TOP SECRET: Who is that businessman?

Who is the loud-mouthed Bangalore businessman whose marriage has reportedly run into big trouble thanks to his “incursions” into the deep, dark world of Kannada cinema?

16 Responses to “TOP SECRET: Who is that businessman?”

  1. Andy Says:

    good one, but not easy..Hint pls !!

  2. Vivek Says:

    is he a RS member?

  3. vinay Says:

    why would our RS member look at kannada film abyss??

  4. Andy Says:

    RS MP ?? i need a drink now..

  5. vinay Says:

    @ andy, suggest gandhinagar would be a good place to go ..u can get ur drink and also crack KP’s question

  6. s k nagesh Says:

    is it kheni????

  7. Andy Says:

    Thanks vinay..but am still lost..looking for more hints

  8. Alok Says:

    Vijay Mallya would be my bet…

  9. Govinda Says:

    Kannada Shineema jothe Odnhanke maadkondavre aandhre
    namma RADHIKA nae kelbeku …yeega thane 12 koti bangalae thogondovLae aandre …yivangu …..avaLgu aythae CONNEXION …

    yellappa namma CONNEXION kaLAPPA sudhi mutsannaa

  10. dr ramesh Says:

    for latest hai bangalore odhi.

  11. Govindu Says:

    Dr.Ramesh..Please swalpa bidisi baeeri sir adhenu antha

  12. daasappa Says:

    i think what that govinda says is right.

    what does the word “marriage” here imply to? Does it mean marriage… or the connection between gandhinagara is stated as marriage.

    Let me ask my friend about this…

  13. Andy Says:

    Dr have read Hai Bangalore alva..vihsya enu antha heli saar

  14. Vivek Says:

    Mallya would have better choices at his disposal, I would guess. By any chance is this gentleman in question a mallu?

  15. boli Says:

    haelri Dr….yaaru antha…

  16. nagesh Says:

    Why bother about somebody’s pesonal life? What is wrong in making money by kannada film stars?

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