What others are saying on Jana Gana Mana row

The Hindu: Legislators slam Infosys chief for remark on national anthem

The Hindu: An avoidable row

Deccan Herald: Assembly bays for NRN’s blood

The Times of India: Murthy says sorry, was ‘quoted out of context’

BBC: Infosys boss makes anthem apology

CNN-IBN: Murthy sorry for ‘insulting’ anthem

NDTV: MLAs demand action against Murthy

Daijiworld: Narayana Murthy’s remark rocks Assembly

Yahoo: Is Narayana Murthy really a fit chap to be President?

7 Responses to “What others are saying on Jana Gana Mana row”

  1. vinay Says:

    Is it my accident or by design that we dont find what Vijay times writes abt the story????? Guess I might have touched a raw nerve somewhere !!!!

  2. Zulfi Says:

    Now as the Karnataka MLA’s has raised the issue see the spin given by Times of India for instance
    On Sunday, the media questioned Murthy on the choice of an instrumental version. Some reports quoted him saying: “We had arranged for five people to sing the Anthem. But then we cancelled it as we have foreigners on board here. They should not be embarrassed while we sing the Anthem.’’

    See the usage of the words, “Some reports” What about you times of india, why you did not report the news in first place.

    This is the same media which blowed out, APJ Abdula kalam’s remark of “fantastic” when a trainee asked how about murthy to be president.

    Now this statement of Toi takes the cake in defending Murthy “This statement upset a section of people, some of whom have been expressing their dismay on blogs. According to Infosys, the context of the statement was not adequately dealt with in the reports.”

    Well only a section of people KP, don’t you dare now to blow out of propotion. Isn’t it “FANTASTIC”

    Now The apology “If the media s t at e m e n t has hurt anybody’s sentiments, I deeply apologise.’’

    You seee its media’s statement not Murthy’s you whiners, for which he apologises…….what a great man.

  3. Srikanth Says:

    Pres.Kalam only said “Fantastic, move to next question” as I remember from news paper, when asked that question.
    And the next day news papers start saying “President endorses NRN”. May be he was just trying to skip the question, and said “fantastic” as a response to avoid further questions.
    It might actually be that this idea is as good as “fantasy”, which mean, it cannot be achieved “normally.
    And media has just taken a single word, and blown it out of proportion. It is actually that “media has misquoted Kalam”, by “selectively quoting” his comments. And there are almost hours of discussion on National television on this subject.
    No one has even ever tried to understand the whole statement made by the President on this.

    Now, let us actually try to see what the dictionary says about the word “fantastic”(extracted from http://www.dictionary.com for the word fantastic)

    These are some of the interpretations, which came to my mind when I read the news article. (Never I got a feeling that it would be great idea)
    imaginary or groundless in not being based on reality; foolish or irrational: fantastic fears.
    extravagantly fanciful
    highly unrealistic or impractical; outlandish

  4. Preetham Says:

    Truly unpardonable. Whatever he may be, whoever he may be, we cant tolerate disrespect to our national symbols. Becuse, they are not just symbols, our pride and honor. We cant live without pride and honor. Becaasue we are indians. we mean respect and honor to each person. we value our culture and tradition. But we will not excuse Murthy or any body who disrespect our symbols.

    Preetham Kumar. Kemmayi
    ETV NEWs Hyderabad

  5. Anitha Says:

    Is Mr.Narayan Murthy suffering from serious “Inferiority complex”
    I really dont see any other reason for what he had done.

    May be he really got used to begging [projects from other countries quoting the lowest possible rates and lowest possible time.] and [Land from goverment with LOOOOOOt of subsidy to build lavish campuses even when he could afford to buy them at the market price] so much that he is almost lost his selfrespect.

    I think he should learn to stand up straight.

  6. Subbu Says:

    This blog wants cheap publicity… U guys Suck…., We Indians do not know how to treat Legends with respect. Be it Sachin Tendulkar or NRN (For Example). I want to know whether the blog writer has the vison (that is create a world class company)… U are all Envious and Jealous fuckwits.

  7. Baadhukuu Says:

    The Flashy & bright foriegn market has had impact on our NRN, he fears the outsiders will not talk him for having not protected the embrassment of the foriegn clients. He wants to be the reverse mahatma gandhi offering that any fancy ideas on the national symbol is good. For this guy the national anthem and national flag is just a banner to stick the Infosys posters, he is mentoring the whole of india to build brand infosys.

    If this guy gets to be our next president, he will be eradicating poverty by making all naked, illiterate and (madly in love of hunger people) to wear infosys t-shirt and work on super-computers whenever he gives gaurd of honour from bangalore airport to his campuses…..

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