‘Blame anybody, but don’t blame the voter’

Editorial in The Telegraph on the nataka in Karnataka:

“Not much can be expected of politicians who are least interested in governance, in the interests of the people or even in any kind of ideology. President’s rule in such a situation is an admission of the defeat of the system because of the stubborn greed and egotism of a few people voted to power… Voters cannot be blamed for apathy and cynicism. They are looking at a situation in which democratic functioning has failed.”

Read the full editorial here: Done it again

Cartoon: Surendra in The Hindu

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One Response to “‘Blame anybody, but don’t blame the voter’”

  1. Nastika Says:

    It easy right, to blame the people?

    For example, take the case of JDS. Of 224 seats, JDS capacity was to win 58 seats. What stopped them from winning more?
    224-58 = 166.
    Why did JDS lose in 166 constituencies? Why JDS candidates can’t get people’s faith in 166 constituencies? Weak JDS candidates – is it the problem of JDS or people? Why blame people for election results?

    PS: Also replace JDS with INC or BJP & their numbers above and the same hold good.

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