A giant leap to stop the criminalisation of politics

On the eve of the Kannada new year, with the Hogenakal row simmering, Muthappa Rai took a small step towards legitimacy in the company of Prof D. Javare Gowda, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Mysore, who has made securing Kannada the “classical language status” his life’s mission.

On the eve of the Tamil new year, with assembly elections around the corner, the reformed underworld “don” who is the honorary president of Jaya Karnataka took the next logical step, in the company of Dr M.G.R. Urs, founder of the chutuku sahitya parishat, as this Star of Mysore headline captures for posterity.

Rai advised the political parties not to field rowdies, corrupt persons and anti-social elements in the elections….

Rai, who was in the City, to discuss organisational matters with Dejagow and like-minded persons, said he would form two categories in his organisation.

The first would be Mass Category and the second would be Class Category.

“The Mass Category members would participate in mass movements for social cause. The Class Category, comprising intellectuals, writers and artists would work as Think Tank, he added.”

Photograph: courtesy Star of Mysore

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12 Responses to “A giant leap to stop the criminalisation of politics”

  1. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Interesting. Good lateral thinking from the ex-don.

    Wishing him all the best in implementing this new idea. As long as he safeguards in place that the mass-category does not take over the class-category with muscle/money power.

  2. Thyampanna Shetty Says:

    This is exactly what Dr. has ordered…! Muthappa Rai doesn’t like rowdy personalities anymore! :) I’m sure ‘human waste’ HDD doesn’t like liers either! ;-)

  3. Mayura Says:

    MR for OM minister…such clarity in thinking


  4. TKM Says:

    Dear Rai,
    I only have heard of your antecedents.
    We that make us a bit apprehensive but we need your present good intentions to succeed, for you and for us.
    The present election is a golden opportunity at hand.
    And wish you don’t become another version of the present day politician.

  5. dharma Says:

    Good move! We will also join the movement. All the best. Should be an example to other states and the centre.

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    My disenchantment with my land and people is so overwhelming that I am willing to endorse Rai if some good can come out of this evil.
    The self-righteous among us have to think: In what ways is the current setup better than Rai?

    “Yadaah yadaah hi dharmasya, glanirbhavathi Karnatakaha.”

  7. ananthu Says:

    Muthappa Rai of all persons suggesting this is a bit of a April Joke. suggest that he restrict himself to his farm house guarded by some Hooligans in the name of security.Just because he claims to be reformed , he cannot take a moral stand on this issue.he may have escaped punishment for all his illegal activities for want of evidence in the court but that does not mean that he was not a crimina.

  8. December Stud Says:

    In the company of de.ja.gow? ’nuff said!

  9. Anonymous Guy Says:

    We can hope for something positive from Rai. His public statements and actions in the recent past has indicated this.

    On the other hand we can only expect defeatism and electoral games from the likes of SMK, DG, Yeddi etc.

  10. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    Idnell neenu odtheeyenappo?

  11. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


  12. Raju Says:

    MuLLannu muLLinidaLe tege
    We have been electing dons and future dons with out hesitation
    why not ex-don?
    Hosa maDakegintha haLE maDake lEsu-thuppa haakOke.
    commando training is best done by former convicts
    Former prisoners of Parappana agrahaara have proved that they can be the best trainers for the people who have gone astray and fresh inmates of the Central Jail.
    Inmates of Parappana……staged a drama “DunDi ShEshappa naika” nODidare gotthaaguthe……they have talent.
    Give him a chance

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