪಕ್ಕಾ ವ್ಯಾಪಾರೀ ಮನೋಭಾವದ ಟೈಮ್ಸ್ ಆಫ್ ಇ೦ಡಿಯಾ ವಿಜಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಪತ್ರಿಕೆಯನ್ನೂ, ಅದರ ಓದುಗರನ್ನೂ ಕೆಡಿಸದೆ ಕನ್ನಡ ಪತ್ರಿಕೋದ್ಯಮಕ್ಕೆ ಮಾದರಿಯಾಗುವ೦ತೆ ಇವನ್ನು ಬೆಳೆಸಲಿ ಎ೦ದು ಹಾರೈಸುತ್ತೇನೆ.

  288. Raju Ramana Says:

    I strongly feel that KP in not in ABC list. It’s circulation figure is always dubious. When they donot increase the circulation, why the hell are they in the newspaper business. Better print panchaanga!

  289. Raju Ramana Says:

    Is it true that Vishweshwar Bhat has been appointed as the Group Editor for all the three newspapers? Can anyone confirm it?

  290. Dr.Prabhakar Says:

    One thing is certain. I have come to a conclusion that VK is undoubtedly a NO.1 and the best newspaper

    And Visweshwar Bhat has wider acceptance as the editor than all the Kannada editors.

    I congratulate him.

  291. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    It is learnt that Madam Gowri Lankesh is very busy today. She now needs to write her column – Kanda haage. This week’s write up is excellent. Please do not miss it.She writes in lucid way. That’s why Gayatri is saying that she is better than Belagere and V.Bhat. Recently she started writing on serious topics. She likes jokes and light reading. That’s why she has started writing on Naxals and their problems. Gowri madam is a really the star journo. But her star is not in favour.

  292. Budabudake Says:

    In response to Raju’s doubts on Kannada Prabha..

    ABC Certification is not a mandate for the newspaper for its existence. Neither Hi Bangalore nor Lankesh Patrike or Lankesh has ABC Certificates, still they have their own set of readers, whatever the numbers be.

    ABC is required to get the confidence of advertisers and not REPEAT not the readers. If they can still manage to get the advertisements without ABC, it should not matter to the readers like you and me. Infact, lesser the advertisement, better for the readers.

    None of us have any right to question any newspaper on their ABC Certification. Let us not discuss here on mundane issues.

  293. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:

    Sorry folks..was busy with some trng course and then weekend off(it was real nice time :-) )..

    Thanks to all the bloggers for continuing interesting discussion. Some of them really made me have good laugh..believe me I couldn’t control my self..when I read “KU*** HAAGE”. Manju hats off to you man !

    Sunita, please note it’s not vulgar but kaTu vimarshe of the trash called “…HAAGE”. When Lankesh called “pu. ti. na” as puTa tirugi naDe nobody termed it as ugly or immature! Then why downplay Manju’s excellent remark…

    Anyway after TOI roped in I have stopped reading VT but continuing with VK. Don’t know if something in future forces me to stop reading VK too.

    One thing for sure if VK starts imitating TOI kind of crap style for increasing circulation then I would be the first person to stop reading VK…though it would be very difficult to miss columns from Pratap, Dundi, VB etc but can’t help..

  294. Tadavalaga Tammanna Says:


    Thanks for giving bloggers a chance to do vimarshe of your Mad-amma. I liked Anil Kumar’s post analysing Lankesh, Putrike and baLaga. It seems to be objective.

    So finally to all Gayathramma and Gowramma readers and vimarshakas…
    nimagido vinanti..

    blog lokada aNNagaLira akkagaLira
    munde bandare hayabeDi hinde bandare vadeyabeDi
    gauri kanda nimmavaLendu kaaNire tabbaliya e journovanu

    ..aadare tappi kooDa patrike odabeDi! hagenaadroo maDidre hayoDu mattu eraDannu eka kaalakke maaDabahudu :-(

    satyave namma taayi tande ..satyave nama bandhu baLaga
    satya vakyakke tappi naDedare mecchanaa paramatmanu..

  295. Girish Hampali Says:

    …..But “journalism” is now just a synonym for “desperation.

    more at….

    Now, you know how we reached around 300 comments for this discussion.

    Long live desperation. It yields long life for Journos of this kind……

  296. sanju Says:

    Raju Ramanna talks without any facts and figures.
    He should see the ABC and NRS certifications before he talks on such issues. In fact, Budabudake is very right and knowledgeable.

    I have just got one more info. Kannada Prabha is No.1 Kannada Newspaper on Internet.
    Please see:

  297. "Sanjaya" Says:


    Thanks for providing a link to my blog. It looks like Kannada Prabha is No.1 Kannada newspaper on the Net as ranked by Alexa. However, there are questions about Alexa itself.

  298. Budabudake Says:

    Hi Girish,

    Just seeking one (and only) info from you! Out of the 300+ comments here, don’t you think atleast 100 comments were worth reading? There were some good and interesting discussions. I do not know about you, but I feel I gained valuable information here. Like a typical Kannada movie, there were some comedies in between.

    Being a journo, I am still not, repeat not, a despo!

  299. Budabudake Says:

    A rejoinder to Thammanna,

    pu.ti.na = puTa tirugisi naDe is accredited to YNK and not Lankesh. It was just an intended (as well indented!) pun, hence can not be termed as ugly or immature. And this can not be compared with Manju calling KANDA HAGE as K**** HAGE. Let us maintain some decency here.

  300. Budabudake Says:

    If you want to read stories on journos, spicier than churumuri just click


  301. Girish Hampali Says:

    Budabudike.. it makes sense if you ask such questions.

    You mean to say,
    100 comments worth out of 300!
    Read 3 pages and get one page of information
    one should pay 3 times the money and get the product he wants.
    watch a movie thrice to get the hidden meaning out of it.

    Saar. my intent was to tone down the discussion and not to stop it. wanted to discussion to be more constructive.

    Gayatrakka, gowrakkananthavaru are good at creating nuisance and many in this forum were no different to them. tamma tevalugalannu torisalu churumuri beka?

    You want to know about me. send me a mail@ girishhampali@gmail.com, its a different thread we can have.

  302. Budabudake Says:


    Dont get annoyed. I just said what I believed. Lets agree to disagree, or disagree to agree on one third ratio.

    I know very well that public blogs of this nature can not and should not be used as public toilets. I do agree with you that some postings were literally latrine writings. But I always thought that wherever possible, try to keep an Odonil, if not cleanse the whole thing with Harpic. At the end of the day, I really do not know what exactly I did. But I honestly believe that I never littered the place.

  303. sanju Says:

    Dear Sanjaya,
    Even I know that Alexa is not an accurate traffic measuring service. For that matter there is no accurate traffic measuring method on the net. Even the server logs, server stats, page views, hits, unique visitors etc… have their own drawbacks. Why all these? Are there not questions about ABC or NRS certifications? Are there not questions about the most scientifically conducted pre-poll and exit poll surveys? In this background, I said Alexa is fairly a standard practice on the web to know the traffic or ranking of a site. In this particular case you can’t complain, because KP and PV are measured on common parameters like language, demographics, alexa subscriptions and browser compatibility etc.. Hence, it is in any case better than Google-trends. I am sure, if you compare the server stats of Kp with that of PV, the net results will be more or less the same. Try if you want and if you can.

  304. "Sanjaya" Says:


    I think you are right about Alexa being a better measure than Google Trends. Your explanation certainly makes sense.

  305. Girish Hampali Says:

    Budabudike, I am extreamly sorry if I have hurt you.
    My intent was not to name you alone responsible for the discussion.

  306. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Hi Budabudike,

    Yaa yaa http://patrakarta.blogspot.com is quite interesting. Dont miss it folks

  307. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Tamma Girish Hampalli,

    Yaakayya sada kirikku nindu…

  308. Raju Ramana Says:

    I visited http://patrakarta.blogspot.com and it’s really nice blog and it’s critical. I liked it. Any blog servives by its objectivity.

    Where are Sunita, Umapathi, Arvind, Anil Kumar, Tammanna, Smitha? What happened to you? Have you exhuasted?

    Come back babies.

  309. Gayatri Says:

    Have you read this week’s – Kanda Haage? It is fantastic. It is about – cinema emba maaya jinke hinde.

    Great write up by Gowri Lankesh. It’s one of her masterpieces. What a style she has! She is far far better than Belagere.

  310. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    matte bantallaa KUND* haage… che.. che..

    Gayatri, I tell you please get out and get lost. This particular discussion is not about Gowri Lankini.

    I tell you get lost..

  311. Budabudake Says:


    Rumour, rumour everywhere

    Rumour mills work over time. This is true in the media circle. The latest rumour around is that Printers (Mysore) Limited which publishes Prajavani, Deccan Herald, Sudha and Mayura is for sale. And the buyer is none other than media gaint Hindustan Times.

    The Hindustan Times (HT) top honchos have already conducted three rounds of meeting with owners of PV and DH. They have also visited their Hubli and Mysore editions.

    If it is true, another media house is also going in the way of Vijayananda Printers Limited (VPL) which publishes Vijay Karnataka, Vijay Times and Usha Kiran. Recently VPL was acquired by Times of India group.

    posted by Naradaa @ 7:45 AM

    It’s less than four thousands only!!

    The circulation of Lankesh Patrike, edited by Gowri Lankesh is less than four thousand copies only! The print order,which is in possession of Patrakarta, dated 5 July 2006 is 3750 copies!

    Recently, while talking to her, Gowri Lankesh claimed the circulation has reached to 40,000 copies. When ‘Patrakarta’ investigated with the Rajhans Enterprises where the paper is printed,confirmed that the circulation figure for the latest issue is 3750 only.

    This is the print order, please mind it. It does not mean that all printed copies will be sold out. She gets back half of them unsold every week. Next week, the figure may drop further.

    Really, its near death of a tabloid!!

    posted by Naradaa @ 1:36 AM

  312. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    Hi Budabudake,

    What a fall of Gowri Lankesh? What, the circulation is hardly 3750!!!
    Thanks to Narada.

    I know Gowri’s tabloid has already been on the death bed. One can make out from the very newspaper. Its suffering from good stuff. Nobody wants to read it.

    Advice for Gowri :The best way to serve Kannadigas is close it down.

    Sooner the better.

  313. Gayatri Says:

    idu sullu idu sullu.

    This is a canard being spread by those who oppose Gowri Lankesh. The circulation of her paper is more than 5 lakhs. I know. Who says its 3750 copies? It must have been 3,75,000. Who knows it may be a print mistake? Who is that Patrakarta? I do not believe him. Budabudake is a propaganda man for Patrakarta.

    idu sullu sullu sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………sullu ……….. ………………………sullu …………………… ………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………sullu ……….. ………………………sullu …………………… ………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………sullu ……….. ………………………sullu …………………… ………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………sullu ……….. ………………………sullu …………………… ………………………………………….sullu…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  314. Anil Kumar Says:

    This is aimed at Sangamesh, Budubudake and Narada (a new entry?) …

    Does it really matter to any one of us here, excepting Gayatri ofcourse, whether Lankesh sells 4,000 or 40,000? We can ignore this issue once for all. When readers have dumped Ms.Gowri and her paper, why bloggers like you and me should worry?

    Looks to me that issues on Vishy, Jogi and Pratap are more or less settled, and none of us must be having any more doubts or stuff to discuss. As Girish suggested sometime back, we can close this posting, for the time being, unless KP flashes some other juicy journo news for all of us to debate. I forgot one more name that is Ranga, undoubtedly the second hero of the discussion after Vishy.

    I am not sure any of those celebrities, who received bouquets and brickbats, have read and enjoyed (or fumed?), but still we all enjoyed at their cost. Let us thank them for providing us an opportunity to trash out our venom! KP should be thanked for keeping this forum open for all these days.

    OK, folks, let us meet some other time, some other place. Who knows we are all meeting at Press Club in real, and pretend either we have not seen this blog, or trying to bluffingly guess it must be someone else posting here. At the end of the day, it was like watching a hilarious movie.

    Thanks and Thanks million times!

  315. Umapathi Says:

    Thanks Anil

    I never thought we need to bid a formal farewell. You have given me great ideas.

    Yesterday evening while sipping a mug of beer, I was just wondering whether all those bloggers are around me. I started guessing, whether this guy must be Anil, other one must be definitely Arvind, this is definitely Budabudake … etc.. But unfortunately I could not see my Gayatri, Sunita, Smitha (or did I see them wearing men’s attire? I am not sure). Never mind, there is always next time.

    Recollecting my memory of the Press Club evening, I must have definitely seen dozens of Naradas. After a couple of drinks, every one around me looked like Naradas, ofcourse I did not dare watching a mirror!

    Come on folks, let us say cheers! It was a funtastic blogging all these days. My editor almost shouted at me, when I was peeping this blog again and again for new postings. But I dunno how many of my colleagues did participate in this, who was under what name, I keep guessing for some more time.

    Its time for me to pack up, and leave. I need to close my PC and going to PC (Press Club). Hope to catch some of you guys there.

  316. Budabudake Says:


    I just flashed the news that has appeared in another blog, which has complimented this churumuri blog too.

    I am neither a propaganda manfor the patrakarta or an agent of Naradaa. I don’t need to be because, the newspaper I work for, pays me sufficiently. I definitely don’t work for a tabloid with a 3750- circulation.

    If you can produce a proof of the print order for higher numbers, you are free to send your comment to patrakarta. But I am sure that if Lankesh were to pick up a circulation of five figures, Lankesh must take a birth again to edit it.

  317. Arvind Says:

    Hi friends…

    Looks like everyone is bidding farewell, let me also join.

    Honestly I was composing copy of my report for the day, and could not login since morning. Guys (and gals) the blog was interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed, though there were pointers on my peers, colleagues and friends.

    On conclusion, Vishy stood out as the hero of the blog (why only blog, the whole of Kannada journalism). I envy his fan following, specially the ones of Sunita kind. The next best in the race were Jogi, Pratap and Ranga. They all have a bright future.

    This kind of churning is required once in a while. Hope KP would give us opportunities like this more. I even enjoyed Gayatri and her hilarious psychofancy.

    So, friends, catch up with you all later.

  318. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    yella kalchkondru obbabraagi

  319. Patthedara Says:

    Hi all,
    I have been keenly watching this blog since one week. Ofcourse there are several comments that needs to be appreciated. Yes, the whole debate is revolving around Vijaykarnataka, in particular, its editor, “Show Man” Mr. Vishweshwar Bhat. I am not denying his contribution for the paper. It is true that during his tenure VK become No-1. But he was not the only one who is responsible for its tremendous growth. Being the head of VK he got away with all the credits. But Vk is like Australian cricket team. There are Ricky Pontings, Haydens, Warnes, Mcgraths, Symonds and so many match winners who rise to the occasion. We cannot attribute all the success to its captain Steve Waugh!! Even after the retirement of Steve Waugh Australian team is still ruling the world. Same is the case with VK. Leave it….

    Lets come to the real issue. For the matter of fact V.bhat’s very integrity is under doubt. He is more than what meets the eye. The public face of V.bhat may be a treat to watch, but his real face is worst to be imagined. His articles are best examples for this. Take any of his recent articles- When BJP – JDS alliance came to power, he wrote an open letter (Noorentusullu) to readers questioning the sanctity of the alliance. But it was just to appease his former boss HUDCO Ananthu!! The reason why I am questioning his integrity is- why didn’t he write such an article when Congress-JDS joined hands against the verdict of the voters in 2004, May? Was that not an unholy alliance? Can we expect same type of article in Noorentusullu, if his Boss Ananthu were in Yediyurappa’s position?

    Then the Malya episode. U all know the fact. Bhat’s recent Paris trip was sponsored by none other than Kingfisher Airlines boss Vijay Malya. During the tour, V.bhat wrote three front page stories under his Byline. After that, he again paid obeisance by writing two more articles praising Malya in his Noorentusullu column. Unfortunately he chose VK’s much appreciated editorial page to vomit Kingfisher which he drunk at Paris with Malya.

    Not just Malya, Mr. Sadanand Mayya of MTR, Jindal chief Sajjan Jindal also got their due. The irony was another hotelier Prabhakar Rao was a DISTINGUIED columnist like him in the same editorial page!!

    What does all these mean? Let Mr. Bhat answer…And I also leave to the discretion of readers….

    But the story never ends…. There are so many shaddy deals, where the true colour of V.bhat lies.

    More next, keep watching….

  320. Smitha Says:

    Hi Friends..

    Me too leaving. I miss you all, and Vishy in particular (Sunita, excuse me!). Thanks for being here, let us meet once again here.

    Oops, I miss you too Dheeru.

  321. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    Yella ‘OK’ madhya madhya yee Gowrammana Visya ‘YAAKE’

  322. Sangamesh Babu Says:

    I agree with you Raju,

    To Pattedar,
    This is not fair. If you throw shit on V.Bhat, better do that elsewhere, not here. we know V.Bhat and what he stands for. We do not require your malacious investigation.
    Let me take on your viewpoints:

    >>>>>His articles are best examples for this. Take any of his recent articles- When BJP – JDS alliance came to power, he wrote an open letter (Noorentusullu) to readers questioning the sanctity of the alliance. But it was just to appease his former boss HUDCO Ananthu!!

    I say : He has published many articles criticising Ananth Kumar. Better read old issues of VK

    >>>>>why didn’t he write such an article when Congress-JDS joined hands against the verdict of the voters in 2004, May?

    I say : He has written many articles and published many stories on Cong-JDS allaince. Check your store of papers.

    Regarding Mallya : Bhat’s recent Paris trip was sponsored by none other than Kingfisher Airlines boss Vijay Malya.

    I say : V.Bhat never hidden the sponsorer of the trip. It was an invitation. Prajavani, Deccan Herald reporters were also part of this tour. They have also published stories in their papers. Why do you blame V.Bhat only?

    V.Bhat wrote about Mallya in his column. Yes. what’s wrong about it. In his write up he highlighted that the achievents of Mallya. His focus was Mallya did all this and he is Kannadiga.

    We have to appreciate Mallya. He built an empire. We have to be proud because he is a Kannadiga.

    Same logic applies to MTR Sadannd Mayya. Boss, he is also a Kannadiga, man. He has built appata kannada brand MTR. If V.Bhat writes about them, when nobody touching that topic, what’s wrong? Appreciate the gesture, man. Why do you find fault in him?

    V.Bhat wrote on many people. Do you mean to say he is benefited by all of them?

    What man, you joined the bandwagon, rather late.

    Please do not cast aspersion on anyone who has done something worth emulatiing.

  323. Kannada Kuvara Says:

    The matter is again dragging, and some of the journos are hell bent upon to tarnish Vishy and throw mud on him.

    I think KP can consider closing any more Posting on this issue.

    I am not writing this because of any great love towards Vishy, but the way things are being discussed here, especially from his own people of VK is totally uncharitable. And definitely not in good taste.

    Anyways me too join Girish, Arvind, Anil, Umpathi, Smitha in bidding farewell to you all. I miss Sunita!!

  324. Dr.Prabhakar Says:

    To Pattedar,

    This is not in good taste. You have come here after a lot of water flown.. sorry boy.

  325. Sunita Says:

    Hi Kannada Kuvara,

    I share your sentiments on Vishy.

    It is really unfortunate. I am very sad about it. In fact I am not interested in mud slinging type of discussion.

    I think we can discuss so many other issues surrounding Kannada Journalism, here or somewhere else.

    Let us ignore those who post aspersions on anybody.

  326. Cyber Says:

    Let the discussion continue here. It is very interesting to read.

  327. Nagaraju PK Says:

    V Bhat is really a great man. We sholud discuss here his contribution as a special officer to former union miniter of tourism. He had submitted a wonderfull report on how imorove tourtism in the north-east. PLease, ….

  328. Raju Ramana Says:

    Please do not deviate from the main discussion.

  329. Kannada Kuvara Says:

    Sunday, July 02, 2006
    What happened to Churumuri?

    Churumuri.wordpress.com has been surprisingly silent about Vijay Karnataka and Vijay Times after they were acquired by the Times of India group. Before the takeover the Churumuri posted atleast one story a day.

    Some of the stories kicked of heated debates among Kannadigas. One story, even attracted as many as 325 comments from the bloggers. All of a sudden, Churumuri mum on the post-aquisition developments.

    The grapevine has it that the editor of Churumuri is likely to join Vijay Times as its editor and hence no story.

    In fact that’s the real churumuri to talk about.

  330. Naarada Says:

    What Kannada Kuvara says above is true! The new Editor of Vijaytimes is appointed!!


  331. ದಿರೇಂದ್ರ ಗೋಪಾಲ್ Says:

    ನಮ್ಮ ಕೆ.ಪಿ ನಾ??

  332. ದಿರೇಂದ್ರ ಗೋಪಾಲ್ Says:

    Mostly namma K.P nae?? K.P are you listening???

  333. Naarada Says:



  334. Budabudake Says:

    Atlast the news is OUT

    KP is taking over VT as its editor. Churumuri posters are proud of you KP. Make VT more readable and close to Kannada hearts.

  335. Ramesh Says:

    Is it true that KP will get paltry sum Rs.two lakh as monthly salary ? How he agreed for that numbers.

  336. soeasyman Says:

    Hi all, i was told churumuri carrying some newson V Bhat, the master Bucketeer… and a master of HOW TO GET GHOST WRITING FOR OURSELVES AND GET THE FAME FOR HIMSELF
    1) He got Sankeshwar with his talking abilities while he was with Ananhtu as OSD.
    2) Ask him how he wrote Ajatashatru? who have contributed?
    3) He did not write anything for the first two years in VK. Why? was he studying? Ask him…
    4) He wrote seven / eight (God knows how many) columns by himself and did not allow / search for any new upcoming talents in kannada. He may be having writing abilities but if the whole newspaper is littered with a single man’s (that too editor’s, who canot be edited by anyone in the office!!!!) blabberings, then is it a true spirit of making people write? I know some of his writings (including his translation of OSHO, personality development etc) have ghost writers, who wrote out of sheer friendship and obedience.
    5) And everybody is discussing the strength of the VB team. Unfortunately, nobody is discussing what V Bhat has done to kannada journalism …When Sankeshwar stopped short story / poetry page, (at thebehest of Arun, the sadist journalist I have ever seen because of whom some 10-12 journos left VK/VT) V Bhat did not raise a voice. Did he?
    6) When Sankeshwar put his hands into the employees of VK/VT and took 10% of their onemonth salary as donation to Kannada Naadu Party, did V Bhat do something? Ask him
    7) He threatened to resign when he was supposedly asked to raise funds for Kannada Naadu Party. Means he raised his voice only when it mattered his image.
    8) He invited Naveen Ammembala again into VK, but when the management was influenced by Chabbi, the police officer, Ammembala was forced to resign / or was he sacked? What did V Bhat do for Ammembala?
    9) He has become the PR officer for Ramachandrapura Mutt. So, it is now proved he is a pucca havyaka… Then how can anyone expect a non partisan approach from him?

  337. suresh, chamarjapet Says:

    It was V Bhat who asked Naveen to file a story on against Chabbi on security breach at the time of Chinese leaders arriaval. Chabbi helped(read—)sankeshwar when he was in hubli. RSS people are allways gainst Chabbi bec*use of chine snaching cases at Karwar. It was a interesting case. Thiieves gold chains leave mangalasuttra in uvry case.. One of the BJP leader’s, who was thn bbecame MP, name figured i the FIR.

  338. suresh, chamarjapet Says:

    Why discussion in this blog stopped all of a sudden. Is t true that V Bhat’s days are conted in @VK

  339. kumarswamy Says:

    where are you?
    Tammanna, Budabudike, Chandan, Sanju, Sunita, Kannada Kuvara, Hampalli, Arvind, Raju.. where are you? Come on guys.

  340. Krishna Kumar Says:

    I am new comer. I don’t want join discussion. But I want add a few names, ommitted by you, to the editors for the Kannada press:

    1) Amshi Prasanna Kumar of Kannada Prabha.
    He is team leader, guides his team, good organiser.

    2) Ranganatha Marakini, a fprmer KP hand.

    3) Subhash Hugar, PV hand and former VK resident editor

    4) Umapathy, Delhi

    and so on
    why you all forgot MAHADEVAPPA of KP

  341. shodhasoora Says:

    Vishy Bhat is joing William Paterson University as Associated professor from September 2006.
    He may quit VK on or before Agust 14, 2006

  342. mahendra babu Says:

    Come on guys
    where are you?
    Tammanna, Budabudike, Chandan, Sanju, Sunita, Kannada Kuvara, Hampalli, Arvind, Raju.. where are you? Come on guys.

  343. chanra Mohan Says:

    What happened to Churumuri?

    Churumuri.wordpress.com has been surprisingly silent about Vijay Karnataka and Vijay Times after they were acquired by the Times of India group.

    Some of the stories kicked of heated debates among Kannadigas. This story, even attracted as many as 325 comments from the bloggers. All of a sudden, Churumuri mum on the post-aquisition developments.
    Whether discussion in this blog adversly affected Vishy Bhat as editor ?

  344. Veejay Says:

    As of now VB’s still sits in the VK office. The brasstacks are being worked out, it is said before a relaunch sometime this month, I suppose. As for KP, he is weaving his magic around VT… inspiring and enthusing hitherto lost souls into doing some good work… the paper looks good now.. More news can be expected after August 15 I hear….

  345. kagugali kumara Says:

    Re_ launch of VT. It will be renamed as ‘Karnataka Mirror’.
    Wait for the D-day.

    Relaunch of VK- wait for two more months. TOI yet to find a name from long list……for Editor gaddi.

  346. ಗುರು Says:

    Thanks to all!
    Special thanks to sunitha and budubudike.

    Some of budubudike’s remarks reminded me of ‘super supreme’ ranganatha!

  347. Chetan Says:

    Tumba late aagi reply maadtideeni.
    Ishtella kannada journalism bagge tildiro avaru illi iddera.keluvaru patrike galalli kelsa kooda maadtirabahudu.
    namma english patrikegalalli yaake kannada kali anta ondu sanna item barabaardu.yelru kooda seri (DH/VT/IE etc etc)basic words and usage annu tilso anta articles na tandre kannada gottildiro avarige svalpa adru kalsida haage agatte.

    haagene kannada patrike galalli hechaagi namma kannada writer’s works bagge sankshiptavaagi avara style,best kruti bagge baridre naavu schools nalli newspaper reading clubs maadi avaralli hechina aasakti belasabahudu.

    idella sadhya aaytu andre kannada na compulsory maadi etc etc anta horata maado badlu innovative aagi kannadadalli interest belasa bahudu.

    yella kannada news papers koododu kashta but if we give it a try we can source money for zonal level school competions etc etc based on these articles with good prizes.it will automatically improve readership and awareness/usage.

    neevugalella tilidavaru.naanu sakashtu dinagalinda idanna sampada.net nalli haakona anta ankondidde but illi patrikodyama yenu,alli yenu naditide anta neevugaLu chennagi tilkondideera adakke illi post maadtideeni.

    VT take over bagge sambandha ilde idru adjust maadkolli.

    atleast UK/US/australia etc anta kade iro kannadigaru internet(star view) nalli dina tamma makkalige torsi namma bhashe na ododu bariyodu tamma makkalige kalistare ankoteeni.ade basis mele AKKA/UK kannada balaga avarinda sponsorship padedu school maakalige patrikegallalli bandiro article based debates/crtiques etc competion maadi prize duddu hondisabahudu.

    its definetly do able.yen anteeri

  348. Budabudake Says:

    wht a surprise, this blog is still alive!!

    i dunno whom ???? is referring !!

    can u pls elaborate on the ‘super supreme’ ranganatha.

  349. Sumanth Narain Says:

    Hi Friends,

    Sunitha you are right. I have been reading VB’s articles. They are just fine. He is one of our best writers.

  350. kumar sawanth Says:

    what a bukwaas. He vishy is writing only. his writings wre not good man. He is more a politician than a writer. For more Ask Ananth kumar, former union minister and advertising agencies close RSS

  351. keerthi narayana Says:

    who is vishy baht ? he is nothig. Nothing but pudhari

  352. papu Says:


  353. Madesa Says:

    naanu yaake lataagi bande

  354. j abbas Says:

    Jana samanyarige patrike sulabh hagu kadime dar dalli siguva hage madida Vijay Sankeshwar avarige jana mariyudilla.Hageye avar kanasige vondu roopa kottu Vijay Karnataka patrike yennu mugilettarkke talupisuvalli pramukhvagi shram patta Iswar Daitot hagu innu shramisuttiruva Vishweshwar Bhat avar shram abhinadaniya.
    Mele barediruva halavaru bahal khasagi yagi barediddare adu aprastuta.Sankeshwar avaru patrike kadime dara siguva hage madade hogidre halvaru pratibhe gal parichaya janarige gamanakke baruttirlilla.Kadime daradalli patrike dorakida parinama bahalashtu jana bere patrike gallannu bittu Vijay Karnataka voadalu prarambhisidru.

  355. janaardhana Says:

    innu kela kaala samvaada munduriya bekitththu

  356. raghupati Says:

    Atmiyare nanu melin yella vishayagalannu vodide.yellavu vodalu bahal chennagive,hageye kelavaru kelavar chamach gal hage barediddare.nodi bahal novayitu.Vishweshwar bhat avarige vijay karnataka patrikey malikar hage kelavaru bimbisalu hortiddare,idu moorkhatana.Vijay Sankeshwar kannada nadige bahal dodda koduge yennagi vijay karnataka vannu kottiddare.Ishwar daitot avaru tamma bevaru surisi shramisiddare adar pratifal ve vishweshwar bhat unnuttiddare.Keval B J P pro hage kelasa madutta,minister gal walkpath madutta duddu galisuttiruva V Bhat vondu hantdalli tamage sambal kottu kelasakke ittu kondiddavarige mareyuva jayman davaru.shame………..shame………….

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