Not of what was but of what was to be?

Whether Sonia Gandhi‘s “Maut ka Saudagar” jibe actually turned Narendra Modi into a “Vote ka Saudagar” can be debated till the cows come home and go back in the morning.

PRAKASH SHETTY, the hugely talented cartoonist who worked for The Week magazine and now does cartoons for Eenadu Television, interprets the Congress chief’s controversial statement as a sign of prescience.

Not of what happened to the aam admi in 2002, but what was to happen to her not-so-aam candidates in 2007.

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5 Responses to “Not of what was but of what was to be?”

  1. dharma Says:

    When Sonia said ‘“Maut ka Saudagar”, she never knew what she was saying, she never knew the meaning of “Maut ka Saudagar”. This is what happens when you read a prepared speech written in Italian! The EC also realised and took things easy on Sonia.

  2. Yashica Says:

    Dharma, behen: Have you reached mental menopause so soon? If not, stop discharging your crap here. Sounds like abuse, right? You bet. Because that’s how most women view the abuse Bajrang Dalis like you heap on Sonia. How do you know the speech was written in Italian? Were you the female anopheles mosquito she swatted while writing it?

  3. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Why does Dharma have to be a woman? Yashica, adjust your focus. Name calling is not argument.

  4. Anuraag Sanghi Says:

    1. Such a fabulous cartoon

    2. I wish it had a clear link, date, publication, URL …


  5. Dharan Says:

    Pity that India did not produce one single capable citizen to rule itself. Pity that we are still being fooled by religious caste sentiments.

    Abuse? Yashica, are you kidding? Which place in the world are you from? Do you know the reality in India? India has been abused for thousands of years by foreigners. I don’t blame them. Because, you can’t blame anyone for your failures in this world. That is the reality. India has once again paved a way for foreign abuse through this lady. I hope Indians will realize this soon and get a leader of their own origin.

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