CHURUMURI POLL: Should Sachin retire NOW?

The clamour for an end to Sachin Tendulkar‘s torturous existence at the crease has hit a crescendo with former Australian captain Ian Chappell saying that the Bandra Bomber should review his future if he isn’t playing with the idea of making India win.

And a CNN-IBN “poll” last night of first-class cricketers has more or less come to the same conclusion: 33 per cent of those surveyed said he should quit both Tests and one-day international cricket, while 56 per cent said he should say goodbye to ODIs only; 11 per cent say he should be dropped totally.

Should Sachin go on his own, or should he be asked to go? Or, are we all just mindlessly trying to find a scapegoat so that the captaincy stays with Rahul Dravid?

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20 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Should Sachin retire NOW?”

  1. greatunknown Says:

    It’s evident given Sachin’s failing skills, he’ll never go out on a high. Having reached a nadir, it’s better he leaves before he is thrown out by the scruff of his neck. That would indeed be a tragedy for someone who enthralled a nation for so many years.

    I never thought that Dravid was capataincy material. He had greatness thrust upon him. Period. Gimme a break, the bloke doesn’t even know how to set a field or rotate his bowlers. So much for planning!

    PS: The constipated scowl plastered on his face didn’t help matters either!

  2. Alok Says:

    Sachin is at a point in his life where he knows that the door is closing. He faces a terrible dilemma. Bow out now in the face of such clamour and on such a depressing note, or wait and believe that he can turn things around one last time before signing out on a high, knowing very well that he may not be able to do so, and be thrown out on in ignominy and humiliation.

    It doesn’t help that he bears the expectations of the most ungrateful fans in the world.

    We need a new captain and a new plan. Sadly, all we can think of is whom to blame for the fiasco so far.

    At least we aren’t as bad as Pakistan. Our coach is still alive… so far.

  3. Kiran Says:

    Yes, he should retire. He has had his place under the Sun, he should realise that he is in the twilight of his career.

    Remember the last days of Kapil? he huffed and puffed to get that solitary wicket to beat Hadlee’s record. Though Sachin has set benchmarks, he should not prolong his career like Kapil did.

  4. Andy Says:

    Let us show the respect to all the great achievements of Sachin and loads of happiness he has given us several times in the past; and offer him the courtesy to take a decision.

    We are country of hyper people and its best if we can show the restraint and keep withourselves all the good advise we have for Sachin and let him take a call what he wants to do with his cricketing career.

  5. Vikramk Says:

    YES! Sachin should retire NOW! Right away. He should show some guts as BCCI does’t have it to ask him to do so or drop him, as most of the BCCI top brass is MUMBAI Lobby.

    Inzy shown some guts and retired putting a brave face, taking responsiblity of World cup defeat of his team. It’s time to show some guts here.

    Not only Sachin, even Dravid, and Ganguly should hand their boots. Lets have a new captain and lets start to build a team from scratch from young blood what ever is avaialble.

    We don’t want superstars anymore who show very less respect to management and for the country.

  6. E.R. Ramachandran Says:

    We seem to be experts in yo-yo behaviour when it comes to treating our sportsmen.Raising them to heaven and trampling at first signs of failure.Some of their performances have given sheer unalloyed joy many a time. But, come the first failure we discard them like yeasterday’s faded flowers.Whether he retires or not, that should be his decision. Did we advise him how to score his centuries in one day and Test cricket?He will decide when he wants to….

  7. vinay Says:

    ERR sir, I would counter your argument that we do a yo-yo…the reason for the outpouring is simple, we want him to have a dignified exit without the attached barbs of doing ‘a kapil dev’, etc etc. As I had commented earlier, his wife would decide for him :)

  8. Vijay Says:

    Yes a resounding yes. It is now obvious that he is prolonging his career for
    his ad commitments which goes on till 2011. There is no yo yo behaviour. The last few years he has not delivered when it mattered. Either in the tests or one dayers. Remembered how he laboured in Pak and Down Under
    for his scores. Yes fine retirement shoudl be his decision he should retire when people are asking “WHY’ not “WHY NOT”

  9. Prasad Says:

    Somehow our cricket fraternity in general and the public gets fixated on personalities and decisions are based on the board’s or the public’s equation with that personality.

    SRT got to pick and choose when he wanted to take a break due to injury and when to come back. There was no time after his break when he had to actually fight for a place on the team. Other seniors including Kumble had to go through the grind. Ditto for Sehwag. The board and the selectors should have based their decisions on how they were playing so these past champions would have really been hungry for success if and when they made the team.

    While selecting Greg Chappell too, the decision makers went by strature or personality considerations rather than by seeing the person’s record as a coach. If they had, probably Tom Moody or Whatmore might have been in his place. At that point, we needed someone who could carry Wright’s work forward and be non controversial.

    One hopes this is an eye-opener and in future personalities do not become greater than the cause.

  10. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    Doddi Buddi writing as Ian Chappell has already settled the question. Another English cricketer inspired by DB has called Kulla a ‘comic hero’.

    DB is happy to advise Kulla to get some rest and leave cricket ASAP–Kulla is welcome to play in places where he is considered the best and the greatest!

  11. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Exorcise the myth
    It appears from the leared commentators to those so called experts of the game have used the pet expression to explain away whenever out cricketers failed calling it a game of glorious uncertainties. Pray, why does it not apply to Aussies and whatever the difficult situation they face they have invariably overcome it to turn the table on their opponents? The plain fact is that India has sedulously kept up the myth so that they have a ready explanation to cover up their failures. It is time our cricketers dispense with props of counseling, psychologists, mediation experts and start playing cricket and see what tremendous difference it makes for their morale and confidence, kulla or no kulla is immeterial

  12. vinay Says:

    I hate to read any comments which mentions the physical aspects of a person… come on grow up

  13. Dheerendragopal Says:

    vinay..light aagi thogoLLi Saar . Kulla antha sumne ‘lightaage’ refer maadidhare.take it in a lighter vein athava maneli swalpa ‘Lightaagi’ thogoLLi .

  14. Indu Ramesh Says:

    yes he should resign and leave when people still remember his glorious past. It looks like our cricketers are just like our politicians, they refuse to give up and make way for others. Today Sachin has been reported as saying that he has given his heart and soul and life for cricket. But then should he not consider what the game of cricket has given him? Is his being in the team important to the team or to the company which puts him in all kinds of endorsements?

  15. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Correctagi helidhri HRBS!

    Ree Vinay, Tendulkar may appear 12 feet tall to you! For us he is only 3 feet tall. That’s why I call him Kulla! Adhu relative height saar!

  16. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    Is this true that cricket players are exempt from income tax on income derived from cricket? Or is this an April Fool’s joke? Any body, please enlighten us all! Thanks!

  17. vinay Says:

    Doddi Buddi avare , neevu bede saar yaruna bekadaro 12 ade athva 3 ade madthira, perfect alva neevu…

  18. bikram saha Says:

    I am simply amazed by the level of tolerance the cricket loving people of India and the selectors have shown when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar.

    After his dismal performance in the World Cup (not that i recall him performing much better on that many previous important matches for India when it really mattered) , surely one should ask the question , when is enough enough ? Should Sachin stay in the team just to keep adding to his personal statistics or should he stay to help his team and country win key matches ?

    because if he cannot deliver the latter ( and history has shown repeatedly that he cannot deliver for India in key matches), time to give youngsters some chance now to shape the future of Indian cricket.

  19. infomac3 Says:

    I hope Sachin reads all the blogs and open his eyes. Probably still surrounded by Chamchaas who glorify him. No one is imortant than the country. He and his advts have become larger than the cricket role.

  20. Apoorv Says:

    I wonder what these people think about their comments today!

    He’s going as strong as he has ever.

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