CHURUMURI POLL: Aren’t Biharis, Bhaiyas Indians?

South Western Railway was forced to cancel the physical fitness tests for Group D workers in Bangalore yesterday after activists of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike entered the SWR Institute grounds, raised slogans against the Railways’s injustice to Kannadigas, and alleged favouritism to “candidates of other States”. The KRV activists’ contention was that only “locals” should be recruited for Group D posts. Scared candidates fled the grounds and some did not return to collect their belongings for several hours.

The incident is a grim repeat of similar ethnic-chauvinism in Assam four years ago, where 50 Bihari candidates were denied entry into examination halls, sparking a three-week inter-state rampage that claimed 20 lives. In Bombay, four years ago, the Shiv Sena launched the Bihar ani Bhaiya Baher Kada Mohim (Out with the Biharis and Bhaiyas movement) aimed at “outstation candidates” aiming for jobs of gangmen, khalasis, helpers. They snatched ID cards, tore hall tickets, pulled and punched candidates and bullied the candidates into missing the tests.

Questions: Is the apprehension that “outsiders” are taking away jobs of locals true? Or are linguistic chauvinists tapping the latent xenophobia? Are the railways doing a favour to Laloo Yadav, a railway minister hailing from Bihar? Or is this just a canard? Are protests like these legitimate when Article 16 of the Constitution bars discrimination of candidates on the basis of regional or linguistic grounds? Especially when the Railways is a central government institution? What does the mad clamour for such menial jobs—75 lakh candidates for 20,000 posts—say about job creation at the lowest levels of the economy?

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Sign of an alive democracy, or a sad mobocracy?

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61 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Aren’t Biharis, Bhaiyas Indians?”

  1. Sanjay Guha Says:

    It is true linguistic chauvinists are instigating locals to take cudgels against Biharis/Bhaiyyas. But the Bhaiyyas themselves are mostly responsible for it. They form a bulk of the illegal, non-tax paying population of cities like Mumbai. These people are uncouth and they have scant respect for law. There was a time in Mumbai when taxi and autoirickshaw drivers used to be honest and transport you to your destination without fuss.They also used to charge you by the meter. All that has changed in the last few years thanks to the Bhaiyyas who have taken over this trade. Much of the traffic indiscipline in Mumbai is also because of them. It’s time southern states introduced visas for this stone age species.

  2. shreeram Says:

    I am getting a doubt.. are articles in churumuri written by karnataka people or by outsiders.. now coming to the point sir u quote that article 16 but do u know that railway ministry advt about this job opening only in hindi and English newspapers and not in Kannada newspapers thus denying an opportunity for kannadigas to apply… these biharis spoil the local culture and place wherever they go… look at Assam,Bombay,Bengal and dehli…. in india no community is hated as much as biharis… why?… bcoz of there attitude.. they act as if they are in there own universe…. what good can a they do to the migrated state when they cant keep there own state and house in correct order…. these hindi speaking people neither work nor allow others to work… they spoil the culture and land… look at the northern states(Hindi speaking ones)… they are known as BIMARU states i.e their economy is BIMAR(sick)…. they try to dominate even in the place where they have migrated supressing locals… thats why the whole of south,west and east india hates them….

    PS:well done KRV guys… keep it up… Let kannada flag fly high… Sirigannadam gelge… Jai karnataka….

  3. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Is it fair if the North Indian officials connive and get their kith and kin to appear for tests and select them?

    Is it not discrimination to deny opportunities to local people in their own domicile?

    If it’s for higher posts then I agree with your argument, but for Group D employees… Isn’t it better to have local people domiciled here for those posts?

    Similarly Kerala students have petitioned HC against University of Mysore’s policy of charging more for other states’ students.

    When I asked some students from Kerala, the reason for their exodus, as to why do they come and join even the most pathetic of colleges here; they say that classes aren’t conducted properly in Kerala and students are at the mercy of various student unions and politicians and they are not sure whether they would complete the Degree within the stipulated time! A three year degree course gets elongated to 6–7 years!

    Because of they swarming our colleges, poorer and duller students here, miss their chance of getting their education then would it be not fair to charge them extra and use that premium amount collected to create more infrastructure and accommodate more students!?

  4. dr ramesh Says:

    ads for the d group jobs in the railways in karnataka were not released in KANNADA NEWS PAPERS or any any of english dailies in karnataka. ads were given only in hindi papers in bihar.
    special train was arrenged for these UNCIVILIZED BIHARIS to come to karnataka.
    its not only in karnataka but in many states people have protested against LALOO for his anti-federal attitude. he should understand that it is INDIAN RAILWAYS and not BIHAR RAILWAYS.
    i sincerely thank KARNATAKA RAKSHANA VEDIKE for protecting interests of kannadigas. narayana gowda is truly a man on a mission,a mission to eliminate injustice to karnataka.

  5. Mayura Says:

    Great Job by Karave…If what Ramesh and Sanjay say is true it is high time these neanderthals were confined to Bihar and the state fenced off so that they cannot come out of it.

  6. chandrappa Says:

    Dear sir,
    Why kannadigas are accepting India as their country? Why tamils are in India? Why any part of this country (?) wishes to be in India?
    Logically… it is for the progress, security etc … of that region.
    If you are denied your right of employment, If you are made to live as a second grade citizen, If your natural resources are taken away for the price of a penny…. would you still like to be in india?
    Any Indian can go & stay in any part of this country.. waaw sounds great. Do you know that if a hindi speaking person comes to a remote village of karnaataka/ tamilnadu and demands communication in Hindi in your post office… you can not refuse reply in Hindi. This is what “Indian official languages act” says.
    Why do we want any project in our place? It is to provide employment to our people. Is it not? What is the meaning of development,then?industrialisation without providing job to the people of this land means exploitation of the resourses of our place.
    Definitely kannada rakshana vedike’s protest is correct. We thank them for their concern about the kannadigas’ employment in railways.

  7. Vijay Says:

    Is the apprehension that “outsiders” are taking away jobs of locals true?

    – This apprehension is true. Out of the 1200 candidates who were asked to appear for the tests yesterday, less than 100 were from karnataka. if a railway division based in karnataka cannot provide jobs to unemployed kannadigas, who will? do kannadigas get jobs in other railway divisions based outside karnataka?

    Or are linguistic chauvinists tapping the latent xenophobia?

    – come on, if anyone fights for the legitimate rights of locals, it becomes xenophobia. isn’t this what democracy is all about. the MPs from karnataka (from the great “national parties”) were supposed to ensure their voter constituency gets its fair share of employment. since these parties are as usual not doing their duty, it is upon KRV to take up this issue & fight for fair share of employment for kannadigas.

    Are the railways doing a favour to Laloo Yadav, a railway minister hailing from Bihar? Or is this just a canard?

    – yes, railways is doing a favour to laloo yadav. otherwise how would you explain very high proportion of biharis being shortlisted for group “d” posts in karnataka. there were also special trains from bihar to transport these guys to blore, mysore & hubli.

    Are protests like these legitimate when Article 16 of the Constitution bars discrimination of candidates on the basis of regional or linguistic grounds?

    – here, the discrimination is against kannadigas (based on their language / region) by not shortlisting them inspite of many being eligible. do you know that knowledge of english or hindi was essential for these group “d” posts? and the eligibility for these posts was 8th standard. how many kannadigas would know english / hindi and why should they know if they are working in S-W railway centres of blore, mysore or hubli. by bringing language criteria into the selection process, it is kannadigas who have been discriminated against.

    Especially when the Railways is a central government institution?

    – so what if it is a central government institution? does it mean you do not provide first opportunity for jobs to local candidates?

    What does the mad clamour for such menial jobs—75 lakh candidates for 20,000 posts—say about job creation at the lowest levels of the economy?

    – bihar should focus on development & stop exporting people out. it is easier to send people out to punjab, assam, maharashtra and karnataka for employment than to develop the state & generate employment opportunities for biharis in bihar.

  8. sanjay shanbhag Says:

    I am from Hubli. The South Western zone has the office in hubli and do you know the fact that 90%,, yes 90% of the recruits are from Bihar in the past 3 years. Come on, don’t tell me that all those jobs were so tough for locals to qualify.

    Can somebody answer me?
    1> Why the Group D employees selection ad has not come in local news papers in my state Karnataka??
    2> Why an over-whelming proportion of recruits are from Bihar?? In our case almost as high as 90% !!
    3> Already the Railway Genaral Stores Area in Hubli ( where most of Railway employees stay) has become a mini Bihari colony. How is this possible??
    4> What is the purpose of having a railway zone if it is not benefitting the locals at all?? You call it inclusive development??? My foot !

    Laloo want to give as many jobs to biharis as much possible before the next genaral elections so that those who got the benefit will vote for him until their last breath.

    Is this the democracy?? where is the justice?? Come on, we are not demanding all 100 out of 100 jobs for us. Recruit locals atleast to some fair extent.

    The greats of hubli region Paapu, Sankeshwar have all faught for the railway zone for so long. I am sure, this is not what they had in their mind in all those years of struggle for the zone.

    One last point, go to Tamilnadu, how come more than 80% of the recuirts in all levels are Tamilians?? Simple fact is that Tamil Parties have not sold themselves like our Karnataka’s parties. Until a KRV comes and raises this issue, nobody even bothers to think about all this.

  9. CKR Says:

    Yes Biharis and Bhaiyas are Indians, if they turn Kannadigas in Karnataka or Marathi in Maharashtra. See everyday 100’s of this Bihari’s/Northies arrive in Bengaluru. Have they ever tried to behave themselves to respect the locals here. They want job,shelter,food here but donot have reverence to locals.

    They would like to creat their own empire, form their own union and then fight against locals. This is what happened in Mumbai and Assam. When they were questioned about their behaviour, people are now finding easy their way to Karnataka.

    Our aauthorities should notice and bring a fulstop to this catagory of immigrints.

    What KRV is doing is right. This is not a piece of self- aggrandizement by them. All their movement stands for is to make the life of the average Kannadiga endurable and to create a respectable place for him in his own land

  10. Ramesh Gowda Says:

    1. Aren’t Kannadigas Indians? Where is the need to bring laborers for what Churumuri calls as “menial jobs” from Patna to Bengaluru? The “Biharis are Indians” argument is thus shown to be flawed.

    2. Article 16 of the Indian constitution, contrary to the naive belief of the author, does not include language in the list of things based on which discrimination is illegal. Here is the relevant portion of Article 16 with the above conspicuous absence:

    (2) No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for, or discriminated against in respect of, any employment or office under the State.

    (For the full text of the Indian Constitution, refer to indiacode DOT nic DOT in.)

    So when there are enough Kannadigas to fill the “menial jobs” in the Indian Railways, why should any Kannadiga not construe as discrimination on the basis of language (of Kannadigas) and nepotism on the basis of language (of Biharis) the importation of “Indians” from as far as Bihar, which discrimination is not explicitly mentioned as illegal in Article 16?

  11. Santosh Bidaralli Says:


    You logically documented all the griviences I had in my mind. Thanks alot !
    I still remember those fierce fights, protests what we hubli-dharwadites did to get the zone to Hubballi. We expected that the zone will give employment to our people but look at what is happening? Laaloo is bihar’s railway minister and not India’s. Shame on him !!

  12. Santosh Bidaralli Says:

    Forgot to congradulate KRV.

    KRV is doing a fantastic job of protecting the rights of Kannada- Kannadiga in all possible ways. Shame on the so called national and mannina magana party.. daridra soo** makkalu.. If they can’t fight for the legitimate rights of our people, who else will do it?? This is not a first time that KRV has stepped in for Kannadigas. It is doing a great job by voicing our concerns on every single occasion when there is a discrimination against Kannada Karnataka Kannadiga.

    Let’s support somebody who is genuinely fighting for our cause, instead of trying to find a problem with them.

  13. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    This is not the first time such blatant discrimination has happened which acts against the interest of Kannadigas. Even the selection committee members collude leaving Kannadigas to be at the receiving end and when we know the reputaion of Lalu anything can happen

  14. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    Congratulations, KRV! When ‘intellectual’ kannadigas ponder over politically correct bull s@##, you guys are doing the right stuff. A big thanks!

  15. Tegginamane Shivu Says:

    Is Indian Railways a privately owned company of Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav or Mr Velu? How come the only new lines are laid either at Bihar or Tamilnadu? Are we not tax payers?

    Unfortunately Karnataka had more number of Union Railway Ministers starting from Kengal Hanumantiah, TA Pai, Poonachcha, George Fernandes, Jaffer Sherief who did not do any great favours. Whereas Nitish Kumar or Lalu Prasad are BIHARISED the Indian Railways. As far as Indian Railways is concerned South India means just Madras.

    KaRaVe has done the right thing!

  16. Hiranyaaksha Says:

    Churmuri, you seem to have putforth an unsophisticated argument.

    When biharis are shown nepotism, you show up penchant for nationalism, while when kannadigas demand their rights, its just regional chauvism!

    Its time for you to realise whats right, and come up with a volte face.

  17. Swapna Says:


    Your article is well written. Agreed, we should not let state boundaries deny anybody a right to earn his daily bread. At the same time however, why deny our own people that right. I have witnessed the influx of people from other states into big cities and wish to tell you that once that happens even in Karnataka, you will regret your article!
    My only question to you is, Do they have enough opportinities for people from other states in Bihar, or are they just exporting their excess baggage onto us?
    Sir,You should think better than compromising your own people!

    I think KRV did the right thing!

  18. Tegginamane Shivu Says:

    Churumuri represents a typical kannadiga for whom nation comes above everything. manege maari, pararige upakaari!

  19. RaGu Says:

    Very good arguments by Vijay, Sanjay & Ramesh Gowda.

    No job is menial as long as it is done with honesty and dedication. Aren’t there lakhs of poor people in Karnataka with at least an 8th grade education who would qualify for these jobs? If the reports are true, it is alarming to learn that locals constitute less than 10% of the group D workers in SWR today. Shame on media elites and politicians who don’t understand the plight of poor Kannadigas.

    We are not asking for 100% of the jobs but a fair share of the jobs. There should be a central law that mandates 80% of the vacancies be filled by the locals in C and D categories.

    Same thing used to happen to Karnataka candidates when the railway operations in the state were split between SCR and SR. They were filled with TN and AP candidates. Now it is Biharis in SWR.

    KRV should next target HAL which is doing something similar. Difference is they are not “menial” jobs as the elites would claim. These are white collar jobs. Candidates are again mostly from Northern states.

    Wait for SWR to play “we are all Indians” card. No doubt that we are all Indian. But apparently Hindi speakers are more Indian than others.

  20. E Raviraja Gowda T V Says:

    Dr Ramesh
    for once I agree with you and Ka Ra Ve…though I do not approve their “taking law into hands” or “mob justice”,
    I guess, that is what is required to tackle Lalloo tribe!
    Please accept my heartfelt congratulations, for a job well done!

  21. Shankar Says:

    Dear author,

    You seem to have lost the whole crux of this issue. If you were to say biharis are indians therefore they have every right to work here in karnataka, does the same is being reciprocated at bihar by giving oppurtunities to kannadigas? In this case it is not so. KRV did the right thing by protesting against this injustice meted out to kannadigas. Kudos to KRV.


  22. Shenoi m.p.v Says:

    Group D jobs 80% should goto locals. KRV is right. Unfortunately states like kartnataka and the former princely states get raw deal because for a long time the central government before integration was dominated of British India citizens and they are entrenched. Brazen parochialism goes on.
    Speaking about Defence also in places like Madras Engineer Group, ASC Etc. even though located in Bangalore there is discrimination. So also in AGs office
    Another thing I learnt is Mangalore station is till controlled by Palghat Division of Southern Railway and you can very well gues who dominate. Recently Tamilians fought and got Palghat division bifurcated and established a div in Salem.
    Should demand and legitimate right

  23. gundabhat Says:

    These incidents as usual raises the question of whether “outsiders” assimilate into the “local culture” not just jobs snatched away by outsiders by under cutting costs. Sounds a lot like h1-b situation in US of A.

  24. Bhaskar Chatterjee Says:

    As election is around the corner in KN, we will see heightened activity of groups like Karnataka Rakshana Vedike. They get political support from most political parties. Some do openly, some under cover.

    Is it good?

    No. But Lalu will support similar stuff in Bihar. Cong in Assam. NCP/SS in Maharashtra. CPI/M in West Bengal. No political party, or intellectual is clean enough to condemn it.

    I personally lived in Bangalore for many years, and deeply interested in KN history, literature, culture. I learnt basic Kanada to interact with shop keeper, bus conductor. It should be encouraged.

    People of KN are much more liberal than (say) Tamilians (no disrespect to Tamilians).

  25. gaby Says:

    Wow this is the first time I have seen unanimity in the comments at Churumuri. No Huli, No sihi- only khara- the sense of helplessness and consequent mob activity ( As much as KaRaVe’s action is applauded in the end it is that- mob activity) among at least a section of Kannadigas must be high- will the gentle Kannadiga at last rebel ?

  26. Athreya Says:

    The issue here is of linguistic nepotism — it is a shame and needs to be dealt with. KRV gets credit for bringing this issue to the limelight. Having said that, making a generalized statement about non-Karnataka residents(not just non-Kannadigas) as “outsiders” and, them stealing jobs is uncalled for.

    Reservations for Kannadigas is a theory-demand that the software industry,including stalwarts like NRN have rejected, and rightly so. All other things considered equal(equal opportunity, uniform notification of opportunities et all), meritocrity should be the precedent, not being a Kannadiga, or a Tamilian. Else, we end up breeding mediocrity..

    The non-Kannadigas in Karnataka need to assimilate better. A reliable estimate is that only 30 per cent of Bangalore’s residents speak Kannada. When you decide to come live in a different culture, it is you moral obligation to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb. If you do stick out, and repeatedly at that, it is bound to stress the cultural fabric no matter how old or how evolved the culture is. You see the fissures in Karnataka-TN or Maharashtra-Gujrat or Russia-Latvia. When the local populace is threatened of losing it’s identity, it will stand up and show spine. And that, is justified..

  27. Mahesh Says:

    KRV has done good job.
    Churumuri, this time you are not swalp sihi, swalpa spicy but swalpa Kahi.

  28. nijavaada Says:

    When you blog as though asking a question to your readers, you should, at the same time, not sound like giving an opinion yourself. Whats the difference between you and the present day money-minded media?!

    Btw, here’s what I will say about the question you’ve raised: Ka Ra Ve couldn’t have done anything better than that because the act of Southern railways has been such.

    A simple re-count of what has been happening in Karnataka on the railway line will explain what will happen everywhere in Karnataka if this protest hadn’t happened:

    #1. Mangalore becomes Mangalapuram even before it could be called Mangalooru by the State government, what with the majority of railways employees there being from Kerala. Note, no one is blaming the migrants from Kerala. The blame here rests on the shoulders of the Kerala govt. which has failed in its duties to provide good employment to Keralaites, and on the Railway dept. which has overlooked this migration and not seen it as a “problem”.

    #2. People using the Mangalooru rly station have since a long time been denied service in Kannada – which is against “your” claim of injustice happening to Biharis in Karnataka! What is this? Injustice meted out to Kannadigas in their own state.

    #3. The rly dept. instead of accepting and bringing the long-pending promise of BLR-MLR rly line into use, has been actively involved in this type of incedents, and actively sponsoring uncontrolled diaspora from multiple states into Karnataka. Why dont we start thinking practically? Whatever it be written in the constitution – it was in those days when the population of this country was half of today’s. What applies then “need not” apply to us today with same effectiveness.

    Come on! Is this country built in such a wrong way that people have to become nomads to lead their lives? Dont we have self-sufficiency in each of our states so that people from Assam dont have to migrate to Karnataka to guard someone’s properties? Is it so bad in Bihar that people from there have to come here plumb water lines in homes 5000kms away from his home? We do have people in us who can do all this, dont we? There are people in Assam who need guards too; people in Bihar need plumbing too!

    Talk about unity and law, eh? Answer this!
    Besides, the law you stated has been incompletely quoted, perhaps with a reason! This is what it actually reads:
    (1) There shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters relating to employment or appointment to any office under the State.
    (2) No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for, or discriminated against in respect of, any employment or office under the State.

  29. nijavaada Says:

    @bhaskar chaterjee
    I think your statement about Karnataka people being liberal needs to be understood in the right vein here.
    Welcoming a guest and giving him good food, shelter and possibly a life is good, but it would be termed stupidity if all this is accepted by us at the cost of our own children! Our own children need food, shelter and a good life. They surely come first!

    Sorry! Life ain’t a test of humanity everyday, so I don’t think it makes sense for us to sacrifice our own choices everyday to submit them at the feet of our “so-called” guests.

    Besides, if there’s a aatithya dharma to be followed, there is also a atithi dharma that needs to be understood and followed by the guests. The guest better be a guest and not start playing the host! If the guest intends to become host too, then he ought to become one with the host first.

    So if Biharis have to be given jobs here in our jille-s (districts), they first need to undergo Kannadification – understand and bring the true Kannada spirit within themselves and then get these jobs. Something like what you’d un-opposingly undergo in the form of a “german-language class” or a “japanese-language class” before entering Germany or Japan.

  30. jinga Says:

    Dear nijavaada sir,

    Why are we putting a clause to non- kannadigas that ‘you learn kannada, then come here for work’? come on, This land, its resourses, establishments, employments are for kannadigas.
    Please note, KRV has passed a row of resolutions during ‘svaabhimaani kannadiga samaavesha’. one among them is …. The firsdt right on every resourse in karnaataka is of kannadigas. Please think why 80% onlyto kannadigas? If we have sufficient job opportunities for ourselves, then we can think of allowing outsiders to come here.
    I am not opposing migration, but we must oppose ‘uncontrolled’ migration. It is wise to allow specialists to migrate to karnataka and not beggars.

  31. Kiran Says:

    KRV is doing a great job. Only group who have the spine to stand up for what is right – Unlike all our other politicians who have sold the state to their party leaders in the North. Please help support KRV in any way you can.

  32. nijavaada Says:

    even these specialists that we take inside, shud abide by this norm of learning kannada while in karnataka. but of course I agree that priority to employment in Karnataka rests first with Kannadigas. I dont think I ever claimed to stand against this opinion!

  33. dr ramesh Says:

    please read kannada prabha ,5-1-2008, main news is the protest by KA RA VE. kannadigara kannera kathe tiliyutte. BIHAARIGALIGE RAILU,KANNADIGARIGE JAILU.

  34. Rajesh Says:

    Great show by KRV yet again..
    Am very happy and would like to appreciate Narayana Gowda and his boys to have carried themselves in such a professional direction.
    There should not be any question as to who has to get a job in karnataka..
    Similarly, tamilians should get the maximum jobs in Tamilnadu, gujaratis should get a lion share in Gujarat.
    Employment is the major challenge for kannadigas today..
    Well done KRV..Keep up the spirit

  35. P Karthik Bhat Says:

    First of all hats off to KRV for doing this job…..

    Observe the cunning nature of Railways…

    Calling for Group D workers, with education until 8th Std, want to be well versed in English/Hindi, and job is for “South Western Railway” which operates train mostly in Karnataka.

    Do u expect a Kannadiga studied till 8th to be well versed in Hindi/English
    Why is Hindi required for a Group D worker, for South Western Railways

    These things are made so as to pump in as many Hindi people as possible to Karnataka and deny the job for local population.

    So its high time we Kannadigas along with KRV join our hands in this protest.
    If the so called Indians are too concerned about developing India, then they can go and help to develop those states which has not seen development for decades and not show their patriotism by saying “Aren’t Biharis Indians”.

  36. nijavaada Says:

    Latest news is that KRV soldiers have been put to jail in lots, and the jails are not even fit to hold humans it seems.

    Contrary to your current stand, this is what you need to protest Mr. Churumuri. These soldiers of our land are fighting against all odds to protect us against what we “will” be in future, if they didn’t exist!

    You’d rather raise an opinion poll, or a petition online, against this kind of treatment meted out to such brave soldiers of this land.

    In fact those jails best match the bastards that are posing as our representatives out there in Delhi. They only come here (on invitation) during KRV’s samaaveshas and shout some opportunistic slogans and then disappear into the dark.

  37. shreeram Says:

    the only solution to all these problems is to demand for separate Kannada nation… it is better to develop a nation from scratch by struggling(working hard) day and night than living like a second grade citizen in india…. then we can issue visas and regulate these hindi speaking handis(pigs) foreigners …. we have to do the same type of anti-india and anti-hindi protests like the one did by TN during anti hindi agitations of 1965…. then only will the inefficient anti-Kannada govt at dehli will take notice…. otherwise one day kannadigas and karnataka will become extinct…. jai karnataka… sirigannadam gelge

  38. taletiruka Says:

    what are our BJP people doing.planning to build a ram temple in a foreign land(Ayodhya) or listening to a speech delivered by a north indian guy…. they want to build a temple at ayodhya when the temples of our own state are languishing due to lack of funds. they are RSS bring the hindi language and culture in to has already happened even in remote villages of karnataka. they have brainwashed the innocent citizens that ayodhya is a great place than our own gokarna,hampi,belur,halebeedu,badami,etc and ganga is more pure than kaveri. first the BJP should be thrown out and a regional linguistic party should be installed in karnataka.

    PS:BJP— (B)lind in faith (J)oined by hatred (P)arty

  39. Adarsh CDE Says:

    Yes Biharis and Bhaiyyas are Indians but not locals!!!

    In Karnataka state it is the locals “Kannadigas” who should get the priority for local jobs.

    It is pity that we are fighting for our rights in our own land. We need to mobilise more people to fight till we get justice.

    Jai Karnataka!!


  40. prakash Says:

    This biases approach of Railways should never be tolerated anymore by any other state towards Kannadigas.

    Others always take advantage of our generous attitiude and but we should not accept any such biased approach of central government.

    If this continues we will be forced to learn Hindi/Tamil and also they will fore us to speak their language in our land

  41. Lohith Says:

    ya i would agree with author biharis are indians..Then wat abt kannadigas are they NRI…..Wen recruitment is going on in karnataka more preference should be given to our people…If migrants come and occupy everything wat abt local people who have been living in this soil from past so many decades..Wen our people r not given oppurtunity in our soil how can u expect that they can get oppurtunity in other states….. I appreciate the work of KRV….hats of to them…..KRV is just fighiting for their right .it is not trying to snatch right from others…JAI KARNATAKA MATHE

  42. Madhusudhan Says:

    Hello ,

    As a responsible indian , dont u think that locals should be given advantage over other people in their own place ?
    Are kannadigas not worth a Railway Job, why arent there were any news paper announcement in the kannada papers regarding the opening ? whats going on ?
    Do u think , only biharis are Indians ? KRV is just fighting for its RIGHT …


  43. vivek Says:


    I think KRV has done the right thing, we being kannadigas and the recruitment happening in karnataka had no proper information of the recruitment. How can the minister schedule a train only only for this, this is not fair. most of the money the indian government is making is through the tax payers, And the most part comes from karnataka so we should be given the first preference.

  44. Sri Says:


    The action of KRV may look harsh for some people. But this is the aftermath of the repeated bombardments and harassment of Kannadigas. This movement adds up to the demand made by Assameese that maximum reservation need to be provided to locals in Cental Govt jobs. We agrre that Biharis are also Indians and they too have the right of staying in Karnataka,but there should be a limit.
    The Kannadigas are in such a situation that we need to fight for each and every activities going on on our own land. Biharis may be ready to leave their homeland and move permanently else where but same is not applicable to us. Many people have emotional bonding to our land.

    KRV, we are with you.Go ahead


  45. Shrideep Says:

    It seems the rest of India thinks that anything and everything can be forced down Kannadigas’ throats in the name of nationalism. Yes, Bihar, or TN, or Assam, all are part of India, no doubt. But will these states tolerate if their culture, language is overrun by people from other states? Let the so-called cosmopolitan and nationalistic citizens answer this question first before preaching to Kannadigas about being broadminded. Today Bihar, tomorrow another state people for some other recruitment, this will never end.

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to come and setup shop in Karnataka, but not a single person wants to care about the local feelings. Its the same case with IT. Its time we give a piece of mind to the so-called nationalistic people what it is the real meaning of chauvinism, fanaticism and broadmindedness.

  46. Praveen Says:

    Only 100 among 1600 candidates were from Karnataka and majority of them from Bihar.
    How come the recruitment at Karnataka will attract only such a small proportionate of candidates? Thats bcoz, info about the recruitment was not published in Karnataka media..

  47. Shivanand Says:

    Yes, I know the KRV is doing right thing. I am from North Karnataka; hence I know what is happening in Hubballi.
    Most of the railway workers are from Bihar and really they are bullying us over there and nobody is taking care of us.
    Moreover, group-D jobs should be for local people not for outsiders.
    And look at the railway track record. Karnataka has the least train transportation compared to the rest of the states of India.
    Look at Bijapur, being as a district place it wont have broad-gauge… it has only meter gauge.
    Thanks for Karnataka people and Karnataka MP’s for neglecting so much.

  48. mahesh Says:


    KRV is right. This is really an unfair act by the railway ministry.


  49. Sanjay Guha Says:

    What Karnataka needs is a sustained public movement, to make sure these unwanted elements hold the state to ransom. While the legal migrants who pay taxes should learn Kannada and appreciate the culture, the illegal immigrants(those who encroach public property) should be booted out. It’s good that KRV is taking up these issues. But there must be active support from all other groups and the average Kanndiga. That’s the only way towns and cities in Karnataka will retain their souls.

  50. shivane shambolinga Says:

    Churumuri / Mandakki annavre,

    Whenever there is a injustice against us, it is not BJP/Congress or the so called intellectuals like URA / KArnad who have spoken out loud in favour of our state. It is KRV and it’s dedicated soldiers who have faught on every single occasion.

    The title of the blog be changed to ” Aren’t Kannadigas Indians? ” as Laloo seems to have forgotten that there is a state called Karnataka. I am afraid he thinks Karnataka as a dumping ground for all those bihari bhayyas looking for greener pastures.

    Great show KRV !! Way to Go !! We are with you.

    Political parties must wakeup and take up these grim issues facing the people, else people will take care of them in the next elections.

  51. Ravishankar Says:

    I am not sure, why railways are considering only biharis for recruitment process. Why not rest of the state. This is a divide and rule within railways. As per the rights group-D jobs should be for local people not for outsiders. I believe KRV has a done a right movement on this issue.

  52. Janasamanya Says:

    My full support to KRV. What the Railways is doing is not at all correct. Let them do the same thing in Kerala or Tamil Nadu and see what will happen.

  53. Sudarshan Says:


    I agree to what KRV did. I always support fight for justice.
    I greatly appreciate the KRV’s work.

  54. Ramaswamy Says:

    It is very………! much bad.
    It may be due to our weakness in Kannadigas and Karantaka Government (Because no Body).
    I am giving full support and ready to support for strike also.
    They can’t do same thing in other states. They will kick out them. we need to do same thing

  55. Vikas Says:


    In Maharashtra, they do the exact same thing and get away with it.

  56. Doode Says:

    Kannadigara idhu Hakku… This is our right for local Jobs… Laloo ge idu anthima Yeccharike…

    Jai Karnataka Maathe

  57. punya Says:

    I have some simple questions for the peron who posted this Blog:

    1. As per the rules rights group-D jobs should be for local people not for outsiders Why is writer not aware of this?
    2. Why only biharis are opposing this ?
    3. Why Writer is speaking on behalf of only Biharis and not representing whole India?
    4. Why More Biharis came for recruitment process. Why not rest of the state.

    Hope to get answer from You

    May be writer himself can justify this.

  58. VeeraKannadiga Says:

    Mr. Churmuriyawareee…

    I don’t know if u r are educated person. It is responcibility of any organisation to provide jobs for locals if it is been ste up in that perticular region. If somebody come to u r home and kick u out of u r home how do u feel we kannadigas are feeling the same thing. If I get in to train I only listen Hindi, Tamil and Telgu spokeb by officials there. Not even once I listen Kannada. If I talk in Kannada they aks me to put forth the same thing in other languages this is because of we don’t have any officer who is from Karnataka. Before we start speaking other languages in our home let us wake up and kikk these ass Ho@#$ out of Karunadu and stay as kings here.. Geleyare we are with u pls go ahead. U ppl are doing g8 job. Let god give more strength for the true cause.

  59. Harish Says:

    I fully support I am feeling very sorry for the way these soldiers of our land are getting treated by the police
    (on behest of central government)

    It is disgusting that none of our state political leaders have raised voice against this injustice by the railway minister? Everytime there is injustice it is which has pitched in and try to set the things straight.
    But how long we have to protest to safe guard our rights in our own land?
    It is difficult to fight injustice without political power. So my humble request to is please launch a regional political party and fight the injustice. It will definitely have more weightage. We are all with You.

  60. Yogesh Says:

    It is sad that Kannadigas have to fight everytime even for their basic rights. Central Govt. agencies in Karnataka are breeding ground for hatred towards the locals. Even banks are filled with outsiders who doesn’t have the courtesy to talk in local language with elders and where the 99% of the population speaks local language. What is the reason to recruit a person who doesn’t know or understand local language to service people where 99% speak local language. Above all no politician in karnataka has the guts to speak against their High Commands in Delhi. They just lick their bosses feet and even ready to sell their motherland for the sake of power. In this regards, I appreciate Tamilians who have the guts to tame the narrow minded people in Delhi. Karnataka needs more organizations like KRV to survive the onslaught of the Central Govt. agencies.

  61. Abhi Says:

    It’s sad to see chauvinism growing among Kannadigas.
    KrRaVe namma husiru?

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