Top-down or bottom-up, it’s there for all to see

Telugu and Tamil actor Shriya Saran (left) ran afoul of the Hindu Makkal Katchi in “conservative” Madras in January for appearing in this “provocative” costume at a private funciton. “The off-white dress that rode up her knees while she sat and a plunging neckline that highlighted her hour-glass figure” were deemed offensive to “Hindu culture” by the self-appointed judge, jury and executioners.

Meanwhile, in bindaas Bangalore, Budweiser babes (right) marched past, if you can call it that, with their heads and legs high in public, to sell a few more kegs of beer. Pictures like these dutifully made it to the homes of hundreds of thousands more through the next morning’s newspapers. And this despite a recent ban on surrogate advertising.

Photographs:, and Karnataka Photo News

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SUNAAD RAGHURAM: Kissing isn’t a part of our culture, pissing is?

Are we becoming a nation of blithering idiots?

CHURUMURI POLL: Twenty20 to promote 60-30?

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23 Responses to “Top-down or bottom-up, it’s there for all to see”

  1. Aashadabhoothi Says:

    We need more events of these kind in namma bangalore. We bangaloreans are bohemians unlike the people from Konga Nadu. Bangalore is also the place from where the flamboyant Mallya comes from. Next Mallaya is going to organise one more event to promote Kingfisher. It would be great for Bangaloreans like me to feast on the sight of these cute nubile girls so that I can forget about the crumbling Bangalore infrastructure and pollution for atleast some time.

  2. Taleharate Says:

    What’s obvious from photos is that Sriya looks sexier than the Budweiser babes even without having to lift her leg. The Kongas don’t mind `obscene exposure’ in movies, but it is a strict no-no real life. It’s nice to know that KRV or Mudde Gowda brigade don’t try to play cultural police.

  3. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:

    Ah, what an innovative way of sneaking up a couple of sleazy snaps on a slow news and views day, and taking the high moral ground on surrogate advertising! Shame on you, Churumuri!!

  4. sainik Says:

    1.the name taleharate says it all.
    2.Aashadabhooti always refers to the Kongas in his posts irrespective of the article.Shows the new narrow minded and egoistic Kannada Fanatic .
    3.Well if you guys think that the KANNADA moral brigade have a broader view on the matter , do ask some of the Heroines in the limelight to expose and then watch the fun as white skinned girls exposing in a private party does not make any news in any part of the country.

    the Bhhothi seems starved for these types of display, i would recommend the MUmabi or calcutta red light areas , or if he can afford to Let him visit Thailand or any of the european countires.May be his urges would be satisfied.

  5. Arun Says:

    Nothing wrong with the dress. The recline in the vintage style teak frame and plastic mesh chair is too much for the dress for her to rock back and sit. So has to maintain the pose she has been captured in this pic. But the lady needs to be taught what to wear if she goes to Madurai or Mumbai or Madrid.

    Budweiser is welcome. And their caravan too. Fed up with Cong, JDS, BJP, BSP, SJP rallies in Bangalore and their ugly caravan.

  6. Rama Says:

    Aashadabhoothi looks like a “Swayambhoo” (not born to any biological mother)! This is for his comments!

    But as it is the pictures do not call for any protests!

  7. blr bytes Says:

    The picture on the right hardly looks like it was taken in Bangalore. Not with the “Manchester” signage on the stadium…

  8. AnonyMys Says:

    Ayyo….Chi..Chi.. we are puritans….we cann’t stand the sight of legs… It’s literally linked to sex; you know…..:-)

  9. hesralli yenide Says:

    Churmuri’s obsession with CHADDIs is unmatched. It does not matter if it is RSS kakhi chaddi or budwiser babes chaddi……….
    by the way why churumuri so silent on the genocide in TIBET?? there was a lot of noise against but now no article on TIBET…. didn’t your commie masters approve of it ??

  10. mayura Says:

    Churmuri is resorting to cheap gimmicks like these to soar up its readership. Also notice the title of another post today with “SHIT” in it.

    As far as Tibet is concerned, it is the same reason for not writing anything about it….It is the internal matter of China and we do not want to meddle in it…the same argument the commies put forth during the 1964 chinese aggression against India…

    the more things change, the more they remain the same :)

  11. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    These articles remind me of Star Of Mysore and its sleazecheese ed, KB Ganapathy. Ah, those were the days! :-)

  12. Yaake anta? Says:

    The unwritten rule is the native girls should not expose and leave the job to the phoren girls. It is evident in any bollywood song where would see the goras hired to do the showing in the background and the heroine does her part dancing in the foreground.

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Yes how true. Noe ole KBG is quite subdued and he is extolling the virtues of a few Godmen and few bone setters with dubious creds:)

  14. tarlesubba Says:

    i dunno about the live experience, but the pics themselves dont hold half a candle to the illustrations in amar chitra katha which i used read through my school days, and not just for the illustrations. a lot of the stories where in variance with what my dodda used to tell us. nevertheless it was mighty useful to be able to cross reference our visualizations with illustrations in the AKC.

    agreed we were a rowdy bunch in hi-school, but the content did not help either — our kannada teacher was mighty un-comfortable teaching us texts.

    there is something called as biology which governs all animals including homo sapiens. aa aa time-alli ad-adu kelsa maaDidre ne chenna.

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:

    We want more original sexy pics on a regular basis. And whatever the moralists have to say about it – they will come back again and again once it starts ;) After all they are the ones who don’t have the courage to interact with girls/women normally.

  16. Gaby Says:

    Is this going to be another sexist platform or do we girls have any rights as well?;))

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:

    I assumed the people protesting the sexiness in the photos are guys – I bet you they are.

    You are free to send your pics to the editor :) Guess they will put it up – after all they seem to have very few pics of good looking girls, as blr bytes pointed out.

  18. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    seems like some people here are more islamic than any of the mullahs I have seen. My only request to such people is to convert to islam, buzz off to mecca or kandahar or islamabad and make such stupid statements!!

  19. Rama Says:

    BTW: overheard: KRV is insisting only Local girls be used in the hip shake and not imported ones!

  20. goutam Says:

    The angle of the photography could have been better! Good for Churumuri!

  21. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Why bring up KRV here? Guess you need a dose of their medicine… :)

  22. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Ok lets not be sexist. Churumuri please also post pictures of chippendale men!

  23. pulikeshi the last Says:

    Being partially naked in a country which covers itself in hypocrisy and superstitions!

    There is not enough fabric in the whole world to hide our lack of wisdom.

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