Blue or green, brown or yellow, orange or…

Caught in a riot of winter colours, between light and shade, a chameleon ponders what colour to take next.

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7 Responses to “Blue or green, brown or yellow, orange or…”

  1. tarlesubba Says:

    much like our media i suppose. in the face confusion caused due to reality theory-blinkers, they tried everything. first they said gujju legacy was gandhi, then they said gujjus were businessmen after all(and this woman is on national tv) who would pay for others to fight, then they went after encounter, then some more theories about how he was like putin, then how advani was avuncular in comparison, then how modi win would be bad for BJP.

    next week some more raman wheels are going to spun. no wonder they sometimes fly under the banner of ‘sabrangi’. ella matter of perspective. sometimes it looks like that a melange other times it looks like a chameleon.

  2. shreeram Says:

    Nice Picture with excellent Intepretation… Here Chameleon represents our politicians before elections…. Which color(issue) to take(Development or religion)….

  3. chetan krishnaswamy Says:

    lovely play of light and shade on the sleepy chamelon…

  4. kannadakanda Says:

    I thought thiswas again one on namma nechchina gowdru… :)

  5. Arun Says:

    One amazing picture, saying many words and putting many things in perspective; the colors being the least important.

    It seems like a garden lizard, not a chameleon.

  6. gatekeeper Says:

    The frivelled orange leaves represent the dying Hindu rightwing movement. The green everything thats good in nature and a return to peace and prosperity. The chameleon is the Indian middle class hopefully abandoning its right wing leanings. And the car in the background, thats the best part. It represents capitalism against which all other changes are unfolding.

  7. timma Says:

    Loved it.:-)

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