When ‘fried calamari stopped play’ in Paarl

Cricket is not quite the conversation topic any more, revealing in a way how warped our view of the game has become when “our” team isn’t winning.

Jason Monserrate jumpstarts the proceedings with an interesting cricket quiz.

1) Educated in Lahore and Oxford, this multi-faceted cricketer scored a hundred at the SCG on his Ashes debut for England and later was employed in the Indian Foreign Service. Name him.

2) Which fast bowler was given the middle names Alexei and McNamara (after the Soviet and American politicians) by his father whose name was Kissinger? His sister is named Golda.

3) Which Indian cricketer is also a fingerprint expert?

4) Who is the the only known Test cricketer to have been executed?

5) She played 7 tests for Australia. Her brother played 41 Tests. Her husband has stood in 10 ODIs. Name her.

Email the answers to: jason.mad@gmail.com

View more questions here: Cricket quiz

Link via India Uncut

One Response to “When ‘fried calamari stopped play’ in Paarl”

  1. vinay Says:

    2. Andy Roberts
    3. Chandu Sarwate
    4. Leslie Hylton

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