The ten most beautiful roads in India i.e. Bharat

Frog View unveils the ten most beautiful roads in India, and the first thing that strikes you is how natural beauty, for all our boasting, is really a North Indian phenomenon. Because there is just one road from the South.

Ahtong, Sikkim

Corbett Park Pathway

Numaligarh, Assam


Nainital, Uttaranchal

Almora, Uttaranchal


Patratu Valley, Jharkhand


Manali Pass

See the stunning pictures here: The ten most beautiful roads

14 Responses to “The ten most beautiful roads in India i.e. Bharat”

  1. Bhaskar Chattrjee Says:

    Good stuff.

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yes nothing from Karnataka part the western ghats? Kudremukh. Stretches from tirthahalli-koppa-sringeri. Just after the rainy season… Aaah nostalgia.

  3. Prasad Says:

    Spot the difference between first two pictures (Ahtong , Sikkim and Corbert Park Pathway)and win a free trip to Malayasia!!

  4. pArijAta Says:

    Prasad, good one!

  5. Arun Says:

    photographs are different…sumne biscuit

    AGuy….those are great places. you can add few more…Agumbe-Udupi Road, many in Coorg and Chickmagalur…

  6. Raviraj Valalmbe Gowda Says:

    (since when they installed japanese lamps in India?)
    and how come the name of places keep changing, though photos are same?

  7. Swalpa Yochne Madi Says:

    Best road is the one that connects Murthy angadi to Madiwala.
    Without that road, where we will find money for maintaining the other 10 roads you tell me ? Jai Murthy.

  8. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Road between Kalasipalya and SJ Park

  9. Rajeev Says:

    We should be wary of the “best” and the “worst” lists given by individuals/small groups as definitives. No doubt, some of these roads are very scenic. but does this mean to say there are no good or beautiful roads in the rest of the country?

    Had frogview seen mungaaru male, sakleshpur would have been on this list.

  10. Quizman Says:

    Something is fishy here. I’ve seen these pics in webshots. They seem to be a collection of pics from many countries.

  11. Saravanan Says:

    Most of the pictures that are posted there comes with windows xp/vista as default wall papers. dont get fooled by them.

  12. Coolguy Says:

    Quizman is right, these pics are in webshots.

    Check out that Almora, Uttaranchal pic….those red leaves, that never happens in india which has tropical and sub-tropical climate.

    Those leaves turning red is bcoz of autumn season, and this season only happens above the tropic of cancer and below the tropic of capricon

  13. karan Says:

    check out the roads of lahaul spiti interiorz..kaza tabo nako langza comik ki kibber kunzum pass…u ll forget everything…if any interested to see the exhautic pics….u can mail me anytime

  14. Rakesh Says:

    Check out some of the beautiful roads which I have captured so far, which includes roads in Karnataka also.

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