I swear I was only trying to show him how to…

Life has a strange way of imitating art. True to the spirit of a cricket-mad City, the Calcutta Knight Riders have a fun site with spoofs, cartoons and fake magazine covers. On the day Harbhajan Singh‘s future in the Indian and “Bombay Indians” team is decided, this cover evokes a strange sense of deja vu.

Bhajji could get away from the Andrew Symonds spat by claiming he said maa-ki, not monkey (and because Sachin Tendulkar magnanimously put his reputation on the line). How can he possibly escape the wrath of the match referee in the S. Sreesanth slap with the television evidence around?

# “Sir, I was only trying to look at the nick on his forehead?”

# “Sir, I was checking to see if he could duck as well as he can dance?”

# “Sir, I was showing him my new ring when he inadvertantly banged his nose into it?”

Link via Alok Prasanna

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7 Responses to “I swear I was only trying to show him how to…”

  1. Aatmasakshi Says:

    I swear I was only teaching him how to sock somebody in the face.

  2. Alok Says:

    “Uh, I was swatting a mosquito… with my knuckles.”

  3. Hosa-Belaku Says:

    Sachin may bail him out again with the explanation that Harbhajan Singh had once told him that a punch in the face in Punjabi means “Well Done.”

  4. Goldstar Says:

    I have always observed that Churumuri writes “Bombay” for Mumbai and “Madras” for Chennai ages after the names have been changed. Why so?

  5. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Where are all the commentors who said Harbhajan can do no wrong when he behaved like a criminal on the Australia tour?

    Sreesanth the dancer has outdone himself this time.

  6. bubbleonfire Says:

    Haha thats a very funny picture you posted!

  7. Reanna Pereira Says:

    I was only showing him a new dance move.

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