One question I’m dying to ask… secularists

Narendra Modi‘s thunderous victory in the Gujarat elections—despite the pogrom of 2002, despite the scrutiny and strictures of the courts, despite the carping of human rights bodies, despite the sting operations of various media organisations—is an even more thunderous slap on the faces of secularists, pseudo and otherwise.

Nothing, not the rebel factor, not his haughty style of functioning, not the sidelining of the sangh parivar, not even the larger-than-life he created for himself, seems to have worked against Modi’s carefully calibrated brand of cultural nationalism, hinged on Gujarati asmita that tapped into the fear of the other.

What is the one question you are dying to ask secularists, who have never been able to forgive or forget 2002, who have never been able to take his claims of development on face-value, who have never been able to entertain the possibility that the overwhelming majority of people may be in favour of such politics?

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26 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask… secularists”

  1. Alok Says:

    the most obvious one….

    “Who’s yo’ Daddy now??”

    The less obvious one…

    “You couldn’t beat the Modi-mask?? What sort of a national party are you?”

  2. Bhat G Says:

    Congress is the main cause behind rotting of our democracy. Present poll mandate in Gujarat has selected the best among the worst. I wonder how BJP is called fascists by Congress which is party totally loyal to one individual. Totally I am happy about outcome & this is better than Government indirectly controlled by Mullahs.

  3. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Is it the end of the world as you knew it?

  4. kapoor Says:

    Congratulations to Chief Minister Modi . He should now enlarge his political ambitions to become Prime Minister of Bharat Ma.
    What his victory shows is that people are sick of terrorists and their apologists and wanted security and sound economic devolopment over conversions , spreading of hatred which this post Indira Gandhi congress headed by a fraud Italian Roman Catholic Antonia Manio aka Sonia Manio, who showed her true colors worthy of Italian politics by resorting to name calling and degrading India’s Democratic process.

  5. ERR Says:

    Where is the lady who called Modi ‘Merchant of Death’?What about Tytler? Afzal Guru?How about taking responsibility and quitting the post of congress president? It would have needed a leader of the caliber of Lalbahadur Shahstri to do such a thing…

  6. chandan Says:

    how dare you not believe that modi’s win shows he was always right, and you were wrong to blame him for godhra. after all, the aam janta is overwhelmingly behind him. proves the godhra charges were all bunkum. and if you say that the minority who DIDN’T vote for him are right, shows your agenda is only supporting the minorities.

  7. Deshabhakti Says:

    It was interesting watching the count down today morning — when congress had made some early gains in central gujarat — the media led by NDTV was crowing that congress was making a come back and even predicting a congress win. It’s amazing the extent to which the so called secular press goes to — to berate modi and his brand of politics + governance. Its telling to note that Gujarat has see some of the best governance in the country over the past 5 years and that has actually (At least i hope) yielded results for everybody – the farmers, the traders and the actual ‘common man’ – and thats where modi has scored. How i wish we get a modi (and actually i wont mind if he is from JDS even ) here in karnataka….we badly need somebody who can do a little for development…hats off to modi for pulling off such a terrific victory — i can only watch in envy the gujarat governance going to greater heights in the next 5 years ( i hope!).

  8. SumneNeeve Says:

    To the epitome of all secuilarists, Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai: “Will you congratulate Mr. Modi now?”

  9. Indu Ramesh Says:

    Even in defeat, the Congress party is being mean and nitpicking. Give the man his due. The people of Gujarat have responded to Modi’s agenda for development.
    The electronic media has gone crazy, even as they announced the results they were trying to creat tension in the BJP by harping on possible differences between Modi and Advani. It looks like the madia is not happy with anything good happenning in the country.

  10. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    WTF are all you self acclaimed “secular” are now obsessed with Modi’s religious identity and the fact that he was a Tea seller(his father supposedly was one and Modi served Tea in his stall) who rose to become a CM.

    How can you call yourself secular and stress that though he is from an OBC caste, he is controlling all other dominant castesmen!

    He is not a leader who is recognised due to his caste like Mayawati or his pedigree like Sonia and her kids.

    He is a credible leader whom people trust, not a dumb guy like Rahul Gandhi who if anointed PM would would promptly depend on his family’s great coterie culture and leave the country in their hands!

  11. prasad Says:

    what about the tea selling abilities of dks who has since amassed hundreds of crores , as with peon / driver JShariff .by those standards Modi is a saint with a simple lifesyle and no pretensions.Does not have a retinue of servants like madam ghandhy .The ones to be targeted are the Mayawatis who have made crores by milking the government treasury.

  12. Sathya Says:

    Outside Gujarat you may be talking anything , but the people of Gujarat have elected the government they want. Appreciate them. In every state, at some point or other things will gone out of control of the government. Having one unhappy incident in mind don’t try to estimate the progress of the state. Let not the center meddle in the affairs of the state. Allow them to prosper. It is a warning to pseudo-secularists. At least , have the generosity of appreciating the positive qualities. Don’t forget the Tytlers and others…

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    I detest this “secular” turd Rajdeep Sardesai. He should not be seen nor heard! He is a detestable, ignorant-looking ‘Richard-head’. The less said about his Ocean wife the better!

  14. wanderlust Says:

    so…. what do you have up your sleeve other than votebank politics?

  15. Doode Says:

    Sonia Baby,
    Congress matash…. Wait to see its slow death?????

  16. Vishal Says:

    Stop crying – isnt being second best in Gujarat not good enough?

    CPI/CPM/Other Leftists,
    We know that you are headless – but are you chicken to pull out the support to the UPA, now that the BJP is stronger?

    Tehelka/OutlookIndia/Hindu/Other pseudo-secular media,
    Media, Media on the fall – is this not the most humiliating of them all?

    Teesta Setalvad/Javed Akhtar/Mallika Sarabhai/Several other big-mouths,
    Ooh – does it hurt?

  17. Hoysala Says:

    Some one should remind the lady that ” Merchants of Death” are found in her native Turin wearing black suits and carrying large handheld cases. What a state the country has sunk into when she is able to make such comments.

  18. Goldstar Says:

    Oh… what a wonderful feeling to read The Chindu’s (the Chinese National Daily published from Chinnai…. sorry, Chennaites :-) ). It goes on and on about how Congress “lost” the election than BJP winning it.

    Way to go, MODI !!!

  19. dharma Says:

    Who is this Mr. Roy on NDTV. He was on screen on the counting day till BJP took a lead of around 30 seats and totaly dissapeared after that. Never saw him the whole day.

  20. Pradeep Kumar Says:

    The Chindu :)
    Today I was horrified to read the editorial of Chindu. As usual, the points are the same
    a. That Modi did not win….it was congress which lost the elections
    b. Modi did win…but not BJP
    c. Modi’s win will tear BJP into pieces.
    d. Congress should continue the “good work” done during the elections and not lose heart
    e. Modi raked up communalism to win elections
    f. Modi will be punished for his deeds (at this point..N Cham was almost in tears…”mummy…why aren’t they doing anything to modi”).
    g. This win is not “inclusive”.
    h. All the NRI Hindus are communal….not a good sign.

    Vidya Subrahmanyam who wrote essay after essay everyday proclaiming congress’ win disappeared.
    Harish Khare was consoling congress for losing the elections.

    I’ve never seen such a shameless news paper…

  21. babuds Says:

    It may be out of place here to talk about Godhra and its aftermath. I am no fan of Modi. He is a person made out of circumstances.

    Coming back to the point, the business community in Gujrat; whether in urban, town or rural; is highly opinion making and powerful, unlike in other states. Prior to 2002, this community was under regular and constant threat of extortion and goondagiri, from certain antisocial elements, purportedly belonging to Muslim community. They wanted to contain or eliminate this threat altogether, so as to conduct their activities in peace. Godhra was just a trigger and Modi was just a facilitator. If Godhra has not happened, some Madhra incident would have taken its place. And if Modi was not present at that point some Patel would have been there. What I mean here is, this 2002 riots was taking shape as public opinion. The 2002 pogrom was a seen as a must by the opinion leaders of Gujrat, where innocent lives have been lost, just to put the fear of God into the minds of few scoundrels. All said and done, I think Gujrat is still a barbaric state, in spite of achieving high growth rate, as West Bengal was once (during partition time) and also now in Nandigram.

    Sorry to say this, but our TV news media severely lacks people with reasonable/passable brains. They can be rated so-so to dumb in analyzing things. They are best suited for modeling, because they were chosen only for their good looks and dialog delivery, by our imbecile TV industry taking after its big brother “the great imbecile Bollywood”.

  22. kapoor Says:

    Chief Minister Modi should start enlarging the real estate of Gujarat re map the stae boundaries including Bhagaya Nagar now called Hyderbad which had it not been for Sardar Patel would have been made into another Paki ghetto.
    He should contest for Gawadar and SWAT and Chitral and into Yeman which where part of Bharat India. This would help Gujarat access to her ports once again. Rajasthan and Marwar including Himachal should be redefined and that whole region should be brought under its historical and cultural and economic home

    He would have a large group of resouces to work with and would be able to improve the quality of life of people

    Punjabis should also follow stronger growth polices and include regions going into Peshawar and Baulichi .

    For now those decay areas such as bengal kerala parts of bangulure and chennai should be ignored

    Also those who want to destroy Ramsethu and convert it to semetic Adam Bridge should see it as a devine message that their being marginalized in Malaysia guess what by Hanuman’s descendants who are throwing stones at the Tamils and Kerala , So Mr.Stalin, Karundhi , Gowda , chandra Babu this message is for the likes like you’ll. Better shape up or shape out

  23. kapoor Says:

    Advani is bad and its true he’s stiff scared of Modi. But Sindhis are two face people . Look at him he calls jinnah a seclarist , pretity zintza beds wadi jinnahs grandchildren and these people bring terrorism into India

  24. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Modi’s win has demonstrated that a state unit of the BJP can be independent of New Delhi as well as Nagpur. Bad news for Hinduthwa through politics proponents.

  25. Arrow Says:

    Seculiarists! The good thing you are doing to Hindus is that by your antics and anti Hindur tirade, many a Hindu is realising how the community and religion is being targetted and treated..this in a way is awakening the Hindu which is good.

  26. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Sure baana-sahebre,

    Anything to make you happy.

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