The most testing day in the life of Rajnikanth

He may have split a bullet with a blade to kill two people at the same time. He may have escaped from the clutches of a pack of tigers on a moped. He may have floored a gang of toughies with swirl of his hair. But 4 April 2008 has to be the most testing day in the life of Rajnikanth alias Sivaji Rao Gaekwad.

His close friends Vishnuvardhan and Ambarish managed to stay away from the dharna organised by the Kannada film industry in Bangalore. But for Bangalore-born star of Maharashtrian origin, it was not as easy to escape the ultimatum set by the Tamil film industry and subject himself to a public test of loyalty in Madras.

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16 Responses to “The most testing day in the life of Rajnikanth”

  1. tamilan Says:

    Jai Shivaji Rao Gaikwad! Well spoken! You have exposed the politicians. Hope what you said sinks into them. As you said it is all election mimic.

  2. Nutan Says:

    Whats with the Che Guevara kind of cap he is wearing?

  3. Hilarious Says:

    Lets just wait for our ‘Mandyada Gandu’ to get sober…

  4. KL Says:

    According to the reliable Junior Vikatan,Karunanidhi ordered Rajni to fall in line

  5. Krishna Says:

    in the rush to condemn rajni all around, kannadigas have ignored (do we know, at least?) that on the same protest stage in chennai, actor satyaraj attacked rajni over his roots. ironically, he pointed out that rajni had once said vatal nagaraj is his favourite speaker… and on saturday, i’m told, vatal called rajni a “naayi”… satyaraj also said, “i know whose name should i drop here to get the applause but i’d rather pull my tongue out and die”… it was the most irresponsible, racist piece of oration i can think of… and watching rajni squirm when the comments were made was disturbing, to say the least. as someone pointed out in these threads, he’s the tragic hero. a hero who has no land, no people and who’s a soft target for all and sundry.

  6. dharma Says:

    Rajini is said to be a self made man. It is not fair to say that “Karunanidhi ordered Rajni to fall in line”. They do not seem to see , eye to eye.

  7. goutam Says:

    What made Karuna back out after his talk with Sonia ?
    1. He must have bargained for one more cabinet post at the centre.
    2. Krishna to be projected as the saviour of Karnataka’s interest. Congress gain.
    3. A committee to be formed with a retired judge to look into the Hogenakal matter.
    4. It will take its own time like the Cauvery issue
    5. After Karnataka elections it will be the turn of centre.
    6. Next TN elections.
    7. So ends the matter.
    8. Ambo Tamil Nadu.

  8. Yella Ok Says:

    What rajni does is ok. What people in Karnataka do is not ok. What hypocricy? Fighting for one’s right is always right. Fairness in the process and justice should prevail. Crushing that right can only lead to more ugliness, as indeed Rajni’s statements will prove.

    Given the current scheme of things, it is unfortunate that the process for justice will neither be fair nor see to be fair.

  9. kssomeswara Says:

    Actors like Rajani from kannada origin have no alternative but tobe a Roman when they are in Rome. We from Karnataks cannot comment their action. As our film industry never gave them a chance to grow. However, his comments on some politicians of Karnataka are not his cupp of tea.

  10. koppal haida Says:

    Can someone let me know what he is speaking? And also Kamala hasan? .. all i could make out was rajni took names of krishna, yadiyurappa ,siddu and others and made some polemical gestures..

  11. Balaji Says:

    koppal haida,

    >> Can someone let me know what he is speaking?

    hmm, not that I care what Rajini said, but here’s the jist.

    1. Rajini says just like a land registration will be enough to prove ownership between individuals, hogenakkal has been divided and a part given to both KA and TN. he rather in a filmy style says that people (from karnataka) who question hogenakkal’s location in TN should be “kicked”.
    2. Rajini condemns Yeddiyurappa (though he initially didn’t take his name) as being irresponsibe. bcos unlike “smaller leaders” like vattal etc, Yeddiyurappa belongs to a national party, he is also the top most leader in Karnataka of that party and hence he should behave responsibly.
    3. Rajini says its “shameful” that a leader “who flew from bombay and whom he respects (SM Krishna)” blames Karunanidhi for the unrest. Rajini apparently asks Krishna to speak the truth.
    4. He says KA politicians are behaving like this bcos of the elections.
    5. He finally names many KA politicians and asks them to behave responsibily and goes on to urge Karunanidhi to “nip this issue in the bud”.

  12. Anonymous Guy Says:

    6. In short he is kissing Karunadhis ass.

  13. Kabilan Says:

    Satyaraj yellam oru aalunu avanai pathi pesittu irukkom. Suriyan-ai (Rajini) parthu Naai(SR) kolachidhuna…we need not bark back.

    Sibi – Kardikku porandha payyan madhri irukkan. Ivan ellam duet- paduran-pa.

    Satyaraj gets Rs.22 LAKHS for a movie. Rajini is competing with Jackie Chan & the money he has made in Sivaji is supposed to be 30 CRORES+. Obviously Satyaraj is fuming with Rajini’s popularity, salary & Rajini’s huge fan following. Satyraj does not even have his ‘street’ following.

  14. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Would somebody please tell me exactly what it is that the Marathi speaking, Karnataka connected, Tamil actor said about Kannadigas?

    Why did Krishna and Dharam Singh save that Kannada hating Kannadithi Jayalalitha from going to jail on corruption charges by delaying the legal process when she was to be tried in Karnataka?

    Money trumps all attachments, real or imagined.

  15. Praveen Says:

    Basically, Sathyaraj did not choose the words to speak. The spontaneity in his words conveyed his concern for the Tamils. He made it clear that he did not want to support a separatist thought like saying ‘Tamilian’, but it was the agony meted out to his fellow Tamilians that made him feel so. Yes. He was absolutely true.
    Tamils had to fight to live, wherever they went. But they really accept whoever comes to their land. Just because of not having wickedness, they are disrespected, humiliated and conquered.
    His call to Tamils to wake up is really out his interest for the ailing Tamils in Tamil Nadu and abroad.
    When you are continuously cheated and not recognized of your legitimate needs, this type of feelings is not uncommon.
    His comments on RajiniKanth too is not offensive. We, the people of Tamils, without having any regionalistic attitude, accepted Rajinikanth as the undisputed king of the Tamil Cinema Industry. But when you review his activities during the past, when we were fighting for our share of the Cauvery water, his dilemma was apparent.
    Now, he might use harsh words against ‘his own’ brothers. But, you know, it is all consistency and attitude that matter. Now, you might have something in your mind and speak something and at someother time, you ll not open your mouth…
    Certainly an inconsistent fellow, who lacks right attitude deserves such words.
    No self-respecting Tamil will say Sathyaraj was wrong.
    Thank you.

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