A snapshot of a poor, debt-ridden farming family

Former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy filed his nomination papers from the Ramanagaram assembly constituency yesterday. And the son of the humble farmer attached an affidavit of his assets and liabilities. In all, the family has assets worth Rs 49.72 crore and liabilities of Rs 26.05 crore.

# H.D. Kumaraswamy owes Rs 1.33 crore to his wife, Anitha Kumaraswamy.

# Kumaraswamy owes Rs 3.26 lakh to his sister-in-law Bhavani ( H.D. Revanna‘s wife).

# Kumaraswamy owes his brother H.D. Ramesh Rs 1 crore

# Kumaraswamy owes a bank Rs 10 lakh.

# Kumaraswamy owes Kasturi media, run by his wife, Rs 2.59 lakh.

# Anita Kumaraswamy has taken loan of Rs 14.13 crore from various cooperative societies.

# Anita has borrowed Rs 6.53 crore as personal loan.

# Nikhil Gowda, son of Kumaraswamy, owes his mother Anita Rs 1 crore

# Nikhil Gowda owes Rs 80 lakh to a couple of cooperative societies

# Nikhil Gowda owes Rs 65 lakh to an individual named Yathish.

# Extent of property held by Kumaraswamy: Rs 15.36 crore

# Extent of property held by Anita: Rs 31.86 crore

# Extent of property held by Nikhil Gowda: Rs 2.67 crore.

# Kumaraswamy has 50 acres of agriculture land in Kethaganahalli, a 10,000 square feet house in J P Nagar, Bangalore and an industrial site which is 75X 280 in area.

# Kumaraswamy has 750 grams of gold and 12.5 kilograms of silver. His son has 850 grams of gold and 16 kilograms of silver. His wife Anita has 1.3 kilograms of gold.

# Kumaraswamy has bank deposits of Rs 13.77 crore while his wife and son have Rs 3.18 lakh and Rs 1.53 lakh respectively.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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51 Responses to “A snapshot of a poor, debt-ridden farming family”

  1. ayyopaapa Says:

    Feeling very sad that there’s so much poverty around us..

  2. kssomeswara Says:

    When these politicians are cororepatis and owners of vast land agri/othrwise one should ask how they were able to get that much money. Defenetey all these are ancestral properties. I think there is no difference bet’ these neo rich and those who have been branded as Lan mafias, mine owners etc. Whom we should select.

  3. Kolike Ranga Says:

    Remmember this is what they have claimed. The actual figures can be much much higher. When Kumaranna’s mistress Radhika’s house was raided the tax inspectors found a couple of crores and other assets very much disproportionate to her income. There might be many Radhika’s.
    It is a popular rumor that in the upcoming assembly elections DG is spending 5 crores of rupees per candidate. DG plans to concentrate on 20 seats. Ones he gets that he can again play his dirty games.

  4. oldboy Says:

    The assets declared (49.72 cr) is at least 100 times lesser than the actual assets. Still, 49cr is too much for a humble farmer family.

  5. Kiran Says:

    Going by the given figures, for arguments sake..interesting to see the amount against ‘young and college going’ Nikhil Gowda..6.12 crores wow!!

    humble farmer and son of soil indeed!!

  6. Radhika Says:

    The best part is one can own such wealth just by serving people! So politics is the best profession to make money and serve people!

  7. December Stud Says:

    A true maNNina mommaga…let his clan prosper!

  8. Goldstar Says:

    Waiting for the Humble Dental Doctor to make his appearance

  9. rama Says:

    Dental Doctor gone to Delhi to ask for Kumaranna’s loan to be waived!

  10. rama Says:

    Radhika has acres of land in Bantwal and Mangalore bought recently for fancy prices.

  11. Jack Says:

    I was the supplier to KMF and was there when it put a plant on Airport to manufacture milk pouches. As the the new machines were running, I made a comment on the machines which were excellent (windsor-klockner) and may have costed 5 crores for the entire project.

    Then, the erection engineer who had come from Bomaby, a kannadiga turned to me and said ‘if it were you or I, we would have spent the 5 crores but because KMF is headed my ‘son of son of soil’ the total project has gone over 3 times.

    That is the time, I decided not to vote for these ‘son and grand childrens and great grand childrens (in the future) of soils.’ God save Karnataka and India.

  12. ಸುಮ್ಮ ಕಿರ್ಲ Says:

    Jack Says,

    tell me whom are you going to vote for?The other leaders of state are not even capable thinking half good as kumaraswamy did in his last tenure.(krishna?)

    I would rather vote for kumaraswamy than voting for the likes of kharge who are busy licking their high commands in delhi.

  13. Vijay Says:

    A true son of the soil… cross borrowing and lending…

    Interestingly appa has not lent any money to Kumara… oh sorry I forgot.. appa is penniless…

  14. Gaby Says:

    Nikhil Gowda- a college drop out, no known vocation and a potential Chief Minister in the making owns assets worth 2.67 crores and bank deposit of 1.5 lakhs, external debts of 1.35 crores and owes his mother 1 crore.

    This humble agrarian family is interesting in that HDK’s wife just lends money to her husband and son- doesnt borrow from them- no patriarchy there!She borrows only from Co-operative societies!

  15. ptcbus Says:

    Is this what they declare for taxes too? Shouldn’t the tax department raid these politicians every year or so?

  16. ptcbus Says:

    The blogposts on all these ‘simple’ politicians were great. I was wondering if I should multiply their shown assets and income by 100 or 1000, any idea?
    Also where can I find info about assets and income of other candidates?

  17. pragmatic Says:

    >>>Kumaraswamy has 50 acres of agriculture land in Kethaganahalli, .. >>>
    unbelievable! appa-maga sErkanDu iDee raajyanE nungi haakidaare!!

    Well, i think dantishTru has also given some loan to kumaraNNa. Otherwise, there is no second reason to defend him everytime!!

  18. Pulilkeshi the Last Says:

    Please, no more details about the wealth of these bloodsuckers.

  19. prasad Says:

    i need a loan and the banks and private money lenders are not in a position to judge my capability to repay.So Can Kumaraswamy Anitha Nikhil Deve Gowda Revanna or any one else in the family lend me rs 1 crore.As and when the internal loans within the family are settled I WOULD definitely repay the amount.

    I would be GREAT FULL if Churmuri could provide the Telephone Number email id of all individual members of the First Family of Karnataka.

  20. Nitin Says:

    Maybe Nikhil Gowda is makes money out of drag racing which he loves so much as claimed by father & son some time back. One day he will make a fine sports minister.

  21. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    I am personally going to pull the hair out of anybody who says “Ramanagaram” in my presence.

  22. krishna Says:

    Cores are peanuts these slimy fellows own a lot more this is just for record sake, they can even bump this up now considering the inflation and vegetable prices ha ha ha!

  23. NS Rao Says:

    There is no end to the money making ways of the father-son-grandson trio in collaboration with the ladies in the family. God save them!! I hope they will not carry all this money when they are finally laid to rest.

  24. poli hudga Says:

    Kumaranna forgot to mention one important detail … he owes me 15.36 crores …. dont worry anna, i will take care of your radika with that money.

  25. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    “Nikhil Gowda, son of Kumaraswamy, owes his mother Anita Rs 1 crore…”

    Smiles…Now I know why he was so stressed out and went on rampage for ‘chicken tikka’ on that late night…..after a long day at work!! ;-)

    Looks like ‘human waste’ DG passed on some strong genes to his next generation!

  26. tarlesubba Says:

    i swear! why is ramana garam?

  27. December Stud Says:


    LOL…true……I wonder when it magically became ‘Ramanagaram’. During the Mysore-B’lore broad gauge conversion days, maybe? ;) But beware, you and I are a minority and would be branded by the ‘intellectuals’ as chauvinists, or should that be fanatics? :)

  28. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Gokulam..should be Gokula
    Ramanagaram should be Ramanagara

  29. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I feel like wanting to believe in the existence of God.

  30. sisya Says:

    hmm… now can we have the figures for krishna, his son-in-law, his wife, his daughter, his deekayshee, kharge, yeddy, yeddy’s reddy and others please. I’m sure they’re all broke too.

  31. goutam Says:

    When our former PM Lal Bahadur Sastry died, his wife was sent a note by LIC of India towards a loan that he had taken to purchase a Fiat car. As she had difficulty in clearing the loan of around Rs8000/- ONLY, Morarji Dasai steped in to help her clear the loan with the LIC.
    A FOOL!!

  32. PuttNanja Says:

    It’s an affront to noble souls such as Lal Bahadur Shastry to even mention their names in a forum topic that discusses decadent stumps of flesh such as DG, HDK and his ilk.
    I wonder why the IT dept. that hounds the commoner, cannot take cognizance of the presence of a large amount of declared assets with a (not-usefully employed) barely 18 person such as Nikhil Gowda and bring him under the scanner for verification of tax payments etc.
    Next assignment for Justice Santosh Hegde maybe?

  33. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:


    Apparently Gokulam was named as such when the locality was created ;) Same reason I have no problems with Jayalakshmipuram, Laxmipuram, Saraswathipuram etc. etc. Ramanagara was never Ramanagaram!

    BTW, I write it as Gokula in Kannada.

    TS and DS, I am glad someone else feels my pain :)

  34. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    At least one reason to think of M. S. Ramayya kindly. He did use “Gokula” in all of his many enterprises. Maybe Ayodhya would have been more appropriate.

    Ramanagara is a million times more welcome than Closepet. How did it become “Ramanagaram,” where as nearby Channapatna was left unmolested? What will Kumarasamy Goundar do change the situation?

  35. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:


    That same scion of the Gounders created the “Ramanagaram” district. The day is not far off when we have a “Chennapattanam” and soon “Chennai”!

  36. December Stud Says:

    I was reading yesterday’s SoM and was pleasently surprised to see KBG (or his left and right’s) call it ‘Ramanagara’ all over the place. Pretty neat, actually!!!

  37. suri Says:

    not bad for a family whose patriach was riding a scooter in the eighties driving down to RK hegde’s house.All started with the Leela Palace Hotel , then shifted to Bidadi Benami land and then to Estates in TN and Kerala. Any idea of how much the concubine is worth ??? and whether Anita or Nikhil have lent her any MONEY.

  38. Quizman Says:

    Interesting dynamics here. Instead of hiding his ill gotten-wealth as the older generations of politicians have done, HDK is flaunting it (at least some of it). I think he is playing Mayawati’s game of appearing to make use of his political offices to gain wealth and notoriety. That behavior did affect Mayawati’s vote bank in a peculiar way. Her “caste-brethren” felt thrilled/empowered by the fact that one of their kind could reach such ‘exalted’ status and came to her defense.

    HDK seems to be doing what economists may term as ‘signaling’. In other words, informing both his constituency in general (mostly vokkaligas of a certain region) as well as MLAs, MPs, and party workers in particular, that he has wealth and is willing to spend it on them.

    Quite Machiavellian.

  39. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The story of Hardy Devil Kumaraswamy having heart surgery is perhaps made up. A life changing situation like that would have made him think about the meaning of his own life and encouraged to become a less greedy monster.

  40. Sai Says:

    Really Poor ridden.
    Dont know from whom did he take a loan for his heart problems he under went recently I dont know who paid those hospital bills. :(
    Poor little chap.

  41. PuttNanja Says:

    Oh didnt you guys read the “Can You Save his life?” ad on ToI two months ago, with Kumara’s picture in it? – It was inserted by Nikhil Gowda appealing to the general public to donate money for his father’s heart surgery.
    It was gut wrenching to see the misery of the family and the text of appeal went something like – “I hereby rightfully ask you the reader to pay-up your contribution totalling in-all of about 1000 crore Rs, to get my dyaddy’s heart rejuvenated as it has clogged with all the numerous fat land pockets in and around Bangalore that my thatha and appa have feasted on so far. I hope you still remember how I am used to eating Chicken at 3 am in the night, pay up or else….”

  42. badapayi Says:

    It boils my blood when i pay 20k every month as IT and when i see how rich our rulers are. I guess i am angry because i am on the other side of the fence…oh ! how i wish i could be a part of the gowda family or atleast radhika’s family !!!!

  43. pragmatic Says:

    @ badapayi
    you can still be a part of his family. You can promise Kumaraswamy that you will pretend in public as Radhika’s husband [:D]

  44. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    When no gulige or theertha can help me out of the depression caused by these leeches, I remember that the Gowda trinity was pretty much liquidated in the 1999 elections. Who says miracles happen only once?

    Are the alternatives any better? Ittha dari, attha puli. No, nari.

  45. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Vermin, bacteria.

  46. Chetan Says:

    Forget Ramanagaram has anyone noticed that one of the boards on the Blr-Mys road that lists out the distances to nearby places has Kanagapura on it???

  47. pulilkeshi the last Says:

    At leas it does not say “Ganagapuram.” Let’s be grateful.

  48. Sharath Says:

    All this si nothing in front of DKS properties..it even puts kumaraswamy to shame…trust me…his properties in bangalore city itself is worth close to 5000 crores.. add that to his properties in his native and other places…we are potentially looking at one of the richest man in karnataka. the property in front of that theatre in rajajinagar..its an empty ground…rite in the middle of bangalore… that sevashram near St anns school again in rajajinagar.. those huge(literally) apartments in malleswaram…teh property which caught the eye of a high court judge and ordered an enwuiry against DKS and his brother…that property itself on paper is worth 250 crores…multply it by 3-4 to get the actual worth…and we people still vote for them…so for a beginning start blaming yourlelf…

  49. nohope Says:

    Doesn’t all this make us all wonder – when did we let things slip so badly. we seem to be beyond anger. We seemed to have reached a stage where we accept it and can even laugh about it. Is there any way to react to it other than with pessimism and cynicism. How can we make these #$%%$$%^%$ accountable?

  50. golmall goli Says:

    mannu (earth) annu thindarae ishtu duddu mada bahudu… ahudallave kumaarasaamye

  51. Arun Joshi Says:

    I wonder sometimes how Kumaranna & his beloved daddy are able to sleep in the night. In the name of fighting for the poor they are derailing development. Bangalore roads are chaotic, but they are against wide & safe roads like NICE. Are they blind to the apathy of the commoner riding on scooters & dying everyday under the wheels of the buses & lorries?.

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