11 similarities between the iPhone and Rajni

11) Neither the producers of Sivaji nor the producers of the iPhone, needed to pay a single paise for publicity. The newspapers and TV channels did it on their own. For free.

10) Even before Sivaji was seen, it was decreed a hit. Even before the iPhone was released and used, it was declared a success. The hype is the product.

9) At nearly 1,000 rupees a ticket, a bit overpriced but  former bus conductor Rajnikanth has a strange hold on even 50-year-olds. At nearly 500 dollars for a phone, a bit overpriced, but former universal serial bus conductor Steve Jobs has a strange hold on 50-year-olds.

8) Sivaji fans queued up in the middle of the night, broke coconuts, did arati for the Second Coming on Friday, June 22. iPhone fans slept on the pavements in front of Apple stores for the Jesus Phone on Friday, June 29.

7) In Sivaji, Rajni can do many things at the same time: chew gum, belt some, win some, and win some more. The iPhone too can do many things but not all at the same time: surf the web, watch a movie, listen to a song, and lest we forget, make a call.

6) College dropout Rajni is in the safe hands of Shankar who has not known failure at all as a director. The iPhone is in the safe hands of college dropout Steve Jobs who has not known failure at all as a tech visionary.

5) Sivaji excites even non-Tamil film critics who wouldn’t know the difference between vaango and quango. The iPhone excites even non-techies who don’t know the difference between byte and by-two.

4) Sivaji is style well packaged. iPhone is style well-packaged. The next Rajni starrer will be even bigger. The next Jobs starrer will be even bigger.

3) Even though he is bigger, even Amitabh Bachchan has to acknowledge Rajni’s place in the sun because of Sivaji. Even though it is bigger, even Microsoft has to acknowledge Apple’s place because of the iPhone.

2) Rajni is deeply spiritual often going off to the Himalayas to ponder the meaning of it all. Steve Jobs too was deeply spiritual, and his life was changed by a visit to Benares.

1) For Rajni rivals after Sivaji: “Sivaji pera ketale chumma adhurudhulle!” (As soon as you hear my name you will feel the tremors). For Apple rivals after iPhone: “Chumma per keta anna adraddille!

42 Responses to “11 similarities between the iPhone and Rajni”

  1. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    cool comparison…both Rajni and iphone are untouchables indeed!! I wonder why tamils take pride in comparing Rajni with Amitabh!! It’s funny in tamil nadu he’s a larger than life figure but in karnataka he is nothing more than a comedian!! Is this because of cultural difference??

  2. Mriganayani Says:

    whats wrong with you man! Rajni a comedian??!! The largest crowd in front of Ranji film are kannadaigas in karnatka. A car full of us KANNADIGAS went to Hosur to see Shivaji!

  3. astroshiva Says:

    Very true..

  4. Aruna Urs Says:

    good one, i am one of those culprits – paid a premium to watch a crap movie and now desperately hunting craiglist for an iphone.

  5. chetan krishnaswamy Says:

    this is superstuff…good way to begin another Monday morning :-(

  6. decemberstud Says:

    Awesome list…although I was a lil ‘hurt’ when you said iPhone was hyped up ;)

    I did teach a new English word to a bunch of Rajni fans – SHALLOW…And in return, they promptly they tried to teach me another word – JEALOUS….Oh well…..

  7. dr ramesh Says:

    after initial frenzy, sivaji in karnataka is a damp squib.
    kannada movies are doing xlent business, sivaji has in no way affected
    kannada movies, things were not the same few years back.

  8. kapitale Says:

    Mriganayani, If you and your ‘Car full of KANNADIGAS’ can not differentiate between a comedian and a good actor, do not blame it on people who do. A kannadiga never said ‘Kamalagasan’ is not a good actor. Just digup your mental model of definitions and universally accepted patterns for comedians. Change your model if necessary. A comedian, if he is kannadiga or tamilan or of any vernacular, is a comedian. What are the facts which proves Rajni is not a comedian? The style which makes us laugh proves his comedian status. His fighting mannerisms shows the dopers mentality of his fans who fantasize and forget reality. Only few films of Rajni like ‘Mullum malarum’ could have established him as an actor. But no body like him becoming a classic actor. People liked him and like him for his comical mannerisms. Rajni is a comedian.

  9. roy Says:

    Rajni, a commedian, it s a great compliment , its no easy to make people laugh havent u read “NAGUVUDU SAHAJADA DARMA ,NAGISUVUDU PARADARMA NAGUVA NAGISI NAGUTA BAALUVA VARAVA MIGE NEENU BEDIKOLLO MANKUTIMMA.

  10. decemberstud Says:

    Kapitale, you have hit the bull’s eye…..

    I ahve always believed Tamil Nadu has given the ebst and the worst actors in India. As for who is the ebst and who si the worst, it is anybodys guess…..;)

  11. Dheerendragopal Says:

    nanganthu namma Jaggesa Rajnigintha bombat yaactor .
    lakkadi pakkadi jumma

  12. decemberstud Says:

    Here’s an interesting email I got from a friend after he read this Ranji/iPhone story on churumuri:

    “No hope on churumuri… they just report some crap I think…”

    And he is from Tamil Nadu, if it helps :)

  13. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] 11 similarities between the iPhone and Rajni 11) Neither the producers of Sivaji nor the producers of the iPhone, needed to pay a single paise for publicity. The […] […]

  14. Arasan Says:

    Is “BOYS” directed by Shanker a hit ?

    I-PHONE is said to be a costly paper-weight? Is it applicable to … ????

  15. shashi Says:

    so much of hype for such a crap movie,some(majority) people like gimmicks than real acting,it’s amazing people paid 2000 Rs to watch this movie,height of stupidity,hope better sense will prevail

  16. Tegginamane Shivu Says:

    Would someone read this before making comments for the post?


  17. Dheerendragopal Says:

    T.Shivu ..Kannada Chitradha vaybhavikaraNa Churumuriyindha yaake shuruvaaga baardhu

  18. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I completely agree…Jaggesh is fantastic–our own Jim Carrey! I don’t know why we haven’t done a Ace Ventura Pet Detective with Jaggesh!?

  19. Sangeetha Says:

    Kewl…I didnt know much abt Steve Jobs until I read it in your post here.
    Avalavuthana!!!!! Both of them just equal calibre’s????:)
    Great comparison….It stricked you to write..So, hats off……He! He!

  20. Amit Says:

    Cool …. Thats really a well thought post … An epitome of quality humor!

  21. askaantha Says:

    Not so fuuny… both sucks

  22. sri Says:

    Shows your immaturity and lack of knowledge about the latest gadgets……………poor sense of humor

  23. kannadiga Says:

    >>>I wonder why tamils take pride in comparing Rajni with Amitabh!!

    Why should one compare the Super Star of India with a Sales man who comes in all advertisements ranging from tooth paste to toilet cleaner???
    He himself calls as super star…The real Super Star is one and Only Rajni, Modest of all actors in the world…

  24. Madhava Prakash Says:

    Chlo bariteera …… nakku nakku sak aythu ….abbba abbba …
    Chumma per keta anna adraddille he he he he he

  25. Dheerendragopal Says:


    what is meant by this Sisya?
    “Chumma per keta anna adraddille he he he he he”

  26. Mohammed Says:

    i don’t know y most kannadigas are very jealous with tamilians..may be these are the reasons

    1. Their films are reaching international quality day by day
    2. They only taught and teaching how to make good movies to rest of south india since technicians in telugu,kannada and malayalam are mostly from tamilnadu.
    3. Happening state (Initiate good plans/work to improve the quality of life and state)


    Main thing: Tamil langauage has some kind of power make the films popular(it is one of the factor).

    Sooooooooooo…….even kannada films made with good quality in all aspect..it will not go beyond karnatak..since the language is like that.

  27. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    I don’t know about ‘Sivaji’ but definitely I will buy an iPhone. Like the face that would launch a thousand ships, when I see Rejini’s face, I am heading to the WC. So there.

    Some crypto-Tamil just commented and gave some ‘delusional’ attributes about how Tamil films are doing and how the language does well and so on…IMHO that is par for the course. Otherwise why would you have tremors with a movie like ‘Sivaji’ !!

  28. rjoe79 Says:

    i appreciate the cerativness of the one who has ome out with such a good material to read with the comparision.

    its really shokking for me to read some of the comments, sure everyone has the right of expresson. but just think for a minute before you psot and argue. Cause these websites are open the the entire web community, surely not restricted to Indians.

    what is this nonsense of some of you literaly fighting over who s the best – a tamilian, kanadiga. arent you guys Indians first and foremost.
    what you are doing is degrading a fellow Indian, should’nt you be ashamed about waht you are doing. there are so mny issues you have to discuss and contribute fruitfully to, but your energy s focused otherwise to unfruitful arguments.

    A good fan irrespective of who they have a following for should be appreciative not cynical about other acheivers.

    by the way i mst mention something good about the comments here, this is by far a filth “F free comments i hv ever comeacross in the site.
    language used till now is good.

  29. நேற்று: சிவாஜி; இன்று: ஐ-போன்; நாளை: ஹாரி பாட்டர் « Snap Judgment Says:

    […] Jul 19th, 2007 by bsubra 11 similarities between the iPhone and Rajni « churumuri […]

  30. Mohammed Says:

    Hi Joe,

    You are very correct, but kannadigas always forcing tamils to do so. Most of kannadigas blaming tamils always instead of think abt their drawbacks and rectify those.it sure they have jealous about tamilians growth..I hope ur advise needs to be considered by kannadigas.

  31. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Yes you are right! Sure “we have jealous about tamilians growth”. And “you have jealous” about any body in particular?

    We have good mind doctors among Kannadigas you see–they will remove your “jealous” very quickly and safely for the likes of you. During the process they will even give you a functional brain while replacing your damaged one. How about that? “You still have jealous?”

  32. Mohammed Says:

    Be cool buddy Doddi Buddi..

    Might u hav good mind doctors, but rest are.. ? :))

    v hav good phsyciotrist (as well ppl )and they can twist ur brains cells to stop blaming others, mostly tamils…

  33. Hosa-Belaku Says:

    You said it all in the first line. HYPE! But Sivaji’s hype does’nt take away from Razini’s accomplishments as an actor, just as iphone’s add-ons does not take away from its mobile phone identity.
    I don’t know about others, but I have never hit it off with “all-in-ones.” Be it the Swiss-army knife (ondh thegadhre, innond agala), the CD/MP-3-DVD players (so many cables, adh thegi, idh haku…abbabba) and now these phone-cum-camera-cum-Internet (photos chenag barodhe illa). I have not seen sivazi, but by all accounts, it seems to be razni-kamalagasan-thenkaisrinivasan-silukku-jackiechan-brucelee-spiderman-batman-and tarzan rolled into one.

  34. anand srivastava Says:

    How can one compare a chimpangee with Amitabh ?

  35. aarthi Says:

    well i hvnt seen shivaji.. n niether i am intersted.. as i feel its stupidity to go and watch movies which are senseless. and guyz you can compare amitabh with rajni.. as both are good for nothing.. according to me both of them are over rated actors. lets not tak about shivaji or nishabd and aag for that matter. as i remember wasting my time and money watching nishabd thinking that it would be a good concept. and the tamil and kannadiggas fight.. this will never end until tamilians stop to act over smart.

  36. wanderlust Says:

    well wtf, rajnikanth is much, much bigger than amitabh can even dream of being. AB is some comedian for non-indian population… rajni saar is maharaja in japan and malaysia, and not just among the Tamil population.

  37. Shrinidhi Hande Says:

    “4) Sivaji is style well packaged. iPhone is style well-packaged. The next Rajni starrer will be even bigger. The next Jobs starrer will be even bigger.”

    The next Sivaji starrer-Kuselan, is declared FLOP…

    Does this hint iPhone 3G will be flop?

  38. mrrk Says:

    really funny .. keep going

  39. BB@B Says:

    Is Rajani a female actor or male actor..name suggests he is female actor.. need to brush up my knowledge of comedy actors

  40. Sri Says:

    aarthi Says:

    “as i feel its stupidity to go and watch movies which are senseless”

    Aarthi, do u mean to say that u never watched a Indian movie in your life?? Especially Kannada movies?? or u feel stupid only to watch a tamil movie?

  41. RV Says:

    Hey this is really really crap to strike out the regional differences ..huh! we are indians guys. Dont go by language, boundaries.. We composed of one motherland The HINDUSTAAN. Now stop comparing AB and Rajni too.. Both r marvellous in their place. Awesome nd dont need cheap comparisons. Ok!

  42. Sanjay Says:

    You can play the guitar just the way Rajni does on iPhone with apps like Thumbjam and pocket guitar

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