Yedi, steady, go: All the gods must be crazy

Not even bending backwards on one foot helped B.S. Yediyurappa escape the machinations of the “Son Parivar”. After the JDS issued a whip directing its legislators to vote against the trust motion moved by the seven-day-old chief minister, there was only one way out of the Vidhana Soudha on Monday for the perpetually scowling BJP leader.

And, suddenly, all the homas, havans and yagnas, pooje and punaskara, and visits to temples, mutts, godmen, astrologers, numerologists and soothsayers came to nought.

Photographs: courtesy Deccan Herald (above), Karnataka Photo News (below)

Picture imperfect: Is it an idol (sic)? Is it a statue? Is it a mannequin?

One leg in the chair, two eyes on the chair

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6 Responses to “Yedi, steady, go: All the gods must be crazy”

  1. SumneNeeve Says:

    Got to give my compliments for the photographer. Absolutely thought-provoking and hillarious.

  2. Another Kannadiga Down Under Says:

    Nice pics….Maybe Yediyurappa should not have changed his spelling. Somehow it did not work out in his favour…..

    It is disgusting to see that the politicians are openly fighting for lucrative portfolios and wasting public money….Do they care about the poor people and eradicating poverty?? Naah…..They are just interested in building their personal wealth that would suffice for 10 generations….

    Why cant we vote for a single party. We know all are corrupt. Atleast it shall save us from the hassle of re-elections and people getting killed and murdered during re-election and avoiding the criminal waste of public money.

    I want to change the system. I want a group of literate people who want to be “GOOD” politicians and who can make Karnataka a model state for others to follow. I can guide them by being a political advisor…..Is anyone listening??

  3. Alok Says:

    Classic photos….

    Maybe in a couple of decades, someone will make a classic comedy by sticking only to the facts.

    Does anybody else enjoy the montage of pics and songs that ETV Kannada puts up after the news coverage of the political events?

    If you haven’t seem them, you must. Brilliant use of Kannada film songs and stock Gowda/Yeddy footage matching the day’s events.

  4. rk Says:

    seeing the 3 pics, one thing is true:
    kaala-sthithi thumba ketthogide.

  5. King of Hill Says:

    Poor thing, but really now do we feel the same pity on him? His single ambition seems to be fullfilled, now there his no need for sympathy!

  6. swamynathan Says:

    I am angry with BJP CM. Why? I agree that politicians are born liars and their prerogative is to tell lies. This could be done on a bylane, platform,on roads eyc., but NOT IN MTHE ASSEMBLY. I am talking of Power supply to Bangalore. 23 hrs was promised on the floor of the assembly But never happened. I spoke to one of the functionaries of BJP, he scolded me saying it is a WORLD WIDE PROBLEM!!!!. I didnot klnow it is a world wide problem, I was thinking it is Karnatakas problem. With such wrong promises on the floor of the house, are the people going to vote in the BBMP elections. LET US WATCH FINGERS CROSSED

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