North or South. Rich or poor. Hindu or Muslim

Rajkot: Pooja Chauhan, a 22-year-old mother, stripped down to her panties and bra and marched through the streets of Rajkot yesterday, protesting against her inlaws and husband for demanding more dowry—and for bearing a daughter. Pooja carried a baseball bat and bangles in her left hand.

Mahbubnagar: A 2-day-old—48-hour-old—baby has survived a bizarre “murder attempt” after a dog attracted the attention of passers-by. The baby had been buried alive by her grandparents who were expecting a grandson from their daughter, 18-year-old Nuran Bee. Tractor driver Ramu who saw the dog digging, found the baby and immediately pulled her out and took her to the primary health centre.

Photo courtesy: Samachar

32 Responses to “North or South. Rich or poor. Hindu or Muslim”

  1. Andy Says:

    Shocking is the plight of this woman who was forced to extremes to get Police to do what they get paid for. More shocked to read the Police Commisioner saying he will file a case of indecent act on the woman !

    The Police Chief seems to be senseless and shamefless. If it takes woman to parade semi clothed to get justice, it speaks volumes of law and order and efficiency of the police chief and his department.

    The Chief should be sacked..and (perhaps) the cops who refused to book case must be paraded on the roads in their shorts..

  2. Sanjay Says:

    Shame on all those jokers who look down upon the female species. Shame on that society which encourages superstition to such an extent where people end up losing basic human values

  3. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I agree with you–damn sad! But what the heck! what a gutsy lady Pooja Chauhan is! she deserves an award for being forthright with her actions highlighting an important issue that plagues our culture.

  4. koppal haida Says:

    I commend pooja on her courage to do what it takes to get noticed in the current indian society, but also despise the society for pushing her to this extent. Our head must hang in shame.. This is at Rajkot..Was this the district where Gandhi was born??

  5. kapithale Says:

    Andy and DB,
    I agree with you. It is the inferiority complex of patriarchal system leading to this shameful act. Shame on perpetrators and collaborators.

  6. Sugata Says:

    This lady is a true fighter and should be saluted by all. In a conservative society like ours, which has a mere veneer of modernity and so-called westernization, to do this takes a lot of guts. (I agree with Andy’s suggestion: if found guilty, the inlaws et al must be stripped themselves and forced to parade down the streets of Rajkot in their banyaans-shorts themselves.) Doubly so in a society like Gujarat which has the worst record as far as female feoticide, sex ratio and so on are concerned. Dowry deaths are I think, the highest in that state. As brave as she is. it is also a sad commentary on the state of affairs in the state-and the country that a woman has to do this just to get justice. I get the worrying feeling that even now she may not get it-knowing the Indian judicial system and how it functions. However, bravo to someone that brave-that’s what you call walking the talk.

    On a different note, Andy-I saw you wrote to one Kulwant that one can get by without Telugu in Hyderabad. Is it really so? Do shopkeepers, rickshaw drivers, vegetable sellers, government employees( common men at large) speak Hindi in Hyderabad? A little like Pune?

    My experience in Bangalore was not like that at all. In fact my not knowing Kannada made it difficult for me to get anything done. I am NOT objecting to that-far from it. So don’t accuse me of any prejudice or arrogance. However, I personally feel both the statements “Kannada need not be learnt in Bangalore” and “Kannadas are a minority in Bangalore are totally false. The English press keeps touting some figures-30 % of Bangalore is local, but is there any proof? Census? Documentary-as opposed to anedotal evidence?

    Correct statement should be: Kannada need not be learnt-but life will be difficult and many misunderstandings will take place.

    Kannadigas are a minority-prove it.

  7. kapithale Says:

    Before you challenge somebody to prove something do little research. here is a small starting point.
    Disprove it is wrong.Why do you think English press is wrong? can “YOU”prove with your point?
    OK. We will provide factual evidence. But what will be the outcome.All bangu brothers are not going back to Bengal or tamilians to TN. do they?
    Ask Syed Kirmani or Rahul Dravid did tehy ever spoken in public in Kannada? Cant you live in Karnataka without learning kannada?

  8. Sugata Says:

    Kapithale-point taken. I stand humbly corrected.

    However, given that the percentage of Maharashtrians in Bombay is roughly the same (35 %), what surprises me is how little Marathi I hear in Bombay as compared to Kannada in Bangalore. I hear much more Kannada than Marathi in Bombay. that is what surprises me. Hence, my querying of Kannadigas being a minority.

    Let us have only one more post before we switch back to the main topic-viz Pooja Chauhan

  9. kapithale Says:

    I am sorry do not disprove it is wrong. Just prove it is wrong. Apologies for bad grammar. Este aadru namdu transliterationnu. kannadavaralva?

  10. tarlesubba Says:

    man what guts!!
    sattantiharanu baDideccharisu
    muchaaDuvara kaNN haridd ebbarisu
    barisu nyayada DimDimava

  11. tarlesubba Says:

    KT / Sug
    lets not take focus off Rajkot Poojamma?

  12. kapithale Says:

    Sorry TS. But I felt I should write back. I agree the focus should be on Pooja. Let us hope Prathiba Patil, Sonia madam, Sushma madam, Amma Jayalalitha, Maya didi, Aru rai (apart from Lallu-mallu, Thiru MK, Paswan saab, PM ji, Atal ji) really take this seriously.

  13. kapithale Says:

    Thanks Sugata,
    For keeping an open mind and heart. Such acts make me respect you more even if you are from any other vernacular.

  14. Sugata Says:

    My question was for Andy actually. However as it is not related and did not elicit an answer from him, let it be. The chapter is closed.

    P.S. Am I slightly unworthy of respect if I am from some other vernacular?

  15. kapithale Says:

    Thanks for closing the chapter.

    P.S. Yes. I always considered, and consider, only(probably mostly) Kannadigas were (and are)magnanimous in matters like that(in accepting mistakes in their thinking and opinions). This is my opinion. You may have a different version. That will be your opinion. Andy and others may have different opinions.We know how shivasena created ‘aapchi mumbai’ by making udupiwalas the scape goats. We know how gomanthaks tackled kannadigas in Goa.Since this is a question applicable across, I took the initiative for defending my mother tongue and fellow kannadigas.

  16. GC Says:

    @Sugata, Is it really surprising to see local press recycling age old stats? Are Indian journalists any better when it comes to quoting non-factual data?

    Another age old myth still in circulation is “Bangalore is the fastest growing city in Asia”!! This one has been around since the 1980s. Many Chinese cities have beaten Bangalore’s growth rate in the last 10 years. Our own Surat and New Delhi beat Bangalore’s growth rate between 1991-2001. Surat beating Bangalore in terms of both urban agglomeration and city proper growth rates. Ref:

    No new comprehensive linguistic survey has been done in decades. But the journalists continue to quote invalid stats. Non-Kannadigas in the local english press are the worst who are still pushing “under 30%” myth.

    There was another study of interstate and intra-state migration patterns by census bureau. Ref: According to this over half the migrants to Bangalore metro area between 1991-2001 are from within the state (page 18 of the report).

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Very apt.


    Ee sitealli… houdhu :)

    The baseball bat maybe to keep away people. Why the bangles? Wonder if she got justice after all? Hope she finds the strength to leave her husband and lead a life by herself.

  18. Dheerendragopal Says:

    The Baseball bat is to shoo away the Parodies ( kannada Parodies = Loafers ) and the Bangles is for the COPS .

  19. Roman Says:

    Baseball bat sales has gone up!

  20. Sugata Says:

    I am surprised that Sonia Gandhi has not flown to Rajkot yet. With her much avowed views on equaility and so forth, this is unbecoming.
    On the other hand, this lady deserves a Padmashree or bravery award or some kind of award. Definitely the Gujarat government must look into this matter.

    Bad News: The Surat police are apparently going to examine her mental condition and have slapped some sort of case against her, for god knows what-perhaps exhibition. I hope I am wrong.

    @ kapithale

    I am surprised you say that. Maharashtrians are a remarkably tolerant people, barring episodes like that. If they are so regionally minded, why has the Shiv Sena struggled so much? How many times have they formed the government? Forget their blustering-how many people have ever voted for them? How much support have they ever enjoyed among the people OUTSIDE Mumbai? Shiv Sena was, is, and always will be-Maharashtrians in Mumbai. No other city or part of the state has ever behaved that way. I believe that Maharashtra’s record is the best in India in overall terms. We are a minority in our own capital. We don’t own much of the business. Morever, the largest number of non-local language schools in any state is in Maharashtra. Gujarat, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil-you name it and you’ll find it. Newspapers and magazines of all languages are available in Pune-including Kannada.
    Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil movies are screened in Pune (albeit not that often).

    Sorry for the diversion, but I feel bad when a people who have by and large been very tolerant and accepting get a bad name because of one small group of people in one part of one city. Maharashtra is 25 % non-Maharashtrian-How many states can you say that about? Barring Assam and perhaps Punjab, none other to he best of my knowledge. Please don’t tarr us with the same brush-look at the electoral performance of the Sena. And how unsuccessful it has been.


    So perhaps my point was valid after all, then? Perhaps indeed there is a very good reason why you hear much more Kannada in Bangalore than Marathi in Mumbai-namely that ….you know the rest. After all, even in the Frontline, article the author has not said where exactly he got that figure. The fact is, as you point out, no survey has been done for decades. Hence, no one really knows, Frontline or no Frontline.

    Morever, what was the need to defend Karnataka or Kannada when I hadn’t said anything deregatory in the first place?

  21. kapithale Says:

    I agree with you on several points.
    1.Maharashtrians are a remarkably tolerant people: Yes they have shown exceptional social and cultural responsibilities when needed. No doubt about that. I never wrote Maharastrians are bad!!!
    2.The Surat police are apparently going to examine her mental condition’: they have to analyze the circumstances led to her mental conditions than her current state. If police are guilty of not accepting the complaints and investigating, they are responsible for her mental state and should be charged so.
    But some disagreements too.
    1.‘the largest number of non-local language schools in any state is in Maharashtra. Gujarat, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil-you name it and you’ll find it.’
    2. ‘percentage of Maharashtrians in Bombay is roughly the same (35 %)’
    3.‘Maharashtra is 25 % non-Maharashtrian’
    4.‘After all, even in the Frontline, article the author has not said where exactly he got that figure.’
    I am wondering whether same logic applies to your statements!!

  22. N Niranjan Nikam Says:

    WHAT WAS THAT AGAIN kapitale ??!! “Such acts make me respect you more even if you are from any other vernacular.”!!
    what you mean man?!

  23. GC Says:

    @Sugata, I agree with your obsevation about hearing lot more Kannada in Bangalore compared to Marathi in Mumbai. I don’t think you said anything derogatory IMHO. My complaint is against certain journalists working for english papers/channels that sneak in ‘facts’ related to sensitive issues. I wrote about non-sensitive “fastest growing city in Asia” myth because I saw it just yesterday on Headlines Today channel.

    For what its worth, a new linguistic survey by CIIL has been commissioned –

  24. Vinayak Says:

    This woman pooja Chauhan has ulterior motives

    1) Why she did not go to court and file a case? Even if police are inactive one can appraoch the courts …..

    Ans : She wants to harass her in-laws as she wants them to be arrested without providing any evidence.

    2) Why she did not file a case under PWDVA (protection of women under domestic violence act)? there are 100s of case ALL OVER INDIA

    Ans : Because she wanted to harass her husband and in-laws. The motive may be extortion of money.

    save indian family


    Save Family

    3) Arise .. Awake and stop such SOFT PORNOGRAPHY on the streets

    A responsible INDIAN

    Let us enjoy freedom WHILE respecting our responsibilities and our culture

  25. Sumanth Says:

    80% of dowry cases are false.

    This lady is filled with hatred. I have sympathy for her husband.

    Here are the arguments which make her a suspect.

    1) Why she did not go to court and file a case? The law against dowry is so strict in India that the accused husband, his parents, sisters are considered “Guilty till proven innocent” and it is non-bailable offense. This is the most misused law in the country. In 2005, more than 166 children are jailed under false cases of dowry harassment.

    2) She wants to harass her in-laws as she wants them to be arrested without providing any evidence.

    3) Why she did not file a case under PWDVA (protection of women under domestic violence act)?

    4) Why she is carrying a baseball bat?

    Because she wanted to harass her husband and in-laws. The motive may be extortion of money.

    save indian family


    Save Family

  26. Is it ever going to change?? « JAB Says:

    […] Jul 6th, 2007 by chaitra we have to resort to such extremities every time?? […]

  27. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Vinayak aka Sumanth,

    Hennu makkalannu nodudhre yaakrappa ishtondhu sittu?

  28. Rajesh R Says:

    Rajkot, April 13: Last year she stripped and walked streets semi-nude to protest alleged harassment by her in-laws.

    Pooja Chauhan, 23, is again in news for assaulting a police officer on duty.

    Pooja called the Gandhigram police Saturday afternoon complaining that she was not allowed by her neighbours to collect water from a water tanker.

    The police reached the spot but by then the tanker had left. Angry over their late arrival, a furious Pooja marched to the police station around 2 pm.

    She allegedly abused and assaulted a lady police officer, Dayabahen Gondalia, there and smashed windowpanes and a glass door of police inspector H.S. Zala’s office with a baseball bat.

    The rampage went on for half an hour before she was arrested.

    She made headlines July 7, 2007 when she was caught on camera walking down Race Course Road here in her undergarments, carrying a baseball bat.

    She alleged harassment by husband, mother-in-law Hansa and neighbour Ranchhod Parmar over dowry.

    She has now come to terms with her husband and is living with her in-laws.

    On March 14, she had once again threatened to walk semi-nude if the police failed to take action against her neighbours, whom she had accused of harassing her.

    Fearing another scandal, the police arrested four of her neighbours. They too filed a complaint against Pooja for threatening and assaulting them.

    Is this called blackmailing?
    Do we need anything more to say she is an abuser?
    God pity her husband who has to put up with this insane women of loose morals. Here we have some morons who actually sympathize with criminals. Wait for your day. Its not too far.


  29. Mo Says:

    With the police in Rajkot it is not a gender issue but actually having to get off their fat un-worked gand and go out and do the job they are paid to do. They are like this in all aspects of law enforcement duties in Rajkot. Of course they will charge this poor women with indecent exposure because that part of their job is easy. If the women had been well connected in this case she would have every Rajkot cop at her beck and call.

  30. Suresh Says:

    Police are corrupt to the extent that they only take the cases of the people who pay money or who can get influence. It is shame on Goverment’s that they are failing to protect the people of India and maintain law and order.

  31. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Whoever that paapi Police commissioner who is going to file a case against
    Pooja for indecent act, is he going to file cases against our beauty (ugly)queens walking in their chikka chikka bikinis and Vijaya Mallya who encourages such indecent acts for his calendar??
    Will he?

    It is a big shame for all of us that we have people who harass women for dowry and for bearing a girl child. If female species did not exist on earth, those harassers would n’t exist at all.
    The male species in India are available for a price. shame!!

    Yes, Kannadigas are not a minority in Bengaluuru.
    When government takes census, families like us write our mother tongue as Telugu (It is a fact we speak Telugu mostly at home and outside use Kannada. Well this applies to many Marathi /other lang speakers in Karnataka.)
    That reduces the percentage speakers of Kannada as mother tongue in census. But if the census uses a criterion of Kannada speakers, it will not be a minority.
    These stupid, brainless journalists refer to such census and say Kannadigas are a minority.
    It is the English press which keeps honking at 15% to 30% especially Times of India an anti-Kannada news paper.

    But I strongly disagree with your statement, without knowing Kannada, you did not survivve or could not survive. I will show several people how they survived (ing) very well without speaking a Kannada in Bengaluuru. It also depends on your residential neighbourhood.

  32. HFCT Says:

    There are two side of this accident,One side is same full for all relatives of Pooja.

    And other side is really very positive and same less that we have to struggle for our rights with any type of way like above.

    I hope after that in future no any lady also outside from india has to react like this way for their rights.

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