All that glitters is gold from a million 60W bulbs

RAGHU APARA captures the second-most famous landmark in Mysore, as the English newspapers always put it, “in all their resplendent glory”.

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6 Responses to “All that glitters is gold from a million 60W bulbs”

  1. Gaby Says:

    Just curious about which then would be the MOST famous landmark in Mysore ? Chamundi Betta, Mysore Zoo, KRS, Indra Bhavan, Guru Sweets, Mailari Hotel, Ramakrishna Ashram, Marimallappa College, Manasa Gangotri ? Plz enlighten me someone :)

  2. tarlesubba Says:

    i guess churumuri is the first. :)
    afa ambavilas goes, i believe just inside ticket collections themselves rivaled Taj mahal last year, not counting locals and tourists who did not buy tickets.

  3. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    First most famous is GTR :)

  4. gouri satya Says:

    Of course it is the Palace. Nothing to beat it in its Indo-Saracenic architecture, huge Sajje (Durbar Hall) with paintings executed by Ravi Varma and Mysore artistes, plastic of Paris figures by Venkatappa, out of the photo realistic paintings of Dasara procession by some of the famous Mysore painters and above all its illumination, spreading a charming golden colour around it. Then follows the irresistible Mysore Pak and Masala Dosa. KRS has lost its old charm with ugly iron structure in front of the Maharaja pavilion and unimaginative colour combinations. Chamundi Betta from a distance is fine, but its foothills are full of ugly illegal structures, atop, the temple surroundings are a dirty shopping bazaar. Indra Bhavan, you no longer get the irresistible idli, eerulli sambaar and ghee and kesari baath of the original taste for the morning breakfast. So also the Mailari Hotel. Ramakrishna Ashram is for special occasions only when one wants to go religious or spiritual. The ugly and huge Senate Hall marring the very beauty of Manasa Gangotri at the entrance, standing as an obstacle to the old Mansion there. No none of them are a landmark for me. It is only the Palace.

  5. Gaby Says:

    GS- mahaswamy or akka- what about Chamundi Betta and Mysore Zoo?

  6. gouri satya Says:

    Go to the foothills of Chamundi Betta. You will know how badly the greenery has been destroyed there and how ugly illegal structures have come up. What was once a calm, quiet and beautiful place with lakes and ponds and trees and memorial stones have come under land mafia of all sorts. Even atop the hills, the beauty and tranquility is marred by ugly structures which you can see from a distance and pray let not more such strucutres come up around the sacred shrine.

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