What the stars foretell for our avivekanandas

G.T. NARAYANA RAO in a letter to the editor of Star of Mysore:

It is pathetic to read the news item in SOM (October 10) about H.D. Kumaraswamy meeting astrologer K.N. Somayaji at the Shankar Mutt in Bangalore to explore the possibilities of his forming a government again.

The ex-CM and the people of his ilk will do well to read what Swami Vivekananda has said about astrology (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Volume 8, Man the Maker of his Destiny). I quote:

There is an old story of an astrologer who came to a king and said, “You are going to die in six months”. The king was frightened out of his wits and was almost about to die out of fear. But his minister was a clever man, and this man told the king that astrologers were fools.

The king would not believe him. So the minister saw no other way to make the king see that they were fools but to invite the astrologer to the palace again. There he asked him if his calculations were correct.

The astrologer told him that there could not be a mistake, but to satisfy him he went through the whole of the calculations again and then said that they were perfectly correct.

The king’s face became livid. The minister said to the astrologer, “And when do you think you will die?”

“In twelve years,” was the reply.

The minister quickly drew his sword and separated the astrologer’s head from the body and said to the king, “Do you see this liar? He is dead this moment.”

Let me add that astrology is the illegitimate daughter of astronomy and is the mother of all superstitious. People who believe in it and shape their lives accordingly are cowards. They do not have the courage to face life on a moral plane. As William Shakespeare has said, “Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”

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HDK will become PM one day: astrologer

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10 Responses to “What the stars foretell for our avivekanandas”

  1. govinda Says:

    a timely letter by G T Narayana Rao.

    Devvada gowda has also conducted some type of Homa yesterday. When tv channels contacted some other “expert” astrologers, they said that such homa is conducted to protect a person “parara nindane” (scoldings of others).

    These people do all types of mahaa paapa and resort to pooja, homa, havana.

    I still remember this “daivajnya” somayaji telling that dharam singh govt. will not survive even for 6 months. But after a period of one year, the same dharam singh govt. declared Karnataka rajyothsava prashasthi!!!

    These astrologers are the puppets of Devvada gowda and family. Remember one astrologer predicting that Siddu would lose in chamundi elections. But what happened? these astrologers are used by Deve gowda as destroyers of mental peace. Once the astrologer predicts that siddu would lose the elections, siddu will lose his mental peace. even voters may vote against siddu.

    Till now, venkatesh, iqbal ansari, jameer ahmad, dt jayakumar were the mouth pieces of devegowda … they all said oopenly that yeddi will not become CM…. now the same series is being continued by devegowda through this daivajnuya somayaji who predicts that Yeddi will not become CM.

  2. Sathya Says:

    People of Karnataka have not forgotten that the same Father had driven a tractor in a No Entry road following the guidance of his astrologer and what happened afterwards is known to everybody. God doesn’t exist for Gowda’s family alone, there are more staunch believers but sincere and honest people are there. No astrologer in the world can say that you should become the prime minister of chief minister. There are so many factors and forces that decide them. If anybody finds solace in visiting a place of his choice he should do it quietly and that is what is needed.

  3. V.V. Says:

    Hey, Man, What’s wrong with you?!
    Don’t you know “Bhavishya” is “Vijnaana”?
    Don’t you read the #1 Kannada newspaper?

    “Bhavishya Shaastra” is not just stupid regular “Vijnaana”, it is better “Vijnaana”. It doesn’t even need no stinkin experiment.

    Did any regular scientist feel any “negative vibrations” when he/she visited the WTC before 9/11? No! No!! NO!!!

    Did any regular scientist tell Monica Levinsky that she would become famous and rich? No!

    Our “daivajna” did!
    What?! You don’t believe me?!
    Look it up, it’s all there in the number one Kannada newspaper.
    Don’t say it’s sloppy journalism. Do you think the reporter would write such things without careful checking of facts?

    Why else do you think Monica saved her blue dress with the presidential stain? You think it’s because some old lady told her to do so? Who has the power to feel negative vibrations? Daivajna, the old lady, Monica or you?!

    You think it’s all a big joke, don’t you? Let’s see who will be laughing, you or Daivajna, when he gets a bigger and shinier Nobel medal for Psychics around his holy neck.

  4. Aashadabhoothi Says:

    While talking about astrology, let us not forget the late Bangalore Venkata Raman (BV Raman) the great scholar of astrology. BV Raman used to give his annual predictions in the Indian institute of World Culture in basavangaudi every January. Most of his predictions turned out to be fake except some very general predictions like earthquakes in south asia and things like a great leader will be assadinated. He thrived on the law of probability to make his complex system of astrological calculations look like a definitive science. For all his astrological knowledge BV Raman could not predict the untimely death of his 23 year old son, Suryanaraya. His son died in a car accident in the US. In retrospect BV Raman mentioned that his son’s chart was that of an ‘alpayu’ meaning short lived. Astrologers are very good at post mortems. BV Raman could not predict the divorce of his daughter Gayathri Devi Vasudev, a match which was carefully arranged by horoscope matching. Ironically Gayathri Devi the hier of Raman has written a book on Horoscope matching and how successful indian marriages are since they are based on firm foundations of astrology.

    Just observe after every calamity like political assasinations and tsunamis, how many astrologers come forward claiming they have predicted it. They do it all the time. Let us also not forget the pan chewing Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, he relied on his astrologers and the india shining campaign and bit the dust.

  5. prasad Says:

    dooms day for Gowda ji

  6. satheesh onkar Says:

    Story of an astrologer & a king is fine for its story value but real knowers know in heart of heart that main course of life is governed by Him only.
    Basic launch pad is selected by Him. Happyness , illness, grief, family education all are pre selected. yes with good company of enlightened persons or good books change course of life. Whether this meeting of good persons is also pre-destined? If u knew it – U wud have not been sitting before a computer reading this non-sense.

  7. NParry Says:

    Daivjna is a Dive-Ajna! Knows only how to dive into your pocket with his standard diagnosis for all men – Sthree Shaapa!

  8. Rajiv Sahay Says:

    As far as the Vivekananda story is concerned regarding the astrologer who could not predict his own death, I would like to ask what was the name of teh atsrologer and the name of the king? This story has been recounted a thousand times only to show down astrologers but without any historical reality to it. On teh contrary, if one goes through Arab traveler Ibn-Batuta’s accounts while he was in India, he relates many successful predictions by astrologers against challenges by kings and courtmen which proved to be correct and as a result, the scholarly astrologers were rewarded. Coming to more recent times, if one speaks of B. V. Raman one must also remember he made many successful predictions but of course a number of unsuccessful ones as well. What I wonder is that why don’t rationalists collect all the predictions of B. V. Raman in one place and put them on internet. By simple statistical analysis, the overall success rate of his predictions can be found out. Those who swear by him would be answered for once and for all.

  9. sairaman Says:

    millions born in same time place date however very few become vips
    the astrologers when known about the facts of individuals mostgly vips describe all yogasto him however innsame combination for an ordinary persons attribute bad yogas to him no convincing explanation

    i am studying this astro subject for past 25 yrs we cannot rule out this sub.

    many expert doctors fail miserably many times however we go to doctors when in pain we go to astrologer when things gobeyond our expectations and happen negatively to us repeatedly in spite of best efforts

    both astrologer and the individual shoud match in good times to get good predictions

    for examples astrologer running time of 6th lord andindividualask for masrriage it fails he can guide for divorce only because 6th house is 12th to 7th house

    suppose a astrologer is running time of 3rd house somebody consults for 4th house purchase of house he fails as 3rd is 12th to 4th house purchase hecan guide for travel shifting and for communcation areas

    and if the individual is having a hors when 9th lord guru 5th lord is weakest he cannot get good results from astrologers pariharas etc etc…all waste unless in any hor. guru 9th lord 5th lord is good and running a period of 3 5 9 11 can get good advice if running a period 6 8 12th lord saturn etc he cannever be guided or ca n he escape

  10. Satheesh Says:

    Here I am sharing my experience. I was married in 1992 Jan 19. At the time of horoscope matching it was told I would become bankarupt after 7 years. In 1999 Feb I left my place in search of a livilihood. In 99 May a great person by the name Nesamony (Nagercoil but he is no more now predicted about my future. till date it is correct. I have done all the jobs predicted by him. When the time comes I job would go and another will come. I experienced a lot of changes in my life. If astrology was not there to give me guidence I would have been insane or a dead man by now. I bow my head before all the saints of India to all the masters of astrology and also before every living beings. Agastya nadi jyothism also helped me to live. What ever they told me was correct till date. i checked it in Navi Mumbai Sector 6 India. Now I am in UAE. At that time in 2000 Jan I never believed that I could go to a foreign country.

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