The most memorable home I’ve photographed-II

T.S. NAGARAJAN writes: This is the photograph of the Nanjangud home about which I wrote in my post “The most memorable home I have photographed”.

I did not attach the picture with my text because I felt that more than the photograph, the philosophy that the simple home taught me was worth sharing.

The house contains our dreams. But it is also contained by the dreams because, after all, our homes take shape and exist in our unconscious.

In the picture are Nagappa and his wife daydreaming while they watch me click the camera. This photograph was taken in 1981.

8 Responses to “The most memorable home I’ve photographed-II”

  1. decemberstud Says:

    Mr. TSN,

    Awesome !!! What else can I say….

  2. rk Says:

    TSN Sir,

    Truly, a picture is worth 1000 words. you have immortalised the old couple and the house with this picture! thanks a ton for sharing with all of us.

    Best wishes and take care
    Bellur Ramakrishna

  3. jeevarathna Says:

    Wah! Thank you TSN. Picture tells more than anything words can ever describe.

    Truly picture perfect .

    thanks once again sir.

  4. Suresh Panje Says:

    Jawaab nahi…

  5. Raghava Says:

    Very touching and very Indian. Thank you. This made my day.

  6. Suma Says:

    Athi sumndara namma korike eederisiddakke TSN avarige dhnyavadagalu.
    Murkalo harakalo namma mane namage yavathu swrga antha heluthiddare ee dampathigalu

    This shows how much dedicated our elders were to there belongings hope we too get same feelings in our lives thank u very much sir.

  7. Daasappa Says:

    very nice photograph.

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    […] Also see: The most memorable home I’ve photographed […]

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