Desh ke police kaise ho? Moral police jaise ho!

How would we manage to sneak in sleazy pictures if it weren’t for our uptight moral gendarmes?

First Shriya Saran‘s outfit at a function to mark the 100th day of Sivaji was deemed “provocative” and “offensive” by the Hindu Makkal Katchi.

Now, this dress worn by Mallika Sherawat, with a see-through back, has been deemed by functionaries of the aforesaid Katchi as causing “mental agony to the people of Tamil Nadu“.

The fact that she sat cross-legged in chief minister Thiru Karunanidhi‘s presence at a function to release the audio tape of Kamal Hassan‘s Dasavatharam has also not gone down well with the Hindu folk.

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18 Responses to “Desh ke police kaise ho? Moral police jaise ho!”

  1. pulilkeshi the last Says:

    Churumuri, don’t ever stop drawing our attention to this issue of great importance. Also, don’t ever forget to make the pictures more and more titillating.

  2. ? Says:

    >>gone down well with the Hindu folk

    You mean N.Ram and Co and ‘The Hindu’??

  3. jackie chan? Says:

    hope that Katchi also finds out what Jackie Chan has to do with the music release of an indian film. do people like Karunanidhi, Amitabh or Mamooty have any self respect that they attend all sorts of nonsensical gatherings?

    but seriously what was Mallika doing in a see thru bikini and sitting next to a 85 year old chief minister. what lack of respect.

  4. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Oh boy! here we go again………………..

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    I am more interested to know if Jackie Chan serviced her with some inner confucius, if you know what I mean.

  6. Kautilya Says:

    Oh no. I can’t see this. My eyes burn, my brain hurts. This is too much Mental Agony. Hail the HMK!

  7. mayura Says:

    Sir VA,


    Jackie and Mallika Sherawat have acted in a chinese movie named The Myth”. The movie was partially filmed at “Hump-ee” (pun intended)


  8. Arvind Says:

    Ok…the reason why people watch Mallika Sherawat and Shriya Saran movies is the same as they read the National Geographic – To see places they are not most probably going to visit.

    The HMK katchi has absolutely no problems if the same said Senile CM lets “National Geographic”(Malayalam Version) movies play out in Gaeity and Casino Theaters right in the heart of Mount Road.

    They do not have problems if the same said Senile Chief Minister has 3 Official Pondaattees(Wives).

    They do not have problems if the same said CM has been limping for the last decade due to Sexually Transmitted Viruses affecting his otherwise dynamic gait.

    They do not have problems if under the same said senile CM, cases of eve teasing and general breakdown of Law and Order has increased to horrible proportions.

    But, they have problems if a 2-bit starlet with a “I don’t care” attitude shows him “disrespect(sic)”.

    If someone does not publicly slap this senile old man on his face with slippers, there is something wrong with the Tamilnadu Public with their priorties a** backwards.

    But, Of Course. That would be such a big blow to Tamil Culture(Whatever that means). And a certain bald headed “Revolutionary Actor” would be up on stage to give a stirring speech against me.

  9. Arvind Says:

    And, BTW…After intentionally breaking through the Yash Chopra-Kiran Johar Cultural Crap in Hindi Movies, Mallika Sherawat is now unintentionally cutting through the Cultural Crap in Tamil Movies and exposing them for what they really are.

    For this, I have become her fan.

    Mallika’s attitude is her lesser obvious asset and she should flaunt that with more passion than the obvious ones.

    I love you, Mallika Sherawat.

  10. tarlesubba Says:

    i too am a mallika sherawat fan. i watched a movie called pyar ke side effects, while the movie is nothing much to write about, i was mighty impressed with how comfortable and easy an actress MS is.

    plus she talks natural and easy and understands nuances of dialect. she seemed to belt out english well, but that did not affect her hindi. very nice.

    plus it helps that she can stand like that and look good.

  11. pulilkeshi the last Says:

    Ah, now Mallika has become our own Mumbai mallige. Thank god for “items songs.”

    This is some compensation for Aishwarya Rai not giving a damn about us Kannadigas. Maybe it will all change when her kinsman MR becomes our CM. I hope he doesn’t mind speaking Kannada, being the head of a Kannada organization and all.

  12. rama Says:


  13. Janasamanya Says:

    Ondashtu kan tumba nodi santosha padakku bidalwalla… Sari, Sari, innen madodu, nanu cheero girlsna nodakke cricketge hogtinee …..

  14. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    I think her face looks like that of a ‘vaanari’ but the rest of her ain’t so bad. Perhaps in the days of yore she was, she was Vaali or Sugreeva’s consort – Taara.

  15. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Taake it easy Ashley! I agree with TS’ view. Once again these Hutch Nann Makkal Kaachi have demonstrated their might:)

  16. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    The HMK members need go enjoy a topless show in Vegas and chill out. As for Mallika Sherawat, I am somehow convinced that she sources her wardrobe from the same outlet that the same Vegas performers patronize.

    I am not complaining.

  17. Hosa-Belaku Says:

    She looks good. A glamour queen will dress glamourously. If you want someone in a nine-yard saree to sit on the same dais as M.Karu, then please invite a Nalli mannequin!

  18. crap Says:

    its ridiculous just to c how our society(indians) have actually gravitated towards the very utopian idea of stripping down is sexy. its imperative to comprehend the very fact that indians, more than any race around, are bound by culture and herritage. so breakin the circle is not a sign of empowerment rather a sign of debilatating strength. its mortifiying to have people like shreya and especially mallika sherawat to be even placed in the same territory as us, indians. i read somewhere where ms was quoted sayin that she worked her butt off jus to get where she is. honey… it doesnt take that much of atp(energy) to strip down and give fuck for a job. get alive. ms shud flush her inane brains in the toilet bowl with my period stains on.

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