One question I’m dying to ask Shakespeare!


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9 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask Shakespeare!”

  1. G N Mohan Says:

    dear churumuri
    thanks a lot

  2. tarlesubba Says:

    poster tumba chennagide.

    kavanagaLondige namma jate … so cool.

  3. koppal haida Says:

    anda haage ee ‘jogi’ yaaru (yaara kaavyanama?)

  4. babe Says:

    Jogi andre Girish Rao anta. Kannada prabha journalist.

  5. sughosh Says:

    Good concept of ‘Kelu Pustaka’.

  6. ayush Narayan Says:

    Kelu pusthaka is nothing but CD !
    am I right ?

  7. babe Says:

    Aadre kavitegalannu odalagige.

  8. abhinava Says:

    this ‘kelu pustaka’ is combination of audio, video and text.
    apart from poetry recitation you can see u r ananthamurthy and girish karnad reading mohan’s poetry in private and in a programme.
    when there is no video the text of poems appears on the screen.

  9. v.sricharan Says:

    What is U.R. Ananthamoorthy’s Kaavyanaama?

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