CHURUMURI POLL: Anybody for the Bharat Ratna?

January is upon us, and the honours’ list for Republic Day is obviously being readied in some dark corners of New Delhi. But one of the baffling aspects of the last few years is that the country hasn’t found a fitting candidate for the highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna. After Lata Mangeshkar and Ustad Bismillah Khan were picked for 2001, no Indian has been found fit enough for the honour. Seven years without a single jewel in the nation’s chest!

Obviously, no Bharat Ratna is better than a politically motivated Bharat Ratna, as has become the trend in recent years. But what are we to make of the drought? That there is nobody in this nation of a billion and more worthy enough? Nobody, nobody at all, in art, literature, science, public service who deserves to be so honoured and held up as a role model? Are the ruling coalitions at the Centre playing it extra-safe and parsimonious?

Questions: Who do you think deserves the Bharat Ratna this year? Does Atal Behari Vajpayee stand a chance? An industrialist like Ratna Tata? N.R. Narayana Murthy? Amitabh Bachchan? Medha Patkar? Should we confer it on a younger person like Sachin Tendulkar instead of an old fogey with one foot in the grave?

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When will we learn to treat our musicians better?

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71 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Anybody for the Bharat Ratna?”

  1. shishir sathe Says:

    Pandit Bhimsen Joshi no doubt deserves the award…!
    Also, conferring Bharatratna on Baba Amate would be a true tribute to his work !!!!

  2. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Raj Kumar, Bhimsen Joshi, Baba Amte… cool.

    I would add Sunderlal Bahuguna.

    old fogey with one foot in the grave?
    You consider Bharat Ratna to be an honour, right?

  3. Anoop Saha Says:

    I would like Habeeb Tanvir, the theatre artist.

  4. Ravi Kumar Says:

    I guess GanguBai Hangal deserves this honor for her contribution to the field of music. I don’t think Dr Raj Kumar deserves this honor.

  5. Ex Parte Says:

    Rajnikanth Maharashtrian from Karnataka who made it big in AP and TN.

  6. D P Satish Says:

    1. Sachin 2. Bhimsen Joshi 3. Gangubai 4. Rajkumar/Rajanikanth
    5. Kapil / Gavaskar 6. Baba Amte

  7. ಅನಾಮಿಕ Says:

    Sachin, Rajkumar and Rajnikant for Bharataratna! lol !

    Vajapayee deserves it the best. S R Rao is my next option. I know many of you wonder as to who this S R Rao is. Find it for yourselves.

    @ D P Satish – I never expected you to be a moron, but now you are showing signs of it.

  8. Aatmasakshi Says:

    My vote is for Viswanathan Anand. He is young, so he will relate to the under-25 demographic churumuri is obsessed with. He plays chess, an intellectual game we can make some claims of having invented. He is clean, unlike our cricketers, musicians and other worthies. He is from Tamil Nadu, a state the UPA likes. And above all, he is a real jewel even without a Bharat Ratna tainted by the likes of MGR.

  9. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    I know many of you wonder as to who this S R Rao is.
    thu… kochkoLakku ondu miti ide.. :D
    Bharat Ratna koDbeku anta hELbekaadre ivaryaaru nimge gottiralla anadaa! :P

  10. Yule Says:

    Ratan Tata

    PS: I thought Ratan Tata already got it, if he hasnt then its a shame. He should get it this year.

  11. dr ramesh Says:

    from karnataka, 2 names which would enhance the prestige of award even if considered are SIDDAGANGA SWAMY
    but with UPA govt in place one cant expect better sense to prevail.

  12. D P SATISH Says:

    @ ANAMIKA,

    Thanks for your compliment. It is a Cricket and Cinema crazy nation. Hope you know that! There is nothing wrong in conferring Bharat Ratna on Cricketers and cine stars.

    Of course I know S R Rao. He is from my own district. Perhaps I know him better than you.

  13. Sanjay Guha Says:

    Dr Raj Kumar, Rajanikant, Bhimsen Joshi, Gangubai, Vishvanathan Anand, Baba Amte, Anna Hazare

  14. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Glad to see Pandith Joshi is mentioned by many for the honor, something he deserves much more than a filmi singer. Is there anything in our public life univitiated by politics?

    Old fogeys, etc.,–Indeed, honor them before they get to that stage.

  15. Hoysala Says:

    Who cares.

  16. prasad Says:

    Mr. Roy of NDTV / Mr. Ram of The Hindu for their pro UPA stand. It will please both Congress and the Communist party!

  17. Chethan Says:

    Bhimsen Joshi and Gangubai Hanagal are great musicians, but are they in the caliber of a Subbulakshmi? What I mean is that lakhs of people used to (and even now do) wake up to a Subbulaksmi suprabhatam and lakhs listen to a melodious Lata song. How many like to listen to other musicians?

    Cricketers like Sachin have ruled out themselves by becoming corporate salesmen, selling things like potato chips & biscuits.

    If at all someone deserves it, it is Ratan Tata. But even in his case, we should wait till he retires, for his work is not finished yet.

  18. Ex Parte Says:

    MS prabhakara is so right. all you kannadiga’s are so goddamn insecure and envious. I knew someone would deride MGR. He deserved it more than at least seven other awardees. Fixing narrow regional identities especially south of vindhyas is futile. is MGR from kerala or TN? is Visvesvarayya from KTK or AP? Is radhakrishnan a tamil or telugu? should tamils celebrate thyagaraja the way they do? Similar pointless questions could be asked of hundreds of other greats. And just because Rajnikanth is the king of camp in TN, kannadigas faking a cultural aversion to kitsch have disowned him. If a few hundred tcf of kaveri water will make you feel more confident of a place under the sun, you certainly deserve that more than the delta farmers.

  19. Yella Ok Says:

    Ayya exparte, you knew mgr would be derided because you know that he deserved to be derided, didnt you?

    “fixing narrow regional identities is futile” – agree if tamilian immigrants in KA start learning kannada and become less tamil outside their homes. Agree if tamilians stop being a nuisance outside TN wherever they go, Srilanka, bengalooru, bombay, malaysia.

    What else do you expect dude?


  20. Bakedgrainappa Says:

    My preference:

    Anna Hazare, N R Narayana Murthy, …………………. and Rajkumar. I do not mind whom you would like to add in between and whichever order as long as the four names mentioned here are in that order….

  21. December Stud Says:

    Certainly Bhimsen Joshi and ratan Tata and maybe Hangal.

    Yes, there are is nobody in this nation of a billion who is more worthy enough.


    That was a crude argument. Joshi and Hangal not in the ‘caliber’ of Subbalakshmi, just because they didn’t sing the Suprabhata? come on man, you are more mature than that aren’t you? Extremely bad comparison there. How many people in North India (or North karnataka, for that matter) prefer to listen to Subbalakshmi than Joshi??? Please….stop making such comparisons. It’s a sin!!!

  22. gaby Says:

    Arent there parameters that are drawn up to decide on these things- at least two sets of them:

    True and lasting contribution to Indian Society/culture, Achievements of excellence, ‘ exceptional service towards advancement of Art, Literature and Science’, ‘public service of the highest order’ with Pan Indian appeal acceptabilty exemplified by Radhakrishnan, Vishweshwariah, Subbulakshmi, Bismillah Khan, CV Raman, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan ( even he a non-Indian) etc. Sadly lets face it there is not a single individual in this very India of 102 crores with the public identity that satisfies these criteria. The closest in my humble opinion are perhaps Ratan Tata, Baba Amte, Vishvanathan Anand et al.

    There is the other group where the award is only in the ‘service’ of self aggrandisement (as in the cases of J Nehru, GB Pant, Indira Gandhi, VV Giri etc or because it served a political need of the moment ( all the posthumous ones ((especially the ones to MGR & Bordolai equating them in a sense to Sardar Patel, BR Ambedkar, SC Bose etc)), APJ Abdul Kalam, Ravishankar etc. This is the category where we could have Sonia Gandhi, A B Vajpayee, LK Advani, Narayana Murthy, Sachin Tendulkar, Rajnikant and even P roy ( NDTV) and Ram ( Hindu).

    Oh and yes there is the third class where you are simply left wondering why but why- Aruna Asaf Ali, Dhondo Karve, Morarji Desai, Gulzarilal Nanda , Nelson Mandela, JP Narayan, Chidambaram Subramanyam etc- no offense meant to all these very obviously good human beings- but the awrds at the time they got it makes perfectly good examples of sophistry. Well we could make this a truly mysterious category by giving it characters like Rajnikant, A Bacchan, and while we are at to Bappi Lahiri and even to our own Deve Gowda.

    Just my tuppence – is not meant to hurt the sentiments of those who admire the truly good and sincere among those listed by me.

  23. Mayura Says:

    Ex Parte,

    Ya you are right, the tammys are oozing milk and honey whereever they go..aint it…You must know who is responsible for the entire south indians being derided as Saalah Madrasi.. dont you..

    a hint …it is not kannadigas :)

  24. kannadakanda Says:

    Heading : 3/5
    Content : 4/5

    Amithab bachchan?? – pluzzzzz give me a break
    Sachin ?? — even he has one foot in his grave ( ref to his career :))

  25. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I cannot believe that some of us are nominating Rajkumar for the honor. What has he done that merits attention at the national level?

  26. Athreya Says:

    Looks like for once, our politicians are a party to something sensible & good — not awarding the Bharat Ratna to anyone since 2001. Just look at the sorry list of nominations : Rajnikanth, Bachchan, et all..; Who next , Laloo and Mallika ?

    Sure, some in the list like, Hangal, Joshi & NRN, are stalwarts in their fields and greatly respected, but none to merit the highest honor.

  27. Vinay Says:

    we shall Mr J Basu very soon getting the honor , he qualifies as he is
    1. Old
    2. Almost forgotten
    3. Commie

  28. dr ramesh Says:

    what had MGR done to receive bharat ratna, from the moment he was given the award , bharat ratna has become a biiiiig joke.
    to install pride in the award , DESERVING PEOPLE should be honoured . SO siddaganga sri and dr.raj are being mentioned.

  29. shishir sathe Says:

    Lets not waste something as special as Bharatratna on filmstars…
    Not at all Amitabh….Wonder how we would feel our bharatratna selling every thing from toothpaste to chawanprash to ball pens….and worse, seeing him in the company of Samajwadi goons and people like subroto sahara!!!!

    Chethan, how can u compare bhimsen with Subbalakshmi? That was a disply of complete ignorance on ur part….And for that matter, no one except for those from the southern states has ever heard Subbalakshmi’s renditions! Does that mean they should question her ‘caliber’ ???

    If at an industrialist was to be chosen, Ratan Tata fares far better over the likes of NRN !!!

    @Vinay, very well said..Mr basu may actually end up as a surprise winner..who knows, the left might hardpress for that as well…may be in exchange of consent for IAEA round 2 talks ;)

  30. mannina maga Says:

    Devegowda…. he is is surely 24 carat ratna….

  31. Koppal Haida Says:

    En Dr Ramesh, yaar yaardo hesru helki namgyaakappa hrudhayaaghaata tarstaa ideera? gowdru..only devegowda deserves it

  32. dr ramesh Says:

    koppal haida , nimage bejaaru agodu beda,
    devegowdru next president of india.

  33. Gopal S Says:

    I would like to suggest the name of Shri Anant Pai, editor of Amar Chitra Katha, not for the Bharat Ratna but at least for one of the Padma Awards. He has done more than anyone else to take Indian culture, history and mythology to today’s generation but has received scant recognition for it.

  34. Kishore Asthana Says:

    In India today, the concept of honor has been turned on its head. At one time honor used to be earned through honourable deeds. Today, it is earned through overexposure in the media. Thus those who are seen more in the media, are perceived as deserving more honor. Film Stars, sports persons and politicians tend to hog the limelight and the truly honorable, those dying on our borders or in conflicts against terrorists, those working unsung to raise the lot of the underprivileged, excellent teachers shaping India’s young ones and so on remain unknown beyond their immediate areas.

    I have gone through the list of the 40 recipients of Bharat Ratna till now. None of the recipients is from our armed forces. (APJ, then of DRDO, does not count) Are we to assume that no one in our defence services has been worthy of being designated a jewel of India?. I suggest that we should give the Bharat Ratna collectively to the martyrs of our wars, and inscribe it on the Martyr’s memorial. A copy should be given to every family in which someone has sacrificed their life in the defence of the country. If these martyrs are not our national jewels, no one is.

    Kishore Asthana

  35. Vishal Says:

    It is good that the the names heard are atleast non-political. Bharat Ratna has lost its value with political parties (especially congress) giving it out like freebies to curry some petty favor.
    Give it to musicians, scientists, doctors, academics, social workers, industrialists, sports persons , even film stars maybe, but, not to these worthless politicians.
    Bhimsen Joshi, Baba Amte, Siddaganga Mutt Swamiji, Verghese Kurien, and, maybe Ratan Tata, R Chidambaram of AEC.
    Homi Bhabha, Sarabhai and Raja Ramanna were fine choices.
    I also liked the mention of Anant Pai atleast for the Padma awards. I would also like to add Narendra Karmarkar – the architect of the SuperComputer in the Tata Advanced computing Lab as a potential.
    Vishy Anand is a good candidate from the sporting field.

  36. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    Vishy Anand would be my choice!

  37. Narayana .V Says:

    Bharat Ratna is to be conferred on a true son of the soil. A person who dedicated his life to the nation through service or excellence in a field with no personal agenda or expectations, in return. I do not think Sachin, Rajkumar, Rajni, Amitabh or even the previous recepients – Rajiv Gandhi (or any politician for that matter) etc., deserve it in any way. They have been honored by their fans on the field and off. They have enjoyed their position on pedestals and in revenue for what little they did. This honour should not succumb to populism or political power. If this is the nature of nominations to cheapen the highest honour, then why not Silk Smitha or Shakeela. They have in their own way, contributed to the nation.

    It is a shame that we are still groping for a worthy candidate, given the plethora of stalwarts of art, science and social service in India. To name a few, in addition to some really worthy names mentioned earlier:
    posthumous: Satyajit Ray, poet Sri Sri (Telugu), Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Bismillah Khan etc.,
    from present: Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, BKS Iyengar, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shyam Benegal, Kiran Bedi, founder of Sulabh Complex (his name escapes me), Mata Amritanandamayi etc.,

  38. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    Age should be no criteria for any award except ‘lifetime achievement award’

    In that context, I endrose Master Kadana’s choice closely followed by Leander Paes who has bled for the country, literally.

    But my Bharat Ratnas are the young brave jawans who sacrifice their lives to keep India safe.

  39. Jughead Says:

    Chiranjeevi for Bharatratna. ?

  40. Doode Says:

    Bharat Ratna now a days goes only Gandhi’s family and (ku)chelas of Congress party.

    Eminent archeologist SR Rao is good one.

  41. Rajashekhar Says:

    NRN will be my choice, showing world how one could generate wealth ethically and bringing paradigm shift in doing busienss with western coutries.

  42. harsha Says:

    Mr. D P Satish,

    Each award has its own dignity and criteria, lets not bring it down!!

    Bharat ratna is the highest civilian award of our country which should be given to eminent personalities who had contributed to the countrys growth by helping the society.

    Just because Sachin is the greatest cricketer of India and we like him, cant be reasons enough for awarding Bharat ratna to him!!

    Bharat ratna awardees should be role models for the youth, definitely a person who tries to find ways to avoid paying tax to his ferrari car and who has around 2 crores of income tax due to our country cant be a good role model!

    In my view Tata or Narayan Murthy are the kind of persons who fit the bill, as they have created so many employements to the people of india and also they have generated so many billions of $ to our country through income tax paid by themselves and their employees.

  43. JAY MOHAN Says:

    I would to say Mr. Ratan Tata is the only person for this honor. Who has honored every Indian in the Map of the World? It will be shame for all Indian and especially for Indian politician who always have self interest if Mr. Ratan Tata is not selected.

  44. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Dr. Ramesh–

    I wasn’t aware that the democracy hating, mentally poorly equipped MGR was a Bharatarathna. He does not deserve to be so honoured any more than Indira Gandhi does.

    I don’t know the criteria for selecting people for this honour. I suppose they should be capable of demonstrating that their actions have enchanced the physical and mental well-being of our people all over the country to some degree at least, not in just one state. My respect for Salumarada Thimmaka is virtually unlimited, but I don’t think I would nominate her for the award.

    Why should this award exist as it serves no practical purpose and is handed out on the basis of imponderable political considerations? I am reminded of how the Karnataka Government made a fool of itself by offering considerable sums of money to members of the police involved in the death of Veerappan. Why should anybody be compensated for what is damn well supposed to do?

    The true Bharatarathnas toil everday and live on two rottis and two cups of coffee.

    Sixty years of independence and we are still an immature, poorly educated people.

  45. bunty Says:

    Sonia Gandhi, for refocusing India on its poor and downtrodden.

  46. D P SATISH Says:

    @Mr. Harsha,

    Stop being hypocritical. Bharat Ratna lost its dignity, the day MGR and V V Giri got it. I stand by my word or arguement.

    It is abosultely right to confer it on a Cricketer or a film star.

    Only some middle class morons can think like you.

  47. Hoysala Says:

    I would give to Traffic Inspector Kuttappa ( if he is alive) of yore in Mysore, who did not think twice before stopping His Highness Jayachamaraja Wodeyar’s Rools Royce with His Highness sitting inside for speeding!

  48. harsha Says:

    Mr DP Satish,

    Only Morons can think that if MGR or VV Giri got bharat ratna, why not sachin !!

    2 wrongs wont make 1 right!!

    Only third class morons like u can argue on this.

  49. ಅನಾಮಿಕ Says:

    @ D P Satish and harsha,

    please dont take the discussion to different levels of moron. i didnt say D P Satish’s choices shouldnt get the award. But there are hajaar people who deserve more than they do.

    as Harsha says, 2 wrongs will make no right. If Rajkumar gets Bharatratna, its an opportunity for Rajnikanth and then Chiranjeevi, Mammooty, Mohanlal… oh! thats hilarious!

    if Sachin gets it, then Bengalis [commies] will not sit quite. They will want one for their dada too.

    i am meaning that because of the controversies one should not get the award. Sachin should get, but not now. They are host of people who desrves better and earlier than either Sachin or Rajkumar.

    my choices
    1. S R Rao [ thanks ‘Not A Witty Nick’, i enjoyed your comment :)]
    2. A B Vajpayee
    3. Hangal and Joshi
    4. Ratan Tata
    5. Vishy
    6. Narayana Murthy

  50. Pradeep Kumar Says:

    There simply is no point in conferring the honour on people belonging to following fields, sports, cinema, politics, literature, music and science. Let me explain my reason. There already exists awards for the above mentioned fields (except of course the politics….who don’t deserve the award anyway at any day). Khel Ratna, Dadasaheb Phalke, Gnanapeeta, Tansen and various awards for science and technology given by Govt of India.

    While everyone is eligible for a Ratna award I would consider giving it to someone who has really created a name for India…But at the same time one who is sincere, honest and non-controversial. I can only think of Ratan Tata who as his father has really made India proud. And please don’t say NR Murthy.

    Some one mentioned Army…..Definitely YES. I support that. For example, How could we forget Sam Manekshaw ??? On second thoughts…..Manekshaw is still ALIVE …. Give him one before he too is relegated to footnotes in history books (with leftists writing the history….I doubt that he will even be mentioned).

    No need to give it to musicians/ poets/ novelists/ dancers/ actors/ politicians etc etc…


    >> Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, BKS Iyengar, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shyam Benegal, Kiran Bedi, founder of Sulabh Complex (his name escapes me), Mata Amritanandamayi etc. >>

    Except Bedi and BKS Iyengar…others are forgettable. If Benegal then why not Adoor? Kalam doesn’t need one :)…he’s already Ratna (in people’s eyes).

    >> Satyajit Ray, poet Sri Sri (Telugu), Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Bismillah Khan etc >>

    Again … not to Ray…Who’s SriSri? Why not Kuvempu ? Why not any other eminent poet from Karnataka ;)? Anyway…no point in going for posthumous awards.


    >>>>>> Mata Amritanandamayi >>>>>>>>
    Wait a minute…….you were kidding right ???

  51. Praveen Reddy Says:

    I would like to recommend Vajpayee as suggested by L .K Advani. Vajpayee really deserves it. He is one of our best prime ministers and parliamentarian. At this age alos, he actively involves in country’s political matters .

  52. P A Joseph Says:

    When Dr. Abdul Kalam was the President, one of the leading names for Bharat Ratna was of Dr. V Kurien. For what he has accomplished in his lifetime for millions of our farmers (milk producers) who are otherwise not counted in the present economic model pursued under globalisation, Dr. Kurien deserves Bharat Ratna. In fact it is long overdue !

  53. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Having read about Deve Gowda’s chariot adventure, I now believe that he is greater than any Bharatharathna, past or future. India should lobby the U. N. to confer the “Vishwarathna” on him.

  54. shishir sathe Says:

    Seems we were correct about Mr Basu’s name being put forward by the Left… ;)
    but, I had not thought that the names of Kanshiram and Jagjeevan ram would also surfacce….And now Karuna as well….
    As if bargaining for ministerial berths was not enuf…may be these regional satraps will settle for one cabinet seat less provided they would be conferred the Bharat-ratna ….

    Way to go India!!!

  55. shishir sathe Says:

    ….A latest addition to the distinguished list….
    Bahadur Shah Zafar….Though he was not a PM ever, he was a ‘head-of-state’ some 150 years back !!

    Now, are we going to have nominations for the iluustrious kings and queens of pre-Raj India…How about starting from Ashok the great ;) ?
    May be then Chandragupta, Chanakya, …Akbar, Shahjahan, Chh. Shivaji ….this list will suffice till 2050 @ 6 B-Rs per year !!! Till, then AB Vajpayee, Jyoti Basu would have been history themselves !!!!

  56. Shanthu Gummaraju Says:

    One & only Deve Gowda if not at least his sons Kumara or Revanna.

    Seriously none other than AB Vajpayee.

    When names like Karunanidhi coming up its time to scrap this award than devaluing it by awarding people like Karunanidhi, Devegowda, Basu, Kanshiram, Mulayam

  57. Harvinder Says:

    Most desrving candidate will be Mohd Rafi for following reasons :
    He changed the complexion of Indian playback singing. Rated as the greatest singer by many. His pariotic songs can send chill in anybody’s spine.
    Non Controversial throught his carrer.
    Gentleman & pious.
    Helped Humility
    Most respected by one and all- Bombay is yet to witness a day of sorrow that was witnessed on his day of death.

  58. Dinesh Kumar Says:

    Bharat Ratan should goes to RATAN TATA for giving 1 Lakh car to india. It’s a great achivement. He has dream for gernal people of india and make it true. Politician is not doing anything.

  59. Dr.Vijay Says:

    why you all people forget the Master manyawar Kanshiram. i know you all will not like it but just think for a while. He have started with only one person the mossion of Dr.Ambedkar, Shahuji Maharaj, Mahatma Phule, Narayan Guru, Periyar Ramaswami. He was having no political background nor lot of money. But u can see today his organization BAMCEF, DS4, BSP they are doing very well. if u will see individual political party BSP is third incountry without alliance with any party. Next thing is it has made congress to loose many elections e.g Himachal Pradesh. Iyts the only party working for all sectors of community. doing its best for backward class SC/ST/OBC/RELIGIOUS MINORITIES. the person who gave so much to the country , dont u think he has done some thing extra ordinary

  60. Sudip Says:

    Md Rafi is the most deserving and non-controversial candidate.

    He was the equivalent of Lata Mangeskar and if Lata could get it so can Rafi. Rafi has touched millions-in their sorrow, joy and various other moods. He had shaped the careers of actors and music directors. In a film industry full of vices and immoral means, Rafi was a mute protest. He was an epitome of class, and how class can touch the masses without compromising on quality.
    Even 100 years from now, the Rafi legacy will live on..

  61. Pravin Says:

    Do hell with all those politicians. The most deserving ones are:
    (Can be given to all of them)
    1. NRN Murthy
    2. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi
    3. Mohd Rafi
    4. Baba Amte

  62. shagun Says:

    i think so that me Medha Patkar will be the best for best for the Bharat Ratna award

  63. ketan Says:

    bhimsen hoshi deserves the bharat ratna no doubt,but the comparison that has arised in this forum between MSSUBBULAKSHMI and BHIMSENJOSHI is absolutely wrong .ms subbulakshmi cannot be even compared to lata mangeshkar and for everybody’s kind information lata mangeshkar has remained an ardent fan of ms subbulakshmi and still she is her fan.lataji used to imitate ms subbulakshmi and this she herself has told.bhimsen joshi is very good in his way but comparing him with ms subbulakshmi is not at all subbulakshmi can traverse through 3 octaves even swhen she was 81.whreas i could find bhimsen joshi jumping into falsetto at high pitches which creates a doubt on his subbulakshmi has given once a concert in shanmukhananda hall (bombay).just 5-10 minutes before the starting of the concert lata mangeshkar had arrived and sat on the first row and suddenly current went off .the hall is so big and no lights fans but still ms started the concert.candles were lighted all around the hall and ms subbulakshmi sang in such a way sang one more octave higher than she had planned to sing with such great energy that even the farthest person sitting in the hall was able to listen as if he was listening to ms subbulakshmi in dont even think of comparing ms subbulakshmi with any legendary singer and that is why she was the 1st singer to be conferred upon bharat ratna even before lata mangeshkar ,bismillah khan,pt.ravi shankar

  64. Rajesh K. Ranga Says:


  65. Aaditya Says:

    I think F S Shinde deserves it…. He has done so much for the country and he has not publicized his work till now….. i think this man really deserves bharatratna….. i would say he deserves more than this award….. F S Shinde…….. look for this man….. i think not more ppl know abt him …. search n find him

  66. naveedkhan Says:

    iam naveedkhan iam asvised nextyear 2010 bharatharatna award his goes to mr. amithab bachaan
    the star of the million and god of bollywood bollywood no 1 citizen . i request for the congress government pls you have give a award

    thanking for you

  67. Muni Natesan Says:

    It is high time that Legendary Mohd. Rafi saheb should be awarded with BHARAT RATNA’ which is overdue for long. He deserves the most. His contribution to the masses is unmatchebale. He is with everyone in their good and bad times and has influenced positively the thoughts and actions of many by his spiritual voice.

    I asm not questioning the claim of others for the award. BUT RAFI SAHEB IS THE MOST DESERVING AND THE GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY IGNORED HIS NAME FOR THE REASON KNOWN BETTER TO THEM. SHAYAD RAFI SAHEB HAS NO POLITICAL LOBBIES but he has a spirutal lobby in the hearts of muillions. (09811267752)


    i think this is the right time to give BHARATHA RATNA for sachin ramesh tendulkar

  69. umesh Says:

    bharat rathna should be given to the living legend aged 92 years shri b.k.s. iyengar who brought arogya and yoga on world map, he is an example of blissfull family man who’s hale hearty healthy joyous, still practising yoga, who revived yoga and popularised yoga to the west, he is the perfect ambassador who has mastered and spreading good helth to millions around the world. he not only gave yoga to the world but also gave the system of prop yoga wher even layman of any age, physique can do this yoga he is the right contendor since yoga can give us complete happiness.

  70. sunil kumar Says:


    I refer the bharatha rathana should be awarded to dr shree siva kumara swamiji. for his social and spirtual service to our nation.

  71. shankarlal Says:

    Should get Bharat Ratna honourable actor Dilip Kumar he is most deserve for Bharat Ratna.

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