Why the Gujarat model won’t work across India

Gujarat has been the great Hindutva laboratory, and there are many who have articulated the belief that the “Gujarat Model”—a combination of muscular cultural nationalism and unstoppable China-like economic growth—can be embraced and replicated across India, to give the BJP a much needed shot in the arm and to transport the country into a new era.

Pamela Philipose writes in the Indian Express that both assumptions are flawed:

“Can the politics of communal polarisation practised successfully in Gujarat be replicated in the country? There is the argument that Narendra Modi’s model of governance has a certain resonance in the New, Resurgent India, which is impatient with the burdens of the past, and its legacy of poverty, backwardness and encrusted Nehruvian values….

“But Gujarat is not, and cannot be, India and Modi’s future ascendancy to prime-ministership is a political pipe dream. First, we need to clarify that Gujarat’s ‘growth’—on which Modi has put his personal imprimatur— actually dates back a thousand years in a region that has been at the intersection of innumerable trade routes. Gujarat’s economic history is bound to its geographical location both as a border region and a maritime one….

“That apart, Gujarat itself has a social composition that does not approximate India’s. Not only does it have a higher percentage of upper caste population, it has lower Muslim representation. At the all-India level, Muslims represent 13.4 per cent of the population, while they constitute 9.1 per cent of Gujarat’s population. This combination of a higher upper caste/lower Muslim presence makes Gujarat unique (in UP, for instance a higher upper caste presence is accompanied by a significant Muslim presence), and makes it easier for Gujarati politicians across party lines to practise the politics of communal polarisation, something that is considerably more difficult to do at the national level”

Read the full article: Is Gujarat the new India?

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17 Responses to “Why the Gujarat model won’t work across India”

  1. Sathya Says:

    Is it necessary that every analysis should be based on caste only. Social progress has to be measured in the total scenario. Even after 60 years after independence if you view only from that angle what is the use? Look Gujarat from a progress angle. Whether it is BJP or any other party it is the people who should benefit.

  2. SumneNeeve Says:

    Yawn, another article on Gujarat. As usual, Gujurat bashing continues.

  3. RC Sharma Says:

    Pamela is mistaken. There is already a polarisation. It has been there even before independence. Remember, elections before independence. All muslim congress candidates in UPM and Bihar were defeated by the muslim candidates of Muslim League due to polarisation.

    Why are Kashmiri muslims alienated?? It is due to their religion, not any special economic conditions.

    Why are the chrustian Nagas and Mizos etc raising insurgency?? RELIGION is the reason.

    All the “secular” parties have been indulging in vote bank transactions only.

    But Gujarat is perhaps the only state where there is some semblance of Hindu consolidation. Minority appeasement will be the thing of past if only Hindus act as HINDUS, not as those belonging to this or that caste.

  4. Anonymous Coward Says:

    What Crap. Article that is.

  5. dharma Says:

    Gujarat model would be the BEST for India, otherwise India will lose its identity and will be like any other so called developing country!

  6. Mayura Says:

    Why is this dork Pamela Philipose not writing any such articles about her home state Kerala. Probably, that would be the best suited model for the progress of India…wait a minute is that not the model we are following for the last 60 years and look where we are as a country….still developing (which by the way is a euphemism for not developed)….

    I love these analaysis by the communist thugs…

  7. prasad Says:

    if gujarat is the great Hindutva laboratory, what about

    1.the North Eastern States which thrive on Militancy funded by the CHURCH.

    2.the State of Kashmir ( Jammu is just for name sake ) where Ethnic cleansing of Hindus has been taking place for the past 3 decades on a scale never seen anywhere in the WORLD.

  8. Prashanth Says:

    Pamela Philipose, Keep Barking…Never Mind. What U shud be looking at is the Development Model of the State and Not the Majority/Minority ratio. As accepted by most of the Minority in Gujarat, Gujarat has been the safest place for them in India. This Communal Polarisation u r referring to comes up in Gujarat ONLY during Elections that too because of the Greatest Sin this Country have had ever Seen, the Congress. Other wise, its always development…development and development.

    Its quoted that, one can reach any place from any place in Gujarat in Max 24 Hours…Such is the Road Network. Comapre this with what we have in our State(KN) and How the Things Improved(!?) for decades and the Last Gov( Thanks to Former PWD Minister – H D Revanna)…A ride on any Atate Highway is still a night mare.

    If u still think that Development is linked to Pamela Philipose, Hell with u


  9. Prashanth Says:

    A typo – Pls read the last sentence as

    If u still think that Development is linked to Communal Polarisation, Hell with u


  10. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    I hate to read judgemental writeups by journos/ ex journos/ failed journos who do not research, who start their articles on Gujarat/ Mody….with sentences like…”Gujarat has been the great Hindutva laboratory, …”

    Indirectly, this kind of writing is helping Mody muster more support!

    So, Buddhi Jeeevis, go ahead and go on bashing Mody & Co, while your “secular” friends like Gowda and Mayawati, keep looting the country…and you might be recommended for Magsasay or whatever award..

  11. Ramola Lachrymose Says:

    Pamela’s writeup is the whining of a bad loser. She’s basically telling — and comforting — HERSELF that Modi will not be able to kick the ass of her pals the leftwing loons in West Bengal and Kerala. Perhaps he won’t be able to, but he’ll sure kick their ass at the national level. Actually, it’s all a thing of the leftwing loons’ own making: if they hadn’t invested so much in hating Modi, they wouldn’t have to be so depressed at his victory.

  12. E Says:

    Maaurya… I thought Gandhi ‘greatest gujarati of the world’ was responsible for India’s problems. I for someone who thinks that Philipose is a failure. ‘She is the winner of the Chameli Devi award’ and one of the most intelligent women journalists on the horizon.

    India still leads the world in child malnutrition and yet at the time of BJP there was a the idea of ‘India Shining’. There are malls, but beggars are hanging around it. Was that ‘India Shining’. Encouraging a few traditional business communities and groups while lashing out against the rest for being what they are i.e. Christians and Muslims?

    Also it is not because of Modi that the state progressed. A study of Indian History would tell you that Gujarat was already a rich state due to trade communities of parsis and marwaris.

  13. E Says:

    OOps! i think I have bumped into one of the communal clots that is killing the country.
    Prasad please get your facts right. The violence in the NE exists because of the policies of development that were adopted during Independence. Also there are a whole lot of tribes in the NE who are not willing to be part of India. the proximity to the weapon market in Myanmar is another factor. The church exists there,as it exists in other parts of the world. In fact, to put it in the communal lingo, Hindus dominate the country to the extent that they will always view the existence of the church with suspicion.

    If Hinduism is being propogated as a religion (and not as a ‘way of life’ as is seen by the peace-loving community of the world), then I would like to state that Hinduism itself is so fragmented and stratified that it is difficult for it to regard other religions without reflecting itself on it.
    Modi is the symbol of a highly politicised state of Hinduism, which is poison for a country like India. He should be condemned. The US did a good thing by cancelling his Visa. A wolf parading in the garb of a man, can’ really make it to the civilised world.

  14. E Says:

    The problem with India s not the Left or Hindutva. the real issue is resources and opportunities, the inequities of which is setting one against the other in the country.

  15. Sunil Sharma Says:

    “E” does not have the decency or the guts to spell out his/her name for fear of being repremanded by fellow readers – I think chicken -shits like you need to be booted out of this country. Whether you like it or not in times to come Modi will become PM of India because of his true patriotism and his selfless work for his countrymen. Converts like you and like the author of this article are products of contempt and hatred which has been indoctrinated into your piggy brains by alien propogators – when you could not be true and loyal to the religion of your anscestors (Hinduism) how can anybody expect you to be loyal to India – and if you claim that your forefathers converted because of the evils of Hinduism then my dear you are far from truth – Hinduism is sanatan dharm – the religion of the saints – and read the Holy Gita to get the real feel of Hinduism – Christianity itself is so fragmented and so is Islam – fragmented into so many sects and different beliefs and interpretations that why single out Hinduism alone – rather Hinduism being as old as it is different sects were bound to crop up over so many thousands of years but remember that all sects swear by the same books – Vedas and Upanishads – the primary books which do not propogate casteism – casteism came about as a social division with no sanction whatsoever from the Sanatan Dharm or the Hindu Religious scriptures. But look at Christianity and Islam – these are baby/infant religions in comparison – existence of only a few hundred years – yet their followers could not remain united even during its short history – protestants/catholics/prybestrians etc etc – shias/sunnis/ahmedias etc etc – and among these broad divisions there is so much of break-up into smaller castes and sub-sects that it is mind boggling! Hinduism is the only true religion of peace and universal brotherhood and you as an Indian (if you are one) should be proud that you were born in India and have the opportunity to understand it and follow it for your salvation from this earthly life. Yes Hinduism is the only religion fit for mortals to conquer matter and achieve nirvana and it is the religion which will be established over entire humanity in times to come. The current phase in Hinduism is an aberration where lesser religions (heavenly as they call themselves since for them salvation ends in Heaven where they enjoy material possessions to a larger degree) come to the fore but the ultimate truimph will be that of Hinduism because it guarantees to the soul a total relief and release and Moksh from the sufferings of both Heaven and Earth. Jai Sri Ram

  16. vibhaas Says:

    I don’t think the media understands the anger of people against MF Hussain. They just portray in liberal terms etc. Get to the root of the issue and don’t comment in articles like these. They are far away from reality. MF Hussain is a good painter but what right has he got to paint “bharatmata” in nude. Absolutely nil. I remeber he had made a movie and some objections were raised by muslims on that. You know what he did. He immediately stopped the movie and deleted the scenes. So much for Artists freedom.

  17. Gaurang Patel Says:

    Pamela Philipose,, Stop such Non sense!! Gujarat has left behind its 2002 story far behind and going on new direction.

    And Remember, Modi only has vision like CEO and decision power to make India Super Power. Otherwise keep seeing India slapped by A** Ho*e Terrorists.

    It is media and people like you,, who are not trying and dont let other people to forget such biased things.

    Writing an article does not mean to write SHIT.

    So, my dear PAMELA and all rest of Biased People, stop such MONKEY BUSINESS and find some new things.

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