A twist in the tail causes a twist in the tale

A truly secular witness has switched sides

E.P. UNNY in The Indian Express

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2 Responses to “A twist in the tail causes a twist in the tale”

  1. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Even a cartoon cannot match the level of absurdness that is the political scene in Karnataka today.

  2. hindu Says:

    Friends(Hindu bashers) as long as you guys partial and only talk about minorites, minorites, minorites and support killing hindus till then world will be the mute witeness for your partiality and barbarism on Hindus. At the same howere so called secualr supports Islamists terrorits, there is an end because its cysle now now biased secular have bigger voice in supporting terrorists some other day you will realize that you are wrong. Paksitan is now realizing that terrorsim and Islaimst funamentalism is wrong because they them self are sufferring fom their own child of terrorism and Islamist fundamentalism. Like wise Indian so called seculare realize that supporting terrorism and Islamist fundamentalism is how bad.

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