CHURUMURI POLL: Karnataka, Bihar of the South?

The political drama in Karnataka may be captivating stuff for Kannadigas. But given the fact that news of what is happening here has been, and is being, relayed to every part of the country, it opens an interesting question: how does the rest of India view the daily to and fro, the back tracking and the backstabbing? Do you think the image of Karnataka has been enhanced by what has been happening in the State over the last few weeks? Or has the reputation of namma cheluva naadu been rubbed into the mud by provincial skulduggery no better or no worse than, say, the aya-ram gaya ram politics in Haryana?

Is this politics at its best or is this politics at its worst? Even within the State, will the confidence of the people in the government, in figures of authority, increase or diminish as a result of seeing their leaders behave and conduct themselves in this fashion? Or are they likely to see this as being typical of the “cesspool of politics”? Will investors and industrialists want to do business with a State whose leaders go flagrantly go back on their word? No offence meant, but is Karnataka emerging as the Bihar of the South, if it hasn’t already?

(This poll was first published on October 3, 2007. It is being republished after the Janata Dal (Secular) once again pulled the rug from under the feet of the BJP by deciding to vote against the trust motion)

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188 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Karnataka, Bihar of the South?”

  1. V.R.ANIL KUMAR Says:

    It is high time we advanced the date of the Chandrayana and packed off Devegowda,family and friends to the moon. Only then the Grahana gripping Karnataka will clear.

  2. Manu Says:

    What do you expect in Politics? it is the same everywhere when people get opportunities like this.

    We can use the same comparison between Bihar and TN, or Bihar and Kerala and so on. Each of them hold good under different context.

    Don’t try to compare apples and oranges.

  3. December Stud Says:

    Laloo at least cleansed himself after becoming the railway minister.

    DeveGowda, MK and their clan are the worst nightmare of any civilized society.

    The question is not whether Karnataka is comparable to Bihar or not. That makes a colorful and flashy headline and nothing more. No person in the right mind would think Karnataka is becoming Bihar.

    Now, people in urban areas (like Mysooru, for example) have decided to vote for JD(S) as well. Look what happened in local elections. If that is not foolish and sad, what is?

    I will give it to DG. He has consistently screwed his opponents and survived. DG and his sons must have done a lot of puNya in their previous birth. What else can explain their smooth sailing?

  4. T.Shetty Says:

    Even at the age of 74, Deve Gowda continues to prove what a human waste he is…!! Unfortunately, he has three sons and Karnataka will have to put up with this stinking family for a long time!!

    On the other hand, I am not feeling too sorry for Karnataka either. As long as we continue to support and reward these lowest of lowest politicians, we can’t expect anything better.

  5. Aruna Urs Says:

    well we deserve the government we elect, dont we?

  6. Subbu Says:

    I guess, now its TN… with that Useless MK in power…rowdies are having a timje of their lives… no law and order…a guy who practices anti-hinduism in the name of atheism…

  7. Alok Says:

    I think soon Bihar will be called Karnataka of the North…. not because Patna is springing up new IT campuses or anything, but the goons, thugs and dacoits of Bihar will take their inspiration from that arch-enemy of democracy, HD Deve Gowda..

  8. Umesh Says:

    Nasty Deve Gowda at his worst before he fades into oblivion. May God teach him a fitting lesson at least in his next janma.

  9. Rama Says:

    Kumaraswamy has many fathers!

  10. Ram Says:

    Sorry folks,

    Karnataka cannot become Bihar of South. Because Karnataka is facing stiff competition from Andhra Pradesh in Goons, Land Grabbers, Kidnappers, Corruption…

    All the Best AP.

  11. koppal haida Says:

    Its disgusting to see to what loathsome levels the father son duo have plunged in their pursuit of power.
    I feel extreme shame to identify that this former prime minister , who is not averse to play cheap politics even at gram panchayati level, is from my state..

  12. neelakantan Says:

    Despicable. Absolutely despicable.

    The whole thing is one Oscar winning acting performance. First father pulls down the congress government. Then the son forms a government with the bjp – bjp stupidly or smartly agrees. Father sulks for a microsecond – press reports it for 30 days. When it comes to power transfer, son suddenly says father (party) will take all decisions. I mean, are these people mature enough to govern us? They should stick to their petrol pumps.

  13. Sanjay Guha Says:

    The BJP leaders in Karnataka were Morons to have gotten into a power sharing arrangement with the Gowda mafia. Did they seriously believe these crooks will actually keep up their word? Or was it let’s grab as much as we can while we are part of the government?

  14. Ananth Shenoy Says:

    Mahavishnu first cheated the Asuras without sharing the Amrith. This time it is Asuraas’ turn. (H D Raavana, Bakasuraas).

  15. Sathya Says:

    Swami, maana maryaade iddavaru yaaroo intha naaTaaka aaDuvudakke hoguvudilla. Chikka makkaLadaroo svalpa channagi varthisuttave. Namma kannaDigarige intha sthithi barabaaradaagittu, allave.

  16. dr ramesh Says:

    karnataka voters are the most intelligent in india. they have never allowed corrupt forces like BJP to come to power. this time in mini elections they have blessed KUMARASWAMY for his vision, style of functioning , pro-poor reforms. karnataka needs a regional force like JDS. BJP with leaders like rogue leaders like sriramulu,janardhan reddy are sure to bite the dust in future.
    kumaraswamy should continue.

  17. Doddi Buddi Says:

    The phrase there is no honor among thieves comes to mind. Devegowda continues his tricks. IMHO Devegowda is the enema wrapped in a dhoti.

  18. Kodagu Community Says:

    Rule No. 1: Politicians are bastards!

    So don’t expect anything civil from them. BJP should get a chance to rule the state. Only then it will be fair to decide who among the three biggies will be the best bet for Karnataka.

  19. Faldo Says:

    As somebody rightly pointed out, if there is so much resentment against the mannina makkalu, then how does one explain the JD(S) good showing in the recent local body polls? Do urban voters (who are supposed to be more aware) not care about issues any more?

  20. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    As we celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi on Oct 2nd, we are making another small but shameful history by Karnataka’s CM breaking his promise. Will the voters even remember this disgusting act of JDS in the next election? What should we do as a collective group? This is not a question of whether one likes BJP or not to take the reins. It is the truth finally prevailing as taught by Mahatma.

  21. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    It is all about Stockholm Syndrome. The voters if they have reposed faith in JD(S) it is because Deve Gowda and his sons have screwed the peopel of Karnataka holding them to ransom for a price

  22. M. Basavaraj Says:

    This refers to the news report under the caption ‘HDK fumes at BJP for setting deadline to quit’ (TNIE, Oct.3). The Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy is reported to have said that he did not want to take a decision in haste on stepping down from the post. He is reported to have even criticised that it was unbecoming of the BJP to set deadlines for resignation.

    The people of Karnataka had enough of the drama of transfer of power enacted by H.D. Kumaraswamy, the son and directed by H.D. Deve Gowda, the father. Whom on earth does Kumaraswamy is trying to take for a ride? I am at loss understand as to who should fret and fume–is it Kumaraswamy or Yediyurappa? It is a case of what is called ‘Ulta chor kotwal ko dante’ in Hindi (The thief himself chiding the police instead). Because it was agreed upon 20 long months ago that Kumaraswamy should quit on October 2, 2007 paving the way for Yediyurappa to step into the former’s shoes. Kumaraswamy had all the time in the world to think over the issue. It is therefore unbecoming of Kumaraswamy and not of BJP to be dilly-dallying to honour the gentleman’s agreement. How I wish he had quit gracefully in order that he soared still higher in the people’s esteem!

  23. KL Says:

    Is not Gowda better than BJP or congress for karnataka.Whom do you support? Who can ensure the security and prosperity of karnataka?

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Local body polls are a joke! No body sensible will vote in these elections where candidates range from the local land grabber to local keechaka types. There is plenty of ‘liquidity’ to get the proles into the voting booths–cheap liquor, cash and sarees. One can only imagine, JD (S) would use all its clout and more to herd these proles and get the votes. As some one pointed out, the ruling party will do well because they can easily swing a few favors to the winning candidates. You can see that in action–some candidates even get elected unopposed! That should give you a clue.

    What bare faced liars are these Gowda and Sons? It is disgusting. I am sure in the next election JD (S) will be made to suffer–but they will retain a few seats in old Mysore area based on caste affiliations.

  25. thejas Says:

    there is one Dr. Ramesh here supporting Kumara and his appa!

    is he, by any chance, Devegowda’s son-in-law? his name too is Ramesh…. isnt it??

  26. desi homosapien Says:

    Though at the outset it does not appear that Gowda and his sons are doing the right thing by reneging on its promise to hand over the baton to BJP, it may well be a blessing in disguise that keeps communal trouble at bay.

    For, BJP, with the likes of C T Ravi and other rabble rousers in its ranks, are sure to wreak communal havoc in Karnataka on sensitive issues like Bababudangiri at get away with it when in power.

    But, Gowda and Kumaraswamy are definitely not averse to transferring power to BJP to ensure communal harmony. They are doing it just to satiate their hunger for power.

  27. niranjana vanalli Says:

    The developments in Karnataka are not at all surprising. Even common men had not beleived that JDS would transfer power to BJP, knowing the political tactics of Deve Gowda.This is not the first time BJP is being cheated politically, even Mayavathi had done the same thing.
    I am eager to know what will be the reactions of intellectuals like Dr U R A, to what JDS has done to BJP. If BJP had done the same thing to JDS,I am sure all ‘so called intellectuals’ would have come to streets against BJP.

  28. Balaji Says:

    ah…has Bihar stooped down to the level of Karnataka now? Just kidding! But it amazes me how 50-something politicians can be so childish. DeveGowda family and Yediyurappa seem to have undone several years of Karnataka’s progress.

  29. jeevarathna Says:

    Dr. H.D.Ramesh is mannina magana maga !

  30. jeevarathna Says:

    Imagine if BJP had assumed power first and had refused to hand over power after 20 months, how News channels and pseudo intellectuals would have reacted ! HDK is saying BJP is power hungry and yet every one is silent !

  31. gouri satya Says:

    It is sad on the Jayanthi day of the apostle of peace, the father of the nation, truth has been sacrifcied by the ‘last resort’ political scoundrels. The BJP and Congress lacking dynamic leadership in the State, the high-turnout poor voters fell to the gimmics of HDK’s village-stay gimmicks, as a result of which JD (S) fared well in the local body polls. But BJP too has fared well and spread its net in nothern Karnataka as well. It is only the Congress which has suffered because of its infights and lack of leadership.

  32. sisya Says:

    @whoever said it.. and to all those who agree …

    “DeveGowda family and Yediyurappa seem to have undone several years of Karnataka’s progress.”

    Do you have anything other than empty rhetoric and cynicism to back that up? tiLisuvanthavaraagi.

  33. koppal haida Says:

    Dr Ramesh,
    u r overdoing the kannada bit i guess. Dont forget that JD(S) is also a ‘National’ party and has some following in maharashtra.. I donno whether some yadavs up north are still hobnobbing with gowdru..
    In the event of overwhelming empirical evidence about the cheapness of Mr dritharastra and his son(no im not saying yeddi is dharmaraya), how can u be sure that they will protect kannadiga interetsts?

  34. sisya Says:

    elli nODidde anta gnapaka illa.. aadare yaavudo angadiyalli.. i’d seen – “if i give you credit, i’ll be unhappy; if i dont give you credit, you’ll be unhappy; better you be unhappy.”

    Deve Gowda seems to subscribe to that view and I dont fault him for that. Seriously, what difference will a change of gaurd make? If yeddi couldnt make a tangible difference as deputy-CM, I dont see him faring much better as CM either. change of gaurd will just be a wasteful exercise with its accompanying ‘swear-in and swear-out’ losses(logistical and economical).

    Also, BJP gotta be kidding itself.. I bet even Yeddi wasnt as deluded as he’s pretending to be now. I dont thing there’s a soul on this vishaalavaada prapancha who’d bet on DG handing it over to Yeddi come Oct 3rd. So who are we kidding. This is politics 101. Cong and BJP want to keep each other out at any cost. Considering JD-S’s recent success, both BJP and Cong are also perhaps apprehensive about calling DG’s bluff and going for elections. DG reads this all too well and is playing his cards.. as “any” politician worth his salt would.

    And for all the poor sarcasm on display here, I’m yet to see a convincing case made that DG and sons havent done a good/decent job. I mean, the Belagavi session was Ktaka flexing its muscles after a long long time(cant remember the last time we did). Any Belagavi-ite will tell you that Kannada has well and truly made a comeback in the city… that it is spoken, heard and respected in public places once again. Kannada certainly has gained lost ground in the capital too during this regime. SMK and Drum sing had all but ‘haraajed’ it away to every northie and konga bum that walked in.

    I gather from sources that irrigation works in North Karnataka have gathered speed under this regime after decades of criminal negligence and irresponsibility. Kannada looks set to get the classical tag (dont tell me that it doesnt matter coz it most certainly does. more about that another time.) Contrary to cynics’ doomsday forecasts for Bengaluru, the city continues to grow and forge ahead with no signs of any slowdown whatsoever. ditto with tier-2 cities. the BMIC white elephant that threatens/ed to ‘swaahaa’fy the entire bengaluru-mysuru stretch has been kept at bay. I salute the genius and guts of DG and sons for that. DG is the only politician from Ktaka who even comes close to wielding any clout(and guts) at the national level and therefore is, in all fairness, the one who should rightfully represent us. Ananthkumar delhili kootu kaDidirOdu kaMDideevi.

    It will be disastrous for Karnataka to have the BJP take over the reigns with the Cong at the center. When it was the other way round during the Vajpayee-smk combo, BJP cut the cong govt in the state no slack. Do you all expect the Cong NOT to get even? And if there is one party that deserves to be culled from existence in Ktaka, it is the Congress. Taavu statealli iddaroo oMde, centeralli iddaroo oMde, eraDoo kaDe iddaroo ashte.. they have only leeched away. Dharam Singh was probably even worse than Bangarappa.

    Deshadalli ellaru tamma tamma beLe heMg beyskoLodu anta nodta iddare… kannadigaralli as usual the most nonsensical, irrelevant, inane and downright stupid debates and concerns at play. wake up, janagaLE! wake up!

  35. danny Says:

    I am surprised the author didn’t compare Karnataka to Somalia, Afghanistan and yada yada yada.

  36. gaby Says:

    I must say that the impressive growth in Karnataka continues- even if its a growth that is limited to certain sections of the poulation , but that is a National pheneomenon. Whether this is entirely a function of the dynamism of karnataka powered by its capital city engine or does the HDK govt have a role in this growth is debatable. What is certainly clear is this is unlikely to have happened if a BJP government had been formed 20 months ago or if the Drum Singh ( Thanks sisya for that apt description ) had continued.

  37. danny Says:


    If only the gowdas were better looking, people would have chosen to see the “brighter” side as they did in the case of Mahajans or they still do in all those northie leaders of BJP/Congress. This hate campaign for the gowda family is nothing but thinly veiled racism, one motivated by the colour of skin. Of course in a country where fair and lovely rules roost, the HTT will be quick to dismiss that line of argument as preposterous! The gowdas would be better adviced to hire a PR agency and a wardrobe consultant to silence these wagging tongues!

  38. Doddi Buddi Says:


    It is interesting you hold these views. Have you considered the possibility that unlike the straightforward land ownership of land and related assets in BMIC you prefer the ‘benaami’ holdings of Dev and Sons! And honestly on what grounds can you stop progress–even if it is not to one’s liking! Dev and sons will be happy to own all the land in Karnataka and they will pay a price. Happy will be the people who will benefit when Dev’s kicks the bucket! Oh that day can come any time!:) Have you understood the concept of REITs? May be you should spend time on that. B-M stretch is no green belt–there are bound to be an influx of ‘foreigners’ who will flock to the area. The way to solve this problem is not to go all ballistically tribal and atavistic and grab all the land and even go against the Supreme Court. Very soon we will hear the judgement in favour of NIC and this time HDK will be made to say ouch because the caning on his ass will be quiet severe. The gist of my argument is: Dev and Sons are not the geniuses you make them out to be. They are clever taluk-level crooks who have tasted power and they think they can take everyone for a ride. We will see more of their shenanigans exposed very soon.

    Having said all these things, I agree that renaming Bangalore and the Belagavi session were good things. This government worked for Kannada and all that–but claiming all credit to JD (s) is a stretch. But no thanks to that Quisling Shivraj Patil who played petty politics, Belagavi could not be renamed in English.

    Bottomline: even tokenism is good. I fully agree that is how our political system works. SMK and DrumSingh had ruined it completely. Yeddi what he could do and could not do will never be known. HDK’s little village sojourns are ‘innovative’ only in the sense of an innovator who is simply returning to his roots. You can see this in HaleKote area Holenarsipur Taluk. I am sure there are enough stories in our vernacular press on how the likes of Revanna suspended an official for not supplying ‘kada handi mamsa oota’ and stuff like that:)

  39. Vittal Says:

    We get what we deserve…It’s sad, depressing…but true! Mahatma Gandhi must be spinning in….wherever he is now…!!

  40. GowdaraGadla Says:

    What a disgusting piece of human excreta this Gowda clan is.. pathetic. At least lallu redeemed himself after his stint as a Railway minister, but this lowlife’s greed has no limits. Did he not do the same thing years ago when he was in Hegde’s cabinet ? He will screw his own mother for a few rupees if it comes to that..what a character.. this whole deve gowda clan. unbelievable.

  41. tarlesubba Says:

    oh yeah, we have made giant strides have we? If you take out BLR, Bihar will look like Germany to KA’s Bosnia. and in all measurable metrics, BLR has fallen behind. The fundamental thing being stalling ULB elections for as long as he did. care to explain the giant strides that BLR/KA has made to the suckling kids or their mothers who spend atleast four hours tackling a 9 kms stretch in addition to their 8 hours at work all because of our man at helm is desperate enough to tie up a dubious malaysian Asian Consortium less than a week after the SC restained him from going along with, I’m kidding you not, Global Consortium?

    Care to explain how HDK is not perturbed when 30,000 acres – the size of Mysore – gets gabjafied in BLR? Care to explain how both BLR and MYS get panned – and I mean serious are you kidding me, you must be joking type of panning – with their NURM proposals?

    Care to explain how the Bangalore 2015 master plan gets approved by HDK’s cabinet exactly on the lines to which folks from various BLR citizen organizations like Malleshwara Swabhimana, KI etc are opposed despite even the French consultant’s public objections?

    care to explain the mindless peddling with monorail and the overt and covert love affair with its lobby at the expense of BLR? anybody here posting from BLR and its ear splitting noise and pollution levels? care to explain the wisdom behind merging ULBs when not one of the B* organazations – BDA, BWSSB, BMp etc is maned to handle the 4th block of jayanagara forget Bruhat Bangalore?

    Care to explain the single minded unbacking tandava on the people of Mysore vis-a-vis chamalapura, when even the central government is opposed to the location?

    And please care to explain the finer nuances of why a shiradi ghat road cannot be cemented even as money gets poured into the service lanes and bypasses to ramanagara.

    Last but not least please be kind enough to explain the real impactful developments to NK and I would like to know the development activities in Davanagere and Chitradurga.

  42. tarlesubba Says:

    oh! not to mention overt and covert attempts to undercut panchayat powers.

  43. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I don’t think any of the parties can be good for Karnataka. But I must say JD (S) being the closest to DMK we have over here, one can expect it to put up a better fight for Karnataka. That is assuming Deve Don Quixote Gowda doesn’t want to arrive on the National scene with his ‘compromised’ candidate ‘get up’:) Yes I believe Gowda advanced the line of being a compromise candidate for the PM’s post.

  44. dr ramesh Says:

    no person with least common sense and goodwill will aspire to have BJP goondas like sriramulu,karunakara reddy,janardhan reddy to rule them. sriramulu openly in front of media threatened an IAS officer in bellary in filmy style. NAANU YELLADAKKU READY, NAANU MARYADE BITTAVANU , YAAVANU AVANU DEVE GOWDA these are the samples.BJP fellows lack culture.
    karnataka will burn if bjp comes to power.

  45. Sathya Says:

    BJP yalli Ramulu obbare illa Ramesha avare, maana maryaade biTTavaru yella pakshadallu iddaare. sonTada keLagina maathanaaDalu yaarigoo siggu illa raajakiyadalli iruvavarige. If BJP comes to power Karnataka will burn, if JDS continues haaLin hoLe hariyuvudu, yellarigooo jenu siguvudu, adakke neevu kaiyalli yenu iTTukonDiddiiri, match box illa seemeyeNNe Dabbaana…manushyanige iruvudu , irabekaadaddu onde naalage……….

  46. Nastika Says:

    Dr Ramesh,

    1. If you don’t like BJP, why did you join hands with them?
    2. You made an agreement – 20 months JDS & 20 months BJP. Why are you backing off the agreement? Doesn’t your words have any credibility?

  47. thejas Says:

    it seems Sonia Maino is reaching out to maNNangaTTi Gowda…
    shame shame!!

    but it is getting funnier day by day! now it is almost a war between Siddu vs rest in Congress!

    majanoo maja!!

  48. vinay Says:

    JD(s) will probably promise that they will have a 10-10 months power sharing with Siddu as the Deputy CM and HDK continuing as CM….and deja vu after 10 months

  49. dr ramesh Says:

    everyone is talking about betrayal by JDS . YES IT IS NOT MORALLY RIGHT. but what lead to this betrayal is more important.
    no where in the world a minister in the cabinet has accused the C M of murder.
    BJP leaders in the state as well as centre were dancing to the tunes of scondrels janardhan reddy and sriramulu.they are main funding source for BJP. if bjp comes to power these ANTI-SOCIAL elements would become super power.
    yediyurappa and other bjp cheddis were bribed by ashok kheny for astronomous amount to let his project move-on .
    rss fellows were ready to implement their hindu-hindi idealogy on kannadigas.this is very much against kannada ethos.

  50. Vayuputra Says:

    Dr.Ramesh Avre,
    You are only talking of Goondaism in BJP.There is no logic in what you talk.Dont you feel its plain back stabbing by Dev!But still you are not coming out with facts why you support Dev?

  51. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Dr. Ramesh, so gobbling up property in the state to become the de facto largest landowner is in keeping with the Kannada ethos? Deve Gowda when he was CM didn’t even have the spine to speak to ThiruKa in English during Cauvery discussions. The pyaade that he is paid obeisance in butler Tamil! It was in the papers then!

    People like you don’t even question how these leeches make so much money as to afford Hummers for their murderous sons. Which salary pays for this? Did these mannina mangas come with so much inherited wealth? Don’t they make a big deal of their rise from poverty? How did this happen?

    Oh wait, these wastebodies are Kannadigas, so I am sure by your logic it is OK that they are corrupt. And it is the misfortune of our state that people like you are blinded by whatever allegiance to prize asses like this that nowhere in our media do we discuss the open trading of ministries. It is all par for the course.

    Deve Gowda as the lone (embarassing) Kannadiga to be PM could have done so much more. It is with Mir Sadiqs like this that we will “progress”. Instead, our state is a laughing stock in national politics because of the avarice of this kapi santaana.

  52. KL Says:

    Will not denying BJP be an injustice to people of DK,UK,north karnataka and kodagu.
    At the same time goons like sriramulu,reddy should be thrown out of BJP.
    There is understandable resentment against kongas,but what about the outrageous charges against HDK?why is the BJP insensitive to kannadigas?

  53. KL Says:

    BJP-JD(S) alliance should continue.They should engineer defections from the congress.

  54. Nastika Says:

    Dr Ramesh, consult your dad and reply to Gokulam 3rd Stage.

  55. Devegowda alias mannina maga Says:

    lo nana makka kellro. nannu enni adru manni maga so i am so hungry of power. even 1500000000 crore Swiss bank is not enough for me.
    See i know my next life time(janma) i will be born as the lowest and lowest of animal hence I getting traning now.

    Even god cannot save karnatka from my clutches…..

  56. dr ramesh Says:

    simplify politics——- today voters have to elect the least corrupt among corrupt because all are corrupt.
    i am a practising dentist— not have any vested interest.

  57. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    The halitosis brought on by Deve Gowda and family is staggering. Sriramulu only said, “NAANU YELLADAKKU REDDY, NAANU MARYADE BITTAVANU , YAAVANU AVANU DEVE GOWDA.” He was only identifying his caste and expressing his curiosity about Deve Gowda. Where is the insult? I don’t see it.

    In fact, you meant to say, “HAALUURINALLI ULIDAVANE DEVE GOWDA.” :)

  58. jeevarathna Says:

    Dr. Ramesh, if you profess value based politics, then HDK would have become a Hero if he had resigned and offered himself for a CBI enquiry when Ramulu hurled murder charge.

    If you so much believe in Peoples verdict, Ramulu and Bellary People proved it with clean sweeping the elections. At least Mr. Satyanarayana Reddy believes in some value based politics, which HDK and HDD can emulate.

  59. koppal haida Says:

    G3S asht neetagi uttara kottavre nim maatugalige aadroo makkala thara ade hata yaak maadeerya?
    neevu yolu gaade yaav contextalli?. deve gowdru least corruptaa?ayyayyappooo…

  60. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Super Rathnajeevi!

    What a great comment!

    I am concerned for Deve Gowda and family because no man IMHO has endured so many insults and so many humiliations! Let me get a towel and wipe my tears!

  61. Hinduhindus Says:

    The Lord surveyed the Ram Setu and said “Hanuman, you and your vanara sena had built this bridge several centuries back with great diligence and devotion. It is remarkable that it has withstood the ravages of the climatic and geographical changes over centuries. It is indeed an amazing feat especially considering the fact that a bridge at Hyderabad built by Gammon using latest technology collapsed the other day even before they could stick the posters on its pillars.”

    Hanuman with all humility spoke “Jai Sri Ram, it is all because of your grace. We just scribbled your name on the bricks and threw them in the sea and they held. No steel from TISCO or cement from Ambuja or ACC was ever used. But Lord, why rake up the old issue now?”

    Ram spoke “Well, Hanuman some people down there want to demolish the bridge and construct a canal. The contract involves lot of money and lot of money will be made. They will make money on demolition and make more money on construction.”

    Hanuman bowed down and said “Why don’t we go down and present our case?”

    Ram said “Times have changed since we were down there. They will ask us to submit age proof and we don’t have either a birth certificate or school leaving certificate. We traveled mainly on foot and some times on horseback and so we don’t have a driving license either. As far as the address proof is concerned, the fact that I was born at Ayodhya is in itself under litigation for over half a century…If I go in a traditional attire with bow and arrow, the ordinary folks may recognize me but Arjun Singh may take me to be some tribal and, at the most, offer a seat at IIT under the reserved category. Also, a God cannot walk in dressed in a three-piece suit and announce his arrival. It would make even the devotees suspicious. So it is a dilemma to say the least.”

    “I can vouch for you by saying that I personally built the bridge.”

    “My dear, Anjani putra, it will not work. They will ask you to produce the lay-out plan, the project details, including financial outlay and how the project cost was met and the completion certificate. Nothing is accepted without documentary evidence in India. You may cough but unless a doctor certifies it, you have no cough. A pensioner may present himself personally but the authorities do not take it as proof. He has to produce a life-certificate to prove that he is alive. It is that complicated.”

    “Lord, I can’t understand these historians. Over the years you have given darshan once every hundred years to saints like Surdas, Tulsidas, Saint Thyagaraja, Jayadeva, Bhadrachala Ramdas and even Sant Tukaram and still they disbelieve your existence and say Ramayana is a myth. The only option, I see, is to re-enact Ramayana on earth and set the government records straight once for all.”

    Lord smiled “It isn’t that easy today. Ravan is apprehensive that he may look like a saint in front of Karunanidhi. I also spoke to his mama Mareecha, who appeared as a golden deer to tempt Sita maiyya when I was in the forest and he said that he won’t take a chance of stepping on earth as long as Salman Khan is around!!!”

  62. thejas Says:

    doctre, gowdru enaadru nim taava bandu hull toriskandiddraa ? eshT koTru feesu ? athava fees koDakaagakilla, naan boo baDava, maNNina maga, carapshunnu andre enu antanee tiLeedu antenaadru buruDe buTraa ?

  63. vayuputra Says:

    Probably gowdru would have given a ground at BSK 3rd stage to dr.ramesh as fees!!!

  64. Harsha Says:


    BJP yavaru, neevu heluvashtu halu illa, JDS navaru Olleyavaru Illa.

    But, Congress and BJP being national parties can’t easily afford to break a solemn promise made to people on TV stating there is a power sharing agreement. That is because they have more to loose in longer term than short visioned local leaders.

    It is in our collective interest to either support Congress or BJP in the National interest, and let go of parochial DMKs and JDSes.

    Innondu vichara – Bengaluru – Mangaluru daari Nanu Bengalurige baralu suru madida 25 varshagallali Ishtondu kettadagiralilla.

    In Last 2 years, Mangalore is getting cut off from rest of Karnataka, and it takes between 12-15hours to reach Mangalore now, as opposed to 6hours just 3 years back!

    You know who ruled in past 2 years, and how much clout they could show in getting this road done right.

    Mattondu vichara:

    BJP was elected by more voters and got more seats than Congress and JDS. It is only fair to people who elected them, that they get to govern atleast 1/3rd period of this assembly?

  65. gaby Says:

    Well I dont think this JDS BJP agreement was not so much a solemn promise as an unholy bargain and as all Faustian bargains go was bound to come to grief to at least one party. If as is being expressed by some people the last election was a signal for a BJP govt by the people of Karnataka they should have insisted on the CM post for the first 20 months. The only clear thing that comes of this Drum Singh- HDK -(Yeddi) nataka is that the electorate of Karnataka have been mangafied!

  66. Sathya Says:

    Hallina daakTre, adhikaara bekaadaaga hallu hallu ginji adhikaara chalayisi, adara yella laabha paDedu, adhikaara hasthaanatharada samayadalli yelaaru hallu hallu kaDiyuvanthe maaDvudu Dharmarave Doctre. yaara mala kopakko yeno maaDikonDaranthe…naaLe ithihaasa neevenantheerabareyuvavaru Mir Sadaknanthavara hesarannu dhakhalisade biDuvudilla.

  67. December Stud Says:

    It amazes me how a few ‘pearls’ are going out of the way to defend DG and his clan.

    I am sure all politicians are bastards, that’s not the point. But trying to defend someone who has openly broken a ‘promise’ is lame and cheap. What can you expect from such power mongers?

    I won’t go over the good and bad lists of KS and his government. TS and DB have summarized it quite well already. Yedi hasn’t been given a chance to eb the CM yet. So, how can some of you magically assume that he won’t eb any good or that it’s better for KS to continue.

    And talk of BMIC and land grabbing. Isn’t it such a joke that someone is trying to make DG a ‘hero’ when it comes to land grabbing?

    I can’t even fathom that the educated class can somehow magically support DG and sons this week. I guess I am no longer surprised that JD(S) did quite well in the local body elections.

    With the Third front becoming more powerful, I am sure DG is eyeing the PM’s post. It will just prove that third rate scoundrels can ‘lead’ our country not once, but again, and again, and again….

    Dr. Ramesh, you are a dentist, right? Have gotten all the wisdom teeth extracted? Just curious, that’s all.

  68. Dheerendragopal Says:

    All the people who are speaking for clean Politics should go back and start contesting local body elections and atleast win one seat .

    JDS would triumph in the mid term elections .Hoever I dont endorse everything that Devegowda does ..He should retire soon .

  69. Mayura Says:

    If Karnataka BJP had an iota of smartness and political savvy, they would not have joined hands with JD-S. What did these morons expect, after their party did not support DG to stay in Center as the PM, he would hand them over the CM post on a platter.

    The only state in the south which has some chance of BJP getting into power in Karnataka, but unfortunately we have such duffer state leaders in BJP who keeps shooting themselves in the foot, whenever there is even a slight chance of winning. They did this when they paired up with JH Patel and lost and they did it with DG/HDK. Some people, it seems never learn.


  70. NRI Shetru Says:

    Deve Gowda and his Santana are big assholes of Karnataka. HDK is acting smart now. People of Karnataka should teach Gowda family a good lesson in coming elections. Gowda and co made crores of money..and still they want people to call them “Mannina Maga”…I’ll call them “Maryadhe Bitta Makkalu”. Pity that India had Deve Gowda (Sleeping Ragi Mudde) as PM. Shame to be a Kannadiga. All Hindus/Muslims/Christians …DON’T EVER TRUST JD(S) and GOWDA family. They are shamless fellows of this century.
    Vote intelligently in coming elections and vote for people you can trust for long term.

  71. Rama Says:

    Tonight Kumaraswamy will sleep in a prostitute’s house on the lap of a leper and dr Ramesh will fan him. Deve Gowda will stand guard. these are not cheap gimmicks. because we need support of people like dr ramesh

  72. NRI Shetru Says:

    Dr Ramesh don’t have moral right to speak against BJP…Deve Gowda is 3rd rate nalayakku politician and it is proved already to the world…Just practice your dentistry and live.

  73. Arun Says:

    Let there be no transfer of power, let there be elections, let the people of Karnataka elect their new Govt. Let us hope we have only two devils to choose from, let us hope the JD(S) gets the boot. Apart from MP Prakash, I don’t see any politician who has any culture to be called a Kannadiga. Most of them are like their leader and sons. Atleast Cong and BJP has some faces that elicit some respect apart from having a platoon of goons. If something good has to happen to Kar, these bunch of idiots lead by Deve Gowda should be elected out. Daddy joker has come with a ‘chargesheet’ against BJP (remember one against big Dharam Singh) where he talks of communal divide practiced. Where was his brain when his maga Kumara found time to got to BTM to shake hands with the Dr sent home from Aus(nothing against the Dr though) while at the other end of the town, Col.Vasanth’s funeral was taking place.

  74. Nastika Says:

    Latest GK. Match the following:

    1. CrazyStar
    2. Tiger
    3. PowerStar
    4. Vachana Brashta

    a. Puneet Rajkumar
    b. Ravichandran
    c. Prabhakar
    d. Kumaraswamy

  75. Vishal Says:

    Even MP Prakash has shown that he is a hypocrite by vocally endorsing everything said by Gowda and Kumaraswamy – he does not have the guts to come out and speak. His so-called “clean image” is now soiled for everyone to see.

  76. dr ramesh Says:

    i am surprised and disappointed the way some people have developed hate–devegowda atittude.
    UPA govt openly flouted CMP prog by going against left parties to sign 123 agreement—- isit not betrayal of trust.
    BJP — looted india WHEN IT WAS IN POWER in ithe centre. HUDCO scam by anath kumar. UTI scam by yashwant sinha it amounts to more than 5000 crores— is it not betrayal of trust.middle class indians like us had invested hard earned money in uti –who is to answer.

    do u know the extent of land grabbing by YEDDI AND FAMILY in and around shivamogga—- astronomous.
    katta subrahmanya and sons—- in and around anekal.
    kannada drohi venkaiah naidu illegally has obtained mining licences in some parts of western ghats. —IS THIS CORRECT
    BJP HAS BETRAYED MY TRUST — since i voted for them last time, to whom shall i address this,who will listen to me.

    let all the 3 parties go to janata nyayaalaya— people will decide.
    kumaraswamy one of the best chief ministers india has ever seen.

  77. Vishal Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Nowhere in the CMP was the N-Deal with the US mentioned. The N-Deal came in July 2005 after the CMP was formulated(May 2004). These lunatic leftists are overplaying their anti-american stance – probably at the behest of their ideological motherland China.
    You seem to mention the wealth amassed by only BJP leaders – what about JDS itself, especially DeveGowda’s family? The CM’s son has a BMW – what does that mean?
    I hope the people give a fitting reply to JDS for their betrayal of public trust.

  78. Arun Says:

    Dr.Ramesh – no one is a saint here. All of them are rogues, and we need to choose one from them. What has happend in the last three years – modalu Cong-JDS looti maadidhru, iga JDS-BJP. Suffer maaduvaru naavu. So it is better that there is one ruling party and many opposition parties rather than multiple rulers and not so effective opposition. Am sure everyone will agree that the state has lost the most during the last three and half years than it has gained. 30000 acres of Govt land lost around Blr alone is more than the gain the State has had as a whole.

  79. dr ramesh Says:

    how could JDS win 1495 seats in local body elections. why rural and urban voters have imposed faith in kumaraswamy. 35% of karnataka went to elections. if gowda and family had done nothing good to people WHY THIS overwhelming mandate.
    party has done well in uttara karnataka,malnad which were traditionally cong,bjp bastions— what is the logic.

  80. Sathya Says:

    Halludakutru, neevu konegoo nija heLibiTTiri…kaamale kaNNige yellavoo haLadi…Nimma kaNNige BJPyavaru yaake keTTadaagi kaaNtha iddaru annuvudu iiga gottaaayitu. …aadare, ondu tiLidukoLLi, JDS thamma maathannu uLisikoLLuttare, avarigae onde naalge ide yendu avarige Vote haakidaru, Karnatakada jana yaavagaloo hige ide..keTTa mele buddhi banthu…allave daaktre

  81. tarlesubba Says:

    there is something fundamentally wrong with the system when so many of CMs have become CMs only because of horse trading. Isn’t it shameful and something fundamentally wrong?

    As far as elections goes, 20 months a nice sweet window time for making promises. Most govts are quite popular in in their first two quarters when they go on making promises, it is only in the last two quarters when everyone realizes that, those tall ones are gaLi gopuras.

    IMO, granting suomoto powers to lokayukta has been one of his important contributions. but it is also a fact that one of the most glaring encroachment case is the judicial layout. will justice santosh hegde book his colleagues?

    other being appointing MLA AT Ramaswamy led joint committee for land grabbing. but again the committee has been asking to punish the land grabbers and he kept silent, this after threatening to clean the system and all. That is a fundamental flaw, in KA law and he will not fix it.

  82. verybleedingheart Says:

    It will be interesting to know if Kumaraswamy’s agreement with BJP contained the following clauses: In the event of his party showing a superior performance in the local body elections and in the event of the sudden revealation/discovery that BJP is a “communal” party, he would not “hand over” the CM’s post to BJP. Normally the formation of the state govt. is based on the elected legislature and not other considerations. BJP happened to be the largest single party and Kumaraswamy wanted its support to “serve” the people of Karnataka. But, now he would not allow a BJP man to “serve” the folks. It is as simple as that.

  83. thejas Says:

    daactre, winning local body elections and winnig assembly elections are totally different.
    in local body elections, people think on the candidate more than the party.
    also, the role played by the local body representatives is different from that of MLAs. even the criteria for their performance, the level of performance are different.
    even after this if you continue to argue the same thing, then i have to tell you that the biggest gainer in local body elections is BJP, not the JD[s].
    and you are behaving like a hypocrite. while you quote numbers of local polls for JD[s] to remain in power, you undermine the same number funda for BJP. dont forget, BJP has the largest number of seats in the assembly.

    and mind you, Gowda and mari Gowda became PM and CM only by fluke.
    as you are arguing that they have won the max seats in local body elections, they are fit only for local level panchayat politics!

    come out of Gowda’s black magic, oh daactre !!

  84. dr ramesh Says:

    if performances of ministers in the past 20 months were to be closely analysed , it is crystal clear that JDS ministers did their job much better than BJP. BJP ministers were busy propogating rss ideology. none of the legislators are connected to the people who voted them.
    it is much easier for a common person to contact kumaraswamy and co than yediyurappa. BJP IS BEHAVING LIKE A LINGAYAT PARTY ONLY ,FORGETTING THE FACT THAT C M of a state is there to govern the entire state.

  85. thejas Says:

    tagaLappa! daactru eeg buDtaavre baaya…
    so, Mr. Dentist is worried that BJP was working only for Lingayats. I am sure now that Mr. Dentist is a Gowda, pakka vokkaliga!!

  86. dr ramesh Says:

    naanu kannadiga— kannadave jaathi,kannadave dharma.
    my second identity, iam a madhwa brahmin.
    bjp is against this very cultural diversity of karnataka

  87. Dileep Says:

    I think there is no comparission between two state Bihar has been long neglected by centre and had its own share of problem with an inefficient government for 15 years. Whereas IT sector development has contibuted a lot to growth of Karnataka or has it? a recent report on most fovoured IT destination did not even had Bangalore in the list with Chennai at top.

    Please don’t insult people of Bihar by calling Karnataka Bihar of south.

  88. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    This is probably for the first time a ‘Madhwa’ is against RSS; what’s more BJP is against Kannada culture and against Karnataka!! What a joke! If it were not for BJP in Karnataka we would have had Kaveri Tribunal unjustly deciding against Karnataka permanently–that is inspite of Somnalli Kitta being too busy to attend the meeting chaired by Vajapayee with the concerned riparian states! That ‘Harvard’ graduate was taking advice from Sonia:)

    Any more gems, Dr. Ramesh? You are taking too much of Novocain on the side I think. Judging by your logic, I think you are a Muslim:)

  89. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Just read HD Murugan the CM is willing for a floor test on Oct 18. But why wait that long? Considering his government is very popular with a few dentists and ‘soft porn’ film artists, why doesn’t Murugan face the assembly tomorrow?

    We all know why! Devegowda wants to get the seculars in the game and hopes to win by stealth:)

  90. aruna urs Says:

    THEJAS et al
    Whatever Dr. Ramesh’s proposition might be, you shouldnt cheapen yourself by referring to his caste or profession. Please respect his freedom of expression too, there is no need to refer or assume his caste identity to profess your thesis. It is same as me calling you guys a “sha***”

  91. Doddi Buddi Says:


    “Will not denying BJP be an injustice to people of DK,UK,north karnataka and kodagu. At the same time goons like sriramulu,reddy should be thrown out of BJP. There is understandable resentment against kongas,but what about the outrageous charges against HDK?why is the BJP insensitive to kannadigas?”

    Sriramulu and Reddy spoke out what is inside everyone’s mind in Karnataka–a few dentists and soft-porn actresses excepted…in fact they should be complimented on their direct speech. The charges against HD Murugan are actually true!! Actually BJP saved Karnataka in Kaveri tribunal’s case. See my earlier message. Thanks.

  92. V.R.ANIL KUMAR Says:

    The Chandrayana taking DVG,family and friends to moon permanently will need a dentist. Dr.Ramesh will fit the bill perfectly. A mixed up, loyal non gowda madhva dentist who is against the BJP. On second thoughts, should we send all of these to north waziristan where they will be made to lie down or kneel down to enjoy what will be done to them

  93. December Stud Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Your ‘second identity’ is something which Kuvempu (whom you have fervently quoted) did not believe in. Can you try and not bring in the caste angle into the debate? We have enough to deal without that!!!

    Now, come out with the truth…how often does DG come to your clinic? His teeth is that bad, huh?

  94. Doode Says:

    The less said about DG clan, the better.

    He can cling to power for another 20 months. By then, Kannadigas will know that we live in Bihar. Surely, DG clan will be exterminated from Bihar, Sorry Karnataka.

  95. Dadda budhi Says:

    Yen daactre, HD hal node heegaadtheeralla?!

  96. thejas Says:

    @ Aruna Urs, sorry, I didnt mean to hurt anybody here. It was daacutru himself who started quoting castes.

    @ V R Anil Kumar – swami, please refrain from using ‘DVG’ to address maNNangaTTi GowDa. I hope you know the greatness of DVG and meanness of this haaLu GowDa.

    And the latest news being, Mr. Son has decided to go for a floor test, and maana-maryade illada Congress deciding to support him from ‘outside’.

    It would be better if BJP withdraws its support, all its MLAs resign en masse.

  97. jeevarathna Says:

    In Zee kannada program, it was BJP Minister who was voted as the best ! Not that i believe in these programs but lOko binna ruci. Dr.R can have his opinion but in Indian Democracy it is the first past the post who is a winner and Voting is not compulsory ! So Winning and losing an elections is just a lottery and depends on so many factors including the splits in Jagada Dal and money power.

  98. Faldo Says:

    In case there is a floor test as it is becoming obvious, I wonder if legislators can really muster the courage to vote according to their conscience. Usually there is a whip issued base on the party leader’s decision and most legislators simply follow it unless a breakaway group is promised something or there is horse-trading. Maybe the law needs to be amended so floor tests are more meaningful.
    And with an increasing number of hung assemblies, we need to have different rules so elections are not called at the drop of a hat. Maybe a combined government with proportionate representation so all are made accountable.

  99. sisya Says:

    woah, woah! iden oLLe madras auto meter thara oDta ide commentgaLa surimaLe… anyway, another day passes and eight out of ten continue to simply let loose their bacchal baayis. not that I’d care if they’d bothered to so much as even make an attempt to take a reasoned stance. but no. for them, dissing gowda coz he made “X” crores is all that matters.

    Let me get some axioms out of the way before I proceed.

    * Elections are about electing the lesser of two evils. In Ktaka.. it is the lesser of three evils.

    * The only rule in politics, especially Indian politics is that there are no rules.

    * “I am Indian first, Kannadiga/konga/gulti/mallu/northie/etc., next” slogan is a sick joke not to be taken seriously.

    If anybody here does not see the above as axiomatic, you can stop here.


    DB, no… i dont mean to deify gowda. all i am saying is that given the three unholy choices that we have, DG gets my vote. And believe me, I am like dr rameshappa, someone who’d voted for the bjp in the past.

    as for why gowda is the least of the evils we have, let me explain. afaiac, the single most important factor is that karnataka has to remain kannada nadu. call me fanatic if you will, call me stupid if you will, but I’d rather the fruits of ktaka’s progress(whatever little or however great that may be) be enjoyed by Kannadigas, first and foremost. I’d rather hear a little more kannada in my beloved jayanagar 4th block and in belgaum and all over ktaka than say, ktaka’s gdp go up a point.

    seen from this perspective, JD-s strikes me as being most in alignment with my worldview. yes, while their ‘raitha, maNNu and maga’ line may not be synonymous as ‘kannadave jati, kannadave dharma, kannadave devaru’.. the way I see it, if it ever were to come to a point where these parties had to speak up(even if only lip service) for the ‘kannada cause’, JD-S has a lot less backpedalling or adjustment to make to align itself with the ‘Kannada worldview’.

    To Congress, the hi command is everything and I dont want some dirty northie Hindi speaking Italian dishwasherwoman bitch and her excreta of a son dictating to me. BJP is only slightly different from the Congress in that, their hi command while not being one person or family, is still ruled by dirty Hindi speaking northies. I dont want a togadia or a modi making ‘BhaashaNs’ in bbgiri in Hindi. BJP’s ‘Hindu cause’ pitch is turning out to be just as bogus and malafide as Congress’ ‘sekkulaar’ pitch.

    I couldnt care less what ‘Hindutvavadis’ thought or did, but it is increasingly becoming clear that the BJP’s brand of ‘Hindutva’ comes with ‘Hind(i)tva’ virus built in.

    Dont give me bullshit like Gowda also spoke Hindi 3.32 years ago.. he spoke tamil 1.16 years ago… he supported some Konga cadidate for RS etc.,. Like I already said, he’s less wedded to ‘Hinditva’ than the BJP. If he had to drop Hindi like a bisi bisi potato, he will do it without blinking, sorry, opening half an eyelid. If he had to drop Congress’ brand of ‘pseudo-secularism’, he still would manage it. It is just upto us Kannadigas to make sure that we create an atmosphere where these parties would have to take a stance on kannada… (That brings us to KRV… but lets leave that for another day).

    Northie Hinduism is anyway a bastardised form of Hinduism that nobody will miss and I prefer the more pristine southern variants. Seriously, I dont give a flying eff if these bastardised hindus of the north who cant say “namaha” from “namakk” were to convert to kistianity or islamity. See… I agree with all that Bhairappa says, but I also dont want my beloved Mangaluru and bbgiri to bleed. Karnataka is heaven on earth and I want it to remain that way. And for all I care, Hindi is more a contaminant and a threat to my culture than islam or ‘xianity.

    and as for gowda’s millions or billions, will someone gimme a break! I couldnt care less if Gowda looted the treasury all by himself or whether he shared the spoils with yeddi and drum. I wouldnt get a penny of it, anyway… and if I have to choose betweem an italian dishwasherbitch looting Karnataka and a Gowda looting Ktaka, I’d be happy to let Gowda take the loot. And what is this about him laptaaising 30000(!!!) acres? Where’d you pull that from?! If he really did that, what is Drum sing and his hi-command doing? why isnt it a ‘scam’ yet? why isnt it headlines yet? Why cant the drum prevail on his hi-command to launch a cbi enquiry? ashtoo politics maadakke barde iddare, politicsalli En unnta idane?

    and lets face it.. 20 tingaLinda bjpnoo bekaadasht politics maadidare… to hurt gowda. too bad for them, it didnt work as they’d have liked and gowda weathered it. hODedu kitkoLakke aadare kitkoL-li.. illa andare muchkond sumnaagli.. Enu.. gowda tumba duddu maadkondidane.. yeddinoo papa swalpa madkoL-li anta naa yeddige vote haakbeka?! hOgriree!

    and all those who think gowda as PM was an embarrassment, can you convince me that T.M.C ‘manikchand’ moopanar would have been a better choice? save a few, all our PM’s have been embarrasments. what extraordinary magic did gujral and chandrashekar and vp singh do that Gowda didnt? or has gowda irrepairably hurt the country in any way like VP Singh? Can you prove to me that Gowda took the country “back in time” when he was PM. or when he was CM? when he was CM, did poverty in Ktaka increase? Has there been any year in the last two decades when Karnataka did worse than the rest of the country? has there been a year when it hasnt been on par with the other ‘progressive’ states of the country?

    forget the last two decades, can anybody tell me with a straight face that drum sing was better than HDK? or that HDK is/was even worse than drum sing? and if hdk breaks his promise to bjp.. nimmadEnu gaMT hOytu? oor mele oorE biddare shaanbhOgru #$%$#-gEnu? anta maTa picturealli jaggEsa hELO haage… yaavOnO kODaMgi.. yaavOnO eerbhadra… ivanE avanaadrEnu.. avanE ivanaadrEnu?!

    adoo alladE… En dodda ‘promise’-u.. maNNangaTTi! rama setuvege hoon aMdiddOru bjp tane? eeg elli hOytu avara promissu? amma jote naak divasa ayya jote naak divasa chakkanda aaDiddu bjp tane? ell hOytu avara ‘ideology’? gaMDanna koMda tirukannE miMDanaage iTkoMDidaaLalla dirty dishwasherwoman… avaLaddelli hOytu ethicsu, mannu, masi ityadi? ivarellargintanoo deve gowda keTTOna? owww is that prabhuve?

    yaarO heLdaMge.. gowdanoo, panche jubba bittu nehru coat haakOMD jEballi oMdu gulaabi sekskoMD tiragtidre, neevgaL ishtond egaraaDtirlilla. this is not ‘thinly veiled racism’.. it is just unabashed ‘elitism’ and it will be the undoing of our great country in the next couple of decades.

    bottomline is, congress deserves to be culled from existence. the only real choices are bjp and jds. of these, bjp has spineless bastards(too wedded to “hinditva”) who inspire no confidence in me. DG and sons dont inspire much confidence either.. but HDK’s 2 year rule sure impressed me. like that wise dying prof said, “we cant change the hand we’re dealt, only how we play them”.. bjpge, yeddige anyaya aadaroo sari, running gaaDili kai biTre accident tappiddalla. any kashta?

  100. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Your suggestions are reasonable but some one like Deve Gowda will find a way to play the humble farmer humbug politician card…

  101. naarada Says:

    i smell something fishy…

    the BJP-less HDK cabinet has approved the monorail project which was scarpped earlier. How many briefcases did Gowdas get in this project?

  102. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    How JD(S) won the local elections?

    1. Get a local rowdy to stand for election.

    2. Spend a whopping 50 lakhs on him.

    3. Scare lower(-middle) class to vote for him.

    That’s what happened with Avva Madesha @ C. Mahadesh in V. V. Mohalla.

    Now that idiot will want to reap his “investment” and start goonDagiri officially.

    janara kathe… ?

    idu nimma JD(S) puNya kaarya!

  103. Ram Says:

    Vote for BJP.

  104. dr ramesh Says:

    history will remember what HDK did to belagaavi. no C M in karnataka had the will power or guts to do it.
    HDK installed a sense of confidence among physically handicapped. he went out of way to help them. 75% of people who came to janata darshana were these unfortunate ones. many were given govt jobs, to some telephone booths were sanctioned. did any CM in the past bothered about these things.
    HDK had the courage to openly command the likes of NRN, biocon shaw to provide more jobs for kannadigas.
    INDIA’S future lies in the hands of strong regional parties. parties like JDS , BJD,AGP,TDP, PDP,NCP,JMM should flourish. national parties winning majority on their own is a thing of the past.

  105. Nastika Says:

    So the truth is out from Dr Ramesh.

    Brahmins hate Lingayats more than Vokkaligas. Hence Brahmins have opted for lesser evil, ie Vokkaligas. Vokkaligas dominate JDS. Lingayats dominate BJP. Hence Dr Ramesh supports JDS & not BJP.

    Caste & its equations. Even in 3007, we will hear the same equations.

  106. dr ramesh Says:

    why should caste come in the way of appreciating good deeds.
    kannadigas irrespective of caste had supported nijalingappa,veerendra patil when they did good work.
    nazir saab is remembered even today for his work as minister in janata govt.

  107. Sugata Says:

    Guys, guys, guys:

    We must decide whether we want to be like Maha or TN: a state where the local people are losing ground everywhere and a two-bit politician like Vaghela (ask people in Guj about him and they can tell you a few things in his own hard-working state of GUJ, over 450 farmers have commited suciide-by the admission the Gujarat PAC) can openly insult poor suicide-stricken farmers and get away or a state where the CM seems to be imagaining himself to the PM of the country of Tamil Nadu. Honestly, there are times when I wonder where Thiru MuKa really thinks he runs the nation. My point is in TN, WB, AP the local people are solidly in charge of everything-white collar jobs, business, (barring WB), government, social, political, economic life, national level educational institutes, PSUs, media, (espeically English language media). In Maha, Orissa, HP, to some extent the tribal states, they are not. Karnataka I would say is roughly in between Maha and TN.

    we must remember that the Janata Dal (Secular) is the best way of ensuring that Karnataka one day starts flexing its muscles on a national level as well as of ensuring that we can one day be in the same position as TN: literally being the “country of Karnataka.” (Though they are terrible: AIADMK, DMK, CPM, are equally bad. A vist to Bengal is needed for those who feel the CPM has worked wonders.) Hence, merely arguing that they are useless is not enough.
    Those states who have systemetically marginalized so-called National parties (WB, TN, KL) have benefitted. In an era of coalition politics, these parties are forcing the centre to give them whatever they want in return for support. It is states like KA, MH et al which despite their economic muscle do not get the respect or power they deserve-because national parties will not give them that power. What one needs is a party which can accurately and truthfully reflect Kannadiga sentiments and then be voted to power consisently, thereby finishing off Congress, BJP. (the left in WB, Dravidian parties in TN are a good example). If the people of KA do that, national parties will come begging for support.

    BTW, rather than Belgaavi, HDK should have straigthened out Bangaluru/Bangalore/. Let us first tackle that major problem of people from KL, North India, et al coming and saying “local people here are only doing low-level jobs.” We cannot allow it to become the “Bombay of South India.” Kannada has to make such a comeback that it becomes very difficult to live in Bangalore if you don’t know Kannada. Marathis are accepting types-its the North Indians who are the “HIndi me bolo bhai, ye kya dusre bhasha me bol rahe ho” waalas.

    P.S. Haven’t been to Mysore in ages. Am told it is becoming increasinlg “cosmopolitain” (read many North Indians have come to the city and Hindi is being heard and local people are being cursed. Tell me it is not true.

  108. sudhir Says:

    I hope Dr.Ramesh is not on HDD’s payroll

  109. gaby Says:

    Cheers Sisya- I cldnt agree more with you. Your aguments make the most sense in this barrage of 108 comments. DG vs Sonia (With Rahul baba) kripa poshita nataka mandali vs the Geraiatric Northies of BJP ( with Yeddi and Venkaiah naidu ( He of Tehelka fame) )- my vote- sadly is for the Gowda clan. its simply a case of realpolitik and not any personal fascination- very unlike these BJP/Cong votaries- or even ideological inclination.

  110. Rama Says:

    drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ramesh, Let the great Ku Swa face the election. He’s the greatest betrayer so far in Indian history. There is a system and procedure in Indian Republic. BJP won highest number of seats. They were foolish enough to fall pray to the Mudde Gowda’s words. Sleeping in slums was done to win the trust of people like you. the voters are not fools. If Ku Swa was born to single father, he should have gracefully resigned first instead of horse trading with Cogress.

    drrrrrrrrrrr Ramesh, since you dont believe in Constitution and Democracy you ought not to be here.

  111. dr ramesh Says:

    great news , though not related to this subject.
    in the local elections 4 candidates who contested on behalf KANNADA SENE have won in SAGARA . there is a paradigm shift in the thinking of kannadigas of late.

  112. KL Says:

    Sugata and sishya,
    your arguments were persuasive.But dont people from coastal karnataka live in large numbers in bombay.Karnataka and maharashtra have much in common.Does the coastal population share your perceptions?They have an entrepreneurial spirit which takes them to different parts of india.

  113. N S Sharada Prasad Says:

    Promises are made to be broken. HDK who vowed before the Centennarian Swamiji on May 6ht on a public platform now completely forgets his oath or promise… The Swamiji who is supposed to have inaugurated the Dasara festivities now refuses to do it. In his place a Swamiji of is own community is made to inaugurate it. Yes lighting a light for inauguration doesn’t discriminate between castes and creeds. But what hurts is the way another Swamiji accepts the offer. A swamiji when he occupies that position and becomes Jagadguru should learn the basics of asceticism. Let us pray so that wisdom dawns on everybody.

  114. tarlesubba Says:

    SL CM Start End Mos
    01 K. C. Reddy 10/25/47 03/30/52 53
    02 Kengal Hanumanthaiah 03/30/52 08/19/56 52
    03 Kadidal Manjappa 08/19/56 10/31/56 2
    04 S.Nijalingappa 11/01/56 05/16/58 18
    05 B.D. Jatti 05/16/58 03/09/62 45
    06 S.R. Kanthi 03/14/62 06/20/62 3
    07 S.Nijalingappa 06/21/62 05/29/68 71
    08 Veerendra Patil 05/29/68 03/18/71 33
    09 D. Devaraj Urs 03/20/72 12/31/77 69
    10 D. Devaraj Urs 02/28/78 01/07/80 22
    11 R. Gundu Rao 01/12/80 01/06/83 35
    12 Ramakrishna Hegde 01/10/83 12/29/84 23
    13 Ramakrishna Hegde 03/08/85 02/13/86 11
    14 Ramakrishna Hegde 02/16/86 08/10/88 29
    15 S. R. Bommai 08/13/88 04/21/89 8
    16 Veerendra Patil 11/30/89 10/10/90 10
    17 S.Bangarappa 10/17/90 11/19/92 25
    18 M. Veerappa Moily 11/19/92 12/11/94 24
    19 H.D. DeveGowda 12/11/94 05/31/96 17
    20 J. H. Patel 05/31/96 10/07/99 40
    21 S. M.Krishna 10/11/99 05/28/04 55
    22 Dharam Singh 05/28/04 01/28/06 20

  115. Trishanku Says:

    It is unfortunate that karnataka has reached a point where we dont have a valid, viable leader whom we can call our own.

    I wish I could support the HD family wholeheartedly – because JDS is no more than a regional party and they are the ones who can play the “support karnataka” angle or perish with the national parties. I REALLY WANT TO – because they are the only ones who can. COngreass and BJP will only do what is in the party’s NATIONAl interests – damn karnatka and kannadigas.

    But, the problem is the HD family is committed to only one thing – i.e., HD family. They play the karnataka/kannada angle when suited to their family only.

    I would reserve my vote to who can further Karnataka/kannadiga’s interests best. I dont have an answer. If BJP in karnataka had someone equivalent to Modi in putting Karnatka/kannadiga interest ahead of everything else, I would have gone with BJP. I would like to go with JDS if they are better in that. But neither seems a choice now. Atta Dari, Itta puli. Madhye naavella Trishankugalu.

    Vijay Sankeshwar – it is time to revive your kannadanadu party.
    KRV – turn into a political force please.
    Ashok Keny – Pls join hands with VS and KRV and form a strong regional party.

  116. tarlesubba Says:

    since ’52 we have had 12 assemblies and 22 CMs, only 4 CMs who have had more than 4 years terms. can anybody here tell me how many of these because of horsetrading?

  117. selambannan Says:

    HDK is coming out with a Television channle and visits The Hindu office and it seems that he is hoping that media power will help him a lot in maintaining his career with the political administration of the state.
    Tamilnadu fell to MGR despite his non -tamil origin, NTR made inroads in stabe Congress party land of AP,and even in Karnakata a fellow like late Rajkumar possess a gang , it is possible HDK may depend on the media armour to spread his campaign.
    The magazines wrote about “charisma” and etc about these celluloid heroes but such charismas were created by the “communication” sector even in those days .
    Media is the first priority weapon to “Get in touch with the people” and it will be used to carry on messages like , offering of free TV sets by MK and family , showing elderly men on everyday basis for comments on whatever happens in the country,etc.,
    You and me may express in a very great manner of an issue but this does not matter , and if you have a channel , you are directly speaking to the total voters in the state.Besides getting revenue in an enormous daily volumes, it makes the mediaowner-politician to sit comfortably ahead of others in a competition. In Tamilnadu we see a lot of govt advertisements are offered to magazines started by political parties, their coaltion partners etc.,
    The politicians who complete state and central power tenures are owning thousands of crores only and not hundreds of crores in the present situation.Money helps them to buy business and everything.
    Today money is being spent on horse trading in Karnataka.
    But as listeners from the neighbouring state of Tamilnadu, we still appreciate the Karanataka people for changing people often unlike in Tamilnadu where we have the same men whom we had had 40 years ago!!!

  118. TV Sinha Says:

    I find it extremely disgraceful that you so called intellectuals have chosen to drag Bihar into your own shame when Bihar has nothing to do with it at all whatsoever.

    It was a kannadiga, MV Kamath, who in his infamous essay in Illustrated Weekly had written that Biharis are not fit to rule Bihar thereby showing his racist and nazi tendencies. Last year, when Karnataka kids were shown worse than Bihar in their aptitude to learning, you chaps had again tried to pull Bihar down. Now this.

    Bihar has never had a regional movement, immersing its identity in the national identity. I would urge you guys to refrain from this type of Bihar bashing as this is crossing the limits of civilized behavior.

  119. koppal haida Says:

    ur coments defending HDK are the best set of arguments I have read on churumuri until now..fantasically written!!
    The grapevine is that you u’ll be the next spokesperson of jds!:) ..

  120. Pravindra kumar Says:

    It seems people starting this pole are the most stupid and foolish on this earth as they have dragged and compared a well rejuvenating Bihar in to the topsy – turvy and toatally chaos state as in karnatka.Bihar is always proud of its rich culture and heritage and world class intellectuals in all fields of life.Its a warning to all such morons that such derogatory action
    if taken anymore to defame Bihar further then they themselves will be responsible for the consequences.

    ‘Bihar’ is derived from ‘Vihara’, meaning monastery. Bihar has been a great religious centre for Hindus, Jains and most importantly, the Buddhists. It was at Bodhgaya in Bihar, that the Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree, and attained enlightenment.
    So karnataka can never compare itself to Bihar.

  121. tarlesubba Says:

    what is going on? jd(s) itself is splitting!!

  122. Rama Says:

    JD (S) is splitting into JD(Phusssss)

  123. pragmatic Says:

    @ TV Sinha.

    I have seen your comments on MV Kamath in the past also. You perhaps have never understood the context of his comments. He was aiming at dirty politicians when he commented.

    even here we are referring only to the political situation and not any other issues. In many areas Bihar is better than Karnataka and perhaps rest of India too.

    hence your branding of MV Kamath as racist and nazist is uncalled for. you may shut your mouth now. and try and learn more about Bihar by visiting this page!!

  124. koppal haida Says:

    Mr Sinha,
    You want evidence of bihari bias? what beter place to look for than the railways.All ur (our rather) rail ministers have seen to it that only biharis get planted all over India in railways. Now dont tell me that they have ‘earned’ this.
    respect your culture, very well. But keep it to urself and try not imposing as ur bihari yadav is doing, relegating other languages from boards on the trains.

    Yes u have had a very great past but the decadence of civilisation is fully evident by the incidents of recent past involving beating up of a petty theif, public lynching of 10 thieves, bhagalpur blindings… disgusting.. This is not just a case of public anger. ur civil moorings are all screwd up. If bihar has earned a bad name, its not for nothing.

  125. KL Says:

    you are a clown.

  126. NS Rao Says:

    Continuing KL’s comments –

    Pravindra and Sinha both are cloned clowns of another big clown – Union Minister for Railways!!

  127. Gowda Says:

    Pravindra is GOD

  128. Pataniya Babu Says:

    When you have no logic to counter, call the other person clown.

    Wow, need I comment more?

    Whatever be the context, no one has a right to humiliate a state as MV Kamath chose to do. His comments were offensive in the extreme. To the best of my knowledge, he never withdrew them or expressed any regret for it.

  129. TV Sinha Says:

    @ Pragmatic

    Very well. Let me use the language of MV Kamath for Karnataka:

    “Kannadigas are not fit to rule Karnataka…… It should be put under long term tutelage of outsiders…….Karnataka has to be saved from Kannadigas.”

    Let us then see how you manage to shut up people from Karnataka.

  130. Gowda Says:

    where did M V Kamath come from?

  131. KL Says:

    Shut up.More than anyone else,you guys were responsible for screwing up bihar.

    Bihar is on the way to becoming india’s powerhouse.As someone who has many opportunities to meet young people,i have no doubt about that.How i wish kannadigas were as confident.

    It is sickening when someone says that karnataka cannot be compared to bihar.I am sick of such chauvinists.If you feel no remorse,go to hell.

  132. Santosh Says:

    The recent drama in Karnataka politics went on to prove the adage that the only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense. The script was no less than that of a masala bollywood flick where each chapter left the audience baffled. In fact, had this been a movie we would have dismissed it as a mindless flick. But this was reality and the sad part is that our leaders now do not bat an eyelid before breaking their promises, and do not feel even an iota of shame in blatantly exhibiting their greed for power- that too in full public view.
    Amid all this, a national daily unnecessarily tried to draw comparisons between the political situation in Karnataka with that of Bihar. I fail to understand why the newspaper had to unnecessarily drag Bihar into the picture. Politics is a dirty business, we know. It is dirty in Bihar, as it is anywhere else in the world. But what happenned in Karnataka was quite unique and one fails to remember if anything of the same sort has ever happened in Bihar. Karnataka has set a shameful precedent in politics where ideologies, promises, agreements, reasonableness are all tossed into the garbage. Power is the only thing that seems to matter to the politicians. The newspaper seemed to be desperate in trying to save Karnataka’s face by trying to find comparisons, and thus sharing some dirt with other states. But, the scene in Karnataka was unparalleled, and for once the newspaper should have agreed that it was a time for Karnataka to be ashamed of its leaders. It was a time to realize and accept the truth that the ongoing proceeding in Karnataka politics had left an indelible blot on the Indian democracy.

  133. RP Singh Says:

    May I remind people here that in all civilised society, calling anyone by his surname without a Mr is considered an ultimate insult?

    Is it possible to hold dialogue with people who know nothing better than telling others to shut up?

    @ Koppal Haida : Regarding railways, they have a two tier recruitment process – at the high level, positions are open to all Indians and is done through UPSC. At the lower levels, it is done through Regional Recruitment Boards. South Indian states were ahead to have their own RRBs, way ahead of Bihar. Bihar’s RRB was established almost a decade after those in southern India. But objective data can make sense to those with open minds, not those who have innate dislike for Bihar and Biharis.

    First call nine crore people names, and when they protest, call them chauvinists. If you guys cant understand the racist tone your language acquires when you bring Bihar in every bad even that takes place in your own state, you chaps may go to hell alongwith nincompoops like HD Devegowda.

  134. Saroj Says:


    It is unfair to compare Bihar to Karnataka – in this aspect of politics.

    In Bihar, Laloo dominated for more than 15 years and it did not require any emotional dramatics from Laloo/Rabri to do it.

    You, kannadigas, have gripe with your politicians and it would be better if you guys stick to your own paradigms.

    You need not drag Bihar into this unsavory episode.


  135. koppal haida Says:

    RP, to be fair to you, i understand ur position.
    can somebody clarufy on what RP singh says? I remember former MP Vijayashankar going in with a protest to mysore railway station very recently in a protest against more than 200 lower end job at mysore railway station being given to biharis only……Not to mention the attack against biharis who came to mumbai to write RRB exams is fresh in our minds (where is the regional RRB now)..

  136. dr ramesh Says:

    migrant biharis and UP wallahs are creating tension in whichever part of the country they live in. bihar and uttar pradesh are the most underdeveloped states of india. people of these states should be blamed for this ,unless they stand up and put pressure on their leaders to opt for development politics.

  137. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    lo haida… Vijayashankaru eeglunoo MPnE!

  138. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Sinha! Substantiate your allegation!

  139. Ram Says:

    dr Ramesh, here you go again. You are the biggest terrorist in Churumuri! so narrow minded I feel you’ll ask your patients their clan and origin before asking to open mouth. Dont be so judgemental. Enterprising people have always migrated and the ones who sit at home deserve nothing better!

  140. sudhakar Says:

    All but me are clowns here!

  141. dr ramesh Says:

    if migration is the only way out ,who the hell will improve these 2 states.
    educated people from bihar move out to other states,poor continue to suffer,politicians continue to play dirty politics.

  142. RP Singh Says:

    @Dr Ramesh

    Pls decide whether you have welfare of UP / Bihar in mind or wish to take a narrow regional chauvinistic path. It is hilarious when you mix the two.

    Today’s TV reports say Deve Gowda will now support BJP. Who will you blame this time for this naked show of power play, Nicaragua or Timbaktu? Maybe Haryana or use that omnibus term, North Indian. Always externalise the problem, never do any introspection, lest you find the real fault and have a chance to improve.

    Koppal Haida, you may wish to find the details of appointment under RRB – I am no expert. Are they being violated or is the ex MP spreading rumours. If indeed they are being violated, they can be tightened through RTI disclosures. Otherwise, the issue gives the impression of a rant quite like the infamous Raj Thackeray “slap under the ear” statement. His allegations were found baseless. He is now facing a court case and hiding from court summons.

  143. koppal haida Says:

    idenidu gowdru gaddala matte.
    Dr Ramesh and Sisya,
    enidu wasa planu? is it to avert a split of jds or to deny MP Prakash the opportunity ahead of Revu?

  144. dr ramesh Says:

    devegowda tried his best to keep BJP at bay, but no one supported him. his was a lone fight. he will get public sympathy.
    kumaraswamy in order to save his party ,took this decision. he has taken the wind of BJP campaign. his image has skyrocketted.

  145. are Says:

    DG and KS father and son duo playing fool with everybody to protect their own intrests, all this stems out of exterme insecurity of not being in power. DG has proven he is an insecure person

  146. rk Says:

    if he wins today’s trust vote, we can call him ENDURE-APPA
    (will help the northerners [especially the newsreaders] pronounce his name easily).
    but first let’s see who wins.

  147. vinay Says:

    rk, making it more specific for our brothers and sisters from the HUbli and Dharwar region, you might also replace the E from ‘Endure’ with ‘A’…makes much more rustic sense as he took the oath in name of the farmers !!!!

  148. Aatmasakshi Says:

    My candidate for The Woman Of The Year is Chennamma. There is something magnificent about the way the lady has withstood the disgusting antics of Deve Gowda and his sons from up-close. The Congress and the BJP could learn from her.

  149. Sathya Says:

    A state i ssacrificed for the sake of a disunited family. The head turning to the right the younger son looking straigt and the eldest son looking towards left behaving as they are the trimurtis. Hell with them.

  150. Aruna Urs Says:

    Kannadambe was (yet again) raped by DG and his family.

  151. rocket Says:

    somebody in blore light a diwali rocket and direct it under DG’s panche – hopefully he will learn a lesson or two that even kanndanadu people can play pranks and tricks

  152. Thympanna Shettru Says:

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on….

    BJP has done the same mistake by going for JD’s support. Shame on them!

    As to the ‘human waste’ Deve Gowda: Well, here is the good news for Karnataka – he is already 74 now!

  153. ERR Says:

    I understand these are the new names in Karnataka Politics.

    Kumaraswamy = Kai kodo Swamy

    Deve Gowda = Devre Gowda ( as in Devre Kapadbeku!)

  154. sridhar Says:

    God Save Karnataka !!!!!!!!

  155. sisya Says:

    “Kannadambe was (yet again) raped by DG and his family.”

    And bjp veeraadi veeras and congress shooraadi shooras stood guard while they did that? Morality personified, indeed – the bjp is.

  156. anonymous Says:

    To all the biharis and northeners on this blog,

    You rise to protect the dignity of BIhar and North from these bloggers. Where were you when you were required to protect the dignity of BIhar and Northeners from the Laloos, Aalayams and the likes? If people in Bihar and North had any sense, they would have had leaders like Arasu, RK Hegde, Krishna, etc – rather than let the states go down the drain.

    It is so easy to push the ladder of karnataka away once you have got a job and gone up, na!!

    And what a liability these states are to the rest of the nation – creating problems wherever its chidren go – assam, maharashtra, karnataka. And to top it all, they keep producing children (since they dont have any work to do anyway in Bihar) – recent reports suggest that the Indian population will reach alarming levels because of states like Bihar and Karnataka.

    O Bihari Baabus, if you have any pride in Bihar, go back to Bihar and make it a better place to live in. Dont show off your “ona prathishte” or baseless pride here.

  157. Anonymous Guy Says:

    sisya, good one.

    I cant understand how some people are making it seem like it is all DG’s fault and that the BJP were innocents lambs to the slaughter.

    Lets say there was no DG and family. The BJP and Cong would have merrily gone on with their looting and misrule turn by turn every few years. Giving people some doses of useless religious and other diversions, just to keep us happy. After all both BJP and Cong shamelessly made deals with DG just to cling onto power to do that bit more of looting. No principles, no shame, nothing.

    With DG and family joining in the loot, a lot more of the modus operandi of our politicians has been exposed in quick time. Now the public has more inputs about all of them and their methods before we cast our next vote.

  158. tarlesubba Says:

    i agree, whatever his designs were, his constant needling basically exposed all the fraud of NICE. ToI-geeyi might not highlight it, but it is now public that NICE is building parks, studios and what not out side the township lands. It also exposed how the framework agreement itself was changed to suit NICE. All that SC has said is go back original agreement. At one point NICE was asking if stick to original agreement will you let us go? Then other things happened and they lost focus.

    i just hope whoever follows ensures that PRR(part of original agreement) is completed and wields a huge stick to ensure that NICE sticks to original agreement.

    but it is also true that in all this drama, these parties have made a fool of us.

    once you cast a vote, you have to shut up for 5 years and let the parties play all the games they are playing.
    the system works if everything is alright, 5 years good ruler, stable govt ok. but in 55 years we have had 24 CMs. something is wrong. based a mandate cast 40 months ago they are playing all these games.

    somebody famously wondered how come we never hear about ships carrying honda cars sinking into the ocean. like that i wonder why certain buses dont fall into the rivers.

  159. Doode Says:

    DG and clan have dug their own graves. Election will be last nail for their coffins.

  160. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    our Gowda family is 1000 times worse than Lalloo…

  161. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Raviraja gowdre,

    Since you think your Gowda family is so bad, maybe you should take up a job in Patna and do a comparative study…

  162. sisya Says:

    anon guy,

    you hit the nail on the head when you raise the hypo situation where there is no gowda and sons. Without Gowda, BJP would just keep harping on hindutva, cong would keep branding them communal and we’d never have known the levels to which they’d stoop to cling on to power. If Gowda is such a monster, why pray cant bjp and cong set aside their practise of political untouchability and come together? Nobody even wants to question that farce they put up! If they’re the ‘nice guys’ why cant they decide to come together and ‘save the state’ from Gowda?

    Fact of the matter is they’re both opportunistic, corrupt and inept to the core but want to paint themselves as the wronged ones. BJP’s crybaby tactics is getting more and more disgusting by the day. as for cong, nothing can be more insulting in a democracy than those who I voted asslicking a sob and a momofasob every step of the way.

  163. prasad Says:

    Why do you INSULT Bihar!?

  164. Low Lower Lowest « Bangalore Blues Says:

    […] carried a post yesterday which begged the question whether Karnataka was the Bihar of the south… or should it be the other way […]

  165. Vishal Says:


    Every party is greedy and would stake its claim at the slightest possibility – especially in a country like ours where democracy is at best fragile. So in a way we are all accustomed to the general level of immorality that exists with every party. But now Gowda and his sons have crossed that threshold of immorality. Even by his own standards, he has gone too far this time. Of course, the BJP and the Cong are to be blamed as well for their opportunism but given our tolerance for some immorality, their opportunism seems like petty theft in front of JD(S)’s homicide.
    I dont know what your political affiliations are but, the point is that politics is about perception, then JD(S) has not come off too well.

  166. rk Says:

    seeing yeddy’s anger, we can now call him HEDE-YERAPPA!

  167. Sathya Says:

    Hoovinda hoovige haaruva dumbi yenanu saadhisadu says a Kannada fil song. Can we replace the hoovu by DG. Ego is bad. Bloated Ego is worse. And as one advances in age EGO becomes a domnating factor in man’s life. No advices will be useful to them. OK. By this attitude not only they suffer they make the entire community suffer forever.

  168. sisya Says:


    everybody is corrupt.. and everybody is out to whip the others’ ass. BJP and Cong tried their darndest best but DG ended up wallopping them. It may yet change. DG may yet meet his match before he meets his maker, but that doesnt absolve bjp and cong of their sins. they’re still as much the slimy bastards as DG can ever dream of being. DG atleast doesnt indulge in crybaby tactics.. maaTa, mantra, vaama, homa.. he’ll do what it takes but he wont insult my intelligence with inane BS like “so and so is conducting black magic on me.. i am making a will.. if i die they are responsible”.. Man this yeddi guy belongs in an asylum and you guys are making a case for him! What is Congress thinking when they keep harping on BJP’s communalism? Do they for a moment believe that I buy their BS? And what are the BJP bastards thinking when they’re letting my beloved bbgiri bleed? Just because DG keeps scoring the public victories doesnt mean BJP and Cong arent trying their best to be the bastards they are. Its almost like you guys are jealous of how much money DG makes and want yeddi to get a share of the loot! Pathetic.

  169. tarlesubba Says:

    anybody know if siddu any good ?

  170. dr ramesh Says:

    siddaramaiah had a great chance to provide a viable alternative when he came out of JDS. he should have flouted a regional party ,he had support of AHINDA cadre, many intellectuals were ready to rally behind him. unfortunately he went the congress way. look at the way congress is treating him.

  171. Vishal Says:


    Read carefully – I am not making a case for Yeddy’s paranoia. I am making a case for his party which was betrayed by Gowda for the second time in a month. Yes, the BJP might be opportunistic but, when you agree for a deal it must be honored which the JDS did not. If that is making the BJP act like a crybaby then so be it. They have been wronged and they will try to get full mileage out of it. If the samething had happened to the JDS, would they not have made a scene out of it?
    Secondly, when you say that I am jealous about DG’s money and want Yeddy to sit and loot, you sound ridiculous. I am not jealous – I am pissed seeing DG’s family roll in riches without sparing a sweat- you dont seem to be bothered about DG’s corruption – in a way you endorse it. I dont want any politician to make wealth in this magnitude in such ways.

  172. Gaby Says:

    Satya auntie/ uncle the old chitra geete is actually Hoovinda hoovige haaruva dumbi enanu haaduthihe nee enanau haaduthihe. Hoovina komala bhavane kenaki ethake haaruthihe nee hoovinda hoovige haaruva dumbi. Arati akka singing to Vishnu anna- but here all poiltical peoples telling to only HDG.

    But I wonder if we cann make a Ranna like observation and ask why Vijayalakshmi ( The CM Gaddi and not the movie actress !) is yaake yaarigu oliyuthilla ?

  173. sisya Says:

    “They have been wronged…”
    No. They havent been wronged. Gowda just beat them at their own game. Thats all. Its just that bjp tried their bit of ‘assholism’ and it just didnt work, for DG was equal to the task. When the options are “I screw you or you screw me”.. what would be your pick? Well, DG made the same choice. He chose to screw instead of getting screwed. Now BJP wants me to believe that they were saints. What do they take me for?

    Also, BJP has no moral right in the first place to aspire for the CM post. Gowda and sons did all the hard work of bringing down Cong and do you think DG or anybody in his place is such a fool to as share the loot 50-50?! 20 months ago, BJP’s contribution to bringing down the Cong govt was just numbers. Gowdru, in addition to the numbers, did all the dirty work. He got his hands dirty and orchestrated all the moves. He spent his ‘buddhi-shakti’. He obviously ought to get a bigger share than BJP.

    BJPge dum iddiddre they should have bargained for the CM’s post 20 months ago.. and now they could have done to Gowda what he’s doing to them. But no. BJP wants Gowda’s chaNaakshatana to bring down Congress. amele 20 tingalaadalmele CM-giri avarige kotbiDbekante… Yeddige DG kivili enaaru flower kaMDitta 20 tingaLa hinde?

    “…and they will try to get full mileage out of it.”
    yes.. the aLumunjis they are, they will do it.

    “.. If the samething had happened to the JDS, would they not have made a scene out of it?…”
    Oh yes.. they would have made.. but when that happened I wouldnt ask you to shed tears for them. Its like an india aus match.. if india are the losers they are and aus are the winners they are, there simply is no point crowing about it. You just resign to the fact that 7 out of 10 times aus will wallop us. Same with DG and Yeddi. 7 out of 10 times DG will whip yeddi boy’s ass. No wonder the idiot cant even stand up straight.

  174. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Devegowda did a devegowda on Sisya’s brain:) It is irretrievably lost, sigh!

  175. tarlesubba Says:

    apparently the second time around it was the JD(S) which went to BJP to save JD(S) from being split by the congress.

  176. tarlesubba Says:

    not to mention JD(S) might end up split despite all the brain work, or perhaps because of it.

  177. Doddi Buddi Says:


    …”not to mention JD(S) might end up split despite all the brain work, or perhaps because of it…” hilarious! :)

    Ree swamy edit-ray swalpa nammannu moderation ‘doddi’ indha aachey haaki!


  178. Vishal Says:


    “Also, BJP has no moral right in the first place to aspire for the CM post”
    The JDS agreed to transfer power after 20 months including the CM’s post. BJP did not bring the Cong government down, it was Kumaraswamy’s aspiration and Gowda’s greed to become the CM which broght it down. You can call it hard work or dirty work – it was done for power. They needed the BJP at that time and it was they who approached the BJP not the other way round.

    “BJP wants Gowda’s chaNaakshatana to bring down Congress. amele 20 tingalaadalmele CM-giri avarige kotbiDbekante… Yeddige DG kivili enaaru flower kaMDitta 20 tingaLa hinde?”
    Get your facts right – it was MUTUALLY AGREED that power would be transferred after 20 months including the CM’s post. If the JDS wanted Kumaraswamy to continue, they should have put that condition 20 months back.
    And it was an agreement between unequal partners(BJP – 79 and JDS 58) – if anyone should get a bigger share it should be the BJP.

    Btw, Aus cannot win a match by cheating the scorecard – if they win they have earned it unlike the JDS which has snatched it.

  179. sisya Says:

    “Get your facts right – it was MUTUALLY AGREED that power would be transferred after 20 months including the CM’s post.”
    Was it on bond paper? If it was, BJP should explore legal options instead of adding vamachara to their list of accusations against DG. But perhaps it was not. You know why? Because BJP honchos figured… “ey… biDree. eppattombat jana manEl kootu uppinkayi haakO badalu.. GowdrEnO package deal koDtavre… esht nijano esht suLLo gottilla… aadarU bandidd aaykoLaNa banree..”

    Once Gowda had helped BJP achieve their single point agenda (that is pull down Congress… not to mention Gowda also made them(cong) look like fools in the process which was icing on the cake for bhajapa) and it was clear to BJP how much was suLLu and how much was nija in the ‘package deal’, BJP started revealing their true colours. Gowdara hattirane aaTa aaDakke hOdaru… 150 koTi ante… murder ante.. vamachara ante. saaladdakke ondu daridra shobhayatre bere.. mannangatti. alla… rajakaraNigaLaagidgoMDu bere obba rajakaraNi mele lanchada aarOpa horastaralla.. siva mechchaana? ivarenu rajakaraNigaLO.. tehelkanO?

    “If the JDS wanted Kumaraswamy to continue, they should have put that condition 20 months back.”
    If bjp wanted yeddi on gaddi after 20 months, they should have got it on bond paper. 20 months back. But no. The spineless wimps they are, they didnt have the ‘meter’ to ask Gowdru for that. koTTidd tambula togondu right heLidru.. ivaaga 20 months later they want us to believe that they were betrayed!

  180. KL Says:

    DB and TS,
    There is a lot of konga bashing in karnataka.Understandable.But why is the role of gullts not under the scanner.I hold no brief for DG.

    The four dravidian states have been divided on the basis of language.The gults have disproportionate power in madras and dmk.They have embedded themselves in karnataka in bellary and bangalore.

    The mudaliars are politically disempowered in halasuru.The gults are all powerful in andhra.Nobody can challenge the andhras in AP.They have the first and only claim on land in AP.The tamils(and DMK telugus) are in a similar position in TN.The telugus are ardent supporters of karu in TN.

    But in karnataka,the gults are challenging the vokkaligas.The Lingayats do not have the courage or acumen to settle the problem within kannadigas.The northie BJP thugs are watching this spectacle.

    Kannadigas,you pour scorn on kongas.But you cant control the gult monster.Wake up.Linguistic division means the locals have primary claim on land.

  181. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Devegowda 420 antha yellarigu gotthu! Neevu yestey vithanda vada madidru–DG = 420 :)

  182. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Astu kanoonina baggey maryadey iro jana antheeralla astondhu benaami holdings yaakey? DDG and family maha kadeemarau antha prapanchakke gotthu! Yeno nimmanthoru swalpa mosaley kanneeru suristha yeri parwagilla!

  183. Vishal Says:


    “Was it on bond paper? If it was, BJP should explore legal options instead of adding vamachara to their list of accusations against DG.”
    In other words you are saying that DG words can be believed only if it is on bond paper otherwise he is a habitual liar, cheater devoid of any ethics and morals – you have proved my point.

    I guess everyone idolizes somebody – in your case it is DG which makes you to defend him. I can understand.

    Good Luck

  184. dr ramesh Says:

    bjp–rss agenda is to SLOWL;Y BUT SURELY wipe out south indian languages. they have always been sceptical about dravidian languages.
    bjp -rss shouts about religion and conversion at the same time tries to destroy multi-cultural,multi-linguistic richness of india.

  185. Vishal Says:

    dr ramesh,

    thanks for the comic relief

  186. dr ramesh Says:

    ade problammu guru, nam jana serious vicharana comedy anthare, comedyna serious aagi nodtaare.
    inspite of his idiosyncracies , deve gowda should be complimented for the way he prevented bjp-rss causing DAMAGE to karnataka.

  187. babuds Says:

    Mannina Maga and Mannina Marumaga have put enough mud on the face of Kannadigas and Karnataka, so that Karnataka will henceforth be called simply Nataka and Kannadigas as Nataka Jana. Further with all that mud on their face people would unable to see clearly through and again elect Manninamaga’s family party to power in the coming elections. This time around Bengaluru will be thrown back to Jurassic ages and will become once again benda Kalu vuru from wher it started.

  188. Ganesh Says:


    I thought of continuing this thread so that spread awareness among people of Karnataka about the our political leaders. I am right now settled in Bangalore, but basically born and brought up in Bellary.

    I am very well aware that Sriramulu, Bellary MLA is notorious and criminal. Also he was a rowdy from his school days. He has got all the ROWDY characters of neighbouring Andhra. Also I have heard that his Brother in law (sister’s husband) was bigh rowdy in Bellary railways (who was killed by his opponents).

    Even his best friends (rather again one more notorious family of Reddy brothers, who are close friends of YSR, CM of Andhra… again a rowdy!!!!).

    I request all my friends who are from Bellary (or know about the facts of Bellary), please come with such ideas so that rest of Kannadiga’s are aware of these facts. Even not now, at least in future people are aware of these facts.

    I know this forum will reach only handful of Kannadiga’s and not really Vote bank people of Rowdy Sriramulu (basically innocent Bellary slum people)

    I agree with Ram that AP is giving stiff competition to Karnataka in becoming one more Bihar. But trust me Ram (even others), Bellary is already a mini BIHAR….!!!!

    Ella Kannadigarige nanna namaskaragalu.


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