‘Modi has punctured vanity of corporate media’

Sheela Bhatt, managing editor (national affairs), rediff.com, and one of the few journalists who predicted the Gujarat elections accurately, on the strange symbiosis between the media and Narendra Modi:

“In Gujarat, many people wondered: “Look, how powerful is Modi. He can even defeat the media.”

“Today, the common belief is that the corporate media wields power. And the media, too, has come to believe in its power. But Modi has punctured the vanity of the corporate media. He ignored the media barons. Modi is the first Indian politician to transcend India’s corporate media. The result was predictable. He got so much bad publicity that the people started sympathising with him, concluding that he was a victim of the ‘power-wielding’ media.

“When the media delivered brickbats to Modi, BJP supporters gave him bouquets. His image of being a lone ranger also came in handy for Modi even as the media mauled him with epithets. The common man felt, “The poor fellow—the media is just not allowing him to work for Gujarat’s progress.”

“The Congress’s biggest mistake was to believe the anti-Modi propaganda. Some of it was actually planted by its leaders. They were trapped in their own web when they started believing the so-called logical arguments and not looking at the emotional fervour within the masses.”

Read the full column: Understanding the alchemy of Modi’s victory

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Photograph: courtesy rediff.com

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5 Responses to “‘Modi has punctured vanity of corporate media’”

  1. gaby Says:

    The baloon of the media will never be punctured since its a fantasy one immune to all pricks of reality. Wake up people the drubbing of the India shining campaign , Mayavati earlier this year were just two recent pinpricks- but then it would be one prick to another I suppose.

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    “He got so much bad publicity that the people started sympathising with him, concluding that he was a victim of the ‘power-wielding’ media.”

    Our own DG and sons must be wishing to all their gods that this might be true for him too!

  3. srikanth Says:

    corporate Media and successful journos , instead of passing clean neat news leaving the people to judge, take the role of judges and dish out their versions through guided discussions,misplaced, out of context facts,placing words in the mouths of people,creating myth worlds etc and thus estranging themselves from reality and peoples pulse. Such behavior is either out of vanity or due to having been bought out. for them Modi may be villain and want people of gujarat also to think like that instead of leaving him as he is and conveying to people just facts and news. Gujarat result certainly pulled them down to earth .their definition of secularism and communalism needs rewriting is the ringing sound.

  4. dharma Says:

    In the early stages of counting NDTV Mr Roy was as usual predicting a close call for BJP, and went to the extent of telling a dozen times that MODI HAS BEEN CUT TO SIZE. Now it is NDTV and the national media and The Hindu which have been CUT TO SIZE. Sonia, Manamohan, Sibil and others of the group who opposed Modi “all the best next time”.
    When this comment was sent as comment to the National TV media it was not taken up.
    All the best MODI!

  5. Aashadabhoothi Says:

    One key fact which the media missed out was Sonia and her italian origins and its role in Gujarat elections. I have travelled in the semi urban and urban areas of Gujarath and Gujjus are pretty much pissed that an italian is running the country. They have almost a positive hatred for her. Sonia Gandhi reading those speeches in her italian accented hindi and talking about hindu terrorism nailed all chances for the congress. Sonia ben through her campaign surely helped Narendra Modi win atleast 15 – 20 seats more. Sonia’s campaging was totally misdirected because congress already had the muslim support and their was no need to appease them more. Sohrabbudin case typically worked in favour of modi.

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