CHURUMURI POLL: Will Narendra Modi be PM?

Now that he has proved his pseudo-secular critics and detractors wrong, the question is: what next for Narendra Modi? In an SMS sent to mediapersons after his victory, the Gujarat chief minister said he was “CM” and he would be “CM”. But whether he meant chief minister or “common man” no one knows. But that hasn’t stopped TV channels from speculating furiously on whether, having conquered Gujarat, his ambitions would be seeking a larger national canvas.

In this YouTube video, courtesy of CNN-IBN, the economist and writer Lord Meghnad Desai strikes the contrarian note. He says Modi’s victory, contrary to the verdict of most pundits, is not going to weaken BJP but is actually going to help the BJP win the next general elections. Far from creating a rival power-centre, Lord Desai bravely predicts that Narendra Modi will be PM after Lal Krishna Advani.

Questions: Will Modi be PM, one day, some day? Will Moditva—aggressive cultural nationalism + development + personality + security—be acceptable across the nation, especially in States where the population of the minorities is larger than in Gujarat? Will it be acceptable among the allies of the National Democratic Alliance, or will there be no need for pesky allies if Modi can replicate his Gujarat model? Or is everybody counting the chickens before they are hatched?

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7 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Will Narendra Modi be PM?”

  1. gaby Says:

    The only person with a realistic chance of being CM in the fractured mandate that India is likely to throw up is Mayavati. But then anyone and his wife could become the PM on the same count !

  2. dharma Says:

    He will be in Gujrat and make it no.1. Will voters in Karnataka take a hint from this and give BJP a chance or go back to Gowda and DOOM!

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    The BJP in Karnataka was in cahoots with Gowda until he decided to ditch them. What difference will they make? And who is their leader?

  4. Indian Says:

    I am rather surprised at your insinuation. You say and I quote:
    “Moditva—aggressive cultural nationalism + development + personality + security—”

    If this is Moditva why shouldnt it be acceptable to Muslims?

    Is it wrong to be Ntaionalistic? Meaning is it wrong to put your country first?
    Is it wrong to be Development oriented?
    Is it wrong to be personality oriented? We have experimented with Faceless parties for 60 years and it has given us nothing.
    Is it wrong to talk about security in the face of soo many terrorist attacks and having rabid neighbours?

    By claiming that Minorities dont stand for these you are calling them unpatriotic. And that is sad.

  5. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Mayawati, that ultra corrupt, poor primary school hindi teacher who is worth hundreds of crores today?

    Sure, she can afford it.

  6. M K Vidyaranya Says:

    When our Mannina Maga Devegowda could become Prime Minister once, that too with very small number of JDs MP’s, why not Narendra Modi with his Hindutva punch line, having pulled the carpet from under feet of not only Congress President Sonia Gandhi but also the rebels with in the BJP, why not Narendra Modi.
    Who knows , after Advani’ s term as PM (if BJP sweeps the Loksabha polls as and when held), Narendra Modi could re-enact another ‘Modi Magic’ and step into Advani’s shoes, Let’s wait and watch.

  7. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Don’t compare him with HDD, Keshubhai Patel already has the sobriquet of being Gujarat’s Deve Gowda.

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