CHURUMURI POLL: Should swamijis go abroad?

At the heart of the opposition to Sri Sugunendra Teertha swamiji of the Puttige mutt (in picture, left) ascending the “Paryaya peetha” at the Sri Krishna Mutt in Udupi in January 2008 are his foreign peregrinations—the Samudra Yaana. According to the traditions of the Ashta mutt (eight mutts), of which Puttige is one, seers are not permitted to cross the seas, in other words go abroad. Even if he takes part in the Paryaya rituals, he should not offer poojas because of his saagarolanghanae, is the contention of Sri Vishvesha Teertha swamiji of the Pejawar mutt.

Sri Sugunendra, who is the international president of the World Council of Religions for Peace and has visited the United States and Chechnya among other places, has said that he only went abroad to propagate Hindu dharma and Dwaita principles, not for his personal purposes. “When I returned, the Pejawar seer wrote me a letter of commendation. If Mother Earth is divine, how can foreign soil be any less so?” he asks. “The Pejawar swamiji is apprehensive that swamijis who go abroad will not return.”

To be sure, this is not the first time the eight mutts have been rocked by such a controversy. Sri Vishvavijaya Teertha swamiji, the first disciple of the Pejawar seer, had to relinquish his post for going to the United States. And Sri Vibhudesha Teertha swamiji of the Admar mutt, too suffered the same fate for a similar offence, and had to make way for his disciplie Sri Vishwapriya Teertha swamji.

Questions: Should the Puttige seer be barred from the Paryaya—during which the pontiffs of the eight mutts take charge of the management of the Sri Krishna Temple by turns—or be allowed? Does it make sense in the 21st century to disallow foreign travel for swamijis? Is it a blind ritual bound in superstition or one worthy of observance even today? Should there be a writtten constitution for the Ashta mutt to prevent misinterpretation and to prevent a repeat of such controversies? If swamijis can take active part in politics, is going abroad to spread Hindu philosophy such a big crime?

Photograph: Puttige mutt seer Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji releasing a Hindu almanac at the Sri Krishna Brindavan in New Jersey.

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56 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Should swamijis go abroad?”

  1. Sathya Says:

    Not worth debating. Times have changed. They should not move in automobiles. Should not drink tap waters. Should not under fans… Should not do many things but still they do it. It creates factionism amongst followers. They should desist from debating such things in public. Let Lord Krishna save everybody.

  2. Rame Gowda Hassan Says:

    Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji’s brochure has a photo of Swamiji with the US Prez George Bush. Did he really meet Bush or is it a doctored photo?
    Sorry for this blasphemous question / doubt?!

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    Swamijis should definitely go abroad. That’s where the money is. Religion is one of the top 3 highest income vocations in the world and swamijis have always been smart at capitalizing on this fact. Go Swamiji!

  4. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Sugunendra Swamiji can breathe easy when other jet-setting swamijis are facing murder charges, being accused of sleeping around, being photographed with liquor barons, corrupt businessmen, models, actresses, etc. If those impurities obtained on Bharteeya soil is OK, what is so wrong about visiting God’s Own Country?

    Has Sugunendra Swamiji’s world-view diminished after his foreign tours? Is his appreciation of Hinduism or the rituals of the Ashta mutt come down after after the trip? Is there no way for the Ashta Mutt to cleanse the impurity that crossing the seas may have fetched him without ostracising him from the Paryaya?

    The Ashta Mutt is certainly entitled to its rituals and decisions, but it must not play into the hands of pseudo-secularists and self-styled rationalists who will use the opportunity provided by the controversy to hurl stones at Hinduism. It must resolve the debate amicably without giving room for others to play dirty.

  5. T.Shettru Says:

    Should Police wear Uniform?
    Should we serve meat in temples?

    I just threw in some questions so we can understand the situation. Every place/Institution has its own rules and laws. You need to follow them if you want to be part of the system, If you don’t agree, you can always question it. Please don’t break it before questioning.

    Well, one man’s opinion.

  6. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    It is always easier to seek forgiveness than permission.

  7. Balaji Says:

    >> he only went abroad to propagate Hindu dharma and Dwaita principles

    Hindu proselytizing?

    Flawed arguments from either side. Hinduism in India itself is in mortal peril with people worshiping dubious gods and being deliriously ignorant of Hindu Philosophy. Can you believe India worships Rama? But these Swamijis want to propagate Hindu dharma to others, whatever that is?!

  8. ERR Says:

    Swamijis should definiely go abroad if they feel like.But after returning, they should live like any normal human being!They don’t have any thing extra to teach, nor should they claim any extra powers. If they live like any normal human beings , they should go abrorad and come back and live normal life like any body else.
    No tom tomming and fooling aroiund!

  9. Gouri Satya Says:

    When sage Patanjali is believed to have come from another planet, when ‘Parakayapravesha’ is accepted, when Swami Vivekananda was welcomed with great honour after his Chicago speech and held in reverance even now, what is wrong in Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji undertaking a tour abroad. Silly politics in Ashtra Mutts of Udupi.

  10. Mrignayani Says:

    Hey…. Swamy Vivekananda addressed the famous world religion meet lat Chicago long long ago and no one can question if he is a swamy or not. It is because these mutts behave so stupid that fakes like Sri Sri Ravishankarji successfully market spirituality abroad. Not that these mutt swamys are any better. Go to any of the mutts that are making such a hue and cry about some foreign trips, the deities in the mutt are covered with cockroaches and co webs. They are so very dirty. is that allowed?’

  11. Pavitra Says:

    First of all why are we restricting Hinduism only to India?I am proud of my religion because of the excellent principles demonstrated in Hinduism. Why shouldn’t the world be made aware of it?We have Yoga and ayurveda now becoming popular worldwide..Why not our religion too?. We have Islam and Christianity spread all over the world, because people have been coerced or forcibly converted.. But hinduism preaches you to love your God in any form, in every form , in any religion. That is why we worship
    multiple Gods. Hinduism never preaches conversion. The Geetopadeshas
    and the dharma margas demonstrated hold good even today and definitely help us in making our lives better. Our women are treated with respect unlike other religions. The saddest parts are the superstitions and blind beliefs that have been injected into our system and which we have been following blindly.Like our caste system..Caste System was merely meant for division of labour.. We no longer have that division and yet the caste system persists.. Similarly, in the earlier days, when there were no flights, If a swamiji had to go to a foriegn country, he had to travel for days together and had to break many of his daily rituals and also could not survive on fasting for so many days.When countries have advanced, technologies have evolved, isn’t it time for reviewing our religion’s rules too?

  12. Abhirama Says:

    The whole thing is damn retarded. I don’t see any point in cloistering Hinduism in India. When all the religions in the world (Christianity and Islam in particular) are hell bent on propagating it, why are we Hinuds taking such a stone age stance? Is there any logical reason for not allowing a Swamiji to travel abroad?

  13. timma Says:

    Let these so-called swamijis live in their world.It’s not worth discussing about them and their intellectually bankrupt followers.

  14. babuds Says:

    When I was discussing a Rain fall map of Karnataka with late Sri Basavalingappa (former Minister of Karnataka), he stumped me with a question. How does rain know the disrict boundaries in order to decide in which district to open its tap and in which it should not. The obvious answer is boundaries are man made and rain simply doesn’t care.

    How about Swami Vivekananda. Did he not cross the seas (in a ship) to lecture in Chicago about Hindu religion (not Hindutva). Can we say he is a lesser swami because of his voyage?

    I think all of this has to do more with internecine wars among and within the mutts rather than Hindu religion.

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Paapa yeno swamijigaligu chata foreignge hogakke. Hogli bidi.

  16. bariolu Says:

    Is there that Hanuman anywhere near who made the first sea crossing? We should ban him from Hinduism

  17. ramareddy Says:

    I was given an explanation by a insider within the mutt which sounded reasonable.While the Udupi Mutt doesnt consider any person who crosses
    the sea as an outcaste,it considers that a swami(ascetic) must perform his
    duties daily at the correct time gap.But when he travels abroad, he might
    either miss out one of the pooja’s that he has to perform, or the time lag
    may upset the whole cycle.Thats the only reason.In general any swami who doesnt perform his pooja’s is looked upon in the same manner except for times when the swami is unwell.Its just that Puttige Mutt doesnt have any junior swami.Its the same case with the Kanchi Shankaracharya, who was arrested,but the timely intervention of his counsel provided him with the rights to perform pooja inside the jail

  18. krishna vattam Says:

    You are too smart.I had written the script and wanted to post , but your story is alredy there.This is how a journalist scores over his fellow journalist and there is a thrill in it.Congts Krishna vattam

  19. proud Hindu Madhwa from Gokulam and NJ Says:

    No, the photograph of Swamiji with President and Laura Bush was not doctored. It was taken in California ( If my memory serves me right). In fact in spite of instructions to the contrary, President Bush extended his hands at the Swamiji, who had the presence of mind to take both of his own hands and shake.
    Imagine if you can, a holy man, walking in sub zero temperatures in ssnow and ice, with one layer of clothing, that too not covering the entire body, going from one hindu home gathering to the other, propagating hinduism, then you get the picture of Puthige math Swamiji. Does he ask for money? Absolutely not. He has visted our home three times in the last 8 years. The last time to perform Sri Jagannatha dasaru and Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar’s Aradhane. To answer Balaji’s query, he is showing Karma marga for those of us who are in Bhogabhoomi. Why not? Sri Krishna does not belong to Udupi or India alone nor his teachings. Right?

  20. Rajesh Bhat Says:

    “he only went abroad to propagate Hindu dharma and Dwaita principles”

    Hello Indian Brothers. I just stumbled into this very good and thought provoking site. I am from Karnataka slogging overseas and sending regular remittances to my poor family back in South Kanara. I am a Brahmim…a madhava or smartha should not matter. However, it is really extremely sad to see this sad and shameful state of affairs in the seer’s politics that used to be focused on propagating Hindu karma and philosophy…in India or abroad!

    When super fakes like the Blr land encroacher and millionaire Sri Sri Ravishankarji can fly in chartered jet aircraft all over the world and propagate false Hinduism and peace: in the process making billions for self fulfillment, or Billy Graham preaching and converting Christianity to millions every month in Asia or Africa, what is wrong with Sri Sugunendra Teertha swamiji of the Puttige mutt doing something humble, non-profitable, genuine and true? Something that every other Indian Swamiji (hopefully a genuine one) ought to be doing?

    THE ACTUAL VILLAIN OR KINGPIN IN THE ENTIRE CONTROVERSY APPEARS TO BE SRI VISHVESHA TEERTHA SWAMIJI OF THE PEJAWAR MUTT. To be honest many I know are shocked by his ignorance. My friends made massive donations to his causes. The same swamiji had earlier banned two well known and talented but non-political swamis including the famous kannada vocalist Sri Vibhusha Teertha swamiji!

    Awaken: India Is The Land Of Swami Vivekananda! Land Of Sri Rama! During his next press conference someone must ask this Vishvesha Teertha what is the meaning of his own name. Agreed, he is a powerful leader in VHP….but: does he know the meaning of VHP? I am intentionally referring to him in this way since HE HAS LOST ALL THE RESPECT OF SO MANY BRAHMINS, HINDUS, INDIANS IN GENERAL AND NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE UNCONDITIONALLY ASAP!

    Does he believe in Lord Hanuman? Sometimes, the illiteracy and idiosyncrasy of these traditional swami’s makes me ashamed to be called a Brahmin! Hey, does he know that Kanchi Shankaracharya was jailed..for whatever? No one is above God nor play crooked politics for too long.


    To sum it up: I guess it is high time to kick-out the illiterate, modern day imams of the Udipi temple and the Ashtra Mutts (and their billions, unaccounted funds, political flunkies and Kannada sahitya parishad al) and install (probably with a Supreme court PIL) a really forward looking management of genuine no- political, forward looking Swamiji’s.

    Sadly, the BJP, VHP and RSS are completely silent…why? I feel sad because I thought they are good and fair. I agree that while the seer is the undisputed VHP honcho, these sisiter organizations (rather their old leaders) badly need the cash of the temple devotees for the forthcoming elections in Karnataka. But for Lord Krishna’s sake pls …never short-change your own family! Modi may win, BJP may win in Blr…but your family will never forget you deeds!

    Let us all hope Sugunendra Teertha or whoever else in future in a similar situation keeps his sprits high and does the righteous. Lord Krishna will ALWAYS help the righteous…today or tomorrow. Otherwise, in this modern age, we are as good as being in Iran with the mullas.

  21. Sanatana Dharma Says:

    Lord Krishna will deliver justice in his own way and soon. Let’s wait and see what happens to Puttige Seer. I am told by insiders that he has deceived his counter parts in other mathas by giving them word that he will appoint a junior. I have also been shown by a group of protestors, a letter in previous incident related to same violation by an earlier Pejawar seer in which the same seer has signed in protest and approved that it is wrong to travel abroad. In fact he was the one who rallied a campaign then. This man who shakes his hands with George Bush (who knows what he else he does during foreign tours) looks like someone without a conscience. Let’s wait for justice to be delivered.

  22. Uma Says:

    The ignorance and retarded attitude of the Udupi seer is shocking and needs to be severely condemned by all.

  23. Satish Rao Says:

    The Pejawar Pontiff Sri Vishweshtheertha Swamiji who talks about Dharmashastras and all that is actually a crooked, politician and needs to be kicked out of his job and banished away forever from the Udipi temple.

    The truth is simple: Sugunendrateertha Swamiji has been so popular while spreading peace, our culture and the Hindu faith. The Pejawar seer and his flunkies can not accept someone becoming so popular with his forward looking, visionary and truly service oriented nature. They have no other stick except using videsh yatra as a lame excuse.

    Thanks to the recent bashing from the media and educated public in South Kanara, the Udipi seer is now softening his stand. However, the only long term solution is removing him from his position using a PIL in the supreme court.

  24. jignasu Says:

    As one wonders over what is right and what is wrong, it is very important to know that schools like dvita-advaita etc are based on scriptural evidence for following dharma. In that sense, all viewpoints based on today’s practices and rationals do not hold good. So it is important to addresss this issue by understanding what dharmashastras have said. If dharmashastra’s allow foriegn travel, then fine. If not, that is yet. As I know it, there are many pramanas which clearly indicate what is karma-bhumi and what is not. What is not very clear is the boundary, although it’s certainly in and around bharatha khanda. I think more debate on this should through light in the right direction.

  25. Raghunath Maiya Says:

    Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, Head of Udupi Puttige Mutt was given a unbelievably impressive public welcome in Mysore today. (21st Dec 2007). It was so surprising given the short notice, that to the Star of Mysore. Obviously Hindus and South Kanara Brahmins are smart and I guess it is high time the public and all Hindus in general do something about the mafia gang led by the politician, pseudo seer called Pejawar pontiff. The old man should retire in life and seek pardon for his misdeeds.
    Seeing the public enthusiasm, some really cried and also observing the respect that the forward looking Hindu leader of this new age generated, I and all our friends in the software firms around here were wondering when will the retarded attitude of the Ashtamatt pontiffs finally close?
    The Pejawar pontiff in Udipi can not even deserve to be a mere BJP MLA. Considering his crooked attitude so far and now proven backward mentality, let us hope no one senior enough in VHP or RSS will give him two hoots anymore.
    More importantly, let us all pray for enlightenment in the Ashtamatts and Brahmins of South Kanara!

  26. nagaraja rao Says:

    January 18,2008 is the date of Paryaya in Udupi. Until then all the self appointed spokesman for and against the Swamiji ascending the peetha are requested to stop this vicious onslaught of opinions. The matter will be resolved by Udupi Krishna alone. Trust in HIM is the only way.

  27. vitlan Potli Says:

    nagaraja rao swamigale,

    yeava yugalli idhiri neevu. Udupi krishna decide maadthaaro, yeake kanakadasaru bandu decide maadollva? swamy ultimately this is just a game of who controls what and whom? ella powergaagiye.

  28. G Upadhya Says:

    Pejawar Swami Udupi krishna mata anu beetu national politics sera baeku since it is all a question of power politics.
    I am neither for the Congress nor for the BJP but the Pejawar Swami is actually tarnishing the image of all the eight mutts with his 16th century mentality, crooked antics, political connections and controversies.
    Yeake retire agalaa?

  29. Ananth Murthy Says:

    Pejavar swamiji is unnecessarily raking this issue now , if this was the issue then the same should have been raised immd after sugunendra swamis first overseas visit. All of us very well know the reason why he is doing such things. Sugunendra swamiji has done so much for Madwa philosohpy propogation which seems to be not going well with others. I strongly feel that those who are opposing this are not Madwas as we worship and belive that Madhwacharya was a third avathar of Lord Hanuman.Didn’t Hanuman and Lord Rama went to Lanka to get back Mata Seetha? If Sugunendra has commited sin by going abroad then why we are following acharya Madwa’s philosophy.

  30. Mahesh Bhat Says:

    Looking at the controversies that has entangled the Mathadhipatis of the Udipi mutt and it’s satellites, it quite remarkable how the Havyaka Brahmins of South Kanara have maintained dignity and prospered their community thanks partly to the intellectual spirit and forward looking attitude of their spiritual leaders.

    Well, this is not a discussion or comparison of various communities within Brahmins of Utara or Dakshina Kannada or of Madhava, Smartha, Vaishnava Brahmins..etc however it is highly regrettable to note the big controversy kicked up by Sri Vishvesha Teertha swamiji of the Pejawar mutt and Sri Sugunendra Teertha swamiji of Puttige Math.

    Incidentally, compared to the Udipi Mutt, the Ramachandrapura Math is the only Math in history with an unbroken lineage (Avichchinna Parampara) of Peethadhishas. It was personally established by Shree Adi Shankaracharya more than 1300 Years ago!

    Unlike the retarded Sri Vishvesha Teertha swamiji of the Pejawar mutt (and all those who recently signed a written statement condemning the supposedly more popular Sri Sugunendra Teertha swamiji) the current pontiff of the Havayaka’s Ramachandrapura Math, Viz., Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji is actually completely focused on helping people (rather than on politics like the Udupi seer) to live in a better world not only by preserving and propagating the Sanathana Dharma globally but more importantly by taking-up social welfare programmes that tangibly help the needy among the neglected community.

    He has embarked on massive social welfare projects such as Value Based Education System, Hospitals & Health Care for Rural Poor, Food distribution for poor, Scholarships for needy, Hostels, Cancer Research, Protecting & Preserving native Indian breed Cows, Propagation of organic farming, etc. to name a few. Some of these projects are unique and are being widely appreciated in India and Abroad. No one restricts him from going abroad to spread the message or get contributions!

    In fact, the national tours as well as overseas travel of the seer has greatly helped the poor in the community get scholarships and also helped start many educational institutions.

    Sri Vishvesha Teertha swamiji can go beep-beep all over the town accompanied by unequivocal screams of “Ayyo ayyo, dharmabhrashTha” but the bare facts of the entire issue stand out.

    Here is another proof (latest) of wrong priorities these seers who belong to the 16th Century have w.r.t the future plans (08) in Udupi:

    Construction of another ‘Bhojana shale’ (dining hall)
    Perpetuating ‘Annadaana’
    Construction of ‘vishwa yathri nivas’ (foreign tourist guest house)
    Centre for self employment
    Construction of Geetha Mandir at an estimated cost of Rs 12 crore!
    Religious World Peace Convention
    Relevant contributions to BJP, RSS, VHP..etc.

    Makes one wonder if the same obscene cash and resources of the various Mutts would have been better utilized had it been diverted for paying scholarships for the really poor in the community (thanks to the Harijan, Girijan, Mahajan reservation politics of every political party) or sending them abroad for higher studies or for offering better healthcare for the needy…etc.

    Unfortunately both the swami’s are battling it out for control of the resources and cash with pseudo topics like the silly title of this entire discussion!

    Hmm….enough said.


    Lord krishna and anjaneya shall do the required …..why the other swamijis or we b bothered????if anjaneya swamy doesn’t think puthige srigalu to b fit to bperform him the pooja….definitely nobody can help…if he permits nobody can stop….VAYUJIVOTTAMA HARISARVOTTAMA.SAVE HINDUISM AND ASTA MUTTS…….PLS STOP PLAYIN POLITICS.

  32. Prabhanjan HG Says:

    as for as religious deeds we have to perform follow and obey it. s i agree things are changing but we cannot leave what our elders thought us. for this matter puthige srigalu should obey pejawara ordain a new shishya for mutt from krishnapur mutt seer this what vadiraja thitharu has said and till now it is followed. one more thing while we make compare we should compare to equal ones not comparing lord hanuman to puttige.

  33. Prabhanjan HG Says:

    hi Mahesh Bhat,
    what u said is correct but even prampara of udupi seers is not broken who said it is broken. and coming to ur point i am very much clear that after 65 years ramachandra mutt serr(elder swamiji) meet srigeri seer in girinagar ramachandra pura mutt place where i stay this clearly shows there was conterversy between two mutts.

    coming to social reforms i think u have not have any knowledge about social reforms done by udupi ashta mutts.

    sorry to say even ramachandra pura mut seer is also doing cow samrakashna for publicity only. since these has been started by udupi seers way back 25 to 30 years. not only udupi mutts many hindu organizations are doing the same without much publicity. why only quality cows should enter ramachandra pura mutt take all the cows and bulluck which left on road saying no use if mutt does this that is right seva maobhava which jain yuvak sangh in bellary doing it for ur kind information

    giving cow to ex chief mister kumara swamy only clearly shows it is done for publicity right. now tell who is the right person to give cow as gift is this dharma accourding to u come on

    stop padding ur back urself think about whole brahmin comunity as one. not as u think Havyaka Brahmins of South Kanara have maintained dignity and prospered their community

    as famous verdict ellara mane dosenu thothe

  34. Bhagwat Shah Says:

    Is the Lord of the Universe truly Universal ?
    Is the Virata Purusha every where ?
    Is Lord Krishna present in every particle of the universe ?

    If the answer is yes, than what is this narrow minded controversy for ?
    As a “universal” acharya of an ancient philosophy, surely, they must travel universally. Otherwise, this wonderful philosophy will remain like a museum exhibit and will wither away in times to come.

  35. Ling Raj Says:

    Are we living in the 21st Century ?
    Do we use electricity to light our temples ?
    Do the mutts use piped water instead of river / tank water ?
    Do the swamis walk everywhere or do they use (expensive) cars ?
    Are the swamis and the mutt using books, news papers etc printed on machines or palm leaves for communication / education / information ?

    “Age old traditions” were also “modern” at one time. They were “instituted” for reasons that responded to the situations at that time.
    Time has moved on, so should the traditions.
    Just as Madhava instituted vegetarian options for animal sacrifice – that went against tradition – we must move with the times and allow swamis to travel abroad to preach.

    If the swamis don’t preach to our children abroad, Hindus population abroad will not last long. That will be a sad loss to Hindus in India and abroad – as Hindus are Hindus – wherever they happen to live.

  36. Prema H Says:

    While Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji appears to be fighting a bunch of clowns, crooks and pseudo swamiji’s who belong to a lost civilization, it makes one wonder if the entire discussion reflects the retarded state of the Madhava sect and it’s various mutts. The Dwaitha Philosophy has a history of just 750 years (compared to the other much older Brahmin sects), however it is shocking, if not shameful to note the various statements of Sri Vishvesha Thirtha Swami of Pejawar Math.

  37. Kiran Says:

    I think it is completely wrong to portray the entire Madawa community as retarded Hindus (Brahmins) compared to the obviously smarter Smartha brahmins or others, just because of a very old man with a sick mind. Sri Vishvesha Thirtha Swami of Pejawar Math and all his swamis/supporters are naturally capitalizing on the most obvious and arguably justifiable reasoning but it is important to note that our religion is getting a major set back.
    The root cause of the whole issue appears to be the ashta mutts and their influence (power play) by the extremely political & unpopular yet powerful head of the Pejawar Mutt, Swami Vishveshwara Teertha.
    Elections are around the corner and we can expect more heat…
    Meanwhile, the crooked-power politics will malign the humble and true religion much more…..
    While conversion to Christianity is an essential and absolute role in salvation as told to so many of our poor folks in their our of need!
    Makes one wonder what is the meaning of VHP or Swami Vishveshwara Teertha?

  38. T.S.Upadhyaya Says:

    It is stupid and meaningless arguements about Samodralanganam.Sri Sugunendra Thirtha swamiji should carry out the poojas of Sri Lord Krishna during Paryaya. Other Mutt Pontiffs should agree to this with broad mind to take the Hindu Dharma to new heights, in which path Sri Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji is moving making us Proud Brahmins of this Bharata varsha.Kudos to Puthige Swamiji.& Lakh & Lakh Pranams.Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji has this capacity to connvince others in this matter and leaving all politics, he should do Atmaavalokana himself.,In this pious deed of Lord Krishna lest Lord Krishna won’t accept pooja from anybody and no sanctity will be left at Udupi Sri Krishnamutt.Let Wiser Councel prevail on all.

  39. Kumsi krishna Says:

    I live in Los angeles and I know how hard the swamiji worked to establish a Krishna Brundavanam temple here. The temple has been doing wonderful work in integrating the Indian and few others nearby and spreading Hindu Dharma, If a person is not allowed to fly out this cannot be achieved.

    Iam sure Pejavara swamiji the strong critic has sometime sat on a boat in Malpe and crossed one rock from the shore. That itself is samudra yana. Actually wherever sugunendra swamiji flew the plane took off and alighted on the ground not touching water.

    crossing the sea means flying from North Pole to South Pole not in between’

  40. Kris U Says:

    The Puttige Paryaya controversy is turning out to be a political battle with the Pejawar Mutt seer Vishweshatheertha Swamiji and his croonies now asking some of us here in the US to fax letters to various newspapers in Karanataka requesting that the overseas madhava’s do not support the Puttige Seer. I think the swami’s are geeting really crooked and stooping to very low moral values.
    It is a shame that various parties are resorting to unethical tactics just to settle scores.
    The simple issue of prayers to Lord Shree Krishna is being completely blown out of proportion by the 3 or 4 Ashtamatt heads.
    It is high time someone powerful and truely neutral enough comes in support of the Puttige Seer Sugunendra Theertha Swamji.

  41. Anonymous Madhwa Says:

    I think all those who are talking (or taking full advantage of a simple issue of who offers prayers to Lord Krishna) of the ‘Sin of Sagarollanghana’ (whatever that means in this 21st century), must really strive to achieve moksha, silence and wisdom by retiring to the Himalayas.
    Regarding Vishvesha Teertha swamiji of the Pejawar mutt, it is high time the sick old politician goes to Kedarnath with his nurse Uma Bharti and gives our caste some respectability, instead of becoming the #1 joke and making all of us the helpless subject of silly redicule.
    This is really very sad and makes our families so ashamed!

  42. Doode Says:

    GOD is everywhere. Swamiji’s should have open mind. Globe trotting is NO Sin.

    Instead of silly fights, Swamijis should strive for betterment of society.

    Sri Sugunendra Swamiji, I am with you and your cause.

    Jai Sri Kirshna

  43. Venu Says:

    It is unfortunate to see the developments in Udupi Paryaya. I see lot of outrage against the Pejavar Seer. I just want make a point here is that Pejavar seer is not opposing the Paryaya but opposing the Krshna Pooja by Sugunendra Swamiji because of Saagarollangana. By saying this it doesn’t mean that I am supporting this.
    Another point I want to bring this to many readers is that many Ashta MaTa seers even have child/children with illegal relationships. I am ashamed to reveal this to the public. But many people around Udupi know this. How those Samijis can do the Krishna pooja when Sugunendra Thirtha cannot.
    “If Madhwacharya was able to cross the seas in those days I guess half of the world could have been become Hindus”.

  44. Devotee Says:

    There is a comment here which questions the authenticity of the photo of Swamiji with Pres. Bush. Puthige swamiji did really meet Pres Bush in California. I live in California and it is a fact.

  45. Kumari Says:

    It is completely disgusting to note the various statements and counter statements, especially from the clowns who are supposed to be custodians of the Krishna temple. The retarded controversy is now in all the newspapers abroad including the media here in the Gulf who take pride ridiculing Hindus, thanks to this stupid black mark on our society.

    Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji (and his so called team of religious scholars) have been in the forefront of the swami-led gang opposing the increasingly popular and forward looking Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji. More than the Pooja, it is well know that 100’s of crore’s of devotee’s offerings, temple revenues and related power is at stake. The old politician from Pejawar must immediately shut-up, change his name from Vishwesha to Kantri Naradha, let public opinion and justice in the 21st century prevail.

    The Krishna Pooja or Paryaya will be naturally done by the determined and courageous Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji but the actions of the Pejawar seer and some of the biased Ashta Matadhipathis must be investigated by an independent agency and they must be ruthlessly brought to book and ppuniched for having created such a bad image for Hinduism and South Kanara.

  46. Achintya Says:

    Reading all these comments I am reminded of an old English saying “Everybody complains in the Army,but the applicants always outnumber the vacancies”.We complain so much about religion & priests & usually because of our own dissatisfaction with our personal lives (the other guy always seems so much more well-off than us,no?Pure jealousy) but due to a fear of the unknown or under societal pressure we “pay up”. We are too weak to stand up & face it but at the same time quickly jump to criticise simply to compensate for our pure cowardice.

    And usually those few who do stand up & face the fear & the pressure end up ruling over us (perennially dissatisfied & grumbling like small birds in a cage with doors open) millions.That is how the world is & always will be.

    The Elephants will march & the street dogs shall bark.What role we choose for ourselves is our own choice-though everybody has a role.

    Besides,there is no yardstick in Hinduism (unlike a Pope’s/Arch Bishop’s certificate-usually bought or given for considerations other than spiritual) to tell who is a fake saint & who is not.If somebody’s actions appeal to you,fine,if not,then also fine.

    A lot of people are calling Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a fake here.I don’t know why.Because in my view,a man whose 6 day course can bring my perenially depressed friend out of it (& let him love & enjoy life like he never did before) for good & that too only for a one time fee of Rs 1000 is a special man indeed.Maybe like Osho Rajneesh,he too would be respected only after he is dead.

  47. ashwini Says:

    There is nothing wrong religious people visiting abroad countries.
    I really do notknow wy this controvesy took place earlir i used to admire sri pejavara seer but now common the world is changing .now the problem have been solved and i am happy for it please stay away form controverses

  48. Kiran Says:

    Congratulations to Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji. The Puthige Math seer finally ascended the Parayaya Peetam ceremoniously and received the Akshaya Pathre which contained the keys of the Krishna temple and the prasadam of the last pooja made by the Swamiji of Krishnapur Math Vidyasagara Thirtha Swamiji. Wisdom and justice has finally prevailed over crooked politics, ignorance and greedy sharks.

    The 13th century philosopher Madhwacharya would have hanged his head in shame on hearing the attitude and politics of the current Swamijis of the Ashtamaths led by the old BJP politician called Vishwesha Theertha Swami.

    Except two enlightened and practical Swami’s (Who were pressurized by the Pejawar swami until the end), all the other flunkies of Vishwesha Theertha tried their level best to scuttle the popularity and accomplishments of Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji.
    It is an open secret in the temple town that a select gang of failed businessman and politician of a particular party are behind the diversion of resources and funds of the temple, under the patronage of the current heads of the Ashtamaths.

    Now that the local public and people from various parts of Dakshina Kannada have openly supported the Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, it is high time he cleanse’s the management of the various mutts and permanently rids them of the crooked elements, including the unpopular and cartel leaders of four particular maths.

    Irreparable damage has already been done to the Madhwa community. At least now, we can pray and hope there will be some foresight and scientific temper that gets back respectability to the community that has become the butt of ridicule among all, not just Brahmins!

  49. Kumar Says:

    The involvement of politicians was started aggressively by none other than the now highly condemned and retarded mentality Swami called Vishvesha Teertha of the Pejwar Math. Thanks to his repeated visits and darshans to the top BJP leaders, the other Maths too decided to get political patronage and God fathers in Delhi and Blr.

    However, it is highly regrettable to note the so-called reformer, new age and forward-looking Swami Sugunendra Teertha of Puttige Math also following the same example. The key guests at the “Paryaya Durbar” on Jan 18th, after his ascension to the Paryaya Peetha were Minister of State for Mines T Subbarami Reddy, Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Oscar Fernandes, the Advocate- General B V Acharya and D Veerendra Heggade. Speaks a lot on the polarization of politics in the Madhwa Maths. Crooked politicians like Oscar and Reddy attained moksha with their billions after taking oath to serve the poor from Delhi and the equally controversial Veerendra Heggade whose family ‘own the Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala’, have all amassed unaccounted wealth by dubious means and obviously need Lord Krishna’s blessings for longevity and more prosperity!

    Well, now with the likes of Fernandes, Reddy and Heggade’s playing a important role in Math politics along with the previous Advani’s, Yedi’s and Uma Bharati’s, it is now pretty clear that the Dwaita philosophy, Madhwa’s and it’s torch bearers are on the wrong track.

    I guess even Lord Krishna cannot help!

  50. Arumugaswami Says:

    Hinduism Today magazine is working on a story on Swamiji’s taking over the worship of the Krishna temple. The question naturally arises about crossing the ocean. We are unable to find the scripture which says the Swami should not cross the ocean. Can anyone point us in the right direction?

  51. Raghavendra Says:

    Let the Swami cross the ocean and go wherever he pleases and come back!. The government has given him a passport and the foregn countries Visa…so why not??

    If he can cross other water bodies (rivers)..why not the ocean?? Can any of the educated (religiously, i mean) give me an acceptable and scientific reason for not doing so?

    (Remember the case of Indian Crabs!)

    This debate stinks of naked jealousy of peers who either didn’t think of..or missed on the opportunity!
    The very fact of the issue is that there is so much of debate and waste of energy on such trivial matters. It brings to the forefront the basic issue of Hinduism..
    ..we have so many gods, so many castes, sub castes, so many mutts across India…and yes..or karnataka too…..that the focal point of leveraging quantity and numbers through unity is a far off possibility.
    If the objective of Hinduism is to put forth certain rules of living and conducting oneself, why cant we have one common code of conduct?..across all Hindus??

    Other religions have it?….you name it! Only it is we who say that “OH we believe in so and so deity and not the other one”….Excuse me!! aren’t u flouting the basic issue of respecting a religion…rather than a deity??

    Similarly…why can’t we have one common spokespersons for all the mutts across Hinduism?

    Lastly….a truly pious person is one who imbibes the true spirit that reflects Hinduism….be a good son, a good brother, a good father, a good Husband and execute your duties in all sincerity…. (respect Humanity!

    I don’t think any god would have dictated or required for people to invest in religious rituals, or in splurging money on renovating temples in a poor village, ….

    Similarly, a true Hindu Brahmin is also not the one who hurts ones immediate family or abuses the respect that is incident upon him

    Like I said..and what I believe in…be a good Human..will make life so much so easier!

    Leave the poor swami alone! If you believe in him…

    if least try to be good human!

  52. Subba Rao.A.V. Says:

    Religion is the opeum of the masses!
    What a great TRUTH!.

  53. Satish Rao - Bangalore Says:

    It is the Sheer plight of our country, were people debate without knowing the facts and the context of the discussion.

    Every body talks but does not realise the basic concept.
    It just a case of Active and Passive Actions.

    When we talk of Holiness, it relates to divinity and has nothing to do with materialistic things. Tomorrow people will argue that every one can touch the Idol of Krishna and every body can perform puja as the the govt. does not prohibit such things.

    The Swamji was told to give the rights of pooja to his disciplie. As the Swamiji had gone to a non Hindhu Country were Non-veg is their prime diet, He has committed a Passive action and lost his Holiness to perform pooja to Udipi Sri Krishna.

    The Swamiji has non been banned or been told o relinquish his post. He can take part in all rituals, only he should not offer pooja because of crossing the Indian Limits.

    I hope people start differentiating between Religion and Politics.

  54. Manoj Says:

    Show me a place on this earth where god does not exist.

    Wherever on this earth we are, lets follow our daily dharma and rituals with a pure heart. Nishakamakarma .

    Also, the ashta mathas were formed by Jagadguru Shri Madhwacharyaru & so all the mutts are great. We should only one have approach of bhakti towards all the seers therein and not place blames at anyone.

    There is no person on this earth who has never commited any mistake in his life. Talking about others is always fun but then we should check ourselves first before making any sort of any comments to our elders.

    Harisarvothama Vayujeevothama.

  55. Anand Viswanathan Says:

    /As the Swamiji had gone to a non Hindhu Country were Non-veg is their prime diet, He has committed a Passive action and lost his Holiness to perform pooja to Udipi Sri Krishna./

    This does not seem to make sense. India itself has every kind of religion as well as non-veg eating people. Even India cannot be called predominantly veg because only 30% people are vegetarian with another 10% eating eggs also. These percentages are in fact older data. Now-a-days I feel the ratio has worsened. So, India has at least 60% non-vegetarians. If the Swami performs maanaseeka sandhya during his trips abroad and does prayaschittam for the travel, it should be accepted.Moreover, he is staying here only for a short while.

    As someone rightly pointed out, do we not use electricity, media and all the modern technology in temples and mutts? These also will not be strictly conforming to the shastras, if seen in the same vein. So, we must take Manu’s advice that the rules must be slightly modified so long as there is no problem to the basic principles.

    PS: I have seen the Swamiji personally twice when he came to phoenix. He is definitely an inspiration for all the people who visit the temple regularly. The praana prathishta of the deities in this temple attracted a huge crowd. Given the fact that Indians have given up their traditional life styles for materialistic pursuits, religious leaders must make sure that at least some amount of spirituality and culture is present in these people. So, they must send their disciples to these countries if they decide not to cross the ocean.

  56. Vishal Sathyan Says:

    None of our holy books say not to cross oceans. 75-80% of Indians are Hindus. Only the remaining 20-25% are from other religions. Still most of us go abroad. There are many Hindu children today, who are wishing to see the whole world. There are many job opportunities today, unlike the previous period. So, leave the Hindu children and swamijis to go abroad. Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Jai Shri Krishna!


    Once, a funny moment happened in Kerala, my home state. Vishnunarayanan Namboothiri, a famous poet, teacher and priest, was serving as the head priest of Sree Vallabha Temple at Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta district, South kerala. Once, he went to a lecture on Indian spirituality in U.K. As the news came to the ears of the supreme priest, he dismissed Namboothiri from his job, but was retaken to the same job four months later after the supreme priest apologized.


    Another moment happened in Tamil Nadu, in 2000. But, it was a sad moment. Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal, the former head of the Kanchi Sankaramadam, had a plan to go China. But, Sankararaman, his opponent and then manager of the famous Varadaraja Perumal Temple at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, went to the Madras High Court to restrict Swamigal from going overseas. He said that the Puranas restrict us from going overseas, so as Swamigal is a Hindu spiritual leader, he should not go to China, as it is overseas. He was later murdered on 3rd September 2004.


    The same happened to Swami Vivekananda when he returned to Belur Math on 21st March 1897. When he said it, many foolish orthodox people hated him because he had become ‘impure’ after visitng many countries. The people also said that he should not enter the sanctum of Dakshineshwar Temple, where his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa lived for 40 years.


    Even Mahatma Gandhi had many obstacles from going overseas, because he hailed from a Vaishnava community. Many of his relatives restricted him from going to England for studying, but he went. Now, there are more oppurtunities in the overseas. There is a proverb in Malayalam ‘Nadodumbol Naduveyodanam’, which means that we should change completely according to the times. If we still continue with old things, we will be dismissed from the society.

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