Sadly, not all could savour this magical moment

There is no respite from our politicians for the alive and kicking. And, in an election season, there seems to be no respite for the dead and dying either. The Congress’s very rich nominee Kupendra Reddy went to file his papers in Bommanahalli in Bangalore on Wednesday, and an ambulance was among those stuck in a procession taken out by Congress workers.

For the record, only five persons are allowed to accompany a candidate to file nomination papers before the election officers, but outside it is a different story as candidates use the occasion to give a sneak peek of what voters can expect if and when they are elected. Sometimes, as in this case, one or two of them are cruelly deprived of the honour of receiving the promises in flesh and blood.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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15 Responses to “Sadly, not all could savour this magical moment”

  1. vinay Says:

    might be its for Mr Reddy or his cronies in case someone fainted when asked to speak/write in Kannada

  2. Manku Thimma Says:

    I feel it is just begining…..

    We kannadigas have to be ready to be ruled by kupendra, janardhana, karunakara, somashekara , ramalinga, reddy’s and katta, venkaih naidus….

    These thugs will share karnataka between themselves……. :(

  3. revaswamy Says:

    any day better than the True son of the soil, Kannadiga , Corrupt Deve Gowda and his FAMILY and those belonging to the Congress who are the slaves of the italian lady in white.In what way are the DKS , SMK , DS , Mk any better.Just compare the life style of all these corrupt politicians and you will realise what has been happening for so many years.I am sure these Land Developers and Mining Contractors are here to clean up the paper work to facilitate the business but WILL THEY LOOT THE PUBLIC treasury as some of our noble KANNADIGA’s have done ???

  4. tarlesubba Says:

    as they said in our part of the world, hsm

  5. subbu Says:

    Have you people heard janaradhana reddy speaking? He speaks the most pure kannada although telugu accent is there.

    Karunakara reddy(or sanjeev redy,not sure about first name) is the only MP who speaks regularly in kannada in lokasabhe delhi.

    Many reddy’s of north karnataka speak kannada.Still Its only we who are keeping them away.

    Its time for us to accept them just like how we have accepted hegdes and shettys as our own brothers(even though most of their mother tongue is tuLU)

  6. Hosa-Belaku Says:

    Is this post saying two people DIED that ambulance stuck amidst the sea of people? If true, that is indeed shocking and enough reason for Kupendra Reddy to withdraw his papers. I hope I have misunderstood -there is no other explanation why there has been no bandh call by BJP or automatic violence by the public.
    As for promises, people will definitely get to see very many traffic jams due to VIP movement, if nothing else. To that extent, Reddy and his supporters have given a taste of reality.

  7. Bevu Bella Says:

    Sea of people , that is what is wrong in India.

  8. rama Says:


    >>Sometimes, as in this case, one or two of them are cruelly deprived of the honour of receiving the promises in flesh and blood<<….

    It doesn’t say two died..

  9. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Ocean, Bevu Bella.

    Indians are being destroyed by their own procreative power. No point in pointing the finger at any politicians for our irresponsibility.

    Overpopulation spawns thuggery and violence. Everybody is seen as expendable.

    Education is our hope. But we are too busy fighting over English being taught in the schools.

  10. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    The future lawmakers are starting their career by breaking the law!

    If our electorate was mature, and at least one opponet was honest, competent, and concerned about developnment, we could expect some changes. But India of today cannot meet these two simple criteria.

    Who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs?

    All of us.

    If each us of accept responsibility then only changes will take place.

  11. kumar Says:

    I recently learnt about ur site through an NDTV program in which the bangalore boogies have been thought about their deliberate assets which has grabed by the public treasury and say that their are innocent…

  12. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    For your kind information Mr. Kupendra Reddy and his ancestors (just like mine) for centuries are in Karnataka. We Reddys in Southern Karanatka too speak fluent Kannada.
    We still speak Telugu at home. That does not mean we dont rever Kannada. All Reddys in Anekal/ Hosur districts can read and write fluent Kannada.

    You should not write comments for comments sake.
    Brush up your knowldege.

    First cheif minister of Karnataka was also a Telugu speaking Reddy.

    Most layouts that your IT and BT buddies are occupying, earlier were all agriculture lands.

    HSR/BTM layout was paddy fields in 1980’s. So is Indira Nagar, Hennur layouts. 80 percent of the lands in and around Bengaluuru were owned by agriculture community Reddys.

    Mr. Vinay and Manku timma
    nevibbaru swalpa manke.

    I think you will faint if you hear their fluent speeches in Kannada.

    I know many Kannadigas(who speak Kannada at home) refuse to speak Kannada outside in public in Bengaluuru.

    I refuse to speak any other language than Kannada!!

  13. tarlesubba Says:

    well put sree reddy.

  14. indian Says:

    well sai sree reddy and there are some reddy’s who also speak kannada at home

  15. prakash shetty Says:

    If that is the case vokkaligas ,lingayaths should be allowed to buy property and land in hyderabad and should be allowed to become a cm of andhra pradesh.neither reddys or tamil mudaliyars or rajasthani marwadis nobody has any respect towards people of karnataka or kannada.They just make money by looting people as earlier british did

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