Because: “Government Work is Dog’s Work”

With seven-night stands becoming the order of the day, with politicians squabbling amongst each other and marking their turf with canine zeal, strays in front of the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore have all the time in the world to examine each other’s dark underbellies, to pick and remove ticks without security men brusquely shooing them away, and to generally ponder the future of humankind.

Photograph: Gangadhar Poojar/ Karnataka Photo News

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5 Responses to “Because: “Government Work is Dog’s Work””

  1. Aruna Urs Says:

    with tongue firmly held in cheek – it looks like a father is being comforted by 2 sons. Many thanks Mr.Poojar…the art aptly captures the essence!

  2. pulikeshi the last Says:

    These are no dogs, but legislators out for a breath of fresh air and camaraderie.

  3. ERR Says:

    Now we know the building behind can be put to better use by changing the name plate to :’Namma Kelasa Yaava Devara kelasakkinthalu Kadime yilla.Kambha villadiddaru nadeyutthe namma kelasa’.

  4. dharma Says:

    Good one. It is an insult to the DOGS to be standing where Gowda and his clan stood. Dogs are to be believed & are faithful for ever!

  5. Faldo Says:

    The lure of power is not restricted to humans alone. :) It looks like these players are going into a huddle, planning their next move.

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