Yoga may be good. Not always, not everywhere

Bombay: A yoga instructor and his film producer-student drowned in the Arabian Sea off Versova while trying to perform exercises in the water. The duo have been identified as Gopal Kapila, 64, and Jainendra Kumar Bhagwan Kutiyar, 37, a small-time producer.

Kutiyar had joined the classes two days ago. On Saturday, Kapila told Kutiyar that he would demonstrate water yoga lessons with pranayam, and took him to Versova beach. Minutes after both entered the sea around 9am, they were swept away by the strong current.

Not as popular as regular yoga, its water version is usually performed by experts. It involves some standing exercises with pranayam as well as performing asanas while floating. Experts believe water yoga is more effective than that on land and improves immunity levels dramatically and purifies the digestive system.

4 Responses to “Yoga may be good. Not always, not everywhere”

  1. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    Please don’t be offended: may be it was a case of unintentional and permanent Shawasana…

  2. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Raathri Tight aagi..beLigge yoga maadidhakke udaharaNae

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Continuing with DB. No offense to the dead souls:

    Ivaru ibbaru neeralli yogadha hesaralli bhoga maadakke hogidhra?

  4. vikas gopal kapila Says:

    • I, Vikas Gopal Kapila , am the son of the deceased in yesterdays drowning incident off Versova Beach.

    • We are very much upset by the press reports in the papers as it does not give a correct and true picture of the facts , which are as follows, for you to take corrective action in the interest of truth.

    • My father , Gopal Kapila was a person selfless ,fearless and spiritually very well read .

    • He had mastered the art of floating on water . Such was his command on his balance in the water ,that as an advanced feature, he was able to perform Yoga asanas on the surface of water , There was NO SUCH THING AS CLASSES that he ever undertook and so THERE WERE NEVER ANY “ STUDENTS ” . But he was ever ready to impart this art to anyone who was keen and eager to learn it (obviously without charge ).

    • Like a Kshatriya Punjabi , he was ever so brave . He went to rescue the other person knowing very well about the consequences BUT he was a MAN , He chose to attempt and die rather than live with the guilt of being a bystander

    • He used to lie on the water in the sea for hours together and enjoy the rocking of his body by the waves . I am witness to his stints of time spent on water and has been more than three to four hours at a stretch floating in sea . It was effortless for him to balance on water. He used to narrate his experience in the water where he would talk of taking a nap , getting bored watching the sky , and his reason to come out of the water would be cramps ( due to long exposure to water ) , taking a leak , or plane getting bored. HE WAS NOT A YOGA INSTRUCTOR

    • He had this art of floating on water mastered and since it was a life saving art , he wanted to spread this art to as many individuals as possible . He had demonstrated his art of floating on water to Lions Club ‘District meet ’ at the Leela a few years back . He had received letters of appreciation after seeing his demo from National Institute of Patiala – Director and coach

    • Spiritually , he was so very enlightened that he was fearless about death . His strong willed ,fearless approach in spontaneously acting to save lives , accidents has been more witnessed by the beach regulars with lots of incidents where he has put himself to danger without thought of consequences to save them from abrupt animal (dog / horse ) attack on the beach .

    • He was miles ahead in his approach to selfless help to everyone who came by him. There was no way he could ever drown infact no one can drown who would have learnt this art . It was ONLY AND ONLY his SPIRIT to save another’s life that he again helped SELFLESS, FEARLESS , but this last time it was only his Brave attempt .

    Some other traits about him though not directly connected with the incident ( describing his personality )
    o He was a nationalist , where he started his campaign to greet people with JAI HIND instead of Hello .
    • He was ahead of his times in his ideas with commonsense practical ideas which were proved over and over again in his lifespan when these ideas were implemented much later .

    • At the same time, He was ever so human in helping not hundreds , but thousands of people with his own money . His helping spirit was an unimaginable extent . He would go out of the way to motivate , convince almost anyone he came across the tobacco habit and his rate of success was 100% and the number of such beneficiaries would run into a few hundreds .
    • He would spend an entire day in listening to an individual who was attempting suicide . He would extract and listen his woes and then preach his wisdom with a different psycholigical approach and not only would do a mere lip service session , but ended up solving problems physically , monetarily because HE DID WHAT HE SAID AND HE MEANT WHAT HE SAID.

    He was detached from materialistic instincts , He had a very limited sense of attachment with us family members and that’s what made us always envious of the time and attention he gave to others who came by him . BUT , The truth is that the WHOLE SOCIETY was his family . After the death of my mother in 1993 , he chose deliberately to remain widower to keep himself of worldly responsibilities .

    He was a teetotaler and very strong advocate of Vegeterianism .

    • He is one who has helped people on a one to one basis at the grass root levels monetarily (and otherwise ) . His guidance , motivation was ever inspiring for all around him .
    • HE MADE A DIFFERENCE , he never accepted INJUSTICE and fought for it.
    • He was a MAN . There still remain a very few in this city and society.

    May God send more of them to save us ..

    I am very very proud to be his son


    Vikas Gopal Kapila

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