‘Who’s Anantha Murthy? What’s his contribution?’

The embers of the N.R. Narayana Murthy row over the national anthem are still smouldering. With the controversy virtually rendering the Infosys chief persona non grata among parties and politicians whose support was/is crucial to realising his putative presidential dreams, other Bangalore industry bosses are stepping in to do some damage-control.

Leading the late charge is Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. The Biocon chief has mounted a quite breathtaking attack on the Kannada writer U.R. Anantha Murthy in today’s Praja Vani. Speaking to some journalists (the Praja Vani representative presuambly being one them) on the sidelines of a media conference to announce “Bangalore Bio-2007”, Kiran Mazumdar says:

“Who is Anantha Murthy to criticise Narayana Murthy? What has he done for the State? Besides waxing eloquent about literature, what is his achievement? Why do you pull down those who have climbed up the ladder with their own talents and hard work?”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is entitled to her views on Anantha Murthy, of course, just as he is entitled to his views on her (or Narayana Murthy). Nevertheless, the contemptuous tone and tenor of Kiran Mazumdar’s rant against intellectual activity is revealing of the strange hubris that afflicts the Indian corporate nouveau riche.

“We (industrialists and entrepreneurs) are striving to enhance wealth in the country. We are creating jobs. We are adding to the foreign exchange reserves. We are carrying India’s prestige to far corners of the globe. Despite all this, why this intolerance towards us?

“Look at how we have grown. Why do you think all this has been attained through illegal means? Instead of looking at what we are today, you should see how this has been achieved through our sweat, blood and tears. Is it so easy to start with nothing and reach where we have?”

No sane person would find fault with much of that, but can a person’s contribution to society be looked at through the prism of money alone? Merely because a person has generated jobs or added to the forex reserves or provided a brand-name to a city, are we to overlook even their worst excesses, howsoever obvious?

Do we forfeit our right to ask, examine, inspect, question, criticise, scrutinise because we haven’t created jobs or wealth or got our passports stamped in various ports of call?

We may be wrong, but we have an unalienable right to be wrong.

Notwithstanding the merits or demerits of Anantha Murthy’s criticism on NRN, surely Bangalore-born Kiran Mazumdar can’t be unaware of Karnataka’s place in the world. Long before IT-BT carved its niche, Karnataka was known for its men of letters, five of them winning the nation’s highest literary award, the Jnanpith, Anantha Murthy being one of them.

Does learning, teaching, writing—thinking—for a living not count as a contribution?

Does intellectual thought, howsoever unreasonable or unpalatable, not matter?

Man does not live by bread alone, nor does society. But in not so much questioning Anantha Murthy’s contributions as questioning the activity of thinking, the biotech philistine proves that money can buy everything—except grey cells when you are greying.

By Kiran Mazumdar’s intellectually warped yardstick, writers don’t count, artistes don’t count, poets don’t count, architects don’t count, sociologists don’t count, philosophers don’t count, linguists don’t count, geographers don’t count, journalists don’t count… only industrialists and entrepreneurs with IPOs count. And the moment we see them, we should roll over, make way, and shut up.

How funny is that?

No wonder, Amartya Sen, not Dhirubhai Ambani, got the Nobel Prize in Economics.

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64 Responses to “‘Who’s Anantha Murthy? What’s his contribution?’”

  1. ravi Says:

    oh! Did Amartya Sen too lobbied for a award! Nice to know!

    Brass-collars of the world UNITE!

  2. armugam Says:

    just brilliant churumuri. you are turning out to be the lone sane voice. why is this biocon lady holding a bucket for nrn, is the biocon doing badly and needs some of nrn’s wealth and clout. for no sane person can kiran or nrn be role models. i do not mean that ura is a role model.

  3. Doddi Buddi Says:

    This ‘Bionic’ woman is hilarious! Let’s watch and see what ole URA will say on this? It is time he starts wading into Bangalore elites and give them some ‘tough love’ in Kannada!

  4. Girish Hampali Says:

    Paapa kanri! Ananthamurthy is taken left and right by every one.

    a few days back our CM HDK asked ‘yavanreee ananthamurthy?” now bio-aunty is asking “who is ananthamurthy?”

    Heegadre henge?

  5. Andy Says:

    Corporate arrogance at its worst !

  6. madhu Says:

    Andy Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 11:54 am
    Corporate arrogance at its worst !

    Andy u r right.

  7. sisya Says:

    kiran mazumdar who?

  8. Raghu Says:

    on a practical note , I would support Ms.Mazumdar.
    Like a dialog in a movie “Khali shaayaron se pet nahin bharta”,
    We cannot live on poetry alone. Poetry is good only after your stomach is full.

    It is really nice to have poets and intellectuals. But it is MUST to have a job to feed yourselves and your family.

    a noble prize will only make difference to one person’s life, but a company provides life to many people.

    call it corporate arrogance or what ever but at the end of the day that is the harsh reality of life.

  9. Krishna Kumar Says:

    “Madomnorige, Londonninaly jana nammannu nodi nagatare antha bejaru.Ayamma eee bada janara madhye irode ondu hechchugarike. Anli bidi. Ake ge kannada beda, kannada jana beda adre Bangalore nele matra beku.

  10. sisya Says:

    “call it corporate arrogance or what ever but at the end of the day that is the harsh reality of life.”

    No Raghu. The harsh reality of life is infact, the kind of glittering generalisations you employed to bail Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-theWho.

  11. Yesh Says:

    No wonder, Amartya Sen, not Dhirubhai Ambani, got the Nobel Prize in Economics – well said, this sum’s it up all.

  12. rvaidya Says:

    Bio-Aunty do not know Kannada and hence could not have read any of the important works of URA–
    Bio-Aunty should first answer the case of importing chemicals from China and selling it here as “manufactured’ in her facility–
    The media is so soft on her –last time when some one asked about it in Bangalore she arrogantly replied that she will not answer that–
    After that none questioned her on this and the State government and controlar of drugs are also quiet–Is it the silence of the purchased or of the fear about these upstarts–
    Actually some one in the media should do an investigation about her origins and growth –It is an interesting management study of intrigue/ crookedness / and cool politiking. It is a story of cheated boy friends and dumped husbands–

  13. D P Satish Says:

    Brilliant piece sir…….

  14. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Even Adam Smith should be rolling in his grave at such cheap cheergirls of capitalism. Kiran Shaw overturns the entire principle of division of labour, and seems to believe that the entire wealth of a nation is its wealth.

    The anger against Anantha Murthy may be justified from her or Narayana Murthy’s point of view. But is it necessary to run down everything else in the process while elevating what you do? That’s a mistake even Anantha Murthy doesn’t make.

    Of course, man cannot live by poetry alone. But it will be a very warped society that lives by money alone. You need to feed both your mind and your body; neglecting either will produce warped individuals—and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is proof.

    By the way, what is wrong with Bangalore’s modern entrepreneurs? The master (Murthy), the protege (Kiran Shaw), the boyfriend (Vijay Mallya), the suitor (G.R. Gopinath) all seem to be affected by a strange disease called premature articulation. Must be the water from Vrushbhavati.

  15. Gaby Says:

    This is truly Hubris in the Greek manner. To feel a sense of self-importance after humiliating the other person. But This Shaw woman is only a symbol of our times. When the idiot CM of the state can ask who is this URA and then be pally with all the ‘philistine nouveau riche’ it becomes a traji comedy opf sorts. I hope URA would hit out at these dirty b*******s. What we really need is a Voltaire but we should do with URA.

    Oh BTW isnt it 7 Jnanpitha awards for Kannada (Kuvempu, Bendre, Karanth, Masti, Gokak, URA, Karnad)

  16. Srivathsa Says:

    I don’t have to be anybody to criticize NRN or more precisely his viewpoints on all and sundry. The constititution gives me that right

    Apart from all that KMS has said we can add a few

    a) We have increased the disparity in society to such an extent that it is getting torn apart

    b) We don’t think that giving back to society is important now that we have made tons of money

    Anna Hazare has done a lot more without crowing about it day in and out

  17. Value Eroder Says:

    Ms. Mazumdar-Shaw,
    I’m a journalist. I don’t create seem to create any wealth. My organisation says I’m a cost centre, that I consume valuable office space, electricity, assorted infrastructure, and newsprint, which if spent on an animal called Response would create incremental revenue. But you’ll be happy to hear that I fritter away whatever little money I get paid as salary on Kingfisher Beer and Mcdowell’s No1, or some rotgut that your friend makes in the name of alcohol. I can’t write codes. But given an opportunity I can deliver pizza to all the ICICI bankers next door who wear a tie on white half-sleeve shirts. Because I live in a flat world I cant even fall of the face of earth. Do you suggest that I should drown myself in Kukkarahalli Lake? You in technical collaboration Mr. NRN Murthy and others who have climbed up the ladder with their own talents and hard work, and carry India’s prestige to far corners of the globe, could open Auschwitz-esque extermination camps across the country to find the “Final Solution of the Non-Coders Question”. Oh, and BTW I wrote a rah-rah piece on Biocon a few years ago, and I hope that buys me a few extra months of life!

  18. Raviraj Valalmbe Gowda Says:

    Kiran & Wine & Kiran who?
    ella wine priyare, gamanisi…
    all over the world wine makers depend on kiran muzums biocon enzymes for the right taste…
    so, lets raise a toast for her!
    (i believe, shastri oops URA too is a wine priya!)

  19. Nikhil Moro Says:

    Very thoughtful post.

    I agree with Armugam that Churumuri is “turning out to be the lone sane voice.”

    For true self-fulfillment and for a robust marketplace of ideas, we must protect freedom of expression at any cose (I mean other people’s f.o.e., especially those with whom we disagree). That may indeed be the intended purpose of Article 19 — to protect unpopular views, minority voices, radical expression that prompts us to self-evaluate constantly.

  20. binil Says:

    > No wonder, Amartya Sen, not Dhirubhai Ambani, got the
    > Nobel Prize in Economics – well said, this sum’s it up all.

    No wonder, Alfred Nobel, not Vincent van Gogh instituted the Nobel Prize.

    Yesh, the original statement in the post was funny. But let us not read _too_ much into it. :-)

    IMHO, we need Nobels, van Goghs, Sens and Ambanis – all of them. Any argument on which one is more important is simply pointless and a waste of time.

  21. Sanket Says:

    Brilliant post. You have hit the nail on the head.

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  23. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Just playing a contrarian here.

    If URA or any other intellectual can comment freely on the ills (real and imagined) of the corporate class, why is it wrong for the reverse to happen? Where does this idea that intellectual activity is somehow superior and/or more noble than commerce come from?

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Biocon URAathritis

    I am Kiran and I am Biocon sistah
    I am an erudite corporate
    and a wealth creator
    I dabble in biology
    to craft wicked stuff
    I have no time
    for a ‘Kannad’ muse
    who cannot ken
    my corporate acumen
    NRN and I
    are signals from the same spectrum
    which use Bangalore
    but have no use for the Kannada lore
    Among us and in our clubs
    we ask openly
    who has time for a language
    when we need to engage
    the global corporate
    let poor Boregowdas
    till their own land
    until the government gives us a ‘hand’
    we steal these lands for a song
    and off we go to USA
    now just sing-a-long

  25. Doddi Buddi Says:

    For Kannada Boys and Girls, here is an improved version…

    Biocon URAthritis

    I am Kiran and I am Biocon sistah
    I am an erudite corporate
    and a wealth creator
    there are whispers
    going around
    I am a hermaphrodite
    but thats only a lifestyle
    no one is worthy of my affection
    when millions of dollars is my affliction

    To those of you
    the great unwashed
    here is my histology
    read carefully
    it may come handy
    try the eulogy
    so you may one day
    work in my factory

    I dabble in biology
    to craft wicked stuff
    I have no time
    for a ‘Kannad’ muse
    who cannot ken
    my corporate acumen

    How dare that silly URA
    insult my IT bro NRN
    Doesn’t he know
    NRN and my huge I
    are signals from the same spectrum
    which use Bangalore
    but have no use for the Kannada lore

    Among us and in our clubs
    we ask openly
    who has time for a language
    when we need to engage
    the global corporate

    Let poor Boregowdas
    till their own land
    until the government gives us a ‘hand’
    we steal these lands for a song
    and off we go to USA
    now just sing-a-long

  26. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Siva Siva Siva Siva


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  28. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Thank you, DG. If things proceed and progress in the way they are now, very soon Bionic woman types will start posting signs–No Kannada Allowed! Or She may opt to teach other languages on her bionic campus.

    URA come on! Forget SLB and other ‘communal’ types—these secular types like Fat Lady Sings are killing Kannada!

  29. Umesh Says:

    It seems there is an eagerness to showcase corporates as evil, arrogant etc. While there may be some truth to it, it is the not the whole truth. Kiran has raised some pertinent questions. Why don’t we recognise the real contributions and building of a vast employment base by the corporates where there is none? We all know the hard fact that without a decent livelihood there cannot be any literature or music or any form of art. We seem to jump to our feet in criticising whenever an industrialist or a corporate person says something little out of the ordinary. While we may not agree with her on all that she says on URA but there is a whole lot of truth in what she has said and the questions she has raised. I agree with her in that NRN is a great patriot, and a slip of the tongue (or a bad choice of the word, as URA himself said) does not make NRN less patriot.

  30. Arun Says:

    When the uncultured CM shows disrespect, what can we expect from these artificial creatures? Whatever differences URA has with Papa and JD(s), as the CM he should have maintained the dignity of the post. And don’t be surprised if these guys sell the Rajya Sabha seat to this female the next time around when it comes up for sale.

    Poor URA (whatever his ‘secular’ remarks) had made several requests to Gowda to back him for the RS seat. But he is no horse ‘trader’ like MAM Ramaswamy neither was he sitting on those 1400 crs like Rajeeva. Had he been a RS member, this lady would have shut her mouth. By supporting NRN on this issue, she too is showing disrespect to the National Anthem. And why would they need to worry about country, state, language when all that they want is wealth.

    URA, forget AAvarana, and retort.

  31. Tejaswi Says:

    7 Jnaanapeetha winners, btw. And maybe 5 before Kiran became old enough, but that didn’t include URA. He got his in the late nineties, I suppose.

    As for the post, half baked opinions will take time to become comments.

    Either way – interesting to see the likes of sisya, doddbuddi, etc. here – I want to be poli_huduga ;-)

  32. Hamsa Says:

    ಇವಗ ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ದಿನದಿ ಹಿಂದೆ ಇದೇ biocan ನವರು illegal ಆಗಿ ಸರಕಾರದ permission ಎಲ್ಲದೇ ಔಷದ ತಯಾರಿಸ್ತ್ತ ಎದ್ರಲ್ಲ. ಅದೆಲ್ಲ್ಲ ಈ ಕಿರಣ್ ಅನ್ಯಾಯ ಅಲ್ಲವೇ ಅಲ್ಲ.

  33. Kiran Says:

    URA time is not good. CM says bow bow, and then gets entangled in SLB’s web and now the fury of Bianaca Castafiore’s ribaldry. Professor is silent all of a sudden….YELU VEERA YELU..YADHYELU..

  34. Prasad Says:

    As much as URA has a right to voice his opinion, so does KMS. There is fundamentally nothing wrong in what KMS has said, if you limit the context in which its being said.

    Yes, there has been a lot of value addition by the “entreprenuers” in the last 10 years and KMS and NRN are counted amongst them. Now that does not mean that URA’s contributions are not valuable, but they are valued in a different context.

    I am not sure if KMS has said the words exactly as it appears …

    Then URA is not alone , remember Arundhati Roy ??

  35. yogesh Says:

    Nice post.

  36. dr ramesh Says:

    kiran shah of biocon is the same desparate lady who smooched vasundhara raje in the open. height of desparation.
    UNCULTURED LADY who is prepared to please any politician in any way to get favours in the form of land, drug license, is talking of patriotism,social responsibility— big joke.
    majumdar shah, narayan murthy are providing us free entertainment daily—thanks.

  37. Goutham Says:

    What a sad poem…Spewing hatred on anybody perceived to be anti kannada…I say percieved. Grow up guys. Get a life instead of discussing who kissed who.And you are a doctor.!!!!! God bless the patients.Do you ask them to speak kannada too? Do you ask them to list all the gnanpith awardees before treating them?Hopefully your a PHD

  38. Dwarapalaka Says:

    dr ramesh, you poor fellow, as usual you are talking through your a**.

  39. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Goutham and Dwaarapalaka…yibbru ‘Kalchkollokke’ yen thogotheera ?

  40. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Thank you. You have a very interesting blog.

  41. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Intellectual activity is superior because while the proles are sweating their bodies out, we keyboard jockeys are working up a tiny brain sweat–the bionic sumo Shah–she is neither fish nor fowl. May be a Whale as in a mammal. A classic case of Money Talks and Bullshit Walks. I would doubt if Indian IT Idol did not have much $$$’s in his kitty would he be pontificating on all things under the Sun? I don’t think so. Just the hubris of the man–understanding so much and misunderstood for his noble deeds and thoughts!

    I have invented a new phrase for all these all-knowing but knowing less ‘Industrial Retards’…these are the new age, ‘Accidental Entrepreneurs’ ..

  42. EDDY SEQUIRA Says:

    The arrogance of the Neo rich. Yes Blackmarketer. Poets do not matter.
    Suddenly Non Kannadigas unite when we are accusing a Kannadiga
    NRN for being antiNational. Yes we areproud of our Literary achivements.
    Kiran try accusing Bengali Literary figs? I want to see.

  43. dr ramesh Says:

    dwarapalaka , name fits the person to a nicety.
    info murthy , kiran shaw office dwaara palaaka irbeku.
    atleast i speak what i feel ,not like some guys who speak always with the intention of pleasing someone. grow up mate.
    goutham, my words sounded like poetry to u–thanks for the compliment.

  44. dr ramesh Says:

    what happened to the probe karnataka govt wanted to initiate against biocon for selling chinese drug in india without drug control approval. it fizzled out.
    its fashion these days for IT BT honchos to take moral high ground and visualise themselves as super citizens.
    dont be surprised if NRN ,kiran mazumdar shaw issue a statement asking kannadigas to leave bangalore.

  45. Dwarapalaka Says:

    dr ramesh, kindly give us some details of those “methods,” unless you’re trying to bluff.

    and no sir, i am not a fan of these companies or big firms but i just want to point out some irrationalities caused by ideology.

  46. Dwarapalaka Says:

    dr ramesh,

    “atleast i speak what i feel ,not like some guys who speak always with the intention of pleasing someone.”

    –that’s so hard to do when you are using a screen-name, isn’t it.

  47. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh

    Please post more details on this Chinese drugs peddled by Bioconners. Thanks.

  48. Swalpa Yochne Madi Says:

    “Karnataka was known for its men of letters, five of them winning the nation’s highest literary award, the Jnanpith, Anantha Murthy being one of them.”

    Really ?

    Before 2000:
    Other than Kannadigas, who gave a flying f*ck abot Karnataka ? What is this Jnanpith Award ? I am an Indian and I have never heard of it. Nation’s highest literary award ? What nation ? You mean third world nation called India ? Why does third world nation need literature, yain madtare adan itkondu ? Nation first needs food, watersupply , electricity, jobs, industry alva ? In all honesty, who the f*ck is Anatha Murthy ?

    Today 2007:
    You cannot go to single spot on the globe without hearing about Bangalore, Infosys, globalization, outsourcing, IT giants , Narayanmurthy, Ambani, Bangalore home of billionaires, India rapidly developing BRIC, world’s fastest growing economy, world’s largest economy by 2020 etc. etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    Ofcourse, we are very similar to before-2000 in one respect – Even today, nobody gives a f*ck about literary, Jnanpith, Ananthamurthy or any such literary junk.

    You stand in the middle of new york city and hold one placard saying “$100 for white man who knows Narayanamurthy”. In less than 30 seconds, you will get 100s of white men who will tell you Narayanamurthy history civics geography. They will know more about Infosys than even the stockholders and board members.

    Now you hold another placard “$1 million dollars for white man who knows Ananthamurthy”. Even after standing 24 hours outside Barnes and Nobler or New York City Public library, you will not find a single white man who will respond correctly. If at all somebody comes forward, they will say “This Ananthamurthy is some janitor in Infosys, correct ?”

    Novu nagaye sammishradalli yedhe aayithadhara vashya
    Ondu yedeya haalu kudidavaranaduve yenitondubheda taayi ?
    Naada deviye kande ninna madillai yentha drusha ?

    devre gathi.

  49. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Swalpa yochne madi,

    Are there only white men in New York? You dont want to hold the board for yellow, brown and black people? Or do you prefer to only lick white folks boots? I bet you have an accent as fake as Narayanamurthy’s.

  50. dr ramesh Says:

    what bullshit,
    every person in USA knows about osama bin laden also , so he is on par with narayan murthy. excellent . U WILL GO PLACES.
    IT kelsa ide antha desha,raajya, bhaashe ,maana maryaade yella maarikollakke tayaaru iddare. devare kaapaada beku.

  51. dr ramesh Says:

    3-4 months karnataka health minister issued a press statememt stating that a probe would be ordered against biocon for violating rules in the sale of a drug without permission from drug control of india . but may be due to political pressure ,nothing happened. actually lady is close to leaders cutting across party lines.
    there is also issue of release of toxic waste in to village water sources in and around the company. lands have become barren, water is not safe leading to many skin and respiratory diseases. report was also aired on TV 9 KANNADA CHANNEL. yet no action is taken. this is patriotism accg to kiran shaw.

  52. Rags Says:

    Each one of them have a duty to do and each would be better of with concnetrating that. As rightly mentioned this is corporate arrogance at its worst. ‘Kathege yenu gothu Kasturi Vaasne’, what does Bio aunty know about URA and Kannade literature. The best thing would have been for the press not to publish her remarks and that would have been a good rebuttal to her. Let her not forget that we live in a democratic country and everyone has a right to have their opinion.

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  54. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    One thing seems obvious; that those who have Infy shares praise NRN and those who do not have criticise him. Rest of the arguments are meaningless high funda. May be it gives some excitement as a diversion and thanks to Churumuri The same syndrome is followed everywhere. In final analysis nothing is an unmixed blessing and that is how the world moves

  55. M. Ravi Says:

    Regarding Anantha Murthy- The problem with sellf inflated poets like them is that they are bigots. I have seen how subservient Dr Ananthamurthy has behaved while abroad. He is absolutely no comparison to Amartya Sen who is not a low language or cultural bigot as Dr Ananthamurthy is.

    As regards indistrialists like Narayana Murthy and Kiran Mazumdar- they have done far more for society than people like Anantha Murthy. They have much more respect for intellect because they use it- people like Anantha Murthy only appeal to low base emotions- witness his lead on Bengalooru- the problem with people like him is that they have a low self-esteem.

  56. dharma Says:

    Who is better Bradman or Einstein, Praksh or Dravid, Beethoven or Chaplin, NRNM or URAM. Why compare and get into unnecessary problems. They were good in their own world!!! Long live Churumuri!

  57. Rohit Says:

    Kiran Mazumdar says: “We (industrialists and entrepreneurs) are striving to enhance wealth in the country. We are creating jobs.”

    But, in reality these people are business men who utilising average Indian intellect for their own profit. They are not doing any social service. They destroying the Indian diversity by bringing western culture. North Indians, Tamilians and others who have migrated to Bangalore and made their home place, are not only killing local culture and tradition, but also forgot their own rich culture. Bangalore has become one the most western cities in India. Who wants to live in a monotonous world which these corporates have created?

    If these “industrialists and entrepreneurs” were so concerned about Indian economy they should have contributed to economic reforms in Indian villages. And true India still lives in Villages.

    It is the government which setup good number of Engineering colleges for higher studies, it is the Govt again which provided land and other infrastructure to this companies, it is the average youth who worked hard is passing from technical colleges and working hard atleast 12 hours a day in these companiesm, who deserve the “solute”. The people like Kiran Mazumdar, Narayanmurty, etc came and ate all the “cake”, boast of being “savior” of Indian economy and take all the Credit.

    Karnataka is state where Sir Vishweshwarayya was born who is responsible for the modern engineering revolution. Karnataka is a rich because of its literature, and thanks to U.R.A. who is one the major contributers. Karnataka has lost its identity because these Kiran Mazumdar, Narayanmurty and others. It might have helped the country as a whole i agree, my questions them are why only Bangalore? (recently there is trend in other cities, but it all happened in Bangalore and blown it out of proportion!) There is always trade offs with the development, in the case of Bangalore, it is Karnataka which did lot of sacrifice. These IT-BTs have created a huge gap between people who work in them and people who work in other areas because of the high salaries. Unlike Sir. Vishweshwarayya who directly contributed to the common man by building dams, these people has gathered wealth at the cost of common man/farmers. Many agricultural lands have been converted to commercial use. These industrialists have absolutely no social cause in their mind. I do not think they had atleast once in their mind on how to improve Indian common man and how dare Kiran Mazumdar speak against URA? She has no intellectual ability to even comprehend URA. She knows only about biotech and she is one crookedly smart lady who despite claiming the Bangalorean tag, she is alleged to have never bothered to learn the local language Kannada. She should not be given any credit that she does not deserve. It is the intellectuals like URA who have right heart for the common man and fighting for social upliftment of the common man in Karnataka.

    We need to kick all the NAMAK HARAMS! out of Bangalore and Karnataka.

  58. Rohit Says:

    AND “Swalpa Yochne Madi” thinks ONLY Swaplane!

  59. Rohit Says:

    “Swalpa Yochne Madi” thinks ONLY Swalpa!
    Alpa-budhi papa…

  60. subbhashastri Says:

    Why is Ananthamurthy angry with NRN? And what does URAM think of NRN? The answers are below:

    How dare this fellow succeeded and he doesnt fit into the stero type of a brahmin created by me and other great intellectuals (Buddhijeevigalu) and also as depicted in my award winning novel samskara. He should have been only concerned about death rites (thithi) and thithi oota.

    How dare he be progressive in his thoughts. He should have been doing his sandhyavandane and generally wiling away his time reading purana and punya kathe and not signing up million dollar contracts with GE.

    How can he say India can be a developed nation. We cannot have self respect as we are all mired with caste, superstition and no rationality. How dare he defy intellectuals like us who have so nicely portrayed our indian soceity.

    How efficiently we intellectuals have portrayed our land of snake charmers, caste system and superstions. How efficiently I had portrayed widows and child marriage. Now how dare these girls are working in infy shop and they also have so much stock options. These coolies also travel abroad at the drop of a hat. And we intellectuals if we had to travel on lecture tours had to write so much on our degenerate culture and only after our loyalty tests had proved positive we would get our lecture tours sanctioned and we could go and talk of our land of snake charmers and widows in front of white people. And when we come back from the lecture tours we would get nice awards from Delhi for the great service we have done to our nation through our bright intellects. Has NRN done any such great thing. He has only created a labour force for white people. And our youths instead of reading buddhijeevigalu like me and other jnanapitha awardees like Kuvempu and karanth are reading Cplusplus and java so that they can earn some dollars. Shame on these people.

    Why should he become so rich and using the arid land in Hosuru and Whitefieldu. How dare he not say that we are a country of starving millions and typing code will not solve the starvation problem. The starvation problem can be solved by being self depreiciating and electing people like me and my friend siddhu into parliament.

    And so on.

  61. Kannadathi Says:

    Ree Subbashastri gale, ellara commentsu odide. Nimma comment anthu bahala interesting! Murthygala jagala dalli nanage ee blog odi gyanodaya vayitu.

    Churumuri team, fantastic blog!

  62. AB Says:

    As a Kannadiga(educated in Kannada medium) and now living abroad, I am amused to read all the ineresting blogs about Narayan Murthi(IT),Ms.Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Anant Murthi. I am also rather disappointed with so many spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors in many bloggs by our so called smart bloggers! Hey you all,so called educated Indians, do you need some editorial help? and even basic English Grammar lessons? or is this one of the unwanted side effects of trying to be expert in multiple languages? I suggest you start with some free online English grammar lessons. Remember 3 essential features of any good writing are A,B,C. A for Accuracy, B for brevity and C for Clarity.Use this ‘mantra’ and you are less likely to show yourself as semiliterate.Let me remind you the old Kannada proverb ” Tumbida Koda tulukuvadilla”. and also remember ” Data is not information.. information is not knowledge.. and knowledge is not wisdom”.

    Your Kannadiga from Hubli..

  63. Vinay Says:


    Every sentence in English needs to begin with an Uppercase, or capital letter. Look at the number of errors in your post above!

  64. Notatruekan Says:

    Ananthamurthy is just another politician (aiming at a RS seat thru culture qouta)… all have contributed to thier domain be it NRN, Shaw.. but general opinion is anathamurthy is a screwball having some chamchas from Mysore… Kuvempu, adiga etc etc all names are used by him to get at the helm of his dreams…

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