The Sexiest South Indian South Asian Woman is…

OK, the Eastern Eye is not quite The New York Times. Still, a ranking is a ranking. And according to a ranking made by the London-based Asian newspaper, Bipasha Basu is the Sexiest Asian Woman in the World 2007. Madhuri Dixit has been named the runner-up while Priyanka Chopra has been placed third. The other women in the top-10 lineup are Aishwarya Rai, Laila Rouass, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Lara Datta and Iman Ali.

Salivating tongue firmly in both our cheeks, the question uppermost in our minds is: How come all the South Asian women on the list are North Indians? Aren’t South Indian women sexy? OK, the Bunt beauties make their mandatory appearance, one of them by default. But, frankly, is this poll just a, well, lousy poll? Or is this a reflection of the Punjabification and Bollywoodisation of the global tongue, if you like it that way? Don’t South Indian women count?

OK, we have nothing agaisnt Bips. But, brother, tell us so that we may all jointly correct this humongous historical wrong: Who do you think is the Sexiest South Indian South Asian Woman in the World?

Photo courtesy: Amul butter

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95 Responses to “The Sexiest South Indian South Asian Woman is…”

  1. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Soundarya (Kannada)

    Jaya Prada (Telugu)

    Ramya Krishna (Tamil)

    Kavya Madhavan (Malayalam)

  2. Yashica Says:

    Where are the South Indian women in South Indian cinema? It’s full of North Indians like Shriya and Namitha. How about Nayantara or Mamata Mohandas?

  3. Poli kitti Says:

    Why are guys talking about film stars. In our younger days how many aunties,hudugiru anna nannu $€xy antha karitheerallila.

    These things are not to be voted but to be enjoyed.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Sir, aishwarya and shilpa are south indians. just settled in bombay.

    let us not disown them.

  5. Sugata Says:


    Maharashtrians aren’t north Indians-GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

    Get it?

  6. Alok Says:

    What about our very own Bangalore Gal.. Deepika Padukone??

  7. Gaby Says:

    This Eastern Eye is a tabloid and as all South Asian things go in the UK is obseesed with ‘ Bollywood’ and the list is merely reflective of that taste. The only non-Indian in their top ten list is Iman Ali- a Pakistan based model. Funny thing is they chose to call it an ASIAN list and not Southb Asian list which it actually is. The sad thing is Churumuri having to reprint such pathetic things and invite debate on it. Sadder when you consider how much space there was on Churumuri about this years Dasara and Rajyotsava- totally drowned in the mess of the Yeddi- Kumi- HDG nataka.

  8. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    What a silly post! Complaining just because no ‘South Indian’ woman made it to some beauty list. Why not think for a change that an Indian made it to the top.

  9. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Deepika Padukone – Maybe whoever wrote the crap doesnt want to include any GSBs or maybe even anyone from South Kanara?

    “OK, the Bunt beauties make their mandatory appearance, one of them by default.”

    Bunts are very much from Karnataka! They are one of the many reasons why the people of Karnataka are great.

    So 2 out of 10 is 20%.

    Karnataka contributes to 20% of Asia’s sexiest beauties. What percentage of the population does Karnataka contribute to South Asia (including people who have gone out generations back)?

    How great is that?

  10. tarlesubba Says:

    they are talking of sexy, i guess they broke they mould after they made silk smitha. she was it all, the ultimate seductress, dark, big eyes, … she WAS padmavati incarnate.

    agree with gaby.
    there were week long celebrations even at murthy angadi

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Talking of Silk, I remember some rumour that she turned down a role in hollywood. May have been some B movie but nevertheless… Seems a moviemaker saw her in some desi movie and wanted to sign her real bad!

    I think a more interesting list would be:
    Women who have seduced (or fell prey to – whichever way you see it) politicians in Karnataka – of course only those in the public eye. You know – Manju Bhargavi, Minu, Kutty Radhika etc.

  12. tarlesubba Says:

    thanks AG.

    i guess it is not really trivial as listing bunts, GSBs and percentages. the point is that the whole of template of a sexy woman/man has changed and right on the dotted lines lo’-real’s unreal template.

    the point is where are the wide hipped, flat nosed kajols and sandhya’s of the asia in this scheme of affairs?

    for those of you who dont know who sandhya is

    (in my very very humble opinion the tension in this song is out of this world)

    eega yaaru noDtilvalla
    devaru noDtidaaralla.
    devaru maatra noDbahuda?
    subbramanya taane

    i am yet to figure out who the female “singer” is, but the genius who made her do whatever she is doing with her voice is music director joshua sridhar (arasu in KA) and kudos to mano murthy to let him have this master piece: same movie in kannada, janumada geLati

  13. tarlesubba Says:

    in case you did not notice the sex appeal in the CC song is the volvo buses — ohh those beauties. *drool*

  14. goutam Says:

    Did you check with Gowda and the intelects before the list is published, other wise the Karnataka Govnt. will fall!

  15. Sugata Says:

    Madhuri Dixit =MAHARASHTRIAN

    Aishwarya Rai=SOUTH INDIAN

    Shilpa Shetty=SOUTH INDIAN


    Lara Datta=BENGALI

    Kareena Kapoor=NORTH INDIAN

    (Therefore, out of 6 from India, ONE Is North Indian.

    Chururmuri readers, get it straight: Maharashtrians and Bengalis aren’t North Indians! Just ask a Bengali/Maharashtrian whether he thinks he’s North Indian! There are problems with North Indians in Calcutta/Mumbai-



  16. Aatmasakshi Says:

    @ Sugata

    Get a life. Kannadigas, Telugus and Malayalees have all had the ignominy of being clubbed together and called “Madrasis” by everybody northwards of Maharashtra and including Maharashtra. So what is the great shame in Madhuri Dixit being called North Indian?

    That said, how about Bharati Vishnuvardhan? B. Saroja Devi? Vyjayantimala? Hema Malini? Old, yes, but still gold.

  17. Sanjay Guha Says:

    Looks like the poll has been done in the butter chicken belt in London. To the northie eye the oily types found on their side of Vindhyas look sexy. I am reminded of a winter morning in Palika Bazaar. Oily women with great assets and dumb eyes. You wouldn’t know what to do with them after a f***.

  18. tarlesubba Says:

    i agree maharashtrians are not “NI”. for one, maharashtrian women are more feisty like their southern counterparts. for another, they took off right from where the vijayanagara left, in effect 500 years of dissidence and revolt. though they never where a multilingual multicultural empire like the raayas.

    while at school we used to play out all these games, even then we thought if the south ever breaks loose, then we should get MH on board.

  19. Sugata Says:


    Calling 24 states “NORTH INDIAN” is better than calling 4 states “Madrasi?”

    In fact, south Indians call everyone whos not South Indian “North Indian”. From states which beat up North Indians (You know who) and states which hate speaking Hindi (our eastern brother)-they too are North Indians. Even if (like WB) there were ANTI-HINDI RIOTS then also they are North Indians.

    BTW, how many are aware the the biggest anti-Hindi riots after TN were in Bengal? How’s that?

    North Indians do NOT call everyone who’s not North Indian “SOUTH INDIAN.” Or “MADRASI”. South Indian complaints of being called Madrasi sound totally hippocritical when you consider that 24 states (24=4×6) are called North Indian.

  20. N.Raghavan Says:

    Women should be called attractive and not sexy. Most attractive women in India at present are Shilpa Shetty and Ramya Krishnan

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:

    There isn’t one sexy Asian woman. There are millions of them. Thank you.

  22. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    Mr. Raghavan, you need to open your lazy eye and look around a bit more…

  23. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Mr. Raghavan,

    If women are to be called attractive and not sexy, what it is that should be called sexy?

  24. gaby Says:

    I can tell you what should be called sexy- John Abraham and Christiano Ronaldo :)

  25. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Well, I really want to know Mr. Raghavan’s point of view, since he made the statement:
    “Women should be called attractive and not sexy.”

  26. prasad Says:

    After all, all are INDIANS coming from different part of INDIA. Will our Blogers realise this fact and nor break INDIA.

  27. dharma Says:

    Beauty runs on the surface, chareater runs deep.

  28. prasad Says:

    # Sugata Says:
    17 November 2007 at 10:27 am

    Madhuri Dixit =MAHARASHTRIAN

    Aishwarya Rai=SOUTH INDIAN

    Shilpa Shetty=SOUTH INDIAN


    Lara Datta=BENGALI

    Kareena Kapoor=NORTH INDIAN

    (Therefore, out of 6 from India, ONE Is North Indian.

    Chururmuri readers, get it straight: Maharashtrians and Bengalis aren’t North Indians! Just ask a Bengali/Maharashtrian whether he thinks he’s North Indian! There are problems with North Indians in Calcutta/Mumbai-



    I SAY

  29. Mrignayani Says:

    All this talk about Bipasha and blah blah reminds me of what she said on Karan Johar’s show. When asked what she feels when people call her ‘hot’ she said I feel like chilly sauce!

    Thats it guys. All your drooling is a waste. A woman is as sexy as SHE feels.

  30. Aatmasakshi Says:

    After long and careful thought, please allow me the minor pleasure of entering another important aspirant for the title: Asin.

  31. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Just to supply some perspective here…most of our village ladies look better than Bips and Rani Mukherji and many other stars…

    To some like Dr. Ramesappa, HDK is the sexiest man in Karnataka; for the likes of Sisya, Devegowda is sexier than Sean Connery. Yeddi thinks Shobha K is lovelier than Lindsey Lohan…

  32. Doddi Buddi Says:

    and then there are other folks on this forum who have their own perception of loveliness personified,,,,

    Alok thinks Imran Khan is more lovelier than the democracy set up he was raised in! There used to be a Ms Mallaiah who thought Dr. Haneef and his jihadi cousins were cute….Soultruth and Gatekeeper always think that comrades radiate more beauty than the rest of the world combined…

  33. tarlesubba Says:

    i like sneha of the current lot. seems to be all that and a bit more after that.

    asin a distant 2nd.

  34. Mayura Says:

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder… ;)

  35. N.Raghavan Says:

    Well, I think if a lady draws attention and admiration, a second look and third look of the people without “revealing” anything, that is being attractive. If she draws attention by “revealing”, then you can say she is sexy. Now don’t ask me what and how much one should reveal to categorize accordingly!

  36. Mahratta Says:

    Prasad, I am Maharashtrian and I think of myself as more of a north Indian then anything else.

    We have more problems with Madrassis in Maharasthra than north Indians.

  37. 4king pride south indians Says:

    Whats the pride being south indians all buttering the bosses and am sure they can deal anything to acieve that.
    Hema, what had she commented is ridiculous, she speaks shite, she hasn’tee bought mumbai, if she and all the southies have so proud of being southies then why don’t they 4king stay in south india. In competent ass holes

  38. krishna Says:

    My vote goes for Puja Gandhi of Mungaru male fame. Not as much for her long nose and well shaped jaws and mouth, as much as for her willingness to learn kannada.

  39. Siby George Says:

    I am a fan of Ramya krishna; she is very good looking. Also GAUTAMI – i don’t know if people have forgotten this gorgeous lady.

  40. Raghavendra Says:

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty and Deepika Padukone, though hailing from Karnataka have never acknowledged in any public forum that they belong to the state of Karnataka. They can’t read, write or speak in Kannada nor they are aware of rich traditions of Karnataka. The same applies to Rahul Dravid also. Never consider them kannadigas by any standard. Leave them alone.

  41. Seenu Subbu Says:

    How does it matter? None of us gets to fook em, why fight. “4king pride” dude, what are you talking about.. Hema? Shite? Dude, you keep your stinking Mumbai slums and all the Bollywood crap to yourself. Punjabi item numbers are not indigenous to Mumbai, I would still dare to assert.

  42. tiger Says:

    north indian girls are generally far better looking than those in south.i am a northie and have lived in both parts of india for substantial duration.infact in places like delhi or chandigarh it becomes difficult to concentrate on your job because of surplus of beauty around.down south one had to search thoroughly to get a beautiful girl.this is an impartial comment free of any bias on my part

  43. Prakash Says:

    change your idea @tiger dude!go to kerala or Karnataka’s own Mangalore,Udupi belt,kodagu will change your ideas.
    fairer skin doesnt mean beauty dude!

  44. Red Says:

    Aren’t Bunts (Shetty and Rai) South Indian? Vidya Balan is rather hot

  45. Prakash Says:

    VIdya Balan is a tamil iyer lady :D

    north indian chicks looks like they are in middle 40’s when they are actually 25!.
    see sridevi!old and gold! ;)

    bunt girls,gsb’s arent the only beauties ;) heard of sagara girls? :D

    aah..and kerla girls….they are the best!but hard to get! :(

  46. dunno Says:

    cant help if sm1 finds a vidya balan hot.dude ur rankin cn nvr match any1 else’ has to b analysed in parts n d one who cn garner d most after clubbing all d partial results has to b hnded the crown.
    sexiest booty bips or kareena
    sexiest lips n face ?
    like dt got it guyz .dt is hw guyz (boyz)think

  47. Bengaluru Manja Says:



  48. Poornima Says:

    Our own Manjula in ‘sampathige savaal’ and ‘eradu kanasu’ (observe her in the song ‘raja muddu raja’ and ‘endenu ninnanu marethu’) she is so lovely and sexy.
    And then of course, Jayaprada in ‘kavirathna kalidasa’ is simply sexy.

  49. dharma Says:

    J Jayalalita! Any body to dispute this?

  50. Whoever Says:

    Abey Saale, yeh kya north/south laga rakha hai puri site pe…

    when will you realise that India is a Single/one/uno country, do you want to serve under some other kind of power and live a life of misery and slavery for another 200 or may be 500 years before you actually acknowledge this.

    no wonder the country is all f**ked up

  51. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    It is just punjabi /bollywood hegemony.
    I can give you list of beautiful and breath taking actresses from South.
    Vaheeda Rehman,
    Savitri, Bhrati, Manjula, Jayaprada, Hemamalini, Sridevi, Radhika, Gautami, Aishwarya and the list is unending.
    BTW Kushboo is not from South. So is Pooja Gandhi.

    and Rekha

  52. aarthi Says:

    i think the sexiest south indian actress is rekha without a doubt.

  53. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Sure. Rekha had more sex than any one else!

  54. yemme thammanna Says:


    Jayamala is very sexy.

  55. tarlesubba Says:

    apparently zeenat amman is a half ‘diga.

  56. Doddi Buddi Says:

    TS what is half ‘diga?

  57. TrishaFan Says:

    It’s Trisha!!!!

  58. premanand Says:

    hi all
    i dont understand why people want to create “kalaha” on “kaminies”
    Indian Folks are attractive and beautifull irrespetive of coming from NEWS

  59. Vitlan Potli Says:


    took me some time to get that :-)

  60. Vakrachatri Says:

    Have a heart.

    Why bring in South or North? Bips is Bips!

    East or West, Bips is the Best!!

  61. tarlesubba Says:

    ayyo! narayana!
    even i got it only now only. :)

    btw.. did you check this out…

    9 minutes of pure maja. myajik of cinema antharalla.
    yella biLiyoar maaye.

    vertov originals kocch haakidaare. aadroo spirit-u essence-u intact aagide.
    heLi maaDisidangide. yabba yen baarsthaar-ree sax-u bass-u drums-u.

    mayyi jhumm anutte. montages maaDoke oLLe saraku. > 2:25 keLi.

    taaa… tuhh tuh taaa

  62. tarlesubba Says:

    oops! sorry this is the sexy thread.

    check out the sculpted legs and that wide flowing hips on that sultry bourgeoise wearing a white bra unlike hitchcock’s woman who wore white before the crime and black after it.

  63. tarlesubba Says:

    haha!! a prominent american director and mention of a piece of under garment trigerred c’s mod q.

  64. tarlesubba Says:

    DB ‘diga = kannadiga
    VP discovered a new meaning.
    apparently zeenat aman’s mom was a maadhva. i can imagine 9 of the ashtamathas of udupi shuddering at the thought.

    anyways, since you are the biggest TP Kailasam fan, here is a conversation between TPK and one MR. Balasundram Iyer(BI):

    BI: hello Ti Pi kal ass
    TPK: why, hello Mr. balls under maiyr.

    my uncle told me this. split a spleen on that one though you need a bit of tamil for that. maiyr(TA)=shaaTa(KA).

    urban legend. aadroo legendary.

  65. Vitlan Potli Says:


    Awesome just awesome, neevu ee link na innondhu thread nalli mention maadidhira……. The orchestra reminded me of pink floyd’s “Live at Pompeii”

    yeanu???? Zeenat’s mom maadhva na??? gothiralilla!!!

    ah! howdhu TP Kailasam avara neevu mention maadiruva legend(balls under maiyr) baghe naanu keLidhene

    namappa innondhu legend kooda haeLidhru.

    England nalli body builder “Eugene Sando” ghe TPK avaru challenge maadi 2 months nalli avanashte biceps size annu develop maadi challenge win aadharanthe. TPK had great interest in body building too

    There is also another great yester years body builder(and a writer too) KV Iyer, legend has it that he use to continuously swim shore to shore in the erstwhile Kempambhudi lake (now bengaluru bus stand) without stop. His photo still hangs in the ‘Vijayanagara Club’ gym.

  66. Vitlan Potli Says:

    pardon the digression:

  67. Doddi Buddi Says:

    TS thank you! TPK these jokes are quite popular and I am familiar with them…

    I think Udupi should be ecstatic because after all Zeenat was famous and mostly related to “Krishna Leeley” stuff of which Madhwas are justly famous for worshiping Krishna!

  68. immudada Says:

    i think sexiest is pooja gandhi

  69. Tathagata Mukherji Says:

    #1 Vayjantimala Bali- for her eyes alone.
    #2 Hema Malini

    (here Sexy means great).

  70. Doddi Buddi Says:


    ‘diga beda saar! Diga in local argot means ‘Gaadi’ inverted! Bayee thumba heli Kannadiga antha devru!

  71. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    dummi Jayalalithamma in her younger days is beautiful.


    Itz Riyasen

  73. Taj.dhaka Says:

    South Indians are way too sexy to handle by rest of the world…. so they are either projected as Indians or just conveniently forgotten BUT South Indian Girls… who really ARE true Indians… ROCKS

  74. yogesh Says:

    of course namitha, tall handsome with sexiest b—bs, a– and face. she is the cutest most chrming and loverly.

  75. Gokulam Gulabi Says:

    Kabhakke seere katidare hudagarige adu sexy ne!

  76. dimaag Says:

    How come no one has bought up Lakshmi’s name? She was a beauty. The most sexy star from South.

  77. Ileana is sexy Says:

    When the question of who is sexy in india is concerned.. i will vote for ILEANA DCRUZ. She is cute, bubbly and has a great ass. And that waist is to die for.

  78. Vittappa Rai Says:

    Meera Jasmine any one?

  79. Sandesh Says:

    Anushka Shetty.. the Yoga-teacher-turned-bomb shell :)

  80. vivek Says:

    south indian girls are orthodox in nature except mangalore-kerela belt.most of the beautiful women are from this part.I ,especially likes syrian christian girls of kerala.they are beauty.though aasin(she is a syrian) ,I found too bad for my tastes.staying in cochin for a job is tough.too many beauties to stare;eyes are weak now.

  81. YOGESH Says:

    Most beautiful and worth looking is Namitha. She has prettiest body parts worth thousands of kisses.

  82. tarlesubba Says:

    it has got to be a tie between ambika …

    case closed.


    man what expressive eyes! what lips! and, lord have mercy, she exactly knew how to work both of them, if only to torment young lads in their teens!!

  83. jasmine Says:

    I think Madhubala was the all time most beautiful woman now take a hike all u marathis manhoos, southies

  84. Harish Kumar Says:

    I believe all kannada actresses were sexy.

  85. kunal kulkarni Says:

    what a pity on all these guys who even don’t know what India is. they are all maroon and they don’t have any idea how much pain and effort we Maharashtrians put to push India to next level of Industrialization. What i can say about these madrassi who are not just as corrupt as any Laloo or mayawati but also useless and “angrej chamha” . Of all indians, people of dark belt were the one who happily embraced angrej culture and converted to Christianity to save their ass. And recent acts of Infosys justify my point. Marathi and Gujarati saved dark belt’s ass from “Angrej Raj”. You people said that sanskrit is a stupid language. You are the people who discarded Indian culture in the name of Dravida. I don’t support Aryan concept but these guys of dark belt force me to accept it.

  86. Bengali Guy Says:

    I think South Indian girls are more sensuous than girls from other parts of the country. They’re the best.

  87. Yella Ok Says:

    Kunal – Is dravida culture not Indian according to you? What is the act of infosys that you are referring to?

  88. tsubba Says:

    no comments just enjoy maadi.

    bengali guy funny you should say that. being a southie, growning up in small town KA, i always fancied bengali gurls. go figure. but having grown up and seen my share of bengali wimmen, must agree that there is nothing like a well turned out southern belle – in act and attitude.


    one of the coolest songs ever.

    ninna bittu onti aagi baaLalarenu, manchadalli onTiyagi naraLalaarenu…

    raama krishna ramana vallabha. hingella tale keDisa beDa kavi.

  89. Murthy Says:

    Voyeuristic tsubba.

  90. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Chamundeshwari is the sexiest.

  91. elizabeth Says:

    THIS north indian, south indian is a product of colonial
    conquerers who divide an conquer the land of india and left a
    whiteskinpersian ruling class who followed zorasrianism and raped
    the darkskinindian women and some of her babies came out wheatskin
    and some whiteskin like the rapist persian father who left these
    children to rule india, the darkskinindiians the mother of these
    children was placed as the lower caste, and the pushed them to the
    south of india as many as they can, the rest of them were sold as
    slaves to other countries and forced them to work in other
    countries because there was no opportunity for them in india, to
    this day they are still migrating out of india to different parts
    of the world to find work. india is the most racist country in the
    world, at least in the usa the slaves irish, and black and indians
    both east and west were able to work out their differences and
    become free of oppression. india psychologically is still colonized
    in the mind.

  92. mankuTimma Says:

    Look at all some of these shameless comments saying North girls are better than South girls or even about the skin colour.. And we complain Australia is racist..thu nan makLa

  93. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    What has changed since the list appeared in 2007?

    TS and DB–

    No other Kannada writer has spawned as many legends as TPK. Remember the one about his spelling his own name as he blew out cigarette smoke from non-stop talking mouth?

    TS must really be joking about Zeenath nee yamunabai. If what he says is true, we need to arrange a special paryaya to purify the Mad sampradaya immediately.

  94. harishkumar09 Says:

    Tarle Subba is a cool guy. I like him and his videos.

    What about Jayanthi?

    Also I wonder why our actresses expose only in telugu and tamil movies? Have to watch these other language movies just to get a glimpse of our beauties.

    Is it because the censor board rules in our state are very strict ?

  95. Fact!!! Says:

    South Indian girls are way more hotter than North Indian girls.Aiswarya Rai(Karnataka) is just one example.Asin(Kerala),Nayanthara(Kerala),Priyamani(Kerala),Vidya Balan(Kerala).I mean North Indian girls cannot be even compared to beauties from Kerala.I’ve dated both.

    Now if you think Maharastra is in North India,you better run before some Marathi guys come and kill you because they hate North Indians more than anyone in India.Maharastrian culture is more close to South Indian culture.They dislike Hindi too but the one’s who speak Hindi are North Indians living in Maharastra and the Northies who type saying “I’m Maharastrian” will get their ass burned cause I’m half Maharastrian and half Keralite and I know how things are.Thakarey don’t have to get Northie ass burned.North Indians sucks.

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