JOKE OF THE WEEK: The Bengali & the Sardarji

MURALI KRISHNAN writes from New Delhi: A Sardarji and a Bengali, both suffering from serious diseases, share the
same room in a hospital. They were violently ill and both could not even utter a word.

After a few days of living together, the Bengali gets really bored and wants to start off a conversation with his fellow patient.

He realizes that he has not enough energy left to say a sentence; so he just attempts to say a word.

After much effort he turns to the Sardarji, points his finger towards himself and says “Bengali”.

Sardarji doesn’t want to let the poor Bengali down who has struggled so hard to start a conversation.

Sardarji musters all his energy and says “Punjabi” gesturing the same way as Bengali did.

Bengali is happy now and wants to continue the conversation. After much more effort this time he says, again pointing his finger towards himself “Sharath Bose

Sardarji after some effort says “Devindar Singh“.

Bengali is even happier that they now know each other’s names.

After some time, Bengali turns towards Sardarji and mustering all his energy says “Cancer”—again doing the same gesture as before.

Sardarji smiles and with some effort says “Aquarius”.

22 Responses to “JOKE OF THE WEEK: The Bengali & the Sardarji”

  1. M. Basavaraj Says:

    A nice and a healthy joke indeed without an iota of indecency, obscenity and vulgarity.

    I am overwhelmed and exhilarated.

    I expect many more such standard jokes.

  2. Kishor Cariappa Says:

    A sardar goes to a doctor and says in his dreams monkeys play football match all around.

    Doctor offers him some tablets and says: “Aaj se hi sotte samay ek le liya karo…”

    Sardar: “Oye aaj nahi plzz…Aaj Nahi…Today is finalsss!!!!”

  3. rk Says:

    What is Common between : Krishna, Ram, Gandhiji & Jesus..?
    Sardarji Replied : All are Born on Government Holidays.

  4. Veena Shivanna Says:

    I second Mr.Basavaraj thoughts, I see that standard of jokes in Churumuri has been very awfully low.

    Also noticed that people respond offensively for some communal language related posts.
    Mr. Krishna Prasad must be busy with is new job/post(?) (Heard he is the new editor for Vijaya Times after TOI took over).

    May be somebody can take over & maintain the standard of this blog as it was when it started. Not that we need to write only on Mysore, but I see that this avenue has more number of readers & is more than worth for good/informational posts.

    I had almost stopped visiting this site, after I got used to Sanjay’s blog(specially Mukta comments). may be after a month I typed on my Internet explorer.

    Had been to Kukke this weekend, I was remembering some posts on churmuri regarding his pooja. I was expecting that there would be some marks of sachin’s sarpa samskaara pooja somewhere, felt good to get disappointed. Glad to see some genuine people who didn’t exploit sachin’s visit & made the temple more commercialised. Not sure how much Sachin was charged, now its 1500/- & people need to stay for 2 days in the venue.

    Best Regards,

  5. bd Says:

    i’m not sikh but i found the joke offensive.

    try telling the joke turning around the positions of the bong and the surd and see the number of protests u cld get from offended bongs.

    say southie or better still kannadiga instaed of surdie and ur blog will get jammed

  6. habibi Says:

    well said bd…funny how basavaraj and veena felt “overwhelmed and exhilarated” reading a discriminatory joke yet feel squirmish about indecency….sad bunch…

  7. Bindaas Says:

    This is the problem with Indians. They will start a issue when there is none. These kinds of jokes have been doing rounds since ages, and keep jamming your email boxes daily. If you like read, or else delete. Moreover, this is a blog, and it is titled “Churumuri”. Be sportive, have a life!

  8. M. Basavaraj Says:

    Dear bd and habibi,

    Believe me that the joke would have evoked as much laughter in me even if the positions of the bong and the surd were turned or even if they were substituted by Mr. X and Mr. Y without any reference to their respective regions. Honestly I found nothing discriminatory in the joke. I took it just as a conversation between two patients. That’s all and nothing more.

    Thank you Bindaas for catching my point right.

  9. M. Basavaraj Says:

    Dear Veena Shivanna,

    Thanks a lot for endorsing my thoughts and expressing concern over the declining standards of jokes in Churumuri. I think the forthright comments from persons like you will certainly bring in the desired relsults.

    Let us be optimistic that things would improve.

  10. Veena Shivanna Says:

    yaarappa maahatma, Indians adu idu antha generalise maaDodu. sumne desha/bhaashenella illi tarodu beDa…. I just shared my personal thoughts & views, isTa aaglilla andre sumne irbahudu…

    I am happy to do a nice decision to stay away from churmuri, why the hell did I post my comment here. I don’t even know whether I can delete it. Moderators pls do this.
    This would be my last comment on churmuri & I would not even type in this URL on my internet explorer anymore. desha geesha anthelle sumne yaake eega…. ????
    More over this is a blog andre enu ? Does it mean that we can post anything we want ? common/basic etiquettes ellodru mukya annodu nanna nambike.

  11. SUDHESHNA Says:

    Veena Thaayi, besara maadabedi. Namma janagala hane barahaane ashtu. kelasakke baarada vicharagalanna rubber band eleda haage eleyadu, thamma doddasthike thorsoodhu, thaaveshtu buddhivantharu antha prapanchakke dangoora hodeyodhu, ashte.

    The opinions, reminiscences of many of the bloggers are in lighter vain and I find reading most of them enjoyable. Being far away from home, these writings bring in the sweet memories of the places and things that we miss. It is meaningless to give a twist to whatever others express and try to turn them into intellectual dialogues, as if the conclusions of such personal opinions have great impact on our lives the very next day. It is really sad that we have such an attitude.

  12. Nostalgic Mysorean Says:

    Ellarigoo ondu vinanthi.Joke annuvude manassannu hagura padisuvudukke…adrinda .its to be taken in proper spirittu. A Joke is a Joke is a Joke!

  13. Nostalgic Mysorean Says:

    Ellarigoo ondu vinanthi.Joke annuvude manassannu hagura padisuvudukke…adrinda .its to be taken in proper spirittu. A Joke is a Joke is a Joke! Nothing personal

  14. bd Says:

    sorry guys i too di dnot mean to offend anyone. i really like this blog – it has much better writing and more intelligence than some other media specific sites.

    to ms veena shivanna and mr m basavaraj i was not talking about your enjoyment of the joke but was addressing the author. yes we indians are like that we all tell the same joke but with other groups as the characters but surely then there are some protests from those groups. that’s all i said.

    btw i’m not from mysore either but since reading this blog a few months back every so often i check here.

    there cld have been a sikh gentleman or lady likewise – that’s all i meant.

    no intention of turning someone away from their favourite blog

  15. bd Says:

    i just want to add – ms veena pls continue joining your fave blog…

  16. Sreevalsan Says:

    What’s the joke here, by the way?

  17. Abhi Says:

    i m also agree with Bindaas and M. Basavaraj . i m a Indian bangali but still not find any thing offensive in the jokes . bd get a life Dude .

  18. rishi Says:

    it’s been a great joke as it consists a real sense of humour , without any vulgarity , wat i think is dat comedy lies in humour

  19. J P Choprah Says:

    Everyone please lighten up. Laughter eases the tensions we have between different cultures and religions. Don’t take yourselves too seriously. If you cannot laugh at humour then you’re not civilised. People like Richard Pryor and Chris rock in the states have made a lot of money just by simply making fun about a very serious situation. They also helped people drop their guards and realise that if we can laugh at ourselves, no one can make fun of us. Now lets all take our stereo typical view of others and ones others have of us and laugh our butts off before we’re too old and frail to crack a smile

  20. Tanjim Says:

    Bangla jocks should be in bangla language.

  21. sazzad Says:


  22. Chandan KUmar Says:

    The jokes are healthy and hilarious. I liked them !

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