Finally, Karnataka gets an acting chief minister

Not too many babes, belles or bimbos may be ready to shoot off billet doux to real-life chief ministers after the developments in the capital in the week gone by. But the juicy political life of at least one former Karnataka chief minister has spurred Hi! Bangalore editor Ravi Belagere (centre) to exploit its cinematic and commercial possibilities.

The mahurat of the controversially titled Mukhyamantri I Love You, that leaves little to the politically aware Kannadiga imagination, was held on Thursday at the Press Club of Bangalore. Actress Bhavana (right) who plays a young actress called Rekha in the movie, and Vijaya Karnataka editor Vishweshwar Bhat (left), who plays doctor to the chief minister’s ageing father Tantre Gowda (played by Loknath) were at hand.

Vijay of ‘Kariya I love you’ fame (from Duniya) plays the CM.

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23 Responses to “Finally, Karnataka gets an acting chief minister”

  1. gundabhat Says:

    sorry for the segue, but the wikipedia entry says “He is one of the Hardworking Journalist who beyond the limits and try to look in depth of the issue”, is that a fact or an opinion? hmm

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    What if Mukhyamantri Chandru had actually become CM? He couldn’t do any worse than the current regime.

  3. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    any resemblance to characters in or out of power is purely intentional!

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Tantre Gowda – how apt!

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    On another note, is it true that Ambarish could never run in a straight line? Industry watchers tell me that he always ran sideways in all his films.

  6. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Sir Aatmapudi,

    Have you never watched an Ambarish movie?! ‘Antha’ is recommended – a ground breaking movie for its time, which spawned off a whole slew of copycats even in tamil and hindi. Years later they made another movie called ‘operation antha’ with Ambarish himself – to be avoided at all costs.

    It is true that the rebel star always ran sideways. Some people say it was due to something he contracted during his erring youthful days…

  7. thoughtbeans Says:

    Film Music Mano Murthy & Sahitya Jayanth Kaykini Adre, Super Duper Hit

  8. Vijay Says:

    If Ravi belegere is writing the script of ‘mukyamantri i love you’, then definitely the final output would be ‘mukhya mantri i hate you’. Deve Gowda will becomes ‘kutantre Gowda’, and the CM will be ‘dongara swami’. Still…I expect something positive from Belegere…

  9. Yashica Says:

    One expects nothing better from a tabloid editor. But can the editor of a broadsheet be taking part in a political movie built around Gandhi Nagar gossip without making a fool of himself and his journalism?

  10. Shiva with Ananda Says:

    name should have been Kantri gowda than tantri gowda.

  11. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    Anon Guy, thanks for the clarification, buddy. Now that you have mentioned ‘Operation Antha,’ this collector of cult bad movies will try to procure the DVD at all reasonable costs.

    By the y, I can only imagine what he contacted in his younger days to make him run sideways :-)

  12. King of Hill Says:

    When is ananthna antha coming?

  13. Bhat G Says:

    Wonder what will be Radhikas role in new film of Kumaraswamy. Possibly Radhika will be dumped.

  14. Sanjay Guha Says:

    Kariya I love you would have been a better title for the movie

  15. armugam Says:

    i have two questions:

    is ashok kheny financing this movie?

    why is this v bhat always seen with r belagere? are they inseperable twins or do they constitute a lobby with t n seetharam and etv? does TOI know of v bhat’s affiliations? or has he corrupted them too? or did they take to him only because he was corrupt.

    churumuri has a soft corner for some of these guys, who neither have talent or credibility. please avoid them.

    v bhat can’t write a clean kannada sentence and does a lot of ‘lift irrigation.’ he has ‘ghosts’ to write and translate for him.

    r belagere is perennially at this pendantic worse. his language is so flowery and full of adjectival mines that you can hardly trust anything he writes.

  16. Mayura Says:

    Well said Armugam.

    Ravi claims he is financing the movie himself. The budget is around Rs.3 crores. I wonder how he made that kind of money in the first place by selling a tabloid.

    V Bhat and RB are old chums going back to RB’s samyukta karnataka days,when he was the editor there. V bhat single handedly build vijaya karnataka to the no. 1 postion among kannada newspapers, which was till then hogged by Nandi Mark (M)Prajavani. At least that can be called an achievment.

    However, as you mentioned RB’s articles are low on content and high on intellectual dishonesty.

  17. raj Says:

    best of luck ravi sir

  18. CHURUMURI POLL: Should Gowda film be banned? « churumuri Says:

    […] to “Mukhyamantri I Love You, by Radha“. Then, after the movie’s mahurat, Janata Dal (Secular) workers stormed the newspaper’s offices and demanded the project be […]

  19. Purushotham Says:

    Good luck to Ravi belagere. God may give him strength to face all the consequences which may come on the way of his work towards Mukhymantri I Love You

  20. manjunath Says:

    i know will not care about political’ use your force , and make revolution

  21. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Everybody wants to be a star either in films or in political field.

  22. vikram Says:

    what ever it may be but film will be hit ?

  23. Naveen Says:

    But this film will be ever released????!!!!!!!!!!

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