Just 4% of population but 7 Brahmins in Indian XI?

ARVIND SWAMINATHAN writes from Madras: Does caste play a role in Indian cricket? It’s an old question which the Australian social historian Richard Cashman addressed in a landmark book Players, patrons and the crowd (Orient Longman) 28 years ago, and an Australian journalist has raised it again today.

Sure, we have had Palwankar Baloo, the spinner who was India’s first pre-test Dalit cricketer. And we’ve had the likes of Eknath Solkar, the son of a groundsman at Hindu Gymkhana, and Vinod Kambli, the son of a mechinist born on the other side of the Kanjurmarg railway track, going on to join the cream revolution.


But, deep down, there has always been a lingering doubt over whether cricket, a colonial legacy, has been able to shake off the heavy shackles of caste that Indian public life and politics is weighed down by. We are not talking of Test match teams alone, but State teams and local teams and club teams.

This question is sparked by an article in the Sydney Morning Herald today by Andrew Stevenson titled “A class act?“, which effortlessly confuses between caste and class.

In the current Sydney Test Indian XI, there are 7 Brahmins (Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid, V.V.S. Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, R.P. Singh, Ishant Sharma), one Jat (Yuvraj Singh), one Rajput (M.S. Dhoni), one Muslim (Wasim Jaffer), and one Sikh (Harbhajan Singh).

In other words, nine Hindus (seven of them upper-caste) and two non-Hindus.

Given the preponderance of upper-caste Hindus in the team, Stevenson gets some experts to address the question whether caste is indeed a factor despite cricket spreading far and wide in the country thanks to one-dayers and television and the “cricket as religion” culture. The responses?

Harsha Bhogle: “I don’t think that anyone in the Indian team would even be aware that X is from one caste and Z from another,” adding he had no idea what proportion of India’s population were Brahmin.

Ravi Shastri: “It’s a coincidence that so many of the batsmen are Brahmins. They are not picked because they are Brahmins. They’re picked because they’re Indians.”

The only discordant voice in the SMH piece is that of Siriyavan Anand, a journalist cum Dalit pamphleteer: “[It’s easy] to infer that cricket is a game that best suits Brahmanical tastes and bodies, and that there has been a preponderance of Brahmin cricket players at the national level.”

From the 1960s to the 1990s, the Indian team averaged six Brahmins, sometimes even nine, despite Brahmins comprising just a little over four per cent of the population. But then eight of India’s 14 prime ministers have been Brahmin, with just 10 out of India’s 60 year post-Independence existence being under the yoke of Brahmins.

So why do so many Brahmins play the game, and play it well enough to represent the country in such a distorted proportion to the general population, for the Aussies to ask such question? Why don’t Brahmins populate the hockey or football teams? And why does cricket fail to reflect the caste-wise diversity of our society?

# Is it because Brahmins are good at cricket, having been exposed to the game far longer thanks to their proximity to the colonial powers, especially in the urban pockets where the colonial administration was headquartered?

# Is it because, as the historian Ramachandra Guha points out, cricket is a leisurely non-contact sport, which broadly meets Brahmins’ subconscious notions of touch-me-not purity and cleanliness, madi and all?

# Is it because Brahmins are able to muster up far greater quantities of mental discipline and technical correctness that textbook Test match cricket requires? (And is this why there are fewer Brahmins in the shorter, aggressive, anything-goes versions of the game, which are also more physically demanding?)

# Is it because Brahmin administrators have for long obtained a stranglehold on cricket administration in the various clubs and associations, which lubricates the selection of Brahmins?

# Is it because upwardly mobile Brahmins have the time and space to play a long, leisurely game, without worrying where their next meal will come from, unlike the lower castes?

# Is it because Brahmins, having been squeezed out of everything, are using the game which has become a national obsession as one of their few spheres of public influence, protecting the status quo ante?

In The Tao of Cricket, Ashis Nandy argued that cricket is inherently suited to the culture of Hinduism: “Particularly recognisable to the Indian elites were cricket’s touch of timelessness, its emphasis on purity, and its attempt to contain aggressive competition through ritualisation.”

But does it still remain so in 21st century India?

And since Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t ask it, let’s do: “Are Brahmins showing their jaati buddhi to keep non-Brahmins and non-Hindus out?”

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196 Responses to “Just 4% of population but 7 Brahmins in Indian XI?”

  1. Athreya Says:

    This article is an insult to the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid, Kumble & Ganguly. Each of the aforementioned stalwarts and their huge dossier of accomplishments speak for themselves. Just a glance of stats below will suffice for any moron who thinks otherwise. Add to this, the string of records and many a match winning innings each has played.

    Tendulkar : 79 tons, 200 wickets, 26+K runs between Tests & ODI
    Dravid : 36 tons, 20+K runs between Tests & ODI
    Ganguly : 37 tons, 18K runs between Tests & ODI
    Kumble : 930+ wickets and 3K runs between Tests & ODI

    To question the selection process of these true stars and casting class/caste based aspersions is preposterous. India does a lot of things wrong — these are a few it has done right for a change !

    Statistics is only as good as you use it. I’m tempted to argue, maybe the reason why Aussies are so tough is because of their criminal ancestry — Convicts to Australia, et all. Australians are tough and it’s common knowledge that many Aussies have a convict ancestor or two, who was shipped down under — have statistics about both, want em ?

  2. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Is it because, as the historian Ramachandra Guha points out, cricket is a leisurely non-contact sport, which broadly meets Brahmins’ subconscious notions of touch-me-not purity and cleanliness, madi and all?

    Yeah, licking the ball is perfectly acceptable in maDi! :P

    IMHO, hockey or tennis are more holier than cricket.

    Some wise dude had listed Ram Guha in the list of illustrious Kayasthas in wikipedia, after laughing to my heart’s content, I removed it. :D

  3. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    What is Mr. Pawar? Dalmia(are Jains considered as Pseudo-Brahmins?)? Dungarpur…

    “Are Brahmins showing their jaati buddhi to keep non-Brahmins and non-Hindus out?”

    Go to gully cricket playing kids who go and sweat it out for hours in selection camps ask them if they know the religion of Tendulkar, Kumble, Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman, Yuvaraj or others!

    Stupid arguments! these writers should be kicked on their bottoms and made to run around the cricket stadium a hundred times!

  4. Alok Says:

    Of course it does…. as much of a role as race does in the Australian team.

  5. Mahesh Says:

    And to top it all, most Bhramins will not know that there is so much representation of their community in the religion of the country (cricket) and it is just right that a non-bhramin typically observes this and makes a mountain out of a mole – just as it has been happening in our stupid country for 60 years and will continue to dominate the stupid Indian mindsets for god knows how long.

  6. Ram Says:

    “I’m tempted to argue, maybe the reason why Aussies are so tough is because of their criminal ancestry — Convicts to Australia, et all. Australians are tough and it’s common knowledge that many Aussies have a convict ancestor or two, who was shipped down under — have statistics about both, want em ?”

    Much more insulting statements. I am not sure about your grasp of Australia ( except the headline knowledge of convicts’ country) and whether you have been to Australia. Look at their country and how hard they had to work. West Indies were invincible for 15 years between 1970s and early 1990s Please do not argue about why they were tough then. These Indian cricketers are prima donnas and that is the main problem.

  7. Bhaskar Chatterjee Says:

    “One becomes Brahmin not by Birth alone.
    One become Brahmin by his actions (Karma) alone.”

    Caste is a Portugese word that has mis-represented “Varna” and its meaning.

    I agree with Arvind Sharma that in today’s world, as people move around a lot, change their profession too often unlike before, we all belong to mixed “varna”-

    some Brahmin (many player writes column),
    some Kshtriya (aggression in the field),
    some Vaisya (many of these players are successful businessman), and
    some shudra (perform hard work days after days).

  8. Govind Says:

    Arjun Singh, Lalooji – Where are you ??? . Do something. Make reservations compulsory. Performance is secondary, at least in India.

  9. Krishna Says:

    I think this is not fair to blame Brahmins here… it’s coincidence.. there are many other palces ruled by other castes.. And I am not sure why we have to worry about caste.. we are Indians.. This is stupid argument…

  10. Athreya Says:

    Ram, in case you missed the irony(“..have statistics about both, want em ?””), it was about how you could tailor statistics to suit your ill-conceived/tempered analyses and draw inferences that are untrue. Yes my statement was meant to be an insult if you will, but to contrast how you can get away with it, with statistics to support as well. The insult was intended, not an outcome of ignorance about the Aussies.

  11. Sathya Says:

    The central government should definitely note this point. Just as in government services applications should be invited fixing quota for each category/caste, then the team should be selected. Nobody ever thought a cynical mind can analyse cricket in such a sinful manner. When you represent the country represent as you are not with caste affiliations. All these years players who have represented the Indian team should bow their head in shame. The next step may be representation for each state…

  12. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Australian mind is a sick mind and in the first place Churumuri should not have taken note of it and now that it has been raised all sorts of speculation will start and coprrupting the minds of the selectors away from merit to caste.

  13. Ram Says:

    The last comment is condemning Australian nation as a whole, if one calls Australian mind as a ‘sick mind’. This is typical of Indian’s ‘holier than thou’ attitude. ‘Corrupting the mind of selectors’? Since when the Indian selectors were whiter than white? Some one must be living in another planet these years!

  14. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    I say we have more dalits in this Indian team

  15. kannadakanda Says:

    sick write up… go get a life man…

  16. jeevarathna Says:

    R.P. Singh a Brahmin ?

  17. Pramod Biligiri Says:

    Methinks Churumuri is getting a bit lazy – that’s why these half-baked nonsense articles. Please try harder!

    Also, can you space out the cricket articles better? There’s been a slew of them in the last few days. How about something about the ongoing US elections, for a change??

  18. Thyampanna Shetty Says:

    Sad to see Churumuri going down the drain….!! Is this the best you can think of when we have so many other issues facing our country?

  19. Quizman Says:

    “Is it because, as the historian Ramachandra Guha points out, cricket is a leisurely non-contact sport, which broadly meets Brahmins’ subconscious notions of touch-me-not purity and cleanliness, madi and all?”

    Typical leftist bullshit (although I respect Guha on most occasions). Would warriors like Baji Rao Peshwa, Nana Phadnavis and so many of our officers including Chiefs of Staffs in the Indian Armed forces have been all attracted to warfare if the above theory held?

    If the same had been written about certain races (esp in the West), there would’ve been a hue and cry.

  20. tarlesubba Says:

    what is the point in simply making rhetorical and brownie points?

    now that the author, andrew stevenson has made an infallible case of casteism in indian cricket and churumuri has provided further inputs in support of that theory, instead of pontification, those really opposed to caste system should take steps to ban the casteist indian cricket. Australia should refuse to play india.

    how can you argue with such sound irrefutable analysis.
    suggesting it was easy to “infer that cricket is a game that best suits Brahmanical tastes and bodies, and that there has been a preponderance of Brahman cricket players at the national level”.

    Anand’s argument that cricket is an idle and indolent game – at least when played by higher-caste Indians – is readily accepted by commentators and even Australian crowds, who know next to nothing of caste in India.

    “Why do their fielders not chase the ball to the boundary? Why do Indian batsmen rarely run for singles, apparently preferring to hit the ball to the fence or amble through for two runs in no obvious haste?” Anand wrote. “Having too many Brahmans means that you play the game a little too softly, and mostly for yourself.”

    Despite his talents, Kambli was always booed and mocked at his home ground, Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Observers believed it was because of the dark colour of his skin. Not so, says Kambli. “I think it’s because of my caste.”

    , “in terms of the groups that are formed, in terms of the people who feel wanted, in terms of the people who don’t feel wanted”. “It’s also because people from the lower castes have this tendency to not feel wanted, people have to make an extra effort,” he says.

    “But people from the top castes have a tendency to be stand-offish, so I think exaggerates it a bit more and the gap increases.”

    Siddhartha can see caste as a possible explanation for the Brahmin dominance, particularly in batting. “Traditionally, cricket has been an elitist sport, and in terms of the physique and what you need as a batsman, it’s more skill, wrist and angles than what you need as a fast bowler or fielder,” he says. “That probably explains it in a way. If you look at the body structure of the higher castes, you would find they aren’t as athletic as they are deft.”

    Cricket is also a game of long hours – both in preparation through many days in the junior ranks, to play and to watch – establishing an inherent bias towards those wealthy enough to indulge their passion.

    O Australia, save us heathens from ourselves. Show us the word and the light. save us.

  21. tarlesubba Says:

    we are not trying to sweep our problems under the carpet. infact we are bending backwards to address our problems. but we can do without these racist below the belt hits and faux theories.

    there is a difference between their intelligencia and our intelligencia who are bending backwards to be more “insert your favourite fashinably theoretic label here” than their western counterparts/masters.

    while the aussies use saama, bheda and danda to win a series (if this is not psy-ops in content and timing, what is?), our own intelligencia supplicates with – this was first raised 28 years ago (how much progress have we made in those years?), lets us think about it some more, let us flagellate some more, lets whip ourselves some more & put the mourning shias to shame.

    wake me up when the australian (in)mates find an equivalent to a mayavati, a yadav, Antulay, YSR Reddy or Antony.

    and please let us know when you have tweaked your theory enough to fit how kapil dev, azharuddin, pataudi, roger binny, madan lal, kirmani, hirwani, zaheer khan, kaif, pathan bros, bedi and god knows how many other “outliers” fit into your theories.

    please let us know why australia always preferred only some players to field at solkar’s position when the entire team was not upper caste brahmans just like him. & please let us know how a brahman subjected himself to pain and agony of a broken jaw in a gamble of a few measly overs given his heavy halting & stomping run up which if you had bowled even a few overs in your life would know that such a motion generates a lot of vibration in the head, irrespective of all the lubrication that body provides, not to mention the abrupt jerks that follows anchoring in the left leg.

    one generation of australian cricketers is all I request you to send to play domestic cricket in India and all your theories will find data points.

    getting quotes out of desis is not a big deal. such a desi is not thinking of these issues. he is not prepared to answer such questions nor is he prepared to provide trend and historical basis. so at some point in history 7 brahmans are in the team. is it a big deal? the biggest stars in bollywood are muslims right now. so is it an established principle that only muslims can be heroes in india?

    but like all educated indians he is defensive about caste. and if anybody says caste, then he is more likely to flagellate himself.

    the advantage is always with the interviewer in these cases. he is well prepared. the interviewee is not. michael moore uses these techinques to the fullest extent.

    but some body ought to have asked sthephenson how many aborginies and other minorities have you fielded in your team, movies, politics and public life in general? why is symonds called a “token”?

    aussies saayli, it is very very instructive how churumuri itself reacted way to one australian attrocity and another way to another.

  22. Bhaskar Chatterjee Says:

    Its hillarious that we have to learn “caste”, minorities from this Australian Journos. Its part of Aus agenda to put pressure on Indian Team and affect its performance.

    Indian players should emulate the aggressiveness shown by Sourav in earlier occassion.

    Kumble is a mature guy, and I am sure he will handle these inside and outside field in a way exactly same way Aus have treated them.

    Bottom line is: Aussie Cricketing Icon CHAPPAL is now coach of a state Cricket Team in India! And India now controls some 80% or so world-wide sponsorship of world cricket.

  23. King of Hill Says:

    Strange how Cricket caste composition reflect the Participation in economy and politics in India!

    The Hindu domination, Hindutva, all come to symbolise the Brahmin domination in every sector at the expense of ” other” Hindus. WHen we have 60% Brahmin judges, 55-60% IAS/IPS offices. Monopoly in banking officer grade in every sphere it is brahmins reapiing the fruits in the name of Hindus.

  24. ad nauseum Says:

    Vinod Kambli’s form and the calories he was so loath to burn were responsible for his ouster from the team and not his caste. Andrew Stevenson must be aussie journalism’s equivalent of S Anand and Sugata Srinivasa Raju rolled into one. Looks like Mr Stevenson was fed this much rehashed story by the former, and then he turned to reporting and writing lessons from the latter!!

  25. shishir sathe Says:

    Mr Arvind Swaminathan

    I must admit…U indeed have an uncanny knack of scribbling b*** s*** and that too with amazingly improving quality of s*** ;) …Oops…I thought atleast s*** didnt come in varying quality,purity etc !! ;)

    first it was about IT pros excelling in sports, then how IT guys cant behave, swim etcc….This tops it all Buddy, I should say !!!

    I am a brahmin by birth and trust me, to this day, I never saw our Indian cricket team composition the way that Australian moron and now you and churumuri wish us all to see….!!!!!
    6 brahmins (fyi, RP is not) in 11….thats mindblowing stats….Aint it ?

    Thanks for re-interpreting it for me Mate…
    And all these years I thought Great people were immune to such ‘categorisation’…. I thought atleast our Heroes should be spared from that cesspool…They should be above caste, above religion, linguistic and regional boundaries that continue to divide ordinary people like us to this date…..So what if Dr Ambedkar was a dalit by birth, APJ is a Muslim….Or Sachin, Sourav and Rahul & others are brahmins….. Instead of outright condemnation of that Aussie A**h***, why are you brainstorming it?

    Churumuri, Please dont do it!!!! For that matter, I wont mind (and many others like me who visit this blog once a day) people like Arvind S. spewing venom against NRN, IT etc every other… ;)

    How can a responsible blog like yours dare ask questions like “Are Brahmins showing their jaati buddhi to keep non-Brahmins and non-Hindus out?”
    Cut the C***, buddy.

  26. Harsha Says:

    shishir sathe,

    Please do not bring Aussies into this. They never taunted Indian team as a bunch of brahmins! That will be a new one for them! I too am a brahmin and that stayed private ( except now for argument) and enjoy all team sports without using any ‘caste counter’, cynical and pernicious as really is. With blogs and blogs in cyberspace, churumuri wants to stirr up
    to get heated responses.

    It was true at one time, Indian cricket team consisted of a majority from North India, and when those in South got agitated about it, cool heads explained that there were no cricketers they could see at that time in the South who could be picked every time to Indian team, and soon Errapalli Prasanna appeared, and the rest is history.

  27. Anonymous Guy Says:

    The real question is – why do we suck at sport, brahmin or non-brahmin.

  28. shishir sathe Says:


    It all started with an article by an australian journo ‘Andrew Stevenson ‘
    and I was referring to him in my comment when i said “that Australian moron”….and not Aussie team.

  29. SumneNeeve Says:

    Arvind Sawminathan,
    You Sir, must be ashamed for asking such questions like a bystander. The pulse of this game is something that every Indian has looked up to. I am sure till I read the article in the Australian magazine, I had never thought about the caste issue. But I am amazed, that you have sunk to a new low with this article. Where is your head Sir? Somewhere deep down where the Sun doesnt shine?

  30. Aashadabhoothi Says:

    Okay Guys. Now lets have reservation in the selction process. Adopt the mandal commission report. Have 27 % OBC representation. 30 % SC and ST. Add to this the 13% for muslims and ofcourse since brahmins are supposedly only 4 % of the population they should be banned from playing for india. You need to belong to a community with a population of atlest 9-10 % to be in the playing eleven. Way to go india.

  31. dhans Says:

    Stupid Argument!!!

  32. sumakani Says:

    I went through everyone’s feelings and arguements. However, nobody has written that whether the player is a brahmin or not when he plays with other countries they never consider his caste while bowling to him or facing his bowling. So statistics of the player only should speak about his eligibility to play or represent his country. I think all the 6 players(not 7 as mentioned in the article) statistics shows their calibre. Now please dont come with arguements that others also would have done the same achievement had they given the chance. Because player like Sachin will not be born everyday and everywhere!!!

  33. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Let’s ban cricket and insist that our children play chinni daandu instead.

  34. Janasamanya Says:

    There are enough politicians, seculars, scholars, intellectuals, reformers, all and sundry in the country to decide, deceive, debate, deprive, deny about the fate and share of the people belonging to 500 odd castes. It is a pity you too are now indulging in such games. I started browsing churumuri because I thought it is something belonging to Kannadigas by the Kannadigas, about the Kannadigas and for Kannadigas. It is unfortunate that the quality of churumuri’s contents, posts are degenerating on weekly basis. Soon I may stop browsing it.

  35. HZP Says:

    Whatever! The argument is correct or not, we like it or not but the fact remains that the writer Andrew Stevenson has done his job. He has done a good homework and has forced us to think twice.

  36. Vikram Says:

    Some thought needs to be put in here, I think it is a very interesting article!! Really, why are their so many brahmins in this team??!! Most of our Prime Ministers too were Brahmins!! Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Vajpayee, Narasimha Rao…and look at the state of our country!!!..I think it is time we woke up, thank you aussies…it is time we stopped these Brahmins!! They are too selfish, and do not work as a team, brahminism needs to be checked.

  37. Vamanan Says:

    Dear Arvind…I hate to watch cricket, perhaps because of its ‘time-less-ness’…precisely because as a Brahmin I have few things going for myself except my own hard work..and I cannot afford to give my excitement and energy for this ‘time-pass’ proposition…Lovely article…look forward to reading more from you….

  38. paciFIER Says:

    Indeed why?

    Cricket is a sport, done for pleasure. Where name and fame after a period of time. How will a backward community person sustain during this period?

    Brahmins/Forward castes have build up capital for many many centuries (house, land, jewellery) and so can sustain till name & fame come.

  39. chater Says:

    South Indian Brahmins are not Brahmins, they are converts. They are dravidians and they are known for their promiscuous relations with whites in order to become white and claim Aryan Status.

    South Indian Brahmins, Priests and Swamis are all fraud.

    Some time ago it was a Tamilian Iyer Kanchi swami Jayendra Saraswati Swami (Subramanyam Mahadeva Iyer) and his brother Vijayendra Swami. Arrested for murder.

    They are know for such acts as “In 2004, an ex-employee of the Kanchi matha was murdered. During the murder investigation, the police charged Jayendra Saraswati and several of his close associates with the murder.[9] The murdered ex-employee, Sankararaman, had pointed out issues such as the tendency for both acharyas to be “closeted for long hours with certain women”[2] as well as financial mismanagement[10]. Investigators found that calls to the assailants had been made from the matha phone, and charges have been filed against Jayendra Saraswati as well as the junior acharya Vijayendra Saraswati[3].”
    Millions of devotes all over the world fund this Kanchi mutt with millions of rupees. The mutt is worth 10000 crores.
    Another one, Telugu Brahmin, Madgula Nagaphani Sharma known for his Avadhana was arrested in America for sexually assualting a woman in India.

    Amassed crores of wealth by fooling rich and politicians like naidu.
    Another Telugu Brahmin swami Nityananda Swamy alias Tripurananda Swamy arrested now for : Police seized reams of fake currency notes, loads of pornographic films, a few tiger skins and semi-precious stones from the Ashram of a A self-styled Swamy . He is also running the Bala Tripura Sundari Trust in Lakkaravaram and was even felicitated a few years ago by the then chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu for his ‘social service’.

  40. Subhash Rege Says:

    Ever since he ceased to be their Chennai correspondent I was sorely missing the vitriolic articles ot S Anand,in the Outlook issues spewing venom against Brahmins. But S Anand and his ilk cannot be subjugated for too long & Sri Swaminathan, in his latest outburst has come out with a piece devoid of any logic & reason, but full of nonsense & filth. I have few points to make:

    (1) Does the author know that the first ever Indian Eleven in the inaugural test v/s England in 1932 was led by Col.C.K. Nayudu, a non-Brahmin & had equal number of Hindus (no Brahmin), Muslims, 2 Parsees & a Sikh

    (2)Till the emergence of Vinoo Mankad in 1946, no Brahmin worth note could make it to the Indian test 11 & that before Mankad, there were 5 other than Brahmin captains.

    (3) That before the magnificent 7 cited by the author, there were such gifted & quality players as Merchant, Hazare, Umrigar,Phadkar, Amarnath,Borde,Gupte, Bishen Bedi, Pataudi Jr, Kirmani & the great Kapil Dev. None of them was from the twice-born category, yet their places in Indian cricket are secure & undisputed.

    (4)Palwankar Baloo’s case is to be treated as a social evil of the bygone era & has to be condemned by one and all. But, situation is not quite the same now & not only Kambli & Solkar but others like Sehwag & Dhoni have also made the highest grade. For Kambli, the author should better check up with the Mumbai cricket coaches & his team-mates of the recent past to find out as to who is to be blamed for Kambli’s fading away.

    (5) It should occur to the author that in the highest class of cricket, runs are not presented or offered as alms just because a player is a Brahmin.

    (6) Right from the days of Maharaja of Patiala & Baroda, Dr.P.Subbaroyan, Zal Irani, Chidambaram Mutthaiah, Rungta brothers, Dungarpur, Dalmiya & Pawar , there is not a single Brahmin as chief of BCCI.

    (7)The author should introspect as to how so many from the community of Brahmins have been army/air-force/naval chiefs if they fight shy of hard labour. Is he aware that the highest decorated soldier of India is one Lt Gen Z.C. Bakshi (a Punjabi brahmin).

    Mr. Swaminathan, rather than raking up such stupid & needless controversy, you should divert your innovative talents towards a sensible approach to journalism.


    These 4% will be sent out from here .because all ways and channels have been closed to these people to survive in this nation
    In this situation there is no other way to these people except comiting suicide

  42. Sreekumar S Says:

    u must be nuts .who so ever thinks like this must be nuts!!! i am tempeted to use more bad words here.Cant people ever judge a person by his qualities than his caste.They play so they are in the team.Wat the heck is problem with people like you.I am a die hard cricket fan but havent even known once that sachin or ganguly are brahmins.Who cares when they play good cricket who cares??!!! This website should be ashamed of itself in putting up such news.To hell with u idiots

  43. oochara Says:

    There is great amount of intelligence involved in any game or sport or anything in life. Kshatriyas are strong headed and prefer to hit hard, vaisyas would know how to add value when, shudras work hard and brahmins play an intelligence-applied game. So success is guaranteed.

    Ergo, i go by 3 & 4 (because we stay in india) options:
    # Is it because Brahmins are able to muster up far greater quantities of mental discipline and technical correctness that textbook Test match cricket requires?

    # Is it because Brahmin administrators have for long obtained a stranglehold on cricket administration in the various clubs and associations, which lubricates the selection of Brahmins?

  44. Girly poet Says:

    Kerala cricketer, Shri Shanth is belongs to Nair caste, a pseudo version of brahmin caste.

    Nairs are not brahmins, but they are more influential than Brahmins in Kerala. Most of the public service sector employees are from Nair community even though their population share is around 10 %. Mostly their names are suffixed with nair, kurup, panicker, nambiar and menon.

    On the national level, Nair supremacy is more visible.

    ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair, NSA chairman Narayanan Menon, Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon are examples.

    Read more


  45. Kumar Says:

    Its just because of the education and opportunity brahmins are more in the cricket team now as all castes are getting educated we can find more people from all castes getting selected. If a person is uneducated its really difficult to understand that one can make a career in cricket….

  46. srikanth joshi Says:

    @ chater

    aryan -dravidian divide no longer scientific !!

  47. Augustine Kuriapilly Says:

    Media’s preoccupation with the trivia is ambly exemplified in its pre-eminent coverage of sports and entertainment which in its turn is centralized in Cricket. It was once said it was the legacy of the British who with assurance of their wealth coming from their colonies had the luxury of wasting their time drinking their cup-o-tea and watching two men with willows waiting for another man to run up and deliver a ball and ten others watching endlessly for a chance to move. Now on your part the trivia has become infinitely trivial by making mountain of a molehill projecting a unknown factor which could not have shaken the earth under the ordinary Indian’s feet. Brahminism in Cricket. Oh, please give us a break. Cricket has the craziest types of records. Do they matter to anyone except to keep the minds of the masses away from the real serious issues. Go ahead, there are millions of blind, deaf and dumb creatures ready to wallow in your trivia.

  48. larissa Says:

    It is no longer scientific because there are hardly any pure aryans left. All have been killed after Isalmic invasions or have intermarried. So you cannot argue from after a fact and make assumptions about the beginnings of Indian history.


    “u must be nuts .who so ever thinks like this must be nuts!!! i am tempeted to use more bad words here.Cant people ever judge a person by his qualities than his caste.They play so they are in the team.Wat the heck is problem with people like you.I am a die hard cricket fan but havent even known once that sachin or ganguly are brahmins.Who cares when they play good cricket who cares??!!! This website should be ashamed of itself in putting up such news.To hell with u idiots”

    Exactly. If a certain group are acheivers why are others jealous? It is like getting angry because many nobel prize winners and great men of intellect were Brahmins. This smacks of class resentment. So whoever wrote this, why don’t your people achieve and become better stars?

  49. ROHAN Says:

    CRICKET, a sport played by just 12 countries cannot give us sense of global competition.Its high time now & v should defeat the U.S, CHINA, ENGLAND etc in FOOTBALL & not KENYA,ZIMBABWE in CRICKET.The whole debate is rubbish.

  50. Lokesh Says:


    For the last fifty years, in the name of reservation our politicians are playing a mockery. During my school days, my friends were many times richer than me. My father was a workmen in a company. Whereas my friends parents were either politicians or doctors or engineers. And to my surprise their sons and daughters were benefitted by quoto regime. Whereas i suffered in the name of reservations. I could manage to get admission only in evening college and did BBA. Due to my hardwork and continuous efforts today i am in a very good position. I compete with IIMs and IITians. The author of this blog should see both the sides of coin. Tell me frankly, you are in a good position now. Will your sons and daughters can sacrifice the reservations for poor. No they wont. They would like to enjoy the fruits without hardwork. This will not last long. Now world is shrinking. In the name of reservations one can get MBBS or BE seat. But talent and hardwork will win one day. MNCs will spit on the face of rich guys who reap benefits out of reservations. Alert guys…

  51. Lokesh Says:

    Learn from Brahmins. They work hard in every field and most of them are not corrupted. They prefer to avoid shortcut for success. That’s why they still survive inspite of hate wave against them by politicians. Can you publish a list of Brahmin MLA’s or MP’s in each state. You will hardly find one.

  52. Kingkhan Says:


    I really crave to know the %age of politicians who are brahmins. Dont be surprised if it is in double digits. 80% of communist leaders are brahmins. And BJP and Cong have their cream filled with Brahmins.

  53. Lokesh Says:

    Thanks Kingkhan. Inspite of huge presence they still play with reservations against Brahmins !!! Need to think.

    Below are some more prominant Brahmin list i got from Wikipedia. Be proud to be a Brahmin.

    Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmin

    Mangal Pandey, Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, Tatya Tope, Chandrashekar Azad, Vishwanath Vaishampayan (famous as “Bacchan”, worked with Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Basawon Singh (Sinha), Balgangadhar Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, (Rajguru, Ramprasad Bismil,Chandrashekhar Azad,Vanchinathan, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Ganesh Damodar Savarkar C. Rajagopalachari, Sri Krishna Sinha, Gobind Ballabh Pant, Kamalapati Tripathi, Sheel Bhadra Yajee, Ravishankar Shukla, Kailashnath Katju, Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru, Motilal Nehru, Sir Surendranath Banerjee, Sir Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee,Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and others were at the forefront of the struggle for freedom and later Indian politics. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of India, were also Brahmins. Communist leaders like E.M.S. Namboodiripad, Hiren Mukherjee, S. A. Dange, P.C.Joshi, Acharya P. K. Atre and many others were Brahmins. Other Brahmin leaders include Mani Shankar Aiyar, Arun Jaitley, Arun Shourie , S. Gurumurthy and Jairam Ramesh , Jayalalithaa , Subramania swamy , Jayanthi Natarajan .

    Brahmins who became Prime Ministers of India include Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, Rajiv Gandhi, P.V. Narasimha Rao and Atal Behari Vajpayee. Brahmin Presidents of India include Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, V. V. Giri, R. Venkataraman and Shankar Dayal Sharma. Although it well known that Rajeev Gandhi was the son of late Firoze Gandhi who was by no means a Brahmin.

    Scientists from the Brahmin fold include Aryabhatta, Varahamihira, Brahmagupta, Nobel Laureates Sir C.V.Raman and his nephew Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, the agricultural scientist M. S. Swaminathan, the ethno-sociologist M. N. Srinivas, and the modern genius of mathematics Srinivasa Ramanujan, Shakuntala Devi and C. P. Ramanujam. Raja Ramanna, who was instrumental in making India a nuclear weapons state, was also a Brahmin.

    In sports, major names include Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Sourav Ganguly, Ravi Shastri, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Anil Kumble, Rohit Sharma ,Ishant Sharma,Krishnamachari Srikkanth and many more; the world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand, Ajit Agarkar,pragyan ojha, Hrishikesh Kanitkar.


    Guys… i want quote from my personal life. During my school days, most of my friends were many times richer than me. My father was just a worker in a company earning wages not enough to meet our day-to-day expenses. He was the first graduate in our entire clan. My elder brother was the fist engineer in our entire clan. I remember my childhood days in early 1990’s when i used to shop provisions for one rupee. Hardly we used have stock of sugar, tea powder, rice for more than 3 days in my home. Whereas my friends parents were either politicians or doctors or engineers businessmen. And they are filthy rich. They use to come in cars to school. And to my surprise their sons and daughters were benefitted by quoto regime. Whereas i suffered in the name of reservations. Inspite of all hardships i scored 88% in my 12th standard. I could manage to get admission only in evening college and did BBA. Whereas my friends who were filthy rich and scored 40 to 60% got MBBS and BE admission. Due to my hardwork and continuous efforts today i am in a very good position. My country didnt help me, my caste didnt help me, politicians didnt help me. I am here because of my hardwork. The author of this blog should see both the sides of coin. Tell me frankly, you are in a good position now. Will your sons and daughters can sacrifice the reservations for poor. No they wont. They would like to enjoy the fruits without hardwork. This will not last long. Now world is shrinking. In the name of reservations one can get MBBS or BE seat. But talent and hardwork will win one day. MNCs will spit on the face of rich guys who reap benefits out of reservations. For the last fifty years, in the name of reservation our politicians are playing a mockery. Alert guys … i will change this soon…


    Alert guys … i will change this soon… We need to setup an all round residential school in chennai exclusively for brahmin minority. Boys from all over the world will come and study here. We need to train our boys not only to excel in academics but also to raise voice for justice. They should specialise in matial arts in that school. We should sponsor the school using our network of Brahmin NRIs. Every student should complete a professional masters degree (in medicine or Engineering or Management or Law). If tamilnadu or India is not giving them opportunity to learn then we will send them to Singapore, US, UK, Australia, Russia to learn. Dont worry that our strength is only 3% here in tamilnadu. I feel i am equivalent to 10 non-brahmins. If each one of support me i can change this trend in 10 years. Give me 200 brahmin boys i will show to the world what we are.

  54. Gurunath Prakash Says:

    where did the the Aussies get this idea and why? They took a leaf out of Macaulay. Aussies got this data, idea ect for Christian conversion. The most active Country which is working overtime in converting India is Australia. The best way to dent Indian Cricket is to create this confusion and hate. Aussies have been the worst in killing, miming, raping the aboriginals. Infact, the white man always did this in USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

  55. Nazia Says:

    What is wrong if some are more capable in a particular field?
    Here, more pathans are more into lending money, so whats wrong if a particular tribe or sect is dominant in a particular field

  56. Kingkhan Says:


    You have given quite vivid description and representation of the Brahmin community.

    My point here is Brahmins have been represented in all spheres of life in India since days of yore. Even today, bureaucracy is fullof Brahmins.

    What is the problem if other catses are being representated? Why should their be no representation from backward classes.

    Here I agree with someone who wrote earlier that Dalits of all relegions should be considered as backward.

  57. Rajesh Says:

    This fellow is an idiot. See the racist attack against indians in australia…

  58. tarlesubba Says:

    khan can you tell me why the muslims have gone into a shell?

    lets consider the sachar committee report. while people have peddled it as a saviour of the muslim community, there are some damning statistics in it. muslims have the worst fertility rates amongst all the peoples in the country. even south indian muslims, who are better off than their non-SI counter parts in the rest of the country. its as if the muslims as group have decided to thumb their noses on a message that every other other community in south india has accepted. ondu beku yeradu saaku.

    why is this? sachar stats also show that while literacy amongst SI muslims is greater than the national average, their enrolment in higher education is lower. why? why do muslims have this medieval attitude to modern education?

    now you will come back and say, even those who do degrees have hard times. so why would others do degrees. from the other side, the average muslim lives in an atavistic world of beliefs and refuses to merge with the mainstream. he will not sing vande mataram. will not join govt schools. and so on.

    why dont the muslims understand the non-muslim problem. it was their historic land that was partitioned by jinnah and his ilk. it was they who were unwittingly dragged into khilafat, etc. why are non-muslim indians expected to resonate to these political islamic causes? is it not enough that we have patronized sundry dargahs and celebrated sundry sufis? we have to abide by sundry islamic imperialists also is it?

    we cant side by israel but we have to stand by OIC, which caouldn’t even find a humanity within it itself to summarily criticize 26/11 unequivocally. these are the people we are supposed to side with?

  59. ashutosh Says:

    its 6 not 7…
    R.P. singh is baisa rajput not brahmin

  60. nimblewit Says:

    tasteless article – what is the point being made? why even bother about stats? i am a brahmin, so whats great about it, eh?

  61. umesh gope Says:

    I agree with your article but they are most talented players. all are indian so we cannot say they come from forward caste.

  62. spareus Says:

    u know what… we’ve silently given up everything for the minorities all the while. Today a brahmin who excels in a particular field is not entitled to progress based on his/her performance. Students struggle their asses out cos of the reservations. Yet we dont come on the streets protesting like minorities do… We just put in more effort. Though we were born in this land it feels the freedom of the press is snatching our freedom n the land which we happily shared with the others. What is the point of such an article?? You people want reservations in everything?? Please go ahead n take it… I dont want to even bother trying to convince who ever u are otherwise. I’m a doctor n I’ve struggled to get here from absolutely nothing. People who work hard dont need reservations. I’d rather be in a place where being human is considered above all than ur stupid caste nonsense that the press still keeps alive. If you are writing this piece of crap just to prove you can write I suggest you find something else cos this isn’t some revolution or you are making no contribution to your society. This is the last time I’m even visiting this CHURMURI blog space. All the MASALA in CHURMURI is to increase the number of clicks on your page. This will take India nowhere… Thanks for letting me know I’m wasting my time with you.

  63. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    All Indians are Brahmins. It is just that they don’t know it or care.

  64. just_in Says:

    The reason for constant failure of Indian cricket is the same. Brahmins can’t fight, they could cheat only. Brahmins are only shepherd aryans who came from central Asia.
    Indian society is under the clutches of caste system and lower caste people are scattered and fighting each other helps 15% upper caste to hold firmly. Do you know that when first census in India was conducted by British, they were confused about the religion to which to accommodate 85% lower caste. Finally the British added lower caste people under the label Other Backward Caste. Actually these people are not hindus and does not fall in any of the four varnas, ie. Brahmin, Kshatriya, vysya or sudra.

  65. Bihari Bhai Says:

    India sucks at sports and so do many sports journalists who pinpoint where an Indian medal winner hails from…

    Please read the ‘nationality’ of an Indian sportsman as:
    Bengali, Punjabi, ‘Star of the South’, ‘the Gujrati so-and-so’, the Hyderabadi this-and-that….

    Really disgusting..

  66. alex Says:

    Finally someone with guts to tell the TRUTH like it is. Sachin is useless junk.
    On the other hand Dravid is great.

    TNCA promote brahmins in ranji team and do not allow other caste players and also they always in control and you have to be yes sir to them.

    They are ruining India. Sooner or later dalit will take over india and destroy all brahmin power centers temples and priests.

    It is the evolution of people. They want to be free not controlled.

    India is a worst racist country in the world!. Period.

  67. Satish Daivasahayam Says:

    Dear Brother Alex, Please do not get your anti-national and divisive propagonda here. This is a far serious issue of Nationalism. Attitude and mind set like yours is giving ammo to people to show us in bad light. Neo converts like you are getting bad name to Jesus. I request the Blog owner to remove the castiest and anti national posts. We are Indian first and anything else later. Satish Daivasahayam. Hyderabad.

  68. abhinav anand Says:

    all this is a malicious attempt to break HINDU UNITY and HINDUTVA.I m a high caste brahmin but i dont believe in casteism.i love all other castes equally but yes,i m an avid and hardcore supporter and believer of Hindutva and my country India.if i were the prime minister i would ve banned such fucking websites which have become a platform for spreading hate and disharmony.

  69. Ramesh Says:

    Ramchandra Guha is a pseudo-historian and a weeping heart member of the quota cartel. Long time ago he wrote an article in the HT. I challenged him on various points and asked him to provide statistics in support of his concocted claims. In one year this great historian could not provide the statistics. Many will go on and on about the alleged brahmin domination in various fields (merely because there are more brahmins in some field it is called ‘brahmin domination’!) but these guys will never tell the country about the constitution-manipulated domination of every field in TN/Karnataka etc by the Neo-Nazi quota gangs masquerading as social (in)justice dispensers.

  70. Ramesh Says:

    Standing/running/chasing/diving after balls for upto six hours a day (in case of Test Cricket) and many a times in blistering hot sun it seems is a ‘leisurely activity’ for this idiot and his mentors. Running between the wickets while scoring a 50/100/200/300 it seems is a leisurely activity for this caste-extremist pamphleteer. Running in and bowling over after over at 100 KM ph it seems is another kind of leisurely activity! Lies, Lies and Lies. Not just that. Common dictionary words have been deployed to represent exactly opposite situations. Take the case of TN, where those who have captured every position are falsely called ‘weak, backward and of all things ‘marginalised’! In the TN assembly, save but one, all Members are of the ‘backward’ variety (backward to whom?) and they call themselves ‘marginalised’! Through their lies, falsehoods and concoctions, every institution of the state has bee subverted and the constitution raped and mutilated beyond recognition. In these endeavors, they are fully backed by foreign-religious gangs.

  71. Sanjeev Says:

    I am not sure of how much Brahmin influence exist in the national selection, but I personally know of a friend who was rejected in the state team selection interview just because he wasn’t a Brahmin. One of the members of the interview panel put his hand on his shoulder to feel if he had the sacred thread on him.

    Now don’t ridicule that there won’t be interview and all. This incident happened at least 7 years ago, he painfully recollected that one guy who didn’t find place in their division’s playing XI made it through because he was a Brahmin and had contacts.

    I am not blaming or pointing fingers. This is a piece of ground reality.

  72. BN Ghoshal Says:

    This is all rubbish and attempt to break nation and Hindu community.These have selected in team due to their talent not due to their cast.These traitors who want to divide our country should be jailed and also the cast system must be banned in country.

  73. subbarao Says:

    the subject can be argued to any leangth.I will add alittle bit.Why most of the southern cricketers are well qualified in comparision to rest.prsanna,venkat raghavan,srikanth,srinath,kumble etc are all enineers.Why this is not so from other regions?

  74. krishna Says:

    Thanks for this excellent article and thanks for having the guts to speak out the truth. Brahminism is the biggest evil facing india today.

  75. Neha kaur Says:

    Its not about.Insulting the Great Indian players , its about discrimination in selection.If you don’t select on a fair basis, you will obviously have to select someone, and between the players chosen some of them will be obviously good and become great.Its the way the Brahmanical policies discourage non brahmins makes it harder for our nation to grow.Media (which has more than 80% Brahman staff) also covers this sport to glorify their community members.And completely ignores other sports like hockey ,Football etc. That is the reason why other sports are not developing.


    Brahman are barely 4% of indian population how do we find them in cricket team with so much representation.Because that is the only sport they don’t suck at.How do we find them taking up most of govt. jobs. The brahmans and Banias and other higher caste Hindus?Why don’t we find too many of them in Armed forces, if they are so good and better to get Jobs in Government? They get selected whether they are good or not in places where it is manageable to run things after applying caste policies.In armed forces it can’t work.Our country was ranked in top 50 in terms of technology under british rule , who gave Dalits their right. Example Professor Ramanujan a ‘dalit’.Now it is ranked above 100.Why do we find these sharma, Verma , chaturvedi ,tripathis , trivedi , dubey chaubey everywhere in govt. Jobs. Because they are preferred over other lower castes , specially Dalits even if Dalits are good they discriminated.My friends told me.


    If we allow selections on fair basis, we will find India becoming superpower in world not only in cricket.otherwise country will be destroyed and fragmented with rebellions , people can’t be living under brahman raj forever.And have already started preparing for revolt, as a patriot I don’t want any further bloodshed.but the oppressed won’t find it easy to remain oppressed.Wake up Indians do something about it, otherwise it will be harmful for you as well.give the rights to the dalits and compensate for the oppression like you mean it, and not by fake reservations.

  76. vaibhav singh chauhan Says:

    r.p singh is rajput of u.p. I m also a rajput of u.p so pls correct it. N selection in cricket is on talent base not on caste basis. While playing player d,nt represent hir caste, but country. So it,s a silly article.

  77. balu Says:

    spoiling games started here.dear author don’t bring cast in this game.just because of indians they selected to play cricket.look at australia how they treat indians . they have no business to comment on indian cricket.

  78. syed mohammad Says:

    Why even Gavaskar is a brahmin. Venkataraghavan, Srikkanth, Dinesh Karthick, Murali Karthick, Sivaramakrishnan, Vengsarkar, WV Raman, Bhadrinath, and the list can go on and on. It might well be in order to appreciate the inner strength and focus of brahmins that they are such high achievers even with the odds against them in modern India (kalyug). Unlike certain others, they have not chosen to cry foul and whine (like some minorities do in India, Sacchar committee for instance), and have instead gone on to work hard in true Gandhian fashion to become the high achievers that they are. More over anybody who would chant the Gayatri Mantra at least once a day can see the positive results within a period of six months to one year. That is the power of the Vedic mantras and the belief of the Brahmins. A lot of people try emulating Brahmins in India notwithstanding their allegation that Brahmins are fascist (far from the truth). The caste system prevails not just because of the Brahmins. The other forward castes in Hindu fold are more responsible for the negative effects of the system. Brahmins have always been shuddh and seek only that ashuddh should not come near them. Quite natural, how many of our broadminded upwardly muslim and christian brothers would to slum and live with desparate dirt surrounding them? Quite natural everybody gets irritated by dirt. Even the white skinned people of the west and the self proclaimed egalitarian people of the Arab world would protest if they are sent to one of India’s slums on the banks of the river Cooum in Chennai. Why blame poor Brahmins!

  79. Deepak Says:

    Am not a Brahmin, but totally welcome your views that sets to break from from stereotypes and honestly appreciate it!!! I wish more people (Hindus included) thought like you.


  80. Krishna Says:

    You are making too much out of a sheer coincidence.

  81. Soumik Chattapadhyay Says:

    Hello everyone! I have thoroughly read all of the above comments & saw that there is racism all over the world. In India, racism is carried out by politics. People bring out caste issues whenever they want to do their work. Many of the backward castes get admission in wherever they want bcoz of their castes whereas the brahmins have to toil hard(which angers them from the inside). So some brahmins decide that brahmins should be given more chance so they give chance more to the brahmins. In either cases losers are both in first case the deserving brahmin persons & second case the lower castes. So we should stick together too much of reservation & too much of brahminism should be avoided as either will spell ‘DOOM’ for India.
    Don’t be a racist as I have seen some above persons: Racism doesn’t end is caste alone(don’t mix caste with varna both are completely different).
    First of all we are Earthlings we have to coexist with all humans,animal,plants,birds & aquatic species & not to forget the microorganisms who have made life possible on earth(try to take care that u don’t hurt them too). Next we are humans & humanity comes above all even the aussies are related to us as we are humans. Even if the Aussies use racist comments to us it doesn’t give us the license to abuse them.
    The Varna system was used to regulate the society:
    Brahmins- They were the teachers,priests,engg,doctors they followed their traditions through generation as each generation did their improvising & added something new.
    Kshatriya- The technique of fighting, ruling with the help of ministers.
    Vaishyas- They were the businessmen who used to regulate the market(They were the most rich ppl apart from the King).
    Shudras- They were given the so-called ‘dirty work’ or the small works even though everybody knew that they are needed.
    The chief of the Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishyas & Shudras enjoyed the same status.
    See through the perspective of a third person then one can understand the true meaning if not then all this which I have written will go waste.

  82. arun kumar Says:

    these Australians are sick brain, who do not deserve to be
    on this earth. They are the first brainless creature ever existed
    on this earth, and this was a big mistake of america that they
    saved their country falling in the hand of Japan otherwise they
    never dared to raise their voice against india or any other part of
    this world. Get a brain you morons (esp. writer of this clueless
    article which never heard and never to be heard in india).

  83. sriram Says:

    what is the matter there with castes, talent always pays. sachin, rahul, ganguly, ishanth, kumble, vvs are not talented??? talent pushed them there, and we r now no 1 in test cricket…

  84. BG Subhash Says:

    Cricket is a game of well oiled co ordination between Brain, eye, legs and hand.

    It is a game where economy of usage of power, pushes, glances, sweeps clever running between the wickets & in the field, catches, anticipation, scheming, instant response are needed to play with grace.

    By their samskara probably Brahmins are adept at it. Need I to say more……

  85. Rayul Says:

    So many brahmins… huh. I hope that does not set a bad example to aspiring Indian cricketers.

  86. convert Says:

    lets assume,for time being, that there excists bramhimnism in cricket….. 70 percent reservation in tamil nadu.only …..any day ,a bramhin guy would exchange this reservation in academy/ jobs for cricket and other things…..i mean exchanging 6 cricket places for 4 lakh colleges/jobs in tamilnadu……any day boss,,,,..that is the reason why now in tamilnadu,along with scs, a few no of semi-lleterate and poverty stricken brahmins are joining christianity….mainly because of this brahmin bashing….brahmins in tamil nadu are now confused….most are following religion more vigourously now and some have left all related to religion and a few are in “cross ” roads……

  87. Raz Says:

    Today, Srikkanth Anirudha (son of former Indian captain Krishnamachari Srikkanth) from a Tamil Brahmin community has taken first fifty (64 runs in 55 balls) in his first IPL match itself. He is the only person who had taken fifty runs in the team. Anirudha is one among the pride of Brahmin community.


    Chennai Super Kings won the match and Srikkanth Anirudha is the MAN OF THE MATCH …………….

  88. MSN Says:

    I really pity with this whole argument based on Caste.>>!!!!! Do see the cricketers and see the merits..enjoy the game…..Only PM is seen as Brahmin..!!! wat abt chief ministers and other state minsiters…all r brahmins….>!!!! Wat a strange argument…>!! Are all the Presidents we had are Brahmins????? Arent the lower caste being given lot of previlage and support inc reservations in many areas…Do you know how many upper caste people are having less per capita income than many lower castes ????
    so stop talking all nonsense….BE INDIAN AND BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN

  89. pradeep Says:

    brahmins are none other than a beggers in our raja time ruling.they came to power during british rule only and they are the HIV virus destroying our country,once ex mp.subramaniyam swamy called the dalits parayan and the government dint question him.now recently only 2g spectrum is enquired very strongly wat happend to the 3g scam which dint come out itself,because the people involved in 3g scam are all brahmins,only raja is arrested why not nira radia dint get arrested beacuse she is a brahmin.the media in india is in the hands of brahmins.brahmins are cancer virus to india.

  90. Raman sharma Says:

    Friends the AIT is badly debunked and flawed every argument genetic , archeological , linguistic which is used to support this f**king theory goes against them . it is a big hoax of aryan dravidian devide which form basis of parties like AIDMK .that’s why this flawed theory is still prevalent to serve political interests
    and as far as this article is concerned it’s advertisement in form of editorial big bull shit
    yes this birth based cased system is a big time shit but more bigger are articles of this type and friends neither the birth based caste system nor this reservation shit are good for our nation . why putting your head into these things . inspite sacrifice of many greats still it’s prevalent .shame on those exploiting issues for their sake including the dumbo journalist and any body who supporteded every argument genetic , archeological , linguistic which is used to support this f**king theory goes against them . it is a big hoax of aryan dravidian devide which form basis of parties like AIDMK .that’s why this flawed theory is still prevalent to serve political interests
    and as far as this article is concerned it’s advertisement in form of editorial big bull shit
    yes this birth based cased system is a big time shit but more bigger are articles of this type and friends neither the birth based caste system nor this reservation shit are good for our nation . why putting your head into these things . inspite sacrifice of many greats still it’s prevalent .shame on those exploiting issues for their sake including the dumbo journalist and any body who supported

  91. utham Says:

    Dear all please and please go thru this link and then talk all these nonsense ………. any one those who want to talk please watch this and then pass the coments please

  92. punit Says:

    fyi,singhs r not brahmins. the surname singh nowadays anyone can use whether hes dalit or not.

  93. fbpetition Says:

    I wonder sometimes how the society has changed, The greatest Irony is that the caste system has become so powerful that it is now not even ashamed to beg openly for reservations and biased selection procedures. Brahmins never attempted to take control of this nation. Hindu word is a very controversial word of all times. Learn a bit from history before calling yourself a Hindu !!!!

    I did not even know that there are still 4% of the Brahmin survivors in this nation. They are sure to perish one day. The govt have given so many privileges to all other category other than Brahmin, do you know why ??? Its just because they never asked nor will they ever !!

    For history has witnessed Brahmins to be guide, preacher and teacher to the society. Now a days due to the globalization of marriage relationships across the globe, the original Brahmin race have more or less cease to exist.

    One more fact to be more precise and clear there is no BLACK Brahmin. if you ever find a Brahmin whose skin color is black be sure that he/she is a byproduct of a globalized brahmin race and is not 100percent pure Brahmin blood !!!! Don’t want to believe my words search for the genetic explanation provided by the EU genetic experts.

    Also I read somewhere between the lines that Brahmins are criminals blah blah blah …. but let me ask you one question which race doesn’t have a criminal ???? I strongly paraphrase this quote: “Every Muslim is not a terrorist but all terrorists are Muslim”. Does this make the whole Muslim community terrorist ?? No. never !!!!

    Also it has become a trend now a days to separate yourself from being a Hindu, Buddhists say they are different, Sikhs say they are different, Jainism is yet another baby crying out loud for its own individuality !!!!!! Read along the historic references for creation of the Sikhs and how Buddhism started …. you will be very ashamed to know how wrong you have been taught. At least for these two sects you can find all written evidence of foundation and date and the founders name as well…… Every person is born Hindu, Some baptized to Christianity… some circumcised to Islam … and some just floats in the murky waters of global nonexistent scenario.

    Its already prophesied “All will be opposite in kalyug. The guardians of the religion will fall (pity Brahmins) and the blind nation will fall back to slavery “. Being born as a Brahmin in India I did not get anything from the govt as support. Even with higher percentage marks I was replaced with 3rd div marks holder from a backward class guy. I wondered what doctor or engineer he would become after clearing the degree with such EXCEPTIONAL efficient brains !!!!!!

    After much struggle I am a writer for a small sized firm and I am happy with that. I need not explain my point of view here but I sure do pity you guys wen one day you will live in a house designed by an inefficient incompetent engineer and when your building crashes you run with your family to hospital and you are a victim of wrong treatment by an incompetent caste promoted doctor !!!!! I don’t want extra facilities for Brahmin but I want fair competition and you don’t want it cause you guys know that you are incompetent !!!!!

    Wanna mail me your abusive syntax ?? send in your feedbacks to simrankauwr [at] yahoo [dot] com.

  94. milind Says:

    If anyone is thinking about no need of reservation in India then he must learn the Indian history. SC, ST,OBC are mul niwasi of India & others came here after. Who is responsible for making such difference in people of course Bhramhan.?Reservation is the way to bring equality in all Indian( like equal property) Why Japan has grow up after world war? Just study it. After freedom India has got a lot of chance to grow up but our Leaders are making regular corruption from starting & no one is listening what is mention in constitution. Why China become powerful? All they were hungry without food before some years ago. Government has to bring equality in society so that every one get good food, house, clothes, education. We must leave our old Indian mentality to make own bank balance.

  95. jeyan joseph Says:

    my dear churu, thanks for the nice article. you have really put in lots of thinking. nice. as i went through the comments i could find most of them blaming you. i am sorry. two things come to my mind. more brahmins use internet than the others and secondly brahmins are very careful to defend them from accusations. what to do. you may not get positive reply but dont worry. the poor sudras are busy working for their daily bread and no time to think who is playing what. my dear readers who disagree with this article please think there better players than sachin and dravid, somewhere hidden not given opportunity.

  96. Patan Says:

    @fbpetition / simrankauwr: You are 100% right. I like your explanation & boldness even though I am not a Brahmin. Reservation system is just an eye wash drama conducted by Indian politicians to create discrimination among Indians. This is the same technique which was handled by British government previously. Even there are lot of poor people in Brahmin community. They cannot avail any such benefits in this country even though they did lot to this country. They are just dedicating their life for others in this country.

  97. pramodh Says:

    ya… as someone said its a cricket… is dat sachin,dravid, ganguly etc etc are not talented.. ther is no point of brahmins and al…

  98. sania Says:

    Dont B a Castist

  99. vinay Says:

    rightly said..i applaud u churumuri for your straightforwardness…at the same time i feel very pity for upper caste as they kept on losing their frustation when debate comes on reservation and it’s consequences…i ask them why don’t brahmins feel happy as they are only 4% in population and competing for 50.5% seats in government position ??….please think

    @fbpetition and all other disapproving persons..if u don’t have the courage to listen truth then develop it. don’t try to give ‘bakwass’ comments…if u are so much concern about present reservation system in india and feeling yourself as if u are on the losing side of the game then blame your ancestors for why they kept dishonoring Dalits and other backward caste people over the ages and created this divide in society which is now proving u people hardest thing to digest…i only say at last “stop crying”.

  100. Nair from Kerala Says:

    what is wrong if Brahmins dominate cricket.Just because they are above us caste wise should we hate them?

  101. pummy Says:

    If any1 bcomes gr8 in India.. evryone find sumtng else to blame.. this is wat happened here.. why do u tnk of caste and all.. nonsense web address.. please Indians stop blaming on sum1 on these tngs..

  102. brahmin anupam Says:

    churmuri u r sponsered by anti india forces n enjoy abusing hindus esp those whom u call upper casts as if they dont have a right to exist. u suffer from a deep complex n prejudice n thats ur big problem.

  103. Mohan Says:

    wat a f*** article feels good that 4% but still greater representation If u can do it else y do u cry on brahmins. Someimes I feel shudnt giv much importance to casteism but after seeing this kind of article it makes me feel to think twice and support Brahmins. They rock no matter how much others try to push them down they emerge victorious. They are the intellectuals wish we didnt have casteism and so many talented poor brahmin guys be given chance to study in good universities wish we had more inventions and more creativity would had excel in the country and now to target the hinduism the other religion folks are targetting brahmins spreading hatred against them so tat hinduism will get a bash and religious conversions wud be easy its part of these christian missionaries to spread hatred against the brahmins enough dude our hinduism rock

  104. uday Says:

    hi jeevan joseph ur right i also stick to ur points
    let all know in india lot of tendulkar , rahul , asvin
    are there they not come up because they are nonbrahmin
    they are denied from their begining of carier
    the domination starts from lkg in school to life of non brahmin
    thus inocent non brahmin not knows about we are how denied and dominated by brahmins , not all brahmins are bad very littel are good and broadminded
    dravidins are real indians aryans are migrated from
    nehibhouring region to india

  105. Sorcerer 1 Says:

    @ uday
    I don’t undetstand what you said. Sachin (Rajapur Saraswat brahmin), Dravid(Deshastha Brahmin) & Ashwin(Iyer brahmin) are all brahmins.

    Brahmins in the current squad(year-2012):
    Sachin Tendulkar – Rajapur Saraswat brahmin.

    Suresh Raina – Kashmiri Pandit.

    Rahul Dravid – Deshastha Brahmin (the name dravid is not of his family, but given by the Tanjore King for the service of their ancestors in the tanjore temples).

    V.V.S.Laxman – Niyogi Brahmin

    Murali Vijay – Iyengar Brahmin

    R. Ashwin – Iyer Brahmin

    Cheteshwar Pujara – Gujarati Pujara Brahmin

    Manoj Tiwari – Although currently in Bengal, he is of Bhojpuri-Bihari brahmin origin.

    Rohit Sharma – Telugu Brahmin

    Ishant Sharma – Gaur Brahmin

    R.P.Singh – Although brahmins usually donot have surnames such as “Singh”, R.P.Singh happens to be a brahmin. There are quite a few U.P. brahmins who have the surname “Singh”.

    Amit Mishra – Mishra Brahmin from Delhi.

  106. allindiaforwardbloc Says:

    Firstly, the statistics of 4% Brahmins is absolutely WRONG & MISGUIDING. The population of Brahmins, all sects and sub-sect put together, accounts for nearly 12%. (The accurate figure is in between 11.6% to 12.2%). This amounts to about 12.5 to 13.5 Crores and is unevenly distributed across the country with concentrations in the states along Ganga-Jamuna plains, the river Godavari ( Nasik to Antarvedi(AP), Kaveri, etc.

    Out of 113 crore Indians, only 35 crore are in employable age group of; others being children, above 60 yrs; illiterate;disabled,etc.

    The figure 4% pertains to brahmins who are Govt. employess, mostly in middle-to-higher rungs and in acdemic/educational/medical/research institutions not the whole of brahmin community. Another 3% prisets/pujaries,1% peasants, 0.5% small trades,1% below poverty line and others in unorganized sectors etc.

    Leaving aside cricket, in AP assembly of 294 MLAs not even 10 are from brahmin community whereas their rightful share is 33! Likewise, out of 542 MPs in LokSabha, we have barely a score as opposed to rightful strength of 65!

    There is an urgent need for reservation of rightful share for brahmins in Parliament/State Assemblies.
    I appreciate Ms Mayawati for her political prudence in accommodating brahmins in up coming State elections.

  107. shreeram Says:

    the other is not know correct meaning of brmhin, some one told him that you must read viveknanda life and speches of him

  108. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    What is the caste composition of the team that played in Australia? What does it teach us?

  109. Bagavatgita Says:

    Brahmins beleive in Quality and not Quantity that is the reason they are successful being a minority community in India.

    But now what is happening to Brahmins in India is what happened to Jews in Germany under Hitler. Under the _MK regimn Brahmin in TN were stripped of their lands, position and even very existence and are ousted to US, UK, Singapore and to Bangalore, Mumbai within India. Brahmins are not used properly in India but potentially used in other countries for their growth.

    In India by pointing out brahmins all other lower caste has used the useless outdated legal system to sneak and to somehow adopted all tactics to pull the poor brahmins down and have captured all positions. Still people are not satisfied with 70% of reservation in TN.

    Many Brahmins have fought against the British and got the Independence though others have participated in mass the brain or the leadership is more important but after getting the indepence the legal system framed banned the Brahmins. Sometimes ordinary human beings act him Basmasuras.

    Stupid brahmin girls marry other community people so that atleast their children will get BE or MBBS. What they could not get they wish that their children atleast get it.

    We are still planning how to adopt the new reservation policy based on income or anyother thing but we will just speak about it there will be no action or implementation. By speaking about this another 20years will get passed and within 20 years others will get the maximum benefit.

    I would like to suggest only one simple thing. All professionals of C and T community must not be called going forward and their caste certificate to be changed after acheiving the degree and there TC must contain OC. All IAS, IPS, IRS and all in central and Stat govt in officer cadre must be given fresh caste certificate and must be recognised as OC. Instead of uplifting people we wish to have C and T certificate but must not be called as C or T and wish to enjoy benefits of nearly 64 years. I don’t understand for how long this crime will be commited after attaining democracy.

    A day will come in India when all the Brahmins will either be out of India or will be extint. We need to start a project like Project Tiger we need to start Project Brahmin.

    To all the jealous people in India please understand that each community has a different gene or a DNA and the ability to perform will differ. In all the 100 metres across the world only a Negro wins and in South Indian a Malayali wins its the gene factor. We brahmins don’t beg for position or post we don’t ask quota too. “Bear onething in mind you must earn respect you must deserve it”.

  110. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Thanks, Sorcerer 1. Looks like almost the entire team is Brahmin. Why did their sacred not help it much against Australia?

  111. Nastika Says:

    @Pulikeshi the Last, in Cricket, reciting mantras won’t get you a wicket.
    Rest of the world is not as gullible as Hindus to believe that someone can recite mantra and send your dead relative to heaven.


  112. Gaby Says:

    Mr B Gita has used the N word!!!!

  113. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    That was exactly my point. Caste has nothing to do with one’s athletic talent. So many members of the team being Brahmin is purely accidental.

  114. Chidu22 Says:

    Many of the queryies raised are true. The Brahmins have been sucking upto British ideologies since pre- independence. The earlier babus were all Brahmins, it suited there attitude of cunningness whereby they occupied cushy jobs, the menial jobs were left to other castes. This has been following since Vedic period. Thus you see them getting selected in the laziest of all the sports, cricket. Honesty, integrity and hardwork have never been their traits. Selfishness and timidity was has been their hallmark . Hence it took Kapil and Dhoni to lift the world cup not Gavaskar or Tendulkar or Ganguly or Shastri. As in civil services, cricket has been dominated by the Brahmins covertly . The present state of our country and cricket are are a result of them i.e. corrupt and inefficient.

  115. Shreya Says:

    Now..!! people may start asking reservation in Indian cricket team too..!!! for growth of all categories..!!,, and Govt start assuring it for next election..!!!

  116. paciFier Says:

    @PTL, typical Brahmin justification – nice to hear but all wrong.

    @Shreya, some vested interests in BCCI are ensuring Brahmins ‘accidentally’ have reservation in the team. Why private reservation OK for Brahmins but reservation by Government is bad?
    Just like reservation in education ensured millions of employable youth in India, reservation in sports will rewrite India shining story in Olympics.

  117. Harisankarao Says:

    I am very much thank full for the vied comparison on haves and have not of culture like Brahmani community. One thing must know every BRAHMANI ” may lion be sick,but it wont like to eat grass but healthy food” The caste of brahmin was born from the face of BRHMA.May be the society neglect by counting reservation ,but the society can not deny the intelligence truthfulness from brahmine community. No brahmine is selfish at all. He desires the welfare of the society ,whatever job he is doing,he is not selfish at all.he do littele care for earnings of wealth except respect and recognisation in the socity. we can remembar from the history and early independence most of the brahmine comunity spent their wealth and health pore to the socety even though they were was in highest positions in all feelds. They lost every thing .They donoured their totalearnings for want of society devolopment. But now a days basing on the reservation ,those who are geting political highness they used to earn from the day of their asending the position.The brahmine comunity at no place not ruled the any country like kings ,but they allways used to use their brain through the king for public welfare.The Gayatrymantra is a most powerfull mantra not only to brahmine but also to others ,if they read and understand as it is they can also be treated as Brhmagyani.The leters in Gayatry Mantra has got letter wise meening, that will lead every indian to go on good way. I wish every body to go for Brahmine comunity to turn the whole India is BRAHMINisam instead of comunisam Marxisam, Hinduisam ,Congresisam bharatisam, etc.

  118. paciFier Says:

    @Harisankarao, you are generalizing few odd instances of benevolence of few Brahmins in 5000 years as general Brahmin trait. Reading Gayatri Mantra doesn’t improve one’s EQ.

    Throughout history, Brahmins and their sycophants did 2 things,
    (1) Deny education to non Brahmins by misuse of religion & God
    (2) Consolidate their position in society so that they can practice (1)

    It took a visionary to introduce reservation (there by allow opportunities for others) and turn Brahmin world upside down.

    Brahmins cannot fathom the fact that they are not a superior race. They must be the longest practitioner of non violent, passive Nazism.

  119. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    Ravashtu thannagaagapa, thama. brahmanaru andra race alla, jaathi antha ella hELathaaru. avara jabaradasthi haLe khabhara. Nee hElaanga avaru maadthiroodu eeglu khare aagidra yellra bai mucchirisuthaaru.

    Anda haanga, EQ andrenapa?

  120. Emptymind Says:

    @Harisankarao, Pulikeshi the Last
    I don’t care about Brahmanism their talk of wisdom lying in their mantras which they recite after mugging it . They have got every freedom to fancify their way of leaving. What I strictly believe is wisdom lies only in viewing the reality as really as it is without clinging towards the pull of opposites such as like vs. dislike, good vs. bad, ugly vs. beautiful, rich vs. poor, classical vs. folk, wise vs. fool, left vs. right, liberal vs conservatives, Dalit vs. Brahman etc etc …………………………………..and your Gayathri Mantra vs. Sandalwood flick “kuri kolinu somvara shanivara kuyyangilla”.

    Don’t know much about your Gayatri mantra as it is not in my native tongue, not even in English, cant comment on it. But the song which I listed above was truly rationalistic. Thumb up for its creator.

  121. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Aravind Swaminathan writes from Madras? Where is it? I am off to Bombay and then to Caup and Cape Camorin.

  122. anil choudhary Says:

    Brahmin constitutes more than 25 percents population of India.It is the only caste which is spread north to south and east to west everywhere in eual proportion.Let count our numbe we will be out numbered thats for sure.We are from bihar and i can surely say in Bihar alone we are nearly more than 3 crores so if i count for India as a whole than it shouldn’t be less than more than 30 to 35 crores if not then we must do it for sure.

  123. Siddharth Says:

    blah, blah , blah……Brahmins believe in hardwork, sincerity and knowledge?……Load of hogwash. Brahmins were and always have ruled India whether in Cricket, Politics, bureaucracy or media. I dont need to go into details but Brahmins and Brahmanism dominate EVERY aspect of life in India. THEY RUN INDIA. The lower castes get a pain of this sad aspect and the other upper castes are stupid enough to not see it. For example: I come from the Vaishya community and my parents /family refuse to accept this discrimination. In other words they have been brainwashed by centuries of Brahmin crap that they refuse to blame brahmins.

    And regarding Brahmins being intelligent?…..India has been run by Brahmins ever since Buddhism fell in India. And it has been a cursed land ever since…..

    If anything the Brahmins are Shrewd, wily, nuanced and cunning. Similar to the Jews but the difference being Jews are also intelligent and smart and Brahmins are basically freaking idiots.

    Anyway the point is the Sharmas, All the Kars(Tendulkar,vengasarkar, gavaskar), the Kanths(Srikanths), Shastri, Dwivedi, trivedi, chaturvedi, chatterjis, Bhats, pai, pandeys. tiwari, bhattacharya, goswamis CONTROL and RUN India.

    Oh and someone was asking who are the richest in the world?. No its not the Jews, neither is it Bill gates or Steve jobs, Nor is it the Petroleum goliaths nor is it the New world order.

    It is the BRAHMINS. Do you have an idea how much wealth is there in the TEMPLES OF INDIA?. The revenue of only 1 temple Tirupathi is estimated to be about 10 billion dollars DAILY. Take out the calculators to know what is the annual revenue. The catholic church would be envious of it.

  124. Maratha Says:

    Yes You are correct, My friend was of a lower caste, for selection of the team for Ranji cricket, he was asked by the team selection member “are You Brahmin ?” He said no, He got rejected form selection, this shows their(Brahmins ) Autonomy in the cricket. They will not select if you belongs to lower caste.

  125. somu Says:

    I wish more Brahmins will work hard for India and they can show their talent by performance not by words. If other religion people against to brahmins seems normal but so many Hindus are against
    to brahmins result weakens Hindus Strength . I like to advice non Brahmins that if you people like to lead Hindusim please do it and Brahmins never fight with anybody for anything they have adjustment nature by born.Please do not let it down your Hindu religion by hating Brahmins

  126. test Says:

    sachin is converted to dalit now, eating seafood , lobster etc


    he cant perform under pressure

    author get ur facts st.

  127. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    At least in one respect, the anti-Brahmin faction of correspondents here have their facts right: Brahmins are not native to south India. I would like to know how a group of impostors managed to insinuate themselves in the indian fivefold Brahmin hierarchy all across South India. Quite an interesting story it would be.

    What all this correspondence indicates is we are not anywhere near giving up caste affiliations in India, and much of the reason is that each caste/subcaste community has its own speaking, eating, and in general, liviing, habits. So what we are talking about here is a part of India’s porous national culture. In this culture nation building is difficult, if not impossible, because consciously or unconsciously, most of our people subscribe to their caste ideology. Such subscrption sometimes surfaces as dislike, if not outright hatred, of castes tradionally assumed to be superior to some others in the stratified system of classfication. we are attitudinal, but not latitudinal.

    One thing must be said: anti-Brahmin crusaders are as wrong as anybody else who denies a member of any caste his constitutionally granted rights. Holding those wretched bada brahmanas up to ridicule when only a small percentage of them, as in any caste, manage to rise to the top is not only illogical, but ridiculous.

    The general rage against the quota system is also misplaced. Although it got its start perhaps in the 1930s, the all-embracing Mandal Commission Report was implemented barely thirty years ago. It is too early to tell what its impact will be. All we know is that now politicians of all stripes in all professions are unabashedly prostituting the concept of social justice implicit in the reservation concept to their own murky, criminal ends.

    There is quite a bit of humour, perhaps unintended, in these posts; there are just as much uncivility and unmitigated hatred which do not promote rational discourse. The cure for the caste disease is education in the broadest sense, the kind of education that impels us to respect other people’s rights, a kind of Lakshmana-rekhe, if you will.

    How many of us in Karnataka are aware that Mallikaarjun Kharge is a right-hand dalit and that his family will not form marital alliances with the left-hand segment of his own community? Or this successful politician has not done much to make drinking water available to his community in his own village?

    Caste against caste, sub-castes within one caste against others in the same caste category, is just one of the ironies here.

  128. Raja Says:

    There are many lower caste players in India (not in Indian team) who are marginalised in cricket just because of their cast. This starts not just at the National selection level, but at the grass root levels starting from their schools. Brahmins misuse their early exposure and domination to this game and managed to suppress others till date.
    Lots of people write blogs on this and condemn this article. One thing for sure is that India is missing out on so many likes of Sachin’s may be better ones … It is difficult for many to accept, but it is a fact in our day today life

  129. balu from hyderabad Says:

    Brahmins population is 4%, our population is 96%. because of hard work, dedication, sincerity they are in that position. they are not begging for victory.but what about us ? free education, free food, free job.free free free…. ever thing free… how can we expect in that stage .donot comment againest them . donot cry do hard work with dedication. what about little master and his son.why his son failed in cricket.no talent no possistion.

  130. balu from hyderabad Says:

    Brainless & shameless felloes , . Eat veg,think broad, do hard work , get success. That is the success secret of Brahmin. try your luck.

  131. raj hind Says:

    uselessfellos do you understand the success secret Brahmins

  132. mukwsh Says:

    i am mukesh kaushik from haryana brahmins is god of earth no dobt

  133. Vijay sharma Says:

    Whoom r saying that brahmin showing jaati buddi r themselve jaati buddi because truely said ‘ guilty mind always suspicious’

  134. Ram Says:

    WHAT crazy ideas. This is all due to the fact that the non-brahmins feel jealous about the brahmins. see how they cannot compete with the brahmins in education. They need reservation. They think they are inferior.( If not, why reservation in the first place). And rightfully, they are behaving in this fashion. If cricket is non-touch sport and that is why
    brahmins are taking to it, then they must take only chess and may be tennis. And Russians who excel in chess must be brahmins. Instead of spewing venom in the name of caste, the rulers can make physical labour too attractive. Give a coolie a good amount of salary. Thereby this stupid idea that knowledge is the supreme, will go to dust. Knowledge alone cannot be the ascent of man. Every field is required. Make everyone earn a good deal of money. Once it is done the intellects can work and give the world their best. The woker will happily do his best. He’ll not feel inferior. Matter of fact he is not. But how’ll the politicians hold on to power if such a thing happens? They’ll not allow. May be a great many unselfish minds working together will bring this change.

  135. sanjay puranik Says:

    lot of sc st people are now above the poverty level but they are applying for bellow poverty line ration cards making huge amount of corruption

  136. sanjay puranik Says:

    in upsc /ssc/and in any central government /state government exams total marks to qualify for the post for backward classes and brahmins is around 100 to 200 marks difference that shows the inability of these caste .if you give gold to these backward classes they throw that and ask iron

  137. Anuj Says:

    See all the comments above…. and say thanks to God who give me birth in that Brahmin community… I proud to be a Brahmin

  138. hari kishan Says:

    we should not think that the batsman are from which caste. we should see that all are indians are not

  139. Vicky Says:

    Older caste- brahmins reminds me of human exploitation, nothing else ..society , human development was never their motive. Brahmins are 96 % wicked and 4 % intelligent.

  140. Kailash pandit Says:

    i am proud to be a Brahmin

  141. vasanth Says:

    I personely been affected by brahmin manger’s in my previous jobs and shunted out of the job only because i am non brahmin. I did not know at that time i was being discriminated. Now i employee two brahmins , belive me the same behaviour I can see through them. They dont aspire to become higher position by hard work and intelligence , their idea is to achive throguh crroked , illegal , uneithical , without minding other’s rights. Any kind of intelligence and hard work will fail agianst them. reservation is only option to assure job for other comunity.

  142. Deepak Says:

    @vasanth – you don’t know how to spell manager and you want to write a thesis on discrimination. Total crap, which seems to be a 100% lie!!!

  143. a Says:

    These same brahmins whining and bitching how white people exploited indians and now they exploiting indians. Role reversed. It is stupid to think non brahmin can’t play better cricket , it is just that they are not allowed in state cricket. EVery time i post scouting talent in cricinfo they block any scouting talent. Because when you allow external scout to find talent non brahmin will get selected on pure merity and it will remove the power of all state cricket boards and BCCI. BCCI is brahmin cricket board. Period. When people do not given chance how do you know they are good or not . It is same case with youngsters and oldies. Its a crime not to give chances to young blood. I think sports is for non brahmins….

  144. Vineeth Says:

    It is not as if there are no brilliant cricketeers from non-Brahmin and non-Hindu communities. It is just that the cricket administration is dominated by Brahmins. The present chairman of the selector is Srikkanth, a Tamil Brahmin with Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Sastri (Brahmins) wielding lots of influence. The talented non-Brahmin, non-Hindu cricketeer’s career is nipped in the bud itself. Srikkanth does not deserve to play at Test level, but being a Brahmin, he was given ample opportunities.A talk with the likes of Roger Binny, Robin Uthappa, Aaron, Yohannan (Kerala) will be revealing.

  145. Deepak Says:

    LOL Vineeth what a joke!! Is Pawar a Brahmin? Was Modi a Brahmin? Is Dhoni a brahmin? Was Kapil a brahmin? Please don’t bring caste in cricket!! If Binny, Uthappa and Yohanan didn’t get a fair deal, its not because of their caste, its because they lacked in talent. And if Srikkanth got more chances, it was because of the state he came from and not his caste.

  146. pratyush pandey Says:

    !no it was definately because of their caste! Being uppercaste is what sachin is may be that’s why we call him god not much diff from his forefathers! Let us fix 1 place for st and 4 for sc, may be 1 more for obc reserved. That will show the diversity of our great nation, provided the left place is not encroched by henious brahmins with their personal source to gods! ://

  147. kiranrmourya, mysore Says:

    Great writing! Very scientific.
    Love it.

  148. Raghuv Says:

    This is ludicrous. The last time I checked non-brahmins (predominantly BC, MBC, SC and ST) are given higher preference/priority and still these so called non-brahmins rant about lack of opportunities. A country without caste system can not be formed as long as people blame the caste system for their failures and short-comings.

  149. Dilip Gowda Says:

    God damn you Brahmins. Why do you think you were dropped from Heaven and the rest are mear mortals. Mentality like this is exactly the reason why Hitler went nuts about Jews and led to the holocaust. You wana talk about the cricket team talk about the team which won world cup. How many brahmins were there? You mediocre fellows. Ruining this country from 3000 years with your mediocare’ism and cowardliness. Fuck all of you.

  150. ASHISH Says:

    1] Sachin Tendulkar
    2] Rahul Dravid
    3] V.V.S Laxman
    4] Sourabh Ganguly
    5] Sunil Gavaskar
    6] Ravi Shastri
    7] Anil Kumble
    8] Suresh Raina
    9] Rohit Sharma
    10] Dilip Vengsarkar
    11] Kris Shrikant
    12] Chetan Sharma
    13] Ishant Sharma
    14] Amit Mishrajfrf
    16] Murli Vijay
    17] Manoj Tiwary
    18] Rahul Sharma
    19] Cheteshvar Pujara
    20] Pragyan Ojha
    21] Sreeshashant
    22] Murli Karthik
    23] Ravichandran Ashvin
    24] Ajit Agarkar
    25] Laxmipati Balaji
    26] Hrishikesh Kanitkar
    27] Javagal Srinath,
    28] Vinoo Mankad
    29] Ajit Wadekar,
    30] G.R.Vishwanath,
    31] EAS Prassana,
    32] Yashpal Sharma,,
    33] Manoj Prabhakar,
    34] B Chandrashekar,
    35] Dilip Doshi,
    36] Sunil Joshi,
    37] Venkatesh Prasad,
    38] Ashok Malhotra
    39] Dileep Sardesai,
    40] Sanjay Manjrekar,
    41] ML Jaisimha,
    42] Sudhakar Rao,
    43] TA Shekar
    45] Gundappa Ranganath Viswanath
    46] Lala Amarnath
    47] Madanlal
    48] Srinivas Venkataraghavan
    49] Ashok Mankad
    50] Mohinder Amarnath
    51] Parthasarathy Sharma
    52] Surinder Amarnath
    53] KIRTI AZAD
    54] Raju Kulkarni
    55] Gopal Sharma
    56] Chandrakant Pandit
    57] Ajay Sharma
    58] Sanjeev Sharma
    59] V. B.Chandrasekhar
    60] M.Venkataramana
    61] Subroto Banerjee
    62] Saurabh Tiwary
    63] Joginder Sharma
    64] Rohan Gavaskar
    65] Vijay Bharadwaj
    66] Gyanendra Pandey
    67] Laxmi RatanShukla
    68] Jatin Paranjpe
    69] Nilesh Kulkarni
    70] Sunil Joshi
    71] Utpal Chatterjee
    72] Prashant Vaidya
    73] Deep Dasgupta
    74] Sadagoppan Ramesh
    75] W.V. Raman
    76] B.K.V Prasad
    77] Laxman Sivaramakrishnan
    79] Tirumalai Srinivasan
    80] Khandu Rangnekar –
    81] Amol Muzumdar
    82] Suru Nayak
    83] Ajit Pai
    84] Madhav Mantri
    85] Bhavaraju Venkata Krishna Rao
    86] Hemant Kanitkar
    87] Pochiah Krishnamurthy
    88] Vijay Manjrekar
    89] Nana Joshi
    90] Shute Banerjee
    91] Montu Banerjee
    92] C. R. Rangachari

  151. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    First there was talk of Brahmins controlling a disproportionate size of bureaucracy. Then the talk moved on to cricket. What next? This certainly does not sound like cricket.

  152. balu , hyderabad Says:

    dont cry, we have great leaders like sonia gandhi, mayavathi, mulayam, karunanidhi etc., ask them reservation in cricket. made 119th amendment in constitution. this is real time for begging . ok

  153. balu , hyderabad Says:

    IN 1956 , our leader B R AMBEDKAR made INDIAN constitution really that is great, after that till date we have made 118 amendments .. Now how can we accept it AS great ?

  154. Goldstar Says:


    Just curious. How did you make this list?? Do you go asking them whether they are Brahmins?

  155. srinivas Says:

    each and every caste in india is having below 6%only like brahmins why should we loose our opportunities in india for some one we are also having right to enter any honourable fields in indian societry.

  156. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    For several centuries, “Brahmins” – the “priestly caste” – were religious and spiritual figures, educators, thinkers and philosophers in India. Among Brahmins gotras are reckoned patrilineally and each gotra takes the name of a famous Rishi (or sage) who was the patrilineal forebearer of that clan.The Brahmins belonging to the same gotra are related to each other patrilineally, and there may be very little else in common between them. According to the Vedic system, a man and a woman belonging to the same gotra are considered to be a brother and sister, so a wedding between a man and a woman belonging to the same gotra (known as sa-gotra) is forbidden as it will cause anomalies in the progeny that come out of such a wedding.. A married woman takes up the gotra of her husband. Ambalavaasi people (living in (by) ambalam or temple – temple inmates) and vishwakarma (acharis) caste people also now claim that they are Brahmins.
    The caste system is an evil introduced by the Brahmins, which have eaten every fabric of the Indian society. It has corroded and corrupted the Indian society to the extent that Non-Brahmins are equally caste conscious as the real Brahmins!
    The Bhagwad Gita states that caste is not a birthright! A Brahmin is one who is educated and knowledgeable of the scriptures and leads a holy life and is not a birthright!. I understand an immigrant’s need to connect to his or her roots. But in western countries Brahmins have their sons go through the sacred thread ceremony and that child grows up to be a meat eater, drinker with no knowledge of the scriptures. What is wrong is that in the age of ‘Kali Yuga’ anyone is claiming Brahmin as a birthright even when they eat meat, indulge in alcohol and live arrogant materialistic lives. Most of the Bengali Brahmins never made any qualms about relishing various fish and chicken delicacies. Most of the Brahmins in North America to celebrate their teenage boys’ sacred thread ceremony which is a coming-of-age ceremony held only for brainwashed impressionable Brahmin boys into thinking within the narrow walls of their caste. Sacred thread ceremony is a ritual for initiating a boy in to the spiritual life and as per vedas, all Hindus (except the shudras) have the right for sacred thread ceremony. For most of the Brahmins in North America caste is an important part of their identity as if it is the 24th pair of chromosomes and wear their Brahmin identity on their lapel. Indians keep on making pathetic efforts to tell the world that they belong to the “Brahmin” – upper caste. There is nothing to be proud about one’s so called upper caste. One contributes nothing to be born in a particular caste. It is a chance occurrence. No human being is born superior. In fact, there is nothing to be proud of a system, which is blatantly discriminatory. The caste system is a very backward culture. Indians not only embrace but also tout their upper caste while living in USA which has fought two civil wars against discrimination. It is a disgrace!


  157. balu Says:

    pls dont cry

  158. pawan das Says:

    some one said the indian kids playing gully cricket doesnt know what caste sachin , kumble laxman belong to … i say he should be taught that is education. Its highly contradictory that all brahmins are so brilliant and they get into cricket and politics with such ease but only they dont know what percentage of them are successfull and they only consider them as indians and not brahmins is even funnier thought. Even a retard wouldn’t be that naive. Australians are not half wicked as brahmins in india and abroad because they are still brahmins they are never roman in rome.

  159. balu prasad from hyderabad Says:

    hello friends , first u know who is brahmin ,by birth all r sudhras. pls read hindu religian books. then comment.

  160. A.K.Singh Says:

    Exactly right. 50% of all the seats should be reserved for dalits so that they can go for lavish tour instead of playing the game what ever it may be. What is the need of medal. We have got the independence in which 80% fighters were from upper caste. Now what is their need. SCs/STs/OBCs must be given tour of different nations free of cost. But surprisingly those who are instigators are not vacating PMs post for them. Why? Rights of so-called upper caste must be snatched and duties may be enforced upon them and rights should be reserved for them so that they can drink, dine and dance naked without doing anything.

  161. gaurav Says:

    R.P. singh is rajut not brahmin

  162. chidu22 Says:

    Excuse me for highjacking this post to write on a different aspect of the same topic. Karnataka once the powerhouse of cricket has only one kannadiga today to boast for in this year’s IPL. No prices for guessing who that person is, i.e, R Vinay Kumar.I know there is R Uthappa, with his rapidly declining form I doubt he will last long in the IPL. We are not producing the likes of Kumbles, Srinaths, Vishys any more. I wonder what is happening to all of us that in a cricket crazy nation other states have stolen a march over us in producing good cricketers, and we have such short supply of those. Today we see our neighbouring state, the belligerent tamilians, are beelining to enjoy the spoils of cash rich IPL. I am referring to the Muralis, the Katiks, the ashwins etc. Although the teams in IPL are representing the cities not any regional or ethnic groups, even RCB today has more of tamilians than any local bread kannadiga. It’s a reflection of lack of talent/ or we are not training or producing good cricketers in our state. Sorry to have reignited parochial and narrowminded topic, however the state of cricket in my state is worrying and something ought to be done to tap good talent from farflung parts of the state and nurture them to international level. Bengalur is doing its bit to supply talent within its central core where the talent is from all parts of the country. Look forward to see some constructive thoughts on this topic.

  163. Arun Says:

    I am not sure the author of Article is a pure Non-sense and corrupt minded person.

    Brahmins always shine better because of their quality in any area they undertake. They never discriminate any caste but the non brahmin upper caste people are the ones who are very particular about their Cast feelings.

    Again what is wrong in quality players who are capable of winning belonging to one caste in the team? It is foolish to bring the caste system when the question of life, food, nation’s pride, respect is involved.

    I would be happy to welcome a winning team with 11 so called lower caste for any sports. ( I care only if that person is human being). If it so happens, it happens..

  164. the colonel Says:

    dear arun:-

    “Brahmins always shine better because of their quality in any area they undertake”


  165. prasad Says:

    Dear fool , do u know who is brahmin ? The definition of brahmin Frist u know trough sanatana dharma . Then comment on brahmin. That is not cast , that is higher qualification.

  166. Anitha Says:


    Can you list out the “brahmins” who have participated in olympics from India? Then may be we will be able to compare their performance with the rest of the crowd?

    When Arun said Brahmins always shine better because of their quality, it was more of a general statement than anything else. Like how people say US of A is a better place to live in because of quality of life. But true to the people who try to find faults with anything and everything, you showed who you are by your stupid question.

    You are like the Twitter NREGA population… NaMo is a good administrator, but what about malnutrition???

  167. Gaby Says:

    Anitha et al, Mr Modi is your equivalent of Godwin’s Rule. Ironical thing is you claim to be his fan- Mr Modi’s, not Godwin’s.

  168. Gaby Says:

    BTW how can you claim to know what Arun meant? Possibly he meant his statement in a hubristic fashion!

  169. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    How many brahmins are implicated in the IPL scandal? It doesn’t matter in the least what other caste members are.

  170. prasad Says:

    First you have to know who is brahmin . Then comment. Useless fellows.

  171. Gaby Says:

    Prasadappa, who is a Brahmin? Please don’t give a reply copied from Devudu Narasimha Shastry.

  172. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Prasad indeed is a “Mahabrahmana.”

  173. the colonel Says:

    Dear Anitha,

    “Brahmins always shine better because of their quality in any area they undertake”

    thank you for shitting me.

    but explain that line under quotes.

    is it because they can get the spotlight on them to shine.

    ok lets start:





    helping the underpriveleged ?


    patents, come on try.

    so when you use stupid without knowing the person something, something, something is wrong.

    do not rubbish anything and everything.

    “You are like the Twitter NREGA population… NaMo is a good administrator, but what about malnutrition???””

    i do not go to twit nor nrega.

    i know very well to stand on one leg.

  174. aditya Says:

    well i dont understand why ppl are so obsessed with brahmins
    i mean see they have done the hardwork and now are in a responsible positions
    coming to the political field it was Chanakya who with his famous Arthasastra taught the world how a kingdom should be ruled and what all are the aspects on which one should focus on
    one thing must be observed that whatever may be the field one always finds a brahmin in that field nd so plz stp dese non sense comments and get to know the history and the role of brahmins in INDIA….

  175. aditya Says:

    nd yes there are some black sheep in this community who think eating non veg is a style and there is no harm in it
    but the true fact is there are just a few of those kind and the remaining are all dedicated brahmins who are facing this insult becoz of those black sheep

  176. the colonel Says:

    Read the collected Works of Swami Viveknanda, Vol III

  177. Harbinger Says:

    The Article is factually correct. Few people not able to digest the fact are crying foul. Things will change… for god sake… it should… everyone should be given a fair chance… even after repeated failures these player stay on the team… only god knows if at all he is there… who cares…

  178. Civilian Brahmin Says:

    Since when did Brahmins want to keep out others in sports using Jati and madi? lol You actually think we believe ritual cleanness or birth is to be observed in sport? Hell, Bloody Indians, you can’t bear to see anyone growing. You can’t do no damn shit and you won’t let others do shit. If they do, you cry. That’s why you’re making up all these allegations against us. All these legends made it to the team because of their talent, and as you aptly pointed out, “They need not think of their next meal”. Brahmins have commitment, others don’t. Hell, who plays with a broken jaw and takes wickets? What is need for Kumble to do that? Laxman once batted with a swollen eye. That’s commitment for you. Whereas all the others do anything only for money; “What is in it for me?”. Hell I never saw such evil, selfish, weak-minded leaders like Indians anywhere. We have the fire of desire burning in our heads, to be better, even par excellence, you have money.

    I’m a civilian brahmin. We’re on people’s side. Why should we be on priests’ side, when people helped us?

    Many brahmins do not know about the players’ caste even. Even I believed the rumours that VVS Laxman was from a royal family until recently, yet I was his fan. Not even Sachin or Sourav or Dravid, whom I knew to be Brahmin. If you think Brahmins are casteist, you’re terribly mistaken. Usually, the other castes make a mountain out of a molehill crying foul play. All of you are nothing but terribly misinformed fools who are heel bent on kicking successful castes out. Why don’t you kill them all and enjoy their spoils, eh? We left caste feeling and all that bull crap. When will you stop assaulting us with bull crap?

    Many Brahmins like priests, teachers and manual workers are below poverty line and cleaning bathrooms. They are so idiotic and proud that they don’t care to help their downtrodden brethren. They support crap caste leaders like you thinking that you are downtrodden, but you use them, hide lakhs and crores of rupees in secret and then accuse us of your condition and foulplay. We are in worse financial condition than you are. You don’t distribute it for the needy and store it in banks. When the fuck did you really care about human beings? You don’t give them money when they need it. And then you craftily pull us into the picture, saying “This is all due to Brahmins and their caste System”. Well, why the fuck don’t you get out it then? Those idiot Brahmins priests think that it is divine and support it. But you and I know better. Opt out of it publicly. Give a public notice. I rue that I even supported low-class (not low caste or low birth) crap like you who takes but cannot give or keep up their promise. You know nothing but goondagiri, but, we, over the years, learned how to develop resources and use them to mobilise upwards. You used jobs to amass money and exercise political power. We created jobs and took real steps to power up the economy, that you farmers and landlord castes suck money out and roll around in black money. You don’t help people, you just act. Nobody supports free economy, they try to destroy it and indulge in monopolistic practices. But brahmins support it, because they know that that gives the equal power to everyone. We were priests, not cheats or demons. Religion teaches us to respect and help people, not keep them down. Why don’t you actually read those books? Use your hearts to think and act bastards. I am absolutely disgusted at this political scene.
    The middle and landlord castes assault lesser-enabled castes and push the blame onto us. Did we ask them to fight in the name of caste? I heard that, in TN, people are not given promtions just because they are brahmin. So, many left TN for ever.

    On the other hand, brahmin officers do everything in their power to help the people. The other castes say, excellent, ooh and aah, but then they go back to deriding brahmins. Other caste officers just keep yelling at others and dominate and rob money from the lesser-abled castes. That’s all they’re interested in doing. Their minds are not evolved. If all your thinking is like that. How can you think good of others, let alone brahmins who, I admit, exercised superiority over you? The truth is, you don’t actually do anything for the masses. We did all we could for the country, though you took it for granted and attributed it to the “progress and General development”. If people don’t do it, how will progress happen? Just think.

    Before independence, thanks to the British politics, all of us were dirt poor. You did not get rid of the weakness in you, but Brahmins got goals and focus. So they succeeded. Get rid of this dull Indian mentality. Learn more about their lives and mindsets and then start talking.

    If I might refresh your memory, Brahmin soldiers could not see the way those blood British imperialists treated their fellow Indians and started the war led by Mangal Pandey and others. Subhash Chandra Bose, who toured all over the world, for military Indian cause, In those days, brahmins sold many of their possessions and fed all the starving people in the movement. Due to that, we are left with nothing this day Motherfuckers, what did you do for us since then? You back-stab us and then say crap about us ALL THE TIME. Do you know anything? I’m sick of all this anti-brahmin rhetoric.

    You want to go up? Rid your brain of nonsense and focus on the task at hand. Get your own set of thoughts and philosophy. Philosophy is such a powerful tool that it keeps you going in the toughest of times. It’s an endless source of energy from within yourself. LEAVE USELESS RITUALS. Maybe your thinking will improve then.

  179. AB Says:

    To the above commentator I think you have read the blog Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle where one Bengali Brahmin discussed about it.

    First, Bose is not Brahmin but they are most elite kayastha in Bengli community.In Bengal along with Brahmin-vaidya the Kayastha or Vaishya community have done pretty well that’s why that region is full of intellectuals.

  180. AB Says:

    Also to someone named Aditya who said why Brahmins eat non veg-take a look at Bengali Brahmin-vaidya community:they created a renaissance in their land & have produced more intellectuals than your entire India added together.

    read Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle-the most intelligent comments came from Bengali Brahmins like Sampan or someone named great.

  181. Anil Says:

    Writer is an idiot or a hypocrite or very dirty intelligent looking for some publicity and perhaps some more response!. This writer has great future. Another Ravi Belagere? Where is cricket and what Brahminism got to do with it? He hehehehehhehe

  182. AB Says:

    Bengali Brahmin rules.

  183. Vasuki Says:

    Totally useless post I ever seen..
    Selection is done by checking his performance not CASTE.
    People say we need to be united then why do u always post this kinda useless articles…
    Stop blaming other, first check ARE YOU CORRECT enough to blame other…
    Think Twice.. We Are INDIANS…
    Jai Bharat Mata Ki…

  184. Kapil Dev, (not brahmin) but most perfect of team work, you knew it. Says:

    what about kapil dev???? !st Indian getting fame, no one even ever mentioned his full name???? He is (SC), sorry he is real man who is backbone of our Indian cricket team and nightmare for other nations, who is still giving advises and played selflessly. And i salute him. But not Sachin for his selfishness on playground to make 100 runs , and that day India always looses. He is perfect, but he never maintain team work, that’s why India wins mostly only after wicket-out of satchin in 10 or 30 runs. Its a fact(proved) and everybody knew that. But Kapil never got this much of fame like Sachin right??? i am not speaking from any one caste but i like sincere people not single minded people like Sachin. So we must respect all, but not just one and yes dhoni somewhat very good and rest of hard-workers.

  185. som Says:

    There are 50 Sulabh Shauchalayas (public toilets) in Delhi; all of them are cleaned and looked after by Brahmins (this very welcome public institution was started by a Brahmin). A far cry from the elitist image that Brahmins have!There are five to six Brahmins manning each Shauchalaya. They came to Delhi eight to ten years back looking for a source of income, as they were a minority in most of their villages, where Dalits are in majority (60 per cent to 65 per cent). In most villages in UP and Bihar, Dalits have a union which helps them secure jobs in villages.Most number of Brahmins working as coolies at Delhi’s railway stations.One of them, Kripa Shankar Sharma, says while his daughter is doing her Bachelors in Science he is not sure if she will secure a job.You also find Brahmin rickshaw pullers in Delhi. 50 per cent of Patel Nagar’s rickshaw pullers are Brahmins who like their brethren have moved to the city looking for jobs for lack of employment opportunities and poor education in their villages.Even after toiling the whole day, Vijay Pratap and Sidharth Tiwari, two Brahmin rickshaw pullers, say they are hardly able to make ends meet. These men make about Rs 100 to Rs 150 on an average every day from which they pay a daily rent of Rs 25 for their rickshaws and Rs 500 to Rs 600 towards the rent of their rooms which is shared by 3 to 4 people or their families.Most rickshaw pullers in Banaras are Brahmins.This reverse discrimination is also found in bureaucracy and politics. Most of the intellectual Brahmin Tamil class has emigrated outside Tamil Nadu. Only 5 seats out of 600 in the combined UP and Bihar assembly are held by Brahmins — the rest are in the hands of the Yadavs.400,000 Brahmins of the Kashmir valley, the once respected Kashmiri Pandits, now live as refugees in their own country, sometimes in refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi in appalling conditions. But who gives a damn about them? Their vote bank is negligible.And this is not limited to the North alone. 75 per cent of domestic help and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmins. A study of the Brahmin community in a district in Andhra Pradesh (Brahmins of India by J Radhakrishna, published by Chugh Publications) reveals that today all purohits live below the poverty line,who are the real Dalits of India.

    In fact, according to this study there has been an overall decline in the number of Brahmin students. With the average income of Brahmins being less than that of non-Brahmins, a high percentage of Brahmin students drop out at the intermediate level. In the 5 to 18 year age group, 44 per cent Brahmin students stopped education at the primary level and 36 per cent at the pre-matriculation level.The study also found that 55 per cent of all Brahmins lived below the poverty line — below a per capita income of Rs 650 a month. Since 45 per cent of the total population of India is officially stated to be below the poverty line it follows that the percentage of destitute Brahmins is 10 per cent higher than the all-India figure.According to the Andhra Pradesh study, the largest percentage of Brahmins today are employed as domestic servants. The unemployment rate among them is as high as 75 per cent. Seventy percent of Brahmins are still relying on their hereditary vocation. There are hundreds of families that are surviving on just Rs 500 per month as priests in various temples (Department of Endowments statistics).Priests are under tremendous difficulty today, sometimes even forced to beg for alms for survival. There are innumerable instances in which Brahmin priests who spent a lifetime studying Vedas are being ridiculed and disrespected.At Tamil Nadu’s Ranganathaswamy Temple, a priest’s monthly salary is Rs 300 (Census Department studies) and a daily allowance of one measure of rice. The government staff at the same temple receive Rs 2,500 plus per month. But these facts have not modified the priests’ reputation as ‘haves’ and as ‘exploiters.’ The destitution of Hindu priests has moved none, not even the parties known for Hindu sympathy.

    The tragedy of modern India is that the combined votes of Dalits/OBC and Muslims are enough for any government to be elected. The Congress quickly cashed in on it after Independence, but probably no other government than Sonia Gandhi’s has gone so far in shamelessly dividing Indian society for garnering votes.The Indian government gives Rs 1,000 crores (Rs 10 billion) for salaries of imams in mosques and Rs 200 crores (Rs 2 billion) as Haj subsidies. But no such help is available to Brahmins and upper castes. As a result, not only the Brahmins, but also some of the other upper castes in the lower middle class are suffering in silence today, seeing the minorities slowly taking control of their majority.Anti-Brahminism originated in, and still prospers in anti-Hindu circles. It is particularly welcome among Marxists, missionaries, Muslims, separatists and Christian-backed Dalit movements of different hues. When they attack Brahmins, their target is unmistakably Hinduism.

    So the question has to be asked: are the Brahmins (and other upper castes) of yesterday becoming the Dalits of today?

    55 per cent of all Brahmins lived below the poverty line — below a per capita income of Rs 650 a month. Since 45 per cent of the total population of India is officially stated to be below the poverty line it follows that the percentage of destitute Brahmins is 10 per cent higher than the all-India figure.

    There is no reason to believe that the condition of Brahmins in other parts of the country is different. In this connection it would be revealing to quote the per capita income of various communities as stated by the Karnataka finance minister in the state assembly: Christians Rs 1,562, Vokkaligas Rs 914, Muslims Rs 794, Scheduled castes Rs 680, Scheduled Tribes Rs 577 and Brahmins Rs 537.

    Appalling poverty compels many Brahmins to migrate to towns leading to spatial dispersal and consequent decline in their local influence and institutions. Brahmins initially turned to government jobs and modern occupations such as law and medicine. But preferential policies for the non-Brahmins have forced Brahmins to retreat in these spheres as well.

    Brahmins are still suffering due to actions of the selfish and glory seeking leftist bramnins who came to power after Independence its high time that brahmins start getting vocal. Brahmins are by no means minority.
    Maybe it was THEIR ancestors single largest mistake that they were always King makers but not kings.

  186. balu prasad Says:

    Nice valuble information ,but who cares it . All r dumb & duff.

  187. eyjafjallajokull Says:

    why they choose a guy like ishant sharma in the indian cricket team. all the brahmins should be ashamed of this fast bowler after letting 30 runs in a over and handing over the victory to australians in 3rd ODI at mohali in 19/10/2013. ishant sharma dont have any pace and dont know how to bowl yorkers i feel very bad about the community from where this guy is from

  188. Indian Cricket Says:

    This article is highly biased and a big insult to the great cricketers India has ever produced so far. Mohammed Azharuddin has been one of the most successful captains of the Indian team, and he has been appointed captain instead of Sachin many times. Dhoni who now leads the team doesn’t seem to be from the upper caste. For all your bias and pre-judice, try answering one question:- can a Hindu (be it a Brahmin or Dalit) or people from any other religion even dream of playing cricket in Pakistan? But look at the freedom in India. So please stop complaining:- India is far better than those ‘better countries’ you mention!
    Jai Hind!

  189. pawan Says:

    This article is totally production of dirty mind and person who is not capable of doing good to anyone. this is a begging type of thinking if you do deserve any thing why asks for beg or reservation

  190. SDTO Says:

    Tendulkar – A surname of tribal caste or somewhat used in bhandari caste of maharshtra . Tendulkar is not a brahmin surname.

    Laxman – A scheduled caste

    R p Singh – Rajput

    Kumble – Lingayat , Not a brahmin

    Dravid – OBC

    Ganguly – Bengali Brahmin

  191. Teddy Says:

    Indian Cricket team portrays typical Indian representation in all professional fields. Having said that, it has nothing to do with selection but with promotion of Cricket in India. The difference lies between ‘Cricket being played’ and ‘cricket being professionally played’. The Professional cricket is promoted only among the privileged people. Of my 7 nephews and nieces, all chose to become engineers and the entire family promotes education not cricket. So it entirely depends on promoting cricket. So instead of arguing here, go and promote cricket among the people you want to promote. Cheers.

  192. SDTO Says:

    agarkar and kanikar are maratha kshatriya ….. wadekr is sc of maharshtra ….

  193. siva prasad Says:

    When senselessness and morbidity prevails caste comes into forefront to gag and cascade the true spirits and talents.Many people are not aware of the caste of many cricketers. People who do not have inclination to learn and work hard make these type of ridiculous mockery about caste.Politician are credibly responsible for this kind of situation because of their vote capturing banks.I feel comment

  194. sandeep Says:

    Absolutely true! The total system (like political, social,cultural ,economical, religious etc) are under the absolute control of Brahmins . There are lot of sportsman/cricketers waiting to show their talent but they are deliberately neglected.
    Also See the plight of other games in India & the economical condition of these players.
    The final conclusion is- we have to change this system. As per the Indian constitution if we say that cricket is a national game then there should be sufficient representation of every cast and creed in any National as well as international games.

  195. ankit Says:

    Good issue raised.

  196. Arvind Balasubramaniam Says:

    As a brahmin, I just wanted to say this – fuck off. We’ve had enough of people like you and your caste-baiting. Go get a life, or do you want a reservation for that as well?

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