After Big B’s cold, the small screen catches…

The tabloidisation of Hindi television, a trend aped by Kannada, Telugu and other language channels, continues relentlessly.

On Rupert Mordoch‘s Star News channel, the bellwether of tabloid journalism on Indian television, a blogger captures another piece of pure magic. Breaking News shouts the super: “Dilli: Commissioner sahab ka kutta mila” (translation: “Delhi: Commissioner’s dog found”)

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Link courtesy Content Sutra

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3 Responses to “After Big B’s cold, the small screen catches…”

  1. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    Not really surprised. Rupert Mordoch-brand journalism has worked great here in US, putting Fox News Channel at the top of the food chain! FNC has more viewership than CNN, MSNBC and CNBC combined!

    So, get ready for ‘breaking news’ crap in India as well… :)

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    And looks like they have found the perfect formula of aligning with the current feeling of the masses and interpreting all their news and analysis based on this. Especially their fears and dislikes.

    In the US observe the rabid Bill O Reilly etc. for now. If the Democrats come to power and the zeitgeist changes, you can bet FOX will adjust its programming accordingly.

    And in India they probably understand very well that the masses mostly love trivial incidents involving the rich and powerful the most. Things which dont matter to anyone, but give some momentary maja. Throw in some schadenfreude to the mix and you can understand why the Rupert Murdoch owned network is unstoppable.

  3. Dipu Shaw Says:

    The picture speaks truth about the hindi news industry in the country. I recently joined a hindi news channel and was flabbergasted by the types of programmes being produced. Ethics aside, the prime focus was to catch eyeballs by surprise or warning.

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