Head to toe, the essence of a good Kannadiga

Two absolutely heart-warming incidents took place yesterday—small, trivial events that nevertheless shone a giant light on the essence of Kannadiga “decency”.

The first was at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. At the presentation ceremony, captain Anil Kumble received the trophy, and then as he was departing to join his mates, “Jumbo” swooped down to touch the feet of Governor Rameshwar Thakur to receive his blessings.

Kumble only got as far as the knee, but how many Indian captains have done that, would do that, in full public view?

The second was at the 74th Kannada sahitya sammelan in Udupi. As is the custom, the sammelan president Prof. L.S. Seshagiri Rao (in picture) was taken in a procession to the venue. As the morning sun blazed into the eyes of the octagenarian poet, the dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala, Veerendra Heggade, got up and held an umbrella.

How many other dharmadhikaris (and godmen), most of whom ensure that the President of India sits one notch below them on public fora, would do that, you wonder?

Photograph: courtesy Deccan Herald

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56 Responses to “Head to toe, the essence of a good Kannadiga”

  1. December Stud Says:

    Certainly a very nice gesture on part of Mr. Heggade.

    But, I didn’t understand why Kumble wanted to fall at Mr. Thakur’s feet…..ok, Mr. Thakur is older than Kumble is one reason…but really, am I missing something?

  2. Arun Says:

    Respecting elders, known and unknown, is a culture still very prevalent in DK. Take a ride in an auto or walk down on those lanes to experience this.

  3. Anil Says:

    Kumble touching feet of the Guv…that was interesting and i missed that….
    may be, he even touchd India Coach Lalu rajputs feet as well….and how can he forget Col. Vengsarkar ?…and may be even Mr Pawar…. ;)

    Way to go Jumbo…..
    And lets hope Gary Kirsten is comfortable with such gestures as well…he is 40 something and wl be jumbo’s Guru as well !!! ;)

  4. ERR Says:

    Grace is the essence of life.Heggade’s gesture proves that-He need not have done, what he did.Kumbe’s act is more difficult as he would be open to redicule. But yet it showed character of a different kind- different from the time he bowled with a wire joining his broken jaw.

  5. dr ramesh Says:

    kannada saahitya yemba srimanta ,saatvika paramparege sri heggade avaru kotta gourava idu. this is a very precious photograph.
    BUT ANIL KUMBLE bowing down to THAKUR ,MAN WHO HAS RECENTLY TALKED ABOUT A HINDI ACADEMY IN KARNATAKA ,IS OUTRAGEOUS. this man has come to bangalore to impose hindi on kannadigas. already many intellectuals have condemned this irresponsible act of governor.

  6. Chetan Says:

    Unbelievable! “Anil Kumble swooped down to touch the feet of Governor Rameshwar Thakur to receive his blessings”. This will definitely rank among top 10 misconstrued reports. As a matter of fact, anil just picked his cap.

  7. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    I agree. Yaake nimma DeveGowda sumne koothidhaarey ee vishayadalli?

  8. Yella Ok Says:

    Ramesh Avare, I too am not in favor of Hindi academy in karnataka.

    But lets give kumble a break. I recently saw the guv at very close quarters. Like most governors and presidents that india has seen, he appears to be quite an elderly, respectable person. And, Thakur is quite an educated, well-traveled person (ex head of CA institute of india, etc). Kumble must have had a surge of respect grow within him.

    And, Hindi academy, etc must not have been on the top of the mind.

    So, lets accept the good gesture. The important thing about the gesture is Kumble, not the guv. lets deal with the guv and the hindi academy elsewhere.


  9. Not A Witty Nick Says:


    I knew you’d blog it!

    Did Kumble touch his feet or did he bend to pick his fallen cap!?

    Similarly, that stuffed toy was thrown into the field by someone in the pavilion and Pak team adopted it.

  10. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Don’t equate dharmadhikaris with godmen!

  11. nayak Says:

    it is not about kannadiga’s bowing down and touching the feet of elders.Most indians do it as a mark of respect.FYI Prime Minister Vajpayee fell at the feet of a very poor Woman who was younger to him in chennai.Dont try to bring linguistic feelings into every post.

  12. dr ramesh Says:

    match will be remembered for KUMBLA’S NEW WEAPON –RIPPER.
    he shocked the batsmen with his medium-pacers bowling it without anychange of action. it was like watching chandrashekar bowl.
    AUSSIS WATCH OUT— kumble on prowl
    leggies,sliders,topspinners,googly ,rippers—- its amazing to see kumble still working and thinking on the game with great intensity.

  13. quicky Says:

    dr Ramesh, perhaps Kumble didn’t know that! Pandon him. Also tell your cronies not to make an issue out of that. You’d also say the Institute of Languages should be in the Arabian Sea.

  14. D P SATISH Says:

    Both Anil Kumble and Veerendra Heggade are known for their humility and highly cultured behaviour. Great to see or hear it.

  15. Goldstar Says:

    This comment is not related to the above post.

    I have a problem… rather a moral dilemma. dr Ramesh to please help…It is like this:

    I had taken a loan from Eye-See-Eye-See-Eye bank. I did not pay up a few installments. This one being a insensitive bank sent me reminders in English, and not in Kannada. So naturally I did not respond back, nor did I pay up the installments.

    Now they sent some “recovery agents” to my house. These “recovery agents” are new to the business and are Kannadigas. Now I want these agents to succeed in their new venture and want to help them out. But I can’t pay up my loan to a bank which insists on not using Kannada.

    How to help these recovery agents out while not holding out against Eye-See-Eye-See-Eye bank??

  16. Ex Parte Says:

    As much as I admire Kumble, I dont think he bowed to touch Mr Thakur’s feet but to collect his cap. Judging by the television pictures (which often are misleading) kumble’s cap fell down and as he went down to pick it up Rameshwar thakur mistook that for a reverential gesture. And to kumble’s credit he had the presence of mind to react as if he’d actually wanted to touch his feet. Give me a break. Will Kumble touch Richie Benaud’s toes when the legendary Aussie captain offers him commiserations on the presentation podium at the end of a 4-0 whitewash on a balmy evening in Adelaide?

  17. Yella Ok Says:

    Mr ya Ms. Exparte

    Why would Kumble ever touch Richie Benaud’s shoes – whether Riche is congratulating or commiserating. Richie does not understand the gesture, so there is no need to gesticulate.

    Even accepting that kumble’s cap fell we must appreciate kumble’s presence of mind. Anything else is meaningless.


  18. Sathya Says:

    Gentleman, Kumble with all humility must have done it. In Indian culture to show respect by bowing or touching feet is not new at all. He has achieved many things. By falling at the feet of a Governor he need not derive anything. Even when he was selected as the captain many people mocked. Grit, determination and perseverance are the qualities in him – I had remarked then. He has proved both as an individual and leading the Indian team to victory. If the Sun had been little merciful to Indian team this would have resulted in2-0 for India. Specially kannadigas are experts in pumping meaning to acts that are done at the spur of moment or accidentally. nobody need read attributes to this act. As far as Dharmadhikaari it is natural that one takes care of the guest and hospitality runs in his blood. It is not vidhanasoudha it is Dharmakshetra presided by aDharmaadhikaari.

  19. dr ramesh Says:

    RBI HAS ISSUED GUIDELINES TO BANKS REGARDING RECOVERY OF LOANS. any deviation is offence. look what farmers have done in mysore,they have brought the bank to its knees .
    SOME BANKS GIVE TRAINING TO GOONDAS TO RECOVER LOANS,one should be careful while dealing with such banks.
    solution is , kannadigas should deal with karnataka bank, state bank of mysore,syndicate bank ,corporation bank, canara bank etc which operate with dignity. they even issue annual reports in kannada.

  20. D P SATISH Says:

    @Dr Ramesh,

    First – Anil Kumble is the captain of Indian Cricket team. Not K’taka team. Hindi is one of the 15 major Indian languages. Kumble can’t behave like a Kannada activist.

    Second – What is the connection between showing respect and Hindi academy? Do you want Kumble to behave like the Narayana Gowda gang?

    Third – I met the Governor on many occasions. He is a decent, cultured, educated man. Belongs to old era. Nothing wrong in showing him respect. Language should have no place in it.

    I too oppose the creation of a Hindi Academy in Karnataka. All of us oppose it. But not on the Cricket ground.

  21. dr ramesh Says:

    mr. satish, appreciate u r opinion. issue was raised only to express anger over an academy which will send wrong message to non-kannadigas who are trying to learn the language.
    anil kumble is a role model for indian youth.

  22. Pulilkeshi the Last Says:

    I hope Kumble did not touch the governor’s ancient feet. It was nice of Hegde to provide shade to LSS. But have we reached a stage where we are startled by simple acts of common decency and feel like exalting them to the level of heroic acts?

    Feet touching, etc.–I bet the BSY and the Gowda Clan have ridges and lines erased from their palms as a result of this practice. This is one reason why they don’t leave any fingerprints on crime scenes.

  23. Yella Ok Says:

    Just like common sense, common acts of decency are not so common. In fact, Readers’ Digest had a year or so back carried a survey which showed that such common acts are indeed uncommon.

    so “pulikeshi the last” – the answer to your question has probably got to be yes! But whoever is raising these to the level of “heroic facts”?

    I think we are just belabouring every point. Reliance Mobile’s campaign is right – “Mathaadu India mathaadu”

  24. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    Why is such a big deal being made of this incident that really isn’t? Such write-ups make Churumuri look like another Tabloid.

  25. SVT swamiji Says:

    Why on earth did Anil do that….
    After all, no one does it to me anymore!

    Well, I think Anil has far better IQ than this so called ‘popular-forward looking’ Puttige mutt seer…
    After all despite grabbing two BDA sites free of cost, he still has foresight ;-)

  26. TS Satyan Says:

    Gracious acts only elevate those who practice them.

  27. quicky Says:

    dr.Ramesh, You express your anger too often at wrong places when you dont have enough patients waiting outside.

    rather you should float a website of your own, than bringing in your skewed thoughts and spoiling a good post.

    PS: What about Bank of Patiala?

  28. dr ramesh Says:

    ” if you tremble with indignation at every injustice ,you are a comrade of mine” —– DR. ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA.
    QUICKY, may be u hare not learned enough to understand some things,but u can definitely try , all the best.

  29. Vijay Says:

    @ D.P Satish, what do you mean by “Narayana Gowda gang”? It is really surprising to find a media correspondent talk like this. And that too, from a person who claims that he is aware of the happenings in Karnataka and who is working hard to impress upon his bosses in Delhi to give the required coverage of news related to kannada-karnataka-kannadiga in his channel – CNN-IBN.

    KRV is an organization spread across all the districts of Karnataka and has 12 lakh + members and 4000+ branches. It has been in the forefront of several pro-people agitations in Karnataka for the past few years (agitation against the unjust Cauvery tribunal verdict, against MES goondagiri in Belagaavi, protest when Kannadigas have been denied employment opportunities, etc to just name a few). It has found great acceptance from both: the common man and the intellectuals in Karnataka. And Mr.Satish calls such an organization a “gang”.

  30. quicky Says:

    dr.Ramesh: Daactaru Ernesto Che Guevara Gowdaru!

  31. quicky Says:

    Did Touching feet and holding umbrella start in Karnataka. A wrong title is taking the discussion to nowhere and blood is boiling for people like dr.Ramesh.

    You go to Lucknow or Gorakhpur. Even a young taxi driver you hire will touch your feet. It’s either because of oppression (ironically many of these workers wear a sacred thread) or for tips.

    Let’s appreciate the good gestures of Kumble and Heggade. Otherwise dr.Ramesh et al will go further to find out whether the umbrella was made in Kerala or Kalsipalya

  32. D P SATISH Says:

    @ Vijay,

    I really don’t want to join the issue. I don’t approve of the strong arm tactics of the Narayana Gowda’s Vedike (hope you are happy now!). Intellectuals and commanman’s support doesn’t give legitimacy to any organisation.

  33. Vijay Says:

    @ D.P Satish, If common man’s support and intellectual’s support does not give legitimacy to any organization, what does? Does approval by an english tv channel correspondent give it?

    It is not the question of you or me giving legitimacy to an organization. My earlier post was to remind you of the groundswell of support that KRV has at the grassroot level. Media should have their ears close to the ground and be objective in news reporting / analysis. And not be tinted by personal biases and opinions.

  34. pulikeshi the last Says:

    Karnatakavannu yaaru yaarinda rakshisuththiddare? What principles are the defenders’ action based on? There is already trouble in Udupi related to this very matter.
    As long as the ministers in Karnataka Government remain ignorant, self-serving, and criminally incompetent, nothing will change. Kannada is the least of their concerns. This should have been clear to us that in response to public pressure the state was renamed not “Kannada Naadu” but “Karnataka,” thus avoiding any reference to our beloved language. And then there are the non-Kannada IAS and other national cadre extortionists running the show, making the decisions for us. Can anybody tell me why so many of them come to Karnataka and why Kannada speaking IAS officials do not figure in the State’s administration? Why doesn’t the Information Department does not deserve an IAS officer? Also can somebody tell me why a non-Kannada governor is making decisions that will have long range effects for us and not just be the caretaker he is mandated to be. He wants to grant us a Hindi University when our own Kannada University in Hampi is painfully strapped for money?

    I know there is less money to be made in Kannada related projects than in the PWD, Health, Industry, and Irrigation bakaasura ventures.

  35. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    Ka Ra Ve
    has not done a bit for Udupi Sahitya Sammelan…
    all they have done is placing banners of their leader Gowda all over Udupi in the last minute…and tried to deface some english banners…(in a tourist place like udupi, you should definitely have signs in all languages…you cannot insist on only kannada!)

    but people are not fools, they know the hollowness of Ka Ra Ve and its goonda acts.

    let them settle the score with Praveen Shetty first, before spoiling the ambience of sahitya sammelan….

  36. Vitlan Potli Says:

    it really is sad that to uphold kannada it needs the likes of KRV. Has kannada reached such a nadir that it needs organizations for its survival and upliftment. The responsibility lies with the people of karnataka and kannidagas to be more assertive and speak the language.

    How many sahitis has the KRV produced? what game plans have they drawn or implemented for the spread of kannada? They are a group of lumpen jobless elements always smarting for a fight, who shut up once they receive mamool. Instead of the breast beating and running around with black paint they should focus on more constructive work but alas that is not to be…..

  37. gaby Says:

    Perhaps it might have been better if the last word of ERGTV’s post was ‘ sammelanA’- but who knows what orders he had from Nagpur :)

  38. Anonymous Guy Says:

    “in a tourist place like udupi, you should definitely have signs in all languages…you cannot insist on only kannada!”

    Wish the damn French, German, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Russians etc. followed this advice. Tourism would boom in these places no?

  39. gaby Says:

    Why forget the Spanish, Italians and Greeks – in fact all of western europe while we are it!

  40. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Ok Gaby,

    All of the non-English speaking world. Including Europe :)

  41. Anonymous Guy Says:

    It is obvious from the pic, Mr. Heggade is a decent man.

    But he isnt chivalrous. If he was, he would have held the umbrella for the two old women.

  42. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    @Gaby/ Anonymous…

    you intolerant lot!
    you get irritated at the slightest hint of hindi/ sanskrit…(sammelan-aa, for you info is not a kannada word either!)…but do not have any hesitation to use words like bus su, caaruu, benchuuu, banner ru, laaaaaanguuu, mike uu, etc…where do you get your orders from? from hagaribommanahalli?

    anyway go ahead, and paint all the signs black, whole world would know, how intolerant/ koopa mandookas the Ka Ra Ve kannadigas are…
    we are all waiting for the moment, when Praveen shetty gang and Gowda gang are face to face at the sammelanA today…moment of pride for Kannada Bhuvaneshwari (sorry another sanskrit word).

  43. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Sitmaadkundre hege? Justu jokingu.

    Update us on any exciting showdown at the sammelan.

  44. quicky Says:

    ………as long as you want to be a ‘close(d)’ community and doom!

    (Wish the damn French, German, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Russians etc. followed this advice. Tourism would boom in these places no?

    gaby Says:

    15 December 2007 at 1:35 am
    Why forget the Spanish, Italians and Greeks – in fact all of western europe while we are it!

  45. Nastika Says:

    Kumble & Heggade – both decent men.

    What about KaRaVe? 2 factions of this entity had a fight, mud-slinging and all today at Udupi.


  46. N.Raghavan Says:

    The comments of Mr. T.S.Satyan concludes the whole debate.

  47. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    Ka Ra Ve
    both factions need “rakshane” from each other!

  48. gaby Says:

    Sorry ERGTV I was being a purist and on that note again it’s not ‘Hindi/ Sanskrit’ making the two equivalent- they are distinct and both exciting and rich heritages. If the organisers call it Sammelana- then nobody has any business swallowing up the last syllable. I realise you wont be able to make sense of these streams of thought but I dont even expect you to do that. Talking if intolerance I wonder how people like you would have reacted if the Sammelana was called a Jashn or Mehfil which are part of another rich and exciting heritage- I take my instructions from BM Sri, Kuvempu, DVG etc so BOOOO to you Gowdre- learn to smile a bit .

  49. Anonymous Guy Says:

    “I wonder how people like you would have reacted if the Sammelana was called a Jashn or Mehfil which are part of another rich and exciting heritage”


  50. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    Gaby :-)
    I am smiling!
    Look at the way Ka Ra Ve spoilt the show at Udupi Kannada sammelanA!
    they fought with each other, with congressmen, police, burnt a bike, broke each others cars…all for publicity?
    but provided good entertainment and news to the Media…they even tore a picture of Kannadambe…just because the same banner had N Gowdas picture…
    Kannadavannu Ka Ra Ve goondagalinda rakshisi!

  51. tarlesubba Says:

    gowdre, gyabi tappu tiLibyaaDri. illi image erisuvantilla, so click maaDi.

  52. pulikeshi the last Says:


    I say “Amen.” But we still need to think about effective ways of protecting our interests. One of those ways may be somehow making the language more important than that dehumaniizing element among us: JAATHI.

    Remember the row over the unneeded “Naadageethe?” Would it have occured at all if the vokkaliga element had not chosen to immortalize one of their own by picking a poem that is mostly about India? As a Kannadiga, Karnataka is more important to me than India any day. I will not be willing to sacrifice my naadu and its people for something called raashtra. Kannada and Karnataka first!

    If BSY realizes his abominable dream to be chief minister, it won’t be because he has merit, but because he is a Lingayath. And, too, he will be an adiyaalu of Hinidwallas, taking orders from New Delhi.

    Hegde and Arasu, no angels by any stretch of the imagination, were not Voks or Lings, but the big jaathis were no less powerful than they are today in determining Kannadigas’ quality of life during their rule.

    What if we were to bring any mention of jaathi under the umbrella of “jaathi nindane” and make it a criminal offence?

    If Bhuvaneshwari is concerned at all about us, she should put more intelligence in our heads so that we can take our destiny into our own hands. May she help us create a powerful regional party truly responsive to our needs.

  53. Rajesh Says:

    Karnataka Rakshana Vedike president Mr.T.A.Narayana Gowda was an invitee to 74th kannaDa saahitya sammeLaNa..He was out on special invitation by the sahitya parishat to present a session on “chaLuvaLi mattu sanghaTaneya savaalugaLu”
    Few expelled hooligans from KRV like Praveen shetty went on a protest against Mr.Narayana Gowda for no geniune reason.
    When you have so much of respect to all the great poets and intellectuals who were the organisers, why not have the same respect for a person who was invited by the sammeLana committee?
    Come of out the misconceptions…
    KRV is a undisputable organization which is stiving hard to protect kannada-kannadigas-karnataka..

  54. Madhu.BCOM Says:

    It was fun to watch Praveen Shetty & Co drama. Same old 20-30 gang roams around and raise slogans whenever cameras on. Its pathetic to compare them with other TNG Group. Praveen and Co are just minnows compared to other faction. Please use your brain and think beyond it, simply don’t compare nor generalize for the sake of some left/right ideologies.

    TNG should file a case against name misuse, over a long run this will tamper the image of the organization.

  55. veerakannadiga Says:

    Well said Mr. Pulikeshi…… Language is more important than nation bcoz language is directly inherited from our mother…. V can change the citizenship,religion but not the mother tongue and the mother…. Sirigannadam gelge….

  56. Rajesh Says:

    Well said Mr.Madhu..

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