Thodo, phodo, hum sab tumhare saath hain!

An obnoxious feature of the competitive chauvinism on either side of the border is the naked contempt for public and private property; the advertised inability of the “local” police in preventing it; and the silent applause of the so-called intelligentsia in both States to the thigh-slapping parochialism that is assuming pandemic proportions.

The fire-spitting soldiers of Raj Thackeray‘s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena believe the task of “reconstruction” of that great State can only begin by lightening the purse of poor taxi drivers. And the brave protectors of Karnataka feel it is their birthright to vent their linguistic, intellectual and other frustrations by targetting railway property.

P. Mahmud, easily one of India’s finest cartoonists, captures the double disgrace for posterity on the front page of Praja Vani today. And in a letter to the editor of The Hindu, a real soldier who carried real guns and real revolvers to fight real enemies—not stones, bricks and chains to fight imagined enemies—puts his name where his mouth is.

As one who served in the Indian armed forces for close to a quarter of a century, imbibed patriotism all the time, and saw coffins of brave soldiers, I was indeed saddened to see visuals of MNS activists beating up poor taxi drivers and destroying property of the poor migrants. If Raj Thackeray’s supporters are really brave, they could have joined the armed forces and used their energy to fight the enemies of the country. I hope the MNS leader watched the President, a Maharashtrian, presenting gallantry awards on Republic Day to the widows of the brave soldiers who never returned home. I request him not to do anything more to divide this country on the basis of caste, religion or region.

Wg. Cdr. Premchandran (retd.), Palakkad


Meanwhile, C. Balachandran of the Indian Institute of Geographical Studies, writes in Deccan Herald:

Exactly what do those verbs–”save”, “protect”, “preserve”–mean? Conduct all transactions and write technical treatises in Kannada? How many “saviours” of Kannada take the trouble to learn the differences among madya/madhya, molé/moLé, malé/maLé, etc.?

I cringe when I see them shout into TV cameras in appalling Kannada.

In the Kannada mass media, not a single artiste seems to be able to go through an interview with even one complete, coherent sentence in Kannada. The crucial bits are all in English. The same with interviewers, anchors of TV and radio shows. Kannada filmdom has to have English subtitles to every movie title; none of the promotional interviews are in Kannada, they are all in Kanglish. Even the titles for our stars are in English.

Read the full article: Preserving Kannada

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44 Responses to “Thodo, phodo, hum sab tumhare saath hain!”

  1. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Churumuri is trying desperately to soften the blow. What we are seeing is the lumpenisation of our discourse with goons, thugs and criminals seeking shelter behind language and flag. And a media which has its own share of those is helpfully playing along with an eye on numbers, while our great intellectuals are running scared of voicing an opinion for fear of their lives and limbs. The genie is out of the bottle. If it’s not put back in, we are looking at a gradual fragmentation of the Indian federal structure.

  2. nilagriva Says:

    Timely piece.

    Being a Kannadiga, I could identify with what KRV was fighting for initially. But in the last few months, I don’t know what to think of it anymore.

    It looks like KRV will also have its fifteen minutes of fame and join the ranks of other Kannada-para sanghaTanegaLu who are now limited to fondly remembering their stone-throwing and English-name-plate-blackening exploits of the earlier decades.

    While some of the complaints that MNS and KRV have may be valid, the way they have been dealing with them is not. Beating people up is not the way to teach them to fall in line with Kannada or marAThi ways.

    alpaprANa-mahAprANagaLannu kannaDa varNamAleyinda tegeduhAkabEkeMba dhOraNeyuLLa “sAhiti”gaLiruvAga, rasteya “madyadalli” “madhya” kuDiyuva dUradarshanadavaru Enu tANE mADiyAru?

  3. SumneNeeve Says:


    What KRV is doing could have been saved if this problem could have been addressed in a specific manner. But the question is, is there one? How do you fight for “your” rights, when “you” will be identified as a fundamentalist even before you speak out.

    KRV and MNS represents the frustration with being branded as a fanatic before someone hears to your cause, no matter how genuine it is. Under these circumstances, should KRV and MNS sit quiet and have Biharis by their train-loads coming to Karnataka and gobbling up jobs or do these people need to take a stance. Atleast appreciate these people, they have gone through lathii charges, arrests et al for the sake of fellow kannadigas when all of us here can be arm-chair specialists and keep honkering on the same old questions:
    1. KRV is a fanatic organization bent on violence.
    2. We are all Indians and hence its ok. We should not complain.
    3. The law should be fixed (AFAIK, no politician as even spoken about it, so why bother with implenting the law)

    If there is so much of an identity crisis that you face in recognizing yourself with KRV, ask what you can do about it or what can be done about it. You will yourself come to the sad conclusion that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. So Good Luck.

  4. SumneNeeve Says:

    Aatmasakshi: What we are seeing is the lumpenisation of our discourse with goons, thugs and criminals seeking shelter behind language and flag.

    Very nice Aatmasaakshi. All this lecture on goons and thugs are fine, but please tell me a practical alternative. Please dont say, “The politicians must take action”, “The law should catch up”.

    The failure of every law-imposing organization has led to KRV. KRV represents the symptom and not the problem. Your rant on KRV is amusingly pointless. Just how you can claim the moral high ground when the structure required to support your stance is itself crumbling is a joke played on you.

  5. Rajshekar S Says:

    I don’t support the violence at all.
    KRV has been doing real great job till date. Hope it will resort more meaningful ways of protest. It should not stop it’s agitations against the injustices to Karnataka, but may be they should concentrate a lil more on toning down this violent approaches.

    But, I strongly feel, there is a reason behind KRV’s anger. Some naive person comes to your land and calls you dirty people and gets away. None of the politicians think this as an insult to their land and rather say” It’s unfortunate, may be laloo was not in good mood and bla bla”.

    My question.. Laloo is somebody,, he is a responsible minister of the country and his moods should not make him insult a tribe in such fashion.
    Even though the violence is not justified, Laloo should be given the message from our land that such comments are definately not Okay for Kannadigas and they have the sense to protest such bluffs from a bafoon.

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I completely agree. SoulTruth and BlueFace are living in Utopia. I only wish when they are drinking their morning ‘kaapi’ and reading their favorite newspaper, a mad dog called KRV will come and bite them in their ass! :)

  7. Bakedgrainappa Says:

    Great post churmuri…imagined enemy that is the right word. About the intellectuals the less said the better. None other than last year’s Kannada Sahitya Sammelana President gave Kannada rowdies a stamp of approval by making the ‘imagined injustice to Kannadigas’ the central theme of his speech, one fo the most childish and sub-standard ever delivered in the history of Kannada Sahitya Sammelana. Of course, the media cannot comment on all this – they are worried about their own staff and property if not circulation. Remember Gangadhara Mudaliar episode which would easily go down as the greatest display of ‘save kannada’ work done by Kannada Rakshasa Vedike’s poorvashram, the great fans association. Shame…shame KRV and all those who support it.

  8. Aatmasakshi Says:

    @ Doddi Buddi: Has the mad dog already bitten you that it has rendered you incapable of serving up anything better than these sophomoric, half-assed pearls of rabid wisdom?

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Looks like the KRV dog bit you on the ass hard already! Please finish your kaapi and go in peace.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent post this, timely too. Those supporting the KRV thugs will see the folly of their conviction in time. Breeding a monster has proven disastrous time and again. Remember Indira Gandhi and Bhindrawale. For our own sake we ought to condemn violent people and groups. If we all started crying foul about some injustice or another, losing faith in judiciary and constitution and started recruiting our own bunch of vigilantes we’re inviting civil war. Nobody can come out unscathed from that.

  11. Srini Says:

    I strongly believe that linguistic fanacism & organisations (people) with such motives should be dealt with an iron hand by none other than the honourable supreme court.The mumbai tragedy was nothing but a 3rd class publicity stunt by MNS & by samajwadi party for starting the tension(going by the press reports). In any case, We have already ruined ourselves enough based on caste tension & let better sense prevail among us so that we dont invent (at least not further develop) language as another WMD for india.
    But goin thru the comments above, i’m tempted to put forth my thoughts (without referrrin to anyone in particular)….
    1. We as Indians have the basic right to live & eek out a living by fair means in any part of
    india.This cannot & shouldn’t be termed as invasion of rights of localities…
    2. The so-called anger of MNS was vented only against lower class ppl (construction
    labourers,taxi drivers…) from bihar,U.P… By their own logic,their anger should also
    have been against many MNC’s & the no. of northie techies they employ.But we
    haven’t heard of any white collar casualities or reports of they fleeing. (pls correct me
    if i’m wrong) This is sheer double standards either on part of MNS who are craving for
    cheap publicity and/or the state law n order mechanism who dont seem to think abt the
    3. Today we in karnataka are seeing an large influx of unskilled & skilled labourers mostly
    from TN,AP,bihar…this is happening cos there is opportunities here for such work n
    kannadigas are not utilising it (maybe under utilising).They are preferred mainly cos of
    cheap labour,less of arrogance n more amount of work/day they r willing to put in.(if
    u’ve tried recently constucting a house in b’lore without contractor,u’ll understand my
    point better) This being the case y r v cripping ? wat moral right do we have to drive
    them out ? (considering the fact that INDIA is an IT player mainly cos out outsourcing ?)
    4. How much right is it to drive all biharis out of a state if one laaloo makes a stupid
    comment ? How about driving out such rogues permanently away from politics than
    driving out hapless commoners out of their livelihood ? (the biharis,in fact,have done
    this in their last assembly polls !!!)

    P.S : i’m a kannadiga by origin,by choice & by heart. given an option b/w boarding a taxi driven by a kannadiga & an non-kannadiga in b’lore (or for that matter anywhere on earth), i’ll surely prefer the former…….. :)

  12. Anonymous Guy Says:


    What are you thoughts on people forming the ‘large influx’ not practicing any form of family planning?

  13. Srini Says:

    @ anonymous guy,

    family planning (or the lack of it) is a problem not restricted to any particular state,caste,language…. its main cause is illiteracy…..n definitely,driving them out from b’lore or mumbai isn’t the solution either…maybe there shud be some knowledge imparting done to them by dedicated NGOs maybe……..

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Maybe we can start by educating Lalu and his 9 children? And then maybe move on to more ‘illiterate’ people?

  15. Srini Says:

    @ anonymous guy,

    heard that laloo’s daughter is a doctor…. sending more patients to her would be a move towards reducing India’s population !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hosa-Belaku Says:

    I am not supporting violence of any sort–be it against poor taxi drivers or railway employees. How should India with such wide disparities retain peace amidst diversity? I feel every state government should now start a ministry/agency/grievance cell for “local issues”. This “entity” should devise ways and means to delve into the “local” psyche and address issues when they are still at the “raw” stage before they spill out into law and order problems. Unconventional. charming methods should be used –there is no place for a rule book. It can’t be an NGO or a court of justice, rather a “nam jana” type of place, without religious, caste or class tags. Sometimes, interactions may be organised with “migrants” for better understanding and unity and sensitivity for the locals and their values.
    Otherwise what do we see in reality: The Udupi hotel-owner anywhere outside Karnataka does not talk Kannada easily. He is more of a Mumbaiite than a Marathi-speaking person…it is almost as if he is ashamed/afraid of his identity. An NRI in the US, suddenly becomes more of an Indian that he would be in India. On the other hand, North Indians (rather most Hindi speaking people) seem to take along their habits, language, practices everywhere effortlessly!

  17. sisya Says:

    >>”If Raj Thackeray’s supporters are really brave, they could have joined the armed forces and used their energy to fight the enemies of the country.”

    The good Mallu soldier seems to be blissfully unaware of the fact that there are far more dangerous enemies, far more in number closer home than there are on our borders.

    >>”I cringe when I see them shout into TV cameras in appalling Kannada.”
    And I spit on the day this self-righteous, pompous coward of a homo sapien was born. Savvy?

    >>Sentence A – “How many “saviours” of Kannada take the trouble to learn the differences among madya/madhya, molé/moLé, malé/maLé, etc.?”

    >>Sentence B – “…Kannada filmdom has to have English subtitles to every movie title; none of the promotional interviews are in Kannada,”

    Whats curious about A and B above? Erad jihva, oMd dEha? huh.

  18. Subbakka Says:

    I think we must do some rethinking on the ‘democratic principles’ that are supposedly governing our country, wherein the term democracy means only in arithmetic numbers.The southern states which were more progressive and adopted family planning have are now being penalised for having done just that.The finance commission formulae on revenue distribution gives highest weightage to population.So, not only have our states got to suffer because we have to countenance ‘fellow Indians’ in the spirit of the constitution, but also lose our share of revenue in order to feed the selfsame ‘poor’ states.And also bear the Hindiisation of our cultures to make way for the ‘national language’ist demographic invaders.
    Some oppose the happenings in maharashtra with the premise that it is ‘against the constitution’.I mean, why is it that we have to be so Islamic about the constitution?It is eventually piece of document drafted by mortals,who still were plausibly in the hangover of the independence movement. Now that things have settled down that our cultural differences have become conspicuous . Langauge is one of the primordial loyalties of man and asking him to sacrifice it for a ‘national language’ and make room for his national langauge speakers is asking too much.Are we bein asked to do so such that we can have more hindi FM channels and hindi icons become national icons and our women start celebrating kadva chaut and forget nagarapanchami? We have had language battles all around us , in Pakistan’s break up, in srilanka and in the now Pakistan(punjabi vs Pasthun etc) and many provinces in India , but we continue to kid ourselves with some specious sophistry of the need to have a national language, and welcoming demographic invasion because it is in the spirit of constitution?

  19. dr ramesh Says:

    kannadigas are proesting fot their rights since independence in a non-violent manner , yet discrimination by central govt continues , what is the way ahead . if kannadiogas do not protest , we will face the same situation as ABORIGINES IN AUSTRALIA ARE FACING TODAY , marginalised in their own land.

  20. Rama Says:

    drrrr Ramesh. You are not an Aborigin of course! it has to start at home. Why not you appeal to thrash all Kannadigas who are outside Karnataka for a living. If they come back maybe the present situation will change. But you need to find enough Kannadigas to fill the gap! whatever you say KRV has lost its relevance and it will be so. Your own politicians will keep KRV for their own reasons. “You can’t keep Kannada alive. It has to live on it’s own”.

  21. Jawaan Says:

    There is an influx of North Kannadigas in Kerala in various jobs like construction, laying roads etc. should they be beaten blue and blue? (not black and blue because they’re already black owing to their hardwork (with due respect). Give a solution Mr.Dr. at the next opportunity you will fly to Aus or Canada to tend to foreigners if it pays more. If not there are scores of your cousins abroad working as coolies. Call ’em back, call ’em back. then go ahead and bark.

  22. Sugata Says:

    Dear Kannadigas:

    Today you are lecturing the Maharashtrians on being faithful to the constitution and how all Indians have the right to come and reduce you to a minority. You are being sanctimonious and smug, and saying that the Marathis have no right to protest-they must be reduced to a minority and they must not protest or complain in any way.

    I assure you, tomorrow you too will have an influx of non-Kannadigas into KA. The trains will eventually land up in KA and you too will struggle with this same situation as the trains bring these guys into your state in huge numbers. There will one day be a huge influx of outsiders into your state. It will happen. Then you will know how the Marathis are feeling. When the shoe pinches, you too shall know how it is to wear the shoe.

    Lastly, currently the influx is only in Bangalore. Wait until non-Kannadigas start landing up in Mysore, Hubli, Belgaum, Mangalore, Dharwad, in large numbers. It will not be pretty and you will NOT be chanting from the constitution. When non-Kannadigas start pouring into smaller towns in KA, you will start seeing the truth of what the Marathis are saying.

    Wait until the influx starts. Just wait.

  23. Srini Says:

    I’m deeply saddened by the remarks against an INDIAN soldier… its only cos of their selfless patriotism that we today are sittin peacefully in our rooms n bloggin here !!! How can our own brethen become our enemies ? are our internal probs that big to solve that we demean the contributions of our soldiers ? Could any of the wars we won be possible if our soldiers said that they are gonna fight only when the enemy reaches their state borders or dist HQs ???

    The basic point here is,we need to tackle the CAUSE for the influx & not the influx !!! any person will like to work in his state only that too preferably in his hometown. only if away opprtunities are lucrative or there is a dearth of opportunities @ his hometown,he’ll think of migration… Y are northies coming here ? because karnataka is not able to supply the DEMAND for the (cheap) manpower reqd. if once we are able to do it,there will be no opportunities left for outsiders n naturally the influx will stop. surely,any employer would want ppl from his own language to work for him. but if its not possible,what can he do ? How did India manage to dominate the IT services sector ??? 2 reasons… one that it paid well for us & secondly it was economical for the western countries…. Was it possible if 1 rupee equaled 1 dollar ? now all those worried abt invasion shud realize that we indians have ELECTRONICALLY invaded US n other western countries & snatched their jobs…. on moral grounds, are we closing down all the american & european projects undertaken by Indian BPO’s & IT companies tomoro ? (we have gr8 double standards)

    I cannot understand how is our culture going to get affected by havin a guy next door from a different culture ? Y shud i celebrate bihu just cos my nieghbour is from assam ? (its ridiculous !!! i dont have to,even if i’m in assam) nobody will stop us from speaking in kannada while in MG rd, Brigade rd,forum mall,PVR cinema or the innumerable no. of CCD outlets,but still we show off our english strengths here !!!! The answer is : we are not sure of ourselves.we are not strongly rooted to our beliefs. we dont have the confidence & conviction to follow our customs,rituals…whenever we have spoken about cultural degradation (eg.growing pub culture in bangalore) caused by non-kannadigas we seem to fail to notice how many localites are into it ? if we are falling prey to foreign culture (i mean anything apart from ours) its partly our mistake too… WHY JUST BLAME ONLY THE MATCHSTICK FOR SETTING KEROSENE ABLAZE WHEN KEROSENE INHERENTLY HAS THE TENDENCY TO BURN ???

    did any northie make any offensive statements about marathas or their customs or their language just before the tragedy ? (lets exclude the puDHArIs & their paid chElaas who attend their rallies here) no maratha was forced by any bihari to stop celebrating ganesha chathurthi… so why is cultural invasion being projected as the reason ?

    Let us all remember that the very politicains who now are barking against big B… are the ones who used film stars from north in maharashtra to garner the northie votes during elections… in fact,one political party had publicly appealed the northies to postpone their annual holiday program so that the party could garner their votes….

    Language is card played by politicains, n few ppl unfortunately fall prey to it… I remember the scene when the cauvery dispute came to the limelight in 2006,resulting in stoppage of movements of trucks across the borders, the lorry drivers used to drive in a parade fashion on the roads with KA trucks providing front n rear escort to TN trucks while in bangalore & the roles reversed when they reached hosur… such is our heritage, INDIAN heritage…

    Lastly, if anyone has any probs with constitution, how about modifying it than breaking it ???

  24. bakedgrainappa Says:


    You speak as if Kannadigas are in the list of endangered species. Has there been a steep decline in the fertility rate of Kannadigas?

  25. Yella OK Says:

    @Sugata – Rest assured there are enough and more kannadigas that support the cause of Marathis in Maharashtra. Because we already are facing the same problem here in Karnataka. It is just that people esposing that sentiment dont find a platform in the media. Just like a few Maraathis, there are a few misguided Kannadigas who think that espousing the cause of kannada and kannadigas is anti-national. Let us hope they get enlightenment soon.

    @bakedgrainappa – you are bringing non-issues here. Anyway, given the rate of population growth in UP/BIhar vs South/Maharashtra, and given the rate of migration, the % of the northies will any way rise. that apart the problem is not tackling raj thackeray, the problem is tackling mulayam and Laloo and the system of governance in UP/Bihar. Till we dont recognise and act on that basis, we will continue to harm the interests of the country and not otherwise.

  26. Mahi Says:

    Mr Sisyas’ comments on fellow Indians in comparison to the outside enemies is very demeaning. I am not saying there are no internal problems but when compared to outsiders they should be relatively small. This is the exact attitude that lead to the foreign rule.

  27. bakedgrainappa Says:

    OK then. Why not an independent United Kannada Kingdom, as a new member nation of the United Nations. Let the preamble of its constitution be like this:

    ‘We the Kannada speaking people having solemnly resolved to constitute Karnataka of the Kannadigas, by the Kannadigas and for the Kannadigas into a sovereign, socialist, democratic, non-republic, and to secure all Kannada speaking citizens:

    Liberty to to vandalise and beat up non-Kannadigas
    E quality among Karnataka-born Kannadigas
    Fraternity among Karnataka-born Kannadigas

    …..and so on.

    Please note that it is a non-republic in which the head of the state or the President will not be elected. The STATUS OF THE HEAD OF THE UNITED KANNADA KINGDOM WOULD BE CONFERRED ON THE HEAD OF THE FIRST FAMILY OF SADASHIVANAGAR AND IT WILL BE PERMANENTLY HEREDITARY. Anyone challenging this will be sent to the gallows or appropriately stoned to death for treason, without any trial.

    The head of the first family of Sadashiva Nagar will enjoy the status of the Queen of England and her House will enjoy the same status as Buckingham Palace. The name may be changed by replacing ‘B’ with ‘K’ to read Kuckingham Palace or by any other alphabet barring ofcoure, ‘F’

    POLITICAL PARTIES: The United Kannada Kingdom, of course, will be a democracy in that there will be competitive elections but with only two parties:

    1) Kannada Rakshana Vedike (Masi)
    2) Kannada Raskhana Vedike (dishum dishum)

    TAXES: Apart from the normal taxes there will be a new tax called KAZIA. It will be imposed on all those whose mother tongue is not Kannada and if they do not change their mother tongue to Kannada within two months of the adoption of the constitution. The tax will be paid until such time as they change their mother toungue. This is applicable to Tuluvas of Mangalore and Kodavas of Kodagu as much as it is to Telugu/Tamil etc speaking citizens of Karnataka.

    ARMY: An electric fence will be put up along the borders and there will be armed forces. The first priority will be to suppress the Tuluva and Kodava rebellion. Mr Shankara Bidri, IPS, specialised in the art of torture and rape during anti-Veerappan operations (as accused by the National Human Rights Commission) may be sent to quell Tuluva rebellion. And, Mr Jyothi Prakash Mirji of anti-Veerappan-Operation-in-absentia fame may be deployed to Kadagu, in recognition of his services in beating up students and teachers of Bangalore Agriculture University when they were fighting for the protection of a part of their campus which bio-tech sharks were about to swallow.

    Civil Service: All non-Karnataka IAS officers/IPS officers will be discharged. Karnataka-born IAS/IPS officers will be called KAS/KPS officers and will be appropriately appointed. To start with nautanki Shivaramu will be the chief secretary in recognition of his accomplishments as a ‘hero’ in Kannada movies; DySP Rajappa will be the DGP in recognition of his services to Kannada poetry. However, all appointments will be finalised only after giving a Kannada test to these officials, which will be personally supervised by a committee headed by L S Sheshagiri Rao, with Narayana Gowda and Paveen Shetty as members.

    Constitution drafting: A new constitution will be drafted along these lines and Champa will be the chairman of the drafting committee.

    National Holidays: Holiday for Bapu’s birthday will be stopped forthwith for Gandhi was born in North India. To placate the government employees upset for having lost a holiday Papu’s birthday will be declared as a holiday.

    Statues, Roads etc: MG road will be renamed as Gandhi was a north Indian and did not bother to learn Kannada despite having visited the State three or four times. The road may be renamed as H Narasimhaiah Road but there may be protests by the student wing of the KRV (D) and KRV (M) because Narasimaiah was born in Kolar where his ancestors spoke Telugu as their mother tongue. So, the road may be renamed again after a member of the first family of Sadashiva Nagar for there will be no protest over it for fear of counter protest. All statues of national leaders who are north Indian around vidhana soudha will be replaced with RK statues. JP Nagar will be renamed first for JP was from Bihar. As a mark of respect for JP however a part of the name can be retained – the part to be retained is ‘Narayana’. The new name will be Narayana Gowda Nagara provided there is no law and order problem created by KRV(M)

    Republic Day etc: The day Champa-drafted constitution is adopted will be the republic day. The permanent guest for republic day parade will be the king of Saudi ARabia in recognition of his country’s record of treating all other nationals as second class, third class or nth class citizens. There will be mutual exchanges of executioners, stonners and torturers. A high-level delegation led by Praveen Shetty to visit Saudi Arabia to train them in the art of blackening the faces of those the King does not like.

    The new national song will be huttidare Kannada naadalli huttabeku. As a protocol when the song is sung all are supposed to dance no matter where you are. Failure to do so will be treated as treason and your limbs will be cut (for not dancing) and your toungue (for not singing). The abhimani devate who cut the tongue of a poor lorry driver for not playing annavra song will be identified and appointed as commander to oversee this operation.

    Father of the Nation will be Kempe Gowda. Any lingayat opposition to this will be referred to a jury of the International Court of Justice to be headed by a judge from Kosovo or Serbia.

    Jain Kannada Nadu

  28. gaby Says:

    bakedgrainappa- at last one person who seems to have enjoyed his Sunday Lunch- maneli en adige saar?

  29. Katu Says:

    bakedgrainappa ….. tablet thogandra?…. plz stop

  30. Yella Ok Says:

    baked grainappa or “beer”grainappa?

  31. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Bakedgrainappa? More like Brainbakedappa!!

    His post is a living reminder of a person who is Kannada challenged. I want to remind him that true Kannadigas don’t need a written constitution: it is in their hearts. Kannadaness is not defined by any narrow ethos–the large bigheartedness of Kannadigas is well known. Since that quality has been repeatedly misused by outsiders including the pseudo types like BakedBeanFather, KRV has stepped in with its result-oriented tactics. QED.

  32. Gaby Says:

    Now DB you sound drunk- in that middle stage where you become sentimental, maudlin and loquacious- before the stage where you start to rant and rave!

  33. Pure Nationalist Says:

    Dear Kannadigas/Marathis:

    Remember: all Indians have the right to go, reside and take up occupation anywhere and everywhere in KA and MH. All Indians have the right to go anywhere and settle anywhere. These are the facts, whether you like it or not.

    The reality is that Kannadigas and Maharashtrians must be more hard working, more skilled, more enterprising-get out of their comfort zones and try to upgrade themselves. Merit and merit alone prevails, work hard and prosper. Be lazy and suffer.

    Keep it in mind: Merit and merit alone prevails.

    If the jobs in Bangalore/Mumbai are occupied largely by non-locals-then you know what the implcations are, given the above statement.

  34. ashwini Says:

    @Bakedgrainappa alias (bendakaloorappa?)
    A good attempt at being satirical but turned a bit crude!

  35. Yella OK Says:

    @PureNationalist – People like you should try to understand and question what merit is needed in operating lifts or serving coffees and teas. Why should people be imported for the same. Stereotyping comes easily to you – You dont have to pay the price.

    Your concern for the nation is admirable but unfortunately misplaced and harmful.

  36. Anonymous Guy Says:

    pure nationalist,

    tell your friends to have fewer children. thanks.

  37. Faldo Says:

    Pure nationalist, the arguments you use are very simplistic. While it is true merit is the criterion for certain jobs, a lot of lower level jobs go to migrants from other states for a host of reasons.

    In some cases the job-creators might find migrants willing to be exploited and work at lower wages. In other cases, people favor workers from their own states and do not always bother to look for local talent.
    Sometimes even for government positions for such jobs, the advertisements appear in certain national level newspapers and their publications in other states but not in local papers, so many local candidates are just not aware of such openings. If these were stray instances, these could be ignored but as it has become rampant, the local people are showing their resentment.
    In a way do the people from some states have to suffer because they are relatively more developed or more peaceful or their representatives have less influence in the government.

    This does not mean that migrants are to blame but one must realise that it is not a question of merit alone.

  38. Doddi Buddi Says:


    If it were not for Karnataka, the so called Tulu and Kodava cultures would have vanished outright. They would have been nicely swallowed by Kerala. You are trying hard to be comical but the strain shows! A cut-and-paste artist can only attract some attention. Going by your logic, I will not be surprised if some members of your own family might want independence a la Kosovo style! Perhaps the street where you live might want to secede from Karnataka and you can play Ambedkar by writing a constitution for the newly independent “Bheedhi Republic of Gentile Crypto-Kannadigas’. How about that?

  39. ramesh Says:

    our governor and his advisors along with central govt are trying to cancel the proposal of renaming our cities. when TN, Maharashtra, WB could get the privilege, kannadigas are being discriminated.

  40. anon Says:

    All of u are ranting on a blog site. How many of you have the guts to speak what you said, outside, in the face of the people you are supporting/not-supporting ?

    we indians are mostly paper tigers , tigers at home, cowards outside. we at the most involve in verbal duels just to satisfy our egos, then go home, forget what happened and sleep. whats the point in discussing all these when you know what you have expressed here is not going to change the world one bit.

    we want our voices heard, instead, if we had “wanted” to have our deeds speak for us, we wud have been a truly developed nation now.

  41. koppal haida Says:

    your virulent patriotism is praiseworthy. But whaht i fail to understand is why all such jingoism is all very good but alleginace to our respective states is very bad? Whats so sacrosanct about a federation of states that is not so abt a state?
    The logical progression of every human identity is always bottoms up. Aham aham asmi, aham mysooriga asmi, aham kannadiga asmi, aham indian asmi to aham brahmaasmi. Thge issues raised by KRV and MNS are very pertinent and should be addressed and not to be somthered by by some display irrational jingoism

  42. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    This is the first time I have heard you sounding “sentimental, loquacious, ” etc. The Kannada bigheartedness is a myth. In general, we are a lazy bunch with little awareness. We become coolies in our own naadu. That is too much work and we start complaining. The government, hungry for our votes, listens. Hence free housing, loan forgiveness, foodstuffs at subsidized rates, and all that good stuff.

    Bangalorean (forgive the anglicism) rightly makes fun of the KRV mentality. We are Kannadigas first and Indians later. But we have go put up with non-Kannadigas who take away our anna saaru because there can be no Karnataka without India.

    I hope you don’t mind my repetitiousness. Big Brother in New Delhi is closely watching us, waiting to impose President’s rule for ever. The weaklings that we are, we will see it as a gift. The rest is too panful to imagine.

    TN gets away with its tamil-centred goondagiri because there are tamilkarans everywhere, some of the LTTE type. We kannadigas, on the other hand, have a few happy NRIs whose sole sense of Kannada is arranging picnics and sammelanas, inviting our fat politicians to attend them. Nice place to strike deals, too. How will anybody find out how much I pay this minister or that IAS kalla as a bribe to regularize my irrregular property in Mankuthimmanahalli? The money is paid in dollars or pounds to the official’s reps in the country concerned.

    We are in a precarious position. Kannada, ennada, ekkada, etc. I cannot stand the debauchery of words in our newspapers. “Gandu mettina nela,” indeed. Aside from its sexism, it is offensive because I don’t know what our “Gandugalis” have done for Kannada and Kannadigas.

  43. sisya Says:

    >>”But we have go put up with non-Kannadigas who take away our anna saaru because there can be no Karnataka without India.”

    And just what is so sacred or sacrosanct about this notion of India that I have to put up with lumpen bastards who take away my anna-saaru?

    And in any event, it is not Ktaka that will cease to exist (if that is what you meant) without India. It is infact the other way round. There can be no India without Karnataka. And there can be no Karnataka.. ie., there wouldnt be a point to the very notion of Karntaka without Kannada. Everytime Kannada is threatened, by means fair and foul.. Karnataka is threatened. And by extension, India.

    If you really believe in the idea of India, it is in your interest not to sneer at the KRVs and the MNSes. They have a point, a very very valid one and it is worth looking into and addressing it. otoh, if you simply want to feel good about yourself by making pejorative and gratuitous use of words like ‘chauvinist’, ‘balkanisation’, ‘regionalism’ etc., you may do so at your own peril.

    Ignore, sneer at, defame, smear and talk down to the KRVs and the MNSes and before long, we’ll have a country with Assams and Kashmirs and UPs and Bihars all over. And at this rate, that day doesnt seem very far.

  44. radhika Says:

    This is the third incident by KRV and such hooligans. The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike is a state extremist organization which the ruling party lets go scoot free. Does BJP’s Nationalism and a united India support such state extremists. They should be brooked under terrorist laws for promoting state seperatism.

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