This is my turf. You cross it at your own peril.

A.N. PRASANNA of Karnataka Photo News captures a telling picture of a dog, a puppy and a cobra at Dantinaval near Chikamagalur. When the mother found the cobra moving towards her puppies, she stopped it. The snake didn’t understand why she had been stopped in its tracks. After an hour-long impasse, the mother apparently took the cobra in its mouth and threw it away.

5 Responses to “This is my turf. You cross it at your own peril.”

  1. Prashanth Says:

    Mother is always great!

  2. refractor Says:

    Marvelous photograph ! Hoping for more.

  3. Manvan Says:

    Such pictures have become rare these days. KPN is doing a good job, indeed. Keep it up, Saggere

  4. Sathya Says:

    naayi aadarenu adoo thaayi allave, svami, bekiddare iiga thayandire thamma makkaLannu bidiyalli bisaaki onToytaare (Gulbarga incidemt nenapisikoLLi, Illa Devaraayanadurgadalli inthade ghaTane varadiyaagittu anthaare)

  5. vsesh Says:

    one pcture is worth thousand words. Saggere has proved it once again.This is a fine instance of protective motherhood. Hope more such photos appear in this blog . We human beings have lot to learn from the animals.

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