CAMPAIGN: A Bharat Ratna for Dr Raj Kumar?

If he were still with us, Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju—actor, singer, yogi, and above all a gentleman—would have been 79 years old tomorrow. But as one of his many co-stars, Jaya Prada, noted in Bangalore recently, it is unfortunate that Dr Raj Kumar left this planet without a significant national award being bestowed on him. The lone national award he got was for singing.

Jaya Prada, now a Samajawadi Party MP, says she will do everything she can to get the UPA government to honour Dr Raj Kumar with the Bharat Ratna. We have heard no such commitment from our honourable Members of Parliament, all 28 of them. We haven’t heard a squeak from our Members of Legislture, all 224 of them. We haven’t seen the sons of the son of the soil do anything to get this due recognition to a true son of the soil. is pleased to launch a campaign to secure the Bharat Ratna for Dr Raj Kumar. Join the debate, leave a comment, add your voice—we will make sure it reaches a couple of interesting ears in New Delhi. If nine greats from Uttar Pradesh and eight greats from Tamil Nadu—including, yes, M.G. Ramachandran—could be honoured with India’s highest civilian award, surely it’s time for Karnataka to have its second Bharat Ratna after Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya?

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  1. Kiran Says:

    The Bharat Ratna and other Padma awards have been politicised and conferred to persons – living/posthumous, some of whose claims are debatable; people who should have been awarded have been left out.

    RK’s influence, popularity, respect amongst the people is too great for any award to match. It will be better if Rajkumar is left alone. May his soul rest in peace

  2. Vivek Says:

    Hi KP, I’m all for a Bharat Ratna for Rajkumar, but can’t understand what you have against Tamils? MGR was a phenom. Say what you will about his acting skills, but the fact remains that no actor in India could exercise the kind of control on fans’ emotions like he did. And when you say: “surely it’s time for Karnataka to have its second Bharat Ratna after Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya”, I guess you should be elated if NRN gets it ahead of RK. I know this blog is all about Mysore, but this kind of cheap parochialism just doesn’t befit you.

  3. Aatmasakshi Says:

    MGR should NOT have got the Bharat Ratna—and for the very same reason, Raj Kumar should NOT get it either. Both were phenomena, yes, and with “control” over the fans’ emotions. Yes, that is the essence of a movie star’s hold on the masses but that is no reason to decorate film stars with the nation’s highest civilian award. The Bharat Ratna should be for an inarguable jewel of the nation. But it has been hopelessly politicised, starting largely with the successful 1988 campaign which resulted in MGR getting it, and it has become the handmaiden of various linguistic, regional and religious groups. That said, it speaks for the kind of people Karnataka has produced or is producing that between 1955 and now—that’s 52 years—the only person churumuri finds worthy enough for the honour is a dead film star.

  4. Alok Says:

    Is the Bharat Ratna given posthumously? I am still not so sure. Must check the Bharat Ratna Act and find out.

    …and why not?

    In this age of self-serving greed and shameless self-aggrandizement, to give the Bharat Ratna to Annavaru would be to affirm the values he stood for, not his acting or singing skills, considerable as they were. The fact that he is Kannadiga or otherwise should have little bearing on who makes the pitch to ensure that one of the most decent and humble citizens of India, despite his numerous achievements, gets his due recognition.

  5. greatunknown Says:

    Dr. Rajkumar belonged to the whole of India and Karnataka. Here was a man who regaled audiences of all hues — cutting across religious, cultural, age and other differences. He united us all in a manner no politician worth his salt could ever imagine; and yet, he was a private person, choosing to shy away from the media glare and staying away from controversy.

    And what better way to honour his memory than by bestowing the Bharat Ratna on him, albeit posthumously?

    Having said that, I am disappointed that you’d take surreptitious potshots at other regional actors. Dr. Raj Kumar and his contributions are beyond comparison!

  6. shishir Says:

    I think the Bharat ratna is no more awarded posthumously….

    And I think Pt. Bhimsen Joshi could also be a very deserving (more deserving as well ) candidate…

  7. Gana Says:

    Remind me..what has Raj done to Karnataka or to India to merit a Bharat Ratna. Same holds for MGR also..
    Two wrongs doesn’t make it right

  8. greatunknown Says:

    I do not understand why we expect our icons to do good to society. They are artistes, special people who possess talent/s that border on genius. You and I are a far cry from that epitome.
    If anything, bringing social change, contributing to building schools/hospitals… that’s the job of the politicians. Gana, how many of our netas have you posed this question to?

  9. Gaby Says:

    Well first of all not true that RK didnt get any National award- he did get the Padma Bhushana ( and became part of his name like the DOCTOR bit!!). The Bharat Ratna is so politicised that one wonders if decent people like RK should be given it but then against all common sense the BR is given posthomously ( unlike the Nobels) and that is how MGR got it- after he died in order to influence the TN Assembly poll results. No such luck for RK there.

    Sad but then we kannadigas seem to have this need to waste our energies on such frivolous campaigns- first the RK Narayan drama on churumuri and now this- honestly why cant we leave the dead souls alone and get on with it?

  10. dr ramesh Says:

    DR RAJKUMAR— most versatile , the greatest actor post independent india has seen.
    he led an exemplary life, showing the world how a celebrity should behave in public.
    could have easily become the C.M. OF KARNATAKA— but he rejected it saying that he was not qualifid for it.
    even now he inspires millions of people around the globe.

  11. S K Kumar Says:

    The correct usage is: “would be 79 tomorrow ” (if here were alive)

  12. Ranga Says:

    Bharata Ratna award has become devalued. Well known actors are rewarded otherwise. Nijalingappa did not have clean hands. I would say scrap this award. If some one is an exemplary individual, people will know it and their respect is something that award cannot bestow.

  13. Gana Says:

    answer is still simple. Three wrongs doesn’t make a right. Yes, may be none of the Bharat Ratna’s deseve it except may be MV but again question what purpose does it server having Dr.Raj getting it.

  14. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Annavarigey BharatRathna title siktha itthu! Aadhrey awaru madidha akshamya aparadhadha thappu, Sivanna anno katthey kirubana KAnnada chitrarangakke kottidhhu!

  15. poorapara Says:

    Kottru aythu kodlilla andhru aythu.
    RIP Dr.Raj

  16. dr ramesh Says:

    dr raj is way above awrds like bharat ratna.
    avaru kannada ratna,kannadigara hrudayada ratna.
    karnatakada kana kana dalli avaru iddare.

    yenri dodda buddi chennagiddera, thumba dina aaythu nimma prathikriye odhi,
    neevu shivannanannu yeshe condemn maadidru– avara cinema nodavru noode nodtaare. NEXT RELEASE SANTHA— LOT OF EXPECTATION FOR THE MOVIE

  17. gadipaaru Says:

    annavru is above all awards including the bharatratna which counts rajiv gandhi amongst it’s recipients.

  18. chetanbs Says:

    i personally feel rajkumar does deserve a bharataratna for his contribution to kannada cinema and for being true the native soil that is kannadanadu…

  19. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Sivannana cinema noduvaru kannu variskondu nodtharey! Ameley Rajanna thumba manasalley bytharey…”Yella bittu ee kothina neenu shrusti madiddhoo.” antha!

    Thagolli innoo swalpa Sivanna movie titles:

    Dr. Black Father
    Kamarida Kanusu
    Mayor Hegganna
    Kavirathna Kapidasa
    Kariya nanna Raja
    Kappu Sathya
    Vanara prathapi

  20. dr ramesh Says:

    alla kanri DB,
    if things were as bad as u say, state awards shivannange yaake kodta iddru, filmfare awards yaake sigta ittu.
    how can u expect sons to match their father’s greatness. its mighty impossible.

  21. Virgopal Says:

    By conferring Bharat Rathna on Dr Raj,one is equating him with Sir MV and Nelson Mandela.Is’nt that great?

  22. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Saar aaaw kothi Sivanna yawaglu kothiney! Nani OM cinema nodilla. Nodbittu comment madtheeni.

  23. Dheerendragopal Says:

    DB, Another movie you can watch is ‘Chiguridha kanasu’
    I am not promoting shivanna acting. The Movie is good

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Anna, neevu yestu helidhru aaw kaiynney sivanna mathra beda devru! Nanigey aaw kothi muka nodidhrey benki aagutthey! Adhondhu bahala dodda thappu madbitta Rajanna!

    Yaakey Nammura Mandara Hoove nodi–ee kapi poorthi kedisbittidhhaney!

    DG nandu swalpa eclectic taste oo saar—

  25. dr ramesh Says:

    CHIGURIDA KANASU —– yentha cinema, shivarama karanthara kathe aadharisi maadida cinema. SHIVANNA scintillating performence as shankara.
    adhe cinemaana SWADES antha hindi alli maadidru.
    jana hindi cinema nodi super andru, kannada cinema nodlilla.hiriyaru kotta gaadhe-
    hittala gida maddalla.

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh

    Whatever happened to Gandu Ili Kumararama? :)

    Selective aagi argue madabedi saar!

  27. dr ramesh Says:

    GKR was big flop. it was a case of good intention ,bad execution.
    even i dont like shivanna or any actor in kannada industry to do historical,mythological because –they are not good enough.
    he has limitations— he knows it and he works with what he has.
    nanna ondu suggestion— CHIGURIDA KANASU .OM,AK47, RISHI ee cinemagalu nijavaagitu chennagide. time sikkiddre nodi. nimage ishta aagabahudu.

  28. Pandranga Says:

    Dr. Ramesh and Dodda Buddhi,
    Shivanna’s Amma will pay the state to get awards (here’s charity for you). Rajkumar was a good actor 20 years back. He did put Karnataka on the national map but politics man… he is a top notch politician in the film industry (that’s contribution for you). They have ruined the whole industry by giving movies as mentioned by DB. Well, state awards are paid and purchased. Look at Mohanlal, no support from people, but gives such future-fresh movies. Om, Jogi and all associated rowdy crap. Great movies for the great illiterates. No wonder the college crowd avoids and discriminates Kannada speaking locals. Shankar Nag was one phenomenon. That was legit contribution, not Rajkumar or his wife and sons!
    Lets put the movies back to where they belong..a mere reflection of the change happening around!

  29. ramane Says:

    With reference to the statement made by one of the friend …..
    DR RAJKUMAR— most versatile , the greatest actor post independent india has seen.

    I would like to say that reiterate that Tamil nadu has produced genius actors like Shivaji ganesan, Kamal hasan etc … not suprisingly they are the gems of indian film industry. Once Marlon Mandro has said that “Shivaji can act like me but i cannot act like shivaji” which is history. That’s the influence his acting had despite being a vernacular actor. Ask annavaru even once he said in an interview …Shivaji is the best actor india has ever seen. Can any actor in india have ever tried out speaking a lengthy dialogue which goes for 20 minutes non stop with utmost clarity . only shivaji can do it which others can only deam of. Such the stature of a man. Still he did n’t get any Barath rathna award.
    Atleast can any one in contemporary indian cinema match the genius of Kamal hasan’s acting who’s considered just half perfect to Shivaji.

    So please come to reality. Don’t pour in euphoric comments on Annavaru at the cost of drawing baseless comparisons with his contemporaries just because annavaru wasn’t confered Bharath Rathna ward. However i do understand the fact that annavaru’s honest,modest life for a film star is greatly appreciated but we should not try to fit him with others shoes, because there are still stalwarts in india whose name wasn’t even talked about.

    More over coming to MGR, have you people ever seen his movies ,,, he is arguably the most Charismatic actor to have ever born in india. Look at his face, his skin colour, his style of speaking the dialogue is really awesome , though he cann’t be tagged as a great actor but he is surely uncomparable with his looks and screen presence. He is actually a true definition of a star not someone with a boy next door looks. And more over he has never ever acted as a drunkard or neither he smoked in any of his movies which was his idealogy. And he is the only politician in the india who has won the elections while he was bedridden, during this phase he never even campained for his party nor did he show his face to the people.Moreover when MGR was sick some 20 of his die hard fans comitted suicide praying to god to save his life by giving away there life.Such was the influence he had with people. He was a boon to the poor people. Now even in some parts of tamil Nadu people still worship him as a God.
    So its always better to know about a person before shooting a comment or making comparison on them unnecessarily.

    First know about MGR and then compare his credentials or achievements with Annavaru

    like who is the most charismatic actor on screen
    who has the highest rate ( not highest no.) of fan following
    How craze the fans were ( any incident that match there stature)
    Who has shouldered more responsibility in there public life for the welfare of there people ( the people who gave them this life)
    Who had better ideology etc…

  30. dr ramesh Says:

    i respect u r right to say this, as a tamilian u have to say this.
    talking of lenghty dialogues, please watch babruvaahana, mayura ,satya harishchandra— u r doubts will be put to rest.
    MGR– charismatic actor— thats too much, our own upendra is far better.
    DR RAJ—- is the best ,most magnificient actor-singer combo subcontinent has ever seen.

  31. ramane Says:

    sir kindly see how thalaivar looks (in the below site) or else see any of his old tamil movies.
    no one can match his charmness.

    Moreover upendra cann’t even be matched with kamal hasan or Madhavan looks then its ridiculous to compare him with MGR.

    However i do accept the fact that annavaru is ONE of the versatile actor india has ever produced (in line with Kamal hassan) though he has won his only national award for his singing caliber & not for his acting nuances.
    Hence he can only be called jack of all trades & king of none.
    If annavaru is considered a overwhelming favourite then nothing should have stopped him from getting any highest awards in cinema. From the praise you people pour in for your annavaru DR. RAJ, i though he would have won atleast some 5 – 10 national awards but only to find in the net that he has only won 1 national award that to in singing.

    my praise for the following holds the proof ….
    if u take sivaji he has won the highest award for cinema ( in acting) in india, france etc ,,, widely appreciated as the best across the globe.

    kamal hasan – 4 national awards

    can u please name atleast one (in acting) from kannada for that matter.

  32. dr ramesh Says:

    tamils in awards tribunal scuttled any nomination for best actor for dr .raj.
    in fact it was already decided that he should be awarded for JEEVANA CHAITRA-but due to linguistic politics , he was awarded best singer for the same movie as an eyewash.
    gandhiji never won noble prize— does this demean his achievement, not at all.
    sivaji ganeshan— yes truly a splendid actor, he shared a very cordial relatioship with dr.raj.

  33. ramane Says:

    ya if you feel that indian awards are absurd then atleast Dr.raj should have got some recognition from foreign film industries rite ,, any doctorate from foreign universities for that matter …. see no one would have stopped him from doing so if he is really overwhelming.

    Coming to mgr… ok if he is not deserved .

    both are film stars in there own rite. had gr8,frenzy fan following …

    but what contribution did annavaru make for the people of karnataka (for there well being) .If he is a true saviour considering his fan following he should have joined politics (irrespective whether he is not interested or not ) and directed the people & the state in the right path just like how he lead a clean,honest life. Who was there to stop him. In fact people urged him to join politics but he never respected there wish

    Should he not have sacrificed his conscience for his die hard fans/people. Its after all the people of karnataka who gave him this stature. Karnataka would have been a faar better state than what it his today if annavaru would have been the chief minister. Why am stressing on politics is because its the most powerful thing in india to serve people authoritatively ( provided if your an honest person) Reality is that he didn’t have the firepower to shoulder responsibilities to lead his people.

    Apart from being a film icon what powerful service did he do for the people or the nation. You might say he lead a humble,honest,clean,compassionate life but that same life is also lead by others people like super star rajini kanth apart from being modest contributed lot for the poor people.

    mgr beside being a decent actor, he atleast served the people , thrived for the upliftment of the masses, he never had any childeren he sacrificed his life for the people who gave him this life for him. He gave back what he got from them. Now all his property has been distributed to the masses. He is abankrupt by all means.

    On the other hand annavaru has got family , his childrens are acting by his influence ,, earning a lot ,,,, they are one of the richest family in karnataka. Is this called sacrifice for the people.

    i would only feel that Dr .Raj is really bestowed with nice kanadiga people/fan ,, they still support him for barath rathna besides the reality…. !!

  34. Rama Says:

    dr Ramesh, Like a frog in a well.. you are going on Crom..Crom..Crom.. No Bharat ratna for Dr.Raj Kumar. You ask KRV to start an award. come on dr, grow up!

  35. ramane Says:

    Also dr ramesh , do gandhiji really deserve the noble prize ,,, can you please tell me when did gandhiji ever though that india was under the british rule in his life, not until he was 25. He studied in london, went to south africa to full fill his personal dreams of practicing as a barrister…. did he ever care about india at that time. It was only when he got insulted and chucked out form the train he wanted to take revenge on the british. Until then where was he for india ,, i propably think he would never come into picture had that incident wouldn’t have occurred but rest his history. Its more of a personal revenge which hugely helped india’s cause

    But atleast gandhiji did sacrifice his life for the people after that and he is still a great person but don’t equate him with Dr. Raj as he didn’t even had the courtesy,guts to fullfil his peoples/fans wish.

    Its far worthwhile to campaign for Mr. Narayana moorthy for Bharath Rathna ….

  36. piko Says:

    i am an avid fan of movies and i didnt hear abt dr raj kumar till i came to bangalore.. mind you i had heard of rajanikanth, kamal hasan, chiranjeevi etc before that.
    i dont think dr raj kumar has even a bit of mind share outside karnataka. for a person who has “influenced” INDIANS, well the INDIANS ought to know his name first … or his works for that matter.
    some would argue ppl like Sir M V are also not known (unless you’ve read ur primary books well); but we do know their works (for eg KRS dam)
    north of karnataka, nobody knows dr raj kumar’s works as well.
    if Bharat Ratna has to be given to popular actors / cricketers.. i believe there is a long list to go before his name comes. and if he does get it, it will be rightly termed as another politically motivated move.. just like MGR

  37. IrsuMursu Says:

    @Ramane, don’t hijack this conversation. The topic is about Annavru and don’t bring your Tamil Eelam agenda to this forum.

    MGR didn’t deserve the award and got it due to politics. Talking about Gandhiji you say he did everything to score a personal revenge! That shows what kind of idiot you are. By the same token you will say MGR did everything only for the public and fans! He acted, he became a CM and even he slept with a few ugly side actresses of Tamil cinema all for the public and fans.

    @Rama, stop puking over the keyboard.

    @ piko, just because your North Indian ass didn’t know about Sir MV doesn’t make him any less great. If you think he is only famous for KRS, then you need learn your ABCDs better.

    Annavru will be awarded the Bharatha Rathna very soon.

  38. Prasad Says:

    MGR, Rajkumar, sachin tendulkar or amitha bachan have all excelled in their own fields and the award they deserve can be the top awards in their respective fields and nothing more.

    Bharat ratna should be conferred on indians who have dedicated their lives to better the lifes of their fellow indians and in the process made the country proud. With this in mind i think Dhirubhai anbani, ratan tata, NR murthy, Manmohan singh(as Narashima roa’s finance minister), Atal bihari vajpayee are some of the deserving candidates i can think off.

  39. IrsuMursu Says:

    @Prasad what r u smoking? Stay off that stuff.

    Ambani, Tata, Murthy – do you think the decisions they took on a day to day basis was for the betterment the people or their business? If it’s not for the business they wudn’t have anything to show for now.

    Manmohan Singh – was the finance minister for abt 5 years, do u really think he dedicated all those five years for the betterment of Indians. Whatever good he did when he was an FM, he is undoing it with his PMgiri under SG madam.

    ABV will never get this award, he was an average PM.


  40. murali Says:

    i am very sorry to say that he is not fit to bharata ratna. Because he is not that much good actor. Please dont hype it. except karnataka, nobody hasn’t known about him and also we have seen many pictures of him. But, when compared to others like Senior NTR, Shivaji Ganeshan, SV Ranga Rao etc, I am sure, he is unfit to that award.

  41. vidya Says:

    i just happened to see the site today. i am shocked by the people who say they dont know Dr.Rajkumar or speak bad about the icon. Dont associate his talent with the awards that are purchased. No other actor in india has a success strike rate of 91.4%. if murali doesnt know about Rajkumar, i dont think he is a literate or he may be ailing with some mental disorder. and others who have sung the same tune are ailing with the same disorder. so some one pl form a club for such mentally retarded people. we shall pool money for their treatment

  42. Amogha varsha Says:

    Dear Kannadigas,

    We know that we are intelligents and always make fair judgement and we fight for wheat we deserve and and we dot like to beg,rather we give out to others ..In my opinion no Film actors deserve the highest award,if its given then it looses its value.There are people who have sacrificed their life for the betterment of social life and fought for equality like Bhagath singh,Lala lajpat rai,Subhash chandra bose,Mother teresa,so others,in comparison to these legends film actors do not fit to stand in comparison..Lets not bring shame to Bharath Ratna by awarding this awards to actors who merely contributed to film and earned money and they used the same for building wealth.earlier it might have have been awarded to people who dont deserve at all but that unfortunate let us not compare and create symapathy.We kannadigas always stand for justice and fair,we support real heroes and not reel heroes..Proud to be bangalorean….

  43. Amogha varsha Says:

    Hey literates why should we Kannadigas and tamilians fight among ourselves in the name of Bharath ratna.First of there are loopholes in our political system,there are favvouritism and personal bias.Tell me who is Prathiba Patil, majority has no idea about this incapable lady,what has she done so far,beacause Sonia Gandhi is female and she supported a lady and her stupid choice of Pratiba patil..Can we compare her with Abdul both stands similar because of poor judgement..So lets not worry who gets what,think what we are getting out of these people or what our brothers and sisters got…there are so mony burning issue lets fight for those and not support people who havent done for the welfare of the society….

  44. ksvitmp Says:

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  45. Ram Reddy Says:

    Im a Telugu Guy but broughtup in Chennai. MGR is a Great Legend born for the Poor. Tamilnadu people called him as the God of Poors. The Cunning Karunanidi never won against MGR . MGR ruled the hearts of Poor and middle class people in TN with tremendous services. Hindus , Christians and Muslims – they considered him as an undisputed leader to the State. After his death only Karunanidhi took langaugae issue and captured TN Govt and his family rules for decades.
    MGR still lives in the hearts of Poors and downtrodden people. Even Malayalee, Telugu and Kannada people lived in Chennai and TN got saftey and support from this Legend.Surely No one can replace MGR .
    Straight from the heart even my father from Nellore lived in Chennai Loves MGR rather than NTR. He is the Champion of People’s hearts.

  46. Arjun Says:

    dr.raj is the most handsome actor of all time in indian cinema history…..
    his versatality is unmatched….

  47. nikhil Says:

    if there is one actor who deserves a bharath ratna it is our beloved dr rajkumar.. am not saying this because am a kannadiga am saying it because am a true lover of cinema.. anyone who has the capacity and determination to do this job will have the highest regards in the hearts of teue cinema loving people.. thank you….

  48. Sachinaa Says:

    Dear friends,

    Dr.Raj is legend to karnataka film industry,,, this fact has to be comfirmed by kannada film fans not by any tamils,telugu or malayali because it wil be like social teacher evaluating science matters.

    lets talk about the LEGEND DR.RAJ KUMAR, he is most versatile actor ever arguably best of all has reviewed by kannadigas. kannada audience are versatile we watch hindi, english , tamil , telugu and other languages where our neighbors rejects hindi, english and dubb them into their own language. its like eating PIZZA and COKE like annaSambar.

    Facts about LEGENG DR.RAJ

    1. First indian actor to receive Doctorate
    2. Only asian actor in the world to receive KENTUCKY COLONEL award.
    3. Only actor to have award named after him while he was alive.
    4. Only actor having more than 5000 fan clubs.
    5. Only actor to receive national award for acting and singing.
    6. Only actor to have more than ten tittles from fans.
    7. Only actor to complete 14 films a calendar twice [in 1964 and 1968].
    8. First actor to receive Padma bushan award.
    9. He acted only in kannada dispite offers from all over india.
    10. Mr.Amitabh bachchan said ” If Dr.Raj was in hindi film industry no other super star would be there in bollywood who can match him”.

    there is no end to this ever lasting super star, greatest actor ,Legend Dr.Raj.

    If Bharata ratna distrubuted on the basis of talent and contribution ,,,,,Dr.Raj would have got it while he was alive.

    Dr.Raj kumar ge , ,,jaiiiiiiiiiiiiii



    Mr.RAMANE wants acting in politics and politics in acting ,,,,,,thats right how MGR got bharata ratna…

    as per Ramane sachin tendulkar has huge fan following in india ,,,, so he has to become PM of india,,,, if this not happens Tendulkar have no guts …ha ha ha haaaa.

    Am damn sure ramane you are frog in well ,,,,,,, You said poor kannadigas support Dr.Raj despite,,, ,,, kannadigas are best when comes to treat buddy,,,,,,,,,,,,

    large tamils in bangalore are gaining everything from shelter to food to education,,,,,for more than 15 year but still they dont know kannada great attitude ………… kannada got highest 8 Gnana peeta award for literature and when kannada got classical status award a tamil layer objected to it,, where his own tamil own 3 Gnana peta awards.

    Dont try to compare different departments ramanee..

  49. sachina Says:


    MGR does not have Dada saheb phalke award[highest honor for film persons in India] to his name for his contribution for film industry…… but he got Bharath ratna for acting….ha ha ha ……great politics…………
    Its like man who never did bachelor degree ,,,,did a master degree……………..

  50. Giridhar K M Says:

    Dr. Rajkumar should be deservably given Bharat Ratna as he is really versatile and great actor in world.

  51. kishoregowda Says:

    Dr.RAJKUMAR sir is great compare to all the actors of south india……suitable person for BHARATHRATHNA ……….

  52. kishoregowda Says:

    murali is not born his mother properly really iam sure 100%……..he dont no nothing about Dr.RAJ sir……if he is having really guts come to karnataka & talk Aginst RAJ sir……. shivaji ganeshan,MGR,NTR all r bachhass when compare to RAJ sir…….

  53. Santhosh Says:

    Sachinaa, well said,,,, greate info…. enough detail about Annavru
    all uneducated people, please read greatness of Dr.Rajkumar, Rajkumar is a ‘god of acting’, thats why he deserves “Natasarvabouma”(empire of acting)…. more than his acting, he has left many lessons for us to learn about life and human beings… try to read about great people and try to know about their greatness.. don’t be proud to say you don’t know someone like Dr.Rajkumar/Sir M Visveswaraiah, shame on you guys…
    Being a ordinary person, sometimes we show attitudessss…
    But you will never get an example on Annavru… he is a ‘god of simplicity’… many great people today follow his simplicity, many icon people say Dr. Rajkumar is their idol person… Many of the people you guys have listed above are all Dr. Rajkumar’s fans(Rajinikanth, Chirajeevi, Kamal Hasan, Mohanlal…. Atleast you guys might know about these people.. try to see whom they follow)
    forget about acting, see how they leaved and how they respected by people and how they loved people..
    But you will never get an example on Annavru… he is a god of simplicity…
    forget about acting, see how they leaved and how they respected by people and how they loved people..

  54. Anil kumar.D.Halimani Says:

    Dr.Raj was eligible to BHARATHA RATNA award. But these awards must given when the persons alive. But foolish governments giving awards when these RATNAS dead.

  55. AlanJ Says:

    When any undeserving person is given an award posthumously; the deserving posthumous person is turning in his grave.

  56. srinivasa Says:

    dr raj is versatile actor and one and only actor with singer in indian cinema please dont compare with any actors,because he is just like god of acting

  57. vijaykumar Says:

    Raj, still lives today in everybodies heart this more than bharathratna, he is god by his values he is more than this award.

  58. Shyam Says:


    Check out the link below , MGR kissing Rajkumar.

    MGR had high regards towards Dr Raj and Dr Raj was treating MGR has his elder brother.

    Raj had a very good cordial relationship with MGR and with Sivaji Both.

    Lets not relate acting capabalities to awards. As all of us (kannadigas) knows that we are not that strong in central govt to influence the central govt to bang which ever award we want.

    Even a wonderful actor like Sahasasimha Vishnuvardhan or Ananthnag from karnataka has not got any padhmabhushan or padmsri award but the tamil comedian vivek has awareded Padhmabhushana or padmasri.

    Does that mean that bachha Comedian Tamil vivek is superior than our Ananthnag and vishnu ???

    I am not saying that Tamil Comedian Vivek should not get award, if he deserve that, he has got that , but a actor like our vishnu , ananthnag are not eligible to get the same padmasri or padhmabhushan?

    The same thing has happened to Dr Raj in terms of indian highest award. But lets not forget that our Dr raj was awareded the highest film personality award Dadha Saheb Palkhe award which i wont think MGR has got and shivaji got it after Dr Raj recieved it .

    So if you are just talking about films and acting this dada sahel palke award is the one which should be compared and not Bharat Ratna.

    Any Tamilian will say MGR or Shivaji is the best, Any Telugu guy will say NTR is best, and we kannadigas says our Annavaru (Dr Raj) is un comparable.

    But while changing channels( i stay in blore and i get all south indian channels in our cable tv) if i come across any tamil/telugu channels and happens to see NTR/Shivaji/MGR, i intentionally watch that song/movie sequence to see how they are to compare with our Dr Raj. I feel our Raj is either same or more than these guys.

    Off course , i have not watched any full movie of MGR/NTR/Shivaji till date, but after watching a song or few sequence of these actors MGR/NTR/Shivaji , its really hard to compare against our Dr Raj.

    Because as we all kannadigas knows Raj suits himself to any role say its from Lord Rama/krishna to a role of king or James Bond role to a hotel suplier role to a lecturer to a poice ofifcer to a farmer to saint or to a lover boy roles to a other varieties of role.

    yes our Raj is very versatile.

    Anyways, Actors like Rajani/kamal or any film director like singitheem srinivas or any other senior film personalities who have worked or seen or have much knowledge about all 4 actors Raj, NTR, MGR and Shivaji should comment on who is best in terms of acting.

    Becuase we always says our state hero as the best as it is obvious.

    As we all know, Our Raj will fit in to any sort of Role not sure if his counterparts are also done such verstatile roles and even if they have done , were they accepted by people? not sure.

    But being kannadiga, i know our Raj has entertained in every possible role.

    one more link which you can check. All kannadigas will feel happy to see this link.

  59. Ajai Vilwa Sekaran Says:

    I am a tamilian, but being a tamilian, I love and respect the land and language of Kannada. As like, I have friends from Kannada, who love Tamil as well.

    By seeing the above thread, all I can say is legends cannot be addressed by awards. Legends like Dr. Rajkumar avuru, Shivaji Ganesan avargal, MGR avargal, sri NTR, or any other senior actors are like God of cinemas. As being in God status, they are all omnipresent and omnipotent. They can be never put into a simple and minute circles called awards.

    Sure as someone on the thread said, awards are now days in India are for sale. It is not only in India, world over all. But in reality, at present, it is tough to have a position in cinema or any other media or any other art for at least a year consistently, but see those legends, how they travel with us for decades even now and they will until the world ends.

    When we get into debate like whose land got the best literates, politicians, poets, actors, etc.. etc.., it is something like a kid supports and raises its dad’s name like my father is strong, my father is great, my father has big biceps, my father is taller than your father etc.. etc.. Yes we all become kids when we talk about our home land’s greatness. In reality we all are great, God has produced or evolution has created each and every organism on this Earth unique and special. So how come we can say one single community or person is greater than the other one!

    Of note, one thing we must understand, before criticizing something, we must learn thoroughly about the thing we criticize or else just keep quite and learn what the world has in it!

    In conclusion for the above post, Dr. Rajkumar is one of the best actor the world has ever produced and I have no comments on getting him Bharat Ratna. The biggest award of all is the love and respect the land still has on this legend is beautiful and will always keep this legend over the top of any material aspects of this Earth.

    Jai Hind! Vaazhga Kannada Bhoomi! Valarga Sahodharathuvam!

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