BREAKING NEWS: New editor for Deccan Herald

There will be a new name in the imprintline of Deccan Herald and Praja Vani from tomorrow: that of K.N. Tilak Kumar‘s.

The middle brother in the Netkalappa family will replace younger brother K.N. Shanth Kumar, who had taken over from the eldest brother, K.N. Hari Kumar, five years ago.

A possible change of guard was being hissed about for the last three months after rumours of Deccan Chronicle buying into Deccan Herald made it to the television news headlines.

Tuesday’s developments give some credence to the “realignment” of forces in Bangalore’s crowded marketplace, but well placed sources say the last has not been heard on the leadership issue.

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29 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: New editor for Deccan Herald”

  1. M O H A N Says:

    We will definetly miss the gentle human being. I would hate to see either deccan or prajavani go down. These news papers have been read by me till date from my child hood. Remember learning the kannada and English from these news papers.

    3 cheers to Tilak to continue the saga.

  2. G N Mohan Says:

    i have worked closely with mr K N Tilak kumar for almost three years when i was preparing ground for gulbarga edition of Prajavani and Deccan Herald.

    among Kumar trio many dont know much about Tilak. Tilak is down to earth, has clear knowledge about market games, straight and outspoken.

    i have seen him going to knook and corner of karnataka meeting the paper agents, getting feed back from readers. he is strict deciplinarian and uncompromising.

    i feel the change may bring a new direction to the herald group. atleast tilak will not make his paper to sit beside chief minister to “mudde OOta’

    Tilak whether he wins the race or not he will not surrender his paper to anybody’s “charana’s.

  3. Dheerendra Gopal Says:

    All said ,done and agreed Mr.G.N. Mohan .
    Whats the deal with “mudde OOta’ ? Is anything wrong to sit with CM?

    Nimmage OuthaNa kottree ‘Yedhno Bidhno’ antha Odtheera rajaKaraNigaLa manege .
    Kelsa aagbeku andhre Kathe kaalu hidithare…

  4. boringjournalist Says:

    If the change is to faciliate DH and PV to meet the challenge in the coming days, it is a welcome one. Otherwise one feels sorry that an edifice built assiduously over the decades, is crumbling because of the internecine problems.

  5. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Yaare barli, ee maney jananey editors aagi iruwaga ee papergalu uddhara aagalla. Sumne ee x Kumargalelle becchagey maneyli idhkondu barey professional editors haakondu paper nedsidddrey ivaru badhaktharey! Yilla sarvanasha kanditha!

    Aaw ‘maney’ editor bottomline nodhta yenu yenu ‘secular’ aagi baritha yirthaney. Yestadru, hendadindha madida duddu haagey hogibeduthhey!

    Swalpa yilli yiro journalists heltheera yaawaga yee maney kumararu ee papergey bandhu wakriskondru antha?

  6. sharn. J Says:

    Great G N Mohan, are you looking for a re-entry into PV? Seems to be holding a bucket before Mr Tilak Kumar. After all we know your reputation in ETV!
    You say you were making preparations for Gulbarga edition. But you were after all a reporter at that time who had no say in anything. How can you claim as though you launched the edition?
    If Mr SHanth Kumar had an invitatation from Mr Kumaraswamy and reported about it, what is anybody’s problem? Is it crime to go with CM and eat? Mr Vishveshwara Bhat, VK editor had been with PMs and presidents. He has also published books on his routine tours? If an editor goes to a Dalit house and eat with Cm, what can be the wrong message he is sending?

  7. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Sharn J

    Chennagi helidri. When did these ‘Kumar’s” started editing these papers? Swalpa heli saar!

  8. K Sathyan Says:

    Dear Mohan

    Of course,” going to knook and corner” is a typical of English language promoted by Deccan Herald, you grew with!

    K Sathyan

  9. sharn. J Says:

    When did Kumars started editing these papers? Mr SHanth Kumar took interest in editing and writing the copies after he took over. Till then, as we know, Mr Hari kumar used to sit in his ivory tower. Mr Tilak Kumar keeps making noise about giving a good paper but he could not do that. Mr Shanth Kumar, as the whole of Karnataka knows, has brought in so much changes in papers. He used to sit with jouranlists and discuss and get editions done. He had interviewed so many VIPs and got byline. Also, he had been with the PM to Japan and had reported.
    Alas, Mr G N Mohan could see no merit in the papers! Mr Mohan, why the ETV news bulletins are becoming atrocious! Why the people are quitting your office.! Good jouranalists including Nataraj, Sameeulla B, Hoogar, Radhika, Bharadwaj etc quit because of you and you alone. You have nothing but to air complaints against everyone. so, TV9 is gaining. Instead of finding fault with PV and DH, better you improve your news bulletins and improve human resource before you are literally kicked out of ETV.

  10. swamy Says:

    Well, whatever happens is for good. And before passing judgements, on any editor it is always better to give some time and then see. Let the papers come out of fheir 20th century mindset and open eyes to the market, get more ads and think of matching up not just local standards but international standards. And what it badly needs is quality managers and professionalism.

  11. Huch Ar Garam Natha Says:

    Yaava Mohana Murali Kareyitu…

    Whether you like it or not, PV is regaining its popularity. Look at their suppliments, visuals and contents are well balanced. PV Editors have always been keeping low profiles. For common readers like us, the change of guard hardly matters.

    GNM’s (Ground Nut Masala) sycophancy is quite evident in the write up. Looks like he’s planning to make a come back to PV.

    Mohan and PV are like GNM & GIN which goes together well.

    Egjactly like Kannada TOI and ‘SAMKA’ta narayana!!

  12. G N Mohan Says:

    i liked the comment GROUND NUT MASALA
    it is my favourite also
    someday i can write about this to KOSAMBARI also
    very creative

    -G(round) N(ut) M(asala)

    i welcome your comments directly also:

  13. saroo Says:

    being a communication student, I feel that a discussion on a topic like this should be more professional. It should not be limited to mere pulling of legs by each other and going to the level of street fighting. Instead of commenting on the write up and content , it is sad that the comments here are on personal grounds..

  14. peter woodman Says:

    The quality of English in this blog is atrocious

  15. tarlesubba Says:

    peter woodman, ok.

    *we kicked the queen out about 60 years ago.*

  16. Doddi Buddi Says:

    ‘peter woodman’

    You small time ponce!

    Easy easy now!

  17. Govinda Says:

    Peter woodman . This is ‘IN’glish not ‘En’glish

  18. saroo Says:

    Peter woodman
    dont be under the illusion that only British english is English. this is an Indian blog and we prefer Indian and not britain eng…..

  19. vinay Says:

    @ saroo …why do u assume peter woodman is a not a Indian?…there isnt a better medium than internet to have psuedo/ fake names and post with impertinence

  20. exPV man Says:

    is KNT capable of writing one para in either in English or Kannada? yet, he sets the agenda for one English paper and three Kannada papers over which he lords – his only qualification being the maalik! he goes round the office daily grumbling that journalsits dont work.

    with this mindset and no qualification he has now set out to edit three papers. one ex PV editor called him benki nawab – for his foul tongue!!

  21. Karnataka Kumara Says:

    DH has been my favourite morning reading for the last 45 years. For me DH represents “Namma Bengalooru” as opposed to the new upstarts that represents the New Bangalore. Do you recognise anyone from the pictures on the page 3 they carry? Unfortunate that the influence of this publication is declining and its independance compromised to the new Kumara’s of Karnataka.

    It is sad that the family is pulling apart rather than together to face the competition. DH as we know it might bite the dust or fade away. Worse yet someone may take advantage of the family fued and buy the company.

    As a well wisher of the publication my earnest hope is that the brothers will bury their differences using a close family friend to be an arbitrator.

    The publication is not only owned by the brothers but is also “owned” by its loyal readers. Will the family recognise this?

  22. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Times change and people change!

    As long as the Kumars continue to cocking up as Journos the papers DH and PV are f****d! It is probably best to have some one like DC to come in and buy out the paper. As some astute reader has pointed out, the Kumars are sitting on some gold mine of a real estate in Bangalore and near by places.

    The hall mark of any intelligent man is to be aware of his own limitations–sadly we have not seen this with the Kumars. The head-patting days of running down some poor editors are over!

  23. DhirendraGopal Says:

    DB , naany Hyderabadnalli sumaaru varsha yidhe .DC Sucks swaamy
    Low quality , pro cong .DH saveera paalu vaasi DC gintha .
    Aaa paaperrooo( Sorry should I say PYAAAPER ) aa Languagoooo…

    Siva Siva Siva Siva

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Nanagu gotthu saar! DC ondhu kanthri paperoo antha! Kelavarigey awara yogyathe yenu antha sayo waragu gotthagolla. That is my point. DC is an absolute horror because Hyderabad was never cosmopolitan-like Bangalore. That is the nightmare Kumars have to come to grips if they want to survive!

  25. shemej Says:

    Well, there are comments made here suggesting directly or indirectly DH lacks quality/standard/professionalism. But which other newspaper in Bglr has that? TOI? IE? AA? If better circulation is professionalism, TOI, haibangalore, policenews etc are very professional. In a short term perspective, TOI may be leading in terms of circulation. But anyone with black money can now run a news paper. When VT was started TOI was forced to buy it. Tomorrow one hundred Toiletpapers Of India may be started by some black money holders. At that point all of them would enter the Bangalore market targeting the same readership group which TOI targets now. This readership base will be easily divided between them. One former editor of TOI (now with a Calcutta paper) told me that every one in TOI is not happy. It is wrong to assume all youngsters have low IQ. He said by targeting only those youngsters with low IQ, TOI is actually losing those who take news seriously.

    Does any one refer TOI or IE one day after the issue date? Is there any value for the news/views in those publication after one day?

    Though a News Paper can not afford to be stodgy, ignoring quality of the content may yield result only in short term. In fact by the next 10 years, all Indian English newspapers will have more readers online than for the printed version. At that point, it will become impossible to compete with other tabloids with local gossips and masalas. And the combined Ad revenue of onilne edition and printed edition will decide who is the market leader. Can TOI offer anything to its readers then? Any copy of online edition may be read for many years after published. Hindu is clearly leading on this aspect. In fact the quality of DH’s content is not bad. But unlike Hindu, it is not well optimized to get high visibility on web. In many ways, Hindu is posing more challenges to DH than other newspapers. Though right now TOI is clearly leading in its online popularity, it has more reasons to worry than smile. The overall average daily visits to TOI’s main domain is, sure leading with 175000 visits (not visitors) per day. But only 40000 visits are there for newspaper section of same website. This is because Indiatimes is a comprehensive E-commerce site which offer other stuffs; not just news. Compare this with Hindu’s 38000 visits per day only for If you take the other domains of Hindu newspaper, Hindu is clearly leading already, despite it is more a South Indian newspaper now. Though DH is restricted only in one state, (in effect, just once Metro), its online popularity is not bad 10000 per day. This is not bad especially because DH is not well optimized. If they do some touch up work, their online popularity may further go up. But what is more striking is the online editions of even the less known newspapers from Kerala and Hyderabad are very popular. Despite the fact that TOI is the national leader as an English newspaper brand, why its news paper section is not highly popular as it could have been? The fact that 77% of visitors do not care to even peep into the newspaper section of that group website talks volumes about the lack of credibility of the news it publish. TOI’ online edition is ‘professionally’ run for more than one decade now. All others are yet to start. Hindu has just started its Ecommerce section. This indicates that after one decade, if the same ‘professionalism’ continued, the combined ad revenue of both online and printed versions of other newspapers will be more than that of TOI. and after 15 years, TOI will struggle to retain its leading position in Indian market (despite its outside India sources of resources). Ofcourse, TOI may improve its quality of content by then to retain its lead. But that is when the importance of committed readership base will become critical. With all its negatives, DH has got a committed readership base. Targeting floating population and lower IQ readers is not going to help the media in the long run. It is easier to publish some masala, but what is more difficult is to build up credibility in the long term.

    The fact that DH is restricted only in one city is causing problem to it. One big problem is that it is not fast. By the time people read DH, most of its news are outdated. This can be overcome only when it has edition all over India. Second problem is there is already Hindu here. DH should understand that please all view does not work. It should be able to present a strong political view and pull both admirers and enemies to its readership base. It should present a very niche area or news. Indian express championed its investigate journalism and anti-emergency stands to surge ahead. See how the Tehelka came up. Hindu means progressive stand. DH should be able to present something niche like this. Still DH is far better than the rest of newspapers. No one takes seriously what the former lieutenants of chief cook, who are now fallen out with him, says. It is the comments of those who eat the food, that is taken seriously.

  26. DH rocks Says:

    expv man about KNT’s english…I have worked with him closely and he is very good.He is extremely well read and is very innovative and works extensively for the paper.Do not take out your personal differences here this is pure ignorance on your part.It is a good thing that you are no more a part of pv or DH we do not need ignorant people like you.Apart from that I hope you know a newspaper is not only about the english or the Kannada,and one more thing what more qualifications would you want when a man has worked for only the paper his whole life.His life is only about the paper .He has worked for the paper since the age of eighteen so you should not be ignorantly commenting.

  27. idlewild Says:

    Do we need a newspaper to go to several cities or states to call itself “well-established”. Each county in US has a newspaper that commits itself exclusively to “local” news. DH and PV should work on these and makes themselves known as “Voice of Karnataka”. I have worked with TOI for over 2 years and its a bloody sick newspaper, see what they did to VT. Now there is a Kannada edition of TOI, to convert Kannada readers to the flagship English product. Where DH needs to work on is paying journalists well so they stick on. Many journalists in DH are quite mediocre, freshers rarely stay beyond 1 year, and the few good ones linger due to personal reasons. Passion is almost absent in office, people do not take trouble to go the extra mile – why? because they are underpaid. Hope KNT realizes this.

  28. Suhail Says:

    If each provincial state in US has a newspaper exclusively to “local” news, that model is not practical for India.

    There is this story of tailor in USA advertising about his/her shop. The first tailor started his shop and put a big banner: “The best tailor in Greater Los Angeles.” And his show attracted a big crowd.

    After a few months, another tailor opened his tailoring shop just on the other side of the street and advertised: “The best tailoring shop in LosAngeles!” Naturally, more people went to the best tailor in the entire city. Next came another tailor who claimed: “The best tailor in California!” . People rushed to his shop as they wanted their dress stitched by the best tailor in California. Within weeks came another competitor who put the banner: “The best tailor in the entire United States of America.”

    For many months and years there was not much competition for the best tailor in the USA. Then a new tailor opened a shop in the same street and advertised: “The best tailor in this street!”

    Naturally people were curious to test the talent of the best tailor in a street, where the best tailor of California and USA are operating…

    USA is a developed capitalist market. Unlike many Indian locations, (some times urban areas in a state and in certain cases, even the entire Provincial state…), where there is a difficulty for capital resources, and hence, large number of service/manufacturing/other type of industries, the problem in USA is just the reverse. There is the abundance of capital and there is no avenue to invest that. We all know, NewsPapers are run not using the subscription amount of its readers (at least from early 1980s onwards) but they are chiefly depended on the AD revenue.

    When you plan to launch a Printed newspaper, you need to think, which are the readership bases, you are going to target.. And which are the advertising groups that are interested to reach to them..

    In India, there is a huge potential for further penetration. Most Karnataka based English NewsPapers do not have local distribution/marketing offices/personnels in all the District Capitals in Karnataka (Not to talk about other states). If you target local news in USA, you have local based well developed business to finance you by giving their advertisements. Other than Iron Ore mafia, Liquor Barrons, Educational Institute frauds and IT scams there is no developed business in Karnataka. When the IT/BT is down reportedly most Hotels/ Service Apartments in Bangalore face difficult time. Many such Service Apartments and Car Rentals are facing existential crisis and some of them have closed down. The Employment/Career Ads in all Major English NewsPapers have come down.. It is not a secret that most youngsters buy Times of India only on Wednesday and many young married couple buy only on Friday… At least till a few years back, no average USA citizen would be interested in an employment opportunity outside their locality, not to talk about other cities.

    Indian Market is not US market. USA newspaper market had reached certain limit. Most people buy news papers (in cities like London) because it is a habit, but never read them. Where as people in India read NewsPapers. And except corporate products/services, TV is not a good medium to advertise.

    Indian news papers may have to target exclusively local market after many decades, but not now. Right now the balanced approach is to give focus to the local news by giving major emphasis to State Level and National level political news. Unfortunately Karnataka Society is less politicized. That is why compared to other South Indian states, there is no active reading in Karanataka.

  29. Usha Says:

    I think there is very little scope for local newspapers in India. Who will give advertisements for a Raichur based or Chamaraja Nagar based newspaper? All South Indian Language newspapers started their Bangalore Editions, before cities of their own states, to get Bangalore based advertisements. For congress and Bjp, power in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Gujarat is important to run their parties. Bangalore corporates fund national parties in return for helping in their scams and land grabbing – airport, IT, nandi corridor etc.
    Only Lankesh Patrike is run without Ads. But they can exist as tabloids only. Many local newspapers in Kannada are run with the “best compliments from” ads given by corrupt political leaders. And they are charging 1 rupee and cannot have a serious content other than local gossips in them. If you count the total number of printed media copies which target Bangalore and other metros, you will be amazed. Real Estate, Travel, Job, Automobiles, crime, matrimonial, Home building, Film, Horoscopes, spiritual frauds and all types of magazines. Indian media is getting oxygen from city based business for survival. No wonder internet editions are focusing USA and Europe based NRIs. At least one Indian state media is run by Gulf based ads.

    Where is the local newspaper?

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