Should Yesudas be let into Guruvayur Temple?

Nearly three decades ago, K.J. Yesudas was stopped at the gates of the Sree Krishna Temple in Guruvayur, Kerala. His religion (Christianity) was held him, and the classical and cinema singer was barred from performing in the precincts of the Hindu lord. However, Yesudas’ guru Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar was let in. But seeing his disciple’s plight, the Guru led Yesudas to an impromptu, all-night concert in praise of Lord Krishna outside the temple.

The reverberations of that incident continue to be felt to this today. The Kerala Minister for Cooperation and Devaswom G. Sudhakaran has urged the Guruvayur Devaswom Temple Board to allow Yesudas into the famous temple to “set right a wrong”. But the Nair Service Society has opposed the proposal saying the move would create an unnecessary controversy as everyone knew that the temple did not allow non-Hindus inside.

“Coming from a person who represents a party (CPM) which doesn’t believe in God, the minister’s initiative amounts to an infringement on Hinduism,” Nair Service Society general secretary P.K. Narayana Panikker has said. “Why does every one want to teach secularism to Hindus alone? Why don’t they make similar interventions in other religions?”

For his part, Yesudas says he doesn’t want to be allowed into the temple alone. “Places of religious worship, be it a temple, a mosque or a church should be thrown open to all,” he says.

What do you think? Does it make sense to keep Yesudas out because of his religion in this day and age? If Yesudas can perform unfettered in the Kollur Mookambika Temple, why should only the Guruvayur Temple bar his entry? If Sonia Gandhi can be grandly welcomed at many of our big Hindu temples, including Tirupati, why can’t Yesudas?

Is man giving god a bad name? And what the Hell, let’s ask it—is Lord Krishna reserving a special place in Heaven for all those who divide his devotees?

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  1. Mohan Says:

    “Is man giving god a bad name?”

    Well, he has every right. Where would god be if man hadn’t created him in the first place? :-)

  2. clash Says:

    The left front goverment in kerala is trying to masquerade a bitter factional infighting going on in their party by pulling these kind of innocuous issues. Even the Devasom Board which controlls the guruvayoor temple is littered with these communist trolls. They are trying to divert the attentions of masses from real problems which kerala is facing. Now, with over 6 news channels littering the breadth and with of kerala, it is very easy to kick up an issue like this.

  3. Rama Says:

    At least Left is Right this time. and only the left can dare talk about it. There are other Krishna temples in Kerala, India. But nowhere is it mandatory for ‘Mundu and removing shirts’. The local rulers of past may be responsible for these temple-wise customs. and it’s not always Left, remember last time it was this Kannada (actor) bitch who bitched about Sabarimala.

  4. vijay Says:

    i am a devotee of lord guruvayurappan and also a big fan of yesudas. i think it would be very nice if they allow yesudas into the guruvayur temple.

    however, it need not be a “must do” kind of thing. i think guruvayuppan will be with yesudas wherever and whenever he sings. yesudas is not just another devotee. he and his music should is really pious and should be worshipped.

    as long as they (the politicians) do not pollute either the temple or his music, and mind their own business, everything will be good.

  5. Hanuman Says:

    “If Sonia Gandhi can be grandly welcomed at many of our big Hindu temples, including Tirupati, why can’t Yesudas?”

    I agree. Yesudas is any day a superior human being in terms of his music talent and sheer devotion than Sonia Ghandi (not Gandhi I should emphasise)who is a mere politician. I am not surprised at the hypocrisy of temple authorities. We should be reminded about Kanakadasa and the Udipi Krisna temple here.

    I am a devotee of Guruyoorappan and I have no doubt that Yesudas will observe the sanctity of the temple, and it is time that he was allowed and so that he can sing in front of the Lord.

  6. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    He should be admitted

  7. GOD Says:

    I never said other religion people should not be allowed entry to my temples. All are welcome.

  8. V Rao Says:

    The temple authorities must reform age-old traditions which do not have much significance in this present day. Such petty prejudices reflect badly not just on the temple but on the whole Hindu society. Caste or religion should not be an excuse to debar one from entering a temple.

  9. emailxyz Says:

    While it is true that politicans tend to preach only to Hindus about secularism, we should ourselves reform our religion. Why should we deny entry to any person who has faith in god ? Not just Yesudas, anybody who wishes to worship Lord Guruvavyurappan must be allowed entry into the temple.

  10. lib-fem Says:

    There is not a single temple which has not played his music, there is no single household that does not like his voice…and there is no single God he hasn’t worshipped with his divine voice.
    He and his music should be let inside the premises of the temple.

    Check for more:

  11. rustyvagabond Says:

    Everyone should be allowed to pray wherever they want to pray. That is true secularism.

  12. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Let that guy inside temple. Grow up Nairs .
    Are you guys stone age people ?

    Devru vara Kottru Poojary vara kodlilla…

    In manthralaya ( Raghavendra swamy sannidhi) ..people wearing janavara ( Thread – Cross Belt) are served food in a separate dining hall than the people not having a thread .
    I just dont understand these people .

  13. BT Says:

    I’m just curios. How do the temple authorities check/verify the caste?

  14. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Most of these temples would ask devotees to not to wear upper garment .
    They would then identify if you are having cross belt ( thread ) .
    If you are having one you belong to one class rest to other .

  15. Dheerendragopal Says:

    A small correction …this only applies to men folk .

    Reg women ..I am not sure how they distinguish the caste.

  16. Himanshu Says:

    All the major temples in Karnataka do this.
    Udupi, etc.

    They have separate dining for people wearing the thread.

    You can buy the thread at the grandhiGe shop outside the temple for a few rupees and enjoy an “exclusive” company. But I have’t found a difference in the menu or taste.

  17. priya Says:

    Did Bruhaspati and Vayu who believed to have installed the main idol AT GURUVAYUR spoke of such discrimination or Vishwakarma, the divine architect, who built the temple?On what grounds do the temple authorities say NO to devotees when the God himself hasn’t said anything on such issue?

  18. priya Says:

    What if a married couple of different religion who have embarrassed each other’s religion want to visit the temple? Can they ever go the temple together?

    If the temple boycotts people of other religion for the reason that they are non-vegetarians, it should stop doing so. Because how many of those who go temple are pure vegetarians?

    If the temple puts the sign ‘No Entry’ to the people of other religion because they believe in the other as their saviour, it should re-consider its restrictions. Because I bet there are many who have deep faith in Lord Krishna but still go to church. And there are people who go to church regularly but still go to Buddhist temple.

    Did Bruhaspati and Vayu who believed to have installed the main idol at Guruvayur spoke of such discrimination or Vishwakarma, the divine architect, who built the temple?On what grounds do the temple authorities say NO to devotees when the God himself hasn’t said anything on such issue?

    Where are we? Why are we the way we are? Have we ever tried to understand what Sanatana Dharma is?

  19. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    It is silly that these Nayars are objecting to Jesudas entering the temple. What’s the big deal any way?

    DG at the risk of lashings from SK Smita…I would like to say the bustier women are deemed to be from the so-called ‘lower classes’ and as you know the Kerala ladies wear their sarees in a very attractive way with full frontal visuals! :)

  20. Vishwas M Says:

    I believe there should be 27% reservation for others to enter into the temple. When we can have reservations in IITs and IIMs why can’t we have it here? Are we providing justice to all? or Are we partial even in providing reservations? Forget Sonia Gandhi / Yesudas entering the temple.

    I am desperate to ask this question to our HRD Ministry of India..

  21. Gaampa Says:

    I dont think even Sonia would be allowed inside Guruvayoor. Well. Pray where you are. Its all the same. However, interestingly, Tirumala Tirupathy Devasthanams (TTD) require while looking foreigners to sign a paper saying they are entering temple with full belief on Balaji. Somewhat okay.
    ALso, I visited Vatican about three times. I did not find any distasteful comments, looks or remarks. Dont know about Mecca though

  22. Rama Says:

    Doddi Buddi, You seem to be a bastard! No mother-sister at home? Go screw

  23. tarlesubba Says:

    yesudasa’s case has been eloquently and aptly compared to kanakadasa’s. it is nobodies case that individually he might be the greatest krishnabhakta post independence. & DG’s point about raghavendra brundavana is right on the money.

    but all this is game & quite natural. however, as far as the undercurrent of this post goes, panniker’s comment is very interesting & prolly right on the money.

    as far as the undercurrent of this post goes, a comparative study of ‘progressive’ trends in the last 100 years amongst the various religions is prolly most instructive. It is prolly illuminative to ask how far have these religions moved away from their respective literal interpretations & dogma.

    as far as the undercurrent of this post goes, when compared to the debasing, demonizing and even threatening, zakir naiks, deobands & baptists of NE, who now advertise to be coming to a locality near you including tirupathi, even the wildest bajrangis come out as modern day kabirs in that even they would not attack EVEN the patron saints of deobandism & baptistism, let alone the god of the book people, as false gods. an act which anybody who has been on the receiving end of their marketing campaigns & pamphlets would vouch is not the case with these nutbags of the evangelist kinds. for these & others hindu’s inherent tolerance is worth only so much piss. anybody who has gone east of mysore will be able to vouch for the altered ‘geography’.

    given these empirical facts, ultimately even though all religions might be false, the ones that have converted poorly published books & the thesis in them, to bibles & qurans are the more dangerous ones. now we can bury our heads in that famous indian sand & deny it & conitinue to needle pointless issues, but Persia, kandahaar, far east. So., Korea. Americas. Africa(Darfur). Airope. have different stories to tell.

    tarlesubba. indian ‘atheist’ of the nyaya-vaisheshika kind.

  24. tarlesubba Says:

    oops forgot to add.. sankara, basavanna, guru nanak, JK & UG kind.

  25. Dheerendragopal Says:

    TS neevu Ogatina Manushya …intresting .

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Unlike you, I am not into incest. Now go in peace.

  27. Smita Says:

    Rama – echo your sentiments!

    DB – you greatly appreciated Prof. Krishne Gowda’s eloquence and wit in driving home meaningful messages… do you recall what he had to say about speech having no literal meaning, but only ‘bhavane’- the feeling, the sentiment… have you tried to understand what some of us here are trying to say (different words though we may use?)

    And all the others on this forum – while you all seem to have an opinion/ significant experience on current affairs, political wisdom, and business acumen, and talk so highly of culture, values and lofty ideals, how is it that no one has an opinion/ drive to curb such loose talk on this forum? Or is it precisely what makes it entertaining for all of us?

  28. Doddi Buddi Says:


    In fact it appears that I did not go all-Indian psycho on your comment yesterday in the hope that we can still discuss issues without getting into ‘mothers and sisters’ at home. You know what you are not only unfunny you come off as some sterile tennis-court tranny.

    As far Rama, what is it that enraged his psychotic behavior-baffles me completely! Is he a closet homo? Did my infosis comment gave him an instant brain damage or what?

    Keep to the facts and show me where I have crossed the line.

    SK is a 3-tent piece!
    Kerala women wear sarees in an attractive way because the weather is humid and they need a functional dress.

    If you want to get into gutter language, oh yeah sister Smita I can go there too!

  29. Anonymous Guy Says:

    A temple/church/mosque/whatever is free is do what it wants if it ran purely on private money. Religion is kind of like a club nowadays – you are part of the club or you arent, non-members are mostly not tolerated. But if the ‘place of worship’ gets government subsidies, doesnt pay taxes on money earned or gets to occupy land without paying for it; then obviously they will have to allow public in, since they enjoy benefits claiming they are public institutions.

    On a different note, we like ‘loose talk’. Adhu maja koduththe. If we wanted to ‘curb’ it or avoid it, we would go to a temple and pray.

  30. Smita Says:

    wondered why you stopped calling yourself KB so soon!!? there is so much potential yet to be unveiled…

    maybe you do want to give us a sample of the gutter language that you are so proud an exponent of – i am sure this is just the beginning! Churumuri – prepare yourself… here are some lessons to be learnt!

  31. Doddi Buddi Says:


    There is no point in being witty or funny with the likes of you! And you know it! Deep down you are just a wannabe ‘hot chick’ with neither the assets to back up your deepest desires nor interesting grey matter.

    Now go in a 3-tent piece and spread your kind of spirituality among the deadbeats like ‘Rawma’ and others…:)

    Anonymous Guy
    You say it right.

  32. Dheerendragopal Says:

    I think Yesudas has to be allowed into the temple in mallus heartland .
    or Paryaayavaagi he can come to Udipi Srikrishna temple .
    Both are same gods the DK people dont mind( I think so ) .

    Anyone joining me for a cup of Columbian Coffee…Take a break .LOL

  33. Anonymous Guy Says:

    DB, I think Smita likes you. See she even wants you to use abusive language now for her kicks.

  34. Dheerendragopal Says:

    I cant post anything here .becaus it is sending my comments for moderation

  35. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Thats because you are the poli Dheerendra Gopal. Yen anthiya thammmmaaaaa.

  36. Smita Says:

    is that why you keep responding to my ‘witticisms’ with such promptness? :-)
    ooooh….’deep down’ you seem to know what i am… and the whole world is like… but not why you are as obnoxious as you are!

  37. Smita Says:

    anonymous guy! on behalf of KB – thanks for coming to his support – he will need it!

  38. Dheerendragopal Says:

    This is what I posted
    think Yesudas has to be allowed into the temple in mallus heartland .
    or Paryaayavaagi he can come to Udipi Srikrishna temple .
    Both are same gods the DK people dont mind( I think so ) .

    Anyone joining me for a cup of Columbian Coffee

  39. Goutham Says:

    I never understood why temples dont allow certain ppl to enter.Its probobaly the opposite in any church.They are always looking for fresh recruits:).Thats why they go to middle of africa in deep jungle get more ppl to convert to christianity…I never understood that…In hindu religion we don not have that concept…I guess its more closer to human nature…if you have found something thats good you want to keep it close to yourselves…In other religions its more to do with forming allinces and gaining a communuity….its not between you and GOD

  40. Dheerendragopal Says:

    it is because of segregation . earlier even shudras were not allowed into temples . the brahmins had control of temple and God

  41. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Smita, More and more it seems to me that you really like DB or KB (kall buddi? kantri buddi?).


    Volle chance maga idhdhu. Bidabeda.

  42. Naveen Says:

    Majja nimagge Loose talk nalli siguttha ?. Berre yava reethinallu siggodilva? adunu public forum nalle aggabekka ?. hope you are allright?

    DB: I am in Mysore – saturday and sunday – . I live in Gokulam Park Road . I want to meet up with you. You seem to know and comment on all – and Gutter language too. You certainly are on the dot with current affairs – which means you are a senior/ proffesional person.
    I agree on being funny / witty – but topics on women, Assets in public forum ?. My question – if you were to lead by example – would you have suggested your fellow members to laugh at the expense of others?.

    Iam curious – so want to meet you . From MathruMandalli->Mahajanas – So gutter Can be at worst! :)
    I shall hope to meet you sir!.

  43. Anonymous Guy Says:

    “adunu public forum nalle aggabekka?”

    Anonymous Guys are always like that. We look for maja everywhere. Privatu, publicu yella ondhe.

  44. Ranga Says:

    Back off all you who use not-so civilised language. The issue is that in this 21st century, a temple refuses to allow in a devotee of Christian faith. I say that whatever the caste/religion of the person, if the person is a devotee ( believes in the God that the temple represents), he/she should be allowed in.

  45. Nikhil Moro Says:

    If Guruvayoor receives government funds through Kerala’s Department of Temple Affairs, then the refusal to admit Yesudas is a clear violation of Article 23(2) of the Constitution which prohibits the government from discriminating among citizens.

    In addition, not admitting Yesudas shows a lack of understanding of the Vedanta. As the primary philosophy of Hindu practices, the Vedanta clearly teaches that moksha is attained by Self-realization regardless of the prophet or religion one uses; sanatan dharma accepts multiple paths to the “Truth.” That factor is what makes Hindu dharma so powerfully accepting — and eternal.

    Many mosques do not admit non-Muslims. Fire temples in Mumbai do not appreciate non-Parsis. Same is the case with Jewish synagogues.

    It may be fair to include in the current debate all those places of worship, even though they are minority.

    Regarding the dress code, the Guruvayoor temple, as private property owned by a trust, has every right to enforce a dress code — asking devotees to wear a panche or to remove their shirt. All gurudwars have a dress code too, requiring devotees to cover their heads before entering. So do Sufi tombs, as well as mosques that do admit “outsiders.”

    The temple’s dress code has nothing to do with being able to see the devotees’ “jaanav” or “janavara.” Removing the shirt is intended to show one show’s humility in the presence of the diety. It is a way to ensure equality among devotees.

    Grow up, guys!

    The Guruvayoor, Horanadu, Udupi, Dharmasthala or Shringeri temples do not give any special respect for the “jaanav” than our society in general does by presuming that the “jaanav” represents scholarship, religious confirmation (including self-induced poverty) and service.

    Talking of Yesudas specifically, going by the sincerity and submission evident in his bhajans, he is clearly a bhakt of Guruvayoor Krishna. So what if he was born into a Catholic family — that wasn’t a choice he made. I am very proud that in the mainstream Hindu Vedantic tradition Yesudas is as welcome as anyone else even if in his own Catholic tradition he is probably rejected as a heretic or non-Christian.

  46. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I agree with you 100%–that’s exactly how I feel on this Yesudas issue.

  47. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Thank you for the kind words! No can do–I am over in North America. Let’s be clear–This is not a forum to discuss the spiritual side of Mother Theresa. Nor I am a thrill seeker. I have honestly set out what I feel about the opposite sex and their various modes of dress. You are welcome to disagree without getting too violent or too personal.

    It is very easy for me to accuse you detractors–pay you back in the same coin and so on. That said, I detest SK as a dress–it is a monstrosity and brings out the worst in our South Indian women. Women love to wear low-waist jeans to showcase their best bits and that is a fact–which unfortunately has brought out mass hysteria among some of the forum members–we call it denying the obvious! ditto with short skirts another admirable garment that should proliferate the Indian landscape so that men get used to seeing them and feel comfortable without getting repressed.

    The laugh is only at our hypocrisy–not at the expense of the women members! An attractive woman goes into Taliban mode simply by wearing a SK. Why because some members feel there are members like DB (or KB) on the prowl! What shit is this? Are we living in Saudi Arabia? do we really need to be policed by moral though police like SK Smita?

    I can imagine someone like SK Smita going to a movie with lots of postcards in her handbag. The moment a hero, say. Sivanna starts grabbing the bits and pieces of the nice Jennifer Kotwal, Smita starts writing a letter there and then, “You Bastard! Sivanna. Maneley mother sisters illawa?” and so on. She does the same with other heroes as well.

    At the end of the day when you are watching a ladies tennis match, I am sure you are watching the game as well as the aesthetics that went to building the player:) Unless you are a ‘Rama’

  48. Doddi Buddi Says:

    That should be ‘thought police’

  49. Dheerendragopal Says:

    There are always two kinds of sections .
    People who want to dress well and catch attention.
    People who want to dress ‘Less’ and catch attention .

    Designer make dress for both the class . A decently dressed women always gets respect . A scantily dressed women always draw attention
    of men . Some openly comment on such women and some suppress their comments but have opinions(maybe desires ) on such women( maybe every women. There are others engrossed in other worldly matters
    doesnt care much about the opposite sex or what they wear .
    All this depends on the soceity and the exposure we had while growing up.
    The more conservative the soceity is the more exploitation and abuse we find. Probably there is more abuse against women in Saudi Arabia than in free world . The same with Indian Soceity as well .
    To end my note , there is no safe place for women either way .In Middle eastern countries there might be abuse against women and Men might not be punished in male dominant soceity (even in India ) whereas in US
    there might be abuses against women in several other ways and may not be open or reported . All boils down to Basic Instinct and how much free time people have .

    Lets end the conversation here and wish yesudas gets into the temple .
    Otherwise what use the MALLU land claiming that there is 100% literacy .

  50. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Right said, DG!

  51. tarlesubba Says:

    saar yesudas story is boring. full politics.

    these discussions on churumuri about what women ought to wear is more interesting.

    what to do when, when not to go where, what to wear when, how to behave etc., like this the same discussion with the same arguments from the men’s side can be had on a variety of vanitha topics.

    bajaarige male equivalent idiya?
    sooLemagange female equivalent idiya?
    sooLe ge male equivalent idiya?

  52. poorapara Says:

    sooLe ge male equivalent idiya?


  53. Rama Says:

    Dodda Buddi. I know that the North American climate has given you a Sore back and ass and you are frustrated. It’s evident in your comments though you may think polished they’re. Any subject, everyone knows what comments to expect from you! Though you have tried to justify your first comments by mentioning the humid climate in Kerala etc, you stand isolated on the fact that be it a tennis match or your mother bringing you a cup of coffee, what you will be eager to look at. Long live DB! We are not in Soudi Arabia, but Mysooru is still too far of North America.

  54. Rama Says:

    DB: ..and this is not a CONFESSION FORUM to tell when all you got a hard on..

  55. Ed Viswanathan Says:

    This is a complex issue. This a dilemma for all Hindus.

    On one side we are forced to follow traditions but on other side, we have to welcome others who sincerely believe in Hindu concepts and ideals.

    How we can achieve that is a million dollar question???

    To a person who sees everything as ADVAIDA [one ] nothing matters but to people who are deep into ritualistic worship, everything matters.

    We have to reach a middle path upon which all of us can agree.

    After publishing my book AM I A HINDU? [] many westerners have written to me, expressing their ardent desire to become Hindus. But unluckily, there are no proper way for them to become Hindus, since HINDUISM IS A CULTURE and caste system is a stumbling block in their conversion.

    We have to develop some consensus among all Hindu theologians including four Sankaracharyas about this matter. We cannot ignore and wish the question will go away. This problem will linger on until it is properly solved.

    Thanks for reading.

  56. Suresh Nair Says:

    I personnaly feel that yesudas to be allowed to visit guruyavoor anyway the caste doesn’t matter to god its a creation of human being the best example is that of uduppi shree krishna, god only needs the bhaktas , for me yesudas is real bhakta of lord krishna

  57. Doode Says:

    Kindly allow Yesudas to the temple

  58. Gopakumar N Says:

    Any true devotee should be permitted inside temple. I feel Yesudas is elgible than any so called devotee there.

    Now the politics. Kerala Govt takes away the money from Hindu temples there. Most of the rich temples are under the governance of a body called Devaswom board, there is a ministry for that. Temples not getting anything back from this Devaswom board. Sabarimala is a clear case of inadequate facilities for the devotees. So the minister asking Devaswom board to allow Yesudas is purely politics.

    Even if Yesudas doesn’t get a permission, I am sure Lord Krishna is with him.

  59. K.Venugopal Says:

    Everyone should be allowed entry into all temples. However, this should not lead to a homogenization of all temples. Every temple has its unique architecture, traditions, customs and rituals. These should be perpetuated, including purificatory rites. Only such purificatory rites should be a consequence of erroneous action rather than entry of people of particular religions or castes. When a person enters a temple, he ought to enter it in the spirit of imbibing what the temple has to offer rather than vitiating the temple by, for example, performing namaaz inside the temple. If a Muslim feels like doing so, he should resist himself in deference to the temple traditions and instead seek to build a temple where the performance of namaaz is allowed. In short, universal entry into temples should not signal uprooting of temples.

  60. Rijo Says:

    It is more of thought hijacking with so many news channels. The issue is stretched beyond recognition and people argue for and against the misinterpretation.

    I feel a temple has it’s sanctity which should be maintained at all costs. conducting the punyaham doesn’t imply that Ravikrishan who entered the temple are unclean. The tantris felt that he has not been living according to certain ways that will make him not eligible to enter the sanctum sactorum of the temple. Not simply because his mother was a Hindu. Nobody was trying to insult any one. It’s simply that he was not eligible to enter without punyaham being performed. It is just like having your voters id to vote. It makes sure that you are a citizen of India. What if I can go and vote in Somalia, without knowing anything about the politics there? Is there any point in then saying that we live in liberal world? In the same way, Yesudas who is a practising christian.

    As the issue came to the forefront, we must have constructive dialogues on it. It is easy to make a comment and opinion. Especially in things which are distant to us. M.A Baby said during an NDTV show about the subject that he personally doesn’t believe in any religion. But he is very adamant that non-Hindu’s should also be let in the temple. How easy it is to say! G.Sudahakaran says proudly that he doesn’t believe in any religion. All he knows that law of the temple and power of tantri must not be exercised. And we have to move in with the times. But should we just move in any direction? Should we not move in the right direction.

    How can we have test whether a person entering the temple is a devotee.
    I think in this hotchpotch of culture we have lost the meaning of the word devotee also. Devotee means a person who is devoted. It is not applicable to people who go to every places of worship. And how can we find a devotee? There is no litmus test for a devotee. To find out simply ask him if he is a Hindu or not. If he is not a Hindu let him not enter the temple. This is for the sanctity. So that it will be holy place. The meaning of religion will be lost. Otherwise.

    True that certain rituals are to mask some power equations. It is to maintain the superiority of certain class. Certain practices helped in that. Seeing it that ways helps us to analyse and understand issues. These are true and fundamental. But there is no question of high or low in the present secenario.The question is not of ineqaulity. It is whether you are a Hindu or not. We had over come it in 1936 by the Temple Entry proclamation.

    I’m a Christian> I have utter contempt for those who say that I admire Jesus Christ as a person but I does not believe in Christianity. It comes out of limited understandings. Or because of some contempt for the Church. I’m not saying that Church doesn’t have it’s dirty politics and struggle for power and money. But that is not an excuse from you going to church.

    What is respecting other religions? Is it that you don’t believe in anything actually, and go to all places of worship. It is easy to say superficial thing as “all gods are same” or “all religions lead to the same way.” It doesn’t take not even one little effort.

    True respect of religion is understanding their pracices and rituals. Not to justify it or criticize it. But just to understand it.

    But we want to form opinions

  61. HSR Says:

    There is so much of noise only when Jesudas or minister kin are involved in the temple normal entry controversy. Why no one has taken up the cause of common man so for ?
    I think there is an alternative for all this. It is most undesirable to restrict entry of any person from any place of worship irrespective of his faith of birth. Of course each institution may be allowed to insist on certain general principles which are needed to continue its age old tradition. If a certain ritual is there to restore the sanctity of place of worship It can as well be incorporated in to the daily routine of the holy place and doors of the place of worship be thrown open to all. It can be made applicable to the place of worship of all the faiths to silence critics on the ground of partiality. Such law is the need of the hour in a secular country, public place of worship of any faith should be open to the interested individuals ,then there will be no out burst of public opinion about no admittance of a person that too only when he is a VIP

  62. Vishnu Mayammala Says:

    By birth I am Christian has a diploma in bible studies. Stopped practicing Christianity and now practicing Hinduism. I go to Hindu temples do my worship and poojas. I feel it is very logic the theology of Hinduism more applicable than what I was practicing. In Hinduism any one can be a Hindu, even though they do not believe. I can be reached at

    Temple, rituals and prayers are to satisfy the human mind. All rules, regulations and procedures are by human. Anything in this world BY HUMAN SHOLD BE FOR HUMAN. God dwell in the heart of human mind, not in the temple or such places. If the human written rules/ regulations restrict a person to go and worship in a place like GURUVAYOOUR “WE MUST ACCODOMATE OURSELVES TO AVIOD SUCH PLACES”. If the God do not want you then WHY YOU NEED SUCH A GOD? The temple authorizes are still in the darkness because of their ignorance about the concept of God and its existence. If anyone go and seek God in this places and if a GOD dwell in the midst of them ” THAT GOD IS ALSO FULL OF IGNORANCE”. “DON’T BE FOOL YOURSELF”
    Aham Bhamasmi….Tawa masi..

  63. Sans Says:

    Ask Sonia to give it a try.. trying entry into Guruvayoor. She will be thrown out. We dont need anyone other than Hindus inside temples. What is the need for others to pray in Temples when they have faith in their own religion ? To insult Hinduism ?

  64. Prabhanjan HG Says:

    yes there is no harm in giving permission to him to see lord krishna

  65. Prabhanjan HG Says:

    there should be no caste, religion and sex in front of god

  66. Shweta Says:

    “Why does every one want to teach secularism to Hindus alone? Why don’t they make similar interventions in other religions?”

    Exactly! That’s so true. I am sure Muslims have a hundred flaws in their system. How come no one points a finger at them?

    However, I really think that Lord Krishna would want to welcome all His devotees into the temple. But I really don’t know: if they throw it open to non-Hindus, it will become some sort of a tourist attraction, which is horrible.

    Maybe non-Hindus can be let in for devotional purposes. I don’t agree with the ‘purification’ or ‘conversion’ form being given to them to sign. They should sign a form stating that they want to enter for devotional purposes alone. I remember Paul McCartney going to Varanasi once and standing there and just staring at the proceedings, as if he was looking at a circus.

  67. Shweta Says:

    Someone here was voicing the plight of the common man over the celebrity. How can they check if a person is Hindu, Muslim, or Christian? Anybody can wear a naamam and go in? I am sure there would have been *many* non-Hindus who have come in. On the other hand, celebrities can’t get in. Everybody knows Yesudas is a Christian.

    I feel for the administration. It is a VERY difficult situation. I hope God helps them in their endeavours.

  68. sushma Says:

    I am a hindu, though not a staunch one. I also believe that one of the strongest points of hinduisim is that it teaches tolernace. But in today’s times it seems like everyone has a problem with hindus and our religion. Our religion and our people get comprised with,because we are Hindus. We provide reservation for Muslims (A.P), because a majority of them are uneducated and poor, so does it mean that a poor brahmin boy deserves no consideration? Coming to the real issue, why is it so hard for us to respect the rules a temple makes? Most temples around India allow non-hindus entry. So if one of the temples doesn’t , can’t we just accept it? why is a party which claims to not believe in religion, care whether a temple allows it, or anyone else in. Shouldn’t this be an area where they , or for that matterany politician have appsolutely no business in? It is not the business of any political party to interfere in the affairs of a temple, unless they are doing something illegal. Where do we draw a line and stop disrespecting a religion and its rules. Sonia gandhi is a servant of a political office. Lets not treat her or anyone like demi-gods ,and provide references. She has no regard for the temples that she goes to anyways, its just a political stunt to gain mileage.

  69. Sujith Babu Says:

    Dear people,
    Please allow Padmasree K.J. Yesudas to the temple. Nothing wrong in allowing him to temple and his devotional songs are being played everywhere including temples.
    Other religions may be adviced not to consume non-veg on the day entering the temple.

  70. K M Mathews Says:

    No. He should not be allowed. The great Reason is Temple like Guruvayur is maintaining certain system, rules and regulations from its inception. And this is one among the many reason the temple become so famous.
    So the authorities are liable to maitain trust and belief of crores of Hindus in the state.

  71. malayali Says:

    hindus are so orthodox in kerala,that no kannadiga can expect.infact swamy vivekananda called kerala a mental assylum :( everywhere it was Ayitha(m) or untouchability until communism and other reformation movement came.

    regarding yesudas,he is a Latin Catholic(like konkani christians in west karnataka) from Fort-Kochi(n).Latin Catholics are a small minority and are SC in Kerala.

    I came to know that Syrian Christians(who are Upper Class),who are a majority in Kerala,many do visit temples like Guruvayoor,Chottanikkara,Ambalappuzha etc.

    This is something weird.I remember may be 5 decades back,no brahmins except Namboodiri are allowed in many Namboodiri houses!even Nairs are called “Sudras” that time.(nairs are supposedly those migrated from UP/nepal?)
    No tulu brahmin/aiyar etc are accepted as brahmins in kerala.
    Now,Times are changing.
    we have more taamil and karnataka paandis,north indians in our cities than our people :( ,while our people are hovering over other parts of the world.what a pity!sheesh!

  72. aaa Says:

    why did yesudoss move from a beautiful christian religion; so he is suffereing now. he shld not be allowed in church and also in temple.
    May be now, he can change to muslim!! :-)

  73. sakthisagaram Says:

    Why you guys are not asking this….. Why media is so dumb about this???

    Jesudas had trouble getting his son baptised by a Christian church, because Jesudas sang at Hindu temples! Jesudas and his wife are card-carrying Christians. But the Christian church balked at the ceremony of sprinkling holy water on their son because Jesudas had committed the ‘crime’ of singing Hindu devotional songs!

    Thus these Christians should be tarred with the same ‘communal’ brush as the Guruyavur authorities. But of course not; in the lexicon of the ‘secular’ ‘progressives’, only Hindus can be ‘communal’.
    In Yesudas’ case, the question was not whether he respects Hindu deities, but whether he is Hindu. Since he isn’t, I think the authorities are perfectly within their right to not allow him in. If Yesudas really wanted to go to Guruvayur that badly, he could have converted to Hinduism. And take the certificate of Arya Samaj and enter into Guruvayur Temple

  74. aaa Says:

    yesudoss has already converted to hindu, he just did not want to change his name because he wanted to have the same popular name, and also he knows very well that because he was a good christian he got all these gifts. But he sang hindu songs just for money and all the hindu priests gave wrong message and finally converted him to a hindu, later he realised that Christinanity is the one and only true religion after having spent time with those hindu priests. Now he realised that and came back to church and christians were criticizing him. Now he is in a big confusion, he does not want to go to hindus, but the christians are not accepting him.

    Thats the real fact.

  75. V.L.Pasupathy Says:

    Dear sir,
    What is christianity says.They are dead against idol worship.So if one beleive In christianity he should not worship idols.How one man can for and against of idol worship?.This is only for publicity he is doing if he is a true beliver of chrstianity.Ofcourse he has rendered wonderful song in hindu god that is for his profession.Christianity says only there religion take one directly to heaven and idol worshippers will go to hell.Why he wants to go to hell

  76. aaa Says:

    In christianity, some people dont prefer to have any picture of God and some people will prefer to have a picture of God, but we all are praying to the same God. No body is doing an idol worship. But hindu priest will create some idol (like some human having 10 hands and 10 heads and idol of snakes, cows, so wierd!!) out of sand. Nothing is true.

    Then the priest will drink lots of red water and swallow small idols and in front of the people, they will come and throw up all the idols from mouth. And you poor people still beleive that those idols are created in his stomach. Please think sensibly!!

  77. maya Says:

    As long as christians believe in coversion of water to wine we are free to believe what we want. But here i am nt supporting the false gurus.. There are always there like the Priest in Italy accused of Sex scandal.

    First ppl learn to follow what ur religion says.. Love thy neighbours.. irrespective of whether they are Hindus or christians or anything..

    Stop criticizing.. ppl need faith and belief let them take it from wherever they want it!!

  78. aaa Says:

    Maya, I love your comments. Then why dont you tell all the hindus to allow that poor Jesudoss to temple. Why dont you all love him. Church does not have any fence and scan the people before entering the church. We beleive that whoever comes in, they will have faith and also they leave the place with happiness.

    You know very well that most people who come to temple are for tourist purpose, including hindus. That means u dont have full confidence that people come for praying… thats why u dont allow.

  79. Dhanya Says:

    I totally agree in Mr/Ms/Mrs aaa’s point. I live in atlanta, GA and last week i went to Srinaranayan temple, the so called the biggest in the west, i could see many americans (christians) come over there. The reason for that is that the americans will donate lot of money when they see a donation box, so to recive the money u can let the christians into the temple and thats not impure. But last month Meera Jasmine went into a temple and she was charged 10,000 to purify the temple as she is a christian, its just a way of making money, when u get lot of money then the christians are allowed, so funny… And ofcourse whose money is that that made the big temple in Atlanta… ofcourse Americans… ofcourse Christians…..

  80. Hanuma and Ramana Says:

    It’s totally ignorance.What is hinduism ? what is christianity? what is Islam? We created all this nonsense to pray the God.Religions are not great,but God is great forever. Yesudas, he is neither a Christian nor a Hindu.He is a great devotee of God.Anybody could reject him into their religion,but God always welcomes him with affection and Love.May god bless always Yesudeas!

  81. Satyanarayana Says:

    If any religious organization has tradition to follow, it should be respected. No matter who that person is.
    As long as they maintain the same rule whether it is a janitor of a prime minister.
    I admire Jesudas. He is one of the greatest singers, not to mention he sang numerous Hindu devotional songs. However, just because a temple did not let him enter, should not be taken personally.
    I am Hindu live in New York city. Sometimes, I visit St. Patrick’s church on 5th Ave. If church has a problem, I simply will not visit. However, if the church allows muslims, jews and other religions, I do have a problem.
    Thinking all religions are the same, is ignorance. However, finding the essense of each and do the right thing is important.

  82. Unni Says:

    Dear friends
    Krishna has no religion. He is love and anbody can love him.
    People of pure fund of knowledge critizise Hindus belief which is the oldest one in the world. Shame on you critizisers!


  83. kumar Says:

    Guruvayur dewaswam board has the right to make their rules.Yesudas will be permitted to enter if he convert to hunduism.Why can’t he do it if he wants to enter that temple? if he doesn’t believe in any religion build his own temple,name it guruvayur and enter.Naryanapanikar is right when he said, everyone try to enforce secularism in hinduism.Chistians says no one can go to heavean unless you accept jesus as your savior.Muslim do not let hindus enter their mosque because they says hindus are idol worshippers.Why yesudas who is confused with religion want to enter the temple not the mosque

  84. kavi Says:

    Exactly, well said Hanuma and Ramana. Whatever said n done yesudas is definitely greater in terms of love and affection he has for Krishna than many others who have been let into the temple. Im sure Krishna will be with him always because of his good heart. May GOD bless Yesudas forever.

  85. raj Says:

    In my experiecnce once, I felt that the administration of Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple feels that they are special, they are pure souls showing way to other devotees coming there and washing others sin. I feel it is unfortunate that people have started deciding in Divine matters.
    My view is to let people rule in worldly matters but leave the Premises of Divine to the Lord.

  86. SANIL THOMAS Says:


  87. Sam Says:

    Man created all the religions and i think they have the authority to control it too. so they are just controlling their creations.

  88. kunal kulkarni Says:

    well as per some of you, it is not necessary to have any code of conduct while worshiping in a temple. are you kidding………… you want to convert temples into churches or mosques. then why you need a regulation on roads or in schools or anywhere? what is the use of temple for that matter? why build a temple in the first place? why study Veda at all? Are you going crazy?

  89. ajay joseph Says:

    let the great man inside, show some respect!!!!!!

    im sure lord krishna or whoever the god is doesnt really care of his skin, or religion but his heart…

    btw i have no issues with hindus or nairs, my sweetheart is nair;-) she is a goddess :)

    Not just yesudas i like to see some temples and feel the it, open it for everyone, what are you hiding, everyone have a right to experience god and chose what is right and wrong, you cant deny it.

  90. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Poor DB has been turned into the MF Hussain of Churumuri. It has always been important for most Indian males to deny the sexuality of women as a way of controlling them, making them feel ashamed of their physical attributes. Even our goddesses are no exception. Ondu samaya Deve Gowdrenaadru ee janmadalle saabaraagbitre, avara maneya hennu makkalella buruka dharisabekaagutthe.

    Some posters react under assumed female names here, I think. Not many women who take part in these discussions would really go along with the Smithas and the Ramas here.

    For Naveen’s information, threats of bodily harm can land one in court, whether the action is to take place in front of Mahajana High School or Marimallappa kaaleju.

    I am not defending everything that Impounded Intelligence (to try my hand at his ancient practice of translating names) says. He often gets carried away by the grandeur of his own sarcasm. But who can say in this haven for anonymous cyber mind expanders that some of us don’t create the responses we are responding to?

    Anda haange ellarigu thiliyo hanga bareela mangya antha subbanige beraki mandi thakeethu maadrela.

  91. Ananth Says:

    Not allowing non-hindus is a temple custom that has been followed for time immemorial at Guruvayur. Such an ancient custom cannot be changed for the sake of one man. Sorry guys. It may seem non-secular or whatever label you guys may give it but that’s simply the way it is.

    God is everywhere, bit just at the temple. A temple is simply a place where the residing deity is prayed to under certain customs and practices pertaining to the temple that helps in creating an atmosphere of positive energy and enhanced bhakti. Therefore, if the customs and practices are not followed, then the place simply ceases to be the same temple.

    If Yesudas really likes Guruvayurappa and the Guruvayur temple then he should also be sensitive to and appreciate the set of rules that are in place in the temple.

    After all, we can all be pretty sure Guruvayurappa will give him a very special place in Yesudas’ next birth

  92. Das Says:

    Gurvayurappa does not like non-hindus, so please do not allow Yesudas. Shame on Yesudas trying to enter a temple where the god hates him.

  93. Bhavani Shankar Rao Says:

    where is the caste or religion ,after the birth of human ,he will know the caste or religion , what is their in the life , as though we should appreciate him, belonging to christianity he likes our god know so please allow him inside the temple , nobody can tell the god is your own

  94. Mohan Says:

    Either he should be permitted or all his songs which is there existing throughout the world should be returned to him back.

  95. GUEST Says:


  96. sodambaliah Says:

    why is yesudas so desperate to impress the hindus, is a mystery. if he believes in hindu gods then he should leave christianity and become hindu. As regards idol worship it hardly matters to a catholic since most catholics practice idol worship in their churches, anyway. Looks like he has an inferiority complex given his fisherman background

  97. sodambaliah Says:

    yesterday during the grand finale of idea star singer he was talking of only one god as if it was a religious function. he should talk only about music and leave religion for people to choose on their own. he obviously has some complex.

  98. rajeshravalur Says:

    this is so inhuman for not letting anyone into a temple, if its to be followed as a ritual then we Hindu’s will no longer have the right even to question conversions, almost all the gods in fact are accustomed to wake up from their divine sleep only to the background of kj’s divine voice. the god him self has bestowed that voice who are we to stop yesudas for visiting his god, for whom he has sung so many kritis ,, it only makes me feel dat watever might be the reason ‘we fools won’t change”

  99. sodambaliah Says:

    jesudas, of obviously ashamed of his fisherman background and hence has been trying to win favour of upper caste hindus but they are not allowing him to enter some temples because if he is so fond of hindu deities he should officially become a hindu and not keep one leg in catholicism and one leg in hinduism

  100. Shankar Says:

    It is completely left with Lord Guruvayurappan. He should decide whether Yesudas should be allowed or not.

  101. sodambaliah Says:

    yesudas should officially convert to hinduism instead of trying to please every religion at the same time. It is obvious he does not believe in his religion christianity hence should officially become a hindu. Only then will he be allowed into guruvayoour temple. It is obvious he is ashamed of his fisherman background hence he wants to be seen in the conmpany of upper caste hindus who will not forget his caste history.

    shankar, if guruvayoor appan has to decide then Yesudas will die without entering guruvayoor temple.

  102. sodambaliah Says:

    yesudas should not be allowed into temples, churches or mosques because he is trying to please christians in U.S.A, hindus in kerala and muslims in gulf.

  103. akhil navaneethan Says:

    There is no religion concepts in Hinduisms , Hindu is not a religion and there is no any distinguish between peoples in a Hindu but i cant enter a temple always , there is some rules for enter a temple .i must always follow them to enter a temple .if yesudas redy to follow that things he can enter the temple .

  104. Janardhana Dasan Says:

    Yesudas Ji, I’ll celebrate the day when the gates of Guruvayoor temple are thrown open for you!! (:

  105. pasupathy Says:


  106. smartguy Says:

    I don’t what the f with this caste and religion systems in India. People in india haven’t changed from centuries and still consider india to be a hindu country where as out ancient history says that dravidas and other tradition are found before hinduishm came to India. See how foolish are our people, jain and buddishm are born in india and spread through entire world. We should be shame ourselves by watching China, if you see the history china was attacked, defeated and captured by very small countires likes japan, mongolian…. so on. But if you see now it has grown to a super power of new world.

    More to speak about truth but i am not against anyone or any religion but people think, if you won’t change, your future generation will also not change and the India will be India for coming generation.

    All said, i went into krishna temple in guruvayur twice even i am a non-hindu particinist.

    Think! about this friends.

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