Don’t tell us you didn’t know this one about Rajni

Like he slipped so smoothly from Kannada to Tamil, Rajnikant is racing from Bandipur from Mudumalai, on his new acquired 70 cc “TVS XL Heavy Duty moped”.

A cigarette is swinging in his mouth from left to right, right to left.

Just as Rajni enters the Tamil Nadu side of the forest, a pack of three tigers starts chasing him.

How does superstar escape?

At a T-junction on the road, he switches on his right indicator—and turns left.

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How Rajni caught the lion

Illustration: courtesy Simply South/India Today

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7 Responses to “Don’t tell us you didn’t know this one about Rajni”

  1. T.Shetty Says:

    Help me – I haven’t seen a single a post on Vishnuvardhan or Anantnag here. Why this obsession with Tamil actor? Well…

  2. Krishna Says:

    it’s getting really tiresome, these try-hard jibes. the truth remains that the man remains the hugest, the most enduring and the most loved star from the sub-continent. period and full stop.

  3. Marc Says:

    All these are copied Chuck Norris ‘quotes’ which is quite a phenomenon on the net.

  4. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    Tell us, your bhaktas, what criteria you use to select stories for publication.
    How many people aren’t already up to their ears in information about Rajnikanth? They know about his movies as well as his unequalled generosity. He would be worth talking about if he were to come to every corner of Karnataka and help us rid our Godforsaken state of its current crop of politicians.

    Benazir died a tragic death. Whether that death was caused by her love of the people of Pakistan is a n open matter. Why talk about it so much? Will Pakistant’s fundamental stance against India ever change no matter who becomes the next prime minister, president, or dictator of that country? Will that successor do anything to bring peace to the Kashmir valley and make life easier for the two and half a million Hindus trapped in that country?

    The attention you pay to Modi make us all wonder if he is going to be joint chief minister of Karnataka and Gujarath. Agree with us: Let us say he is an excellent statesman, not a wily politician like Gowda, and that he (not Gowda) perhaps will acquire the maturity to lead the nation and forget about it.

    The IT BT topics have given us ammunition to us to use against posturing and hypocristy. Can we leave them behind now?

    While on the subject, much as I respect freedom of speech as much as a Jefferson, may I ask that you ask all of us to be parliamentary in our choice of words and maintain our discussions at a dignified level

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    dignified level so our responses to ideas however distasteful will invite meaningful exchange of ideas? Thank you.
    Typo in post: “hypocrisy”

  6. tarlesubba Says:


    the thing i really appreciate about churumuri is that it does not censor comments. the same cannot be said of any of the indian media sites, even award winning sites.

    a general comment about media (not churumuri), did you notice how all the movers and shakers in indian media have similar profile and background?
    -elite schools of metros, elite colleges of metros then a stint at columbia/oxford. all well heeled and connected fathers/grandfathers/uncles.

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I share your admiration for Churumuri for dispensing what is khaara as well as sihi in a response without messing with the ingredients.

    My suggestion was actually intended for writers. What do we have to lose by exercising restraint in our diction and reasoning? By avoiding name-calling and non-sequiturs?

    As far I know, the most convincing example of Churumuri’s hands–off policy lies in the replies to responses related to Kannada it has published.

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